Are you a recent college graduate, experienced professional or community leader interested in dedicating a year of service to New York City? Will you give your time, skills and passion at a time when the City needs you most? New York City is looking for a select group of dedicated individuals to commit one year to the NYC Civic Corps, an AmeriCorps affiliated program. By joining the NYC Civic Corps, you will have the unparalleled opportunity to serve New Yorkers where the City’s needs are greatest: education, health, economic opportunity, environment and clean energy. NYC Civic Corps members will gain:
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Strong civic knowledge about New York City; Skills in leadership, critical thinking, and project management; Experience working effectively in teams; Aptitude for effective community outreach; Memorable life experiences; New friends; Satisfaction in helping to make the greatest City in the world even greater!

NYC Civic Corps members will receive*:
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Monthly living stipend of $1,163 Health benefits End-of-service education award, to be applied toward higher education costs Student loan forbearance or deferment while in service Professional development and support from NYC Service & the Office of the Mayor

NYC Civic Corps members will serve full-time (40 hours per week) for one year, beginning in September, 2010.

If you are interested in joining the NYC Civic Corps, apply online at or call 311 (212-NEW-YORK outside of NYC).

GOV/SERVICE *Please note that this project is contingent on receiving federal funding administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the New York State Commission for National and Community suffix Phone Number:9046122304 Please omit dashes and parentheses Alternate Phone Number:       Please omit dashes and parentheses Gender: Male Female Have you served in any AmeriCorps program before? No Yes (please specify: ) DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to join the NYC Civic Corps Permanent Address Street: 7068 Rapid River Dr W Street 2:       City: Jacksonville State: FL ZIP Code: 32219 Email address: brandiroebuck@gmail.GOV/SERVICE -2- . APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. GENERAL INFORMATION First Name: Brandi Middle Name or Initial: Christina Last Name: Roebuck Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 03/29/1987 Place of Birth (City/State/Country): Birmingham/AL/USA Please note: Only U. APPLY ONLINE AT Please do NOT provide a student email address with a .DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS.S.

jewelry design and creation. Now that I have finished college.GOV/SERVICE -3- . I expect to contribute my growing love of service. As a little kid I was always the first to greet new students in class and I always got a thrill out of making them fell welcome. enhancing quality of life of the elderly and giving complimentary consultations to the impoverished farmers of north Alabama to enhance the non profit organization I am going to be working with. positive attitude towards mankind. I will ignite people’s drive to serve with innovative programs and commemorative keepsakes that will forever remind them of their donations to New York . somewhere I am less comfortable. Since I have grown older I have been involved in a number of service opportunities and they have always seemed like the right thing for me to be doing. I feel that in order to grow I need to break free from the confines of a metered. DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. I am expecting to use my past volunteer experiences tutoring children. I have become more interested in finding volunteer work than regular work since I am young and have no obligations but the ones I make unto myself. In proffering my services and passion. for me to have every facet of my being challenged and for me to provide a substantial amount of public service to others. Searching to fulfill these desires has led me to the Civic Corp.DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. As a member of Civic Corp. but I never really knew the name of the niche I was fulfilling. Civic Corp is offering a rare opportunity for me to meet those goals. charismatic spirit and the values that I have come to cherish to increase the city’s growing volunteer movement. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. Participation in this initiative will also allow me to liver the life of a civil servant and help me to determine if this is the perfect life for me. I will also be able to aid my non profit in fundraising by using my other passion. and I also want to live and work in New York City. I am looking to experience life outside of my homestead and off my old stomping grounds.GOV/SERVICE ESSAYS Why do you want to join the NYC Civic Corps? How can you contribute to the growing volunteer movement in New York City? (Up to 400 words)      An almost strong desire to give and serve others has been growing in me for as long as I can remember. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. as I have in the past with the Raining Cats and Dogs spay/neuter advocacy group in Tennessee. educating my peers with the Peer Educator Program. typical life and experience something completely different.

Additionally. character and values and leadership. Consulting minority farmers was an independent endeavor that I enjoyed very much. with a spay/neuter advocacy group and as a farm consultant. I was a presenter and announcer for the events. His mother noted how excited he was on the days we held tutoring sessions. and nomination forms for the Faculty appreciation Luncheon to T-shirt design for the B.DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. the B. my young charge improved his grades and we both enjoyed the interaction.O. With this agenda.       DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. games and food and the Best Bulldog Campaign. school wide platform. which garnered rave reviews from the university body.B. I worked as a Peer Educator. I did this for a semester of my senior year. (Up to 400 words) I have been involved in different service opportunities. and I donated handmade jewelry to the silent auction and as a gift for those who donated $20 or more. We took donations. The Block and Bridle Club I presided over mostly volunteered at the AAMU Agribition Center with our most successful night being a concert benefiting a spay/neuter advocacy group.GOV/SERVICE -4- . After graduating in 2005. had ever received recognition on a student nominated. were I worked with the Peer Educators in conjunction with the university’s Office of Counseling and Development.B. An associate of mine and I visited farmers in north Alabama to help them improve their animals' health and farm productivity. FL tutoring a middle school student and working in a nursing home. The Best Bulldog Campaign lasted three days and consisted of a fashion show. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC.Y. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. PowerPoint presentations. continued Describe past experiences that have prepared you to become an effective NYC Civic Corps member.O.Y. I started out in high school in Jacksonville. The Luncheon was the first time that professors. When I went to Alabama A&M University. While tutoring. roundtable discussion and Faculty Appreciation Luncheon. I entered Alabama A&M University and joined the University’s Honor Center. we erected posters and boards in the resident halls and orchestrated a number of successful campaigns including a suicide awareness seminar. some of whom were teaching for over three decades at A&M. I was responsible for most of the media that was included in these events. (Bring Your Own Brain) alcohol abstinence campaign which included guest speakers. Please include at least one example of your involvement in community service. I was a helper for the activity coordinator and after a while I became leader of BINGO and exercise for the home on weekends. campaign. from flyers used for advertisement.GOV/SERVICE ESSAYS. Five Honors students and I were given the task of creating events and bulletin boards pertaining to the topics of mental health and wellness.

Please indicate below your interest in working in each of the NYC Civic Corps Impact Areas.GOV/SERVICE RANK YOUR INTERESTS As a member of the NYC Civic Corps. Economic Opportunities: Education: Environment/Clean Energy: Health: Unmet Human Needs: High High High High High Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Low Low Low Low Low Please explain your choices in 100 words or less: I choose Umet Human Needs. Environment/Clean Energy: Reducing energy utilization and shrinking the City's carbon footprint. and arts and cultural institutions strong. Education: Helping youth in public schools. I am absolutely in love with nature and its bounty. schools need every resource that can be allocated for them. DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. Unmet Human Needs: Keeping our communities vibrant. Education is the keystone to our county's future and with funding diminishing. and my agricultural background spurs me toward any opportunity that will put me in touch with enhancing wildlife and the earth or ensuring its preservation. you will be assigned a placement that falls into one of the following Impact Areas: Economic Opportunities: Assisting those impacted by the economic downturn and other New Yorkers in need. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. so not seem like the best fit for my talents. parks green.DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. while important. Health and Economic Opportunities.GOV/SERVICE -5- . Environment/Clean Energy and Education as my highest priorities because these are things that I feel the most closely connected with. Health: Confronting major health challenges.

I am choosing Manhattan and Brooklyn and my top choices because I am the most familiarity with these from a 10 day excursion I took to New York in 2008. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC.DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. The remaining boroughs are ranked purely in order of travel ease.GOV/SERVICE -6- . since I have no reservations about working in any of the five boroughs. I have garaunteed housing in Brooklyn with a friend and I am considering housing in Staten Island. so these boroughs would be most conducive to travel. Please rank your preferences for serving in each of the NYC boroughs. These rankings are vital in the process of matching Corps members with appropriate host organizations and locations.GOV/SERVICE NYC Civic Corps members work in each of the five boroughs of New York City. DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. Be sure to describe any extenuating circumstances that require you to work in a specific location. The Bronx: Brooklyn: Manhattan: Queens: Staten Island: High High High High High Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Low Low Low Low Low Please explain your choices in 100 words or less. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC.

Business/Entrepreneur Community Organization/Development Computers/Technology Conflict Resolution Counseling Education Fine Arts/Crafts First Aid Fundraising/Grant Writing Law Leadership Medicine Outreach Public Health Public Speaking Recruitment Teaching/Tutoring Trade/Construction Writing/Editing Youth Development Other (Please specify) Farming/Gardening DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. Arabic Armenian American Sign Language Chinese Creole French German Greek Hmong Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Spanish Thai Vietnamese Other Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Spoken Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written Written (Please specify:       ) Please indicate the skills that you can contribute to a host organization. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC.GOV/SERVICE -7- . Your selection will be used to make the best possible match with an organization that needs your set of skills.DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC.GOV/SERVICE SKILLS Please list the languages that you can contribute to a host organization.

rabbits. birds and goats over the last decade and a half. farming and gardening. In college I was able to use some of my crafting skills to raise funds for a homeless animal advocacy group. continued Please use the space below to elaborate on the languages and skills that you indicated on the previous page (Up to 250 words). I am a jewelery maker and life long crafter. As an agricultural scientist and student. I donated about a dozen pieces of jewelry to the silent auction. (Adobe .DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. I was a tutor for a brief period while in high school. and vast amount of jewelry.DOC files accepted) DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. The child was always excited about our sessions.PDF or Word . I have made journals. I believe that crafting is a lifestyle. dogs. I will. I have engaged in gourd craft and I carved a hiking staff from found wood. The incentive program and auction raised about half of the proceeds collected at the benefit. I have owned cats. I have picked up some skills pertaining to animal husbandry. and his mother noted the improved grades and attitude he exhibited following our tutoring lessons. I also have been exploring container gardening. and I exercise that philosophy daily.GOV/SERVICE SKILLS. and I planned a donation incentive program for the night of the benefit. Anything that I can make or do myself.GOV/SERVICE -8- .    Please attach your résumé. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. rats.

DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS.GOV/SERVICE CONFIRMATION Please confirm that all of the following are true. I am a citizen or permanent resident of the United States who is eligible to serve in the NYC Civic Corps.163 per month. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC. I am willing to serve in the NYC Civic Corps for one full year. Sign by entering your full name here:       DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPY APPLICATIONS. APPLY ONLINE AT NYC.GOV/SERVICE -9- . I hold a Bachelors Degree (or will hold one by August. and I can serve for 40 hours per week. I understand that the stipend for NYC Civic Corps service is expected to be $1. I will submit to a background check by the Office of the Mayor. Please confirm that all information entered in this application is truthful. 2010). pending approval by the Corporation for National and Community Service. I understand that health benefits will be provided to NYC Civic Corps members. pending approval from the Corporation for National and Community Service. I can attend NYC Civic Corps Orientation in early September. 2010.