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Review of

Digital Recognition using Neural Network

By – Saleh Ali K. Al-Omari, Putra Sumari, Sadik A. Al-Taweel and Anas J.A. Hussain
School of Computer Science, University Sains Malaysia

Reviewed By:
Mohammad Nazmul Haque
Department of CSE, CIS & CS
Daffodil International University

Submitted To:
Prof. Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain
Department of CSE, CIS & CS
Daffodil International University

 to recognize isolated Arabic digits exist in

different applications
 to let computer system understand different
handwriting styles and recognize them as
standard writing
Technical Observations

 Polynomial Classifier
 Simple & Linear : obtain a reference point
 Feature extraction by Karhunce-loeve x-formation
 Fixed Classifier : various classifier on fixed data set
 HMM ( hidden Markov model)
 Contextual information are implicitly segmented
 Re-ranked and verified the isolation of digit
 Improved recognition rate by 9.9% and 89.6% on
touching digit pairs
Technical Observations cont..

 Genetic Programming
 Handwritten digit recognition by applying aged
members, directed crossover, inter-output
crossover and node mutation
 Accuracy rate reaches 84.3% by using inter-
output crossover
 MLP (Multilayer Perceptron) Neural Network
 Several Splitting algorithm for Segmentation
 Parallel NN to classify digit
 Accuracy using MLP NN was about 85%
Technical Observations cont..

 Cascaded Neural Network

 Self-organizing feature map algorithm
 Maps distance values by using gradient descent
learning algorithm
 Network of Multi-layer feed-forward
 Recognition rate of 98.85%
 Classifier LIRA (Limited Receptive Area)
 Layers of NN : Output, Sensor and Associative
 Used two different standard database
 Error rate of 0.61%
Technical Observations cont..

 Methodology
 Build isolated digits recognition system:
 Image acquisition
 Preprocessing (Noise removal, Normalization,
thinning & skeletonization
 Segmentation
 Feature extraction
 Classification & Recognition
 Two NN (1-hidden layer , 2-hiddden layer) are used
for Classification & Recognition
Other Observations

 Use of References : All references used

correctly and relevant to topic.
 Conclusion in Relation to objective:
 Able to recognise hand-written text by computer
 Classifiction & recognition have to be done
 NN seemed to be better tahn other techniques for
Reviewer Comment

 This research work is better because of using NN for

recognition step. It wold be excellent one if more
concious on image preprocessing steps. It is not
tested on restorted, skewed images which are some
real-life constraints to be overcomed.
 It has a comparison of accuracy with other methods.
But they have not share common database for
 Researcher can apply their method to MNIST
database which contains 60,000 handwritten digits for
training and 10,000 for testing. Then its performace
can be comparable to any onther methods.