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Foods and restaurants

I. I.-Write a list of 5 kinds of Meat, 5 Fruits, 5 Vegetables, 5 Seafoods, 5 Drinks,

5 Desserts and 5 Others. (English and Spanish)

Kinds of Meat
English Spanish
Bovine Vacuno
Pork Cerdo
Chicken Pollo
Lamb Cordero
Rabbit Conejo

English Spanish
Apple Manzana
Orange Naranja
Banana Pltano
Pineapple Pia
Kiwi Kiwi

English Spanish
Tomatoes Tomates
Sweet potato Zapallo Camote
Onion Cebolla
Potatoes Papas
Broccoli Brcoli

English Spanish
Oysters Ostras
Chorritos Chorritos
Prawns Camarones
Mussels Mejillones
Clams Almejas

English Spanish
Infusions Infusiones
Came Vino
Water Agua
Soft drinks Gaseosas
Natural Naturales
English Spanish
Pies Tortas
Ice creams Helados
Marzipan Mazapn
Jelly Jalea
Roasted milk Leche Asada

English Spanish
Noodles Tallarines
Mashed potatoes Pur
Beans Porotos
Rice Arroz
Tacos Tacos

II. II.-Vocabulary about guide Workshop 2 (English and Spanish) at least 20

English Spanish
splashing Chapoteo
surprising Sorprendente
certainly Ciertamente
damage Daar
town Pueblo
unlimited Ilimitado
unromantic No romntico
few Pocos
Whatever Lo que sea
warm Calentar
friendly Amistoso
dishes Platos
Eastern Oriental
candles Velas
authentic Autntico
candles Velas
smoky Ahumado
steak filete
kidney Rin
ales Cervezas

III. III.-Write about 2 Chilean Restaurants (similar guide workshop 2

Casa Bosque
Food: Meats, Fish and Seafood
Price per person: $ 10.000
It is Casa Bosque in the district of Cajon of maipo, Santiago, a place where in
addition to taste the exquisite gastronomy you can relax and breathe pure air, also
stands out for its beautiful and magical architecture and for being in a wonderful
natural environment.
In addition, the place offers vegetarian preparations and menus for the little ones of
the house

La Hacienda Gaucha
Food: Meats and Seafood
Price per person: $ 12.000
This is La Hacienda Gaucha in the district of providencia, Santiago, a space where
roast beef is synonymous with first class flavor and satisfaction.
With the breadth to be the place where you hold that business meeting or take the
family to eat a weekend this site also has its own parking, which adds points in
comfort and care. In this place, the good table is the main protagonist, where this
spectacular roast can be complemented with delicious sauces like mushrooms and
an ideal wine from your menu.