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Theme : World of knowledge.

Focus : GRAMMAR ( Conjunctions).

Topic : The prince and the thieves.

Time : 11.30 12.30 pm (60 minutes)

Learning Standard : 5.1.4 Able to use conjuctions correctly and appropriately.

Objectives: Mainstream : Pupils will be able to fill in the blanks correctly with atlist 6/8 scores.

Linus : Pupils will be able to fill in the blanks correctly with atlist 5/8 scores (with

teacher s guidance).

Success criteria: I can use conjunctions correctly and appropriately.

Teaching Aids : Charts , worksheet.

KSSR wordlist : and ,because, so,


A. Set Induction.
1. Pupils listen to a jazz chant recited by teacher.
2. Teacher pastes a chart contains the chant onto the whiteboard. (Appendix 1)
3. Pupils read the chant with teacher s guidance.

B. 1. Teacher pastes a chart onto the whiteboard. (Appendix 2)

2. Pupils read the sentences in the table guided by teacher .
3. Pupils sit in group. Read them together in group.

C. Teacher distributes worksheet.

1. Mainstream :fill in the blanks with the correct answer
2. LINUS : Teacher guides pupils to fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

Jack and Jill like to read

Jack and Jill like to draw

O really ?

Who loves drawing and

who loves reading?

Both !

Both love reading and drawing.

O , I see.

O , I see.

CONJUNCTIONS : because , so

We use because to show reason We use so to explain a result of an

Anita was sad because she failed Anas was lazy so he failed the
the test. test.

The baby cries because he is My baby sister did not eat

hungry. anything,so she was hungry.

My mother smiled because she Bazli did not bring a pencil, so

was glad. the teacher scolded him.

The boy go to bed early because Farid is sick so he goes to see a

he is ill. doctor.

The thieves stole the gold My shirt was torn so my mother

because they were greedy. bought me a new one.

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

because so

1. The prince could not sleep _________ he was sad.

2. The king was worried _________ the prince was sick.
3. They wanted to help the beggar _______ they collect some money.
4. The thief covered his face _____ the prince would not recognize
5. The children were glad _______they could enter the park.
6. Amin did not finish his work_______ he cannot go out to play.
7. They spoke softly ________ the baby was sleeping.
8. The shirt is dirty _____ you should put it off.