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Data Structures and Algorithms

Fall 2017

Course Title: Data Structures and Algorithm
Instructor: Professor Curtis White
Contact Information: Department of Computer Science,
3rd floor, Robinson Building
Phone: (609) 636-2582
Office Hours: By Appointment or After Class

Required Book: "Data Structures Outside In with Java"
by Sesh Venugopal
Catalog Description: CS 04.222: Data Structures and Algorithms (4 credits)
This course features programs of realistic complexity. The programs
utilize data structures (string, lists, graphs, stacks, trees) and algorithms
(searching, sorting, etc.) for manipulating these data structures. The
course emphasizes interactive design and includes the use of
microcomputer systems and direct access data files.

Meeting Times and Location:

Section 05 (CS.04.222.05)
Mon: 6:30pm – 9:15 pm
(Wilson 203)

Wed: 6:30pm – 9:15 pm
(Robinson 312)

edu/display/POLICY/Attendance+Policy  Late Assignment Submission Policy: Assignments not submitted on time will receive zero as a grade. When working as a group each member of the group is expected to contribute. Each group will submit a single set of solutions. A < 60 60-63 64-66 67-69 70-73 74-76 77-79 80-83 84-86 87-89 90-93 >= 94 Assignments/Exams Description:  Assignments/Labs: Assignments may be programming projects or short written/oral homework. However. Class Policies Expected Work and Grading: Final 25% Midterm 20% Quizzes and assignments 25% Labs 25% Attendance and class participation 5% The Final Letter Grade is assigned based on the following numeric grade to letter grade conversion table: F D. For certain assignments you will be allowed to work in groups.  Exams: Midterm exam and Final exam will be a written exam (i. Each assignment will be due by the beginning of the lecture/lab period. If for some reason. you must include an appropriate reference.  Quizzes: All quizzes will be unannounced and will emphasize the material that was covered during recent lecture and lab sessions. pen and paper). To use such materials without proper attribution is a form of plagiarism. . suspension from the College. The attendance/class participation portion of the course grade will be computed based on the number of missed classes and student’s contribution to class discussion.rowan.e. or both. most professors are reasonable people. let me KNOW AHEAD OF TIME and I MAY give you an extension. D D+ C. Make up quizzes will only be given if the instructor was notified in advance of a reasonable absence or in extenuating circumstances. If you miss a class/lab in which work is If you use materials that you've obtained on the Internet. It is college policy that students who commit an act of academic dishonesty may be subject to failure in the course..rowan. I will make a reasonable effort to catch plagiarizers. and it will not be tolerated.  Policy on Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty which includes but is not limited to submitting someone else's work as your own and working on the individual assignments in groups. from a book. C C+ B. you are still responsible for handing in the work by the due date. B B+ A.  Class participation/Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. See the official Rowan University Academic Integrity Policy at: https://confluence. and will be graded as a group. for example as part of a programming assignment. you believe you will not be able to turn in homework on time. See official rowan University Attendance policy at: https://confluence. Members of the group who do not contribute will receive 0 points for the assignment. etc.

(If you are not on campus every day and are unable to read your email from home. You are required to use Blackboard-CE for this course. additional assignments. that prevent completion of the course. such as serious illness. please let me know immediately and we'll work something out). ready to learn. and I always require documentation of the reasons for your absence. or your personal doctor.  Classroom Decorum: In order to show proper respect for the instructor and for your fellow students. solutions. if you miss a etc.  Email: E-mail is a primary form of communication with me outside the class periods and official office hours. etc. assignments. The last date for automatic approval for the Fall 2017 semester is (professor's signature is required). no withdrawals will be approved without extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. all such withdrawals will be approved. lecture notes. please email or call me ahead of time. You can login onto the Blackboard-CE using your Rowan University login information. The Rowan Web Email system will allow you to automatically forward your email to another account so you can read your mail somewhere else more frequently. Please pay attention to these emails and consider taking the recommended actions. Since many quizzes will be unannounced.). Quizzes will be given at the start of the class so if you are late you may miss a quiz. Please inform the instructor in advance.  Rowan Success Network: The Rowan Success Network powered by Starfish® is designed to make it easier for you to connect with the resources you need to be successful at Rowan.rowan. After the last date for automatic approval for the Fall 2017 date (the one with professor’s signature is required). You are required to read your email daily (not including holidays and weekends). More on attendance: It is unlikely that you'll be able to complete the assignments and pass the exams without regular attendance. Utilize the scheduling tools to make appointments at your convenience including tutoring. or other form of documentation if you miss a class or a lab meeting. if you will be absent from a class or lab session. changes in the due dates. please observe the following: o Be on time! Class will begin promptly at the scheduled time. If you have to miss an exam (and I hope you will not) re-tests will be given only in cases of extreme hardship as defined by the rules of Rowan University.e. This is a policy of the Department of Computer Science and there are no exceptions. 2017! During the first half of the semester.  Missing exams or class due to illness: It is important to get a note from student health services. you may receive email from the Rowan Success Network team (Starfish®) regarding your academic performance. I may let you make that quiz up. before the period begins. Additional information about RSN may be found at www. preferably by email. Allow yourself enough time to park and get to class. Throughout the term. I often send email messages to the class to make important course announcements (i. I send course email announcements to the Rowan University Web Email account. .  Blackboard: I will use Blackboard-CE software package to maintain course information such as syllabus. you may miss a quiz if you miss a class. In this case. a student can withdraw from a course by filing the appropriate form at the Registrar's office. If you are not feeling well on a given day. Blackboard-CE is available at: Blackboard  Withdrawal from the class: Drop/Add period ends on September 11. Early in the semester you may receive an assignment via email that WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED IN CLASS to ensure that you are reading your email.

If you are having a problem with the course. o Turn off all cell phones and anything else that would cause a distraction to yourself or others around you. It's very distracting. Exiting and entering during the period breaks the concentration of your fellow students. NOTE: Questions about the assignment asked less than 24 hours before it is due date may receive no answer. Course Topics  Efficiency of Algorithms (Chapter 3)  Lists (Chapter 4 and 5)  Queues (Chapter 6)  Stack (Chapter 7)  Recursion (Chapter 8)  Trees (Chapter 9 and 10)  Heap (Chapter 11)  Hash Table (Chapter 12)  Sorting (Chapter 13)  Graphs (Chapter 14 and 15)  Other topics (Chapters 9 and 13) .  Getting Help: I can always be reached quickly via email. o Do not eat in class. text or phone (see contact information above). and makes it hard for you to get the full value of the class. especially since other students may be hungry too! And we are in a lab so it is not allowed!!! o Do your best to remain in the room during the period. the sooner we discuss it the more likely we'll be able to deal with it.