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April 10 − July 10

• Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, prewired 110V, single-phase, 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION
TEFC, 1725 RPM • Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase,
• Amps: 11A at 110V, 5.5A at 220V TEFC, prewired 220V MADE IN
• Table size: 14" x 14" x 11⁄2" • RPM: 1725 AN ISO 9001
• Table tilt: 10° L, 45° R FACTORY
177335 • Amps: 20A at 110V, 10A at 220V
• Floor-to-table height: 43" • Precision-ground cast iron table size:
• Cutting capacity/throat: 131⁄2" 17" x 17" x 11⁄2"
• Max. cutting height: 6" • Table tilt: 45° R, 10° L
• Blade size: 931⁄2" (1⁄8" to 3⁄4" wide) • Floor-to-table height: 371⁄2"
• Blade speed: 1800 and 3100 FPM • Cutting capacity/throat: 161⁄4"
• Overall size: 27" W x 671⁄2" H x 30" D • Blade length: 1311⁄2" (1⁄8" to 1" wide)
• Footprint: 231⁄2" L x 161⁄2" W • Approx. shipping weight: 342 lbs.
• Approx. shipping weight: 246 lbs.
$ $
89 109
G0555LX $57500 SALE $52500 shipping
lower 48 states G0513ANV $92500 SALE $87500 shipping
lower 48 states

WITH RIVING KNIFE & IMPROVED FENCE • Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, 12.8A
• Precision-ground cast iron table with

extension measures: 27" x 40" (G0690),
• Amps: 15A at 120V, 7.5A at 240V
27" x 743⁄4" (G0691)
• Precision-ground cast iron table
• Floor-to-table height: 34"
with wings measures: 401⁄2" W x 27" D
• Arbor: 5⁄8" • Arbor speed: 4300 RPM
• Floor-to-table height: 353⁄8" • Max. dado width: 13⁄16"
• Arbor: 5⁄8" • Arbor speed: 3450 RPM • Capacity @ 90º: 31⁄8", @ 45º: 23⁄16"
• Max. depth of cut: @ 90° 31⁄4", 45° 21⁄4" • Max. rip capacity: 291
• Rip capacity: 31" R, 16 3/4" L • 232857
• Overall size: 64" W x 401⁄4" D x 351⁄2" H 557 lbs. (G0691)
• Footprint: 21" L x 191⁄2" W INCLUDES
• Approx. shipping weight: 371 lbs. $ $ A 3 HP
G0771Z $
89500 SALE $75000 shipping
lower 48 states G0691 $
172500 SALE $159500 shipping
lower 48 states

• Motor: 1.5 HP, 120V/240V, single-phase, • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase,
15A/7.5A, prewired 120V TEFC, 3450 RPM, 15A
• Max. width of cut: 6" • Max. depth of cut: 1⁄8" • Max. depth of cut: 1⁄8"
• Max. rabbeting capacity: 1⁄2" • Max. rabbeting capacity: 1⁄2"
• Cutterhead diameter: 21⁄2" •
• Cutterhead speed: 4800 RPM • Cutterhead diameter: 3", Speed: 4800
• Table size: 71⁄2" x 46" 208624 • Cutterhead knives: 4 HSS; 8" x 3⁄4" x 1
• Floor-to-table height: 321⁄2" FREE PAIR •
• Cuts per minute: 19,200 OF SAFETY • Deluxe cast iron fence size: 35" L x 5" H
• Fence size: 5" H x 35" L PUSH • Approx. shipping weight: 522 lbs.
• Fence adjustment stops at 45°, 90°, 135° BLOCKS
• Overall size: 46" L x 271⁄2" W x 49" H
• Approx. shipping weight: 268 lbs.
G0656 ONLY 89500 G0656
G0452Z $
86500 SALE $79500 shipping
lower 48 states G0656X ONLY $1295

• Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 14A • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, 15A
• Max. cutting width: 15", depth: 1⁄8" • Max. cutting width: 15", Depth: 1⁄8"
• Max. stock thickness: 63⁄8", Min: 1⁄4" • Max. stock thickness: 8", Min: 3⁄16"
• Min. stock length: 63⁄8" • Min. stock length: 8"
• Feed rate: 16 and 30 FPM • Feed rate: 16 & 30 FPM
• Cutterhead diameter: 3" PLEASE SEE • Cutterhead diameter: 3", Speed: 4800 RPM
T27650 FOR • Power feed rollers: solid serrated steel BUILT-IN
• Number of knives: 3 HSS
1 THE OPTIONAL • Precision-ground table size: 15" x 20" MOBILE
• Knife size: 15" x 1" x ⁄8" BASE!
• Cutterhead speed: 5000 RPM STAND • Overall size: 321⁄2" W x 42" D x 457⁄8" H
• Table size: 201⁄8" x 15" x 31⁄2" • Approx. shipping weight: 675 lbs. (G0453),
• Overall size: 32" W x 28" D x 231⁄2" H 672lbs. (G0453Z)
• Approx. shipping weight: 382 lbs. 3 KNIFE CUTTERHEAD
G0453 ONLY 1250
$ 00 159 $
G0815 $
1150 00
SALE 925 shipping
lower 48 states G0453Z ONLY 1795

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July 2017
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Get plans for this intarsia American flag COLOR QUALITY ANALYST PAMELA POWERS
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y kids got me addicted to the hip- news (fake or otherwise). I suggest just CONTENT LICENSING LARRY SOMMERS CORPORATE SALES BRIAN KIGHTLINGER DIGITAL SALES MARLA NEWMAN
hop musical Hamilton, a biography retreating into the room where it happens. STRATEGIC SOURCING, NEWSSTAND, PRODUCTION CHUCK HOWELL CONSUMER MARKETING STEVE CROWE
of U.S. founding father Alexander Turn off the TV and turn on your tablesaw.
Hamilton. His often-contentious personal Log out of the computer and make something
and political life ended prematurely— beautiful out of a log. Enjoy the peaceful pro- CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER STEPHEN M. LACY
spoiler alert—in a predawn duel with rival cess of sharpening your chisels instead of PRESIDENT, MEREDITH LOCAL MEDIA GROUP PAUL KARPOWICZ
Aaron Burr (sir). dulling your mind on social media. CHIEF DEVELOPMENT OFFICER JOHN ZIESER
When I first listened to the cast recording, I Rather than building animosity, build the VICE CHAIRMAN MELL MEREDITH FRAZIER
found myself surprised, and oddly comforted, latest homage to our brave servicemen and
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Twice. 42 Icebox with a Secret 54 Plumb for Compressed Air 14 Ask WOOD This totally cool project hides huge Skip the trippin’ on air hoses when you Jig up to saw circles. storage inside its classically styled skin. Your voice. a cordless trim router. away this support system with storage. Jeepers! Our Mil-spec series salutes the Bench grinders. filtration equally to level the playing field. add Escape to the shop. Forget specs: We measured airflow and 6 Sounding Board easy-to-build accessory. and roll Don’t settle for home-center faces. 16 Shop Tips 48 Army Artillery Toys 59 Tools & Materials Double-dowel joints. 72 What’s Ahead A sneak peek at your next WOOD. scatter hookups around your shop. exotic veneer to beautify the beast. 4 Wood-Wide Web 30 Phone and Tablet Charging Station 36 Shop Test: Dust Collectors 25 project plans for $25. and more. ground game with two tough toys. your projects. your shop. 42 54 2 WOOD magazine July 2017 . drop. IN THIS ISSUE OF WOOD ® JULY 2017 • IS SUE 247 PLANS TOOLS & TECHNIQUES DEPARTMENTS 24 On the cover: Outfeed Table 31 Make Your Own Plywood 1 Taking Measure At the end of the day. stop. and more. Corral cord clutter inside this elegant.

com 3 . 59 36 30 48 woodmagazine.

you can save nearly $170 when you purchase this hand-selected bundle. WOOD magazine July 2017 .com/ 25for25shop 25 OUTDOOR PLANS FOR Want to see more $25! We’ve curated our top outdoor plans and packed them into one yard-transforming deals like this? Get them first by signing up for our weekly WOOD Store Deals newsletter at woodmagazine. For a limited time. Organize and overhaul your shop with plans for workcenters. WOOD-WIDE WEB WOODMAGA ZINE. Save more than $230 on plans for shade-casting arbors. reclaim your outdoors at 4 woodstoredeals. bundle.COM 25 SHOP PLANS FOR $25! This profusion of plans represents the potential for a complete shop facelift. eye-catching For a limited time. and more. woodmagazine. feet-easing seating. tool organizers. machinery bases. and more.


woodmagazine woodmagazine “I’m Chris. SOUNDING BOARD YOUR VOICE How do you figure? Many furniture projects in WOOD magazine use “figure-8” fasteners to attach the tabletop to the apron. Elegant and brilliant! —Pamela Peerce-Landers Sanatoga.. or find them online at woodmagazine. LS-253. option 2. IA via e-mail Matt knows beans woodmagazine WOOD_magazine Matt Seiler’s article “Beans of Wisdom” in WOOD issue 244 was spot-on. manually searching through my old copies of WOOD. Here are some of our favorite responses: Leonardo Murphy Busta Knuckle Gareth Glenn 50 Centimeters William Head Chisel in da Dizzle John Connor Flava Lathe Victor LaDonna Kinnick Sir Sawzalot James Cook Dust Collecta There’s gold in them thar back issues Eddy Harrell Little Piney While reading issue 244 of WOOD® magazine (Dec/Jan 2016/2017).” allows for seasonal wood movement. more cumbersome boxes. I’m now looking for a group pinterest. In search of a better solution. (The 4-square Table and Chairs article is like having a coach by your side. So we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to come up with a good rap name for a woodworker. Case in point: The dust-collection hood we built for our radial-arm saw left a lot to be desired— because it also left a lot of dust everywhere—especially when pivoted off a 90° cut. such as Rockler or Woodcraft. You’re making us blush.J. You may have to go to a mainline woodworking store. Pa. WOOD’s Daniel Wells had his photo taken with rapper-turned-DIY-TV-host Vanilla Ice (below). 6 continued on page 8 WOOD magazine July 2017 . 1716 Locust of fellow scrap hoarders so that we can sit in a circle and talk about our affliction. For readers who don’t have that issue. But I can’t seem to find them at any home centers or hardware stores in my area. I went old-school. we’ve added the free plan to our website. Connect with us facebook. find it at Pamela! Our online article index at woodmagazine. or write to Chris Stasny WOOD magazine. Cain via e-mail That fastener. Rapping on wood While attending the International Builders Show. Coming up empty instagram. I spent many hours on the internet Googling and searching YouTube and found only bigger. sometimes called a “desktop twitter. or call 800-374-9663.” E-mail woodmail@woodmagazine.J. I was again reminded how it is the Daniel Przybylski Eight Penny only woodworking publication that actually teaches you how to build things and provides detailed plans. Des Moines. O. and I’m a wood-scrap would have found that article for you quickly (just search for “radial arm saw”). Where can I get them? O. That’s when I found issue 43 (June 1991) with its dust-collection box for a radial-arm saw: a louvered box that you pin behind the blade oriented at the angle of the cut.) And it always has been. I’ll stand up and say.


Mass. made a playful version of our Hidden-hook Coat Rack in issue 240 (July 2016) as a gift for his musically inclined daughter. as Ken Cook. crafted his own from maple. you turn them into a matching patio table. Va. Pickling stain colors the white keys.. did. of Yorktown. and birch plywood. SOUNDING BOARD YOUR PROJECTS Don Glencross. Tenn. Unwilling to settle for an off-the-shelf carrier for his three-wheel Catrike.. of Maynard. Bart Schmidt.. of Loudon.. Mass. Pete Jacobs. ebony stain keeps the black keys looking sharp. What to do with your leftover wood scraps? When they’re from a garapa (Brazilian ash) deck. red oak. 8 continued on page 10 WOOD magazine July 2017 . of East Longmeadow.

Pickup Bed Protection TechLiner® FloorLiner™ Laser Measured Available in Black. Designed in USA . Tan and Grey (Cocoa Available for Select Applications) COMPLETE COVERAGE FOR YOUR VEHICLE See our full line of Automotive Accessories at © 2017 by MacNeil IP LLC .ca WeatherTech.Handcrafted in Germany NEW! All-Weather Floor Mats Roll Up Truck Bed Cover Side Window Deflectors BumpStep®XL 24" Hitch Mounted Bumper Protection Acura · Audi · BMW · Buick · Cadillac · Chevrolet · Chrysler · Dodge · Ferrari · Ford · GMC · Honda · Hummer · Hyundai · Infiniti · Isuzu Accessories Available for Jeep · Kia · Land Rover · Lexus · Lincoln · Maserati · Mazda · Mercedes-Benz · Mercury · Mini · Mitsubishi · Nissan · Oldsmobile Plymouth · Pontiac · Porsche · Saab · Saturn · Scion · Subaru · Suzuki · Toyota · Volkswagen · Volvo · and more! American Customers Canadian Customers European Customers Order Now: 800-441-6287 WeatherTech.

of Salisbury. Ind. making the project anwer your staining and finishing questions.. Quickly and evenly apply a generous coat of Varathane Jeff Kunde. You need to work a little more quickly when staining a table top to achieve desirable re- sults. the finishing experts at Varathane chose curly maple. as called for in the plans for this Chairside Chest in issue 229 (November 2014). of Kenwood. This one step process will allow the product to dry    . Each issue. both simple and elegant. . transformed a load of old Douglas fir 4×4s Stain over the entire area harvested from a wine cave and let it set for a couple into this inviting arbor. Question: How do I stain a large table top and get consistent For this Greene-and-Greene-style clock from issue color across the entire 201 (November 2010). Randy Webb. replaced the ceramic tile with a marquetry panel he created. medium pres- sure. consistent. Premium Fast Dry Wood Calif. Bob Wolak. surface? Md..Belton. Answer: Staining a large surface is different than staining a small surface. Then quickly beams by binding four of wipe away all excess with them together with steel strapping. The clock body is sapele finished —Daniel W. He bulked up the posts and of minutes. advertisement SOUNDING BOARD YOUR PROJECTS Finishing Answers Instead of pine. MO with clear shellac. of Martinsville..

com 10 WOOD magazine July 2017 . visit: woodmail@woodmagazine. ϐ Send us a photo ϐ Ǥ of your work Want to see your work showcased in WOOD® magazine? Send a high-resolution digital photo of your completed project to   ϐnishing www.


So he built a new one— where his 2-hp dust collector resides. SOUNDING BOARD YOUR SHOP Mini-split heat pump 32' Mortiser Clamp racks Finish and Storage glue storage Dust collector Mitersaw Belt sander Planer Spindle sander Dust port Workbench Drum sander Can Small Sheet storage wall parts Scrollsaw Dust port Trash can Bandsaw 24' Tool Lumber Outfeed tower rack table Dust port Alcove Lean-to Storage Shelves Tablesaw Router table Tool boxes Air Tool Small-part lumber rack compressor Shop Hanging storage boxes Cutoff vacuum Hanging storage storage Bench/ Grinder storage Stereo Storage Y ou could say that Pete Lynah has had his first workshop more than 35 years ago. The 3⁄4" smaller tools. A shop vacuum services his small exotic-wood boxes. room for 5" metal dust-collection ductwork sawdust in his shoes since age 10 when and after retiring he decided it was time for under the floor. mitersaw. leads to ports at his tablesaw. oval Shaker boxes. wired. The joists provide perature year-round. right down to the tool layout. and together tree forts and go-karts to building Pete framed. dining tables. vented 50-lb keg of 6d common nails for Christmas. running to a sealed room his dad gave him and his brother a a shop upgrade. and cedar. He built joists over a concrete slab. corner cabinets. 24×32' metal-clad pole building. During extended 12 WOOD magazine July 2017 . essentially an upsize version of his previous outside via three dryer vents. and insulated a new by two benches. The ductwork He’s since moved on from hammering space. plywood floor rests on pressure-treated 2×6 A mini-split heat pump regulates tem- lined hope chests for his daughters.

” digital photos of your A 200-amp breaker panel provides electric service for six shop to woodmail@ 20-amp. sheet goods. sharpening equipment. In an alcove. The lean-to provides lumber storage. 120V receptacle circuits. cases. and from freezing. During summer months. as well as mechanics tools. files. and and we may showcase it baseboard heater. then Send high-resolution arranges them on his “can wall. The electricity it generates is subtracted from his utility bill. Pete built wall racks for his raw lumber. He organizes hardware and fasteners for woodworking and your shop household maintenance in metal cans of all shapes and sizes. Pete felt compelled to install a 5kW solar array on the south-facing roof of the shop. shop houses shelves for miscellaneous items. The machinist’s chests and stationary drawers next time out of the shop in cold weather. the solar system produces more power than the shop consumes. a “tool tower” on the right stores portable South-facing double doors provide natural light and make easy work of moving materials and power tools in their original projects in and out. Pete shuts off the mini-split. dust and four 240V circuits to supply his tablesaw. two 15-amp lighting circuits. At the opposite end of the shop. woodmagazine. A walled-off alcove in the back of the sockets and wrenches. in the magazine! woodmagazine. chisels. including Pete built in loads of storage. A retired environmental science teacher. and Show us 13 . to it hold small tools such as and a separate room with baseboard heat keeps finishes and glue screwdrivers.

Normal. if your base has them. Can I outfit my jigsaw edge of the workpiece (or the flat edge of with a trammel to do the job? the hole) without deflection. When marking the centerpoint. ASK WOOD YOUR QUESTIONS Starter hole ¼" hardboard Elevate the workpiece on a 4×4 to provide clearance for the blade. and rotate the panel as needed. Align the edge of the Radiu saw’s foot with one end of the hardboard and cut a slot for the blade. Mark a line on the bottom face of the base parallel to the edge and aligned with the blade teeth. the blade must rest snugly against the cut a circular tabletop. or drill a askwood@ blade starter hole tangent to the edge of the An auxiliary base eliminates tear-out and also reduces lateral blade movement. A Although a jigsaw wouldn’t be our first choice for cutting circles. Measure from the inside edge of the blade and mark your desired radius along the circle and chisel a flat surface where the hole You may need screws longer than the stock screws to attach the auxiliary base. Cutting slowly reduces blade flexing and gives the best finished edge. (We got good results cutting circles with a 10-tooth-per- inch blade. When you put the saw in I don’t have a bandsaw or router. Brian. woodmagazine. either Drop us an e-mail. —Brian Davis. Drill a hole for a finish nail at this point. measure from the workpiece edge. it can be cle done.) Then attach the saw with screws. 14 WOOD magazine July 2017 . but need to place. Q Jig up a jigsaw for circles and circle meet. or double-faced tape if it doesn’t. Begin by making an auxiliary base s of cir from 1⁄4" hardboard. and at the centerpoint of the circle on your work- Have a question? piece. Ill.

to credit qualified individuals. C2-7400. Turning your passion for woodworking into a full-time business is easier than you think. F7440. All rights reserved. a subsidiary of The ServiceMaster Co.P. Referrals not guaranteed.5 million in average annual • National accounts with potential for gross sales*** recurring revenue** Join our winning team of • Scalability across multiple revenue streams more than 300 franchises. 860 Ridge Lake Blvd.Start a business with your own two hands.000 during the three-year period 2013-2015 as stated in Furniture Medic 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document. Moreover. • Expert business. restoring and repairing commercial and residential wood of all kinds. 17-xFM-0271 . NY NOTE: This Advertisement is not an offering. ***Based on average annual gross sales for franchise Ownership Groups with average of over $125. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document. TN 38120. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law. maintaining. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states before offering and selling a franchise in that jurisdiction. Memphis. Furniture Medic L. Top franchisee earnings of more you’ll benefit from: than $1.. When you franchise with Furniture Medic® you become part of a multi-billion dollar industry*. Minnesota File No. *IBISWORLD Industry Report.P. August 2015 **Not available in all areas. Furniture Medic L. LLC. and technical support • Extensive education and training programs Call 888-636-1451 to take the first step in transforming • Franchisee intranet and technical hotline your business. As a Furniture Medic® franchisee. Financing is available through ServiceMaster Acceptance Company. The franchise sales information in this communication does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. marketing. © 2017 Furniture Medic Limited Partnership.. we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until we have registered the franchise (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the franchise disclosure document to the prospective franchisee in compliance with law.

or epoxy. I use a Dowelmax jig (dowelmax. ® 16 WOOD magazine July 2017 continued on page 18 . Send your tip. and contact info to shoptips@woodmagazine. make a disposable wood fixture to hold the dowels for hollowing by placing 3⁄8" drill guides in the jig and drill 11⁄2" deep into or aluminum rod. place 1 To do the same you’ll need a doweling jig redrill the holes with a 1 with replaceable inserts of various diame. SHOP TIPS WORK FASTER. Use a 3 ters. board about 11⁄4" from the end. as shown right. Next. lathe from Penn State and you receive a tool prize worth Industries worth $370. so I developed a means of dowels 11 hollowing a dowel to create a “double dowel” joint reinforcement. Commander midi it wins Top Shop Tip honors. Top Shop Tip. the end of a scrap board. Then add a drop of Tips earn up For sending this issue’s to $150. First. Jeff receives a Turncrafter If your tip is the best of the issue. please send yours only to WOOD magazine. photos or drawings. SAFER Hollow a dowel for eye-popping joints I always look for ways to add interesting cyanoacrylate glue to one end only of 3 details to boxes. SMARTER. dowel to push out the hollow at least $ Because we try to publish original tips.


cost-savings. Ore. I like to make my own button plugs. —Tony Rush. 18 continued on page 20 WOOD magazine July 2017 . place a small square of abrasive on an anti-fatigue floor mat. Springfield. You can also make small square buttons so long as your drill chuck is large enough to hold square stock. Start with a coarse abrasive and work your way up to 220 grit. A pair of hold-down toggle clamps provide the solution shown. Don’t press down— allow the weight of the drill to do the work. Cut off the button at your bandsaw. rock-solid drill-press table I drill wood and metal at my drill press. and the ability to utilize uncommon wood spe- cies. You’ll find them available from woodworking suppliers. Mich. SHOP TIPS Quick-change. Cleats Make your own rounded plugs For convenience. as shown. —Les Beeckman. I simply chuck a dowel into a drill. and sand the dowel end to the shape of an M&M candy. so I needed a way to quickly remove and reinstall the large-surface table that serves woodworking purposes. Saginaw.


I made a simple crosscut sled. It consists of three pieces of wood—one sized to slide snugly in the saw’s miter slot—joined squarely together. To ensure a cut that’s square as well. —Jim Judge. too Anytime I need to crosscut a short length of wood. Casper. I turn to the bandsaw for safe and controllable sawing. 20 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Wyo. SHOP TIPS A bandsaw benefits from a sliding table. such as a pen blank. free of flying offcuts.

Sharpening tools or general grinding work is made a bit easier and more exact with RIKON’s low speed 1.750 RPM JULQGHUVDQGEXHUV #80-805 #80-808 8” Bench Grinder (1 HP) #81-608 ȋ/RQJ6KDIW%XHU +3.

For more information visit today! .rikontools.

Then.: US D682. They feature a Parker™ style refill for the hairpin trigger pen clip the tip retracts drill bit (Item # PK10-10 $3. smooth writing performance.5 Gun Barrel tion! Requires a pen making mandrel.352 S Easy to start with a FREE DVD! A $ Discover the joy of making these completely Revolver Pen Kits NEW! original and irresistibly fun Bolt Action and These nostalgically stylish pens look and to replicate you firing the gun.1 rifle clip and replica 30 caliber cartridge and 6 Barrel rose gold tip for added authenticity. You can Revolving cylinder Fig. And they’re so while the 6-barrel cylinder quickly spins Patent pending.95). Right above New Revolver Pen Kits. no one will believe you made something of this quality in 15 minutes. Bolt Action Pen Kits Our best-selling pen kits enjoys a huge following in the pen making community. Requires a pen making mandrel. when you pull bushings (Item # PKREVBU $5.95) and 3/8” drill bit (Item #PKEXEC-3/8 $3.2 Trigger Fig. Patent No.95) and 3/8” reliability. And the bullet Both pen styles are completely authentic with extends. bushings (Item # PKCP3000BU $5.95 value! Our FREE 45-minute instructional DVD is Press Pull Spin 5HıOOH[WHQGVDQG 5HıOOUHWUDFWVDQG &\OLQGHUVSLQVZKHQSHQ packed with all the info you need to start F\OLQGHUVSLQV F\OLQGHUVSLQV H[WHQGVDQGUHWUDFWV making pens. fun and fulfilling to make on a lathe. When you the cylinder you’ll find a black metal grip hunting.pennstateind. easy. A great gift for every work just like a real revolver. It’s beloved for its realistic bolt-action handle that smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place. 1-800-377-7297 • www. carefully designed to ensure uniqueness and you loading the gun. Order Item # DVD. Includes a bolt-action Fig.95). target shooting and gun aficionado.3 Grip even reverse the bolt for left handed opera. Fig. You’ll join thousands of other pen makers who love creating beautiful gifts! . the trigger clip moves up and cartridge pen tip represents your favorite re- precision engineered components that were the 6-barrel cylinder rotates to replicate volver bullet. press the click mechanism the pen tip that mimics a revolver handle.

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Every shop needs a good support system Approximate D I M E N S I O N S : 20" W × 421⁄2" D × 341⁄2" H materials cost: $225 11⁄2 sheets of 3⁄4" plywood and 1 sheet of 3⁄4" MDF 24 WOOD magazine July 2017 .

Stash cutoffs 25 . This fixture provides ample support. workpieces should be well-supported as you feed them off a tablesaw.H.H. without taking over your shop. T o improve safety and cut quality. #8 x 1½" F. And for ultimate versatility. screw on any shop floor. L M I 41" 18½" M 42½" L EXPLODED VIEW 18½" Folding leg brackets 3/8" washers and lock nuts secure legs in position. even for a full sheet of plywood. The height of your saw may differ from ours (35"). casters allow you to roll it out of the way or to another spot in the shop to use as a stand- alone table. as their height affects the height of the table as well. screw 3/8" carriage bolt 3" long 4" locking swivel caster 42" ¼ x 1½" bolt Lag bolts 20" serve as D leg levelers. The table even provides storage for lumber cutoffs. C. A flip-up wing provides a whop- ping 441⁄2×421⁄2" surface when needed. 4" casters roll easily #8 x 1½" F. so adjust the lengths of parts A. then folds down to a compact 20×421⁄2" footprint. woodmagazine. and F if needed to place the tabletop 1⁄8" lower than the saw table. E. Have your casters in hand before beginning.

ribs (C).com/ parts and drill pilot holes through the 2. 3 Crosscut the pivot arms to length. and base [Exploded View]. Photo A]. Dry-fit the sides and shelves. Mark lines from corner to corner to find the center of the square. Then mark the 11⁄4" radius. and base (D) to size [Materials List. fLearn to cut Now. shelves. Apply finish to the exterior. fill the hole with a length of through the arm and rib. B E C A B Butt the square end of a pivot arm against the case and align the arm’s edge with the top of the case. just wing it perfectly sized dadoes on the tablesaw. Square up one end of the laminations. next page]. Bolt the arms C 3/32" pilot holes 1 CASE B C 67/8" B 77/8" A B 87/8" B ¾" dado ¼" deep C 13" ¾" rabbet ¼" deep 26 WOOD magazine July 2017 . 2 Rabbet and dado the case sides [Drawing 1]. perfectdadovid uppermost shelf for attaching the top (I) later. ribs. ting Diagram]. Disassemble the 1 Laminate plywood for the pivot arms (E) and legs (F) 2" longer than listed [Drawings woodmagazine. shelves. Apply a finish to the interior faces of these pieces [Skill Builder. 5⁄16"-square stock. Drill a 3⁄8" hole To create a pivot point. Then mark the radius [Photo B] and cut 3 After the finish dries. and sand it to shape. The case comes first 1 Cut the case sides (A). (B). 2 Clamp each pivot arm (E) to a case rib (C) and drill the pivot holes [Drawing 1. and bevel the ends [Drawing 2a]. Sources]. Cut- 4 Flip the case upside-down and install the casters flush with the ends and edges of the base [Exploded View. and drill pilot holes into the shelves. glue and screw together the case sides. 2a].

An outfeed table may not require a furniture-grade finish. buffing lightly between coats with a 320-grit sanding sponge. Make sure the release tab has room to operate. or just inside. Here’s a finish that provides both looks and durability. and keepsake 27 . You may find you like this technique well enough to use it on furniture. brace to the floor. The outer bracket sits in 1⁄4" so the release tab sits flush with. spray or brush on three coats of polyurethane. Drill a hole centered in the bottom of each leg and install a 1⁄2×2" lag screw to serve as a leveler. After sanding to 180 grit. F Outer folding leg bracket F G ¼" Release Inner folding leg bracket G D E tab Fold the legs to check for clearance and access to the release tabs before screwing the brackets in place. F Release tab C Align the folding leg bracket flush with the end of the leg. measure from the underside of a that of the case top (I). fThe arm braces are made from MDF so the combined thickness 4 Cut the arm braces (G) and glue and screw them to the pivot arms [Drawing 2]. and apply finish to the wing and legs. E]. After the shellac dries. 6 Remove the folding leg brackets. woodmagazine. then. the outer edge of the brace. screw the bracket in place. SKILL BUILDER Apply a durable finish fast Shop projects provide a perfect opportunity to practice new techniques. brush on a coat of dewaxed shellac to add amber color and protect the plywood from the grain-raising effects of water-based polyurethane. but it does need a durable one. cabinets. Then bolt the pivot arms to the case ribs (C). J in place temporarily and check that they swing freely and clear the caster bolts. Attach this assembly to the case ribs and. Position the inner bracket flush with the inside edge of the brace (G). Cut the legs (F) 1⁄2" shorter than this dimension. of the braces and the with the arms up and flush with the top of wing top (H) matches the case. 5 Attach the folding leg brackets [Sources] to the legs [Photo C] and then to the outer arm brace (G) [Photos D.

no. 1⁄4" washers (16). #8×11⁄2" flathead wood screws. chuck a right-angle adapter in your drill. $12. A case sides 3⁄4" 42" 265⁄8" Ply 2 B case shelves 3⁄4" 42" 13" Ply 4 C case ribs 3⁄4" 265⁄8" 3" Ply 4 3⁄4" B D C C D base 42" 20" Ply 1 E* pivot arms 11⁄2" 21⁄2" 25 7⁄8" LPly 2 ¾ x 48 x 48" Plywood F* legs 11⁄2" 11⁄2" 32" LPly 2 G arm braces 3⁄4" 4" 41" MDF 3 H wing top 3⁄4" 23" 41" MDF 1 I case top 11⁄2" 181⁄2" 41" LMDF 1 wing-top front/back 3 J trim ⁄4" 11⁄2" 23" P 2 G K wing-top side trim 3 1 ⁄4" 1 ⁄2" 42 ⁄2" 1 P 2 G case-top front/back 3 1 1 L trim ⁄4" 1 ⁄2" 18 ⁄2" P 2 G M case-top side trim 3⁄4" 1 1⁄ 2" 42 1⁄2" P 2 I *Parts initially cut oversize. 3⁄8-16×3" carriage bolts (2). $10/pair. ¾ x 5½ x 96" Pine 28 WOOD magazine July 2017 .16 ea. mcmaster. no.. ready to provide support. Drawing 2].com. below left] Illustrations: Roxanne LeMoine. Purchase an adapter at woodmagazine. Produced by Craig Ruegsegger with Joshua Steele Project design: John Olson 1 3⁄4" Cut MDF to size for the top panels (H. 32754. LMDF–laminated MDF. MDF– medium-density fiberboard.. P–pine. LPly–laminated plywood. Rockler. Materials key: Ply–plywood. 1⁄4-20 nuts (16). I) and glue them in place [Exploded View.04 ea. casters (2). K M 800-279-4441. 3⁄8-16 lock nuts H I (2). 1⁄2×2" lag screws (2). Blade: Dado set. no. Supplies: #8×11⁄4" flathead wood 3⁄8" washers (2). Sources: Cart-King swivel lock 350-lb. See the instructions. McMaster-Carr. J J L L Posi-lock folding leg bracket. A A B B B ¾ x 48 x 96" Plywood F Materials List FINISHED SIZE Part T W L Matl. ¾ x 49 x 97" Medium-density fiberboard $24. Qty. 2370T62. Cutting Diagram E E F SHOP TIP Installing screws in tight spaces Most drill/drivers won’t fit inside the case to screw the case top in place. Screw the tops in place [Shop Tip. 1⁄4-20×11⁄2" hexhead bolts (16). casters (2). after the finish dries and your outfeed is 2 Cut the trim pieces (J–M) to fit around each top panel (H. Lorna Johnson I) and laminate the case top [Exploded View]. For tight spots like this. Cart-King rigid 350-lb.Top it off 3 Apply a finish to each top assembly. rockler. especially when you add the length of a bit with a screw balanced on its tip.


com/powerstrip. so D I M E N S I O N S : 13" W × 85⁄16" D × 6" H Charge up to 6 have yours in hand before beginning construction and adjust dimensions if needed. Note: Sizes of power strips vary.) only 1 outlet 30 WOOD magazine July 2017 .Charging Station Take charge of your mobile devices and confine the clutter of cords. The middle divider hides excess cable length and a power strip that provides plenty of places to plug in your devices. (This compact model has devices at three AC outlets and three USB ports: once using woodmagazine.

You can leave the plywood natural. Band- 2 Stick the sides together with double-faced tape and sand to final shape. keeping their ends Clamp the assembly between the cauls to distribute and longer than the finished part. EXPLODED VIEW Middle divider supports tablets. ends and edges of the blank. mark out two sides (A) on a 51⁄4×8" blank of void-free 1⁄2" plywood [Skill Builder]. or veneer the faces. then trim the to two pieces of 3⁄4" MDF 1⁄2" larger than the plywood. For cauls.) Cauls Caul Veneer ¼" plywood Cut two pieces of plywood and two of veneer. staying just outside the lines. side faces. Apply an even coat of glue to each face in pressure. A ¼" round-over 1/8" dowel 1" long Start with the sides 1 Following the Full-size Pattern [page 33]. woodmagazine. E D 1" Slots organize charger and power cables. Allow the glue to dry 31 . (We used walnut. C 3/8" 1¼" 15° bevel B 1¼" 15° bevel ¼" round-over 3" Apply veneer to complement your decor. turn and align the veneer flush with the edges and ends. each 1⁄4" wider Laminate the two pieces of plywood. Separate the sides and mark their best faces as the out- saw the sides. SKILL BUILDER Build your own plywood To get 1⁄2" plywood with attractive edges for the sides (A) and shelf (B). glue up two layers of 1⁄4" Baltic birch plywood. Tilted shelf keeps electronics upright. tape waxed paper and edges flush.

C Round the bottom of each slot with a round chainsaw file. 32 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Tip! Position the slot in the rear divider where it best accommodates the 4 Cut the dividers (C. the saw’s stop switch with your leg and wait for the blade to stop before removing the divider. Mark and cut the cord slots [Photo B]. E) to size [Drawing 1]. Bump side over the bench to provide bit clearance. Hang a small area of the Raise your tablesaw blade fully to cut a nearly flat-bottom slot. then reposition the side to continue. beveling the bottom edges of parts D and E. Photo A]. power-strip cord. D. 5 File and sand radii on the corners of the slots and top corners of the dividers [Draw- ing 1. Photo C]. A D A B Keep the sides in place while routing by placing them on a piece of shelf liner. Use a flat file to radius the outside corners of the dividers and slots. Round over the front edge of the shelf and outside edges (but not the bottom) of 1 DIVIDERS the sides (A) [Exploded View. rout that area. 3 Cut the shelf (B) to size [Materials List].





With the wedges flush with the ends of the sides (A), apply glue to the
shelf ends, rest the shelf on the wedges, and clamp. Remove the wedges
before the glue sets.

Put it together
1 Glue the front divider (C) to
the shelf [Exploded View]. Add
the middle divider (D) after the
glue dries.
Tip! Use the waste area
of the Full-size Pattern
to size the wedges.
2 Cut two 15° wedges from 1⁄4"
scrap. Cut away the narrow
ends so the remaining wedges
support the shelf with the middle
divider resting on the bench
[Photo D].

3 Cut a spacer 1⁄16" wider than
your power strip and use it to
position the rear divider (E) as
Tip! Use a brad-point bit you glue it in place.
and sight the bit with the
divider to drill straight. 4 Drill holes into the dividers
and shelf where shown on the
Full-size Pattern. Glue in lengths of
fCan’t find 1⁄8" dowels dowel, then sand them flush
to match your veneer? with the sides. Apply a finish.
Dunk bamboo skewers or (We sprayed on satin-finish
birch dowels in stain, aerosol lacquer.) Install the
then touch up the ends power strip and your station is
after sanding them flush. ready to charge into action.

Materials List FINISHED SIZE
Part T W L Matl. Qty.
A* sides 1⁄ 2" 35⁄8" 8" VP 2
B shelf 1⁄ 2" 3" 12" VP 1
C front divider 1⁄4" 2" 12" VP 1
D middle divider 1⁄4" 61⁄4" 12" VP 1
E rear divider 1⁄4" 31⁄4" 12" VP 1
*Parts initially cut oversize. See the instructions.
Materials key: VP-veneered plywood.
Supplies: 1⁄8×12" walnut dowel.
Bit: 1⁄4" round-over router bit.
Produced by Craig Ruegsegger with John Olson
Project design: John Olson
Illustrations: Roxanne LeMoine, Lorna Johnson 33

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bandsaw.and chip-making machines to a collector reduces your time spent cleaning. the industry specification for measur- ing a collector’s ability to gather debris. Meanwhile. too. or other machine.) We tested eight single-stage dust collec- tors priced from $325 to $850. next page. W oodworkers often think of adding a dust collector only after pur- chasing their shop’s essential machinery. as well as—hopefully—the amount of fine dust that lingers in the air before eventually settling. As you add more resistance (ribbed 36 WOOD magazine July 2017 .. and go easy on the wallet. Fortunately. Airflow starts the process. typically with flex-hose. A fully ducted system with a large collec- tor might be a luxury outside your budget. (See Stage Coach: Know the D. thickness planer. These machines connect directly to a tablesaw.SHOP TEST: Dust Collectors Make one of these machines a priority for a cleaner shop and healthier you. Differ- ence. including one unit with both bag and canister filter options. Here’s what we found. The volume of airflow generated by a dust collector is expressed in cubic feet per minute (cfm). But we encourage you to con- sider new or upgraded dust collection now. portable single-stage collectors can do the job well.C.. Hooking up your dust. resistance against airflow is measured in inches of static-pressure loss (sp). smaller. regardless of your current tool lineup.

it’s hard to translate that information into performance in the shop. while the finer dust gets sucked into the impeller above. Using a pitot tube. and drum sander to gauge their effectiveness in actual-use scenarios. bandsaw. Filter bag Cyclone chamber Two-stage cyclone dust collector Whether portable or stationary. Download our fan curve chart at woodmagazine. worst case. Stage Coach: Know the D. letting you more easily connect to the 4" ports common to most woodworking machines. Using that information. the collector’s ability to efficiently move debris. etc. which Motor blows it into the adjacent filter/collection cylinder.). passes through the filter and returns to the shop air. planer. The heavier chips and dust settle into the collection 37 . woodmagazine. you reduce the airflow through the duct. where it either gets trapped Six of the eight models have 6" inlets—the Rikon 60-150 and Supermax 821200 have 5" inlets—but all come with a 4" wye. The primary benefit with a Chip-collection bin cyclone is that most debris never reaches the fan or filter. we also used a 10' length of 4" flex-hose to hook each collector to a tablesaw. we generated fan curves for each unit. while the finer dust rises to the Impeller filter media (bag or canister) above. these machines suck dust into a separation chamber that tapers into a cone. and then blown into the filter. reducers. Difference Single-stage dust collector These collectors draw debris directly into the impeller (fan). and thus. The heavier chips Impeller and dust settle into the collection Chip-collection Canister bag filter bin below. elbows. flex-hose. So. Although a fan curve provides important data. we measured each collector’s maximum cfm performance at various levels of static-pressure loss. and smooth-wall metal duct. manometer.C.

unit produce the highest airflow of the group. it takes at least 400 cfm to keep collectors perform disparately in the same dust and chips suspended in ductwork. quently to maintain adequate airflow. Supermax 821200. Conversely. and Actual cfm numbers with even a short General International 10-105ACF M1 piece of flex-hose measured about one- dropped off substantially with dust buildup. so use segments as short as possible. rather than separation chamber for debris. the cfm. We woodworking scenario (collecting dust from found lesser numbers workable. knock dust from the filter media more fre. O P RI R IZ TE 0-1 IC T P G N I 1 JE SU T SH AL AT JE R M E ER EN W G PO As you can see in the airflow chart above. trim the hose as short as possible. but only in a drum sander. half to one-third of the ratings specified by With these three machines. -CK -C K 2 00 -5M 685 150 8 Z2 NAL 1 X 1 1 . 2 TX V 82 X 60 10 IO F M 00 100 X 00V X W N Y AT AC 13 -1 A 11 FO KO Z L N R 05 PM DC E RM DC. Follow these best practices PM1300TX-CK and Jet DC-1100VX-CK to maximize airflow: maintained most of their cfm as dust built XFlex-hose quickly robs a collector of up in their canister filters. To maximize clogging the filter. airflow. in this case). The Powermatic 10' or less of duct. Dust buildup diminishes airflow 450 400 402 391 371 350 350 Cubic feet per minute (cfm) 336 300 320 315 283 282 250 260 259 255 247 Airflow with cleaned 231 200 seasoned filters 216 176 150 Airflow with dust-laden filters after sanding 100 76 square feet of MDF 50 Airflow measured at end of a 10' flex-hose connection 0 to a 4" wye. 38 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Shop Fox W1685. it’s important to manufacturers. Generally. better slowing down and settling Powermatic’s metal chute streamlines the path to the The connector hose on some models adds resistance heavier particles into the collection bag. We believe this helped this under pressure by forming a sharper bend. XIf using two runs of flex-hose on the wye. install a blast gate on each line so you can Diverter A cone-shaped diverter inside the Jet and Powermatic collectors forces debris toward the outer rim as it enters the separation chamber.

com. The Dust buildup helps trap dust. with bag Filter medium woodmagazine. we used a Dylos particulate meter to measure air quality before. of the dust from the filter to improve air. fully.5 micron) x 100 1000 800 Fair 600 JET DC-1100VX-5M GENERAL INTERNATIONAL 10-1051ACF M1 Canister Good RIKON 60-150 400 SHOP FOX W1685 GRIZZLY 1028Z2 SUPERMAX 821200 Excellent 200 JET DC-1100VX-CK Canister POWERMATIC PM1300TX-CK Canister 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Number of MDF panels sanded * (* 4 sq. all eight machines’ performance exceeds cfm will drop. worse As you can see in the chart above. clear some meter we used: Dylos shop—proves more challenging. These tiny particles are also suction/ the most difficult for your lungs to expel. over time. hair typically measures most damaging particles are those smaller but lessens suction about 40–60 microns than 10 microns. Thank. (>0. DC1100 Pro.) To equally evaluate each collector’s filter- ing ability. excelled by keeping the most fine flex-hose than will dust with one of these dust trapped. The other half—filtering out to get a feel for how your collector performs: Get the same particulate the fine dust and returning clean air to the As collection seems to drop off.5 micron. $260. finishing second shorten your hose or eliminate bends in it. Even if you knock dust from industrial regulatory standards established the filter. where you can Better inhale them. all canister-filter models. 1200 Particle Count / cu. Safety and Health (NIOSH). To be fair. The General International led collectors.. Better still. but at the fWant to test the air Getting the debris to the collector is only expense of airflow. .com 39 . ft. six of the . you’ll have quality in your shop? half the battle. it will never return to its out-of. Better and after each test. of MDF sanded with 80-grit drum sander) shut down the one not in use to maximize filters generally outperforming canisters.. pended in the air longer. because they stay sus- in diameter. with a filter rated to trap most dust particles reduced its filtering ability until a dust cake dylosproducts. We found that cleaning a canister filter 877-351-2730. For eight test models claim to trap nearly all comparison. during. The Jet DC-1100VX-5M.5 microns. human particles as small as 1–2. The buildup of a dust cake. XAs dust builds up and seasons the filter.001 millimeter. airflow through the hose being used. by the National Institute for Occupational the-box airflow performance. So. shown below. This sensitive meter filtration/ detects particles as small as 0. fOne micron equals 5 microns or larger. ft.and filtration completes it helps all filters trap more dust. If you notice this happening. nearly all dust collectors today come flow. using a 5-micron XPlaner chips will more likely hang up in bag filter. worse Thinner cake (See the chart on page 41 for each machine’s filtration filter-efficiency rating. some suction machines fared better than others. only to the Jet DC-1100VX-5M.

warranty. But these should also machine to make it our unit leaked air until we covered them XWarranty. Before beginning our “official” testing. All the collectors measured Other models use band clamps (top right) to between 73 and 82 decibels. All eight machines use plastic collection bags. with tape or plugged them with bolts. Before removing a collection bag. fRead reviews of XDual positions. proved the warranty altogether. letting you the lower bag. The Supermax collector. ing protection. but not as noticeably with bag filters. and Supermax. and some simply are not. so you have to point it directly at the seal against dust leaks. some- times particles so tiny we couldn’t see them. times. where NIOSH recommends you wear hear. hoops to hold the collection bags (top left). But with no other machine other dust collectors shown above right. XNoise. Powermatic. but these dust collectors have few XPortability. built up again.We prefer the hoop-style band that holds the collection bag tightly against the inside of Four models use traditional band clamps that fit into a depression around the outer rim to the collector’s rim because it’s easy to remove and install. impeller bear- swiveling casters for mobility. differs from the others in running. and dust-collection that its impeller sits in the same housing that tor might prove too annoying to just let it accessories at supports the bags. We’re not saying you should dismiss Produced by Bob Hunter with Tom Brumback Powermatic. Although they’re meant to be disposable. and doesn’t leak. With the Rikon and Shop Fox models you must use tape to hold the bag initially. we sealed up leaks around metal seams and welds with silicone sealant or duct tape. All the collectors have four parts that can go bad (motor. And lower airflow means more dust at the source will likely get into the shop’s air. below the level hold their collection bags and filters in place. This type is secure the bag. you can position the air inlet up to dump the debris and reuse them several or down to better suit the flex-hose or duct running to your machines. activate it without having to bend down and Filter or collection-bag clamps must hold trigger the power switch. If you want a be user-friendly. you’ll have to (See the chart on the next page. but could feel the air movement. huge part of your buying decision. It’s an infrared securely in place while maintaining a tight model.) The Jet and buy an aftermarket remote control acces- Powermatic machines use setscrews to hold sory ($50–$80) into which you plug your their canisters tight to the rim. We also discovered that each machine had small leaks where dust escaped. they’re thick enough that you should be able By flipping the Supermax blower housing top for bottom. Tim Cahill 40 WOOD magazine July 2017 . knock dust loose from the filter bag (or turn the beater on a canister) to prevent big globs XRemote control. and interior collector. But empty bolt holes in run when you’re in the shop. remote for the other models. woodmagazine. but don’t make it a Illustrations by Kurt Schultz and easiest to move around the shop. International and Grizzly models. More factors to consider XRemoving/installing bags. We always appreciate a lengthy toolreviews. Small clips hold the bag in place while you affix the clamp on the General found on both Jets. with bolt-on handles. but the sturdy ings). the constant droning of the collec. and used adhesive-backed foam weather stripping to improve the seal around bag rims. Only the Powermatic of dust falling out while you’re working on comes with a remote control.

A. 1. Although we liked nearly everything about the Power- 4. Dishing the Dirt on Dust Collectors PERFORMANCE RATINGS (1) MOTOR ACCESSORIES OVERALL DIMENSIONS.5 14. and made the other characteristics of the applications C Fair dust collectors a lesser priority. 76 6' L T $680 888-949-1161 duct fittings.5 11.6 11 6 C 2 38½×22×69 5 plastic bags Radio-frequency remote control 75 6' 5 T $700 POWERMATIC PM1300TX-CK A C. CANISTER) INLET DIAMETER.5 16. A A A 1.5 11½ 5 B 2.8 10 5 B 5 36×22×78 1 plastic bag 73 6' 5 C $380 877-884-5167 rikontools. 1.6 11 6 B 5 38½×22×79 5 plastic bags Radio-frequency remote control 74 6' 5 T $550 800-274-6848 jettools. All units include a 4" plastic wye Put your money where the dust doesn’t blow B Good 3.3-micron HEPA filter general. els best combined airflow with excellent JET DC-1100VX-5M B+ A B A A.75 14 12 6 C 2 39×22×71 3 plastic bags.5 15. These mod- 41 . B B A A. where applicable.5 38×22×77 1 plastic bag Duct fittings 81 8'6" 2 C $405 800-840-8420 shopfox.3 12¾ 6 C 1 38×21½×71 3 plastic bags Radio-frequency remote control. Duct fittings 82 6' 5 T $900 800-274-6848 infrared remote control powermatic. we can’t reward its ineffective filtering 4"x 6' flex-hose SHOP FOX W1685 A.5 37×22×77 1 plastic bag Duct fittings. 1.5 39×19×81 3 plastic GRIZZLY G1028Z2 C+ B+ B B A. 75 8' 3 T 888-454-3401 $450 supermaxtools. So our Top Tool (T) Taiwan nod goes to the Jet DC-1100VX-5M ($550) and the Shop Fox W1685 ($405). 1. B C A. except for commercial We placed a premium on filtration and airflow. Selling for $70 less than the Shop Fox. Our Top Value award goes to the Grizzly G1028Z2. MICRONS MAXIMUM AMP DRAW (MEASURED) IMPELLER FAN DIAMETER. Prices current at time of article production and do not include shipping.5 11. (L) Lifetime.5 13 12¾ 6 B 1.5 12 6 B 2. SUPERMAX 821200 A. 2017 2017 WOOD WOOD WOOD ® ® ® Magazine Magazine Magazine TOP TOP TOOL TOOL Dust Collector Dust Collector Dust Collector Jet DC-1100VX-5M Shop Fox W1685 Grizzly G1028Z2 woodmagazine. INCHES (W x D x H) PRIMARY SECONDARY EASE OF EMPTYING COLLECTION BAG RATED FILTER EFFICIENCY. 74 6' 1 T $335 800-523-4777 radio-frequency remote control grizzly. A Excellent 2. 1. 1. (C) China matic JET DC-1100VX-CK A C A A A.5 RIKON 60-150 C A. YEARS (3) NOISE LEVEL. . B C A. it produced results nearly as good. INCHES (2) FILTRATION EFFECTIVENESS EASE OF CLEANING FILTER WARRANTY. INCHES COUNTRY OF ASSEMBLY (4) FILTER TYPE (BAG. DECIBELS HORSEPOWER RATING SELLING PRICE (5) CORD LENGTH STANDARD MOBILITY OPTIONAL AIRFLOW CONTACT MODEL INFORMATION GENERAL INTERNATIONAL 10-105ACF M1 C A A B A.

One cool chest of drawers Icebox Redux It looks like an old-fashioned icebox. but instead of cubby-hole-size doors and a cramped interior. 42 WOOD magazine July 2017 . the entire front opens to reveal a bank of full-width drawers.

It’s 397/8" 3/8" deep $250 equally at home in the dining room D filled with table linens or in the bedroom 3/8" rabbets cooling off some hot lingerie. cut after assembly 3/8" rabbets ¼" deep C B ¼" grooves 3/8" deep 127/8" A F E Approximate nhance your vintage-style kitchen with ¼" groove D I M E N S I O N S : 421⁄4" W × 193⁄4" D × 40 5⁄8" H lumber cost: this new take on a classic icebox. Then rabbet and dado each side to match ¾" dado 3/8" deep. ¼" round-over 42¼" 19¾" Q ½" round-over S P Mitered ends #8 x 1¼" G P panhead 175/8" R screw O 41" S J EXPLODED VIEW Double roller catch K 11/8" 5/8" round-over with a 1/8" shoulder 6" M N #20 biscuit 38½" 177/8" Mitered ends 1 SIDE ASSEMBLY (Inside of right side shown) ¼" groove 3/8" deep ¾" rabbet 3/8" deep. Rabbet the rail ends to form mating stub 43 . Note: The sides protrude beyond the carcase top and bottom 2 Cut and finish-sand the side panels (F). ¼" deep 2doors 4 Build the carcase ¼" grooves F 3/8" deep drawers 6. a recess for the back. the thickness of the top and bottom. Cut the carcase top and bottom 6¾" E 127/8" (G) at the rear. creating (G).2 cubic feet of 1 Cut the carcase rails and stiles (A–E) to size [Materials List]. Glue and clamp one right-hand and one left-hand side. Groove the edges of each part to match the thickness of the side storage panels (F) [Drawing 1]. cut after assembly 41/8" woodmagazine.

The lower rail protrudes 1⁄8" above the carcase bottom (G). B Glue and clamp the face frame to the carcase. trim and chamfer the stiles. Mount the face frame [Photo B]. Tip! To ensure that the 5 Cut the liners (J) and spacers (K). Equal dimensions ensure a trouble-free assembly of the carcase and its adjoining parts. bottom. This way adjustments can be made without ruining the 4 Cut the face-frame stiles and rails (H. place a liner against liner/spacer assemblies [Photo C]. Glue up the carcase with the front edges of the top. Flush- finish. Set the side and measure from the liner face to the stile edge. flush at the top and with the stile edges equally overhanging the sides. Glue and clamp the spacers to the liners [Draw- ing 2]. you apply the finish. I K J Tip! It’s a good idea to dry-assemble your project as you complete the 3 Drill holes and slots [Drawing 2] for attach- ing the top (Q) later. Finish-sand the liners and install the liner faces and stile edges align. width. 44 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Cut the spacers (K) to this C Glue and clamp the liner assemblies to the carcase with the liner front edges against the backs of the face-frame back aside. and H various parts and before sides flush [Photo A]. the inside of the carcase 6 Cut the back (L). ensuring it fits between the sides and aligns flush with the outer faces of parts G at top and bottom. I) and pocket screw them together [Drawing 2]. stiles (H). I H 1/16" overhang A Measure the carcase diagonals to check for square.

Use this side as a pattern to mark and shape the woodmagazine. the top and the crown base front (O). and cut all the fronts to that width. woodmagazine. (We purchased crown molding rather than making it our- the glue dries. the sides and centered side-to-side. Glue and 2 Rout half-blind dovetails in the drawer parts [Drawing 5]. Glue and remaining sides. and miter-cut them to length [Exploded View]. front. Dry-assemble one front so continuously glue the clamp the crown bases to the carcase and one side. and assemble the crown where it meets Install the top. Cut the bottoms. so use a 23-gauge pin nailer to hold it in place until 4 Miter-cut the crown front and sides (R. Cut 1 Cut the drawer sides (T). selves. crown base sides (P) but apply glue only to the front 6" of the 3 Glue up a blank for the top (Q) and cut it to size. carcase. then jigsaw and sand it to shape. it can’t move. So continuously glue the crown front to both biscuit slots in the miter faces.) Install the crowns. rout the round-over [Drawing 3]. Cut both the drawer fronts (U) and drawer backs (V) to the size listed for the drawer backs. lay out the pattern on the base front. The crown sides (S) must clamp the base front and sides to the carcase.) fLearn about using a dovetail jig. ing 5b]. Tip! Crown molding can case [Exploded View]. be difficult to clamp. P) to width and miter-cut them to length. Set the drawers aside. N) to width. finish-sand the parts. Add the base and top Make the drawers Note: With the top (Q) fixed at the front of the 1 Cut the base front and sides (M. 3 Lay out and jigsaw the ogee curve on one side [Drawing 5a] and sand it smooth. Referring to Drawing 3. with drawer slides [Sources] in the backs (V) [Draw- screws (no glue) driven from inside the dovetailvid allow the top to move. Notch and drill holes for the the top. mark the finished width on the crown sides to the [Exploded View]. Finish-sand both faces and rout the profile on the ends and front [Drawing 4]. flush with the rear edges of drawers. (We used a dovetail jig with 7⁄8" center-to-center pin spacing. 4 Groove the drawer parts to accept the bottoms (W) [Drawing 5]. 2 Cut the crown base front and sides ( 45 . S) to length [Exploded View]. Rout the round-overs [Drawing 4].

(We stained everything but the 46 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Finish it up Glue and clamp the doors. the thickness of the door panels (AA. Photo D]. Build the doors 1 Cut the door stiles and rails (X–Z). to the upper face-frame rail (I) [Drawing 2]. check them for square. then. 3/8" rabbet 3/8" deep routed after assembly G Double roller 3/8" rabbets ¼" deep Rout ¼" round-over on outside edge catch strike of door after assembly. Lowest 14¾" slide rests on top face of G . BB) [Drawings 6 and 7]. apply a finish. Then tighten the initial clamps. X 7 LARGE DOOR X (Viewed from back) 75/8" G 1/8" ¼" grooves 3/8" deep Y I H Y dry. Groove the stile and rail edges to match 3 Cut and finish-sand the center stile (CC) and mid rail (DD). Repeat on the other side. Glue and clamp the small door assembly [Drawing 6. Leave 1⁄8" gaps between the face frame and gaps. I Brass ice- Y box hinge 11½" K 3/8" rabbets Y ¼" deep J 3/8" rabbet 14¼" ¼" grooves 3/8" deep X Rout 3/8" deep routed X ¼" round-over after CC 13½" on outside assembly edge of doors after 11½" assembly. the ends of the center stile (CC) and mid rail (DD). Apply bar clamps to eliminate the hardware. 8 DRAWER SLIDES (Viewed from back) Screw the slide to the liner (J). cen- tered. and place them on a flat surface to 1 Finish-sand where needed. Rabbet the ends of the rails to form mating stub tenons. align the doors and install lightly clamp them in place. E 6 SMALL DOOR ASSEMBLY Rest the cabinet member of a drawer-slide on the spacer. 4 Cut and glue the catch block (EE). Brass 221/8" icebox Z latch 29¾" Brass icebox latch Y BB NOTE: All 11½" Z dimensions DD 30½" from top face Brass icebox hinge of G . J 11/8" CC 1/8" gap CC DD DD 1/8" gap Spacer D F Seat the stile (CC) and rail (DD) in the door rabbets and With the cabinet on its back. 2 Cut the small door panels (AA) and large door panel (BB) and finish-sand them. Rabbet and round over all three doors where shown.

Attach the front fixing clips to the drawers [Drawing 5]. #7×5⁄8" brass-plated oval-head screws. and dovetail router bits. chamfer. double roller catch. M–maple. let it dry for 48 hours. Lorna Johnson Cutting Diagram E lower rails 3⁄4" 4" 127⁄8" O 2 H H F side panels 1⁄4" 127⁄8" 133⁄8" OP 4 B B carcase top and A A G 3⁄4" 16" 361⁄4" BP 2 ¾ x 7¼ x 96" Oak bottom H face frame stiles 3⁄4" 29⁄16" 397⁄8" O 2 K K C Y Y Y Y Y Y I face frame rails 3⁄4" 3" 32" E EE O 2 X X Z 3⁄4" J liners 16" 323⁄8" BP 2 ¾ x 9¼ x 96" Oak 3⁄4" K spacers 1" 323⁄8" O 4 Q Q L back 1⁄4" 337⁄8" 351⁄2" BP 1 ¾ x 7¼ x 96" Oak Base and top M base front 3⁄4" 6" 381⁄2" O 1 Q I N base sides 3⁄4" 6" 177⁄8" O 2 ¾ x 7¼ x 96" Oak 1⁄ 2" O crown base front 21⁄8" 38" O 1 DD CC D D P crown base sides 1⁄ 2" 21⁄8" 175⁄8" O 2 M N N 3⁄4" Q top 193⁄4" 421⁄4" EO 1 ¾ x 9¼ x 96" Oak R crown front 9⁄16" 21⁄4" 41" OC 1 *P *P * Plane or resaw to the thicknesses 9⁄16" *O listed in the Materials List. Cut a 221⁄8"-tall scrapwood spacer and use it to position the upper drawer-slide cabinet 4 Stand the cabinet upright. OP–oak plywood. no. Qty. BP–birch plywood.drawers with Varathane Golden Oak. latch. $10. latches. no. 3⁄8" rabbet. Lawless Hardware. HT9134368. no. 1⁄2". Miramar. Now Carcase the spacer [Drawing 8] and use it to install all but start the negotiations on where to locate A front stiles 3⁄4" 13⁄4" 397⁄8" O 2 the lowest pair of drawer slides. right-hand four-piece set (pair hinges. D. I12-B329SB. your versatile creation. Photo F. double roller catch. strike). Progressively trim until the slides engage the fixing clips. Sources: Drawer slides: Hettich Quadro IW21 soft-closing slides. SCR758OPHBP. 1⁄4". SP2001. S crown sides 21⁄4" 191⁄8" OC 2 ¾ x 5½ x 48" Oak Drawers and doors *T *T *V *U T sides 5⁄ 8" 61⁄8" 147⁄8" M 8 U* fronts 5⁄ 8" 43⁄8" 315⁄8" M 4 ¾ x 7¼ x 96" Maple (4 needed) R S S V backs 5⁄ 8" 61⁄4" 315⁄8" M 4 9/16 x 2¼ x 96" Oak crown molding W bottoms 1⁄4" 307⁄8" 145⁄8" BP 4 X small door stiles 3⁄4" 21⁄4" 141⁄4" O 4 Y door rails 3⁄4" 21⁄4" 111⁄2" O 6 Z large door stiles 3⁄4" 21⁄4" 301⁄2" O 2 AA small door panels 1⁄4" 111⁄2" 101⁄2" OP 2 AA AA BB large door panel 1⁄4" 111⁄2" 263⁄4" OP 1 G J BB CC center stile 3⁄4" 25⁄8" 293⁄4" O 1 DD mid rail 3⁄4" 23⁄4" 141⁄2" O 1 EE catch block 3⁄4" 21⁄4" 2" O 1 F F *Part initially cut oversize. wwhardware. DL-B300-2R. Fla. ¼ x 48 x 48" Blade and bits: Dado set. no.76 per pair (4 pairs).07. Slide the drawers onto the drawer slides Part T FINISHED SIZE W L Matl. $1. #8×11⁄4" panhead screws (6). Icebox hardware: Left-hand four-piece set (pair hinges. latch. $10 (2). members [Photo E. #20 biscuits (2). HT9140416. $1. G J Materials key: O–oak. and then applied water- based satin polyurethane to all parts. Materials List 2 Nail the back (L) to the carcase [Drawing 2]. See the instructions. icebox sign. Sources]. D center rails 3⁄4" 21⁄2" 127⁄8" O 2 Illustrations: Roxanne LeMoine. Woodworker’s Hardware. ¼ x 48 x 96" Birch plywood woodmagazine. nameplate. DL-B300-2L. $24. $. 11⁄4" pocket screws (8).) 3 Install the hinges. Hettich Quadro front fixing clips for IW21. 15". and catch strike [Exploded View. F F Supplies: 1" wire nails.75 pack of 25 (3 packs). B back stiles 3⁄4" 21⁄2" 397⁄8" O 2 Produced by Kevin Boyle with Brian Bergstrom and Jan Svec C upper rails 3⁄4" 4" 127⁄8" O 2 Project design: Fran Skwira. OC–oak crown molding. and 5⁄8" round-over.05 per pair (4 pairs). no. L W W W W strike). no. bottom- Oak plywood bearing flush-trim. 47 .com. $4. 618-395-3945. ¾ x 48 x 96" Birch plywood EO–edge-joined oak. Sources]. no.

A Glue the crosscut edge pieces back onto the frame (A). Double-face-tape the cowl to the end of the scrap and rout the corners [Photo B]. After the glue dries. 3⁄8×1" cherry. From a 11⁄2×3×12" cherry blank. trim them flush with the end of the frame. Cut and sand the 27° miters [Drawing 1b]. and from it crosscut two 2"-long pieces. 1×2 1⁄2" maple. 1⁄4×3 1⁄4" cherry. 1⁄4×3 1⁄4" maple. saw a 2 1⁄2"-long piece from one end for the cowl (C). 3⁄8×1" maple. They were cheap and quick-to-build back then. 48 WOOD magazine July 2017 . aligning them as shown. Let’s start with the Jeep 1 Cut the frame (A) to the listed length [Materials List] but 25⁄16" wide. prepare 12"-long blanks in the following sizes: 1⁄8×3 1⁄4" maple. and these models retain those traits: you can build them from scrapwood in a weekend! Note: To build this project. 1⁄2×1" cherry.Mil-spec This nimble vehicle and light artillery piece performed with distinction in rugged terrain from WWII through Vietnam. Rip a 3⁄16" strip from one edge. Attach and trim those A pieces [Drawing 1a. 1 1⁄2×3" cherry. Photo A. 3⁄16×1" maple. 1¾" Then cut a 11⁄2×11⁄2×12" scrap and miter one end at 27°.] Then cut the back seat (B) to size and set aside [Drawing 1]. 49 .925 D I M E N S I O N S J E E P 3 3⁄ 4 " H × 3 1⁄ 2 " W × 7 3⁄ 1 6 " L 37mmGUN 3 1⁄ 4"H×3 5⁄ 8"W×9 1⁄ 8"L 37mm Gun Number of Jeeps manufactured for WWII 7'7" Length of actual gun barrel 1a FRAME 23/8" 1¾" 3/16" 6¼" A ¼" hole 3/8" deep (drill after assembly) 21/8" ¼" 3" E 1½" ¾" 3" 1 CHASSIS EXPLODED VIEW 3/8" 7/32" hole 1b COWL G H 11/8" F COWL TOP VIEW ¼" round-overs 23/8" ½" C B 1" ¼" ¼" ¼" round-overs 27° D round-over 1¾" G C C A 1½" 7/8" ¼" 3" ¼" 7/32" hole COWL FRONT VIEW J 5/16" ¾" deep I 23/8" ¼" ¼" washer 7/32" axle peg 11/8" long 1½" wooden wheel woodmagazine.

Attach the panels and end gate to the N chassis [Drawing 1] with the bottom edges of the panels flush with the bottom of the floorboard (E) and the top of the end gate 1/16" round-over flush with the top panel edges. for the second cowl flush with the edge of the scrap. cut the kerfs for the can (K). saw windshield (O). and dash- board (F) [Drawing 1]. Make the first cut with the blade at 90°. look just fine. the hood to length. R=3/16" sanding in tight spots by finish-sanding each part as you make it. Round over the ends of the panels. Cut the fender wells [Photo C]. and hand-sanded round-overs drill the headlights using a Forstner bit. and end gate (H). Tip! Save tedious 4 Glue. Glue in the 2a SEAT prior to attaching it to floorboard tight against the dashboard and other parts. rout the top edges. 5 Cut to size the floorboard (E). Glue in the back seat 104º 1¼" (B) as shown in Drawing 1. Tip! For round-overs smaller than 1⁄4". attach a copy of the Rear Quarter- 1¼" panel Full-size Pattern. Double-face-tape the panels face-to-face. Scrap C B C Rout 1⁄4” round-overs on the top edges of the cowl (C). such as the fuel With the blank on end. seats (N). and hood (D). simply sand them. align. and cut and sand to shape. centered side to side. and clamp the cowl (C) and hood (D). 2 CHASSIS O M F 7/32" hole ¾" deep E 1½" wooden wheel K N M L 7/32" axle peg 11/8" long. angle the blade to 45°. On small 3 Retrieve the 11⁄2" cherry blank and rip it to 21⁄2" wide. Then glue and clamp the C/D assembly to the frame (A) [Photo D]. cut to 1" 3/32" hole 3/8" deep ¼" round-over 5/8" eye screw 50 WOOD magazine July 2017 . cut. parts. Glue the dashboard to the cowl (C) flush side to side. Attach a copy of the Hood Full- size Pattern [page 53] to the end of the blank. ¼" N 6 Cut the rear quarterpanels (G). aligning the mitered edge of the Two cuts create the fender wells.

and glue it to the front of the frame (A). and glue use a drill press. being careful to keep finish off the portion of the pegs that will be glued into the chassis. 5 Cut to size the windshield (O). ish five wheels and axle pegs [Source]. shape [Full-size Pattern]. Pattern] and glue it to the end gate (H). Tilt your tablesaw blade to 24. each pair back together to make the seats (N) [Drawing 2a]. round over one edge. woodmagazine. using washers only on the four rotating wheels [Drawing 1]. check that the gun is perfectly vertical before drill- Also drill a 7⁄32" axle-peg hole 3⁄4" deep through the end gate (H). and ammo box (R) to size [Drawing 3]. length [Photo F]. centered side to side. hold 3 Cut the rear wheel wells (M) and glue them in place [Drawing 2]. Sand the 51 .5°. Mark and drill holes for the axle pegs [Photo E]. the offcut to make matching bevels [Fender centered Q Full-size Patterns]. Spread open a 5⁄8” eye it to dry before gluing the stand into the hole 1 Cut the bumper (J) to size. Drill holes for the gun barrel and stand. stand. Glue the seats in place against the quarterpanels. The wheels should freely rotate ing the barrel hole. but without slop. Glue on Tip! When drilling a hole each fender. from the front end. From your 1⁄8" maple blank. posi. 7 Glue on the wheels and axle pegs. With a square. crosscut each piece at its center. and crosscut P 3/8" 1/8" hole 3/8" deep. Then sand each angled edge ½" from front ¼" dowel Barrel to match where it mates against the cowl. aligning the Drill the wheel-axle-peg holes 3⁄4" deep—the extra depth Cut the fenders to length using a bandsaw or scrollsaw. the part steady in a wood hand-screw clamp and 4 From your 1⁄4" maple blank. Glue each pair back together 1/8" dowel R at the beveled ends to form the fenders (L). Also fin- 1 Cut the machine gun (P) to size and 8 Cut the front wheel spacers (I) to size and glue them to the chassis [Drawing 1]. cut the fuel can (K) [Full-size screw to make a tow hook and add it to the back of the Jeep. Cut the fenders to on bottom face. 6 Apply finish to the Jeep (we sprayed on three coats of aerosol lacquer). 5/8" tioned as shown in Drawing 2. hood flush with the edges of the frame and set back 1⁄4” allows you to fine-tune the depth of the axle pegs later for Go easy to avoid breaking the end-to-end glue joint. wheels that spin freely. ¾" Side Fender Full-size Patterns and adhere those to ¼" hole ¼" deep the tops of the fenders. 2 Cut the barrel. gun grip (Q). Cut down the axle peg ble the machine gun. crosscut each strip at its center. cut two 1⁄2×3" 3 MACHINE GUN 7/8" 2 strips. 5/8" 2½" long Make a copy of the Driver-Side and Passenger. aligning it flush with the front Stand in a small part such as of the hood and centered on the headlights. centered on the end of the frame (A) [Drawing 2]. Then. Assem- A few more parts without excess slop. 3" long Take your time to ensure a tight fit. the machine gun (P). and glue it in place [Exploded View]. cut two 11⁄4×25⁄8" pieces. D A L C D E F Attach the cowl/hood (C/D) to the frame (A). Add the machine gun 7 In the floorboard (E) mark and drill the centered gun-turret hole [Drawing 1]. Tilt your blade to 14°. Apply finish and allow complete the Jeep holding the spare tire. in the floorboard (E).

Eyeball the 11/8" 5" angle so the eyes overlap when the angled edges of the tow R=3/16" bars meet. Glue the tow-bar ]. drill holes. Drill and shape them [Drawing 5]. ¾" long ¼" hole ½" deep 6 Apply finish and add the wheels. allowing the Jeep’s tow hook to fit through them. remove the pattern. axle pegs. and washers as you did for the Jeep. #6-32 machine screw X 5 Cut the recoil guard (Z) to shape [Full-size Pattern]. Draw- 1⁄2" hole ] and complete the slot ]. and then glue the barrel to the bar- Y Cradle rel mount [Drawing 4]. Drill a hole into the end of each for the barrel and cradle dowels. Glue this assembly to ¼" dowel 1½" long 4 37MM GUN ½" the axle. Glue in the dowels. and glue it to the bolt (Y). Your classic battlefield duo is ready for action! V V V 5/8" eye screw 1/16" 1/8" S W 7/32" hole ¼" deep Lock nut W 1/16" U 1/16" ¼" washer 1½" wooden wheel 7/32" axle peg 5 37MM GUN PARTS VIEWS 11/8" long 2¼" R=1/8" ½" hole 5/8" T 1¼" 3/16" 9/64" hole ¾" G V 3/8" Drill angled 1⁄16" pilot holes for 5⁄8" eye screws. Then drill angled the tow bars [Photo G]. 3 Cut the tow bars (V) and tow-bar brackets (W) [Full-size Pattern]. Materials List. Z ¼" hole ¼" deep T 4 Cut the barrel mount (X) and bolt (Y) to size. ¼" UPPER SHIELD TOW BAR 52 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Attach the tow bars to Barrel ¼" dowel 5" long the brackets with screws and lock nuts.

Materials List FINISHED SIZE FINISHED SIZE Part T W L Matl. #6-32×3⁄4" machine N* seats 1⁄4 " 11⁄4" 11⁄4" M 2 screws (2). J front bumper 1⁄4" ⁄4" 23⁄8" 1 M 1 Materials key: M–maple. O windshield 1⁄ 8" 13⁄8" 3" M 1 888-636-4478. 7⁄32" axle pegs (7). P* machine gun 3⁄ 8" 3⁄ 8" 11⁄2" C 1 Q gun grip 1⁄ 8" 3⁄ 8" 5⁄ 8" M 1 Produced by Bill Krier with Kevin Boyle 1⁄4" 3⁄4" 5⁄ 8" Project design: Kevin Boyle R ammo box C 1 Illustrations: Roxanne LeMoine. Part T W L Matl. #6-32 lock nuts (2).com 53 . $5. K fuel can 3 ⁄8" 7⁄8" 1 1⁄4" M 1 Source: Each kit includes the hardware and specialty parts to build L* fenders 1 ⁄8" 1⁄2" 2" M 2 one Jeep and one 37mm gun. 5⁄8" eye screws (3). Jeep 37mm gun A* frame 1⁄4" 23⁄8" 61⁄4" M 1 S axle 1⁄ 2" 1⁄2" 21⁄2" C 1 B back seat 1" 23⁄8" 13⁄4" M 1 T upper shield 1⁄ 8" 11⁄4" 21⁄4" M 1 C* cowl 11⁄2" 3" 1⁄ 2" C 1 U lower shield 1⁄ 8" 5⁄16" 21⁄4" M 1 D* hood 11⁄2" 21⁄2" 11⁄2" C 1 V tow bars 1⁄4" 3⁄ 8" 5" C 2 E floorboard 1⁄4" 3" 21⁄8" M 1 W tow-bar brackets 1⁄4" 7⁄16" 3⁄4" M 2 F dashboard 1⁄ 8" 11⁄2" 3" M 1 X barrel mount 3⁄ 8" 3⁄ 8" 1" C 1 G rear quarterpanels 1⁄4" 13⁄8" 41⁄4" C 2 Y bolt 3⁄ 8" 3⁄ 8" 1⁄ 2" C 1 H end gate " 11⁄8" 3" 1⁄4 C 1 Z recoil guard 1⁄ 8" 1⁄ 2" 11⁄8" M 1 I front wheel spacers 3⁄16" 3⁄4" 3⁄4" M 2 *Parts initially cut under. Kit no. 3⁄16". 1⁄4" dowel rod 10" long. woodmagazine. See the instructions. 11⁄2" wooden wheels (7). and 1⁄4" round-over router bits. RS-01149.or oversize.95. You provide the lumber. Qty. 3⁄8" Forstner bit. Bits: 1⁄8". 1⁄8" dowel rod 3" M rear wheel wells 1⁄4" 5⁄ 8" 13⁄4" C 2 Qty. Lorna Johnson woodmagazine. 1⁄4" galvanized washers (6). C–cherry.

Rather than snaking a single long air hose around obstacles and trying not to trip over it. Read on to learn the how-to as well as the why-to. You can then install shorter hoses and the tools you need at each station. Plumb Your Shop for Air Build a network to put compressed air always within easy reach. 54 WOOD magazine July 2017 . install your own custom system with hose connections right where you need them. N o matter the size of your shop. you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a piped network of compressed air.

) In addition to airflow. But remember. To cut down on traps most contaminants and water to keep the lines noise. consider locating the compressor in a clean. lay out the locations of the compres. one near the filter so you can unhook workbench provides quick access for nailers. If you plan to spray finish. Simply Filter plumb it into the system as you would a pass-through filter. blocking it from pressor needs sufficient tank size so its transferring into the pipe pump won’t run constantly. compressor needs fresh intake air. makes it easy to inflate a low tire on a vehicle parked outside. either take pipe through the wall. your com. filter near the compressor sor and hose connections. so make or attach a small tube sure the location has adequate ventilation. Select a strategy first Start by planning what you want to achieve with a system. also isolates compressor vibration. to the drain valve that reaches outside. the compressor without and another by the overhead garage door discharging the entire pipe network. such as sanders or impact wrenches? pipe system with a 55 . network. (See elsewhere. and then run the from the tank. For example. Flexible hose Tip! Prevent an air compressor from scooting due to vibration by placing it on a non-slip mat or securing it with cleats. This hose below. flexible hose Each need requires a different airflow vol. install a connection near an exhaust fan or Tip! Need more air overhead door. Install a Place hose-connection stations where you’ll shut-off valve above the use them most. To drain moisture closet or adjacent room. A pass-through Next. a the compressor outside. Do you just need to blow dust Shut-off off projects and use a brad nailer occasion- valve ally? Do you want to spray-finish projects? Connecting an air Or do you want to use other pneumatic compressor to the tools. storage? Add a companion tank to your network. Airflow needs of pneumatic tools 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ■ Tire-inflation ■ Blower ■ Impact wrench nozzle nozzle ■ Die grinder (3⁄8 – 1⁄2") ■ Dual-action 1–2 cfm 2–3 cfm 1 ( ⁄4") 5–8 cfm ■ Finish/paint orbital sander 4–6 cfm sprayer 10–15 cfm ■ 18-gauge ■ 15-gauge 7–12 cfm brad nailer finish nailer 1–2 cfm 2–3 cfm woodmagazine. lets you disconnect ume. so choose an air compressor capable of it should you need to supplying the needed cfm (cubic feet per take the compressor minute) for the tools you plan to use.

How to sweat copper joints but an oxy/acetylene or MAP-gas (methylacetylene-propadiene) torch (as little as $70) gets the job done a lot faster. Clean the outside of the pipe with the pipe. As the solder melts. touch When finished. or even semiflexible about the same as steel pipe. Granted. ily modified later. which can corrode fitting onto the pipe. Warning! Do not use Now for the pipe PVC and Use a deburring tool to remove the raised burr from inside Using a wire bristle brush. simply cut a for compressed air. heat the joint. 4 5 6 Apply flux to the pipe end as well as the fitting. rubber tubing approved for high pressure. correspond with other fittings already installed. When flux bubbles out. costs Tip! To alter or expand similar plumbing fittings pipe to plumb a system. or loosen an existing high pressure and can requires a different method of installation. then clean the ends. We chose copper practice it becomes second nature. and can be eas. is readily available at changes. Allow the pipe to cool before installing. you’ll pipe and install a new They’re not rated for Each has advantages and disadvantages and need to learn to sweat/solder joints—the tee. your system. 56 WOOD magazine July 2017 . Slide the Using a torch. Buy a complete copper-sweating tool kit: woodmagazine. fA typical propane torch works fine for sweating copper pipe. or aluminum hardware stores and home centers. torch and making your under pressure. making sure to align it as needed to solder to the joint. if needed. it into the joint. clean the inside of the fitting. sandpaper or emery cloth. copper. heart of copper plumbing—but with a little tee by heating it with the fracture or explode but they all function well. capillary action sucks the pipe over time. wipe off excess flux. 1 2 3 Cut pipe sections to length with a tubing cutter. Be sure to apply solder all around the joint. or PEX and Choose from steel. because it doesn’t rust.

regulator. update the quantities you need. but a sprayer might require only 40–50 psi. Fixtures fill out the field Tip! Sweat together In addition to pipe. 3⁄8" × 50'. valves below tees provide straight paths for water to drain [Photos below].J.08.98. You’ll also want a pressure regulator at each drop. Allen Mechanical Contractors. For example. allowing you to get bat moisture is to install “drip legs. and purchase them securely Gary Harper of A. but one at the main line near the com- pressor should be sufficient. Stand-offs provide elbow room.44. amazon. while keeping the flame off the wall and ceiling. necessary when soldering on the wall. so opt for better qual. We recom. valves for turning on or off the air pressure at Stand-off bracket various places along the network. no. Sources Hose reels: Flexzilla 3⁄8" × 30'. fSave money by mend installing one at every drop. below. right. Stand-off brackets Shut-off Quick connect valve Drip leg Regulator Drain valve A typical hose-connection drop tees off the pipe to the side with a valve. fWe’ve made it easy to get all the air-system accessories (not including achose ity components. the copper fittings) in this article in one place. This reduces the attaching some fixtures and for soldering amount of work done on a without burning the such as a readily available fixtures to outfit the system. Don’t Regulator: ARO 1⁄2" NPT 250 maximum psi.01. most finish nailers work best at 90 psi. R37341-600-VS. Go to woodmagazine. You’ll need ladder or overhead. amazon. hose-connection drop. making your own skimp on the regulators and filters. another (less-expensive) way to com. you’ll need a number of subassemblies. You can also add inline filters at each drop. hose hangers. The drip leg A hose reel makes for easy hose management at a Produced by Bob Hunter and Dave Ridgway with Sonny Tedder and plumbshop. and quick-connect fitting. $84. You Inline filter: ARO 1⁄2" NPT 150 maximum psi. $ 57 .com. L8230FZ. Wall-mounted stand-off to the pipe network brackets hold the pipe securely and leave 3–4" already in place on the between the pipe and wall. You can buy a reel with a swivel mounting bracket so it stores flat against the wall when not in use.” These solder into the joint all around. through amazon. And quick- connect fittings provide the link between pipe and air hose. or before connecting them add other fixtures. branch off. L8250FZ. amazon. $49. no. keeps moisture from getting to the in your sprayed finish. woodmagazine. In addition to filters. no. necessary for wall. F35341-400-VS. Tees and elbows let you turn. $41. which allows you to control the air pressure at each hose separately without having to change the setting for the whole system at the compressor. don’t want to risk damage to a tool or water woodmagazine.

No Foam GLUE GRIT Gorilla Wood Glue’s premium formula creates a cross-linking bond to provide superior strength with a Type II BIM BIM CARBIDE water ©2017 The Gorilla Glue Company . HCS 8% Co TiN HW GRIT indoors and out.TOUGH Dries Natural Color. For the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth® www.gorillatough.

877-884-5167. and we found the angled drill-bit slot annoying when sharpening flat blades. and it 120-grit wheel. (It machine at its slowest speed (2. $220 fWheel diameter: 8" fWheels: 60-grit aluminum oxide and wire bristle fWheels: Best of Craftsman 21154. but for finer sharpening.TOOLS & MATERIALS Hollow-ground SHOP-TESTED bevel reflects curvature of wheel Daily Chisel Grinders Tool rest For shaping and sharpening hand-tool blades quickly. which don’t need finely honed 800-349-4358.000 rpm). including both flat and angled drill rests for the left side. rikontools. or sandpaper. we’d prefer a 80-808 runs powerfully and smoothly. These tools create a hollow grind on chisels and plane irons (shown top right) that speeds up the honing process. craftsman.and 120-grit aluminum oxide The stone wheel works great for shaping tool A dedicated slow-speed (1. 800-223-7278. In most cases. and the magnifying-lens Like the Delta 23-197. We’d prefer a finer-grit wheel than the 36-grit one it came with. the edges.750 rpm) grinder.000 rpm) to avoid overheating tools. We also comes with standard guards. you’ll still need to hone the edge with a 59 . $130 the best fWheel diameter: 6" Rikon 80-808. run this variable-speed guards and LED lamp really help visibility.and 60-grit aluminum oxide Although we’d never run this variable-speed grinder faster than its slowest speed (2. deltamachinery. The wire wheel comes in won’t heat up tools as quickly as faster machines. need one wrench). $130 fWheel diameter: 8" fWheels: 36. diamond stone.) like its solid tool rests. but the grinder gets the rough work done. but we could live without it. it runs smoothly without vibration. Delta 23-197. handy for cleaning tools and removing a The solid tool rests adjust easily (although you’ll sharpening burr. The tool rests adjust without wrenches (nice!). Grinders are also great for sharpening turning chisels. nothing tops a bench grinder.



and inflating tires. plenty of power 18-volt trim router.) All of these three work well for powering nailers. no. powered by slow-speed motors. 5510SE. (Single-cylinder com- pressors have to run twice as fast. —Tested by Kevin Boyle. creating more noise. But if you want a compressor that runs as quiet as normal conversation. TOOLS & MATERIALS SHOP-TESTED Shhhh! These compressors have a secret If you enjoy a loud air compres- sor. R86044B. $200 51⁄2-gallon tank. 10020C. ridgidpowertools. (The bigger packs make the router just a bit more 62 continued on page 64 WOOD magazine July 2017 . the other two have steel tanks. The three mod- els shown here run between 67 and 70 decibels—about 20 decibels quieter than a typical oil-free compressor.) 41⁄2-gallon tank. $370 One hand. felt well-balanced and easy to oper- ate. oil-free pumps. and when using a Ridgid slim-pack battery (shown). The 41⁄2-gallon unit has twin aluminum tanks and weighs just 45 pounds. $119 By running on a lithium-ion battery. no. this router eliminates the dan- gling power cord that can get in the way when routing. blowing dust around. no cord. then stop reading here— these are not for you. The secret is in their two-cylinder. no. It has plenty of power for flush-trimming and routing edge profiles. —Tested by Bob Hunter. the run time has a limit—depending on the battery-pack size and the bit you use—but a pair of battery packs should easily get you through a project. no. Tools Editor 866-409-4681. 4610AC. Senior Design Editor 866-539-1710. $150 10-gallon tank. then get to know the California Air Tools line. californiaairtools.

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800-523-4777.495 Want both a jointer and 64 ® QUALITY WOODWORKING TOOLS • SUPPLIES • ADVICE Domino® Connector Set &UHDWHEXLOGDQGQLVKIXOOVL]HGFRQVWUXFWHGSLHFHVDQGWKHQTXLFNO\GLVDVVHPEOH PRYHDQGUHDVVHPEOHWKHPZLWKRQO\DKH[ZUHQFK7KLVKDUGZDUHZRUNVZLWK WKH'RPLQR. The G0809 includes a 13" planer and 6" jointer. $1. but can’t dedicate floor space to both? This Grizzly combo machine takes up the footprint of just one of those./ '). The planer bed is 191⁄4"-long. The planer has feed speeds of 11 and 22 feet per minute. without the trouble of switching back and forth between the two functions. 120-volt motor. TOOLS & MATERIALS NEW AND NEXT Two machines. grizzly. The jointer bed measures 46" long and stands 36" off the floor. one footprint Combination jointer/planer (G0809). with separate 3-knife cutterheads powered by one 2-hp.



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How to Be Cut Off From Civilization When it’s you against nature. Overall I am a satisfied customer!” — D. A knife of BONUS! Call today and this caliber typically cost you’ll also receive this *Discount is only for customers who use the offer code versus the listed original Stauer. According to Gear Patrol. This quintessential American knife can be yours to use out in the field or to display as the art piece it truly is. a full tang blade is key. it runs the full length of the knife. you know that you’re ready for whatever nature throws at you. This knife boasts a full tang blade. wood and bone handle • Polished brass guard and spacers • Includes leather sheath Smart Luxuries—Surprising Prices ™ . Rating of A+ Stauer ® 14101 Southcross Drive W. saying “A full tang lends structural strength to the knife.. about Stauer knives. we can’t guar- Not shown antee this knife will stick actual size.. price.. allowing for better leverage . unique knife comes shaving sharp with a perfectly fitted hand-tooled sheath. the shipping was fast once you wrap your fingers around the and the quality is beyond what River Canyon’s handle.. When you feel the heft of the knife in your hand. Texas River Canyon Bowie Knife $79* Offer Code Price Only $49 + S&P Save $30 1­800­333­2045 Your Insider Offer Code: RCK261­01 You must use the insider offer code to get our special price.. RCK261-01 Burnsville.stauer. Priced at an genuine leather sheath! amazing $49.. you’ll be ready to carve your own niche into the wild frontier. around for long. • Full tang 4 ¼" stainless steel blade. meaning the blade doesn’t stop at the handle. Dept.think one long steel beam versus two.” With our limited edition River Canyon Bowie Knife you’re getting the best in 21st-century con- struction with a classic look inspired by legendary American pioneers. there’s only one tool you need: the stainless steel River Canyon Bowie Knife—now ONLY $49! The River Canyon Bowie Knife hand- forged. send it back within 60 days for a complete  refund of the sale price. I paid for the knife. Minnesota 55337 www. But we believe that “First off. If What customers are saying you don’t feel like we cut you a fair deal. The broad stainless steel blade shines in harmony with the stunning striped horn. 9" overall length • Genuine horn. So call today! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. What you won’t get is the trumped up price tag. But don’t wait. wood and bone handle.

simply return it within that time registered hearing aid. ENT surgeon 800-318-5419 out of the box with no time-consuming “adjustment” appointments.MDHearingAid PRO® and Now that you know. THE WORLD’S BEST HEARING AID VALUE INVISIBLE “I recommend them to my patients Ear Hook Hearing Aid Tubing Try It at Home with our with hearing loss” --Amy S. $14995 Bonds Everything So You Can Vibrant Colored Gel Stain For Use On Wood. PROTECT IT. you don’t need to pay Ear-Bud or If you are not completely high prices for a medical-grade FDA Power & Channel Switch Domes I can say is WOW!” --Terrsa H. Fabric. NJ . Compact. NEARLY expensive hearing aids. No other company provides such solution without sacrificing the quality of extensive support. Audiologist Indiana Volume Dial Comfort-tip 45-Day RISK-FREE Trial The fact is.. FREE BATTERIES customers agree. period for a Battery Compartment 100% refund of your purchase price. Complete.. and output in many cases exceeds more Until Now.000 or more? Tremendous strides have been physicians and audiologists who have made in Advanced Hearing Aid Technology and unanimously agreed that the sound quality those cost reductions have not passed on to you-. 1 Step Finish Equals 70 Coats of Varnish Get yours today at woodstore. Laminate & More UPDATED THROUGH 2016! MADE IN USA by Eclectic Products Previous archive owners: Trade up to the latest Archive for only $20! CALL FOR DETAILS eclecticproducts.The Doctor’s Choice For ADVANCED HEARING AID TECHNOLOGY How can a hearing aid that costs less The MDHearingAid PRO® has been rigorously than $300 be every bit as good as one that sells tested by leading ENT ( UNDER $300 . All 244 issues of Turn WOOD ORDINARY ® MASTERPIECE! I NTO (actual size) 62¢ (actual price per issue) The WOOD Archive on USB ® MAKE IT. You can conveniently access a hearing Dr. Cherukuri designed a game-changing Use Code: DC81 specialist online or by phone---even after For a Year Supply of the sale.. Concrete.Over 75.000 satisfied components that you can actually afford. MDHearingAid PRO® is a high 45-DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL performance hearing aid that works right Outperforms Many Higher Priced Hearing Aids! Since Medicare and most private insurance do not cover hearing aids. or call 888-636-4478 Create Anything. Glass. GIVE IT LIFE. Metal. The result is the . Nose and Throat) for $3. why pay more? starting out at under $300 FREE SHIPPING “I have had this aid two days and all MDHearingAid300. Grove.

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18" & 25" • Proudly Made in USA models. Stand-Alones. MOLDER • Low Maintenance worth of high-dollar molding in • Custom Designs less than one minute! Over 600 patterns plus curved molding.. GANG RIPSAW www. P395 (800) 367-3591 americanfabricfilter. Quickly • Economical CONVERTS to molder. • Best Size & Fit sander.22 for Every Tow- Behind ATV Tool! ΦΡΕΕ ωιτη ορδερ αρμορπλανσ. picture frame 6 Mil Poly Bags 2. 12". PLANER • Longer Life In Stock! stock. MO 64120-4312 .com Woodmaster Tools.95 1-888-212-8705 or call 1-800-279-4441 (Code 229) American Fabric Filter Co. Call for details. planer. Inc. Toll Free 1-800-821-6651 Ext. and More! Πριχεσ Γοοδ Τηρυ Αυγ 2017 CALL TODAY and receive a FREE BUYER’S GUIDE! *Limitations apply. DRUM SANDER Warranty. turn a $5 board into $75 1. 5-Year 3. Αρμορ Βοξ 576 Μοντερεψ ΤΝ 38574 Get your FREE catalog today at www. Kansas City. saw. Made in USA! FREE DVD & We Design & Fabricate Custom Filter BUSINESS Bags That REALLY WORK! STARTER KIT! 4. • Cleaner Air tongue & groove. Baghouses & more Yes.50 ορδερσ οϖερ ∃15 αδδ ∃6. custom work. 60-Day Free Trial.χομ Αξλε Πεγ 7/32 δια Γρεατ φορ ωηεελσ βελοω ∃4 /50 ∃6 /100 FACTORY-DIRECT PRICES! SAVE Ωοοδ Τοψ Ωηεελσ Ηαρδωοοδ Σπινδλεσ σιζε ισ διαμετερ 11$ Βιρχη ∃22/10 $500 UP TO ΩΤ−1 ∃7 /50 11$ Βιρχη ∃40/20 FREE SHIPPING!* ΩΤ−114 ∃10 /50 11$ Οακ ∃22/10 • Trailers ΩΤ−112 ∃11 /50 11$ Οακ ∃44/20 • Harrows ΩΤ−134 ∃17 /50 9$ Βιρχη ∃22/10 • Cultivators 9$ Βιρχη ∃27/20 • Spreaders 9$ Οακ ∃22/10 EASY FINANCING! 9$ Οακ ∃40/20 • Mowers 6-MONTH TRIAL! • Tillers Βιρχη Σηακερ Πεγ 3−1/2$ 5⎯$ Βιρχη ∃10/20 • Backhoe #51019 ∃16/50 ∃27/100 5⎯$ Οακ ∃15/20 .rcklr. With Optimized Filters From… Like Having a Lumberyard Right in Your Shop! • Optimum Performance Now. Box 34312. 4-WAY Can Your Old Dust Collector Work Better Than A New One? MONEY MAKER! 60-Day FREE TRIAL Cyclones. Σηιππινγ ΥΣΑ ορδερσ το ∃15 Αδδ ∃4.

Starting at 95891X © 2017 $ 89999 WATCH VIDEO ONLINE! FREE SHIPPING 6 MONTH TRIAL SOME LIMITATIONS APPLY Call for FREE DVD and Catalog! SHOP 1.VVS>VVK^VYRPUN E M .com .000’S OF INNOVATIVE TOLL-FREE WOODWORKING TOOLS & ACCESSORIES! 877-201-5353 INFINITYTOOLS. -EXCLUSIVE- MEGA Your Driveway. EASY TO USE—tows behind your ATV or riding mower. the bit was still sharp.COM • 877-USA-BITS DRpowergrader. $55. tributes existing VYJHSS  Projects and Plans Wheelbarrow Kit to build includes 15" iron wheel that really works. DADO & PLANER BIT Features Our 2+2 Shear Angle Geometry! “This bit was fantastic. filling in potholes and ruts. Fine Woodworking. After the two slabs were . It cut with almost no tearout. MVY[OL:THSS:OVW UE. No.byegone. 222 SAVES YOU MONEY—loosens and redis- 2" CUTTER DIAM.with the ALL-NEW flattened. PRECISE CONTROL of grading depth is 1" adjustable from your driver’s seat... Router Jig & So Much More :LL[OL9V\[LY)VZZ Premium band sawmills from only $4397. Finished project measures 66"L × 24"W × 26" (U0UUV]H[PVUPU 7V^LY.PD. ByeGone Workshop 888-279-3941 8-5 M-F EST www. saving you from purchasing new gravel or | Toll-free 800-661-7746 EXT. Get your Free Info Kit. axle and step-by-step plans.90 P... PU(J[PVUH[ info@NorwoodSawmills. 392 NorwoodSawmills. even around the knots and irregularities.” DR® POWER GRADER! Nick Offerman.

S.) get the most yield from solid stock and sheet goods. IA. IA 50309-3023. May. $49. Canadian BN 12348 2887 RT.S. July 2017. Markham. Like to smoke? This Easy-build smoker propane-fired project yet costs less to build to feed a church picnic than units with half the slow-cooks enough meat Tranform any space Hideaway guest bed permanently sacrificing into a bedroom without Maximize your materials square footage. 40069223. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to Better Homes and Gardens WOOD. IA 50037-0508.99 per year in the U. and at additional mailing offices. ON. POSTMASTER: Send all UAA to CFS.5. Sept. Des Moines. 1716 Locust Street. Oct.A. Of all the traditions in woodworking.99 (U. L3P 9Z9. dollars) in Canada. Learn how to Better Homes and Gardens® WOOD® magazine (ISSN-0743-894X).S. 72 (ON SALE JULY 5) A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE WHAT’S AHEAD cooking surface. Dec/Jan by Meredith Corporation. © Meredith Corporation 2017. (See DMM 507. July. All rights reserved.. PO Box 882 STN Main. Volume 34. No. Printed in the U. you’ll never have to lug this built-in bed up three flights of stairs. $44. Periodicals postage paid at Des Moines. .S.2).1. Nov. Subscription prices: $29. In Canada: mailed under Publications Mail Sales Product Agreement No. dollars) overseas. NON-POSTAL AND MILITARY FACILITIES: Send address corrections to Better Homes and Gardens WOOD.99 (U. PO Box 37508. is published 7 times a year in March. (Plus. Boone. 3. frugality may be WOOD magazine July 2017 the most time-honored and deeply held.

Restaurant Lighting & Fixtures 32%R[H&RORUDGR&LW\&2 . Now our PlasmaCAM exclusive Art does it all. The PlasmaCAM machine makes it easy for you to cut intricate metal shapes that really enhance your wood projects. Call with this code MAPXD for your free demo video to see what you can do with this amazing machine! Ask about our “We used to cut everything by hand and had a lot of trouble. is very easy and FRVWHI¿FLHQWWRRSHUDWHDQGUHTXLUHVOLWWOHPDLQWHQDQFH The bottom line is: this machine makes me money!” -Jon. It’s run 40-50 ready-to-cut hours a week for the past three years. It artwork! attains incredible detail. attaining levels of production Discs with not thought possible before.


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