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Supplementary Guide

April 2015: Europe, Russia/CIS

Section 1 Introduction for all

Section 2 Eligibility

Section 3 How to apply

Section 4 Completing the passport application

Section 5 Enrolment deadlines

Section 6 Completion of the passport application

Section 7 Fees

Section 8 Change of circumstances

Section 1 Introduction

This briefing note is about how to enrol onto the assessment process - and how your
journey starts. It gives information of when and how to enrol, details of costs
involved, the refund policy and how to inform us of any change of circumstances.

Please note: the enrolment and final assessment journeys are two separate
processes. This guide is about your enrolment joining journey only

This must be read in conjunction with, the following guidance:

The wider candidate guidance

MyAPC candidate guidance
Counsellor guidance
Pathway guide - chosen pathway

Section 2: Eligibility for candidates completing structured training only:

Qualification When to enrol onto APC Minimum training

requirement depending on
Already successfully Enrol as soon as employed 12 months training (if
completed an RICS 5 or more years
accredited degree experience)
(undergraduate or post or
graduate) 24 months training if
less than 5 years
Completing an RICS Enrol during your final year 12 months training (if
accredited undergraduate at university if employed. 5 or more years
degree either part time or experience). This
distance learning. must be completed
after graduation.
24 months training (if
less than 5 years
experience). At least
12 months training
must be completed
after graduation.

Completing an RICS Enrol and complete degree 12 months training (if

accredited post-graduate and training concurrently, if 5 or more years
degree part time or distance employed. experience)
learning. or
24 months training if
less than 5 years

Please note: those candidates not required to complete any structured training and
have not been advised they need to complete any further academic top up study, can
apply directly for the final assessment in accordance to your local RICS assessment
dates (once enrolled)

Section 3: How to apply?

1. The first thing to do if you are interested in RICS membership is submit the
completed RICS CV template to your local RICS office. Link for your CV, can be
found here:
2. Your local RICS office will write to you to confirm the most appropriate path to
membership for you, depending on your academic and experience history.
3. The local office will also set you up a candidate account in the MyAPC portal
(to find out more about the MyAPC portal, please read the MyAPC
supplementary guidance, which you will then need to complete the passport.

Section 4: Completing the passport application

You will access the passport in your MyAPC candidate portal. The passport is the
application form that you need to complete; it requires you to complete the following:

1. Personal details
2. Employment details
3. Academic qualifications
4. Counsellor details
5. Your chosen APC pathway
6. Select the competencies for your chosen APC pathway
7. Signed declaration from you and your counsellor
8. Upload copies of your academic certificates

Note for candidates completing structured training: In the passport application you
are required to confirm the competencies for your chosen APC pathway at application
stage. Candidates completing structured training are not expected to have achieved all
the competencies to the correct levels at the enrolment stage. This will be achieved
throughout your structured training experience, with your counsellor and employer.

Candidates not completing structured training e.g. senior Professionals/experts, will

be expected to sign off as completed the competencies straight away with their
counsellor (because of their already extensive experience). However, this may not
always be the case, and you must ensure you and your counsellor are confident you
have achieved all the competencies to the required levels, before you attempt the
final assessment.

Section 5: Enrolment deadline dates

The enrolment date is your official date that you have registered as a candidate to
membership and from then on be subject to pay annual subscription fees (in addition
to the application fees), and also the official date as to when you can start your
journey to qualifying as a professional member of RICS.

1. Your enrolment date is given to you upon approval of your passport

application and payment of fees received.
2. Delaying your passport application, can result in your assessment journey
being delayed..

Please note: payment is sometimes made by candidates employer. If this is the
case, it is your responsibility to check payment has been made, and your passport
is completed and signed by your counsellor. Until this is complete, you will not be
officially enrolled as a candidate to membership, and your assessment will be

Section 6: Completion of passport application and fees paid

1. You will receive confirmation from your local RICS office, that your enrolment
has been approved, including;
- confirmation that you are a candidate to membership member
- confirmation of your enrolment date and your provisional final
assessment date
- your membership number (that will carry you throughout your
lifespan of RICS membership)
- RICS membership card

Section 7 - Fees

The application enrolment joining fee is 950 (in some countries VAT will be
required, your local RICS office will advise you if VAT is applicable.

Please note: The breakdown of the 950, includes your application joining fee, plus
the candidate to membership 2015 subscription)

Fees and subscriptions are to be paid in full. They are not paid pro-rata.
RICS membership subscription is due every year on 01 January.
When enrolment takes place before 1 October you will pay the current years
subscription in full and you will then be required to pay the following years
subscription when this becomes due, on 1st January.
When enrolment takes place after 1 October, your subscription fee will cover the
period from October to December of the current year and all of the following year.
Please note that in some countries VAT needs to be applied to the fee
Following election to professional membership, you will be required to pay full
election fees to include professional member subscription at the current rate, plus
upgrade fee (186).

How to pay:
Cheque, made payable to RICS
Credit card. We will call you to take payment when processing your application.
Bank transfer, please contact your local RICS office for bank account details

All fees are non-refundable unless you withdraw your application within a cooling off
period of 14 days (10 working days) from the date your enrolment is processed by
RICS. If you decide to withdraw your application please contact your local RICS
office: :

Section 8 Change in circumstances

Please contact your local RICS office if,

You change employer - please give full details of new employer and
when you started work there.
You change your counsellor please give the full name and RICS
membership number of your new counsellor.
You want to change your pathway please ensure that you have
discussed this with your counsellor and employer before contacting

Congratulations you are now a candidate to membership of RICS!

Your next achievement is to achieve Professional membership of RICS through the

final assessment process (there is an additional supplementary guide on the final
assessment process) good luck!