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Flute Master Class/Flute Ensemble

Block 9 - Rm. 400

Course Description:

The Flute Master Class/Flute Ensemble will cover the pedagogical aspects of flute performance, i.e.
breathing, proper tone production, articulation, technique, vibrato, phrasing, etc., in a group setting.
Sight-reading skills, warm-up exercises, standard solo repertoire, etudes, orchestral excerpts, and flute
choir music will be studied as well.

Course Goals and Objectives:

Students will be required to perform in class at least three times during the semester. They will also be
responsible for critiquing their peers performances. Students will be asked to prepare music assigned by
their individual private instructor or by myself if the student does not have a private instructor. I will be
more than happy to supply appropriate repertoire to be performed. Students will strongly be encouraged
to participate in local solo and ensemble competitions, as well as audition for the SCSBOA All-Southern
and CBDA All-State Honor Groups.


Students need to bring a "Flute Master Class" manuscript notebook, music folder/binder for flute choir
music/handouts, assigned repertoire, and more than one pencil to each class. Students should also have a
tuner and metronome at home for individual practice time. If you own a smartphone, tuner and
metronome apps are available!

*Please be responsible for copied music that is handed out to you in class. Additional replacement
copies will be assessed a $1 per page fee.

Behavior Expectations and Learning Environment:

Students are expected to be professional and courteous towards the instructor and peers at all times. The
atmosphere of the Flute Master Class will be positive, encouraging, and a self-confidence building
experience. Each student should be treated as an equal in the class. All egos and negative attitudes
should be left outside of the classroom. Talking, doodling, or any other disruptive behavior will not be
tolerated (no cell phones and no eating). Water will be allowed. Cell phones should be kept in a
backpack or purse during class. Please see the OCSA Behavior Management Policy in the Student
Handbook for full expectations.

Students will need to have stands/chairs set-up, flutes out, and be ready to play at 3:37pm. Those who
are not in the classroom by 3:35pm will be marked tardy. Each week a new pair of students will be
assigned to help set up the classroom and search for music stands if needed. An absence on a test day
will result in a zero for that test. Make-up tests will only be given to those who had a dire emergency
and are excused from class. If you are unable to play, a Doctors note will be required.


Each student will be given a daily class participation grade. Every 3-4 week period, there will be an in
class playing or written test given. One written concert report of a flute related performance/event will
also be required. There will be a final playing jury at the end of the Semester.

A = Well prepared AND well performed (no mistakes)

B = Either well prepared OR well performed
C = Neither well prepared OR well performed
D/F = No materials, bad attitude, no effort shown

33% Daily Participation

34% Playing Tests and Written Concert Report, Preparation of Flute Ensemble Music, Proper
Dress and Performance Etiquette.
33% Final Jury

Important Dates:

* The Final Jury will be given in January. Each student will perform for a jury panel made up of OCSA
IM faculty other than their own Master Class teacher. Jury material will be announced the first few
weeks of class.

*Winds Chamber Music Concerts - Dates will be given the first week of school. Concerts begin at
7:30pm in Symphony Hall. Change of time and location will be announced.

*Flute related concerts and performance opportunities (Guest Artist Master Classes and Community
Outreach Performances) will be announced in class. Attendance will strongly be encouraged and may
affect your grade. OCSA community performances help raise money to benefit the OCSA Flute
Ensemble and IM program. As part of the OCSA IM program, you may be required to participate in off
campus activities. I will of course take in account the academic calendar and amount of homework.
Certain parts of the school year can be more stressful. Students will be responsible for their own
transportation to and from the performance venue.