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1. The problem that this research considered , the link between the exam performance and
the happiness of the students of the courses that they study .The reason behind the level
of happiness of the students depending on how they perform on their exams .
2. The problem is interesting because it shows how students happiness can be affected on
just how they perform on these exams , which evaluates their potential based on their
grades that marks an impact on these students mental behavior .
3. The methods used in this research was grouping the students into four categories based
on their grades as
 A’ s
 B’ s
 C’ s
 D’ s and lower
 The research had a scale from 1-10 (strongly agree and strongly disagree) which
made it easier for the research to conclude their findings .Then they took an
average of the students responses and later conducted a Bonferroini corrected T-
test to ascertain there were no significant differences between groups.
4. The research findings concluded that there were no difference in happiness between
students who scored A’s , B’s and C’s but students who scored D’s and lower were less
happy than the students in the other two groups .
5. The evidence that supports this research is shown below :
 A’s ,B’s and C’s (T = 1.17, p = 0.39)
 D’s and lower ( T= 3.91,p= 0.003 and T= 4.71, p= 0.0007)these readings tells us
on the above mentioned answer.
 It was also said that the happiness is directly affected by the exam performance of
the students especially for those students who scored D’s and lower as they seem
less happy and for those who scored C’s are traditionally seen to be the passing


Why is a Dog a Man’ s best friend ?

A dog is a Man’s most loyal possession .The dog remains faithful to his master till he dies due to
that, we have much to learn from them in our human relationships. No matter how passionately
you search for truth, you can’t be sure in things you try to believe. Meanwhile dogs prove their
honesty with no words. Sometimes even it seems to us, that they understand us better than
anyone else, and although they can’t speak in turn, they always support us with their faithful
eyes, putting their heads on our knees and probably trying to assure us that everything will be
okay. A dog saves the memories of his master ,it does not murmur or complains about its
insecurities .It relies on being useful in times of his master’s needs. It adapts to any new space
without being discourteous to its new owner or home. It never shares the burden of death to his
its master as it leaves in silence. The bond shared by a dog is pure and innocent when give love
and care. A dog protects people who love it with all its might without being selfish about its own
life .They become resourceful by eating and drinking only when felt the need and never wastes
its energy on unnecessary entities.

A dog is always a man’s best friend and maintains the longest relationship with its master in all
the past and presents of one’s individual’s life.