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Environmental Systems I

Setup Please install all software prerequisites listed below. Except for Rhino5 and

Grasshopper, all installers can be downloaded via Blackboard. Be sure to utilize the two

Installation Check files (.3dm and .gh) afterward to verify that everything is installed


Checklist, in order:

1. Install and activate your licensed Rhino 5

2. Install the latest version of Grasshopper
3. Install Climate Consultant
4. Install Radiance
5. Install HDRScope
6. Install PictureNaut
7. Install DIVA 4

Reading Lechner Chapter 1, Introduction

Q1 (2Pts) As a becoming architect, estimate how big your impact on our energy consumption and

global warming could be.

Foremost, buildings use 48% of all energy consumed. 40% for their operation
and 8% for their construction. As a becoming architect it would be possible
for me to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 80%. I would use
renewable energy sources rather than polluting ones. Also the use of white
surfaces and insulated material would also play a role in particular designs I
Renewable energy sources &
Estimate(%): 90% Rationale(few words): increasing the efficiency of the
inventory of the building
Q2 (2Pts) Name three characteristics of a zero energy house.

1: Super-insulated walls, roof, and floor

2: High-efficiency appliances
3: Extensive use of white or very light colored surfaces.

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