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Jelly Bean Moon - Ballade structure

Thin slither in the sky,

My jelly bean moon

Shining from up high.

You stare down like a cartoon

Spreading light in my room.

I wonder how you would taste.

If only I could stick in a spoon

And have my curiosity erased.

Would you be a bad Jelly Belly

And taste like a smelly lagoon?

Don’t be shy,

I doubt you are a bad prune.

So far away you still loom.

I ask you make haste,

Come see a fool

And have my curiosity erased.

Leave behind sweet rainbow streaks as you fly.

Land softly on a dune

And wait for me to come by.

I will arrive soon

While singing a melodic tune.
Grind a little crust to prepare a paste.

Put all your flavours in a pool

And have my curiosity erased.

Hmm I taste flavours of dusk, dawn and noon;

You are like a sugar crystal within an explosion of flavours encased;

A hint of silver honey, orange blossoms and blue macaroons.

Thank you for having my curiosity erased.