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Sanity on Fire


I wake up.
It's the same bad dream. A house in flames.. and voices.. shrieks.
It has always been the same bad dream! *laughs*
*sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff*
Doctor? *sniff, sniff, sniff* Doctor? Doctor! *sniff, sniff* F-Firemen! I smell the scent of gasoline in my
cell! My cell.. My cell is on fire! I smell smoke! Doctor! Firemen! It's blazing in here! HEEEEELP--
Hi Doctor. I was just playing around so you can come by and.. let me out.
PLEASE! I'm not mad! I'm not mad! I only want to end my life.. Please! LET ME! Please..
The doctor's gone. Maybe I just imagined him again. Oh well.

A crowd? So many people! How -- how did you get here?! Who are you?! Who let you in?! How long
have you been watching me here?! *gasp* Oh, I get it now. You've all come here to rescue me! Is that it?
I can't just be imagining all of you here, can I?

Please let me out of here! I'm not insane! I'm not fit to be imprisoned in a filthy cell such as this! I'm the
daughter of a landlord! I can't be here! Please! Please! Please.. I'm Mr. Kingsleigh's daughter.. Please..

I only have 2 hours 'til the jailer checks the cells.. 2 hours 'til the jailer locks me up permanently.. 2 hours
and.. my family burns in the fire.. Oh, they are screaming! They are crying for me! PLEASE! I have to save
them! Please..

WHAT? How dare! I did not start the fire! It wasn't me! It wasn't me! It wasn't me.. Why wouldn't anyone
believe me? I'm innocent!

Yes, my twin sister and I loved each other more than anything else in the world. Our similarities never
bothered us because it was funny how most people didn't know how to tell us apart. It was funny until
then.. Until then. SHE DID IT! She did it! She.. She did it! She.. did it. She.. was obsessed with her lover.
Unfortunately, mother and father had to arrange a marriage for her. She was to be married to a landlord
for financial reasons. Yet.. she was with child. Her lover's. Thus mother and father had to get rid of the
child once it's born.

I can still remember the cold little corpse being thrown into the nearby river. OH, IT WAS HORRIBLE!

My sister became quiet for months, and she cried whenever she received presents from her fiance. She
told me she heard an infant crying every night and she couldn't sleep. She became distant, lethargic.. At
most times, she did not move.

She served us tea one afternoon. She was surprisingly happy then, smiling as she poured the tea to our

cups. Her tea was peculiar, though. Too sweet.. too thick.. It made us dizzy..
I wake up. I'm in my room!
*sniff, sniff, sniff*
*gasp* SMOKE! SMOKE! All around me! The house is on fire!
I run to the door. It's locked! "Mommy! Daddy! Elizabeth!" I turn around and find my window open. I
must quickly jump out to ask for help from the neighbors. As I open my mouth to scream for help, I hear
my window being shut. I look back. I see my sister through the glass. She is smiling.. victoriously..
peacefully.. readily.. horrifyingly! She begins to burn.. to melt.. Flesh dripping.. darkening.. stripping
down.. and slowly eaten by flames.

The house gradually crumbles right in front of my eyes. I could hardly move because of what I just

The neighbors approached, bringing buckets of water. I still could not move. My mind stopped keeping
pace with time. All things that moved are speeding past me.. blurry.. surreal. I could hardly hear their
running steps.. their consolation.. their accusations. All I could hear is the crackling and hissing fire! The
screams of my parents! I'm gradually losing touch with reality.

They brought me to my relatives to be taken care of. BUT I DO NOT WISH TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! The
desire to lose this life continues to stain my innocent mind. However, they keep me from doing it.

Rope tied around my neck, one step from this stool and I shall taste the blissfully deadly grip that has the
power to take me to another world.

One, two, three! GERONIMO! *closes eyes*
*opens eyes*
It did not.. work! Oh for the love of --
The rope is too long!
"Iracebeth? Can I come in? I have your dinner. Um, I'm coming in now Iracebeth."
*sighs* Maybe next time, Rope.
My aunt is looking at me.
Hi aunt. Meet Rope, a friend.
Of course she screamed, and in an hour, men in white came in the house and took me away.
They imprisoned me in a cell because everyone thought of me as dangerous -- having burned my own
family while watching the house break down and such -- and suicidal. They tell me I'm on suicide watch
and under treatment!
*laughs* HOW STUPID! I'm not mad! Insanity remains to be misunderstood, ladies and gentlemen! I'm
not mad. I'm not mad! I'm not mad! I'M NOT MAAAAAD!!! *screams* My mother.. She's screaming! My
father needs me! Please! Please! Let me out.. Let me out! They're burning! I have to save them! Please..
I'm not mad.. I'm not mad!


So the happy family indeed is fulfilled with strong ties encircling in them. Your father. my family and I wish no more than your loving grace forgive us our sins and thank you for the delicious meal on our table that you always provide and let your love shine to all of us ever ever after and evermore…that’s all papa Jesus. But a furious situation will toss her life instantly a loving moment will suddenly turn into ashes a car crashed (crashing sound) –dead! Only she herself survived (you raise me up-instrumental) mama.. Anna Maria. Damn it! I don’t need your lecture. Bang!!! (loud music) Wuuu!!! I love to party! Drink more guys…hahaha I think I have no time to go to class oh well never mind if it’s pathetic! Only morons go to school. ate wake up! I said wake up! No!no! no! don’t leave me. goes around comes around.all that you’ve wanted .you look delicious! Why don’t have goodnight with me? I’m free? (seducing) (naughty kiss) And there you have it! A very pretty nitty me! Fell into an unexpected situation where only couples do. just what the hell is that? . I’m not prepared to be a mother! You need to accept the fact that the child inside you part of your fate try to face your consequence. My dear audience I’ll tag you ok?! I am and I’m feeling so excited about everything. What I need now is how you will get off this thing from my body?! Just tell me! I think I have a solution for that but don’t tell this to anyone ok? Alright then! Count me in. alluring family.. I’ll be no one without all of you! Noooo! LIFE tell me?!What did I do to suffer like this? I don’t deserve this!!!! Never!!! Her life is in humongous drama…tragedy etched dinner heart will mold her into a notorious lady. By the way I’malready15 years old – I can take care myself…haha don’t be shy c’mon! party party baby!!! How ‘bout you honey ( licking tongue) . kua. papa. her sweet papa. mama and adoring siblings. thank you for this day. and kua are already here… Ohhh…I can’t wait to see them…I need to show ate about the dresss he bought for me and this sweet lollipop came from kua. for such blessings that we receive every day. I should update my friends about this upcoming event. let’s eat already wait kuya we need to pray first before we eat… ok Anna lead the prayer…ok then Dear Jesus. Amen Now let’s feast the dinner her..La! La! La! (Turnaround with glimpse)!hi there! I’m a charming girl who has a sweet. After few weeks then she discovered that (sound effect-door opened to clinic) Oh my the result is that you are positive. ate. Once in Anna’s life What a happy night we have here! Full of smile. positive in what? Pregnancy test! You have a child living inside your body…no! no! it can’t be! You mean a baby that is getting a hell out! I need to see a manghihilot now…(enraging walk) you could be the best manghihilot in town…what do I need to get rid of this!!! This child in my body. pixie dust (gentle)oops! … Anna Maria Brucal! Where are you dear? Yes.Hmm…! (sibling)ok then. my loving mother…? It’s time for dinner…come downstairs. and fulfilment -all day round! How cuddly and super-duper glared Thursday. isn’t it (selfie) ! Oh I need to post this on my facebook account. tenderness.. adoring.

you do Anna. According to some experts this tiny pills is what you surely need – it’s called mifepristone and misoprostol these oral pill is sometimes called the abortion pill this is the safest way if you are so desperate…well I have no choice at all (dim the lights) then she got what she desired. (disco music) I’m back to party! Wooo! It’s time to party!!!Everyone’s invited!!! Friend: Hey you there ! want to try some of our delictos tablet.. I gaze at all my mistakes. Anna…as I stand straight in front of all of you. you are my daughter. as a girl turned into a woman…I need to be tough because I’m ANNA MARIA BRUCAL honed for change! Let it be! .. accept me or not…it’s time to be me again. You will feel heaven! What is that? I’m curious about that! Itis called party drugs this won’t hurt a thing so chill out! Ok then I’ll try some of these wuuu! Gone wild! Bang!!!Bang!!! Everyone hand’s up! Hand over your drugs!!!You are caught on act!!! No officer I’m innocent…I’m still so young…let go of me!(sound effects of imprisonment) (touching the grills in jail) oh! This could not be! Im in jail! I’m hopeless! No one cares for me! Curse this world I wish I was not born! I wish I was DEAD! Dead! Dead! (crying baby) what’s that strange noise…Do you guys hear that? Mommy is that you? Mommy?. whaa! What the hell are you? Get off me you freak! (music of cradling baby) Mommy did you forget me? It’s been a while since we’ve been together…why did you leave me? You don’t love me mommy…You don’t!!! No my child! I just don’t know why … I shouldn’t have let you go… but you did mommy! No! No! no! tell me I’m just dreamin’…get off my sight Anna my dear… anna…anna… Who is that again?! Anna I’m your mother… Wha-what? Mama is that you? Why did you leave me! I’m alone and I’ve been lonely for many years since all of you were gone! (mother) Anna every person has a right time…has a right path to live…and has a right experience to be with… Mama I don’t know what to do? Yes. Anna-have faith and have courage… Anna.. after5years.

I guessed. I am carefree. Go ask your neighbor or your hot teacher. Smoking. I was asked by my teacher to answer a math problem.” . I never had the best grades in school. or maybe yet jump from the top of this establishment! Do I still have any reason to live? Everyone sees me as a worthless woman of this world. I swim in the pool of pleasure. They exist?! I don't even know that they're there. There was this time when I asked Mom about my Science assignment. You could easily spot me at the nearby street. People brand me as a juvenile delinquent. 18 years of age. Hoping for Lady Luck to save me. Alonzo.Do I Still Have Any Reason to Live? By: Aid Name? Maria Anna Rihanna I. I am merely a teenager. “STUPID IDIOT! IT'S 9!” “How Dumb of you!! Go home and wash your filthy clothes!” “Better yet. Wash your brain” “That is. 90 divided by 10. Vulnerable to mistakes and immaturity. if she has one. as usual. I can see that you desire to know about my decision in terminating this life of mine. Tong-its. I don't know how to get the answer. You want to know why it turned out like this? By looking at your baffled expressions. She answered “[GOD]DAMN IT! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY PREPARING FOR MY TONG-ITS?!” Yes. I shall cut myself with this razor. “Ms. Well. Ladies and Gentlemen.” My teacher told me. but also because it's what my initials spell out. One time. Everyone calls me Maria. singing at the nearby videoke machine or just looking at the cute guys passing by. He answered “ngrrhh Here's a hundred bucks. ngggrrrrhh” Father was drinking with the neighbors. Young in both mind and body. Those kinds of games. Still in Grade 4. I don't know the answer. I couldn't answer. she was always busy with Mahjong. Depressing. Please listen carefully to the story of my life. In my current state. Parents? Hmm. isn't it? Why should I carry this heavy burden all throughout my entire life? Living in this world is like being subjected to eternal damnation. Alonzo! Answer this. I never really excelled in any part. They say I have never done anything good. I guess it will end in that number. I rarely go to school. I asked Dad the same question. I'm about to die anyway. Not only because it's my first name. “19?” Each one of my classmates laughed at my stupidity.

the oldest person of the class. to enlighten her way and to guide her towards the right path. this and that. I said with a calm approach. the body of Scarlett Johanson and the voice of Taylor Swift (sing “Through the Rain”). ashamed. Do I still have any reason to live? .. I guess. I weep in depression. Guhh. I ask for your judgment. I have never encountered that someone. Friends? I have none. friends. You look and smell disgusting. I was humiliated. embarrassed.” “ If I were you. I tried approaching one. Every one of them loathes me. What I am is a young misled teenage girl. in need of someone to counsel her. No one wants to be near me Each time I hear of such jeers from everyone around me. Me. Throughout my 18 years of living.” “Why should I?” “There is no reason why I should befriend a person like you. My teacher yelled “You can't even divide 90 by 10! Why bother coming here when you don't even learn? Just go home worthless imbecile!” That is how my school life's like.Hysteric laughter filled the small room. “Hi there! Can you be my friend?” She replied “HELL NO! I'd rather be fat and ugly than being friends with a stupid girl who can't even divide 90 by 10” I also asked other people and the replies I got were: “EW. Honorable judges. What have I done to deserve this kind of castigation? Why did God forsake everything from me? Though I may have the face of Nicole Kidman. could not even answer a simple mathematical problem.” this and that. there may be no reason for me to live.. I'd take a bath. what you see is not always what you get. Now. teachers.

. But we have a house and money. That night. Mother. to Mother's bedroom. since being a cook in one of the most luxurious restaurants is a proud job. I thought Mother was OK. Sing at the karaoke. .. Mom. eight months ago and since then became crazy for each other.. Jog around the park. so I did. I don't know. mom. A model! A twenty-year-old Brazilian model who does not look nice. something happened. wake up! WAKE UP! Please? I'm too young to lose a mother.. Her blue eyes are closed. *sobs* Now who will watch over me? Who? My father? NO! NOT MY FATHER! He left us for another woman. where could she be? I went upstairs. now I'm beginning to envy him! Envy because he lives in this gigantic mansion with plenty of housekeepers. but he never did.Mother. Here. She must be tired. Mother! I MISS YOU! She told me she loved me and that she will be there for me. I. I brought you the bread you requested. Mother appeared before my eyes and told me to stop. And the blame is on the man who did this! Wait and see! I will have my revenge. A miracle.. I will have my revenge. cars and money! Us? Mother and I don't have much. Oh. Where are you? Mom? Please answer.. are you there? Mother. *sobs* Mother is dead. I go to school with my lunch and then I walk home. *sobs* She made me promise not to hurt Father. but to forgive. We would shop and enjoy movie marathons.. only to see Mother lying on the floor. Father brought me home to his. Always and forever. I thought Mother was strong! But NO! She's dead and I will never see her again! No. NOT to take revenge. though. I'm home.... Oh. I opened the door. I hugged her SO TIGHTLY.. Oh. Her wrist had a HUGE cut! Nooo! MOTHER! Mother. ugh! Wife! And he showed me around the house. She and Father met. Still in bed at 6 pm? Gosh. Mother. Then they got married and abandoned us! US! HER FAMILY! He said he loved Mother. kind or worthy of my trust. are you there?) #1 Mother.. I could say. mom. I will not live with that man! Mother is dead! Now I have nobody! We were happy without Father. Don't worry. I won't. But look! Father is wealthy and he didn't even bother to help.

I was the first to get out. This is going to be the best vacation ever. I got in the nearest elevator." "Uh. (My father is a monster) #25 It was supposed to be a wonderful summer. Huge! Very huge! I tell you.But then she disappeared. I hurriedly went to the beach which was just in front of the hotel where my sister. This is Hawaii and I'm a photographer so it's important for me to go sightseeing. you better learn how to catch up. are mom and dad getting a divorce?" "What makes you say that?" "Dad is never home. By the way. Mom was very sleepy. I grabbed my camera but then --- "Can I come with you! Please? Mom wants to sleep. I'm also exhausted but I'm making today an exception since I really want to check out the beaches here in Honolulu. The hotel was huge. I need a break." Ugh. I was so excited! My heart was pounding with great jubilance! My bags were packed. huuuuge! When we got in our room. I was ready to go. I was ready to go swimming. Now? Leave me alone. Stay here.. The difficulties of having a little sister. if you're coming with me. The whole family was smiling but I'm pretty sure I had the biggest smile you'll ever see. Does he even know where we are?" "I'm pretty sure he does. Mother.. When I got out. where are you? Mother." By the time the plane landed. Well. My trip here will help. Honolulu. excuse me? Olivia. She's so exhausted. Mother.." "Got it!" . Oh. You can't leave me alone like that. I want to swim. mom and I are staying. "I can't wait to go to Hawaii! Ugh! I'm so excited! I'm ready to explore Honolulu.. "Ouch!" "Sorry!" "Olivia. what are you doing here?" "I'm sorry but I was lonely. are you there? Oh.

I don't even know why mom and dad are getting a divorce. It's only been a few hours. Olivia wasn't allowed to play with her friends. I'm going to miss Hawaii. Olivia.. I SAID GET OUT!" . yes.So we did go swimming. You did this to yourself.. locked myself in and fell asleep. mom! You can't do this. Where we live. I was very excited about going to Hawaii. Suddenly. I know I haven't been completely honest with you and I'm sorry. this beautiful place." "You can and you will. I am! She ruined my summer. Just perfect." "But. "I knew it mom and dad are getting a divorce. We're taking the next flight tonight." I went to my room. home?" "I mean. My sister and I went to her. get out. My summer was ruined and now my parents are getting a divorce.we're getting a divorce. Olivia. Pack your things. We got home several hours later. I'm really sorry. she decided to go to the grocery store. The reason why I shortened our trip was because of your dad. Even my camera but that was OK. All I did was stay home and watch TV. One day. I heard someone shouting. "Can I come in?" I didn't respond.. We were both wet. I was left alone in the house with my little sister. Great. OK? When I woke up. She got in anyways so there wasn't any point in replying. "GET OUT OF HERE!" "They're my kids! I'm not going to hurt them. Oh." Mom didn't listen though. What more do I have to know? A few days after mom confessed.. I saw mom walking our way with tears falling down her eyes. Mom was acting weird. We were forced to leave Hawaii. good question. mommy?" "Yeah. I didn't speak to mom for days. why are you crying?" "Let's go home. "Are you mad at me?" Am I mad at her? Why. Where. she." Then mom left. Why do they want to get a divorce? Did dad cheat on mom?" "Not now. He and I . But she.. "Mom. ugh! "Look. These past few days have been very frustrating. Now please." "Huh? Where. mom went inside my room. mom? Do you mean the hotel or home. Don't blame anyone for your mistakes. I'm going to miss it. back home.. It was fun. My summer is ruined because my parents are getting a divorce.

I didn't. It wasn't easy tracking you down but I found out you went to Hawaii. Mom was asleep. My father is a monster. No. You see. I will.I went downstairs and saw mom. We were afraid. you already left. I can promise you that. I have to kill my family. She was crying. mom?" "He's dangerous. He wants to take us with him. I was about ready to run to him and hug him but then --- "Psst. Dad smiled at us then he went to mom's room and killed her. There was an accident and I nearly died but I didn't die. He killed her. "I want the two of you to stay away from him." "I don't get it. I do know something though." "And why is that?" "I did something crazy. I went hiking with my colleagues two months ago. I don't trust him anymore. Interesting. someone cursed me and in order to live for eternity. She saw us.. He went first with Olivia then me. dad? Dad? Dad! It's dad." Dad did kill us." A week later. When I got there. do you mean an actual monster or you're describing him as a monster?" Mom didn't speak." "Olivia? Why are you whispering?" "Mom said dad was a beast. The door was open. Then Olivia and I noticed something different with dad. This was getting really creepy. He killed her. I have goosebumps.. "Why'd you kill mom?" "She wouldn't let me see you." "She said that? Hmmm. Olivia and." "Is something wrong with him. I didn't know that I would lose my mom and my sister and that I'll die in vain. He killed mom. mom locked the front door. I didn't see this coming. He was still grinning." "What are you going to do now? Kill us?" "Yes. He's a monster. Dad went to us. Don't talk to him anymore. It's dad. "Just don't come near him. dad came back. Don't show yourself. ." "Mom. He's not your dad. Mom said you're getting a divorce." What was going on? Dad? A beast? Whaaat? As soon as dad left.

. This isn't.. I am not hallucinating... No.. I'm not paranoid.or am I? You are paranoid. And I've never killed anyone so why --- . I'm thinking straight.. I'm not! I'm not crazed. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. I'm not paranoid! I'm perfectly fine..(Hallucinations) #24 This isn't happening. This. My mind's OK. no...

I went to your house to ask for forgiveness. I was young. go away! Oh please! Just go away. Hold on. And. Oh gosh.. She'd pick on me. You killed me! I said I was sorry. Isn't that wonderful? Oh." You murdered an innocent woman. Wait. did you? I don't know. The two of us? We're meant to be. I --. You're not helping. You killed your friend out of jealousy.You've done it. Go away? How can I go away? I am with you. "Never. a merciless human being. that day when you said it was my fault why you turned into this. out of anger. You don't know? You hurt her. She'd copy from me. I didn't kill her. I told you how guilty I was for ruining your life. But she deserved it. I'm trying to help you. I'm hallucinating. It was my fault and I was sorry but. You've lost your mind. Am I right? I didn't kill her. See? You admitted it! OK. until the whole world goes against you. You made her suffer for hours. We're attached to each other.. fine. I am alive. I must be hallucinating. How are you alive? Oh. There's a difference. Don't say. I only said that she deserves to die. You tortured her. Am I right? NO! I have not lost my mind. She apologized to you but you didn't forgive her. out of stress and out of hatred. You are a soulless creature. until you cry your hardest.I don't know. It's your fault. So you admit that you are crazy. That day when you stabbed me in my sleep. We're connected. Did I? Did I deserve it? Who said that? Who said that? Answer me. She started it even when we were kids. I'm probably tired. I killed her. And never once has she apologized so she deserves to die. I died but the memory of me will always be in your mind. that day when you cursed out my name. It's not my fault. NOOOO. So you admit that you are hallucinating? Well. until you bleed to death. No. We're inseparable.. I'm just. So you admit that you did kill her? You killed your classmate. that day when you ended my life. This has got to stop. . no. Go away. I'm telling you that you are crazy for talking to yourself. And I won't stop until I kill you. yes. She made me suffer for years! I was 12. And why am I even talking to myself? I must be crazy. I am you. Don't talk to me. I'm hallucinating.. I'm hallucinating. you are a murderer because that's the truth. but you took my life. I did. You've killed her. I've been alive in your mind.

I lost the game because of her. You confessed. go away.You killed me. But the past ruined my life. I didn't ruin your life. I'm so scared. I must be demented. See what you did? Is it so hard to tell the police? You know. No. But before that. I did.. She ruined my life. These are hallucinations. They can come and they will come. poor me. But in your eyes. Because you killed her. she won't go away until you confess. Go away! Stay away from me! Stay away! Stay away! I said stay away! These are just hallucinations! Hallucinations! Hallucinations or not. You did. I must be insane. No. You did. they can't. I'm not hallucinating! I'm going to jail! No. They can't come. I didn't go to prom because of her. these are just hallucinations! Stay away from me. Here! I'm really alive! Go away! Oh.that was in the past.. Poor us. You called them yourself.. I was in tears. That simple. I was sad because you wouldn't forgive me. Wait. Oh dear. But she deserved it. So am I! But you did this to yourself. I failed my exams because of her. No! . Like I said. What is that sound? My heart is pounding so fast. I can't. I will never forgive her. I'm alive. The cops aren't coming. You're dead and I will never be able to bring you back. you're a murderer. in your mind.. Is it the cops? Oh no! No! The cops are here. What happened to you guys a few years ago . I don't want to go to jail! I'm scared. I was asleep. Wait. I must be hallucinating. Well. You dispatched me right after you stabbed me. Do you expect me to believe you? Yes. I killed her! Yes. No. The cops are coming. These are just hallucinations.

I want to win. So my name wasn't called. I want to have concerts and movies and guest appearances. I failed to finish my performance. I was supposed to sing. Today's the last talent show I'll join this year. But I won't win.. I went to the comfort room and overheard two women speak. Since the show is called Finding the Next Superstar. That's OK. no! I forgot my lines. Oh. I want to be famous and live in Hollywood. I didn't make a mistake. Let it go. "Look at me! I am trying to talk to you. The cold never bothered me anyway.. It wasn't about winning on any competition. Maybe because of that. I want to be a superstar. for the first time in my life. Why can't you tell me about it? I thought." I ran out crying and was about ready to go home. The second talent show I participated in was called Finding the Future Drama Queen." When I went backstage. I heard my name being called out. "Esther's going to win. That's the truth. So I danced. Yes. Here I stand in the light of day. Let it go. I'm still . It was unfair. But now I wasn't as determined as I was.. In front of the judges. It's time. Yes. Suddenly. Although I didn't win. which is why I'm auditioning in three talent shows.(My real dream) #18 My dream is to become a superstar. I have two more to look forward to. That perfect girl is gone. beautiful and talented. I realized something. I'm sure I'll be discovered. "Let it go." "I think it's unfair but her dad's the mayor. I'm scared yet my family will be watching and I'd rather finish what I started than come home a loser for not trying. Let the storm rage on. The first talent show I auditioned for was called Search for the Dancing Diva. It was about simply enjoying what I do. I realized that my real dream is to be happy.. Let it go. I'm nervous. that's my chance to win home the fame. I thought." Oh. I've got one last chance to make it. And the judges didn't pick me. Everyone knows it. I tripped and fell on the floor. And I'll rise like the break of dawn. I can do this. I want to be rich. I closed my eyes and prayed.

I mean. It's probably because of the way I speak. All I have is. Was it me? Or was I being gossiped? Was it me again? Or was I being punished? Hello? Can you hear me? I'm here. My heart's been locked and I can't find the key to unlock it. You need to understand that I need someone to understand me. I'll look forward to that. I'm HERE! You need to listen to me. My voice is loud.. to be loved. I need it all. feeling misinterpreted. My life's been cursed and I don't have anyone who I can shed a tear to. . THAT'S ALL! That's all I want. I'm here. I'm here.young. You have to listen to me. feeling lost. shouting to the biggest but sadly no one can hear me. My family's dead and I have no friends. to be sheltered. I can't go on spending the rest of my life feeling abandoned. feeling. I'm here because I was meant to suffer. please! Help me. me. the way I understand yet that doesn't give anyone the right to murder my family or to destroy my relationship with my friends. Oh... Help me. all I want everyone to know is that I'm here. meant to be hated by everybody. I'm here. yelling to the highest. my hair. I have much to learn. I'm walking alone as a monster to my neighbors. I'm screaming to the fullest. the way I listen. Can you hear me? I'm here. I'm strolling around the park without anyone to talk to. I'm here. to be taken care of. It's probably because of my skin. feeling upset. My face has a scar. I'm looking at you. I need someone's guidance. I'm here. my attitude. I deserved to be heard because no one would ever listen to me. I need to be protected. I'm telling you. I don't deserve this. meant to feel pain. But I'm here! I'm here and I deserve to be heard. (I'm here) #17 I'm here. I deserve to get the attention that I do deserve.. And I'm sure there will be other talent shows that I can join again next year. I don't deserve this at all. I need you to look at me. My world is a mess and I don't know why this had to happen and how it happened.

she'd tell me. "Everything is perfect because you're here with me. the woman who raised me without a father because he left us for a model. My mother. I'd draw things for her. mommy. Although it was all epic. She's old. I'm staring at her graveyard. Can you hear me? I'm here! I'm right here.I'm an artist. "What do you want. She'd be my fairy godmother and I'd be Cinderella. I'm here! (Forever and always) #14 She used to braid my hair anyway I want. died. I'd play Snow White and she'd play the Evil Stepmother. She used to watch princess movies with me. I would respond. Please?" "OK. the woman who has seen me in tears." But now she's not with me. "You're going to be an artist someday. the woman who was with me. sweetie? French? Fishtail? Waterfall?" "Fishtail. But she's not evil. I'm left with a career . She's aged. I plan to name her after my mother. She would always be present in all my games and the events I was invited to participate in. I'm right here. And I'm left with a daughter in my womb. . She's a very nice woman." She would teach me how to bake anything and everything from red velvet cupcakes to blueberry cheesecake to chocolate chip cookies and even raspberry pies.Help me. I'm left with no one to watch out for me. I watched her as she'd watch me. the woman who fought for me. the woman who told me never to mourn about men who don't want me. She'd be taking pictures of us." Will I? I believe I might because my mother tells me everyday and everyday she'd cook me breakfast and everyday she'd ask me how my day was.

I still smile because I know that something good will turn out right. People who don't know how to move on don't know how to let go. I guess being positive is how people see me. And that person is me. a friend to everyone and a cheerleader to her only daughter. She passed away a week ago and I'm still trying to find a way to move on because I know that's what my mother would want me to do. I do because when I forgive . Yes. I'll always love you.One day. Have a forgot to mention that she's a lawyer? She's also a singer . I miss you. Forever and always. even though it's raining. I have my doubts every now and then. I forget. I get mad but I can't seem to handle getting upset with someone for so long. even though our teacher yells at us. She's smart. I miss my mom but I'll always have her. And. When I go to school. Maybe that's why it's hard for others to come up with sad things to say to me.MY singer . not through appearance but through what's in me. I'm a happy person with a happy life and living in a happy home. I will tell my princess about a queen who was both beautiful and talented. I live in a beautiful home with a beautiful family and a beautiful community. thank you for all the sacrifices you did to take care of me.which is why I love to sing. Maybe that's why I have lots of friends. a straight-A student. (I am who I am) #10 They don't understand me but I am who I am. I'm also beautiful. I grew up in a neighborhood full of beautiful words and guidelines that are considered. I do cry. They don't know how to handle reality but I do. . yes. She's a dancer. the only person she called her own. well. even though I rush into class late. beautiful! And nobody can deny that I am who I am. Yes. I'm going to be a mom and I'm going to do everything my mother used to do for me. Mom.and listen carefully to what I'm about to say! When I forgive.

That's how being amicable became part of how people would define me. That's why I did that. In fact. "I am who I am. then tell them what I always tell others. I'm actually prepared for that.. . I'm not judgmental so I easily forgive. no matter what my friend did. one of my siblings or perhaps one of my friends would betray me yet I am who I am and I know how to be resilient. I needed to. Be a woman and smile to your haters so they will know that what they bashed unto you didn't bother you at all. It was time for me to be honest about how I feel. then so can you. YOU have the chance to make things right. We can all let go. or her. Just think positive and learn to respect others the same way I did. We can all forgive. In fact. stronger and smarter. I know someday I'll be hurt by someone. If I can do it. Learn to be a human. That's why I gave it to him. Still. And you know what? I still am doing that because I know I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I decided to forgive someone but it's already too late! So take me as an example and please try to be considerate." (It was time) #27 I had to tell him. I understand them. Having the courage to be able to remove the pain I have in my heart made it easier for me to live life the way I want it to be.. it made you braver. SO BE STRONG! You can hate all you want but be a man and mature.If my friend breaks a promise and apologizes. That's why I wrote that poem. Perhaps. I had to. And if others question why you behave the way you are. It was time. I know others find it very hard to let go of the hatred they have in their hearts and minds and I have nothing against that. Everyone makes mistakes. I will always find the heart to forgive him. man.

my friend. I simply had to declare it. He'll never want me. I understand that he's attracted to girls I don't have a chance with and that. I knew that he would say no. It was time. I love him so much. who actually cares for me. I am not that tall. He'll never care and he never will. I told him this: "I've loved you for so long. I never meant for that to happen. I don't know what else to say. I was honest. But my love for him can last for eternity. The sea is prettier than me. that I needed to hear "I'm in love with you" rather than "I love you. But I am doing well in school. He was too good for me. I told him I loved him and didn't wait for him to say anything else because I knew what he was going to say. I am short. But it was time for me to let out that girl who has been in love with him since the day I met him. Yes. However. I confessed. I fell in love with the only classmate who actually remembers me. I know my boundaries. The rainbow is more colorful than my heart. I knew that he wasn't interested. So why can't he be attracted to me? Simple: because I am not good enough. you know that you're the guy I was always referring to and I'm sorry because I love you." My life isn't perfect. I am a stick-to-one person. And he will never be interested. I've learned not to mess with the other foot. I also know I don't have the body. It was time for me to say it. I never meant for things to get all awkward with us. The sun is brighter than my eyes but that is me and that will always be me.' Now. I am not that white. I know it. is a painful thing to accept but I've learned to deal with it. I love him. Yes. 'Hey. it was time. I am just the girl with the boring looks. I simply had to tell him. But it wasn't my fault that I fell in love with him.I can't take what I'm feeling for much longer. I feel that it is wrong if I start with. I had to tell him that I needed him in my arms. My family is pressuring me. I just know it. My friend. I stopped lying for the sake of honesty and for the sake of our friendship." It was too much for me to handle. I am not that skinny and I am not that clean. He isn't interested. who actually considers me as his friend. It's too bad he'll never love me. I have anger issues. I don't know how to . I know I don't have the charms.

. yes. Right. But.control myself.. then I'M SORRY! At least.. my friend. That person isn't the classmate I tried taking pictures of when he's not looking. And even if I tried finding someone who becomes infatuated with me. It was time. At least.. And if I'm not good enough. my intentions are clear and clean. I became really honest with him because that's what you wanted.. right? For me to be honest to him? Right? My friend. Right.. I only want what's best for him.. who am I kidding? No one will ever love me. My friend.. Oh. That person isn't the guy of my dreams. I will not give him a try because that person isn't the guy I've fallen in love with.. I learned how to hold back my emotions when I'm around him. it was time for me to tell him.. .....At least.

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