Short Bio

KARL F. ZELLER, Ph. D., Col (USAF Ret.)
K sub z, LLC Phone 970-484-2808
9401 Shoofly Cell 970-214-1958
Wellington, CO 80549

Ph.D., Colorado State University, Fluid Mechanics & Wind Engineering
(micrometeorological emphasis) 1990
USAF Air War College, Political Science Graduation Diploma 1987
MS. University of Utah, Air Pollution & Dispersion Meteorology 1972
BS. University of Utah Meteorology 1966
BS. Virginia Military Institute, Civil Engineering 1965


Karl Zeller recently taught the Being A Leader course as an experimental for-credit
course at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins CO. He is also a science consultant
working on climate research and a landlord. Prior to 2008 he spent about forty years
working in the fields of meteorology and air pollution for the Environmental Protection
Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The Bureau of Land
Management, the USDA Forest Service and for private consulting firms. He was a part-
time Air Force Reservist Weather Forecaster for 26 years. He has a PhD in Boundary
Layer Fluid Mechanics from Colorado State University. Karl was an American
Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist for ~30 years. As a youth he
milked cows as a farm boy and worked summers in a NJ paper mill. His hobby is
undisciplined meteorology.

Selected Publications

Nikolov N, Zeller K (2017) New insights on the physical nature of the
atmospheric greenhouse effect deduced from an empirical planetary temperature model.
Model.pdf DOI: 10.4172/2573-458X.1000112
Volokin D, ReLlez L (2014) On the average temperature of airless spherical
bodies and the magnitude of Earth's atmospheric thermal effect. SpringerPlus 3:723,
doi:10.1186/2193-1801-3-723. [note names
spelled backward for clandestine publication]
Nikolov, N.; K.F. Zeller, 2003, Modeling coupled interactions of carbon, water,
and ozone exchange between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. I: Model
description Environmental Pollution, Vol.124: 2, July 2003, pp 231-246.
Zeller, K.; Nikolov, N., Quantifying simultaneous fluxes of ozone, carbon dioxide
and water vapor above a subalpine forest ecosystem. Envir. Poll.
Zeller, K.F., Wintertime ozone fluxes and profiles above a subalpine spruce-fir
forest. J. Appl. Meteor.
Donev, E., Zeller, K., Avramov, A., 1998. Influence of valley winds on
summertime ozone concentration at sloped Bulgarian Mountain Site. J. Balkian Ecology.
1:4 58-64, 1998.
Zeller, K. and T. Hehn, Measurements of upward turbulent ozone fluxes above a
subalpine spruce-fir forest, GRL, 23:8 841-844, 1996.
Zeller, K., Cerny, M., Bytnerowicz, A., Smith, L., Sestak, M., Michalec, M.,
Pernegr, V. & Kucera, J. Air pollution status of a representative site in the Czech
Republic Brdy mountains. Environmental Pollution. 98:3 291-297, 1997.
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analysis of ozone measurements in the Boston environs. JGR. 82:37 5879-5888, 1977.