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Agile Training Course Outlines

CI/CD with Jenkins

Jenkins is a leading open-source tool that can automate just about anything. Jenkins provides hundreds
of core and plugin-based capabilities to automate the entire flow of developing and deploying software.
At Agility Roots, we believe it is important to understand this tool thoroughly in order to adopt Continuous
Integration and Continuous Delivery practices which are part of the DevOps mindset.

This is a self-paced workshop that takes participants through the underlying philosophies of Continuous
Integration and Continuous Delivery. The workshop then introduces various features of Jenkins through
Do-It-Yourself exercises. The objective is to provide participants with the tools necessary to introduce
Jenkins-based CI / CD into their software projects.

Course Content
1. Introduction
Life before CI CI: Practices and Responsibilities
CI: What and Why? CI: Tools

2. Introducing Jenkins
Brief History Typical use cases
The Jenkins Architecture

3. Get Started
DIY: Install on Windows DIY: Install on Linux (Ubuntu and RHEL)

4. Jenkins Jobs
Job types DIY Exercise
Schedule jobs
Send email

5. Master/Slave architecture
Use Cases DIY Exercise

6. Administration
A plugin for everything Access Control and Security

7. Integrations
With SCM DIY Exercise
With project management tools

8. Other topics
Jenkins Pipelines Jenkins on the cloud
Jenkins Docker Image
Agile Training Course Outlines

Basic command line commands and scripting
Knowledge of injecting environment variables in Java Program / Shell / Windows Environment
Basic knowledge of Maven / ANT as build tool
Basic knowledge of REST
64 bit Windows / Mac / Linux laptops or computers with at least 4 GB RAM