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If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get any missed assignments or

notes from the appropriate file folder provided in the classroom. The missed
assignments or notes will be available in the file folder for one week.
Lates should be minimal and for good reason. If a student is late, he/she will
enter the classroom silently and join the group in whatever is going on at the time
without causing a disruption.


Students are expected to be attentive during instructional time and learning

Students must be silent and face the teacher during lessons.
Students must actively participate in learning activities and utilize all class time.
Incomplete assignments will be homework or marked as is.
Lack of attention in class may result in being asked to temporarily leave the
classroom and wait in the hallway until being invited back by the teacher.
Consistent lack of attention in class will result in a phone call home.


Bathroom breaks should be minimal, but occasional breaks with be given on an

individual basis. Students should promptly use the facilities and return to class
without causing a disruption. The teacher reserves the right to permit students to
use the bathroom at her discretion.


Binders are to be stored in lockers and brought to class daily.

Binders left behind in the classroom will be stored temporarily, but later disposed
of if not reclaimed by a student.
Current assignments will most often be kept in the classroom and placed in the
binder following an evaluation or direction from the teacher.

During class time, students may use the classroom laptops or the computers in
the library at the discretion and direction of the teacher.
Students may also use the computers in the library during lunch break.
All computers must be turned off and plugged in after use.

Devices such as cell phones and tablets

Students are permitted to bring cell phones or tablets to class.

Students may only use cell phones when directed to do so by the teacher.
If, in the opinion the teacher, students use cellphones in an inappropriate
manner, they will be required to give the phone or tablet to the teacher until the
end of the school day.
When students are not permitted to use their cell phones, they should be placed
inside their binder or the chair pocket.
In extreme circumstances, the teacher may keep the item and ask the parent to
reclaim it from school.

Entering the Room

Students must enter the room calmly and politely.

Any conversation while entering the classroom should be in French.
Students should sit down and immediately complete the assignment on their
table or on the board.
Any materials should be placed on the floor under the chair of the student or on
the table out the way of others.

Exiting the Room

Students must take ALL their belongings when leaving the classroom. Any items
left behind will be placed in the lost and found.
Students must dispose of all garbage and clean their work space before leaving
the classroom.
Failure to keep work spaces tidy may result in a missed lunch hour to clean the


Minimal amounts of homework will be assigned on a regular basis.

Incomplete work will be assigned as homework.
Weekly blog activities will be assigned as homework.
Extra homework may be assigned due to tardiness or poor-quality work
submitted by a student.
Homework must be submitted on the due date unless an alternative arrangement
has been made in advance.
Students may use their Mme Money to pay to submit an assignment a day late.

Independent Work

During independent work time, students may utilize alternative seating in the
classroom if they so wish (i.e. sitting in a chair, on the floor, on the couch, etc.).
Independent work time should be silent and focused for 100% of the allotted
Students should pick one work space and remain there for the entire work period.
Students may not disrupt peers or staff during this time.


Students should only bring what is required for class.

The teacher will warn students in advance if they are to bring their binders.
Otherwise, students will use the booklets and worksheets left in the classroom.
Students will only be allowed to visit their lockers during class time at the
discretion of the teacher.

Make Up Work

If a student is absent, he/she is responsible to get any missed work from the
appropriate bin the classroom and ask a classmate to catch them on the content
Any assignments must be submitted on the day of the original deadline unless an
alternative deadline has been arranged with the teacher.

Paper Headings

Students must always indicate their name and homeroom at the top of the first
page when submitting an assignment.


Students must always bring a pencil to class.

Receiving Help

Students must ask for help as soon as they misunderstand or are confused by a
Students are responsible to approach the teacher for extra help during class time
or during the lunch break.

All classes will begin with students sitting at the tables in their assigned seats.
After the lesson, students may sit wherever they wish, so long as they are on-
task and attentive (See Attention & Independent Work section for more details).


Students are expected to bring their own supplies to class.

Most days, a pencil and eraser will suffice; if other supplies are required, the
teacher will warn students in advance, or provide the supplies herself.


Water breaks will rarely be granted during instructional time. Students should fill
their water bottles prior to coming to class and may keep their bottle to their desk.


All family members and other special guests must request a visit with the teacher
prior to visiting the classroom.
Unscheduled visitors will be asked to leave and arrange a visit for a later time.


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