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My Grunge of 1991
by Dennis Etzel, Jr.
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Cover Art: My Grunge of 1991, Staci Dawn Ogle

First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-60964-297-6
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A fleet of ships to create a blockade between the
Klingon and Romulan border. A history of the
polemics of the contemporary women's liberation
movement demonstrates that the priority given to
sex, class, or race as a basis for theorizing is a regular
source for factions and rifts and often works to bring
theory and experience into productive conflict. A
list of alphabetized semblances for keeping track of
occurrences out of post-trauma, speaking of
descendants of Vietnam Veterans. A matter of time.

A monstrous grandeur awaits those who walk into
the unnamed, unclaimed, unknown. A sludgy sound
of distortion, fuzz and feedback effects. Aesthetic
pleasure needs no justification, because a life
without such pleasure is one not worth living. After
a discussion, everyone agrees and we depart.

After that, I think about the coming war, which is
going slower than I would like. All-American Barbie
is in demand. All night thing. All that counts is that
he got away again. An underground movement to
achieve reunification. And let me say to everyone
listening or watching tonight: When the troops
we've sent in finish their work, I am determined to
bring them home as soon as possible, says George

As I report to you, air attacks are underway against
military targets in Iraq, says George Bush. Back at
headquarters I have a discussion about the previous
battle. Backdraft. Battle noises in the Danger Room.

Before we arise. Behind Jim Morrison T-shirts.
Being hunted, because who would want to start a
world with the surface world? Beyond this horizon.
Big masculine threat, / insinuating and slangy.

Birds splutter and croak. Breed. Brutally aware of
how many women are subject to domestic violence.
But as individual artists they are almost invisible.

But even as planes of the multinational forces attack
Iraq, I prefer to think of peace, not war, says George
Bush. But eventually these conventions grow stale.
But I don’t want a part in it. But I lost her in the
confusion of the blast. But in that land / men prized /

By listening to feminist narratives inscribe the field
of desire — the erotic, broadly conceived — we will
explore the question of what women are both free
and constrained to want. Can I reinstate my family
name? Cape fear. Certain basic human needs of
Kansans must be met. Circles an old woman's /
fingers trace / om the nubs of / her chair arms.

Clustered // berries at dusk / as possible / / results.
Combine short critical lectures with poetry
performances. Come as you are. Couples lounge / in
slim, fenced yards / beside the roar / of a freeway.

Darmok. Dead again. Deep. Despite our many
problems, we must reserve our conscience and
compassion with those who struggle with individual
hardship. Devil's due. Didacticism, after all, could
not be completely absent from a literary genre and
mode of thought which is basically moral,
philosophical, and political.

Disappearing. Disaster. Disbanded and faded from
view. Dissonant harmonies. Does the Reader know
the Watcher is watching him read as he reads about
the Watcher?

Drain you. During my twenty-first birthday party
everyone agrees on how I wanna be like Jim. Each of
these fictions strike some balance between the
exhilaration of discovery and the diagnosis of a
collectivity, defined both as castes and classes of
women, too crippled to think of voyaging out.
Elsewhere, a small task force does some damage.

Emphasizing correct names / as if making amends.
Emphatic / precision / is revealed as / hostility. Even
flow. Eventually, my memories are all killed.

Every day he learns something about you that makes
him either want to bust you one or respect you even
more. Everyone agrees that we are no longer safe.
Fear surrounds language. Feminism makes a
practice of questioning hierarchical structures and
divisions of labor, power, and discourse. Feminist
utopias also reject the specific naming of where and
when of utopia and stake their interests in the
interplay of the varying “here” of the writer and
reader and the “there” of the fiction.

Feminists have chosen to specify the contradictions
of the "now" and the intensity with which they are
felt rather than to totalize in order to make the
utopian impulse one of potential, not project. Find a
mysterious warrior destroying my equipment. Find
evidence that he was there. First contact. For the

Four Walled World. Fred Phelps begins with the
signs in June on the corner of Gage Park. Fred
Phelps faxes awful messages to any Topeka business
he can find the fax number to. Fruit of the tree of
such knowledge.