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LZAn interview Bey: © Who are you? am John Baker What are you? am a dentist. How old are you? am forty years old And where is your office? irs near my howe. Thave many clients Boy: And how much is a filling? Dentist: It costs five dollars. Boy: Its not expensive. Its cheap. Why is your price so low’ Dentist: Because people can’t pay more, ‘They ave not rich. They ae poor INTERROGATIVE WORDS 4.Who: Quem Who is that man? (Quem é aquele homem?) Who are those people? (Quem sdo aquelas pessoas?) Who wants to drink coffee? (Quem deseja tomar café?) What: 0 que, qual (emipregado também para perguntar sobre profisséo ou cargo). What is she? She is a secretary. (0 que é ela? El € uma secretaria,) What's your name? Ny name is Bob. (Qual é seu nome? Mew nome & Bob.) What i that? (0 que € anuilo2) 3.Where: Onde Where's te book? 15 on the table, (Onde esta o Uo? Ftd sobre a mesa.) Where are you? (Onde esta vecé?) 4.How: Como How are you? (Como vai voce?) How is your father? (Como vai seu pai?) 5.How old are you? I'm twenty. (Que idade vocé tem? Eu tenho vinte.) How old is she? She's fiften years old. (Que idede ela ten? Ela tem quinze anos) 6.Mow many: Quantos, quantas Wow many birds can you see? (Quantos péssaros voct pode ver?) 7.Mow much: Quanto How much is i? (Quanto cust?) f.Why: For que. — io ies y fap dey anger, Why are you sad? (Por que vacé esta triste?) (anon te de econ mare Se)