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We add ly to adjectives to But there are some exceptions, How to make adverbs:

make them adverbs. FAST-HARD-LATE-LITTLE

have the same form as the The words ending with
slow slowly adjectives. -y changes ily
quick quickly He drives fast. He is a fast driver. Happy happily
loud loudly He works hard. His work is hard. -le changes ly
HARDLY and LATELY have Gentle gently
She speaks loudly. different meanings. They are not -ll changes -lly
We walk slowly. adverbs. Careful carefully
She moves quickly. GOOD=WELL

A) Choose the correct answer.

1) My mother is a careful/carefully woman. She does all her work careful/carefully.

2) Our teachers are very helpfully/helpful. They always behave helpfully/helpful toward us.

3) Serkan is a healthy/healthily boy. He is very careful/carefully about his meals. He lives healthy/healthily.

4) The tourists speak very quick/quickly. I cannot understand their speeches complete/completely.

5) My father is a very fast/fastly driver . He drives fast/fastly. The police warned him serious/seriously.

6) Asl shouted very loud/loudly and the teacher got angry/angrily. She felt bad/badly.

7) Ahmet is a very lazy/lazily student. He doesnt do his homework and sleeps lazy/lazily.

8) My father was very tired yesterday. Because he worked hard/hardly.

B) Turn given adjectives into adverbs. C) Fill in the blanks with the adverbs given
1) Happy 1) Sema didnt listen to the teacher. So the teacher
2) Dangerous warned her ___________.
3) Sad 2) I went to school ___________. Because I missed the
4) Hard
5) Deep
3) I play football ___________. Every Sunday we play
6) Excited
7) Eager football.
8) Loud 4) Kemal is a kind student. He behaves ___________.
9) Quiet 5) Ahmet got up ___________ this morning and he
10) Tender missed the bus. Now, he is ___________.
11) Gentle 6) He is a ___________ man. He hurts people
12) Nervous ___________.
13) Good
14) Correct
15) Complete

D) Fill in the blanks with the words given.

1) I studied _________ for my math exam yesterday night.But I couldnt pass it.
2) My brother waited for the bus _________ but _________ it didnt come.
3) Mert plays football _________. He is a _________ player.
4) We had a _________ party last night. Everybody left _________. hard heavily
5) My father came home _________. He had a _________ day.
6) Mehmet told the story _________. He never speaks _________.
slowly nervously
7) We drove to work _________. It snowed yesterday _________.
8) Im not a ___________ learner. I learn new topics ___________.
well slowly quick great quickly

patiently unfortunately bad good carefully