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Patrick Jordan: Vallone Field Director and Serial Fraudster Part 3 - Karen LeRoy

Meet Karen LeRoy. A resident of Auburndale, Flushing, LeRoy has a an This was confirmed by my handwriting expert as well, and includes the
interesting list of volunteer, educational and work credentials all relat- initials KL where the word Queens is crossed out and replaced by the
ed to nursing and EMS and then theres this: shes a Poll Worker and word Bronx above. A simple comparison of this handwriting to Patrick
Warehouse employee at the New York City Board of Elections. Jordans shows a perfect match. Forgery established, and its serious:
forging anything in the Statement of Witness, especially a witness sig-
LeRoy is very friendly with Patrick Jordan, Joy Chowdhury and Paul
nature or initials, is considered actionable by law enforcement.
Vallone. So friendly, in fact, that she witnessed two petition pages
Volume QN1700044, Page 7 and Volume QN1700047, Page 33 and But wait theres more. According to the Statement of Witness, Karen
talked about petitioning for Vallone on Joy Chowdhurys Facebook page LeRoys name is mispelled Karen Leroy (no uppercase R) on both
(see previous informational release). sheets. Additionally and this is where it really goes off the rails the
address is given as 620 Thwaites Place in the Bronx. Karen LeRoys ad-
Theres only one problem: the day after I filed my court case against
dress is in Flushing. This is a head-scratcher, as Patrick Jordan
Paul Vallones campaign for massive fraud and forgery in his petitions,
witnessed her signature and knows LeRoy personally. For good meas-
Karen LeRoy removed all references to Patrick Jordan; Tammy Osherov;
ure, lets add something even stranger and more damning: on Volume
Joy Chowdhury; and Paul Vallone from Facebook. In fact, almost the
QN1700044, Page 7, Patrick Jordan not Karen LeRoy has crossed out
entire month of June was wiped out, and all posts after July 24 th, 2017
the remainder of the blank signature lines and initialed it himself.
have been erased as well (at least publicly). LeRoy was one of the key
people in the lawsuit committing fraud and forgery with Patrick Jordan. Lets review: We can safely say that either Karen LeRoy who, remem-
ber, works for the Board of Elections and certainly knows the rules of
Luckily, I had already taken screenshots of a large portion of the posts
petitioning, or Patrick Jordan or both! has committed election fraud.
in question before they were removed. The posts erased? Paul Val-
Forged initials. Wrong spelling of witness name. Really wrong address.
lones 50th Birthday Party, which she attended (See Facebook posts).
Patrick Jordans initials (!). And to top it off, Facebook postings clearly
Why would LeRoy do something like this? The answer lies within the connecting Karen LeRoy with Paul Vallone and the Vallone campaign
submitted petition pages. having been purged from her page to hide her involvement.
For comparison, LeRoy signed a petition witnessed by Patrick Jordan One of these scenarios is probable, although there might be other vari-
on June 9th Volume QN1700017, Page 4, Line 6 and both her signa- ations: either Karen LeRoy witnessed signatures but didnt fill out the
ture and print, as well as her address, matches her Board of Elections rest of the Statement of Witness or signature area besides her own sig-
buff card (which was, surprisingly, submitted on June 14 th, 2017, after nature, with the remainder filled out by Patrick Jordan; or Karen LeRoy
she signed the petition). signed the Statement of Witness *after* the rest of the page had been
The problem begins with the petitions that LeRoy supposedly wit- filled out perhaps by an underage petitioner, a pattern well-
nessed, as Patrick Jordans handiwork is all over these pages. Looking at established with this campaign because an intern/volunteer who was
the Statement of Witness on both pages, it is obvious that, with the ex- working on the campaign lives at that address and was unable to come
ception of the signature itself, everything else is filled out by someone back to sign the pages.
other than Karen LeRoy.
Karen LeRoy Facebook Page
VOL QN1700047

Karen LeRoy Witnessed Petitions

Karen LeRoyPaul Vallones 50th Birthday Party (Purged from Facebook)
Karen LeRoyPaul Vallones 50th Birthday Party (Purged from Facebook)
Karen LeRoyPaul Vallones 50th Birthday Party (Purged from Facebook)
Karen LeRoyPaul Vallones 50th Birthday Party (Purged from Facebook)
Karen LeRoyPaul Vallones 50th Birthday Party (Purged from Facebook)
VOL QN1700044 VOL QN1700047

Karen LeRoy Witnessed Petitions

VOL QN1700047

Patrick JordanKaren LeRoy - Petition Handwriting Comparison

VOL QN1700044

Patrick JordanKaren LeRoy - Petition Handwriting Comparison

VOL QN1700017

Karen LeRoy (writing in pink)Buff Card Karen LeRoyPetition Signature

Karen LeRoyPetition Signature/Print

Karen LeRoy Buff Card Signature/Print Karen LeRoyStatement of Witness Signatures

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