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Product Data Sheet

Version 11/04/2012

Intraplast Z2
Injection Aid

Product Intraplast Z2 is a ready to use injection aid in powder form. It is non-toxic,

Description non-flammable and does not contain chlorides or other ingredients of
corrosive nature.
Intraplast Z2 causes the cement mixture to expand before setting.
By introducing micro bubbles into the wet mix, volume expansion and
increased fluidity results without segregation.
Intraplast Z2 reduces the separation of water (bleeding) from the
mixture. It prevents premature setting and allows a reduction in the
amount of gauging water.
Uses Intraplast Z2 is a patented special product for the grouting of prestressed
cable ducts, single tendons and rock/soil anchoring. The use of
Intraplast Z2 with the grouting mixture has the following advantages:
 Improved fluidity
 Good strength and adhesion properties
 Increased cohesion
 Volume expansion in the wet state
 Protective action against corrosion of prestressing wires
 Durable and dense filling of all cavities
 Prolonged workability
Application Intraplast Z2 is dosed at 1-2% by weight of cement. Depending on the
type of mixer and purpose of the injection, the mixing time and the water/
cement ratio must be in accordance with the requirements. For cable duct
and single tendon grouting the use of a colloidal mixer or equivalent is
recommended. A mixing time of 4 minutes together with a water/cement
ratio of 0.38-0.42 is found to give best results. Generally the most suitable
mixing sequence is the water/cement/Intraplast Z2.
It is not recommended to add sand for cable duct injection works.
Important Note Intraplast Z2 is essentially a product for use by specialised enterprises
working in the field of applied prestressing and grouting techniques. It is
know that the properties of the injection aid can be significantly influenced by
the mixing procedure, cement properties, adding of water, and temperatures.
For important work it is necessary to determine the most suitable procedure
by means of preliminary site tests. Cement containing fly ash is not suitable
for use with Intraplast Z2.

Intraplast Z2 1/2

Colour White
Packaging 0.5 kg/pack (30 packs/bag)
Storage Conditions Keep in unopened, undamaged original packaging and protected from
direct sunshine in dry condition.
Shelf Life 2 years
Technical Data
Apparent Density 0.7 kg/L

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