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Vallone Campaign Fraud and Forgery: Finale

This is the final chapter I’m releasing in what is a truly sordid story. It So we have a petition page which purportedly has the wrong date (with
isnt even the end of the story – by any means – but I think it rounds out “runs” of signature dates that we have seen over and over with James
a pretty clear picture of the petition fraud and forgery committed by Lynch and Patrick Jordan) and the wrong witness (and the wrong loca-
the Vallone campaign as a whole. tion, on top of everything else) . This is also one of the 19 suspect peti-
tions where James Lynch was the supposed witness on the same day –
During my examination of one of Paul Vallone’s petitions – Volume
6/28. Even so, how can I confirm that this petition was fraudulently
QN1700047, Page 19 – I saw a few names that I recognized. One name
submitted under someone else’s name? Two key pieces of proof made
in particular – which was on one of the petitions “witnessed” by James
it possible.
Lynch – was someone I felt I knew well enough to give that person a call
(abbreviated as EE for the purposes of writing the discussion below). 1) If you look at Volume QN1700047, Page 19, you’ll notice that the
last person to sign the petition (Line 20) is Maria Coniglio – Christine
The conversation went as follows:
Coniglio’s relative. On Page 28, which actually has Christine Coniglio
Me: “I know this is an odd question, but did you go to the fireworks as the witness, the first person who signed the petition (Line 1) is
show at Fort Totten on June 28th?” Angelo Coniglio – also Christine Coniglio’s relative and the husband
of Maria Coniglio. This page is dated 6/11 (of course, in “runs” of
EE: “Yes, I was there.”
dates in Patrick Jordan’s handwriting) – as is the final petition sub-
Me: “Did you happen to sign a petition for Paul Vallone?” mitted by Christine Coniglio as witness, Page 34. These three pages
EE: “No. I signed for him at the Auburndale Soccer Club practice. They – if you include the first page “witnessed” by James Lynch – are typ-
meet in Cunningham Park. My son and Vallone’s son are on the same ical of a single petitioner getting signatures in a single day: two pag-
soccer team.” es filled entirely, with a third page halfway finished, not multiple
unfinished pages with random numbers of signatures on each page.
Me: “Did they have a practice on June 28th?” Her two relatives signed in order, just on two different pages.
EE: “Oh, no. The season was long over by then. It was like two weeks
2) There is a very important signature located at Volume QN1700047,
earlier. They meet on Tuesdays and Fridays and have games on Sun-
Page 19, Line 7: Congressmember Grace Meng. It is her signature
and matches her Board of Elections buff card. There’s one problem
The Fort Totten fireworks show was on a Wednesday evening. At this though: Grace Meng could not possibly have signed this petition on
point, I sent this person a text showing the petition page. 6/28, as Congress was in session and she was in attendance in
Washington D.C. Her Facebook and Twitter pages from 6/28 show
Me: “So you’re telling me that you signed this weeks ago – different her marching with Planned Parenthood, and later voting against HR
date – at a different location. Was the witness James Lynch?” 1215 – the bill known as Protecting Accesss to Care Act of 2017. She
EE: “No – I don’t know who James Lynch is. No, the person who I signed was also in attendance on the following day, voting against HR 3004
for was Christine Coniglio. She’s the head of the Auburndale Soccer Club – Kate’s Law – and HR 3003 – No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.
and I think she works for Vallone somehow.”
I want to stress that Congressmember Meng did nothing wrong here.
She was confirmed to be in attendance at the same Auburndale Soccer
Club practice several weeks earlier and she signed a petition for Paul
Vallone at that event.

To summarize: Christine Coniglio, the head of the Auburndale Soccer
Club and an associate of Paul Vallone, witnessed three petition pages
for him. However, only two of them are in her name, with the third pe-
tition page under a fraudulent witness – James Lynch – with a fraudu-
lent “run” of dates – 6/28. As mentioned previously, Patrick Jordan and
James Lynch seem to have made up pages and pages of signature
dates, but why didn’t Christine Coniglio sign that first page and who did
she hand it off to afterwards? From what I understand, there were no
other petitioners or campaign staff at the Auburndale Soccer Club prac-
tice, with the only other person connected with the campaign in
attendance being Paul Vallone himself.
A final thought: as a Democratic candidate for City Council, you need to
get 450 valid signatures to get on the ballot. It’s not that hard – as a
grassroots candidate, my volunteers – all of age, all registered Demo-
crats – ended up getting me 760 signatures going door-to-door, carry-
ing a list of registered Democrats to double-check that the signatures
were valid. If I was able to do it, then anybody can.

A sitting Councilmember; several of his Council staffers; the head of the
New York State Young Democrats; campaign staff; an aspiring politician;
and a Board of Elections worker, among others, were involved in or
committed massive fraud and forgery in gathering petition signatures,
including false witnesses, forged initials and signatures. Why go
through such unbelievable lengths to perpetrate systemic and illegal
actions that damage and undermine our democracy?

As I’ve already referred this entire situation to law enforcement, I can VOL QN1700047
only hope that have studied this excellent and extensive example of
electoral and voter fraud and prosecute those responsible to the fullest
extent of the law.
James Lynch — ”Witnessed” Petition
Auburndale Soccer Club—Development League: Schedule
VOL QN1700047 VOL QN1700047

Maria/Angelo Coniglio — Contiguous Petitions — James Lynch/Christine Coniglio as “Witnesses”
VOL QN1700047 VOL QN1700047 VOL QN1700047

“Witness”: James Lynch “Witness”: Christine Coniglio “Witness”: Christine Coniglio
Christine Coniglio’s 3 Actual Petitions from the Auburndale Soccer Club Practice
Twitter Facebook

Grace Meng Twitter & Facebook—June 28th, 2017
Grace Meng - Voting Record at Congress (highlighted dates - June 28th & June 29th, 2017)