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ChemDrain Chemical Waste Drainage System

Recommended Short Form Specification

Special drainage system for corrosive or acid waste shall be manufactured from CPVC
Type IV Grade I compounds with a minimum cell classification of 23447. Pipe and
Fittings shall conform to ASTM F 2618. Pipe shall be Schedule 40 dimensions. One-
Step solvent cement shall be specially formulated for chemical waste applications and
conform to ASTM F493. All pipe, fittings and cement shall be supplied as a system by a
single manufacturer and shall be certified by NSF International for use in corrosive
waste drainage systems and shall bear the mark NSF-cw. Special Drain system to be
the ChemDrain system as manufactured by Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Co.
Installation to be in accordance with manufacturers instructions and all applicable local
code requirements. Buried pipe shall be installed in accordance with ASTM D 2321 and
ASTM F 1668. The system is intended for use in non-pressure chemical waste
applications with a maximum working temperature of 220 F.

PO Box 35430 Charlotte, NC 28235 USA 704/372-5030 800/438-6091 FAX 800/553-1605
Submittal Data CPVC Chemical Waste Drainage System Date:_________________
Job Name:__________________________ Location:______________________________

Engineer:___________________________ Contractor:____________________________

Material: ChemDrain Pipe, fittings, drains and accessories to be manufactured from rigid chlorinated
polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) compound with a cell classification of 23447 per ASTM D 1784.

Pipe: Schedule 40 dimensions, plain end, 10 ft. lengths.

Fittings: Socket Type, DWV pattern.
Pipe and fittings are manufactured in accordance with ASTM F 2618.
Transition couplings: Mechanical joint chemical duty couplings. All 300-series stainless steel
band and clamps with fluoroelastomer gasket.
Drains and floor clean outs: CPVC body with CPVC or 304 Stainless Steel top or grate. CPVC
tops are classified as light-duty, stainless steel tops are heavy-duty per ASME A 112.6.3
Jointing method: Socket, solvent cement except where transition to dissimilar materials is
indicated on plans using approved transition couplings, flanges or threaded connections.
Solvent Cement: ChemDrain solvent cement; specially formulated chemically resistant heavy-bodied
mustard yellow colored cement manufactured in accordance with ASTM F 493. Low-VOC*
* Charlotte ChemDrain Solvent cement is classified as Low-VOC per the emission limits established by the California South Coast
Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). MSDS Sheets available per request or at

Installation: Shall be in accordance with the Charlotte Pipe ChemDrain Technical Manual, latest
edition and all applicable codes.
Listings and approvals:
Listed by NSF International for chemical waste service and shall bear the mark NSF-cw, UPC
Buy-American certification: All ChemDrain CPVC pipe, fittings and cements are manufactured in the
United States of America (*exception: stainless steel drain parts which are purchased items and not of domestic manufacture).

The ChemDrain CPVC Chemical Waste system is proudly manufactured by

P. O. Box 35430 Charlotte, NC 28235

(800) 438-6091 (704) 348-6450

FO-CD-SUB (9-5-12)