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Creating a New Weight Loss Mindset

Building Your Desire

Building a strong desire involves taking the time to understand what you truly
want. This understanding allows you to pursue your goal with passion and enthusiasm.

Without a strong desire it’s easy to get sidetracked on your journey and accomplish

By knowing exactly what you want, everything else falls in place. You mind gets
focused on your highest priorities, and you develop a sense of being “on purpose”.


A simple yet powerful way to create a compelling desire is to write down exactly
why you want to lose weight.

In the space below you have room to write fifteen reasons you want to lose weight.

Take time NOW to complete this exercise.

It is important to come up with all 15 reasons.

You might find that your first few reasons will not be very profound.

Most people find themselves saying:

“I want my clothing to fit better.”
“I want to look better.”
“I want to lose weight before vacation”.

While these are very valid and important reasons, they might not be deep and
compelling enough to carry you to your ultimate goal.

However, by compiling a long list the real you comes through.

In just a few minutes of focused thought, you can uncover powerful, emotion-packed
reasons that will take your desire to a whole new level.

I want to stop looking pregnant at 55! 11. 6. 16. I want to be able to cross my legs when sitting. I want to avoid future hernias. I want to accomplish this weight loss while my mom is still alive. I want to be able to tuck my shirt or blouse in. I want to live longer and better. I want to be comfortable looking in a mirror instead of avoiding them. I want my feet. 18. I want to control my diabetes or even put it in remission. 13. 10. You will see by reading her list how this simple exercise can build a very intense passion to succeed. 1. I want to fit more comfortably in an airline seat. 19. 5. I want to lose weight because. I want to be able to get down on the floor and get back up. 14. knees and back to have to work less and be more pain-free. 4. I want to go swimming and not be self-conscious. I want to prevent future heart and health problems. 7. “I don’t want my clothes to fit so tight”. Can you see how building a complete list. 8. 9.. I want to be comfortable having my picture taken. 3. I want to be able to sit on plastic lawn furniture without fear. 17.Below I have included an actual list created by one of my clients. . 2. and really taking the time and effort to look deep inside yourself can make all the difference in the world? Can you see how this list stirs up emotions buried deep inside? This is so much more powerful than the routine answers we typically hear such as. 12. I might want to wear a skirt or dress again. I want to sleep better. I want to be an inspiration to others. I want more stamina. 15..

It’s very important that you come up with all 15 reasons (you will notice that my client actually came up with 19!). Write down 15 reasons why you want to lose weight. If you stop short of 15 you will be cheating yourself out of a very important step toward your freedom from this issue.I have included a few questions below to help you get your mind in the right place. . Use your answers to these questions to help you create your list of 15 reasons: Does your weight or how you feel about your body hold you back from fully enjoying life? If so. how? What do you avoid doing because of your weight? What is more difficult for you to do because of your extra weight? What would accomplishing this goal mean to you and your life? What are the problems associated with continuing on your current health path? Are there events coming up in your life that would be enhanced if you were healthier or thinner? Would reaching your goal be an inspiration to anyone? Now it is your turn.

7. I want… 2. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that arise. 11. 6. 12. 1. 3. Take a moment to read your list. Circle any reason(s) that produces a good feeling or a strong emotion. 5. 4. . or start it and come back to it. 8. Congratulations! Now let’s take it a step further. Make your statements brief and to the point.15 Reasons I Want to Lose Weight Now Start your reason with the words “I want”. This is your first step toward permanent change. 10. You can complete the list in one brainstorming session. 15. 13. 9. 14. The only way you can do this exercise wrong is to not do it at all.

At this stage of the game it is not necessary to know exactly how you are going to get there. Does your Wellness Vision take place on a beach. 1. look like and feel like when you are where you want to be. chose your actors. but a good range to consider is two to twelve months from now. 2. The first thing you want to do is pick the setting for your movie. This is a brief paragraph that describe in vivid detail what life will be like. Is your spouse or best friend present? Are you coworkers there cheering for you? Who is with you to share this spectacular moment? .CREATE A WELLNESS VISION You can now build off of the list you just made by creating a Wellness Vision. at work or at a social function? What are you wearing? What’s the energy level in this place? Your Wellness Vision can be for any time in the future. The Creation Process Think of your Wellness Vision as a mini-movie. When you are certain about what you want and keep your mind constantly focused on it the how unfolds before you. smell like. with you as the star. Next. All that is important is that you have a clear vision of what “there” is.

Let this exercise be fun! Pick the Elements of Your Wellness Vision Below: When does your vision take place? (pick a date 2 to 12 months from now) ________________________________________________________________ Where does your vision take place? ________________________________________________________________ Who is present? ________________________________________________________________ What is happening? ________________________________________________________________ What can you hear. smell and see around you? ________________________________________________________________ How do you feel inside? ________________________________________________________________ . Do not let any doubt enter into your mind as you create your vision. Now.3. What action is taking place? Are you entering a room as all eyes turn to look at your stunning new body? Are you walking up to the podium to accept an award? Are you walking on the beach collecting seashells as the cool ocean breeze blows through your hair? Develop this scene fully. Visualize in full color. You don’t have to worry about how you will make this Wellness Vision a reality. The only thing that’s important is to create a clear and vivid picture of what you want. describe the scene. Including any scent that is present. Feel how your body feels.

I take a deep breath of the salty air. My cousins. A few samples are below: “It is June 1st and I am walking along the beach at the edge of the water with my sandals in my hand. and I feel ecstatic as I realize how firm and tone my body is. The water feels cool as it laps up against my feet. My husband wraps his arm around my waist. As I raise my glass the muscles in my arm feel firm and strong. and I can smell the clean fresh country air. It is a beautiful sunny day.” “I am walking toward the park pavilion where my family is gathering for our annual family reunion. aunts and uncles can’t stop talking about how great I look. My commitment has paid off. I feel like bursting with excitement inside. Make sure you are writing in the present tense using “I am” as if the vision is already a reality.” “I am hosting a Christmas party and my house and my body are in perfect shape. and I feel like I am on top of the world. My favorite Christmas music is playing in the background. Write your Wellness Vision here: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ .Take your answers and combine them to create a short Wellness Vision. and I stand up to give a toast to my guests.

Your old ways had years to take hold and are firmly programmed into your subconscious mind. . *Read and feel the emotion behind your vision a minimum of 3 times a day. At the age of thirty-two. waiting in line at the grocery store or when you are tempted to cheat. I vowed that I would run a marathon before I turned forty. it will take a minimum of thirty days for this new information to feel right. It is important for you to be patient with yourself as you are making these changes.When you read over your vision it should make you feel good and full of positive emotions. In January of 2007 I decided to hold myself to a pledge I had made eight years prior. Do this visualization exercise three times a day. Old habits. Flood your mind with this image. thoughts and beliefs do not change overnight. and it will enable you to make the right choices as tempting situations come up. Emotion puts power behind your words. so I knew it was now or never. Allow yourself to focus on the mental picture it creates until you truly feel inspired by it. through repetition your mind will accept it. for at least 30 days. I chose a race called the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. Let me give you an example from my own personal experience of just how powerful the use of this visualizing process can be. Let it play in your mind as a movie over and over again. Pull up the vision when you are stopped at a stop light. every day. Ohio (the name implies the thought that “I will run a marathon when pigs fly”). In January I realized that I only had seven months before the big 4-0. Feel free to tweak it if you must. and allow no room for doubt. Now that your vision is created you must program it into your mind and the only way to do that is to repeat it. So. guaranteed.

When I started training I not only got my body ready to run. I had completed a difficult physical training process. but also my mind. Weeks before the race. “I am absolutely certain in my ability to run the Flying Pig Marathon in 4:44. I woke up that morning. which often required getting up before the sun on some very cold Saturday mornings.” I repeated this phrase to myself three times a day. 4 hours and 44 minutes. Race day finally came on Sunday. and never let myself doubt it (even on the days it didn’t seem plausible because I was feeling tired and worn out). Every Saturday I would head out for my “long run”. I felt physically strong and I was glad the moment had arrived. every day. I not only used visualization during my training. I realized that I was crossing the line in the exact time I had visualized. May 6th. I would get such a visual picture in my mind of that awesome moment that my arms would often fly up in the air and tears would come to my eyes. then got ready to run. While I was feeling some nervousness. I crossed that finish line 17 times in my mind before the race even began. regardless of how I felt. I looked myself in the mirror when I said it. cramping in my legs and a level of fatigue I had never experienced before. looked myself in the mirror and said with confidence my belief builder phrase. But when the finish line came into view I was overcome by emotion. I endured warmer than expected temperatures. I started repeating this phrase to myself. The race was grueling. I also used “belief builders”. I would run the last 100 feet like they were the final steps of my 26. As the run finished.2 mile journey. my arms flew up in the air and my eyes filled with tears. . I did this by visualizing myself running across the finish line.

there is no way to do this incorrectly. add phrases to your board that reinforce your desire such as. This is a collage of pictures that represent what you want to attract into your life. Hang your vision board where you will see it on a very regular basis. Another great way to use visualization is to create a Vision Board. The images can be of the body you want to attain or the places you want to visit in your new body. They might be pictures of clothing you want to wear or jewelry you want to reward yourself with. in your master bath or any place you will see it throughout your day. Putting it next to your bed is an excellent idea because it provides your brain with a quick and vivid reminder of your purpose first thing in the morning. “I love buying this size 8 dress. things that you will do with ease when your body is light and moves freely. think creatively.” “The beach is a great place to be!” These can be written on note cards. You can also incorporate things you want to be able to do such as an image of someone riding a bike.. Be creative.AN ADDITIONAL TOOL TO HELP YOU BUILD YOUR DESIRE 1. You can either pin them to a cork board.. A very basic way of creating a vision board is by gathering images from magazines or the internet that arouse emotion in you because they are exactly what you want. running in a race or swimming in the ocean. Let this be a fun exercise and allow yourself to use your imagination. in the kitchen. at night it lets your subconscious fill with the images. or create a collage of pictures on your computer. You can also place your board at work. paste them to a poster board. For more impact. CREATE A VISION BOARD Visualizing is one of the most powerful tools in your success toolbox. .” “I look lean and strong sitting on my Harley Davidson Soft Tail. written directly on your board or cut out of magazines.

return your focus to the images on your vision board and smile – you got this! . If you allow it to enter it will destroy your passion and kill your goal. When you feel doubt coming on..” “I have everything I need to succeed.” Then. replace it with a conscious. “Nothing is going to get in my way.. positive thought such as. Doubt is cancer of the mind. By putting your focus on your vision board several times a day. instead FEEL as if you have already achieved the things you see. there is no room for doubt in this exercise. you will manifest the things you truly desire and deserve! One word of caution. and staying positive.Do not just look at the images.