After the birth of wireless LAN and Bluetooth, new International short-distance wireless standard technology of ZigBee

has applied rapidly in our life and recognized as core technology to bring Ubiquitous life in near future.

Introduction Terminology used to describe International standard of wireless communication (sensor and control) and short-distance wireless communication. ZigBee is one of short-distance wireless communication standard IEE 802.15.4 used for wireless networking range of 10~20 meters mainly by home and offices and International wireless communication standard for Ubiquitous computing. Origin of word Word ZigBee was originated from word ZigZag indicating cross-shaped network cables and Bee to indicate economical communication method. Word ZigBee was proposed and decided by committee members in early phase of standard committee of ZigBee. Introduction and characteristics ZigBee consumes low electricity supply and can be configured to large scale sensor networks by integrating with sensor (Activity, light, temperature and humidity, etc) and transmitter/receiver devices. This type of structure is defined as foundation technology for sensing, monitoring and controlling. ZigBee has recognized as next generation short-distance wireless communication standard based on strong advantages including lowest costs, lowest energy consumption which can be last 2 years with 2 AA type batteries, scalability of up to 65,000 nodes, simple network configuration and reliability from immediate recovery function from data transmission errors. Especially, ZigBee supports multi-hop function to ensure highest transmission success rates. Applicable fields ZigBee, unlike other wireless communication technology, consumes low electricity power and inexpensive to implement. These advantages allow to be applied diverse Ubiquitous environments including intelligent home networks, automated commercial devices, building automation industry, commercial automation, environment monitoring, toy and industries and telematics

ZigBee modem environmental interface, AiMiR has developed and provided by NURI Telecom

ZigBee solution has applied to provide various communication environments. corporate management households etc) Remote meter readings for factories to minimize usage of energy Remote meter reading to monitor and measure usage of energy ▶ Please download PDF file for more detailed information. .Prevent invalid counterfeit of meter reading data C&I Modem Residential Modem Repeater Concentrator AiMiR Server C&I and Residential AMR system for electric. AiMiR. complex households. Mesh topology Provide various meter reading data satisfying customer’s requirements Remote meter reading data by required intervals (Day/Month/hour) Provide current meter reading data. Self healing. periodic billing data and Previous billing data AMR system using NTP(Network Time Protocol) Prevent meter reading error by recording time of billing and meter reading time (Secure accuracy of billing by providing regular metering data without time difference) Secure accuracy by applying NTP time for both pulse occurrence and meter readings. Integrated remote meter reading implementation of home networks Measuring energy usage of resident companies in shopping complexes or buildingsResidential AMR for intensive residential complexes (Villas. gas and water supply as well as it provides Internet billing (EBPP) capability. Self organization.who has been leading C&I and Residential AMR industries since 1997. water and gas utilities etc. Fast and accurate meter reading Correct errors occurred by reserve rotation of meter reading wheel Provide meter reading at speed of 250Kbps. total automatic meter reading system utilizes bidirectional digital communication and ZigBee solution to measure energy usage rates including electricity.

intrusion detection. ZigBee provides for high data throughput in applications where the duty cycle is low. and the detection and notification of unusual . Such devices operate at low power levels. translates into long battery life.NZM-50 developed by the state-of-the-art technologies of NURITelecom is a 2. business. As an ultra-slim and ultra-light product weighing only 10g. NZM-50 has been designed suitable for high-class products. A WPAN is a personal area network (a network for interconnecting an individual's devices) in which the device connections are wireless.1 percent or less). and air conditioning (HVAC).4 PHY and MAC Sensor network Monitoring and control service Data service Remote control by AT commands External Reset Input Transmission range up to 1200m Data transmission up to 250Kbps FCC and MIC compliance Standard RS-232 TTL interface(1 UART) 8 channels digital input 8 channels digital output 8 channels analog input Building Automation Industrial Automation Factory Automation Oil Station Network Vending machine remote stock monitoring system Sensor network infra RFID/USN AMR ZigBee is a specification for wireless personal area networks (WPANs) operating at 868 MHz. This makes ZigBee ideal for home. building automation and AMR 2. fire sensing. Applications well suited to ZigBee include heating.15. especially home control. lighting systems. and this.15 specification approved by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA).4GHz World Wide ISM IEEE 802.4GHz ZigBee wireless module. 902-928 MHz. and industrial automation where control devices and sensors are commonly used. in conjunction with their low duty cycle (typically 0. ZigBee is based on the 802. Using ZigBee. ventilation. devices in a WPAN can communicate at speeds of up to 250 Kbps while physically separated by distances of up to 50 meters in typical circumstances and greater distances in an ideal environment.4 GHz. and 2.

calendar appointments and other files.occurrences. It harmonizes the application software layers specified by the zigbee alliance and the IEEE 802.15 that defines the physical and MAC protocol layers. ZigBee is compatible with most topologies including peer-to-peer. like both operating in the same frequency band of 2. they are not exactly competing technologies. star Summary . Zigbee vs Bluetooth There is a lot in common between Zigbee and Bluetooth. and can handle up to 255 devices in a single WPAN. But even if this is the case.4 GHz and belonging to the same wireless private area network (IEEE 802. Bluetooth aims at doing away with the cabling between devices that are in close proximity with each other for example between mobile phone and a laptop or desktop or a printer and a PC. heating and lighting. Whereas Bluetooth is geared towards user mobility and eliminating cabling between shortdistanced devices. Zigbee is anticipated to be able to eliminate electrical cabling in houses thereby allowing the freedom of wireless light switches. Bluetooth has a protocol stack size of 250 Kilo bytes and 28K bytes for Zigbee. Read more: Difference Between Zigbee and Bluetooth | Difference Between http://www. Users with Bluetooth supported handsets are able to effortlessly exchange documents.differencebetween. Depending on radio class. Also.15). Zigbee supports protocols for defining a type of sensor network that controls applications used in residential and commercial settings such as air conditioning. both technologies aim towards a different set of devices and applications and different means of designing for those applications. As will be explained in the article. Bluetooth has a network range of 1 to 100 meters while Zigbee is up to 70 meters with a maximum network speed of 1M bit per second to 250 M bit per second respectively. zigbee is more oriented towards remote control and automation. Technical parameters • • • • Typical joining a network using Bluetooth takes three seconds while for ZigBee it is 30 milliseconds. Batteries for blue tooth devices are rechargeable whereas for Zigbee they are not re chargeable but longer lasting. there is a multitude of differences between the two wireless technologies for ‘personal area networks’ both application and technical. and mesh networks.

the contents can be used safely. pages may not look as original. Given Zigbee’s almost instant network join times(30 milliseconds) its more suitable for critical applications while Bluetooth’s longer join time is detrimental (3 seconds).differencebetween.1. 3. however. Due to unadaptability of the style sheet with the browser used in your computer. Beginning of this page Jump to main content Please note that JavaScript and style sheet are used in this website. • • • • • About Renesas Press Center Events Investor Relations Contact Us þÿ Region • • • • 日本語 한국어 簡体中文 繁體中文 þÿ Advanced Search . 2. low power consumption on small packet devices while blue tooth uses higher data rates. Even in such a case. Read more: Difference Between Zigbee and Bluetooth | Difference Between http://www. Zigbee networks support longer range devices and more in number compared to Bluetooth networks whose range is small. Zigbee aims at automation whereas Bluetooth aims at connectivity of mobile devices in close proximity. higher power consumption on large packet devices. Zigbee uses low data rates.

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a network technology supplier that specializes in ad-hoc mesh networking.. printer. washing machine. Peer-to-Peer Network Q: Mr. What is different in the wireless network technology you are dealing with? ." we usually think of mobile phones or wireless LANs for personal computers. vacuum cleaner. room air conditioner. refrigerator.R&D -. you may have a disk player. 2007) How many microcontrollers do you think you have at home? Probably a hundred or more— because microcontrollers are built into every consumer electronics product. Management -. microwave oven. ventilation system. Inc. To explore these possibilities. and Hirokazu Yuasa of NEC Electronics' Multipurpose Microcomputer Systems Division. and more. coffee maker. Umeda.o o o o o -. whenever we talk about "wireless communication.Event Volume 73 (Dec 14. Imagine what it would bring to your life if every embedded microcontroller everywhere in your home started talking to each other over a radio wave. telephone. utility meter.ASSP IC Others -. audio system. video game console. Hopefully it would make life more convenient. For instance. we interviewed Hidekazu Umeda. fax machine. CEO of Skyley Networks. electric/gas range. camera/camcorder.Environment. environmentally friendly and safe.

communication can also be carried out via relay of transmissions from the next room to the room next to that. Skyley Networks. we are now in the process of developing the communications protocol software that works on NEC Electronics' microcontrollers. Figure 1 Topology of ZigBee′s mesh network (moving image) Because the communications standard for P2P protocol has recently been released as the ZigBee standard. Earlier I gave an example of communication between the room next door and the room two doors down. and it has now become possible to build mesh networks (*3). if you try to talk to someone in the room next to this room via mobile phone. Makes for quite the detour.Hidekazu Umeda. but rather can directly connect to the mobile phone in the next room via wireless communication. P2P communications have expanded even further. The name ZigBee (*2) came from the way bees fly as they communicate with each other. Mr. Umeda: "For instance. With the ZigBee protocol. which allows communication with multiple terminals simultaneously (Figure 1). Inc. With this technology. . after which they pass through the mobile phone company's server and then once again return to the ground station antenna before finally reaching the mobile phone in the next room. RF signals are first sent to the ground station antenna of the mobile phone company. exchanging information about how to reach good nectar. much like the way a bucket brigade works. CEO. This is commonly referred to as P2P (Peer-to-Peer) communications (*1). doesn't it? That is why we are trying to develop a technology with RF signals that need not pass through the mobile phone company's ground station antenna.

Senior System Integrator. the ZigBee standard requires much less power— to the extent that ZigBee end devices can operate for a hundred days.Figure 2 ZigBee vs. Moreover. But is there actually a practical use for this? Hirokazu Yuasa. while the Bluetooth one allows one to only seven nodes. and cheap enough to become more versatile in various applications. Bluetooth Figure 2 ZigBee vs. Bluetooth Compared to Bluetooth® technology. Prospect for various applications Q: Thank you. or even several years. ZigBee technology is easy to apply. Umeda.000 nodes of communication. with a battery (Figure 2). Much like a bucket brigade. That is very interesting indeed. Additionally. though the data rate in ZigBee-based products is slower. compact in size. Multipurpose Microcomputer Systems Division . a communications network can be expanded to include one terminal after another. the ZigBee protocol allows one to 65.

8-. water. AMR using a P2P mesh network is expected to contribute to energy conservation by real-time monitoring of consumption. such as for the management of buildings and factories. of utility meters for electricity. it is not easy to think of the possible benefits of P2P mesh networking in a practical application.Mr.5V. via the placement of sensors throughout forests to gather environmental parameters for use in nature conservation efforts. Boasting low power consumption and a wide operating voltage range between 1. 16.4 controller from Uniband Electronic Corporation (UBEC) were used to connect a building's temperature-monitoring system with a ZigBee mesh network. Environment monitoring.and 32-bit microcontrollers are . One real application seriously being investigated is automated meter reading. However. in which a compact board equipped with NEC Electronics' 78K 8-bit microcontroller and an IEEE 802. AMR. thus allowing customers to choose from 8-. sensors were placed in each room and then used to transmit data from room to room in a bucket brigade-type fashion.and 32-bit microcontrollers to meet their own individual needs. NEC Electronics' all flash microcontrollers are the optimum choice for battery-powered wireless stations. NEC Electronics' ZigBee solutions NEC Electronics offers a wide selection of all flash microcontrollers for use with ZigBee wireless networks. Another application could be a disaster-monitoring system used during a major earthquake or other natural disaster.8V and 5. For most people. the implementation of the P2P mesh networking first will be used for industrial applications. If communications in one room went down. Inc. In the demonstration." Demonstration at the Office & Security EXPO (OSEC) At the Office & Security EXPO (OSEC) held this past July in Japan. thus preventing data transmission from being disrupted. these application areas are just the beginning. Yuasa: "We are so accustomed to star-shaped networks such as those in mobile phones. there was an exhibit by Skyley Networks. at the beginning of this discussion. If the development of other uses for mesh networks advances. a detour route was automatically detected. there would be good potential for us to see this technology used in a broad range of fields. In addition. Though. we briefly touched on possibilities for household use. The self-recovery function of mesh networking will enable the monitors to better grasp the extent of damage via sensor networks. may be another possibility. gas and heat.15. 16.

Q: What have been the advantages of working in collaboration with NEC Electronics? Mr. we will continue to provide ZigBee network solutions. For example. Umeda: "All flash microcontrollers are well suited for use with ZigBee wireless networks. which is one of our company's greatest strengths. Inc. Next on our list is collaboration with customers. and already has a framework in place that will make it possible to start application development at any time. you can quickly rebuild the network during recovery if it happens to go down. as long as you save the network settings to memory. thanks to the self-writing function of NEC Electronics' all flash microcontrollers. NEC Electronics has also teamed with UBEC and Application Corporation. working in collaboration with NEC Electronics has allowed us to offer wireless network solutions that capitalize on our wealth of experience and know-how in network software development. although we had been carrying out research and development on our own for a multi-hop wireless network technology (*4) capable of bringing together wireless communications and P2P technology..also common for network development environments. As we work toward our goal of making mesh networks a reality. Notes(*) . The team has developed a development platform that uses the ZigBee SDK software development kit for building mesh networks via P2P communications." Network viewer and development platform created using the ZigBee SDK software development kit In addition to Skyley Networks. Also.

15. Multi-Hop Wireless Network A multi-hop wireless network is one that allows stable communication with another party within an unstable network such as those used for mobile terminals.4 MAC protocol as a short-distance communication network. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Communications P2P communications refers to the connection of numerous computers viewed as being "peers" via a single computer network. As implied by the word "multi-hop. but also among terminals located further away in areas outside the range of access for radio waves by creating a relay station out of several terminals. 4. The ZigBee Alliance is developing specifications for the communications protocol on the network and application layers.15.4. Standardization of ZigBee The 802 Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is moving forward with the standardization of Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) through IEEE802. This enables the direct exchange of data. high-definition printers Was this article of interest to you? Yes Send No • PDF file for this page ( 223KB) Links • Product Information: Microcontrollers and Microprocessors o ZigBee® Solutions . 2. 3. The ZigBee standard is built on the IEEE 802. Mesh Network A mesh network is a type of network capable of expanding access points and service areas independently through bidirectional communication among devices with wireless communication capability." this type of network ensures communication not only among terminals directly connected with one another. Volume 74 • The laser control core (pulse-width modulator) behind the development of high-speed.1.

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