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1st Edition

NANCY’S NEWS August 25, 2017

Our Lady of Unity Catholic School
2017-2018 School Year
2646 S. 34th St. Kansas City, KS 66106 (913)262-7022

Dear Parents & Friends, AFTER SCHOOL CARE MS. CARMEN
One of the primary
responsibilities that we want to 2
After School Care will begin
on Monday from 3:30-5:30.
Ms. Carmen’s schedule is
changing a little this year so
instill in our young people is the Our License only permits 015 occasionally she may not be

signed up. Please contact 0
need to support the church and children and we have 6 already available when you call or stop
others through their time, talent, the by. She is working from 7:30-
and treasure. During school we 7
office if you would like to enroll 4:00 and will be at lunch from
are able to help develop many
of those practices. However,
your child in this program.
Also, we are looking for one
11:30-12:00. Please be aware
of that schedule to help ensure
we need your help with the or two responsible, reliable 2 that she is able to get home
treasure piece. Each Friday our people who are great with kids
students are asked to bring just to work in our After School 0 with her family on time. Guests
arriving near 4:00 may be
a little change or what they can program. The applicants need 0 asked to return the next day or
to the collection basket at Mass. to be Virtus trained or willing to schedule an appointment. Mrs.
This year our collections will go 8
get all trainings and necessary Butters will likely be available
toward helping support a girls’ background checks. S over that lunch period and after
school and orphanage in Lastly, beginning Monday, 4:00 if necessary. Thank you
Honduras with our Companions c
any students who are still here for your understanding. We
in Faith at St. Michael the
Archangel. I hope you will talk
after 3:30 will be sent to After certainly will do everything we
School Care and parents will can to be here for our families.
with your child and encourage o
be charged for their time there.
them to begin a lifelong practice The fee will be $5 for everyo15
of supporting the church and minutes per child. These fees TRASH BAG SALES
others by reminding them to will be collected just like l all Trash bag sales will begin
next Friday. Any family who
bring and donate what they can. other school fees and be held
accountable at Attendance
Y sells at least 25 rolls will get
God Bless! Interruption Days. Please plane to split the profit made to go
toward their tuition.
to pick up your child there and
pay the fee to the staff member
Nancy Butters on duty when you arrive. r
 August 31—Back to
We have some cars driving
UNIFORMS 1 School Night 6-8
I still have a few skorts in smy  Sept. 1—Trash Bag Sales
unsafely in the drop off and pick office for sale and I would be Begin
up lines. I know we have some happy to take your used skirts, t
new families who may not be  Sept. 4—NO SCHOOL/
skorts, and jumpers and try to
familiar with the routine. Please sell them if you would like.E I Labor Day
Sept. 7—8th Grade Parent
follow what the other cars are
doing and most importantly, no
noticed that some of the
uniforms are very short and
d 
Meeting @ 5:00pm
one should ever pass another probably should be replaced. i  Sept. 7—PTO Meeting @
car in the line. The few seconds
you may save are not worth a logo shirts next Friday. These
Also, I will place an order for 6:00pm
child’s safety. Please stay in orders will be 15% off and need i  Sept. 8—NO SCHOOL/
Faculty Faith Formation
line and wait until you are
directed to move forward.
to be paid in advance. Please
call us if you want to order.
o  Sept. 9—Unity Fest

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