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Definition: A branch - Substances that

of immunology that studies

interactions between the
produced by cancer cells
immune system or normal cells in
and cancer cells response to tumor
- Most are made up from
Tumors can both activate and proteins ( recently from
suppress immunity DNA)
Importance : For tumor
screening and detection as
Immunosurveillance Immunoediting well as prognosis
1)The presence of tumor cells and tumor antigens HCG CEA AFP
initiates the release of danger cytokines such as
IFN and heat shock proteins (HSP).
2)These cause the activation and maturation of
dendritic cells such that the present tumor antigens
to CD8 and CD4 cells Divided into:
3)subsequent T cytotoxic destruction of the tumor - Passive
cells the occurs
- Active
Aim :
- Prevention of tumor by
- Immunotherapy of
existing tumor

Cytokine manipulations
Tumor vaccines