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Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 2

2 INTRODUCTION Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

3 A Letter from our Board Chair
4 History
5 Community Vision
6 Numbers at a Glance

10 Overnight Camp 26 Holocaust Survivors Initiative
12 PJ Library & PJ Our Way 28 Young Professionals
PJ Community Connectors 29 RuJew
Russian PJ 30 Womens Philanthropy
14 Israel Engagement
Onward Israel
Shlichim 34 Day Schools
Partnership2Gether 34 Early Childhood
Educational Bridge 35 Bonei Mishpachot
Medical Response 36 University Students
Mamanet 37 Chaplaincy
Israel Talks 38 Israel & Overseas Investments
Spotlight JAFI: Jewish Agency for Israel
Zikaron BaSalon JDC: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
22 Jewish Community Relations Committee
Civil Discourse Project 42 OUR SUPPORTERS
Holocaust Education
Security Coordination 52 BOARD OF TRUSTEES
State of Ohio Security Grant
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 INTRODUCTION 3


For nearly 100 years, the Jewish Federation of Columbus has played Funding Communal Priorities
a vital role in our community. I am honored to serve as its next Chair, Federation raised $7.1 million this year. Exceeding our budget allowed
and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. It is my goal us to investalmost $6.1 million in critical community programs,
to work with each of you to unite our community and to best position many of which are run by our partner agencies.
our Federation going forward.
 ederation raised $270,000 from national Foundations, enabling
an increase in Jewish programming in Columbus without further
I am proud of the work we have done over the last year. We have
taxing our local donors.
made significant progress and achieved success in several
important areas:
These accomplishments could not have occurred without the
dedication of my predecessor, Arnie Good. Arnie served with
Connecting the Jewish Community
enthusiasm and dedication for the past three years. I know I join the
 he PJ Library program continues to experience tremendous growth. community in thanking him for both his leadership and commitment.
1,200 children received Jewish-themed books this year, up from only
350 participants four years ago. As most of you know, the Federation is at a crossroads. CEO, Gordon
 ur Young Professional engagement arm installed a new Board Hecker, played a valuable role in many ofthe successes of the
in the spring and continues to hold weekly programs generating past fiscal year. During his five year tenure, Gordon not only raised
tremendous community excitement. critical funds, but helped us better define our purpose and vision.
 utreach to the Russian community ramped up dramatically, Thanks to Gordon, we think more broadly about the problems facing
bringing hundreds of Russians together in a variety of programs. our community and how to solve them. I am grateful for Gordons
leadership and join the community in wishing him the very best
Advocating for Jewish Causes in the future.

 survivors and their children educated more than 4,600
While change can be challenging, it can also be exciting. Today the
people this year, ensuring that this essential history is preserved.
opportunity exists for bold action and I am optimistic for the future!
 ederation helped secure $1.3 million in State of Ohio funding Please join me in building an organization that is even stronger and
for security grants for 14 local Jewish organizations. better positioned to serve our community for decades to come.
In strong partnership withJewish Family Services(JFS), we raised
funds soJFS couldhelp 240 localHolocaust survivors.
Based on this partnership, the German Claims Conference
increasedits annualsupport to $1.25 million, up from just $30,000
three years ago.
Audrey Tuckerman
4 INTRODUCTION Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The Federation, founded in 1926, has as its
cornerstone the centuries old belief that social
justice (Tzedakah) is a community responsibility.
In practice, this means that each Jewish person has
the duty to help other Jews - one responsible for the
other - one family, one community, one people.

Today there are more than 300 volunteers and 1,600

contributors involved with the Federation, dedicated
to strengthening our community and establishing
a secure and vital future for Jewish life worldwide.

1929 1963 1985 2017

Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 INTRODUCTION 5

To be a thriving community at the forefront of the next renaissance in Jewish life.

The Jewish Federation is committed to leading the Jewish community
to achieve this vision by focusing in three areas:



Cross-organization collaboration Israel/Jewish issues Local programs

PJ Library Interfaith relations Programs in Israel
Young adults Holocaust education Support for Jews overseas
6 INTRODUCTION Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017


14 Local Jewish Institutions Received

Gained Holocaust education through
Federation provided lesson plans,
In State of Ohio Security Grants teaching resources and speakers bureau

The German Claims Conference support for local survivors has

14 increased from $30,000 annually in 2014 to $1,250,000 in 2017


Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 INTRODUCTION 7

67 240
Teens and young
adults participated
in Israel experiences

Young adults received

internships in Israel
Holocaust Survivors
received increased services
this summer

Teens, Students, Young Adults,
Russian Speakers and other
PJ Library Participation community members gathered in

has increased from 350 locations to commemorate the
four years ago to almost Holocaust through stories, tributes

and community conversations

Participated in an Israeli-inspired Kids received financial support
Cachibol league of mothers, for overnight camping
called Mamanet
8 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 9

10 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The beauty of Jewish summer camps is that they make Jewish life entertaining.
For many children, Jewish summer camp is a focused time when being Jewish
brings them a sense of purpose and joy.

When groups of kids and counselors harmonize to Jewish songs, it creates a magical
experience that has nothing to do with studying in Hebrew school or attending
High Holiday services. The activities, crafts and even the course of the day have
Jewish themes -- bringing their heritage to them in a fresh, non-threatening way
so they learn about Judaism while fostering life-long friendships.

Jewish camp is magical and fun and so much more. Jewish overnight camp provides
a summer with a soul. That is why Federation provided $60,000 in financial support
for 80 local children this past summer.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 11
12 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017


Reading stories and listening to music with your child are among the most powerful and nurturing
early childhood learning experiences. The Federation engages families with young children through
our PJ Library and PJ Our Way programs. PJ Library sends a new, free book or CD to more than
1,000 children, 6 months to 8 years old, in our community every month. PJ Our Way serves 200 kids
ages 9-11 who choose their own books through a tailored online experience based on their
own interests and reading level.

The books and music transform intimate moments of parents reading to a child, into Jewish
moments. When the child is independent enough to choose and read their own books, PJ Our Way
takes kids on a Jewish journey through the joy of reading.

Funded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Abigail & Leslie Wexner, and the Jewish Federation
of Columbus, PJ library is a gift that will nourish a Jewish life and grow with the child.

PJ Library Community
PJ Library Community Connectors build authentic relationships,
create new, barrier-free Jewish experiences, expand communities,
and impart relevant Jewish content to families with Jewish
children ages newborn to 5 years-old through intimate outreach
and engagement programs. PJ Library Community Connectors
nurture relationships through phone conversations, social media,
face-to-face coffee dates and neighborhood-based programming.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 13

Russian PJ
Russian PJ Library serves Jewish children ages 6 months
through 11 and their families. Columbus is one of a handful
of cities, nationwide, to be piloting this initiative. The Federation
program comes to Columbus through a grant from the Genesis
Philanthropy Group and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

The program provides targeted outreach to Russian PJ families

to engage them through local programming including holiday
celebrations and gatherings.
14 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

There is no place in the world more meaningful for the Jewish people than Israel. While this
ancient land has always been home to Jews, since 1948 the modern State of Israel has completely
transformed what it means to be a Jew. Because of the State of Israel, Jews have a national
identity, wherever they live.

Travel to Israel is one of the most effective ways to connect us to our heritage and strengthen
our connections to Jewish community. Through Federations investments in the Jewish Agency
for Israel and the Joint Distribution Committee, we answer social, cultural, economic, welfare and
educational needs all over Israel.

The Diamond Family Spotlight Lecture Series, young adult Israel advocacy programs
and annual Yom Haatzmaut Israel Fest celebration bring the pride of Israel Engagement
to the Columbus Jewish community. Moreover, with our Shlichim, travel grants and
Partnership2Gether initiatives, we build living bridges with our fellow Jews in Israel.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 15

Onward Israel
Twenty-two young professionals and college students from Columbus
participated in the Onward Israel internship program this summer.
This specially designed program allowed each of the participants
to live in Tel Aviv, with room & board fully covered and gain relevant
experience through an internship in their field of interest.

This amazing opportunity allowed each person to gain valuable

professional experience and training while exploring a new country
and culture. This program is a collaboration between the Jewish
Federation of Columbus and Onward Israel and was made possible
by the generous support of the Diamond Family Endowment.
16 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Shlichim: Israeli Emissaries

The Shlichim educate people of all ages in the community about Israel, and serve as advocates, role models, and as staff members for Israel
programming. Shlichim work in the community for up to three years. Among the many services that the Shlichim provided this year to our
community was the introduction of a new Israeli-inspired sports engagement for mothers, unique partnership activities with Columbuss
sister-city in Kfar Saba and the planning and execution of the annual Yom Haatzmaut celebration.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 17

Partnership2Gether creates long-term partnerships and builds a living
bridge between Columbus and Israel. The goal is to develop and
strengthen unity between our Israeli partnership city, Kfar Saba
and Columbus.

We accomplish this by fostering meaningful ongoing ties between the

members of each community, based on shared endeavors. This 14-year
partnership has been incredibly successful at building relationships.

The Educational Bridge program connects students at the Brenner
and Shilo elementary schools and Rakefet kindergarten in Kfar Saba
with students at Columbus Jewish Day School and Columbus Torah
Academy. The program is expanding to include more schools in Kfar
Saba that will interact with the extensive Columbus Hebrew school
classes in the area synagogues.

Educational Bridge creates shared projects between the schools,

connected classroom experiences through the Internet as well
as the exchange and sharing of knowledge between teachers.
Last year, the Federation sent a delegation of 8 Columbus educators
for 10 days to Kfar Saba to learn more about Israeli schools and the
education they provide.
18 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The Medical Response Group was created to provide the Meir Hospital
in Kfar Saba with volunteer U.S. physicians in the event of a national emergency
in Israel. If Israeli physicians are called to serve with the reserves, the American
volunteers could be asked to arrive in Israel within 72 hours for a two-week stay
to provide support to the hospital.

Last year, instead of a delegation from Columbus traveling to Israel, a mission

of Israeli nurses visited Columbus to learn about award-winning techniques
administered at Nationwide Childrens Hospital.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 19

Mamanet completed its first year with more than 51 women participating
on 10 teams introducing a new sport to Columbus and building a new league
from scratch. The Israeli inspired Mamanet volleyball-like league was first
established in Kfar Saba, Columbuss partner city and has become one of the
largest social organizations specifically for mothers in Israel and Europe.

In partnership with the JCC, the Federation established this fun

and recreational league for women of all ages and skill levels that combines
sport, community service and a connection with Israel. The league also
provides a community service project, which benefited the YWCA
family shelter.
20 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Israel Talks
In the past when organizations, companies and schools needed to book
a speaker to talk about Israel they turned to a web of acquaintances
or they would cold call the university. Even then, the speaker was
possibly not well versed in the specific subject of interest. That is why
the Federation created Israel Talks last year.

This speakers bureau was created to help provide speakers on a variety

of subjects, such as: the LGBT Community in Israel, the Israeli tech scene,
the Israeli legal system and Israeli fashion, to name a few. Since most
people are familiar with Israel only from the media, Israel Talks gives
audiences the opportunity to hear about Israel first-hand from Israelis,
and experts in their fields.

The Spotlight Lecture Series highlights Israel as a global creative
innovator. The ongoing series examines Israels contributions to an
ever-changing world. Topics include business, philanthropic, medical,
social, artistic and culinary innovations. Last year, the program brought
in renowned Israeli mixed media artist, Hanoch Pivin, Israeli inspired
restaurateur, Michael Solomonov, known for his landmark Philadelphia
restaurant, Zahav, and staged a Chopped style competition between
Columbus and Kfar Saba teams of cooks. Spotlight is one of many
Israel-related programs that are made possible by the generous support
of the Diamond Family Endowment.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 21

Zikaron BaSalon
New this year was Zikaron BaSalon, an intimate commemoration of Yom HaShoah,
Holocaust Remembrance day. Zikaron BaSalon, which literally means memories
in the living room, permits participants to listen to Holocaust Survivors and their
children in the intimate setting of a living room living room with fewer than 25 other
people. The idea was born in Israel from the belief that the connection between
todays society and the memories of the Holocaust, has significantly deteriorated
due to change of culture, the passage of time and the dwindling number of the
Holocaust Survivors. Zikaron BaSalon events were a phenomenal success with
150 participants in seven homes around the Columbus area.
22 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017


The JCRC is the public affairs organization for the Jewish community and a trusted liaison with political and civic leaders. As a convener and advocate,
the JCRC cultivates the Jewish communitys commitment to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), providing opportunities for activism and advocacy for the
causes in which we believe. The JCRC advocates for Israel, promotes communal security and combats anti-Semitism, intolerance and Holocaust denial.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 23

Civil Discourse Project

The Civil Discourse Project provides opportunities for people on all sides of a heated
issue to learn from each other, accept diverse opinions and maintain meaningful
relationships. The program offers an antidote to the dysfunction found today in
many political and policy discussions. With an emphasis on productive conversation
not debate this forum offers the chance for participants to learn and grow through
active listening.

JCRC brings people of diverse opinions together to explore the critical issues of our
time. Ohio State University professor Don Sylvan moderates with tools for opposing
sides to use to advance the value of civil disagreement.

Holocaust Education
Last year, the JCRCs Holocaust Education Committee (HEC) engaged more than
4,600 people in central Ohio. Through the Federations office, HEC provides lesson
plans, teaching resources and a speakers bureau to engage middle and high school
students, military personnel and civic associations.
24 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Security Coordination
The JCRC is the central coordinating and resource organization for the security of the Jewish community in the Columbus area.
The Security and Emergency Preparedness function of the JCRC works closely with Homeland Security, law enforcement and emergency
preparedness agencies at the federal, state and local levels. We collaborate with a wide range of experts to alert Jewish institutions to threats.
We identify and disseminate best practices for Jewish institutions in central Ohio.

The Federation, thanks in large part to its partnership
with Ohio Jewish Communities, helped secure the passage
of House Bill 384 of the 131st General Assembly,
which authorized the Ohio Emergency Management
Agency to provide grant funding to nonprofit organizations
for security improvements to fight against terrorism.

Fourteen Columbus-area Jewish organizations received

a total of $1.3 million in State Security funding thanks
to the Federations assistance and guidance.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 25

Working with leaders and members of diverse faiths,
the JCRC works to promote greater understanding and
respect among them, and to reduce prejudice among faith
groups in the Columbus area. One highlight this year was
the Habitat for Humanity project where Jews and Muslims
came together to build a home.

Israel continues to be challenged on a regular basis
by terrorism and non-conventional threats to its security.
At the same time, Israel is taking courageous steps
in its ongoing efforts toward peace. Explaining Israels
actions and the environment in which it operates is often
challenging in American public discourse.

That is why our JCRC partners with Hillel, Chabad, ADL,

and Ohio Jewish Communities to educate our constituents
and the public about the importance of a safe and secure
Israel to the Jewish people, to America and to the world.
26 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The Federations Holocaust Survivors Initiative ensures that Columbus Holocaust Survivors and victims of Nazi persecution live their remaining years in dignity.
There are more than 240 survivors living here, in the Columbus area. Their average age is 87. Judaism teaches us to care for one another during times of need.

Our 3 million dollar goal to provide for them has become even more obtainable with the generosity of a challenge grant from the Wexner family. The grant will
match dollar for dollar up to $1.5 million dollars. To date we have raised almost $900,000 which has been matched. These funds allow our partner, Jewish Family
Services (JFS) to provide the assistance needed to this vulnerable population.

This year we were thrilled to help Jewish Family Services receive an additional $1.25 million from the German Claims Conference to assist our survivors.
This is an enormous increase from the mere $30,000 our survivors were getting from the Claims Conference before we began our campaign and JFS
was able to prove the magnitude of our local needs.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 27
28 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The Federations Young Professional engagement provides opportunities
for people in their 20s & 30s to create vibrant peer connections, take part
in the larger Jewish community, and explore Judaism on their own terms.
The Federation engaged hundreds of young professionals with weekly unique
programs and annual events, deepening their connections with the community.
To create a vibrant Jewish future, the Federation provides opportunities
to celebrate Jewish traditions, explore Israel and foster community.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 29

For young Jews in Columbus who grew up in the Former Soviet
Union (FSU) and whose parents grew up in the FSU, being Jewish
has long meant separation. There was separation from Jewish
history, Jewish culture, Jewish family, and their Jewish selves.
Any expression of their Jewish identity in the FSU could only
be made in hushed tones.

Though the Russian Jews no longer live secret Jewish lives,

many second generation Russian Jews feel distant from the larger
Jewish community. The Federations RuJew program brings first
and second-generation Russian-speaking Jews together through
community engagement opportunities, philanthropic ventures,
and social networking.

Federation offers a variety of programs from monthly happy

hours and inclusive Russian Shabbat events to Russian-speaking
service opportunities and networking.
30 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Womens Philanthropy highlights the power of womens giving. As change agents
and benefactors, women are leveraging their influence to transform our Jewish
community both locally and internationally. Womens Philanthropy provides
opportunities for women of all ages to collaborate and connect. Through leadership
and community service, we practice tikkun olam (selfless acts of giving).
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 31
32 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 33

34 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The Federation has given $2.5 million over the past five years as part of our
commitment to support day school education at Columbus Jewish Day School
and Columbus Torah Academy. The Federation sees day school education as a
fundamental part of our annual community investments. Your donation to Federation
ensures our children can get an immersive Jewish day school experience.

A strong Jewish community is rooted in its youth, our future. It is essential that the
Columbus Jewish community provide our children with Jewish learning experiences
that are powerful, influential and lasting. That is why the Federation provides funding
for the JCC Early Childhood program. This important program ensures that our
children can grow and flourish while developing strong Jewish identities.

The JCC Early Childhood program provides a comprehensive education for young
children in a warm Jewish setting where they learn about Jewish holidays,
customs and traditions.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 35

The Federation helps Jewish unemployed and underemployed in Columbus. Through a $50,000
investment in Jewish Family Services Job Search Assistance, Coaching and Career Management
program, 64 young Jewish professionals receive technical and emotional resources to assist them
in finding employment or making a career change. Your donation to Federation helps young people
get started and propels them forward in their career goals. Your donation to Federation helps bring
services such as Job Search Assistance to the Columbus Jewish community.
36 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

For the third time in two years, students at The Ohio State University rejected
a motion calling for divestment from companies that engage in business with Israel.
Anti-Israel movements on college campuses have increased by 31 percent since the
2015 academic year. A new study shows that anti-Israel activism on U.S. college
campuses has undergone a regional shift, with the Midwest experiencing a sharp
increase in anti-Israel boycott activities.

The Federation invests in pro-Israel programming and supports student leadership

orientation at the Hillel at the Ohio State University. Federation also provides funding
to smaller Ohio campus Hillels with fledgling Jewish student groups who also have
to combat BDS.

Last year, more than 800 OSU students enjoyed connecting with their Judaism
and eating a homemade Shabbat meal at the OSU Hillel thanks to your donation
to the Federation annual campaign. Every week, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox
and unaffiliated students come together to enjoy each others company over matzo
ball soup, chicken and challah.
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 37

The Federation provides funding for the Jewish Chaplaincy service in the
Community. Through the Chaplaincy Program at Wexner Heritage Village
(WHV), the Federation brings Shabbat and holiday services for residents
at WHV and people who are homebound, comfort and counseling to hospital
patients and their families, and pastoral counseling for people going through
the end-of-life journey.
38 OUR IMPACT Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017


We take our responsibility to help world Jewry very seriously. That is why Federations
reach extends beyond our local community.

Our Israel & Overseas Department is dedicated to improving the lives of Jews in Israel
and around the world and building bridges with Israel and the Columbus Jewish community.
We work with our partner agencies to support struggling regions, facilitate volunteer
opportunities and give individuals in Columbus the opportunity to build one-to-one
relationships with people in our partner city, Kfar Saba.

A gift to the Federation circles the globe, providing rescue, relief, resettlement and
engagement to Jews in every corner of the world. Most of our work is accomplished
through our partners on the ground: the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR IMPACT 39

JAFI: Jewish Agency for Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel was instrumental in founding and building the State of Israel.
Today, JAFI helps settle Jews into Israel from France, South America, the former Soviet Union, India,
Ethiopia and the U.S. Through our relationship with the Jewish Agency, Columbus dollars help drive
issues of pluralism in Israel and help the neediest in Israel to ensure they do not slip through the cracks.

JDC: American Jewish Joint

Distribution Committee
JDC is the worlds leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. It works in more than
70 countries and in Israel to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, and create
lasting connections to Jewish life.
40 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR SUPPORTERS 41

42 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

LEADERSHIP Anonymous Tod and Cheri Friedman Brian and Audrey Tuckerman James Klein
ROUNDTABLE Allene Gilman Charitable Trust, Michael and Lynne Garfinkel Steven and Judy Tuckerman Scott and Allison Kleinman

Giving Level $1,000,000+ Neil and Karen Moss Genesis Philanthropy Group Joan Wallick Brian and Stephanie Leader
Herb and DeeDee Glimcher Jason Goldberg Rodney and Donna Wasserstrom Milton and Marcy Leeman
Leslie and Abigail Wexner
Howard and Stacy Levin
Michael and Denise Glimcher Michael and Joy Gonsiorowski Jim and Nancy Wasserstrom
Rick and Dana Levine
Gordon and Donna Hecker Arnold Good and Lisa Newmark Alan and Bobbie Weiler
PRIME MINISTERS Marc and Shary Levitt
Huntington National Bank Google Herb and Janice Wolman
COUNCIL Skip and Mary Ann Loeb
Frank and Linda Kass Joan and Douglas Gross
Giving Level $100,000-249,999 Marcy Ruben Margolis and Family
Key Foundation Charitable Trust KING SOLOMON Mark Massa
Judy and Merom Brachman L Brands Foundation Michael and Joyce Hallet SOCIETY Dr. Bernard Master PACE Fund
Lavea Brachman and Andrew Smith Bruce and Sherri Lazear Robert and Marcia Hershfield Giving Level $5,000-9,999 Larry Moses and Susan Steinman
Ari and Ann Deshe George zl and Renee Levine Jonathan and Melissa Kass Stephen and Lynda Nacht
Adam and Jodi Bering
Jacob Diamond Lewin Family Brett and Katie Kaufman Alan and Robin Parks
Ron Blank
Jillian Diamond /Hamilton Parker Company Hal Keller and Laurie Kaps-Keller Sharon Kahn Cohodes Joel and Julie Politi
Jon and Susan Diamond Alan and Ruth Longert David and Katherine Kornberg Jeffrey and Carol Folkerth Ellen Pollack
Joshua Diamond Barry and Lynda Fromm Raphel Pollock
Tom and Nancy Lurie Fran Luckoff
The Harold Grinspoon Foundation Steven and Patricia Gabbe Patti and Sid Price
Ohio Emergency Mgmt Agency Kurt and Leslie Malkoff
Geraldine Schottenstein Hoffman Irwin and Bebe Gilbert Paul and Lauren Rackoff
Onward Israel Samuel M. Melton Foundation
Eli and Margie Goldach Mark Rinkov
Steven and Rhonda Schottenstein Chuck Schottenstein Rick and Karen Milenthal
Corey and Lisa Goldsand David and Gayle Rosen
Robert Schottenstein and Jeri Block Frances Schottenstein Sheldon and Tracy Retchin
Eddie and Pat Grayson Wesley and Ina Sue Rosenthal
Bruce and Joy Soll Lori Schottenstein Matt and Karen Romanoff Andrew and Shylee Grossman Florine C. Ruben
Michael and Arlene Weiss Chuck and Joyce Shenk Michael Schiff June K. Gutterman Harlan Ruben and Family
Miriam and Bernard Yenkin Fannie and Morris Skilken zl Scott Schiff Laurence Ruben and Family
and Arlene Richman
Leslie Yenkin Yoaz and Julie Saar
Family Foundation Mike and Ginny Schlonsky Steve and Diane Herman
and Jonathan Petuchowsk Barbara Sanderow
Wasserstrom Foundation Gary and Terri Schottenstein Kirk and Vicki Hilbrands
Saul Schottenstein zl Steven and Sheila Hirsch David and Cindy Schnitzer
Brian Schottenstein
KING DAVID SOCIETY MAJOR GIFTS James Schwartz Benjamin and Lisa Horn
Giving Level $10,000-24,999 Barry and Shelly Igdaloff Ira Sharfin
Giving Level $25,000-99,999 Miriam & Stanley Schwartz zl
Gerald and Francine Jacobs Donald and Helene Simon
George Barrett Steve Allen and Jamie Keller-Allen and Family
Jason and Amy Judd Lee Smith
Stuart and Marilyn Cole Sam Baker Robert Shalwitz and Paula Krasnoff
Raymond and Pauline Kahn zl PACE Sanford and Nanette Solomon
Columbus Jewish Foundation Diane Chang and Patrick Wiesel Aaron and Rebecca Shocket Ed and Maitzie Stan
Rick and Peggy Kaplan
Jeff and Marjie Coopersmith Elliot and Marjorie Davidoff Jan Singer David and Cari Kass Seyman and Sadie Stern
Steven and Barbara Fishman Jonathan and Lori Ann Feibel Ernest zl and Aurelia zl Stern Marvin and Sue Katz Roger and Colleen Sugarman
Sam and Gigi Fried Dan and Leah Finkelman Don and Anne Sylvan Bob and Clemy Keidan Michael and Barbara Taxier
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR SUPPORTERS 43

Denny and Fahn Tishkoff Jackie and Cheryl Jacobs Mark and Janet Sturgeon Sheldon and Jacqueline Chizever PACE Fund
Marty and Sheila Torch Marvin and Helga Kaplan Kenneth and Nancy Supowit Cantor Jack Chomsky Eliott and Toni Good
Jack Wallick zl PACE Fund Brian and Tammy Katz Philip and Julie Weinerman and Susan Gellman Udi and Ofra Greenshtein
Bob and Missy Weiler Ronald and Renee Kauffman Jim and Janice Winnegrad Bernard and Lajune Cohen Jerry and Linda Hackman
Robert and Sally Weisman Daniel and Naomi Kayne Dan and Greta Zidel Kenneth Cohen Mark and Harriet Hackman
Yetta Worly Lev and Lidia Kucherski Bill and Jeannie Zox David and Rita Cohen Steve and Carol Handler
Skip and Karen Yassenoff Bob and Betsey Lane Ben and Julie Zox Doug and Julie Cohen Robert and Harriette Hansell
Helen Zelkowitz zl PACE Fund Brian and Jennifer Lee Jeffrey and Corinne Covel Jack and Gerri Herring
Rabbi Misha Zinkow and Michael and Shana Levin Bev Darwin Leonard and Laura Heumann
Yale and Lauren Levy
LEADERSHIP GIFTS David and Suzanne Hirsh
Rabbi Elka Abrahamson Doug and Barbara Davis
LGR Realty
Giving Level $1,000-2,499 Seth and Leslie Hoffman
Jerry Davis
Richard Lieberman zl PACE Fund Lee and Darla Abraham Allard and Michelle Dembe Melissa Holcomb
VANGUARD Elliott Luckoff Fred and Renee Abramovitz Marc and Margie Hollander
Jason and Lisa Dolin
Giving Level $2,500-4,999 Dan and Jackie Marowitz Arnold and Andrea Alpert Steven and Diane Jaffee
Stan and Cheryl Dritz
Anonymous Ronald and Sue Mayer Bob and Joan Aronson Bob and Debbie Ecker Ira and Debby Kane
Donald and Linda Barger Bruce and Nancy Meyer Irwin and Beverly Bain Steven Edelstein Jeff and Darcy Kaplan
Rick and Terri Barnett Terry and Nancy Meyer Jonathan Barie Richard and Christine Eisenstein Raymond and Karen Karlsberger
Battelle Jeff and Valerie Milgrom Rabbi Benjy and Lauren Bar-Lev Joshua and Myra Englert Don and Phyllis Katz
Miriam Benstein Allan Oster Rabbi Harold and Beth Berman Rita Eppler Fredric and Christie Kaufman
Beth Messiah Congregation Ralph Pariser Memorial Fund for Andrew and Michele Bernstein Avrom and Marcia Epstein Bob Kaynes
Andrew Brodey and Eugenia Erlij Jewish Camping Bea Binsky Jim and Babette Feibel John and Inna Kinney
Gary and Margey Cheses Lee Pearlman and Cheryl Weiner Allan and Judy Blair Donald Feinstein Stephen and Susan Kirschner
Daniel and Natalie Cohen Plaza Properties Barry and Denise Blank Bob and Bobbie Fisher John and Lisa Kirsner
Paul and Marcy Cohn Bob and Marsha Polster Daniel and Nicolette Bloch Thomas and Shaaron Fisher Steve and Gale Klayman
Steven and Bridget Dritz Ellen Rapkin and Duane Buck Ted and Bonnie Bloom David and Julie Fishman Joseph and Amy Kohane
Esthersam Foundation Gary and Connie Robins Caryn Bloomberg Jerry and June Frankel Mitchell and Jacqueline Kon
Tanny and Bette Feerer Danny Robins Joseph and Nancy Blum Robert and Tali Friedman Nathaniel Konin
Charles and Linda Freidenberg Gary and Ellen Rogers Ilya and Jane Bodner Joshua and Stacey Gaines Brad Kripke
Roger and Marilyn Friedman Mildred Rosenberger zl PACE Fund Herb and Joyce Bronstein Jules and Judy Garel Mark and Jane Landon
Sherri Geldin Marty and Debby Rosenthal Herbert and Celia Byer zl Martin and Dossy Gelender Elaine Langford
Harvey and Audrey Glick Beatrice Roth zl PACE Fund PACE Gift Nelson and Carole Genshaft Boris Lantsman
Sylvia Goldberg Bradley and Tara Rozen William and Jennifer Byers Larry and Marilyn Gill Sanford Lefkowitz
Jeff and Anita Grossman Karl Rubin and Sharon Simon Joseph and Monica Calabrese Andrew Glassman Mike and Heidi Levey
Preston and Stephanie Gurwin Joshua and Aimee Sanders Seth and Jennifer Cammeyer and Julie Block-Glassman Doug and Susan Levin
Bob and Sunnie Hallet Michael and Elizabeth Schaeffer Cardinal Health Mark and Janyce Glazman Alan and Cheryl Levine
Steve and Karen Heiser Lenny Schottenstein Sidney and Adreinne Chafetz zl Nate and Elaine Goldberg Judi Levine
Celeste Holschuh Bob and Elinor Shook PACE Fund Clara, Joseph and Dana Goldslager zl Nancy Levine
44 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Florence Leviton Brett Rosenstein Rabbi Michael and Michele Ungar Joshua and Allison Alexander Avraham and Joy Benatar
Alan and Tamara Levy Gary and Paula Rosenstein Ruthie Warshenbrot Michael and Jane Alexander Itzhak and Ayelet Ben-David
David and Cathy Levy Michael and Susan Rothstein Steve and Mary Weiler Ali Ali Chaim and Malka Bendor
Martin and Randi Lewis William and Barbara Rudner Alan and Ireen Weinberg Dahir Ali Roger and Madalyn Benjamin
Sasha and Galena Libin Greg and Anne Russell Samuel and Frances Weiner Allison Daniels Designs, Inc David and Rachel Benjamin
Jerry and Judy Liepack Terry and Rhoda Ryan Howard and Gwen Werman Benji and Wendy Almasanu Meyer and Beverly Benzakein
Joel and Becky Luck John and Laura Ryzenman Herb Weyl Seth and Julie Alpert Vitaly and Valia Bergelson
Manfred and Rose Luttinger Edward and Lori Sachs Marvin Whitman Jerold and Arline Altman Allan and Gladys Berger
Rose & Ben Mandelkorn zl Andy and Susannah Sagan Barry and Kathi Wolinetz Viktor and Anna Altman Karen Berk
PACE Fund Ron and Diane Saks Jeri Wolman James and Ruth Altschuld Brooke Berkowitz
Ernie and Cheryl Mandell Jonathan and Marcy Schaffir Don and Mindy Worly Marc and Judy Ankerman Lawrence and Donna Berlin
David Marcus and Diana Stein Herbert & Betty Schiff zl Jacques and Laura Zakin Esther Antler Alan Berliner
Or Mars and Rabbi Sharon Mars PACE Fund Stuart and Susan Appelbaum Jack and Amira Bernstein
Eric and Katrina Zidel
Mark and Soneta Masser Zachary Schiff Ed and Sarah Arndt David and Esther Bernzweig
Allison Mautz Stuart and Susie Schilling Elliott and Heather Asch David and Irina Bilenko
Joel and Connie Mayerson Victor and Susan Schmelzer KEHILLAH SOCIETY Wayne and Lynn Aspey Bentsion and Mira Bilenko
Jerry and Joyce Mendell Ellen Schottenstein Giving Level $1-999 Joanne Aubrey David Binkovitz
Jeff and Debbie Meyer Howard and Linda Schottenstein Sharon Austin Mikhail and Emma Bisman
Nadir Abdi
Anonymous Michael Schottenstein Max and Allison Avner Sol and Esther Black
Andrew and Rachel Abeles
Jeanne Moser Keith and Emily Schuss Gregory and Mira Axelrud Alicia Blair
Asher and Angela Abenaim
Rabbi Jay Moses Henry and Candy Schwarz
Scott and Bonnie Abramowitz Ted and Bronwen Babich Brad and Susie Blair
and Cantor Bat-Ami Moses Andrew and Elizabeth Shafran
Ruth Abrams Emma Bakman Jordan Blanchard
Frank and Susan Mott Robert and Barbara Shapiro
Shirley Abrams A.J. and Susan Ball Greggory Blank
Greg and Alicia Munster Jonathan and Lisa Shiroma
Gilda Abramson Craig and Jody Ballas Marv and Susie Blank
David and Jean Neubauer Ronald and Laurie Shkolnik
Marc Abramson Benjamin B. Balshone zl PACE Fund Bruce Blatzer
Elsie Oppenheimer Krause Steven and Bobbie Shkolnik
David and Catherine Abromowitz H. Randy and Ruth Bank Betsy Blazar
Steve Pariser Jonathan and Robyn Silberstein
Ahmed Abukar Clifford and Judith Barasch Larry and Carol Blazar
Benjamin and Bethany Payne Chad and Monica Silverstein
Emily Adams Joshua Barkan Diana Bloch
Troy and Pearl Feibel zl PACE Fund Joseph and Ruth Sniderman
Greg and Leah Adams Timothy and Cynthia Barker John Bloch
Mel and Pearl Perel Randy and Anna Sokol
Michal Adar Scott and Maureen Barkin Joyce Bloch
Howard and Hannah Pirwitz Gerald and Sandi Steiman
Mitchell Adel Robert and Dawn Barkley William and Frances Bloch
Freddie and Toby Portman Kenneth and Robin Steinman
Barry and Debbie Adelman Diana Barnett Eleanor Block
David and Miriam Portman Bob and Susan Stone
Fuduma Adem Karen Basinger Ellery and Marsha Block
Allen Reis Stephen and Sarah Strasser
Brent and Dana Adler Isaak Baskin Jason and Talie Block
Adam Reiss Emily Supowit
Marty Adler Gennadiy and Anna Baskin Donald and Eleanor Bloom
Jeffrey and Ginna Rinkov Charles and Betty Talis zl
Daryl Agee Boris and Anna Batchev Michael and Ina Bloomfield
Malcolm and Jo Robbins PACE Fund
Jay and Cheryl Agranoff Michelle and Kenneth Beckman Michael and Sarah Blumenfeld
Darryl and Harriette Robbins Mike and Hilary Talis
Marian Ahmed Charlotte Beckman Jeffrey Bobier
Harlan Robins and Shawn Shear Douglas and Michelle Tenenbaum
Shirley Ain Gary and Elaine Beim Galen and Yvonne Bock
Ron and Barbara Robins Lee and Elaine Tenenbaum
Marv and Marilyn Thomas Air Time Media Buying Service Howard and Gayle Bellin Alexander and Sofiya Bogin
Arthur and Gail Rose
Jeff and Bethanne Tilson Lori Albert Angela Bellin Lauren Bonfield and Stephen Keyes
Mark and Rosanne
Evan and Christa Tobin Fanya Aleksandrovskaya Rabbi Avi and Pearl Ben Moshe Marvin and Anne Bonowitz
Neil Rosenberg
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR SUPPORTERS 45

Scott and Natalya Borack Rabbi Chaim and Chani Capland Barbara Crabill Michael and Carole Dworkin James and Tamra Fitzpatrick
Robert and Sandra Bornstein Ronald and Jackie Carmen Bonnie Cram Cindy Ebner Jeffrey and Marcy Katz
Theresa Bornstein Jessica Carroll Lawrence and Melissa Kaufman Sylvia Ebner Marvin Fletcher
Hal and Carol Borovetz Neil and Marcia Carron Randall and Marian Cuenot Aaron and Rhoda Edelman Yuval and Nerys Flicker
Jeff and Pam Borovetz Sandy and Melissa Daniel and Jami Cullen Joanne Edwards Edward and Carole Fliegel
Fay Botnick Caust-Ellenbogen Helene and Paul Cweren Nathan Edwards Barbara Flox
Viktor and Oksana Boyko Bruce and Lois Chapman Michael and Sheila Thrush David and Laura Einstein Mickey and Chari Fogel
Susan Branch David Charlowe Galina Dashevsky Mikhail and Shifra Elkind Joan Folpe
Adam and Eleanor Brandt Heather Chen Victor and Elaine Dashevsky Florence Ellenbogen Richard and Marcey Forman
Michael Brandt Steven and Gretchen Chenenko Edwin and Adele Dauerman David and Emogene Ellsley Gideon Fraenkel
James and Peggy Bratt Mimi Chenfeld Adam and Heather Davidoff Victor and Lori Elman Mark and Galina Fragin
Debbi Braunstein Felix and Lyubov Chernyakhovskiy Zeev and Galia Davidovitch Rabbi Jeff and Karen Elson Sylvan and Bonita Frank
Irene Braverman Dayna Chessin Raisa Davidson Marsha Emerman Daniel and Dena Frank
Lisa Braverman William and Helen Chronister Davyd and Elza Paleyev Todd Emoff Tina Frazier
Ari and Naomi Brenner Lew and Nancy Claman Yigal and Jodi Dayan Alleen Engelman Bob and Susie Fredman
Mike and Deborah Brickey Scott Clark Neil and Khristine Deichman Philip and Shelley Engler Roberta Freed
Leonard and Janice Brillson Robert and Gail Clark Larry and Marci Delson Guido Epelbaum David and Karen Freel
Norman and Gloria Brody Michael Cleary Chuck and Susan Derrow Anita Epstein Harvey and Evie Freeman
Danny and Karen Bromberg Ronald and Marilyn Clowson Jose and Karen Diaz Rabbi Joel & Janice Epstein Bruce and Anita Freimark
Steven and Beverly Bromet Arthur and Miriam Clubok Dan and Rita Distelhorst Joan Epstein Connie Freundlich
Crystal Bronchik Kenneth and Laura Clubok Jerry and Lynn Dobb Mark and Jean Epstein Al Friedman
Lois Brown Susan Coe Jacob and Malvina Dobkin Robert and Tina Erlanger Chad and Charlotte Friedman
Lisabeth Brown Mark and Mindy Coffey Jacob and Kimberly Dobres Sinan Falah Rachel Friedman
Richard Brownley Bill and Randi Cohen Eric Dolen and Mary Ross-Dolen Patrick and Linda Fardal Ross Friedman
Audrey Brownstein David and Elizabeth Cohen Jeffrey and CeCe Dollin Lotti Fechheimer Steve and Kim Friedman
Barry and Lindalee Brownstein Robert and Amy Cohen Mort and Fern Dolman Edward Feierman Tom and Linda Friedman
Stacee Buechel Robert and Wendy Cohen Carla Donev Henry and Gloria Feinberg Linda Frydman
Lilli-Ann Buffin Sandy Cohen Mark and Monica Dornfeld Martin and Gail Feinberg Sandra Furman
Jim and Susan Bugenstein Sarita Cohen Ted and Shirlee Doron Greg and Pamela Feldman-Hill Marjorie Gaffin
Emma Bulkovshteyn Scott and Carol Cohen James and Barbara Dowell Jonathan and Deborah Feldstein Ron and Lynne Gaines
Ronald Burke Steve and Debbie Cohen Michael and Amy Drapcho Marcia Feldstein Yevgeny Gakh
Daniel and Marianne Burkhart Steve and Wendy Cohen Joshua and Dottie Dressler Harriet Felsenthal Yakov Galbmillion
Allan and Katherine Burkman Evan and Caroline Cohn Albert Drobiz Gail Ferber Brian and Kriss Galloway
Howard and Ellen Burnett Andrew and Cheryl Colvin Mikhail and Marina Drobiz Steven and Patty Feuer Joseph and Anca
Susan Byer Leonard and Marcia Comeras Alex and Sandi Dubin Dmitriy and Tatyana Filonenko Galron-Goldschlager
Stephen Cabakoff Gary and Judi Cooper Dmitriy and Natalya Dubinskiy Howard and Sondra Fink Gail Gandal
Stephanie Cahill Stuart and Marilyn Cooper Evan and Kari Dubro Ted and Lori Fireman Aharon and Annette Ganon
Sheila Camden Alan and Shelly Corn Emils and Sofiya Dulkin Jeffrey and Dianne Fish Marjie Garek
Terence and Jessica Campbell Philip and Stephanie Cotell Cherrie Durant Lora Fish Paul and Sandra Garrett
Stephen Canneto Samantha Cousin Alexander and Ilana Dvorkin Henry and Goldie Fisher Jeffrey and Shauna Garshon
Judy and David Canowitz Robert Covitz Kalman and Wanda Dworkin Ted and Judy Fisher Bruce Gartner
Vicki Cantor Cheryl Cox Leo Dworkin Yefim and Lelya Fishman Stanley and Rhoda Gelles
46 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Fanya Gelman Helene Goldmeier Stuart Grossman Gary Hollander Howard and Beth Katz
Jason and Nancy Gernstetter Maynard and Miriam Goldmeier Elliott Gruber Pauline Hollander Larry and Lauren Katz
Mrs. Thelma Gerson zl PACE Fund Ara Goldshtein Stephanie Gudorf-Schiff Abby Holmes Myrtle Katz zl PACE Fund
Yousef and Rita Ghodisizadeh Alex and Yulia Goldshteyn David and Barbara Gurevitz Burnet and Trudy Horkin Nikolay Katz
Amos and Yeala Gilat Vadim and Irina Goldsman Mike and Luann Gurevitz Marc and Anastasia Horowitz Sam Katz
Mitchell Gilbert Bruce and Fran Goldsmith Stuart and Rebecca Mangel Scott and Suzanne Hoxworth Steven and Constance Katz
Gary Gillett Linda Goldsmith Flo Gurwin Rabbi Gary and Marsha Huber Soreh Kaufman
Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg Martin and Kathy Goldsmith Peter and Joanne Guthoff Karen Hughes James and Dana Kellerman
Arkadiy and Marina Gips James and Jennifer Goldson Matan and Allison Gutwaks Gilbert and Sondra Hurwood Rabbi Richard and Debra Kellner
Jonathan and Elana Gisser Rabbi Avi and Miriam Goldstein William and Marcia Hagler Victoria and Roman Ilin Martin and Mamie Kelsten
Gary and Sandra Gitlitz Gary and Deborah Goldstein Ellen Half Artie and Alisa Isaac Allison Kemper
Robert and Elizabeth Gitter Jessica and Aaron Goldstein Sonia Hallet Yelena Itunina Joel and Ada Kent
David and Betya Gizunterman Marcia Goldstein Jon and Julie Handler Leonard and Terry Janis Isaac and Masha Keren
Steven and Julie Glaser Wendie Goldstein Starr Abe and Donna Hara Richard Janusz Leon and Susan Kessel
Stephanie Glass-Wapner Howard and Joan Goodman Joshua and Halle Hara Timothy Jenkins Chelsea Kest
Perry and Patricia Gletzer Michael and Janice Deborah Harner Paula Joffee Elise Kestenbaum
Sally and William Glick zl GoodmanMiriam Goodman Jerry and Debbie Harr Robert and Barbara Johnson Edward and Svetlana Khodorkovsky
PACE Fund Bill and Rena Gordon Michelle Harr Sheila Jones Alex and Julia Khrakovsky
Yale Glinter Lawrence and Diann Gordon Larry and Betty Harris Otto and Dorothy Juelich Alex and Marina Khrizman
Keith and Stephanie Goad Whitney Gordon Stephen and Marsha Harris Seth Kaber Hayley Kianoff
Alan Gold and Richard Griss Izya and Innesa Gorenshtein Scott Harter John and Harriette Kagel Douglas and Debbie King
David and Patricia Gold Aryeh and Marci Gorenstein Jon and Agi Hartstein Charlotte and Ben Kahn zl Edwin and Meredith King
Kenneth and Tobi Gold Mary Gottesman Mohamud Hassan PACE Fund Lawrence and Evelyn Kirschner
Wayne and Julie Gold Igor and Larisa Goykhman Lee Hatch Dorothy Blank Kahn zl PACE Fund Amy Klaben and Jordan Finegold
Yitzchak and Ruth Gold Harriet Grail Ranald and Kate Hay Miriam Kahn Michael and Betty Klapper
Danny Goldach Marc and Wendy Granche Rich and Arlene Headlee Steven Kahn Michael and Denise Klapper
David and Jaime Goldach Jeff and Isabella Grayfer Lawrence and Suzanne Heiny Raymond and Barbara Kalef Walter Klarin
Donald and Alison Goldbaum Nikolay Grebelsky Fred and Sharon Henkin Jonathan and Lisa Kalson Richard and Stephanie Kleban
Donald and Judith Goldberg Barnett and Suzanne Greenbaum Nicolette Henry Yakov and Irina Kamenetsky Mark Klebanoff
Hollie Goldberg Robert Greenbaum Lawrence and Linda Herer Art and Liz Kamlet Andrew Klein
Ira Goldberg Arthur and Molly Greenberg Larry and Ann Herman Ahmadou Kane Howard and Sheryl Klein
Joshua and Stephanie Goldberg Dan and Fran Greenberg Dawn Heyman Judith Kanfer Stacie Klein
Linda Goldberg Josh and Amy Greenberg Sanford Heyman Buzz and Susie Kanter David and Rachel Kleit
Rabbi William Goldberg Larry and Patti Greenberg Charles Hilton David and Erica Kaplan Andrew and Bettye Jane Klinger
Richard and Cheryl Golden Marvin and Maxine Greenberg Barry and Mary Lou Himmel Peggy Kaplan Alan and Alexandria Klodell
Richard and Tammie Golden David and Susan Greenberger Michael and Debra Hirsch William and Julie Karmia Josh and Hillari Klynn
Roberta Golden Kenneth and Laura Greenblott David Hirschfeld Stanley and Madeline Karn Raymond and Martine Knisley
Ronald and Fran Golden Lois Greenblott Arlyne Hirsh Edgar and Sofiya Karpovich Harriet Knolls-Walker
Dorothy Goldin Herbert and Francine Greff Raymond and Phyllis Hoch Brad and Holly Kastan Sofiya Kofman
Larry and Ruthellen Goldin Jonathan and Jennifer Grischkan Neal and Joyce Hoffman Alan and Sandy Katz David Kohn
Bradley and Katherine Goldman Barry and Denise Grossman Robert and Shelly Hoffman Angela Katz Dick and Bobbie Kohn
David and Terry Goldmeier Lillian Grossman and Steve Elliott Jamie Holcomb Carolyn Katz Dick and Denise Kohn
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR SUPPORTERS 47

Jim and Sylvia Kolbe Sidney and Marian Lefton Michael and Melissa Littman Gary and Janet Meckler Leonid and Marina Mogilevskiy
Phyllis Komerofsky Harry and Patty Lehman Mitchell and Chris Litwak Michael Meckler Tariq Mohamed
Irwin and Dora Kopp Stan and Elaine Lemeshow David Louis Yuri and Olga Medvedkov William and Carol Mohr
Nick Kotlar Richard and Robin Lemmons Harlan and Kelley Louis Alan and Cheryl Meisterman Mary Molinaro
Benjamin and Adina Kozberg Kori Lessing John Lowenstein Brent and Pam Meizlish Shlima Mordskiy
Ryan and Michelle Kramer Alan and Marilyn Levenson Louis Lowy Ethel Meizlish Rabbi Henoch and Chaya Morris
Sherri Kramer Arthur and Adele Levenstein Sam Lubin Jack Meizlish Andy and Barbara Morrow
Michael and Judy Krasnoff Victor and Dora Levenstein Cheryl Lubow Marcia Meizlish Mauro and Debra Moscardino
John and Betsey Krause Jack and Shelley Levey Brette Luck Rick and Sarah Meizlish Karen Moseley
Edward Krauss Frank Levi Zachary and Sara Luck Jean Mellman Libby Moser
Jodi Kraut Mike Levi Fred and Carol Luper Sanford and Leslie Melmed Rhonda Moskowitz
Michael and Susan Kravitz Yhezkel and Yael Levi David Madison Mark and Gayle Perrill and Christopher Farrar
Sara Kreinberg Dan and Irit Levin Fred and Adel Magaziner Genya Melomed Julie Mueller
George and Carol Krempley Michelle Levin Pamela Maggied Andy and Ellen Mendel Scott and Steffanie Myers
Goldie Krivoshey Nancy Levin Fred and Carole Maier Lawrence and Linda Mendel Bradley and Beth Nacht
The Kroger Co Robin Levin David Mandelbaum Marilyn Mendelman Sam and Lori Nahem
Mikhail and Marianna Krongauz Edward and Miriam Levine David Manuta Fred and Sherrie Merchant Keila Naparstak-Hund
Jerry and Karel Kroos Kevin and Erika Levine Roger Carroll and Susan Marantz Ed and Bobbi Merrell Margo Nash
Kevin and Sheila Kroos Rabbi Mitch Levine and Alison Rose Richard Marger Richard Meyer Lee and Nancy Nathans
Buddy and Tudy Krupnick Susan Levine Freda Margolies Andrew and Carol Meyers Rick and Jayne Nathans
Gayle Kuhr Kevin Levison Max and Tiffany Margolis Liz Meyers Galina Naumenko
Alexandr Kuperberg Susan Levitin Greg and Mary Margulies Joseph and Marcie Meyers Lawrence and Edith Needleman
Judy Kurimai Shary and Marc Levitt Joan Marin Scott and Shelley Meyers Amy Neiwirth
Gene Ladin Dale and Karen Levy David Marks Michael Levy Marc and Anne Neiwirth
Sheryl Finn Landers Elliot and Sharan Levy Joan Marks Microsoft Giving Campaign Mary Nesham
Daniel and Ann Lang Howard and Karen Levy Gregg and Carol Marx Stephanie Miler Gilbert and Judith Nestel
Richard Lange Sally Levy Margot Marx Karen Miller Adlai Neubauer
Jacqueline Lantz David and Vera Leybman Matthew and Leslie Marx Laura Miller Paul Newell
Victoria Larsen Steven and Barbara Lichtblau David Maslekoff Michael and Helen Miller Gerry and Judy Newhouse
Otto Laster Gary Lichtenstein Steve and Gail Master Myrna Miller Daniel and Ilana Newman
Saul Laub Leonid and Albina Liderman Bettie Mathless Stephanie Miller Jeff and Lisa Newman
Danny and Michele Lavon Mikhail Liderman Martin and Karen Matusoff Irvin Miller Endowment Pauline Newman
Alan and Risa Lazaroff Cheri Liggins Michael and Lesli Mautz Beatrice Mindlin Bob and Linda Newman
Tim and Debbie Leasure Meri Likhachova Daniel and Dina Maxwell Herbert and Marilyn Minkin Genya Nudelman
Michael and Katie Leaventon Timor and Merav Lin-DIll Judy Maybruck Kathy Minkin Allen and Elaine ODonnell
Ruth Lederman David and Merry Lynne Lincove Stanley and Peggy Jo Maybruck Janet Schalinske Brandon Ohl
Alyson Leeman Rhoda Linder Lindsey Mayer Herbert and Ann Mirels Judith Oppenheimer
Bary and Roni Leeman Martin and Miriam Linsey zl PACE Monica Mayer Jeanetta Miser Marcie Orley
Gary and Stacy Liebesman Fund Luba Mazanec Rico and Blanche Mittelman Sharon Osbeck
Fred and Sandra Leess David and Pam Lippy Robert and Nada Mazurek Boris and Sophia Mityagin Samuel Osipow
Shelley and Judy Lefkowitz Barry Liss Mark and Cindy McCarty Irving and Julia Modes Brad Ostroff
David and Rabbi Lefton Maryama Litmanovskaya Tim McNish Stuart and Tari Modes Alexander and Inessa Nudelman
48 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Edgard and Zena Padva Evan and Sharon Reisman Susan Rosenstock Ira and Pamela Scheer Aaron Shatz
Marvin and Sharon Paine Evan Remer Steve and Maria Rosenthal Allan and Sandy Scheiner Justin Shaw
Steven and Annette Paine Brian and Laura Resnik Sally Rosensweig Michael and Katie Scheiner Marian Shemberg
Meryl Palestrant Marvin and Renee Resnik Abby Ross David and Nancy Schick Yuriy and Alina Shevkin
Cheri Papier and Gene Goldberg Michael and Irene Reyzer Marc and Lori Rossio I. Howard Schlezinger Anna Sheynina
Becky Parham Sam and Helen Ribbler Allan and Diane Roth Judy Schneider Cantor Baruch and Minna Shifman
David and Suzanne Parr Paul and Ronni Richards Ann Roth Eric and Melanie Schottenstein Steve and Orlene Shimberg
Irwin and Esther Pass Hinda Riker Jane Roth James and Yana Schottenstein Harold and Elaine Shindel
Bernard and Judith Pasternack Richard and Jean Robbins Janice Roth Lewis Schottenstein Alan and Kathy Shkolnik
Marilyn Paulsen Carly Robbins-Monson Paul and Sherrie Roth Michael and Judy Schottenstein Todd Shkolnik
Kenneth and Eleanor Pearlman Steve and Sandy Robeano Brad Rovin Morris and Elizabeth Schottenstein Maysa Lavrov
Jim and Sherry Peck Gerald and Suzanne Robins Decio and Nancy Rozenbojm Marc and Sharon Schramm Candi Shoor
Howard and Sue Petricoff Martin Robins Josh and Danielle Ruben Martin Schreibman Patti Shorr
Ronald and Natasha Petroff Tyler Rodgers Max and Michelle Ruben Ronald and Laura Schulman Semyon and Rozalia Shostak
John and Jeannette Petten Ian and Pam Rodier Annette Ruben zl PACE Fund Annette Schwartz Vladimir Shpitalnik
Michelle Pickering Seth and Kristin Rogers Robert and Cindy Ruberg David and Judy Schwartz Freida Shvarts
Boris and Irene Pittel Susan Rogge Leo and Sara Ruberto Judith Schwartz Harold Siegel
Fred Points Lawrence and Deborah Romanoff Gerald and Sue Rubin Barbara Schwartz-Lilly Cantor Jeff and Tobi Siegel
Leonid and Nina Polonsky Sonny and Ellen Romanoff Moshe and Linda Rubin Alexandra Scurei Steve and Jennifer Siegel
Eitan and Elana Polster Romashka LLC Scott and Karina Rubin Steven and Joy Seeskin Ken and Miriam Siegfried
Jeffrey and Lori Polster Janice Rosansky Jeffrey and Andrea Rubinstein David and Kathryn Segal Joel and Jessica Siegman
Louis and Susan Pomerantz David and Sandy Roseman Bisha Rumicho Sue Segal Bernard and Reta Sigal
Howard and Karen Poriss Stewart and Beverly Shapiro Jason and Jill Russ Doug and Shana Segerman Bruce and Pam Silberman
Mike and Janet Price Barry and Carrie Rosen Paul and Alyssa Russell Joyce Selfman Mike Silberstein
Howard and Anne Prigosin Gary Rosen Martha Rutherford Jerry A. Selma Markowitz zl Howard Silver
Jessica Prinz Leslie Rosen and Curtis Chevlen PACE Fund Ingrid Silvian
Danny Pritchard Lisa Ebner Rosen Howard and Joanne Rutsky Marty and Micki Seltzer Mayya Simakovskaya
Progressive Insurance Foundation Michael and Paulanne Rosen Steven and Marlene Ruzicska Bernie and Sandra Senser Igor and Elizabeth Simakovsky
Prudential Fndn Matching Gifts Phyllis Rosen Dick and Joyce Sabgir David and Kelsie Senser Larry and Cheryl Simon
Anna Pushkina Rona Rosen Andrea Sachs April Seymour Stanford Simon
William and Erin Rabinowitz Sid and Alma Rosen Marty and Barbara Saeman Richard and Pamela Shack Doug and Joyce Simson
Gregory and Marina Rabkin Zach Rosen Al and April Salomon Robert and Bev Shafran David and Gloria Sinai
Stuart and Elaine Raby Barry and Shelly Rosenberg Tom Saltsman Isaiah Shalwitz Kathy Sinai
Alan and Carol Radnor Eran Rosenberg Fred and Shelly Salutsky Harry and Ronda Shamansky Sheldon and Corinne Sinai
Jan and Paula Radzynski Howard and Laura Rosenberg Philip and Betsy Samuels Anatol and Tamara Shamson Evelyn Singer
Seymour Raiz David and Roberta Mayer Richard Sanford Jeffrey Shapiro Larry and Carolyn Singer
Nancy Rapport Aaron and Adele Rosenfeld Ami and Arlene Sapir Neal Shapiro Zachary and Lisa Singer
Hallie Raskin Mayer and Dotty Rosenfeld zl Bruce and Ellen Sass Rick and Caryn Shapiro Yizhar Sinvany
Garett Ray PACE Fund Nick and Sheri Scaglione Robert and Sheila Shapiro Pam Sites
Charles and Sheryl Regester Alan and Margaret Rosenfield Scott and Heidi Schaeffer Steve and Susan Shapiro Joseph and Judith Slade
Paul Rehmar Mark and Martha Rosenson Steven and Barbara Schaeffer Inna Sharkova Elliot Slotnick
Elliot and Eileen Reiff Andrew and Patricia Rosenstein Michael and Michael Schecter Devi Sharma David and Zina Slutsky
Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017 OUR SUPPORTERS 49

Claire and Dan Smith Jules and Rochelle Steinberg David and Patty Tumen Eugene and Kim Weiss Boris and Stella Zhupanov
Elizabeth Smith Mark and Sandra Steiner Kathe Turiel Rebekah Weiss Jenny Ziessman
Gary and Morna Smith Stuart and Lola Steinhart Rick Turkel Robert Weiss Boris and Anna Zilberman
Larry and Andrea Smith Laurence and Bette Stempel Matthew and Elizabeth Twombly Gerry and Joan Weissman Natan and Sofia Zisman
Peggy Smith Doramarie Sterling Michelle A. Uhler Peter and Ruth Weissman Egal Ziv
Stephen and Nevada Smith Kevin and Amy Morrin Yakov and Elenora Valdman Monica Welt Florence Zox
Lilya Smolyarko Jerry and Rozanne Stern Magarita and Izya Kretova Stuart and Eileen Weltz Arnold and Sherry Zox
Mitchell and Elizabeth Snay Randall and Wendi Stern Perry and Lila Vernikoff Shifra and Rephael Wenger John and Laurel Zulliger
Elie and Marie Sneward Helen Stewart Debi Vinocur Steve and Sherry Werman Roman and Diana Zusman
Harriet Sobolewski Rebecca Stilson Mikhail and Marina Vlassov Joyce Wexler Stu and Rochelle Zweben
Lauren Sokol Richard and Carol Stoff Rabbi Stanley Vogel Amy Wharton Gloria Zwelling
Harvey and Dena Solomon Amy Stoffregen Dan and Sheri Vorenberg Arnold and Susan White Howard Zwelling
Herb and Charlene Solomon Lawrence and Rosa Stolz Anna Voronyanskaya Joyce White Richard and Sheila Zwelling
Philip and Myriam Solomon Theodore Stone Marla Vucic Walt and Norma Whitmyre
Scott and Liz Solomon Carole Stover Rita Waitzman Timothy and Regina Wicks-Frank
Adam and Sandra Solove Michael and Paula Strauss Steven Waitzman Martha Widlus
Albert Soloway Martha Stricker Julie Wallick Lawrence and Faye Willen
Bea Sowald Asriel and Karen Strip LaVada Washington Richard and Joanne Williams
Heather Sowald and Robert Kaplan Charles Sullivan Harvey and Susan Gerald and Susan Winer
Earl Spector Fred and Sandy Summer Jon Wasserstrom Stephen Winston
Debbie Spenthoff Anna Svirsky Leslie Wasserstrom Stephen and Jennifer Withee
Bernard and Helen Speyer William and Judith Swanson Gerald and Stephanie Waterman Robert and Patti Wolf
Alfred and Joyce Spiegler Mary Sweet Michael and Barbara Weckstein Hope Wolman
Scott and Cynthia Spira Rita Syrkin Mary Wehrle Jonathan Wolman
Arkadiy and Raisa Spivakov Francine & Irv Szames Endowment Chuck and Ellen Weiden Beatrice Wolper
Ilya and Lyudmila Spivakov Alexander and Jaclyn Szaruga Wendy Weiler and Michael Dwyer Joan Wurmbrand and Carol Fey
Laurence and Jean Spunt Bushra Tabbsum Lisa Wein Christopher Xenos
Mark Stahl Michael and Michele Tamarkin Murray and Harriet Weinberg Aaron and Shirley Yablok
Steven and Julie Stahl Paul and Karan Tanenbaum Scott Weinblatt Barry and John Yaillen
Daniel and Helen Stanich Ronald and Nancy Tannenbaum Jerry and Evelyn Weiner Janet Yaillen
Barry and Linda Starr Spencer and Amy Tannenbaum Mark and Paula Weinstein Jerry and Debby Yarov
Katy Starr Jill Tanowitz Michael and Amy Weisbach Myrna Yashon
Sanford Starr Susan Tanur Herbert and Judith Weisberg Bernie and Myra Yavitch
Lewis and Judy Lintner Steven and Rhona Tanzer Steven and Judy Weisbrode Bette Young
Ruth Stavsky Harry and Cynthia Taubman Laura Weisel Blanche Young
Seth and Lisa Stavsky Rena Tesler Michael Weisel Doran Young
Gregg and Sharon Steele Rosalie Tieman William Weisenberg Jon and Pam Young
John and Sally Stefano Patricia Todoran-Katz Adam and Laura Weiser Steven and Inbar Young
David and Hilda Stein Ruthetta Topolosky David and Rochell Weisfogel Teme Young
Lisa Stein and Craig Colvin Tree of Life Christian Schools Ron and Myra Weisman Sara Zamed
Michael and Susan Stein Michael and Merry Troper Scott and Tammy Weisman Howard and Marcie Zeldin
Stan and Eva Stein David and Ida Trostyanetsky Allan and Bernice Weiss Tali and Benny Zelkowicz
50 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

The Jewish Federation of Columbus is a touchstone of Jewish life in Columbus: for thousands of Columbus Jews, giving to the Federations annual campaign is a tradition critical
to maintaining Jewish continuity. Many have ensured that their tradition of Federation giving extends from generation to generation by establishing a Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment.
When a PACE Fund is established, the Columbus Jewish Foundation or other community foundations invest the gift to maximize its value. The annual income from these funds generates
an annual gift to the Federation; the principal remains intact in perpetuity.

Columbus Jewish Foundation Geraldine Schottenstein Hoffman Mayer and Dotty Rosenfeld zl PACE Fund
Lillian and Alan Acker Charlotte and Ben Kahn zl PACE Fund Beatrice and David Roth zl PACE Fund
Marcia and Irving zl Baker PACE Fund Dorothy Blank Kahn zl PACE Fund Annette and Louis Ruben zl PACE Fund
Benjamin B Balshone zl PACE Fund Raymond and Pauline Kahn zl PACE Fund Larry Schaffer zl PACE Fund
Nancy and Joseph Blum Holly and Brad Kastan Betty T. Schiff zl PACE Fund
Herbert and Celia Byer zl PACE Fund Myrtle Katz zl PACE Fund Frances Polster Schottenstein
Sidney and Adrienne Chafetz zl PACE Fund Linda Katz and Irving E. zl Schottenstein PACE Fund
Sharon Kahn Cohodes PACE Fund Dr. Harold and Harriet Korn zl PACE Fund Janice Schottenstein
Marjorie M. and Jeffrey A. Coopersmith Renee and George zl Levine PACE Fund Lenore Schottenstein
Endowment Fund Richard Lieberman zl PACE Fund Rhonda Schottenstein
Ann and Ari Deshe Sam Lubin zl Family PACE Fund Terri Schottenstein
The Diamond Family Endowment Fran Luckoff Miriam and Stanley Schwartz zl and Family
Nicole and Mark Ebner Nancy Lurie Ellen Siegel Pollack
Troy and Pearl Feibel zl PACE Fund Rose and Ben Mandelkorn zl PACE Fund Fannie and Morris Skilken zl Family Foundation
Babette and James Feibel Jerry and Selma Markowitz zl PACE Fund Evelyn and Herbert Solomon zl PACE Fund
Eydie and Donald Garlikov Dr. Bernard Master Aurelia and Ernest Stern zl PACE Fund
Thelma and Fred Gerson zl PACE Fund Samuel Mendel Melton zl Foundation Judith and Gerald zl Swedlow PACE Fund
Sally and William Glick zl PACE Fund Bonnie Milenthal Charles and Betty Talis zl PACE Fund
DeeDee Glimcher Helen Nutis zl PACE Fund Carole and Norman Traeger
Clara, Joseph and Dana Goldslager zl PACE Fund Elsie Oppenheimer Krause Audrey and Brian Tuckerman
Joan and Douglas Gross Charitable Trust Jo Robbins Jack Wallick zl PACE Fund
Sonia Hallet Barbara Robins Joan Wallick
Alfred and Sue Harmon zl PACE Fund Constance Robins Rodney, Donna and Bruce Wasserstrom
Donna and Gordon Hecker Mildred Rosenberger zl PACE Fund Helen Zelkowitz zl PACE Fund
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Womens Philanthropy Giving Level $5,000


Women who have perpetually endowed their Lion of Judah gift of $5,000 or more

Rabbi Elka Abrahamson Bebe Gilbert Susan Katz Julie Politi Joyce Shenk Missy Weiler
Jamie Allen DeeDee Glimcher Katie Kaufman Ellen Siegel Pollack Rebecca Shocket Arlene Weiss
Anonymous Denise Glimcher Clemy Keidan Dina Pollock Helene Simon Abigail Wexner
Anonymous Marjorie Goldach Allison Kleinman Lauren Rackoff Jan Singer Janice Wolman
Marcia Baker Anita Goldberg Katherine Kornberg Tracy Retchin Fannie and Morris Skilken Yetta Worly
Jeri Block Lisa Goldsand Nancy Krasa Karen Romanoff zl Memorial Fund Karen Yassenoff
Judy Brachman Joy Gonsiorowski Paula Krasnoff Jo Robbins Joy Soll Miriam Yenkin
Lavea Brachman Pat Grayson Sherri Lazear Barbara Robins Nanette Solomon Leslie Yenkin
Diane Chang June Gutterman Stephanie Leader Connie Robins Maitzie Stan Helen Zelkowitz zl
Sharon Kahn Cohodes Joyce Hallet Marcy Leeman Gayle Rosen Susan Steinman
Marilyn Cole Sue Harmon Dana Levine Mildred Rosenberger Aurelia Stern zl
Marjie Coopersmith Donna Hecker Renee Levine Ina Sue Rosenthal Judy Swedlow
Diane Cummins zl Diane Herman Shary Levitt Beatrice L. Roth zl Barbara Taxier
Laura Daugherty Marcia Hershfield Elaine Lewin Florine Ruben Fahn Tishkoff
Marjorie Davidoff Geraldine Schottenstein Stephanie Lewin Molly Ruben Sheila Torch
Ann Deshe Hoffman Mary Ann Loeb Julie Saar Esther Tuckerman zl
Susie Diamond Lisa Horn Ruth Longert Barbara Sanderow Judy E. Tuckerman
Jillian Diamond Shelly Igdaloff Frances Luckoff Jody Scheiman Audrey Tuckerman
Lori Ann Feibel Francine Jacobs Nancy Lurie Betty Schiff zl Connie Tuckerman
Patricia Finkelman Amy Judd Carrie Madison Lexi Schiff Joan Wallick
Barbara Fishman Pauline Kahn zl Leslie Malkoff Linda Schiff Nancy Wasserstrom
Carol Folkerth Peggy Kaplan Marcy Margolis Ginny Schlonsky Bertha Wasserstrom zl
Gigi Fried Laurie Kaps-Keller Karen Milenthal Cindy Schnitzer Daina Wasserstrom
Cheri Friedman Cari Kass Karen Moss Rhonda Schottenstein Donna Wasserstrom
Lynda Fromm Linda Kass Lynda Nacht Lori Schottenstein Fran Wasserstrom
Patricia Gabbe Melissa Kass Lisa Newmark Frances Schottenstein Jennifer Wasserstrom
Lynne Garfinkel Holly Kastan Helen Nutis zl Terri Schottenstein Julie Wasserstrom
Eydie Garlikov Dee Kates Robin Parks Lenore Schottenstein Bobbie Weiler
52 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017




Audrey Tuckerman Joy Gonsiorowski Steve Edelstein
Lynne Garfinkel
Dr. Dan Cohen JEWISH FOUNDATION Andrew Grossman
Jim Bowman
Steve Herman
Ginna Rinkov
Michael Schottenstein
Rabbi Rick Kellner
Liz Shafran
Andrew Smith
Dr. Arnold Good
Stephanie Wapner
Sherri Lazear


Sally Weisman

Rick Barnett

Brian Schottenstien
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54 OUR SUPPORTERS Jewish Federation of Columbus ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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