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Kitchens & Laundry

Design Consultancy Profile

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dezigntechnic is a kitchen, laundry and waste facilities consultant

with a speciality in industrial catering and laundry facilities design
for large scale projects. We are a design consultant with many
years of expertise in the hospitality industry. Our commitment is
to supply you with most ideal facilities built to your purpose with
no ties to specific manufacturer or suppliers.

dezigntechnic is a service company that provides multidisciplinary

design management & project supervision services to clients in
the Mena Region. We serve the needs of corporate, institutional
and governmental establishments. We have acquired a relatively
proficient track record in services to a number of international
operators through landmark hospitality projects both across the
MENA region.
Kitchen & Laundry

dezigntechnics wide portfolio of projects includes some of

the most successful and exciting hospitality ventures across
the MENA region.

Partnering with client teams within a given project, we aim

to innovate through our expertise using the most effective
measures and assuring a comprehensive approach to our
logistical planning of appliances and equipment that translates
into a successful design converting an empty space into an
operational catering and laundry facility.

Kitchen & Laundry
Design / Planning

Our design incorporates all safety and energy wastage

controls to guarantee the most proficient environment
that is vital to the operatiablity of a facility, delivering a
gifted customer satisfaction. Our industrial kitchen and
laundry designers work with developers and architects
to optimize the use of available space and deliver the
efficacious hospitality atmosphere.

Our design consultants are skilled to enhance client

intentions with creative designs and in-depth
technical expertise.

Our service commitments are to assist in:

Concept development/advancement
Base Build and environmental Assessment
Kitchen Design
Laundry Design
Waste Management
Project Management
Equipment Management
Procurement services


We are committed to our clients by providing the highest

quality and cost-effective design service, meeting all
commitments on time.

In general, we aim to:

Satisfy our customers needs and expectations.
Deliver State-of-Art technology within the design scope
Meet all the objectives.
Verify that our services meet the agreed requirements.
Monitor key performance indicators and benchmarks.
Through true diligence maintain leadership in the design
Comply with applicable regulatory and government


To be an proficient kitchen and laundry design

consultancy firm with a reputation for reliability and
quality in the industry through our combined strength
through solid teamwork.

We pursue the achievement of our mission through

a clear vision and perspicacious strategy that allows
an overall discernment of our real capabilities and
tendencies within the market in our region. Our thrust
will always be to concentrate on our competencies
with our aspiration to be leaders in this industry. We
endeavour to employ adequate quality assurance in
our continual pursuit of service excellence.



Dezigntechnic offers its clients a wide range of

design services in Kitchens and laundry with waste
management planning solutions. We offer futuristic
and advanced designs in addition to our consultancy
services while meeting clients operational needs and
budgets for the following facilities:

1. Commercial kitchens
2. Cold rooms
3. Commercial laundry facilities
4. Food and beverages waste management concepts.

Our services encompasses kitchen and laundry

design solutions for new projects, developments and
refurbishment/improvement thus providing:

Space saving and management solutions

Advanced planning and design
Tender preparation, bid evaluation, vendor selection,
expediting, and product testing/acceptance
Complete project management
Site supervision


Kitchen & Laundry design relates to the following

industries including:

Convention Centers
Architects and Project Management Firms
Rail and Mass Transportation Projects
Government Organizations
Food processing plants
Hotels & Resorts
Healthcare facilities
Sports facilities
Shopping malls
Airline caterers
Food factories
Private sectors


Scope of Works
Phase 1

Kitchen and Laundry Design Drawings (including Zoning and Equipment Layout)

Data collation and consultation with Client/ and o p e r a t i o n a l teams to develop an overall understanding
of proposals and operational concepts.

Develop schematic layout for all areas identified in the catering and laundry zones in accordance to HACCP regulations.
Prepare all equipment layout drawings for each division.
Design coordination with client lead architect/consultant, MEP representatives and other related third parties on the project.
Draft outline budget.
Submit draft kitchen, laundry and all related design drawings.
Review with Client and nominated parties. This includes revision of submitted layouts to reflect agreed changes
and future developments.

Phase 2

Kitchen and Laundry Utility consumption analysis

(Gas, Power, Plumbing)

Prepare Energy Consumption reports from load distribution plans.

Prepare an estimated utility load requirement list.
Develop utility plans and list for each equipments including dimensional positioning, Input/Output (I/O)
requirements and interfaces using CAD (3D) modelling.

Phase 3

Tendering Service

Assistance in issuance of tender documents and drawings to pre-qualified bidders.

Provide tendering support fror bidders during tendering processes.
This includes provision of supplementary drawings, specifications, instructions and notices of bidding schedule changes.
Prepare bid evaluation procedure and scoring sheets for bid submissions.
Assist in bid openning and evaluation process. Also assist in bid recommendation.
Ass i s t in preparat ion of cont ract including development of terms of agreement, scope of work, contract commercial
(costing/invoicing) strategy.

Phase 4

Bidding and Tender Evaluation

Provide complete sets of tender documents and drawings to pre-qualified bidders.

Prepare addenda as may be required during tendering or negotiation, including supplementary
drawings, specifications, instructions and notices of changes in the tendering schedule and procedure.
Prepare a bid analysis spreadsheet for the client to review bid submissions.
Prepare bid submission recommendation based on submissions.
Assist the Client with the Tender process, such as attendance at the tender openings, participation in tender
conferences, and preparation of the recommendation on award of contract.
Compile all technical and pricing documents, drawings, amendments, etc. and submit to the Client/
Lead Architect / Project Management to complete the final contract documents.

Phase 5

Construction Administration and Handover

Review and approve, if required, all shop drawings prior to fabrication to ensure proper adherence to specifications and standards.
Conduct fabrication inspection at local manufacturers premises.
Conduct final inspection and acceotance, if required, of locally fabricated equipment prior to delivery.
Assist in dealing with fabricators enquires.
Review design/fabrication changes and approve, if required.
Supervise installation and commissioning of equipment at site.
Perform completion inspection and prepare punch list noting differences from plans, designs and specifications.
Supervise handover and operator training of equipment at site.

Phase 6

Waste Management Supplementary Assist

Provide best practical methods of waste management this includes colour coding and disposal.
Specify waste compactors according to waste analysis.
Assist in effective waste storage location.



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Titanic Resort Sameh Hewaidaq Safaga Paradise Resort Marsa Allam
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Intercontinental Benghazi Libya Qaroon Village - Fayoum (Design and supervision)
El Soany Hospital Tripoli Libya Le Prince Hotel - Sharm
Royal Amwaj Dubai Club Fanara Hurgada

P.O. Box: 41175 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
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Kitchens & Laundry Design Consultancy