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Curriculum Vitae

Aleksandar Marelj
Datum rođenja: 06/01/1975
Pol: Muški
Omladinska 4, 12000 Požarevac, Srbija

College of Applied Technical Sciences Nis, Nis,Serbia 2004 - 2007
BEng electrical engineering and computing
Secondary electrical school "Ivo Lola Ribar", Negotin 1989 - 1993

Radno iskustvo
Higher Electrician
Independently and with a group of workers I lead a job to maintain 16
pumping stations and more than 100 automated well pumps from
Smederevo to Dobra(70 miles). The way I do it is extremely stressful and
requires extensive preparation before going to the field because I have to
be equipped with the arrival at the place of execution enable work in as
short a time as possible, in order to avoid draining water from pumping
In 2008, I passed for all categories of vehicles in traffic in 2007, I
graduated Electrical engineering, communications and computer science
at VTŠ Niš. 2006 for the needs of HE Djerdap 2 I participated as leading
master in the construction of the Tesla transformer, better and stronger
than in the museum Nikola Tesla in Belgrade.I'm still working in EPS

Poznavanje jezika
English (konverzacija - odlično, čitanje - odlično, pisanje - srednje)

Poznavanje rada na računaru
Poznavanje rada na računaru: odlično
Microsoft cercificati in Windows and Office

Veštine i sposobnosti
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Lične osobine
I like my work and I try to be the best within my profession. I am hiking, like to run,
music.. I like to work in a group of people, but I'm also trained for a completely
independent work in my profession.