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A good _______ should be very patient. That is, he or she should not get angry or blame
_______ for making mistakes. In stead, he or she should help them get out of trouble. This would
benefit the relationship between _______ and __________ and create an active and warm
atmosphere in the ___________.

A good ________ should know how to cooperate with other people. Cooperation is always the
key to success. Since one persons strength and vigor are very limited, people should work
together to overcome difficulties that are too hard for one person to cope with.

-Personality development
_________ is good for personality development. Book knowledge is not enough for people
because it cannot provide/teach ____________. So _______ is a necessary supplement to book
study and would help students achieve more.

_________ was a very knowledgeable person. He was very familiar with information in all
kinds of areas: astronomy, psychology, archeology, biology, physics, chemistry and so on. When I
had problems, I always asked him for help. And in most cases, he could help me solve the
problems very well and even teach me something new. I really learned a lot from him.

__________ is very considerate and shows much care and concern about others. He is always
trying to look at things from your perspective and not hurt or upset you.

-Yao Ming
Id like to visit Yao Ming. First, I want to learn some basketball skills from Yao Ming, as he is
one of the best players in NBA. Im sure that I would be better at playing basketball after he has
taught me something. Besides, Id like to ask him some questions about his newly established
charitable foundation. I know that he has already donated a large sum of money to the foundation.
Finally, of course, I would like Yao Ming to give me an autograph as souvenir.

My father taught me to be benevolent. He told me that a good person should always show much
care and concern about others. Last year, he donated 10 thousand RMB to the local charity to help
poor people in our neighborhood. He said that it is everyones responsibility to help people in
poverty, and make sure that they could afford basic necessities and get proper medical treatment.
My fathers words and deeds inspired my a lot. I have decided to be a man like him and always
care for others.

My favorite book is a pictorial encyclopedia from my parents as a birthday present. For one
thing, the encyclopedia covers knowledge in all kinds of areas: astronomy, psychology,
archeology, biology, physics, chemistry and so on. Besides, the encyclopedia explains things in 4
languages: Chinese, English, Spanish and French. So I could learn how to say the same thing in 4
different languages. Its pretty cool. Finally, the beautiful pictures in the encyclopedia help me a
lot to understand the information better and faster. Learning can be so easy and pleasant with these
wonderful pictures.

My favorite toy was a magic cube. It was a present from my parent because I behaved very well
in my kindergarten. I liked it. First, because it could help me relax. When I was playing with the
magic cube attentively, I would be able to forget all the unhappy things happened to me. Besides,
the magic cube benefited my all-around development, which I think is extremely important in our
highly competitive society. Finally, I made friends with those who shared the love for playing the
magic cube. We played together and developed a pretty good friendship.

When I walk in the park/garden, I can enjoy the natural light of sunshine, feel the gentle breeze
tinged with the perfume of flowers and listen to birds singing in the sky.

-Social Event
The most important social event is China in the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the first
day of a year according to the Lunar Calendar. Its a custom for people to invite all their relatives
and friends to home and have dinner together. While they are having dinner, they talk about the
happy things in the past year and their plans in the coming year. Children would receive red
pockets which contain some money from their grandparents. And everyone would eat Jiaozi, a
traditional Chinese food, to welcome the beginning of another year.

_____ can help me relax and relieve the pressure from work and study. I would forget all the
unpleasant experience in my mind, at least for a while when Im ________ attentively.

I would able to make friends with those who share the love for __________, Actually, I ve
already organized a small ________ group and now I _______ together with my new friends. We
talk, laugh, share interesting experience with each other. It would absolutely add more fun and
color to my life.

-Different culture
Im the kind of person who is always willing to learn new things. In ________, I often meet
people from different countries. Talking to them, I can experience different cultures, and even
learn some foreign languages.

-Memorable Event.
The most memorable event in my life was my junior high school graduation ceremony. It was
especially important for me because I delivered a speech on behalf of my fellow students at the
ceremony. In that speech, I expressed gratitude to our teachers and confidence in our future. And I
received a standing ovation at the end of the speech. Besides, my parents also went to the
ceremony, they were very proud of me because I was awarded the honor of Excellent Student.
Finally, the ceremony had a special meaning that a new chapter has opened up in my life and I
should get ready to face the opportunities and challenges in the future.

My favorite kind of movies is action movie. First or all, action movies often make me excited.
There are many street fights and adventures in action movies. These elements are especially
attractive to young people, like me. Besides, the heroes in action movies are often torn between
fighting for justice and saving their lovers. In most cases, the heroes would consider most peoples
safety and well being as priority. Their words and deeds inspired me a lot. Finally, action movies
teach me a universal truth that the good will always triumph over the evil.

Id like to tour Paris. First of all, I would visit the world famous Effel Tower, which is the symbol
of the city. Perhaps the Effel Tower is the most majestic tower in the world. Beside, Im an art-
lover, so the Palace of the Louvre attracts me a lot. I would like to meet Mono Lisa in person and
try to figure out the secret behind her smile. Finally, of course, I wont miss the wonderful French
food. By the way my favorite French dish is snails in garlic butter. So, I think Paris is the city
where I could always find something interesting to do.

1 ___________ is less time consuming than _________. Nowadays people are so busy with
their work and study that they barely have time to __________. So ________ became a good
alternative. Since much time is saved, people are able to devote more time to work and study.
2 ___________ is cheaper than _________. Saving money is always my first concern, because I
am a high school student and my family is not very wealthy. I dont have much money to
spend on ____________. So __________ is more suitable for me. Price
3 ___________ is one of the most common ways of recreation, which can help me relax and
relieve my pressure from work and study. I think relaxation is conducive to mental health and
particularly important for white-collar workers, who tend to get overstressed easily. Relax
4 Knowledge in ___________ would benefit the all-round development of students, which is
extremely important in our highly competitive society. All-round
5 Doctors have concluded that _______________ is harmful to peoples health, increasing the
risks of related health problems. Health
6 First, leading a discussion in a group would greatly improve my communication skills, which
are extremely important in our highly competitive society. Besides, as the leader of the group,
I would be able to learn different opinions from different people. It would help me analyze
problems more insightfully and comprehensively. Finally, I could do what I intended and need
not to obey other peoples instructions or orders because I have the greatest power in the
7 It is a very modern international city, which provides all kinds of recreational activities and
facilities, including theatres, cinemas, gyms, parks, and art galleries. Im an art lover, so I
often visit the Shanghai Art Museum where many famous artists display their works very
year. Large City
8 I have to spend most of my energy to work, study and participate in a lot of activities in the
afternoon, so it is sensible for me to eat enough food at noon so that I would be well prepared
for the tasks in the afternoon. Eat
9 Students who take long vacations tend to forget the knowledge they have learned in the
previous semester. They also have difficulties in getting used to the new semester if they take
long vacations. Vacation
10 Once students graduated from school, the uniforms would become useless. Because few
students would wear them to attend parties or participate in other activities. Uniform
11I would have more freedom to choose which piece music to listen to or which one to skip.
This cannot be done in concerts.
12 After a sound sleep in the previous night, I would feel refreshed and excited in the
morning. So its the best time for me to work, study and participate in other activities.
Research has concluded that peoples ability to memorize is at the peak in the morning. So
studying English in the morning would be very effective and efficient.
13 ___________ can provide information in all kinds of areas, such as economics, politics,
sports, arts and so on. People are able to learn whatever theyre interested in by simply
____________. It is both convenient and effective. Information
14 I would use the other half of the money to make an investment in the stock market.
Since the stock market in China is very prosperous, Im pretty sure I could gain a considerable
profit from my investment.
15 The computer offers the access to the Internet which provides information in all kinds of
areas, including sports, fashion, science, arts, politics and so on. With the aid of the Internet,
people would be able to learn faster and better.
16 You would have many opportunities to talk your professors or teachers. This kind of
face-to-face communication would help you learn things better and faster. You would also be
able to solve problems more quickly with the aid of professors or teachers.
17 I would be able to develop a good friendship with my ______________. We could hang
out together after school/work, talk, laugh, and share interesting experience with each other. I
think a persons friend is his or her asset.
18 I prefer a relaxed life. First of all, it would allow me more time to participate in all kinds
of activities, like playing sports, playing musical instruments. Besides, I would have more
time to stay with my family. May be I will travel with them to experience different cultures
and people.
19 ____________ is always beneficial to students health, both mentally and physically. A
strong body and a healthy mind are the prerequisites of success.
20 I think bicycle is the most enjoyable. First, I dont have to worry about getting to school
late if I ride a bicycle because bicycles dont subject to traffic jams. Besides, riding bicycles
can improve my health condition and keep me in good shape. I dont have to do extra exercise
if I ride bicycle to school every day.
21 Last year, my classmates and I went to the Monument to Peoples Heroes in Tiananmen
22 I used to writer letter to my Chinese teacher in junior high school. In the letter I
expressed my gratitude to him, because he really helped me a lot when I was in junior high
school. I mentioned in the letter that if he had not lent me money to pay the tuition and fees, I
would have lost my opportunity to study. Later my family managed to get out of the finical
crisis and give back the money to him. I also pointed out in the letter that he managed to exert
very positive influence on me by teaching me how to overcome difficulties and be optimistic
about life and future.
23 One favorite sport of my country is the basketball. People of different ages all like
watching or playing basketball. Almost all the public basket courts are filled with people who
spend hours practicing during holidays. One great thing about basketball is that it can improve
peoples health condition and keep bodies in good shape. Besides, since many people
nowadays are very busy about their work and study, they play basketball for relaxation. It can
always help people relax and relieve the pressure from work and study. Finally, playing
basketball can also teach people how to operative with others, since its a team sport.
24 I think its better to take a long time to know a person well. First of all, first observation
does not necessarily reveal the persons character. You might get a very limited view on the
person. Besides, it is until some emergent situation takes place, you will learn the true
personality of this person. For example, you will know whether he values money or friend
when he has a financial conflict with you. Finally, friendship is always based on longtime
interacting between friends.
25 Museums and theatres are places where people would absorb much information in
history and music, which is really beneficial to them.
26 My favorite subject is Chinese. My father used to tell me many stories about Chinese
culture and literature. I was so moved by my fathers description. In my junior high school,
my Chinese teacher was a very nice person. One great thing about him is that he was very
humorous and was able to impart his wisdom to us at the same time. So his lecture actually
deepened my love for Chinese.
27 First of all, museums and theatres are wonderful places where people can relax and
relieve the pressure from work and study by viewing exhibitions and watching performances.
They would also be able to forget about the unhappy experiences in their minds when they are
immersed in history and arts. Besides, museums and theatres can help citizens and tourists get
to know about the countrys history and culture and broaden their scope of knowledge.
Citizens will establish an identity as a part of the country and tourists will have a quick vision
of its history and culture. Finally, museums and theatres are ideal places where students have
the opportunities to develop their own interests. Some of them may aspire to be historians or
28 In my leisure time, I can play sports or talk about life and study with my roommates. It
would definitely add more color and fun to my life.
29 Using computers, people can watch film, listen to music and play online games.
30 First of all, landmarks and history sites are wonderful places where people can have a
comprehensive view of the citys history and culture. They could help citizens establish an
identity as a part of the city and help tourist to get to know about the city very quickly.
Besides, there are always many pamphlets available in these places. These pamphlets often
introduce the most important information about the city to tourists, which help them acquire a
deep perception of the city.
31 My favorite room is my bedroom, due to the following reasons. First, when I was a
young boy, my mother often told me fairy tales when I was lying on the bed before sleep. My
bedroom actually contains my sweet childhood memory. Besides, My bedroom provides a
private space for me to do something personal. I write diaries every day in my bedroom where
I feel secure and relaxed. Finally, I keep most of my childhood toys in my bedroom, such as
model ships and teddy bears. When I look at them even today, I still feel warm and happy.
32 I prefer to enjoy the journey for the following reasons. First of all, I could talk to people
on the journey. This kind of face-to-face communication can also me learn the history and the
culture of the place. Besides, enjoying the journey tends to make me feel relaxed and help me
relieve the pressure from work and study, because I do not have to strictly adhere to the
schedule. Finally, the views on the journey sometimes can be more fantastic than that of the
destination as long as you keep looking for the beauty of nature.
33 I think the childhood is the best time of ones life. First of all, children have a large
amount of time to play and study. They can absorb knowledge in all kinds of areas. Besides,
the friendship between children tends to be very pure and solid.
34 __________ would encourage the economic growth in my neighborhood. Many other
recreational facilities would be built in my neighborhood and residents would benefit from