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Kaunlaran High School

Phase I Kaunlaran Village NBBS Navotas City

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Grade 10 - __________________

Magnetism Crossword

1 2 3 Down
1 The ends of a magnet. (5)
4 2 The end of a magnet that is
5 6
traditionally indicated with red
color. (5)
3 The property of floating when two
like poles are placed one on top of
8 9 10 the other. (10)
4 A metal that has magnetic
properties. Hint: It begins with C.
5 In an electromagnet, the magnetic
forces increase as __________
increases. (7)
6 A metal that has magnetic
properties. (4)
14 15
9 A force that can attract and repel
16 certain metals. (9)
10 A device that changes motion into
electricity using magnets and
spinning coils of wire. (9)
13 All of the lines of force around a
magnet. (5)
14 Many loops of wire placed one on
top of another. (4)
2 A metal that has magnetic properties. Hint: It begins
15 A device that changes electricity
with N (6)
into motion using magnets. (5)
7 The end of a magnet that is traditionally indicated
with blue color. (5)
8 A magnet made by electric current. (13)
11 Magnetic forces decrease as this increases. (8)
12 What opposite magnetic poles do. (7)
14 A device that uses the Earth's magnetic field to
indicate which way north is. (7)
16 What like magnetic poles do. (5)
Electromagnetism Cloze
Fill in the blanks with words from the box.

cars coils currents electromagnetism

fans generator hydroelectric kinetic
magnetic motor spins turbine

Magnetism and electricity are connected in a way

that is very useful to people. Magnetic fields can be
used to generate electric _________________ and
electric currents can be used to generate
_________________ fields. This connection
between magnets and electricity is called
_________________. How does this work? As
Hydroelectric generators convert
a_________________ of wire spins in a magnetic
the kinetic energy of water
flowing downhill into electricity. _________________, a current flows through it.

A device that uses a coil of spinning wires in a magnetic field to make electricity is
called a _________________. A _________________ power plant, for
example, uses the energy of flowing water to generate electricity. As water flows
from a high place to a low place, it pushes on _________________ blades
causing them to spin. Coils of wire are attached to the spinning turbine and
placed next to magnets. As the coil _________________ in the magnetic field,
electric current flows through the wires. In short, the _________________
energy of water is transformed into electrical energy.
This process can be reversed to produce an electric _________________. An
electric current through a coil of wires in a magnetic field will cause the coil to
start spinning. This coil is attached to an axle, which can be used to move
something else such as a wheel or a blade. _________________ and toy cars
are examples of devices that use an electric motor to generate motion.