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6 Alain Seban 197 Writings and Interviews
200 Letter to Eva Hesse
8 Laurent Le Bon I Find it Difficult to Write a Statement...
202 Ziggurats
204 Serial Project #i,1966
10 Essays
207 The Square and the Cube
10 Beatrice Gross
Order and Disorder: Where Every Wall Is a Door 208 Paragraphs on Conceptual Art

30 Lucy R. Lippard 212 Drawing Project 1968 (Fours)

The Structures, the Structures 214 Sentences on Conceptual Art
and the Wall Drawings, the Structures
216 Some Points Bearing on the Relationship
and the Wall Drawings and the Books
of Works of Art to Museums and Collectors
50 Rosalind E. Krauss
217 Some Points Bearing on The Museum
The LeWitt Matrix
of Modern Art and its Relationship to Artists
62 Mel Bochner and the General Community
Either Black or White (for Sol LeWitt)
218 Wall Drawings
65 Dan Graham
220 I Am Still Alive,On Kawara
Thoughts on Two Structures
222 The Draftsman and the Wall...
68 Robert Smithson
Entropy and the New Monuments (extracts) 224 Ruth Vollmer: Mathematical Forms

69 Sol LeWitt 226 Doing Wall Drawings

A Museum of Language in the Vicinity of Art 230 Comments on an Advertisement
(extracts) Published in Flash Alt, April 1973
70 John Hogan 236 Books
LeWitt Wall Drawings: A Draftsperson's Perspective
237 White in Art Is White?
72 Anthony Sansotta
238 Hanne DarbovenHer Work
Technical Notes on LeWitt Wall Drawings
240 LeWitt [The Fisher Collection]
78 List of Plates -*
242 Interview by Patricia Norvell

87 Plates 248 Interview by Lucy R. Lippard

252 Excerpts from a Correspondence

with Andrea Miller-Keller
260 Interview by Andrew Wilson
264 Interview by Claude Gintz
268 Interview by Gary Garrels
272 Interview by Saul Ostrow

279 Appendix
280 Solo Exhibitions
289 Selected Group Exhibitions
304 Selected Bibliography
316 Index