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Theory Quiz - Nuclear Power (Fission & Fusion)

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Self-study Quiz - Nuclear Power
You are free to use this quiz as a theory training material. It can be run unlimited number of times. Only one
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What is the actual source of the nuclear energy, generally?

The mass defect, where mass is converted to energy in nuclear reactions

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Which thermochemical reaction can produce hydrogen in overheated nuclear reactors?

oxidation of the zirconium cladding by water to zirconium dioxide

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Which isotope does NOT exist in nature?


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Theory Quiz . generally? Risk = Severity x Frequency Score: 0 (1) Which isotope is NOT fissile in any nuclear reactor? U-238 Score: 0 (1) What is meant by uranium enrichment? The fraction of U-235 is increased Score: 1 (1) 2 of 5 12/16/2016 3:13 PM .. How would tritium be produced in a continuously functioning fusion reactor? By collision of a free neutron with a deuterium atom in the reactor core Score: 0 (1) What is true concerning the BWR containment? Condensation pools are located inside the containment Score: 1 (1) When is UF6 used? During the enrichment process Score: 1 (1) How many free neutrons are usually released per one typical nuclear fission reaction? 2-3 Score: 1 (1) How can the "risk factor" be Power (Fission & Fusion) https://bilda.kth.

Theory Quiz .kth.. climate neutral Score: 1 (1) Which of the below mentioned fusion reactor concepts have all been evaluated for practical application? Tokamak. Stellarator.. long-term availability of fuel resources.Nuclear Power (Fission & Fusion) https://bilda. with graphite as moderator Score: 1 (1) How is plutonium produced in nuclear reactors? Neutron absorption in U-238 Score: 1 (1) What are the general advantages of nuclear fusion compared to conventional fission? No long-lived radioactive products. What are the main features of the RBMK type of nuclear reactors (like the Chernobyl one)? Light-water boiling reactor. Reflector device Score: 0 (1) Which is a typical nuclear fusion reaction? Combining two light nuclei into a slightly heavier one Score: 1 (1) Which is NOT a type of radioactivity? k Score: 1 (1) Which is the main purpose of the moderator in a nuclear reactor? Slowing down neutrons 3 of 5 12/16/2016 3:13 PM .se/pp/courses/course13894//published/1480334341480.

.. Score: 1 (1) What is a reactor poison in nuclear power plants? A fission product with a big absorption target Score: 1 (1) What is "void" in a nuclear reactor? Volume fraction of steam Score: 1 (1) Which is a typical nuclear fission reaction? Splitting a heavy nucleus into two almost equal ones Score: 1 (1) What are the typical parameters for steam generation in all conventional water-cooled nuclear reactors? 160 bar.Theory Quiz .se/pp/courses/course13894//published/1480334341480.kth.Nuclear Power (Fission & Fusion) https://bilda. 280 C Score: 0 (1) What happens in the radiolysis process in a nuclear reactor? Water molecules split into hydrogen and oxygen Score: 1 (1) Which is the heaviest particle resulting from radioactive decay? α Score: 1 (1) Which is the fuel in the conventional light-water nuclear reactors? 4 of 5 12/16/2016 3:13 PM .

kth. the power in the nuclear reactor core is… Increasing Score: 1 (1) 5 of 5 12/16/2016 3:13 PM .Theory Quiz . low confinement time Score: 0 (1) What is NOT true concerning Plutonium? It is produced from Th-232 Score: 1 (1) What is true about nuclear fusion reactions? Fusion occurs naturally in the sun based on deuterium. high magnetic field. UO2 Score: 1 (1) What are prompt neutrons? Neutrons produced directly in the fission process Score: 1 (1) What is true concerning power regulation in a BWR? When the water circulation is increased. but deuterium-tritium reaction is most feasible for fusion reactors on Earth Score: 1 (1) If the reactivity is Power (Fission & Fusion) https://bilda. the power increases Score: 1 (1) What are the basic principles of a practically feasible fusion reactor using magnetic confinement? High temperature.