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Blue Near Flush connection

Integral semi-flush design provides high tension,
compression and sealability 5" TO 13 5/8"

The Blue Near Flush connection

has been designed to combine
high tension capacity, compression
efficiency and sealability for use
in applications of deepwater,
HP/HT and deep wells where
tight clearances are required.
This integral semi-flush
connection has been tested
under ISO 13679 CAL IV and
used in complex oil and gas
operations for almost 10 years.

The connection is available with

our Dopeless technology, which
enhances its performance and
reliability and provides additional
operational, well productivity and
HSE benefits.
..100% external pressure integrity created
by toroidal external metal-to-metal
seals, promoting consistent seal contact
loading for all combined-load conditions.

..High compression strength, up to 50%,
obtained by optimized torque shoulder
and controlled 20 degree stab flank

..reduced clearance.
Hooked threads provide high tension
strength, up to 78%, by resisting the
tendency for radial disengagement,
2 virtually eliminating thread jump-out.

..100% internal pressure integrity created
by toroidal internal metal-to-metal
seals, promoting consistent seal contact
loading for all combined-load conditions.

..Designed for high performance, ..HP/HT


..Deep well
..Production casing
structural efficiency and maximum

.. ..Tie-backs & liners

ISO 13679 CAL IV tested and field

.. proven.

Box OD only 2-3% larger than pipe OPTIONS
body (12% larger than API maximum) technology
permits use in clearance situations.

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