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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Light tower
bright solution
solution for hard work


. w/ 4kW load Battery 12 V dc.400 m 2) ideal lighting for working. Fuel tank capacity 30 gal. approx.atlascopco. and the failure ratio is the lowest of Voltage 120 V 220 V all types of .5 acres (5.1 (9 kW) Displacement 62. (114L) Fuel consumption 0. Belgium.QLT M10 Light tower Technical Data QLT M10 Construction MIG welded. 550 CCA Airpower n.. (4. Engine type liquid-cooled diesel It includes a metallic enclosure with wide service doors. Fax 303 288 8828 www.0L/h) w/ 4kW load Runtime before refueling 30 to 35 hrs. unibody-style. (1028 cm3) to position at the desired location for optimal work area Sound level at maximum load 71 dB at 23 feet (7m) lighting.4 lm/m 2 @ 30. modifications Copco Atlasprior without QLT M10 33 ft / 200 Lx 82 ft / 100 Lx 115 ft / 50 Lx Atlas Copco CMT USA LLC 3700 E 68th Ave Commerce City. concept that has been used on the market for a long time.atlascopco.Subject modifications 8880 Subject 3. no load to full load Receptacles 120v Duplex 220v Universal Proven concept Copyright 2012. CO 80022 Use only authorized parts.7 cu. 4-cycle.5 fc @ 7. Output power 60 Hz 50 Hz The expected lifetime of a metal halide lamp in a normal Output 6 kW 6 kW operation is very long. making it very simple Maximum power output 12. Wilrijk. produces more light and provides the Luminosity 0.88 gal. Dimensions (L x W x H) & Weight Dimensions (in transport) 182 x 48 x 66 inch Dimensions (in operation) 132 x 111 x 150 / 372 inch Weight 1800 lbs notice../hr. Engine model Kubota. Atlas Copco Airpower n. Warranty or Product Liability does not cover any Tel 800 732 6762 damage or malfunction caused by the use of unauthorized parts. stabilization legs and an on-road undercarriage. 2011.v. Trailer four point leveling system Finish Oven-baked powder coating Features and benefits Tow hitch 2 inch ball / pintle combo Tires ST175/80 D13 Metal halide lamps Lights The metal halide lamp technology is one of the most Lamps Four metal halide efficient ways of turning electrical energy into www. Generator type Brushless The QLT M10 Light Tower is easy to operate and Generator insulation H extremely light and manoeuvrable. Wattage 1000 W per lamp It requires less power. sport and event areas. Average lighting versus distance 2935to 2935 8880 00 .v. Diesel D1105-E3BG an electrical cubicle for control and protection. Wilrijk.500prior 00 3/12 without to Copyright notice. a mast that Engine speed 1800 rpm will extend vertically up to 31 ft and that can be rotated Engine EPA rating Tier 4 360°. Belgium. in. Amperage 25 A @ 120 V 25 A @ 120 V Voltage regulation ±5%. The new QLT M10 is based on a successful existing Power system 3-cylinder.