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Sheet1 Nakshatra Commodities/ Items

Rice, wool, ghee (clarified butter), horse, iron, copper,
mining industries horse dealers, medical surgery,
1 Ashwini factory workers, Railways
Wheat, rice, coarse grains, chillies, edible oils,
medicines, hair, tamarind, enterprises, animals, tea
2 Bharani estates, judges and lawyers.
Rice, sesame, barley, oil seeds, dry fruits, diamond,
precious stone and metals, international trades, steel
3 Krittika (industry), debts recovery, armed forces.

All types of food grains, cotton cloth, juiced artices,

silver, pearls, crude oil, petrol, perfumeries,
4 Rohini automobile, shipping industries, rulers and politicians.
Food grains and pulses, skins and hides,animal
husbandry, computers and radios, revenue
5 Mrigashira department, jewelry, cinema industry.
Edible oils, Ghee (clarified butter), salt and saltish
articles, sandal wood, perfumeries, toileteries,
imflamable oils and objects, cooking wares, wooden
articles, communication, transport, postal and
6 Aridra telegraphs departments, airports and air force.
Raw cotton, gold, silver, millets ,coarse grains, ready-
made garments, food grains, juices,exotic articles,
bankers and insurance agencies, rulers and politicians
7 Punarvasu and political activities.
Rice, ghee (clarified butter), salt, gold, silver, edible
oils, turmeric, fruit juices, mines and petroleum
industries, agriculture and dairy products and rulers,
8 Pushya
Wheat, sugar jagree, dried ginger, coarse grains,
chillies, silver, mercury (quick silver), emerald, green
and juicy vegetables, poisonous substances,
9 Ashlesha international trade, business, doctors and nurses.

Edible oils, ghee (clarified butter), sesame, linseeds,

jagree (raw sugar), electrical appliances, electronics,
thorny vegetables, coral, cat's eye stone, chemical and
plastic industries, mining, surgical and drugs
10 Magha manufacturers, defense department, merchants.

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Wool, blankets, cotton, salt, coarse grains, seamum,

gold, silver wares,royal dresses, pearls, diamonds and
precious stones, television,leather, skins, hides, cinema
Purva and cine personalities, building materials,
11 Phalguni photographic articles,animal husbandry.
Rice, coarse grains, pulses, lentils,black grams, garlic,
rock salt, sunflowers, optic and related medicines,
spectacles, CEOs of companies, communication
Uttar department, television, postal,industry, commerce,
12 Phalguni stockmarkets.

Sandlewood, camphor,perfumeries, pure silver, silver

jewellery , root vegetables,(potatoes, beat roots etc.)
imports and exports, clothing and textiles,hospitals,
13 Hasta presses, chief of the state, ambassador, marketings.

Gold jewellery, pearls red opels, coral, pulses, luxury

articles, automobile accessories, vehicles, shops and
business establishments, cine materials, textile and its
industries, revenue and finance, stock brokers,
consumer goods, petroleum products, automobiles,
14 Chitra partnership in business.

Mustard oil cakes, chillies, betelnuts, jewellery, leather

goods, artificial silk, cosmetics, women's garments, X-
Ray equipments, air conditioning , refrigeration ,
automobiles, transportation , cinema, stock brokers,
15 Swati management of stock exchanges.
Wheat, rice, barley, pulses, gold, silk, books, stationary,
television, theatres, industrial units, insurance
companies, advertisement, chemical and drug
manufacturers, agri-industries, bankers, speculators
16 Vishakha and share market operations.

Rice, gram s, pulses and coarse grains, coconut, dates,

jagree (raw sugar), ground nuts, chemicals, skin and
hides, coal, cotton seed, woollen articles, corporation ,
labour units, leather goods and steel industries
17 Anuradha

Silver, bronze, mercury (quick silver), googala,

camphor, chemcials, inflamable oils, textile industry
and machinary, cables and wire manufacturers, 9-4-17 to 15-6-17
publication and advertisement, electronics, petroleum Saturn in
18 Jyeshta products, surgical instruments, crops in General. retrogede motion

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W heat, salt, jucid articles, raw cotton , turmeric, gold, 15-6-17 to 27-8-17
silver, import trades, foreign exchange, corporations. Saturn in
19 Moola retrogede motion

Rice, ghee (clarified butter), rooted vegetables, sandal

wood, perfumeries, diamonds, clothing, cotton silk,
Purva wool, plastics, bankers, foreign trade, foreign exchange,
20 Ashada marine products, films.
Iron, metals, electrical goods, electronics, furnaces,
petro chemicals, jewellery , temples, churches and
Uttar charitable institutions, coal mines, skin hides, wool,
21 Ashada scientific researchers, customs, income tax etc.
Black peppers, betelnuts, food products, milk and milk
products, chemicals, lead, marine products, mining
products, wines and liquors, fuel oil, coal, pearls, land
22 Shravana development, silver.

Wheat, currency coins, metals, jewels, gold, pearls,

iron, steel plants, atomic energy, press and electronic
media, distilleries, leather, skin, hides, foundaries,
vaults, tanks.
23 Dhanista

Coarse grains, silver, drugs, narcotics, inflamable and

explosive materials, petrol tanks, stainless steel,
24 Shatbisha electricity, wine and breaverages and stock exchanges.

Food grains, metals, medicines, tree bark, gold, ghee

(clarified butter), wine, treasures, medical herbs,
currency m int, govt, investigating agencies, foreign
Purva trade, overseas banks, insurance companies, risky
25 Bhadra investments, stock markets and share brokers.

Tobacco, leather wears, sugar, rice, drugs, precious

26 Uttar Bhadra stones, steel wares, foundries, milk products, lotteries.
Provision stores, betelnut, pearls, emeralds, films and
film artists, books and periodicals, libraries, chemical
plants, perfumeries, marine products, share brokers &
27 Revati stock exchanges.

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