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5 specific problems that Reliance Jio needs to fix

right away
Voice call failures: Reliance Jio has been stuck in a dispute with
incumbent operators over points of interconnectivity. Jio has accused
Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular of providing insufficient points
of interconnectivity leading to call drops. Jio put out data for September
22 saying over 12 crore out of 15 crore call attempts by its users failed.
Of the 6.13 crore call attempts made to Airtel network on September 22,
4.8 crore or 78.4 per cent of the calls failed. The failure on Vodafone
network was higher at 84.1 per cent with 3.95 crore call drops out of
4.69 crore calls. Calls to Idea saw 3.36 crore call drops out of 4.39 crore
calls made.Bharti Airtel has hit back at Reliance Jio saying network
connectivity issues and call drops are due to Jio's own "under-
preparedness", insufficient testing efforts and acquiring a large number
of customers at the pre-launch stage itself.
Decreased internet speed: With addition of users to the Jio network,
the speed of Jio's 4G data services has come down drastically after
September 5. Now, the internet speed has come down to 6-10 Mbps
from 50Mbps during the launch stage.
On paper, the difference is huge but in terms of average customer use,
even a speed of 8Mbps should work flawlessly. However, the Jio
connection faces frequent fluctuations hampering the user experience.
Users have also complained about varying speeds despite no change in
Buggy Jio apps: The Reliance Jio apps have not shown consistent
performance but the idea of free content sits pretty well with the Indian
audience.The Jio TV app is subjected to frequent crashes and has a
long boot-time, which is also the case with most apps released by Jio. In
our experience, the Jio4GVoice is one of the most glitchy Jio apps. The
app often fails to load and when it does, the experience is pretty

Lack of VOLTE support in older phones: All those who don't have
VOLTE technology-supported phones cannot make voice calls without
the use of Jio4GVoice app which, as mentioned above, seems buggy.
This one drawback makes the lucrative free voice-calling feature

obsolete for most new consumers.Apart from the VOLTE support. which was more than Jio's existing subscriber base. Jio has also alleged that Airtel has insisted on certain unilateral deviations from interconnect agreement between the two parties by asking for installation of interconnect points in a manner wherein traffic moves only one way and not two ways. Airtel had said the capacity would support 15 million subscribers. Airtel said: “It appears that the constant rhetoric may be a ploy by Jio to cover up some technical issues in their own network. the user can't switch to a slower connection to save battery. says Airtel http://www. The only constraint with 4G services is that they take a toll on the phone's battery. In . With not much difference in the rates of 2G or 3G services and 4G connection. Battery consumption: Reliance Jio has launched its internet services on the 4G band. With no 2G or 3G options. While releasing additional PoIs to Jio. Airtel categorically denied “the rhetorical statements made by Reliance Jio with regard to the release of additional PoIs [Points of Interconnect] and mobile number portability requests.html The war of words between Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio escalated further on Sunday. with the country’s largest operator terming the latter’s complaints as mere shadowboxing. new users are inclining towards In response. which is causing call failures. most Indian smartphone users are still stuck with 3G phones. Jio said the interconnect capacity provided by Airtel was less than one-fourth of the capacity blaming-others-to-hide-network-issues-says-airtel-116091800525_1. forcing the user to charge it repeatedly. by constantly blaming other operators.” On Sunday. The Jio sims won't benefit them in any way.The merging of Jio's 4G services with Reliance Telecom's 3G and 2G services might solve this problem in the near future. Reliance Jio blaming others to hide network issues.

as more consumers of Jio are calling. However. outgoing or two-way traffic.350 PoIs to Jio from which traffic from Jio’s network will terminate on Airtel’s network. which are being augmented at regular and quick intervals.” Late in the evening. Last week. with respect to installation of one-way E1s as against both-way E1s. Idea and Vodafone also augmented interconnect capacity with Jio.Jio has alleged one-way E1s are typically installed between similar sized networks. Jio responded to Airtel by stating there were zero Jio-to-Jio call failures. . Mukesh Ambani-led telecom major also invited Department of Telecommunications to inspect and confirm its claims. following a meeting called by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to resolve the impasse over interconnection. On Sunday. call drops or the lack of Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) stabilisation should not be hidden behind the issue of PoIs. which is typically a two MBPS link that can support 30 voice calls simultaneously. Airtel had called Jio’s allegations of blocking port outs by 69 consumers as “flimsy”. Airtel is enabling its own traffic to terminate on Jio’s network. Airtel has released 1. Airtel released 2. After the meeting with Trai officials. E1 stands for European 1. even as there were 20 million call failures between Jio and Airtel networks. Jio maintained that Airtel was being anti- competition as it was refusing to let consumers port out of its network to Jio’s. It appears that the QoS will continue to suffer…” Sources within Airtel say according to bilateral agreements. it said Airtel had insisted on certain unilateral deviations from the Interconnection Agreement between the parties. For the remaining 650 PoIs. saying the proposed interconnect bandwidth is less than what Jio has sought.addition. Jio is seeking two-way traffic on all PoIs. in the first two years E1s can allow incoming. Jio’s statement said: “It is apparent that Airtel continues to abuse its market dominance by imposing onerous conditions which will imminently hinder RJIL’s ability to efficiently utilise the additional E1s.000 PoIs to Jio. However. Jio has continued to issue statements blaming incumbents for call failures. Jio said that it was the aggrieved party and was trying to do its best to resolve the issue.