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Status of the items of 31 st GCM held on 17.7.

15 concerning with DST-IV

S No. Item Current status

1. 2.17 (ii) 1. BLT-IFS
Regarding the trial of this As per instructions of Railway Board in August 2013, RDSO designed a Ballastless Track with
indigenous fastening system (BLT-IFS) and prepared all the necessary drawings and
track, ED/Track-II informed
Construction Guidelines for BLT-IFS (Report No. CT-31, December 2013). BLT-IFS design has
that WCR is about to been completed including proto-type development in a record time of 3 months. The drawings
commence trial of ballastless and Construction Guidelines for BLT-IFS have been approved by Railway Board on 13.12.2013
track. Also, RDSO is in the and issued on 16.12.2013 to all Zonal Railways, RVNL, IRCON, KRCL for conducting field trial.
process of procuring world RDSO has inspected all components of BLT-IFS ( PCRSB, SGCI bearing plate and base pad).
class technology for Track assembling & casting of final layer of BLT-IFS has been taken up by RVNL in presence of
Ballastless track. RDSO officials in June 2016. Traffic is yet to be opened.

2. Procuring of world class technology for Ballastless track :- As per Railway Board
instructions, Technical Eligibility Criteria & Special conditions for inviting the tender by zonal
railways for design and construction of ballastless washable apron has been prepared after
discussion with stake holders. The technical eligibility criteria has been sent to Railway Board
vide RDSO letter dated 10.11.2015, 11.12.2015 & email dated 22.12.2015&20.01.2016. The
same has been further modified as per discussions held with ED/WP & EDCE(P) of Railway
Board on 13.01.2016 and has been sent to Railway Board vide letter dated 02.02.2016.
Railway Board has issued these Technical Eligibility Criteria vide letter dated 12.02.2016 to
zonal railways for inviting open tender as per these conditions for construction of all washable
aprons on main line with speed potential in excess of 50 kmph & 2-3 washable aprons on loop
line out of sanctioned works.
2. Item No 8.4 & project RDSO has carried out the literature survey on this subject. Based on study of international
identified during 31st literature available and discussion with industry experts, it has been found that use of Under
Governing Council Meeting on Sleeper Pads (USP) fixed at bottom of concrete sleeper or Under Ballast Mat (UBM) laid
30/09/3015 between ballast and sub-grade can help in achieving reduction in ballast thickness to an extent
. ME expressed the need to of about 100mm. In order to explore this technology with UBM/USP for achieving reduction in
ballast thickness, RDSO has planned to invite a global Expression of Interest on this issue.
initiate work on the subject of
Draft EOI document including the technical requirements for reduction in ballast thickness using
elevated track as land
UBM/USP has been prepared by RDSO based on literature study and discussion with industry
acquisition is getting experts. This draft EOI document & technical requirements has been sent to Railway Board vide
increasingly difficult in view of RDSO letter dated 03.08.2015 for suggestions and alteration/modification. Railway Board was
rising cost of land and again reminded vide this office letter dated 02.11.15.
earthwork. Due to increased Railway Board vide letter dated 1.12.15 has asked to invite EOI based upon USP for reduction
in ballast cushion. RDSO sought clarification vide letter dated 17.12.15 on inclusion of UBM in
urbanisation, people demand a EOI for ballast reduction purpose.
level crossing or road under
bridge every half a kilometre Further, Railway Board, vide letter dated 28.01.2016 has conveyed in-principle approval of
now, as a result of which overall inviting of EOI proposals on this issue and asked to prepare & submit draft documents for calling
EOI for understanding the worldwide technologies available and practices being followed for
costs are now becoming
ballast thickness reduction and for facilitating the framing of the technical
comparable to those of elevated requirements/parameters and generic specification for IR. The EOI documents has been revised
alignments. Similarly, per discussions held on this issue from time to time in Railway Board and as per suggestions of
availability of ballast is reducing Railway Board received through emails and has been sent to Railway Board on 29.02.2016 for
approval so that proposals for the same can be invited through EOI.
every day and IR is consuming
almost 3 crare cubic meter of Railway Board has approved the EOI documents vide letter dated 14.03.2016. The global EOI
ballast every year of which 1 to has been sent for publishing in newspaper on 28.03.2016 and uploaded on RDSO website with
2 crore cu.m is the recurring last date as 16.05.2016 for sending proposals on the EOI for development of technology for
requirement of open line. As reduction in ballast requirement. Wider sleeper has also been included in the scope of this EOI
through Corrigendum no. 1 dated 28.03.2016 which has been informed to Railway Board vide
such technologies requiring little RDSO letter dated 05.04.2016.
or no ballast are the need of the Total 07 EOI proposals have been received against this EOI. The evaluation of proposal of all 7
hour. While RDSO is already firms has been done and letters sent during the month of June seeking clarifications and
working on some of these, more additional information. Reply from 6 firms have been received which are under study. Re-
evaluation of the proposals and preparation of generic specification/performance parameters of
vigorous and time bound efforts USP & UBM for ballast reduction purpose is under progress. This work will be completed by
are needed 30.8.2016.

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