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Competency KnowAgile Have your teams attained

the requisite trainings and


Development DoAgile Are their behaviors and practices

consistent with their knowledge?

BeAgile Are your teams living the values

and principles of Agile?

QAIs competency development interventions for coach the coaches, provide training across a suite
Agile focuses on creating the knowledge, skills, of titles, progress people to certification and provide
behaviors and cultures conducive to the Agile way feedback to management on interventions required
ofworking and life. after doing knowledge, skill and culture health checks.
QAIsexpertise in competency development comes
Organizations will typically engage QAI to create from 30years of working with clients across continents.
role based competency frameworks, hire coaches,

QAI's Competency Framework

Career Framework & Path
The Career Framework is composed of distinct Career Ladders Tracks, Roles,
and unique positions and can be used to determine current 1 Paths, Domains,
level and the possible progressions for an individual

Career Architecture & Roadmap

Competency Framework
A competency framework is a structure that sets out and
2 Tools,
defines each individual competency required by individuals Skills,
working in an organization.
Role Description 3 Profile, R&R,
Role descriptions are written statements that describe the KRA, Reporting,

Change Management
duties, responsibilities, contributions and outcomes needed Mgmt.,
from a role, required qualifications, and reporting relationships.

Role Skill Framework 4 Technology,

The Role Skills Framework is a model for describing and PM, Enablers,
Domain, Soft
managing skills for professionals, and is intended to help Skill, Customer
match the skills of the workforce to the needs of the business
Proficiency Levels & Progression Criteria K1 K7, Lateral
Proficiency Levels is a scale that reflects the amount of Criteria
proficiency typically required by the individual within a skill
area, and as required by the role.
6 Skill Categories,
Learning Plan &

Role Based Assessment


Sub Categories,

Areas, Units,
The act of evaluating the individuals capabilities, aptitude, Criteria,
behavioral and domain aspects and thus assessing the
fitment to a specific role.

Learning Enablement
7 Courses,
Learning Enablement involves acquisition of knowledge, skills, Evaluation,
and competencies to meet specific goals of improving ones Certification
capability, capacity, and performance in the role.

30 years
Inviting people to personal transformation
is key to the transformation of the whole

Training Offerings
QAI provides a full range of Agile trainings for individuals, These trainings focus across different sections of
project teams and organizations to successfully the team namely: Beginners (Foundation Level),
adopt Agile methods and practices. QAI offers both AgilePractitioners (Advanced Level) and Socializing
customized corporate and public workshops to meet Agile (Leadership Level).
the specific needs of project teams to accelerate skill

Foundation Level Advanced Level Leadership Level

Mastering Agile Scrum Agile User Stories, Estimation & Executive Overview to Agile
Planning, Test Strategies and Methodology
Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Management
Co-Existence of Agile & CMMI
Certified Scrum Product Software Engineering Excellence
Owner (CSPO) Using XP
SAFE Scaled Agile Framework
Agile Project Management
Kanban Become Agile with Lean
Software Development
Test Driven Development (TDD) and
Refactoring Workshop
Design Principles and Patterns
Product Discovery Workshop

Fast Facts
QAI has clients in more than 30 countries 600+ Man-Years of consulting experience
across the world Over 1,40,000 professionals trained
Certification examinations conducted in worldwide
over 135 countries Experienced in conducting 250+
Variety of delivery modes Online, Assessments and Appraisals
Instructor Led, Consulting and ACFC

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USA | India | China | Singapore