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Subject code : CP1 00 14

Subject title : Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Hours per semester : 1 Hr. in V and VI Semester
Total Hours : 48 Hrs.

General objectives:
1.0 Impart knowledge of various means of Power transmission
2.0 Understand important fluid properties
3.0 Knowledge on how compressed air is produced
4.0 Highlight the preparation and distribution of compressed air.
5.0 Familiarisation of Basic Pneumatics and Electro Pneumatics working elements
6.0 Ability to design and understand basic and electro pneumatic circuits
7.0 Awareness on Hydro Pneumatic system
8.0 Familiarisation of Hydraulics and Hydraulic working elements
9.0 Ability to design and understand basic Hydraulic systems

Major Topics Time allotted

Sl. in Hrs.
No. 1.0 Intro
CP1 05 14
1. Introduction to LCA and Pneumatics 3
2. Production and preparation of compressed air 2 to
3. Pneumatic working elements 3
4. Pneumatic control elements 6 LCA
5. Basic Pneumatic circuits 8 and
Test 2

CP1 06 14
6. Basics of Electro Pneumatics 3
7. Electro Pneumatic circuits 4
8. Introduction to hydraulics 4
9. Hydraulic elements 4
10. Simple Hydraulic circuits 4
11. Hydraulic fluids and contamination 2
12. Pipes and fluids 1
Test 2
Total 48
Introduction to Low cost Automation (LCA), Advantages, Control and working media.
Function of Pneumatics Types of motion Applications - Advantages and Limitations
Selection criteria for the control section Properties of fluid Boyles Law Work
performance by 1m3 of air.
2.0 Production and preparation of compressed air
Compressed air production Types of compressors Criteria for the selection of compressor
Theoretical volume and swept volume Distribution Air receivers Installation of
Pipelines Preparation of compressed air

3.0 Pneumatic Working Elements

Single acting Cylinder (SAC), Double acting Cylinder (DAC) and its types Force calculation
and Air consumption on Cylinders Types of mounting

4.0 Pneumatic Control Elements

Valves and its types Direction Control (DC) Valves Representation of DC valves Types of
valve actuation DC Valves Internal construction and working principle

Flow Control valve Description of Non return valve Throttle valve One way control valve
Quick exhaust valve.

Logic valves Shuttle valve Two pressure valve.

Pressure control valve Pressure regulating valve Pressure sequence valve - Time delay
valve normally closed and normally opened

Hydro pneumatic system Pressure converter Pressure intensifier Hydro Pneumatic feed
unit Feeder unit Rotary index table.

5.0 Basic Pneumatic circuits

Symbols used in Pneumatics (ISO1219) Design of basic Pneumatic circuit employing SAC,
DAC, DC Valve, Flow Control valve, Logic valve, Pressure and Time dependent valves
Sequence Circuits with multi Cylinders.

6.0 Basic of Electro Pneumatics

Electro Pneumatic control - an over view Applications and Characteristics System
structure and signal flow DC Power supply - Switches and Relays Pneumatic and
Electric converter Component symbols and descriptions Electrical and Pneumatic
7.0 Electro pneumatic Circuits
Construction of Electro Pneumatics system Design of Electro Pneumatic Circuits
Employing SAC, DAC and Solenoid operated DC Valve, Flow Control Valve, Sensors, Logic
Control System, Timers etc.,

8.0 Hydraulics Basics

Introduction Hydrostatics Pascal law lever principle Brahma press Hydraulic Power
Transmission Applications advantages Limitations Pressure and Velocity
Calculation involved pressure, Area and Force.

9.0 Hydraulic Elements

Power pack Filters Hydraulic pumps including constructional details Hydraulic Actuator
and Motors Valves and its types.

10.0 Hydraulic Circuits

Symbols used in Hydraulics (ISO1219) Design of Hydraulic Circuits employing SAC, DAC,
DC Valve, Flow control valve.

11.0 Hydraulic fluids and contamination

Fluid properties recommended oils Source of Contaminations Effects of Contamination
Trouble shooting.

12.0 Pipes and seals

Types of pipe size sealing Fitting Tube and its size - Tube fittings seals Leakage
external and internal sealing static and dynamic seal types piston rings gaskets.