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Company name: Habib Shoe Company

Location: Gudiyatham

Date of visit: 10 th September, 2016

1. Introduction

Habib Shoe Company is a manufacturing industry. It manufactures wide

varieties of shows which are different models according to the order received.

It receives the tanned leather from the various sources ,from different places
of our country and also from abroad also according to the requirement the
shoe they manufacture.

The company had own storage house to store the tanned leather which is used
for manufacturing shoe products. Store house has a capacity to store tanned
leather which is sufficient for meeting a one year requirement of
manufacturing industry.

First when the tanned leather reaches the manufacturing are ,first it is tested
in various aspects like quality, without scarmarks,holes,thickness etc .,turn and
under goes through various steps before it turn into shoe.

Shoes are manufactured based on the order received from various companies
different shoes models are manufactured in large units and exported to the
ordered. Exports are managed by a specific team which takes specifically work
for exporting product to reach the .this team works on mainly on export

2. Organizations with associated these leather industries

Popular brand organisations are associated with this Habib manufacturing unit.
These include companies like:

Tommy Hilfiger, Luis Philip, Hudson London,


Initially the leather undergoes checking by the experts team to check in

aspects of quality, damages etc., first the leather is cut into pieces according to
the required size. Next the pieces are pressed in machines for designs.

Initial material was passed through sequential steps so that design and upper
part of the shoe is prepared, in next sequential steps soul part is prepared and
upper part is attached to soul. Next the process continues with where brand
logos, sizes of shoe, moulding of material, stitching works are done. These
processes occur in 60 to 70 steps. Basic shoe (shape) is made .setting the shoe
hard soul with body and gumming, pressing allowing it to dry. Finally the shoe
is polished and packed into boxes.



5. Habib Shoe Company s Industrial visit provides us a practical perspective on

the world of work. It provides us an opportunity to learn practically through
interaction, working methods and practices followed. It gives us exposure to
work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge taught at classes.
This Industrial visit provides an excellent opportunity to interact with industries
and know more about industrial , market dealing, importing of raw materials,
export procedure,approx price variations ,business dealing. Industrial realities
are opened to the students through industrial visits.
4. Entry mode into Export markets

Habib Shoe Company manufactures products based on the contact received

from their clients on lot or in huge quantities orders.

The mode of entry to market is contractual mode .