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The Dragon Door Family Comes Together at the

Inaugural Health and Strength Conference

assion. Dedication. Intensity. Brilliance. Integrity. whine about how other supposedly less-skilled individuals
Inspiration. Commitment. Drive. Power. Spirit. are getting more customers and more attention than they
Creativity. Innovation. Grace. Energy. Generosity. deserve. Rolando Garcia III did a brilliant job knocking
Care. Humor. Flexibility that delusion on it head, with his Intrinsic Excellence
Dragon Door
presentation. Perceived value and its commensurate rewards
These are the words that jump into my head as I think are earned by application of a specific set of competencies. Publications presents
back to the remarkable gathering of Dragon Door authors, Implement Rolandos advice and you will have all the success
leadership and enthusiasts this past August, at our inaugural you can handle as a trainer
Health and Strength Conference in Minneapolis.
The RKC was strongly represented by excellent Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Chris Hardy gave the keynote on the subject of the presentations from Andrea Du Cane and Max Shank. The
Stress Cup and how it impacts our training. Few folk out PCC leaders Al and Danny Kavadlo were their usually John Du Cane
there train with a proper understanding of how multi- inspirational selvesStrongman and Neuro-Mass author
sourced stress needs to be factored in to optimize your health Jon Bruney gave an impassioned and thought-provoking Editorial
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and strength gains. The docs advice in this arena was golden session that pushed the envelope on advanced strength
and worth the price of admission alone. Chriss Strong training methodsMike Gillette demoed his excellent Rings
Medicine co-author, the magisterial Marty Gallagher, gave of Power programand the Jersey Boysand two of my
an extraordinarily moving presentation on the fundamentals favorite guysZach Even-Esh and Phil Ross gave high-
of absolute strength training, then the duo finished the octane, high value talks
conference with an eye-opening demonstration of advanced
strength methods employing the CrossCore 180 device. Thanks to each and everyone of them for making the
conference such a massive success!
A special highlight, for me personally, was watching our
Mental Muscle author Logan Christopher, coach RKC Look for details of the next, 2016 Health and Strength
Team Leader Katie Petersen from a previous PR of 2 reps Conference to be announced shortly
in the one-arm push-up toget this7 reps! And using ONLY
mental training tips. Mind-blowing, to say the least Yours in friendship, strength and health,

Many trainers are legends in their own mindsand John Du Cane

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10 Reasons You Should Train with an RKC
And Take Full Advantage of Your Kettlebells
Transformational Power
By Lori Crock, RKC Team Leader

An online fitness magazine caught my attention 4. REGAIN
recently when the headline read, The Problem FOUNDATIONAL
with Kettlebells is MOVEMENt being
able to move well is
The article explained that the problem is there are not something we never
enough certified kettlebell coaches to match the interest in stop learning, teaching
kettlebells at the average gym. The result is poor technique and practicing with our
and injuries resulting from no understanding of how to do own training and with
the movements and lifts. our students. Movement
always comes before
strength. A certified
But there are plenty of Russian Kettlebell Certified
coach will challenge
(RKC) coaches out there who can not only keep people
their students to address
safe, but help them reach the next level of fitness.
whatever issues present
with the FMS or other
movement assessment
Here are my 10 reasons why tool. Some foundational movement improvements
lift and carry and ongoing mobility work to reach goals.
I highly recommend the book, Master the Kettlebell for
you should hire an RKC-certified realized with RKC coaching include: squatting, lunging,
reaching, hinging, lifting, carrying and single-leg
more information about RKC methods and programming.

kettlebell coach: balancing.

PRACTICES programming at my gym is 80-90%
1. TRAIN SAFELY at all of the RKC certification 5. ACQUIRE A NEW SKILL when people inquire kettlebell-focused. This will vary among certified
events, safety is the number 1 priority. You will use about kettlebell training I compare this to learning a kettlebell trainers of course, but programming kettlebell
kettlebells safely or you will not be using them at all. A skill like golf or skiing. It takes time and practice to get training along with barbells, TRX, Crossfit, yoga and the
certified coach is a representative of the RKC community really good at this. But even in the first month, under the martial arts works and yields great results in terms of
and we are responsible for keeping our clients safe and direction of a certified coach, students can become skillful building strength and resilience.
safely progressing in their kettlebell skills and mobility at the key lifts. They can take this skill with them into the
work. rest of their lives into any gym, home, on vacation or at
the office. The kettlebell is a handheld gym, so this is a skill
an RKC certified coach will teach you single-arm and
2. GET STRONG our certification prepares us to that they can use often in varied environments.
two-arm movements and lifts. With the single-arm
design programs to get our students stronger using kettlebell training especially, weaknesses or asymmetries
smart, proven hardstyle technique that yields results. An 6. UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY TO PREVENT may become apparent. An RKC is trained to address/
RKC has learned and practiced numerous regressions INJURY there is absolutely no way to train with improve/eliminate imbalances to prevent injury and
and progressions to address movement challenges and kettlebells and not learn something new about your body increase performanceand refer someone to a medical
adapt the skills to different fitness levels. For example, in terms of posture, breathing and muscular-skeletal professional when someone has pain or seriously
if a student is struggling with the swing, we have activation. A physical therapist friend said that he had dysfunctional movement.
multiple methods to address issues such as a lack of hip no idea about the power of the latissimus dorsi until he
mobilization, squatting or hip pop timing issues and so on. started using kettlebells. Understanding how and when
to engage and use the lats and other key muscles, such
FIRST the RKC program focuses on making us good
3. MOVE WITH POWER AND PRECISION as the glutes and hamstrings, is something that many
kettlebell coaches. RKCs enjoy training with kettlebells,
people sometimes ask me, How long before I get really life-long exercisers have not paid much attention to. This
but we know the power in this is teaching the art of safe,
comfortable with the technique? That will depend on understanding of how and when to engage muscles and
efficient kettlebell skills to our students. We love to share
many factors, but RKCs teach you to move with power use the biomechanical match breathing can take ones
our passion and we take pride in being RKC. We work
and precision on Day 1. There is no short-cut for perfect physical training to a new level.
hard to uphold the high standards set before us. Our
technique and we keep working with our students, their certifications are physically and mentally demanding and
anatomical structure, their former injuries, their goals 7. TRAIN WITH GOALS IN MIND there is nothing we ask instructor candidates to take their preparation very
and so much more to help them to achieve strength and random in our training methodology. This is training to seriously months in advance. RKCs recertify every two
movement efficiency. get strong and to move better using a variety of ballistic years and we have a community of coaches that support
movements and grinds, upper and lower body, push, pull, each other.

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Find an RKC instructor today.

How to Lead, Survive and Dominate
PhysicallyAnd Reengineer Yourself As
The Complete Athletic Package
Explosive Calisthenics is for those who want to be winners But Explosive Calisthenics doesnt just inspire you with the
and survivors in the game of lifefor those who want to be the dream of being the Complete Package. It gives you the complete
Complete Package: powerful, explosive, strong, agile, quick and blueprint, every detail and every progression you could possibly
resilient. Traditional martial arts have always understood this want and need to nail your dream and make it a reality. You, the
necessity of training the complete packagewith explosive Complete Packageits all laid out for you, step by step
power at an absolute premium. And resilience is revered: the
joints, tendons, muscles, organs and nervous system are ALL The first physical attribute we lose as we age is our ability to
conditioned for maximum challenge. generate power. Close behind is the loss of skilled, coordinat-
ed movement. The fix is never to lose these abilities in the first
Really great athletes are invariably that way too: agile as all place! Paul Wades Explosive Calisthenics is the best program
get-go, blinding speed, ungodly bursts of power, superhuman for developing power and skilled movement I have seen. Just
displays of strength, seemingly at will as with his previous two books, the progressions are masterful
with no fancy equipment needed. Do yourself a favor and get
The foundation and fundamentals center, first, around the this amazing work. This book will be the gold standard for devel-
building of power and speed. But Explosive Calisthenics does a oping bodyweight power, skill, and agility.
masterful job of elucidating the skill-practices needed to safely CHRIS HARDY, D.O. MPH, CSCS, author, Strong Medicine
prepare for and master the more ambitious moves.

Superhuman Power,
Maximum Speed
and Agility, Plus
By Paul Coach Wade
Book #B80 $39.95
eBook #EB80 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
392 pages, 775 photos

4 Order Explosive Calisthenics online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Teach your body to be the lightning-fast,
explosive, acrobatic super-hunter
your DNA is coded to make you
With Explosive Calisthenics, Paul Wade Discover how to move your entire body
challenges you to separate yourself from with lightning speed P 6 Explosive Calisthenics is an absolute Treasure Map for anybody
the herd of also-ran followersto become
Agility definedP 7 looking to tear down their bodys athletic limitations. Who
a leader, survivor and winner in the
physical game of life. But he doesnt just Discover how to efficiently alter your doesnt want to be able to kip to their feet from their back like a
challenge and inspire you. He gives you movement at high velocityP 7 Bruce Lee? Or make a backflip look easy? Paul makes you want
the direct means, the secrets, the science, The difference between complex power to put down the barbells, learn and practice these step-by-step
the wisdom, the blueprints, the proven and simple powerand what it means for progressions to mastering the most explosive and impressive
methods and the progressionsthat athletic successP 7 bodyweight movements. The best part is? You can become an
make success inevitable, when you supply
Discover how to enhance your reflexes to absolute Beast in under an hour of practice a week. Way to go,
your end in consistent, diligent, skillful
application. generate higher levels of power speed and Paul! AROO!
agilityP 9 Joe Distefano, Spartan Race, Director of Training & Creator of
Now a legendary international bestseller,
Why most gym-trained athletes lack THESE the Spartan SGX Certification
Convict Conditioning can lay claim to
be the Great Instigator when it comes to qualitiesand will therefore NEVER attain
the resurgence of interest in bodyweight true athleticismP 10
exercise mastery. Jump and Power Pushup will set up your Step Three: Vertical LeapPerformance,
foundation by supercharging your nervous X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 48
Andwhile Convict Conditioning 2 ce- 2: EXPLOSIVE TRAINING: system, ramping up your reflexes and
mented Wades position as the preeminent FIVE KEY PRINCIPLESP 11 Step Four: Block JumpPerformance,
amping your speed and power.
authority on bodyweight exercisethere X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 50
How modern Americans have become Expect to be remarkably and resiliently
is no doubt that his magisterial new the slowest, least agile members of our How to develop the ability to transfer force
accomplishment, Explosive Calisthenics is strengthened in your bones, joints, tissues
species in all historyand what we can do in dramatic fashionP 50
going to blow the doors off, all over again. and musclesover the entire body.
about itP 11 Step Five: Butt-Kick JumpPerformance,
What makes Explosive Calisthenics so In other words: hard, dedicated work
How you CAN teach your body to be X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 52
excitingand so profound in its implica- on just the Power Jump and the Power
the lightning-fast, explosive, acrobatic Pushup alone can turn a slow, clumsy Joe Step Six: Slap Tuck JumpPerformance,
tions? super-hunter your DNA is coded to make Average into a lightning-powered cyborg X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 54
See, it goes back to the laws of brute youP 12
survival. Its not Only the strongest shall Step Seven: Tuck JumpPerformance,
The 5 key principles for developing speed, X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 56
survive. No, its more like: Only the stron- power and agility P 12 PART II: THE EXPLOSIVE SIX
gest, quickest, most agile, most powerful Confers some serious explosive power to
and most explosive shall survive. To be How to be the COMPLETE explosive 4: POWER JUMPS: the lower bodyand is a perquisite for
a leader and dominator and survivor in machineP 13 ADVANCED LEG SPRING P 37 becoming really fastP 56
the pack, you need to be the complete Why traditional box work, core training and If you really want to become explosive,
package... Step Eight: Catch Tuck JumpPerfor-
Olympic lifting simply wont cut itwhen then the legs are the source of it alland
mance, X-Ray, Regressions, Progres-
A vanishing percent of people who work- your goal is high-level explosivenessP 14 the best way to train the legs is with
sionsP 58
out even attempt to unlock their bodys progressive power jumps. Here is the
If you really want to build monstrous 10-step blueprint for achieving ultimate leg Step Nine: Thread JumpPerformance,
inherent power and speedchoose to be power, speed and agility in the shortest
different: reclaim your pride and dignity power X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 60
possible timeHERE is what you absolute-
as a fully-realized human being by fully ly MUST stick withP 18 Understanding the importance of develop- Master Step: Suicide JumpPerfor-
unleashing your true athletic capacity ing springy legsP 37 mance, X-RayP 62
The 6 movements you must masterfor the
Nowfor those who have the balls and ultimate in hardcore explosivenessP 19 Deconstructing the power jumpsP 38 The ultimate tucking drillonce you master
the will and the fortitude to take it on this drill, kip ups, front flips and back flips
comes the next stage: Explosive Calis- The true essence of calisthenics mastery How to develop the crucial skills of launch-
will come much easier than you ever
thenics. The chance not only to be strong lies hereand only hereP 19 ing, tucking and landingP 3840
imaginedP 62
and healthy but to ascend to the Complete How to take advantage of Myotatic
Package. If you want it, then here it is Going BeyondP 64
3: HOW TO USE THIS BOOK: CORE Reboundto correctly absorb and redirect
CONCEPTS AND ANSWERSP 23 force Reverse Suicide JumpP64
PART I: POWER, SPEED, AGILITY Do you need to learn the Explosive 6 in any How to correctly block when you jumpP 41 Small Space Drills3 useful speed and
1: POWER UP! THE NEED FOR particular order?...P 26 power techniquesP 69
SPEED Do you need Plyo boxes?...P 43
Do you have to start with Step 1?...P 27 Cossacksfor great supple strength and
Power definedunderstanding the differ- Step One: Straight HopPerformance,
balanceP 69
ence between strength and powerP 3 How to train short-distance speedP 32 X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 44
Wide-to-Close Pop-UpsP 70
Functional speedand the golden mean Mastery of progressive calisthenics is like Step Two: Squat JumpPerformance,
for power in athleticsP 6 building an arsenal-full of weapons for X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 46 Wall ThreadsP 71
your physical transformation. The Power

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Explosive Calisthenics online: 5
How the clap pushup builds X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 114
exceptional levels of torso power
A fantastic conditioning exercise, which
and quick hands, whilst toughen-
strengthens the midsection, hips and
ing the arms and shouldersin-
backP 114
valuable for boxers, martial artists
and football players. Step Two: Rolling SquatPerformance,
X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 116
Step Five: Chest-Strike Pushup
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, How to generate forward momentum.
ProgressionsP 88 Step Three: Shoulder PopPerformance,
Step Six: Hip-Strike PushupPer- X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 118
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, Strengthens and conditions the wrists
ProgressionsP 90 and shoulders for the task of explosively
A killer bridging exercise between pushing the body up.
clapping in front of the body and Step Four: Bridge KipPerformance,
clapping behind. X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 120
Step Seven: Convict Pushup Learn how to generate enough lower body
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, power to throw the head, shoulders and
ProgressionsP 92 upper back off the floor.
Step Eight: Half-SuperPer- Step Five: Butt KipPerformance, X-Ray,
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, Regressions, ProgressionsP 122
ProgressionsP 94
Step Six: Half KipPerformance, X-Ray,
Builds high levels of pure shoulder Regressions, ProgressionsP 124
Martial arts supremacy is all about explosive power and speed, speedexcellent for all martial artists.
and you will possess both once youve mastered the hardcore Step Seven: Kip-UpPerformance, X-Ray,
exercises in Explosive Calisthenics. Take your solo training Step Nine: Full Body Pop-UpPerfor- Regressions, ProgressionsP 126
to a level you never even imagined with these teeth-gritting, mance, X-Ray, Regressions, Progres-
sionsP 96 Impossible without an explosive waist,
heart-palpating exercisesfrom a master of the genre.Loren W. super-fast legs and the total-body ability of
Christensen, author of over 50 books, including Fighting Power: Master Step: The SupermanPerfor- a pantherwhich you will OWN when you
How to Develop Explosive Punches, Kicks, Blocks, And Grappling mance, X-RayP 98 master step seven
and Speed Training: How to Develop Your Maximum Speed for A wicked, wicked move that works the
Martial Arts Step Eight: Straight Leg Kip-UpPerfor-
whole bodyboth anterior and posterior mance, X-Ray, Regressions, Progres-
chains. sionsP 128
Get upper-body pushing muscles that Step Nine: Wushu Kip-UpPerformance,
Deconstructing Power PushupsP 74 are king-fu powerful and robust as a
X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 130
BECOMES POWERP 73 Correct elbow positioning and where to
place your hands (crucial)to spring back Master Step: No-Hands Kip-UpPerfor-
If God had handed us a perfect explosive mance, X-Ray, Regressions, Progres-
To round out a basic power training with optimal powerP 74 upper-body exercise, it might be thisP 98 sionsP 132
regime, you need to pair jumps with a
movement chain which performs a similar Why cheating with the Earthworm will only Going BeyondP 100
rob youif freakish strength gains are If there is a more impressiveor explo-
job for the upper-body and arms. The best
your goalP 76 The Aztec PushupP 101 siveway to power up off the floor, then
drills for these are power push ups. Here
humans havent invented it yet
is the 10-step blueprint for becoming an How to apply the Myotatic Rebound effect The Crossing Aztec Pushup P 102
upper-body cyborg to maximal advantage in your power Master this advanced drill and your
The One-Arm Clapping PushupP 103
pushupsP 78 total-body speed and agility will start to bust
How to get arms like freaking jackham-
Small Space DrillsP104 off the chartsP 132
mersP 73 The Power Pushup ChainP 79
The Push Get-UpP 104 Going BeyondRoll Kip, Head Kip and
How to skyrocket pour power levels, Step One: Incline Pop-UpPerformance, Ditang BreakfallP 134136
maximize your speed and add slabs of X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 80 Round-the-Clock PushupsP 105
righteous beef to you torso and gunsP Small Space DrillsP 137
A perfect way to gently condition the 360 JumpP 106
73 Bridge Push-Offs, Sitting Kips and prone
shoulders, elbows and wrists for the Fast feet and hands go together like
How to develop upper-body survival-pow- harder work to come KipsP 137139
biscuits and gravyheres how to make
erfor more effective punching, blocking, it happen.
throwing and pushingP 73 Step Two: Kneeling Push-OffPerfor-
mance, X-Ray, Regressions, Progres- 7: THE FRONT FLIP:
How speed-power training trains the sionsP 82 6: THE KIP-UP: KUNG FU BODY LIGHTNING MOVEMENT
nervous system and joints to handle greater SPEEDP 109 SKILLSP 141
loadsP 73 How to turn your strength into powerand
an exceptional way to build your punching The Front Flip is THE explosive exercise
The mesmerizing Kip-Up is the most explo-
The more power you have in your arms, forceP 82 par excellenceit is the super-drill for
sive way of getting up off your backand
chest and shoulders, the stronger they any athlete wanting more speed, agility
Step Three: Pop-UpPerformance, X-Ray, is a surprisingly useful skill to possess.
become. And the stronger they become, and power.
Regressions, ProgressionsP 84 Learn how hereP 109
the harder you can work them and the Discover how to attain this iconic test of
bigger they getP 73 A nearly magical preliminary exercise to Deconstructing Kip-UpsP 110
power and agilityrequiring your entire
Gives you an extra edge in strength AND get better at clap pushups. The Roll-Up, Hand Positioning, the Kick and body, from toes to neck, to be whip-like
sizeP 73 Step Four: Clap PushupPerformance, the RotationP 112 explosiveP 141
Why the best way is the natural wayP 74 X-Ray, Regressions, ProgressionsP 86 Step One: Rolling Sit-UpPerformance,

6 Order Explosive Calisthenics online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Step Four: Side MacacoPer- Explosive Calisthenics by Paul Coach Wade
Coach Wade saved the best for last! Explosive Calis-
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, is a masterfully constructed roadmap for
thenics is the book all diehard Convict Conditioning ProgressionsP 188 the attainment of power, functional speed,
fans have been waiting for. There has never been any-
Step Five: Back MacacoPer- and agility. The book is extreme in that only
thing like it until now!
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, a small percentage of the population would
With his trademark blend of old-school philosophy, ProgressionsP 190 be able or willing to fully take the challenge,
hard-earned wisdom and in-your-face humor, Coach ex- but at the same time, brilliant in that the
pands his infamous system of progressive bodyweight Step Six: Monkey FlipPer- path proceeds methodically and progres-
programming to break down the most coveted explosive formance, X-Ray, Regressions,
sively from relatively simple to extremely
ProgressionsP 192
moves, including the back flip, kip-up and muscle-up. If advanced, allowing a discretionary endpoint
you want to know how far you can go training with just Step Seven: Back Handspring for each individual.
your own bodyweight, you owe it to yourself to get this Performance, X-Ray, Regressions,
ProgressionsP 194 The book is also refreshingly raw. The ex-
book!Al Kavadlo, author, Stretching Your Boundaries
ercises are all done using only bodyweight
Step Eight: One-Arm Back and little in the way of equipment. There are
HandspringPerformance, X-Ray, only five moves to master and yet each is a
Regressions, ProgressionsP 196 proverbial double-edge swordat the same
Deconstructing Front FlipsP 142 ULTIMATE AGILITYP 175 Step Nine: Four Point Back Flip time dangerous yet potentially transforma-
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, tive.
Run-Up, Take-Off, Unfurl, land- The Back Flip is the most archetypal ProgressionsP 198
ingP 142143 acrobatic featdisplaying inte- Take this on and I doubt you will ever again
grated mastery of some of the most Master Step: Back FlipPerfor- be satisfied with the mundane bench press
The Front Flip ChainP 144 mance, X-RayP 200
fundamental traits required for total or the other exercise machines found in the
Step One: Shoulder RollPer- explosive strength. Going BeyondP 202 typical gym.Patrick Roth, M.D., author of
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, The End of Back Pain: Access Your Hidden
ProgressionsP 146 If you want to be a contender for Small Space DrillsP 205
the power crown, then you have to Core to Heal Your Body, Chairman of Neuro-
Step Two: Press RollPerformance, get to own the Back Flipwhich One-Arm Wall Push-Aways (great surgery at Hackensack University Medical
X-Ray, Regressions, Progres- defines true agility exercise for powerful, bulletproof Center and the director of its neurosurgical
sionsP 148 elbows)P 205 residency training program.
Discover how to develop a
Step Three: Jump RollPer- super-quick jump, a massive hip Donkey Kick and Scissors JumpP
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, snap, a powerful, agile waist and 206
ProgressionsP 150 spineand an upper body that can
Step Four: Handstand Roll generate higher levels of responsive 9: THE MUSCLE-UP:
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, force like lightning OPTIMAL EXPLOSIVE
ProgressionsP 152 Simply put, this is the single greatest STRENGTHP 209
Step Five: Backdrop Handspring test of explosive power, true speed If ever one popular strength
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, and agility found in nature. Here is exercise qualified as a complete
ProgressionsP 154 how to pass the test feat, it would probably be the mighty
Deconstructing the Back FlipP 176 Muscle-Upone of the most
Step Six: Front HandspringPer- jealously-admired skills in all of
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, General tips for the many skills bodyweight training
ProgressionsP 156 needed to master the Back FlipP
176 The Muscle-Up requires a very
A phenomenal explosive drill in its explosive pull, plus a pushso
own right 5 key exercises to strengthen you works almost the entire upper-body;
Step Seven: FlyspringPer- arms and shouldersP 178 the back and biceps pull, while the
formance, X-Ray, Regressions, How to achieve a powerful TuckP chest, triceps and shoulders push.
ProgressionsP 158 179 Your grip needs to be insanely
strong, your stomach crafted out
Step Eight: Back Drop Flip How to use the Depth Jump to fur- of steel and you require a highly
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, ther condition your jointsP 179 athletic posterior chain.
ProgressionsP 160
The Back Flip ChainP 180 Discover the complete blueprint
Step Nine: Running Front Flip
THIS is the most important consid- for achieving the planets hottest
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions,
ProgressionsP 162 eration to have in place for finally bodyweight move Explosive Calisthenics
achieving the Back FlipP 180
Master Step: Front FlipPerfor-
Learn how to achieve the elusive, Superhuman Power, Maximum
Step One: Rear Shoulder Roll total-body-sync, X factor the
mance, X-RayP 164
Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, Muscle-Up requiresand build Speed and Agility, Plus
Going BeyondP 166 ProgressionsP 182 insane explosive power in a highly Combat-Ready Reflexes
compressed time frame
The Round-Off and the Cart-
wheelP 166167
Step Two: Rear Press RollPer-
Deconstructing the Muscle-Up...P
Using Bodyweight-Only Methods
formance, X-Ray, Regressions,
Small Space DrillsP 170 ProgressionsP 184 211214 By Paul Coach Wade
Step Three: Bridge Kick Over The Muscle-Up ChainP 217
Kojaks, Thruster and Unilateral Book #B80 $39.95
JumpP 170172 Performance, X-Ray, Regressions, Step One: Swing KipPerformance,
ProgressionsP 186 X-Ray, Regressions, Progres- eBook #EB80 $19.95
A great antidote to fear of the Back sionsP 218 Paperback 8.5 x 11 392 pages, 775 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Explosive Calisthenics online: 7
Your body is the ultimate training tool. Paul Wade shows you how to transform your own Once again, Paul Coach Wade, inspires
body and turn it into a weapon! Ive taken these methods and applied them to the training of with a life-changing approach to fitness
my athletes as well as my own training and the bottom line is that they work. The workouts that relies only on the weight of ones
and exercises deliver. They are powerful and results driven. body. In his comprehensive new book,
If you are done wasting your time on fads and gimmicks and simply want a training program Explosive Calisthenics, he presents how
that works BIG time. This is it.Zach Even-Esh, author The Encyclopedia of Underground calisthenics can and should be taken to
Strength and Conditioning the next level. Starting as he always
does, with history of the early practi-
tioners of bodyweight training, Explosive
Calisthenics explains the widely misun-
derstood difference between strength
A fantastic conditioning exercise, which conditions the Double Dips: Explosive VariationsP 245
and power as perhaps the key theme.
deep tissues of the shoulders, spine and hips as well the
Dipping drill for speed-strengthP 245 This crucial distinction is what defines
grip and forearm/elbow complex...
Walking DipsP 245 truly functional exercise as a life-long
Step Two: Jumping PullupPerformance, X-Ray, Regres- endeavor that has been a fountain of
sions, ProgressionsP 220 Hopping DipsP 246 youth since ancient times.
A key progression so you can develop the necessary To step up the shock factor To that, Wade ties his dynamic calisthen-
power for the Muscle-Up... Clap DipsP 247 ics to popular disciplines including my
Step Three: Kipping PullupPerformance, X-Ray, Regres- own, martial artsdrawing on exercises
Power DipsP 248 specific to the combative arts, but ap-
sions, ProgressionsP 222
This will add that much extra explosivity and agility into plicable to any physical activity. Wade
The cornerstone of all power-training on the bar... your Dip work also includes basic jumps, rolls, and
Step Four: Pullup HopPerformance, X-Ray, Regressions, somersaults as key parts of the regimen.
Swing DipsP 249 Correctly, Wade prefers not to define
ProgressionsP 224
Take things even further and build total-body power and these as gymnastics but as whole-body
Step Five: Clap PullupPerformance, X-Ray, Regressions, coordinationP 249 explosive power and speed training.
ProgressionsP 226
Going BeyondP 250
While this may not be for everyone at
Step Six: Chest PullupPerformance, X-Ray, Regressions, first, I would encourage the calisthen-
ProgressionsP 228 Underhand Muscle-UpsP 250 ics-advanced non-gymnast, to give these
Step Seven: Hip PullupPerformance, X-Ray, Regres- Throws new power demands on the body, particularly the explosive movements a try.
sions, ProgressionsP 230 grip and bicepsP 250 Of particular note to me as a long-time
Once you can achieve the Hip Pullup you will have mas- Archer Muscle-UpP 251 proponent of time-tested, more function-
tered the pulling portion of the Muscle-Up al fitness training, I very much appre-
The asymmetrical performance makes this version even ciated Wades discussion of developing
Step Eight: Jumping PulloverPerformance, X-Ray, more demandingand therefore rewarding, for the the senses as a fundamental part of
Regressions, ProgressionsP 232 power-fiends amongst us Explosive Calisthenics. As a professional,
Builds the skill of correct technique for pulling your torso Full KipsP 252 more traditional martial artist and Chen
over the bar Taijiquan practitioner, development of
Small Space DrillsP 253 the senses through exercises that utilize
Step Nine: Bar PulloverPerformance, X-Ray, Regres- Sideways Pop-UpP 253 whole-body movement and stringent
sions, ProgressionsP 234 eye-hand-foot coordination practices,
Requires outrageous ab strength and is a fantastic move-
An incredible exercise for harnessing nuclear-level ment to build a super-powerful core
Wades presentation of total senses
explosive strengthhaving this technique under your belt development as part of advanced calis-
might even save your life Pike SlapsP 254 thenics training is fantastic to see.
Master Step: The Muscle-UpPerformance, X-RayP Jump KickP 255 And lastly, Wades emphasis on solo
236 A useful, fairly low-stress exercise for healthy hips training, which he explains so well, is
An incredible exercise for harnessing nuclear-level something not to be over-looked. The
explosive strengthhaving this technique under your belt importance of solo training not only
might even save your life PART III: PROGRAMMING: builds true functional fitness, but as
THEORY AND TACTICS Wade describes, provides an inner
Bonus Progressions: DipsP 238 strength and focus that spoke directly to
10: MAKING PROGRESS: me as a traditional martial artist. In my
If you can comfortably perform a horizontal bar dip, then THE PARC PRINCIPLE P 259
your chances of completing a Muscle-Up have skyrock- teachings Ive always maintained that
eted If you can work your way up to the ice-cold, bad-ass mas- relying on no one else or any apparatus
ter Step for all Explosive Sixyou will become the most other than your own body for core train-
The Ten-Step Chain of Dip Progressions explosively powerful athlete you know. No question ing is what truly separates the master
Bent Dips, Straight Dips, Feet-Elevated Dips, Feet-Up from the student and from those who
So how DO you move safely and effectively upwards
Parallel Bar Dips, Self-Assisted Parallel Bar Dips, through these chainsand achieve bodyweight immor-
cant let go of psychological and physical
tality? The answers, my friend are fully contained in these baggage that holds them back, from
Self-Assisted Parallel Bar Dips 2, Parallel Bar Dips, Legs
next sections those whom depend on nothing other
Forward Parallel Bar Dips, Perpendicular Dips, and Hori-
their own strength. Wades discussion
zontal Bar DipsP 238241 Progression Standards for the Explosive SixP 259 of this ageless wisdom is magnificent
Russian Dips and L-Hold DipsP 242243 3 reasons why rep-building simply wont cut it for to see and is to me the heart and soul of
Korean DipsP 244 fast-power techniquesP 261 Explosive Calisthenics.Stephan
Berwick, author True Strength Yang
How to take your dipping to superhuman levels How to know when to move up from one step to the next
in the chainP 264

8 Order Explosive Calisthenics online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Understanding how to train sensory media- These animal agility drills increase
tion and sonic location strength and efficiency while reducing the
Paul Wades series Convict Conditioning continues with the newest chance of injury. The legs stay springy
addition, Explosive Calisthenics. I applaud the loss of the convict/ Training the KinestheticP 313
whatever your age and total-body coordi-
prison shtick and we get to explore what Wade does best: he pro- Training the Olfactory/GustatoryP 313 nation improves
gresses a movement from the basic and simple to, in this case, its
most complex (and awesome). The chapter on programming, the Super-Speed Tactic # 4: Exploit Reflex Bear WalkP 328
sets and reps of things, has a series of rules that you will instantly Channelling P 314
Great for beginners and experts alike
claim as your own. Understanding the Yerkes-Dodson Law and
Panther StalkP 329
how to program your reflexes
I cant believe we abandoned traditional calisthenics in our schools
This wriggly beaut is AKA Spiderman
and training programs, but this book is the best argument I know Understanding Hebbs Rule as it applies to
for carrying signs in front of schools proclaiming No More Dodge- training-masteryP 314
ball and Calisthenics Progressions for All!Dan John, author, Dog SprintP 330
Super-Speed Tactic # 5: Utilize the Plyo-
Never Let Go metric Edge P 315 Locust JumpsP 331
How to take proper advantage of shock A wonderful total-body warmer
How to build a bigger and more turbo- 14: Sample Programs: Session Tem- Crab WalkP 332
charged power vehiclefail to achieve platesP 293 Super-Speed Tactic # 6: Lose WeightP 317
A fantastic workout for the back muscles
this and you will be like a speedster Why calisthenics is the perfect discipline and the tricepsP 332
Why you should focus on progressions, not
running on emptyP 276 to accompany a weight management
templatesP 293 Duck WalkP 334
Injury bulletproofingP 276 programP 317
Some fundamental, applicable approaches Builds tension-flexibility in the hips, thighs,
How should you program your basic power to training plans that will fit different goals Super-Speed Tactic # 7: Optimize Joint
knees and anklesvery, very valuable to
moves?...P 276 and objectivesP 294 HealthP 319
radically improve mobility and enhance
How to apply the simple engineering of 2 Warm-Up ProtocolP 295 How to cultivate supple strength and stay joint healthP 334
basic rulesso your power will take off injury-free
How much and how should you warm Kangaroo HopP 335
like a ramjetP 276 Super-Speed Tactic # 8: Explore B-Ball
up?...P 295 Chimp SwingP 336
The Rule of ThreeP 277 DrillsP 321
4 keys to an effective warm-up proto- Bat FlipsP 337
The Rule of SixP 279 colP 295 Super-Speed Tactic # 9: How to Master the
Speed IllusionP 322 Wonderful explosive grip exercise that
The time-tested formula for determining Pure Power, Sacred Trinity, 4-Leaf Clover, also works the forearms, elbows, shoul-
the optimal rep range for your sets. 25s, 2-Day Split and their variantsP Super-Speed Tactic # 10: How to Think
ders and abs
296300 Yourself FasterP 323
THIS is the bread-and-butter rule-of-thumb Monkey TurnsP 338
followed by most successful explosive The MusclemanP 301 Bonus Section 2! Animal Agility DrillsP 327
athletes and coachesP 280 10 major animal-type movements that can
How to integrate explosive work with PROGRESSION CHARTSP
Definitions of Beginner, Intermediate and strength and bodybuilding programs be your wild card/X-factor in your power
AdvancedP 282 P 301 and strength trainingP 327
How long should you rest between Johnny Kung Fu and variantsP 302
sets?P 283
13: Skill Development: Time Surfing and I have found in my work with world-class athletes that they have a
Consolidation TrainingP 285
BONUS MATERIAL common skill; the ability to generate explosive power. Paul Wades
Bonus Section 1! Advanced Speed Train- new book shows you not only how to generate explosive power, but
Consolidated TrainingP 285
ing: Coach Wades Top Ten Tricks and how to direct and control it as well. If you have ever wanted to join
How to choose the right exerciseP 285 HacksP 307 the rank of superhuman, this book gives you the road map of how to
Hebbs Lawand what skill training The Top 10 Tips and Tactics for becoming get there. The progressions allow anyone to master the skills of the
primarily improves...P 286 faster than a speeding bullet P 307 athletic elite. Plus youll also learn Speed Hacks that will give you
lightning quick reflexes and Animal Drills for agility. Get this book
Time SurfingP 287 Super-Speed Tactic # 1: How to Hack the and become amazing!Jon Bruney, author, Neuro-Mass
Speed CycleP 308
The 3 main benefits of time surfingP 288
The 5 stages of the Speed CycleP 308
When to employ Consolidated TrainingP
289 Super-Speed Tactic # 2: How to Exploit
Gretskys LawP 310
Why Consolidation Training is the most
natural way to trainP 289 Super-Speed Tactic # 3: Train the
Explosive Calisthenics
SensesP 311 Superhuman Power, Maximum
Speed and Agility, Plus
Explosive Calisthenics is aptly-named. This book is a pow-
er-boosting smart-bomb that delivers a payload of immensely Combat-Ready Reflexes
practical info. The content is not only interesting and unique, it Using Bodyweight-Only Methods
practically screams at you to try it out. You will love the skills
and their associated progressions. For multi-sport athletes, pro- By Paul Coach Wade
spective parkour-enthusiasts, budding badasses and aspiring
ninja warriors everywhere, here is your textbook! Book #B80 $39.95
Mike Gillette, author, Rings of Power eBook #EB80 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11 392 pages, 775 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Explosive Calisthenics online: 9
How to Win the War Against the Enemies of
Optimal Health and High Performance
A Complete, Scientific Battle Plan for Reversing Disease,
Restoring Vitality and Operating at Your Peak

A ccording to Strong Medicine, there are two main

drivers causing almost all preventable diseases like
cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and accel-
erated aging: chronic inflammation and chronic oxidative stress.
High vitality, optimal health and sustainable strength can only be
achieved by a properly-informed plan to understand, identify and
conquer the enemies of our wellbeing.

The only way to sustain a healthy, vigorous life is to make long-

term lifestyle changesacross the board, be it through nutrition,
resistance training, cardio or stress management. Strong Med-
icine shows you how to achieve an utter and complete physical Strong Medicine is flat-out amazing. If you ever
and physiological transfor- wanted to take your training and your nutritional
mation in 3 months without theory to an elite levelbetter than 99.9% of cer-
any draconian training tified personal trainersthis is the book for you.
or concentration camp
Its all in here: genetics, gut bacteria, cutting-edge
nutrition. Discover how to
stress biology, molecular nutrition...even better,
go from unhealthy and un-
the deep science is all explained so clearly (with
certain into ever-improving
charts, key points, photos and diagrams) that its
levels of health, wellness
almost impossible not to understand and absorb
and fitness
it all fully. An automatic classic in the field, which
will surely prove impossible to surpass. I bow
Using the intersection of
down to the Doc and to Marty!
cutting-edge science and
Paul Wade, author, Convict Conditioning and
real-world medicine
Explosive Calisthenics
melded with high-level
athletics, results-produc-
ing coaching and elite

Strong Medicine
How to Conquer Chronic Disease
And Achieve Your Full Genetic Potential
By Dr. Chris Hardy and Marty Gallagher
Book #B79 $39.95
eBook #EB79 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
604 pages, 767 photos

10 Order Strong Medicine online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
The 2 most important benefits of Oleic GUARDIAN OF THE GATE:
Acidand its best sourcesP 78 TRIGGERS OF INTESTINAL
Strong Medicine by Chris Hardy, D.O. and Marty Gallagher is an ex- INFLAMMATION P 133
Why you should NEVER cook with unsatu-
haustively researched, clearly written, and practically useful guide rated fats P 79 The 3 principal triggers for chronic inflam-
to improving your health. mation in the gut P133
Importing oxidative stress into the body
Improving health is fundamentally different than treating disease. P 79 Exploring our addiction to glutenand the
This book represents the future of healthcare in our country. It The best fats to cook with P 80 consequences P 140
requires the patient to assume responsibility, learn the basics, and The 9 great benefits of Omega 3 PUFAs Stress and Intestinal Permeability P 141
then enhance their health through diet, exercise, sleep, and mind- and how to optimize the best sources The 7 steps to disease-causing inflamma-
fulness. P 82 tion in the gut P 144
If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the book for you. If you Why you do need to avoid fish-farm DysbiosisChaos in the GutP 145
salmon P 84
understand that there is no quick fix, then read this book and trust The 6 major health benefits of beneficial
The 4 great benefits of Omega-6 PUFAs bacteria P 148
what you read. The information is accurate and relevant, simple to P 85
understand, and actionable. The 9 major diseases and disorders asso-
The 3 most important Omega 6 PUFAs and ciated with Dysbiosis P 151
Patrick Roth, M.D., author of The End of Back Pain: Access Your where to source them P 86
The worst dietary sin for promoting dysbi-
Hidden Core to Heal Your Body, Chairman of Neurosurgery at Hack- osis P 152
ensack University Medical Center and the director of its neurosurgi- BASIC TRAINING II NUTRITION The double-edged sword of antibiotic
cal residency training program. AND METABOLISM 101 use P 155
METABOLISM BASICS P 98 The 5 major health benefits of lacto-fer-
How to raise your metabolic thermostat mented fruits and vegetables P 160
P 99
INTRODUCTION The Stress Cup and our capacity for How bacteria can influence our moods,
stress P 41 How to go from a snail-paced metabolism anxiety, response to stress P 161
How to become a chiseled and powerful to blast furnace P 99
war machine P 3 Allostatic overload P 41 How bacteria influence our behavior
How to use intense exercise to create a P 163
How regular exercise can increase the size large glucose sink in the muscle P 101
of the stress cup P 43 How to break the link to chronic inflamma-
BASIC TRAINING 1 CENTRAL THEMES How to sleep your way thin P 116 tion and the conditions resulting from it in
IN DISEASE AND HEALTH P 6 How to super-size your stress-cup P 44 the gut P 165
The truth about growth hormone and
The 4 cardinal signs of inflammation P 7 ketones P 116 Why there are no benefits to including
BASIC TRAINING II NUTRITION gluten in a childs dietand the many
Why long-term inflammation and chronic The nefarious Pentaverate of Pestilence risks P 166
stress oxidative stress are the underlying AND METABOLISM 101 P 47 P 122
causes for chronic preventable diseas- Obesitysinge biggest threat to 21st
A strong foundation here will protect you Century public health P 170
es P 14 from being led astray by the avalanche of
How Strong medicine is all about breaking misinformation in the mediaand insulate KNOWING YOUR ENEMY I THE GUT: How obesity transforms our fat cells into
the link between the enemy sources of you from fad diets/propaganda P 47 GUARDIAN AT THE GATE P 122 an enemy within P 170
chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, What is good nutrition?... P 49 Why a basic understanding of how your How to fight your own battle with obesi-
thus preventing chronic disease P 15 gut works and what happens when its tyand win P 172
The 4 fatal flaws with modern nutrition function is disrupted is extremely important
Central Themes Part II The GeneEnviron- research and practice P 50 How the Fat Cell Dr. Jekyll Becomes Mr.
ment connection P 16 to your health P 123
Hyde P 174
The Strong Medicine approach for healthy The gutfirst line of defense against
Understanding epigenetics P 18 eating P 53 Overeating: the metamorphosis from
outside invaders such as pathogenic
A major way we adapt to environmental bacteria and from our modern diet P 123 benefactors of health into aggressive,
stresses P 21 bloated monsters spewing inflammation
BASIC TRAINING II NUTRITION AND The gut-brain connection P 125 and oxidative stress a prison riot of
METABOLISM 101 How inflammation in the gut is communi- swollen fat cells P 175
CENTRAL THEMES PART III MACRONUTRIENTS P 55 cated to the brain, creating a body-wide The plague of diabesity P 180
HORMESIS P 22 stress response that can wreak havoc on
our metabolism P 125 How increased oxidative stress in the
Why unfit people degrade rapidly as they What makes for a fatty liver?... P 58 mitochondria elevates stress levels in cell
age... P 22 energy factories P183
How protein needs change as you get
The science and art of correct dosage in older P 65
all lifestyle decisions P 23
What You Need to Know About Fats P 67
How consistent exercise overdose and
inadequate recovery is poison to the The 5 major benefits of Butyrateand the
body P 24 best source P 70
The 6 major benefits of Lauric Acidand
the best source P 71
CENTRAL THEMES PART IV The 5 major reasons to avoid Palmitate
STRESS AND THE RESPONSE TO and another reason to avoid grain-fed
THREAT P 30 animals P 73
How stress can completely undermine
your training and nutrition P 31 The 4 major reasons to embrace Stea-
rateand the winning argument for grass-
fed beef P 75
CENTRAL THEMES PART V Why saturated fats are NOT all bad P 76
Why most saturated fat is a necessary
The difference between allostasis and and beneficial macronutrient for optimum
hormesis... P 40 health P 77
The 4 key ways allostasis helps us adapt to
challenge P 40

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Strong Medicine online: 11
How the reward system has changed in The effects of 1-2 nights of poor sleep
obese people P 217 P 259
Strong Medicine by Dr. Chris Hardy and the legendary Marty Gal-
lagher is a declaration of unconventional and asymmetrical war
against mortality. The authors weapon of choice is information, INTERVENTION: THE 8-STEP KNOWING YOUR ENEMY III CHRONIC
relayed masterfully in the form of an easy-to-understand and PROGRAM FOR OBESITY STRESS, THE SILENT KILLERP 265
richly illustrated owners manual of sorts. This is an owners man- AND DIABETES P 221 The 8 major diseases associated with
ual that is chock full of insights for every level, from the seasoned Step 1 Determine your tolerance for starch chronic stress P 266
and sugar P 222 The 5 obstacles to chronic stress being
physician to the absolute layman who is new to fitness.
How to use a blood sugar monitor P 223 addressed between patient and physi-
For the grizzled coach who doesnt have medical training, Strong cian P 266
Appropriate blood glucose levels P 225
Medicine lays out crucial performance concepts like hormetic Brain neuroplasticitythe hard evi-
dose in ways that are easy to understand regardless of your Individual Glucose Tolerance (IGT) P 226 dence P 268
background. Dr. Hardy continues with insights into diet, nutrition Step 2 Stop eating foods that contain How short-term, low-intensity stress
myths, biochemistry demystified, intestinal fine-tuning, the gluten P 229 builds resilience P 271
chronic stress connection with disease, and then passes the Step 3 Eliminate processed seed oils from Chronic stress and high-intensity stress
baton to Marty Gallagher, who unleashes a plethora of exercise your dietsome of the largest contributors P 272
to inflammation and oxidative stress
and training tips that are centered around five basic exercise P 229 What determines if the HPA axis activates
categories. With well-shot photographs and clear diagrams to to produce the threat response?... P2 75
Why you should use coconut oil for cook-
illustrate the important points of each posture, Gallagher lays out ing P 232 The difference between internal and
a beautiful plan of attack to combat weakness and mechanical external threats P 275
Step 4 Eat at least 20-30 grams of protein at
decay, including easy-to-follow training programs. every meal P 232 How chronic stress rewires threat-stress
circuitry P 278
This is a book I plan to read & re-read a number of times as both The Easy Protein Estimator P 233
The shrinking of the hippocampus and
a licensed medical professional and a strength & conditioning Step 5 Increase plant-based foods P 234 prefrontal cortex and the enlarging of the
coach.Dr. MARK CHENG, L.Ac., Ph.D, contributing editor, Black The benefits of Butyrate P 234 amygdala P 280
Belt Magazine Good sources of fermentable fiber P 236 Stress and Health P 282
SulforaphaneBroccolis bounty P 237 Chronic stress linked to these 7 major
diseases P 285
How obesity, insulin resistance and HOW WE GET FAT: THE BRAIN, HOR- The extreme anti-cancer benefits of
diabetes create a perfect storm for muscle broccoli sprouts, #1 source, 20 times the Cortisol receptor resistance P 287-288
wasting P 190 sulforaphane content P 241 Dont feed the beasteating when a
How we are hard-wired to find high-energy threat has passed P 287
3 ways high levels of Palmitate can wreak foods to feed our body P 208 Step 6 Cut out high fructose corn syrup and
metabolic havoc P192 sugarP 242 Chronic stress and premature aging P 288
Why we have to understand our drive to
How low carb foods may help battle eat before we can exert control P 209 Why corn syrup is badP 243 Why rumination and worry are so health
cancer 194 How advance glycation end products damaging and age-accelerating P 289
How the fat hormone adiponectin keeps
The difference between biological and inflammation down and insulin sensitivity (AGE) contribute to agingand what to do Stress from nothing P 289
chronological age P 198 high P 209 about it P 244
How rumination and worry amplify the
Telomere lengthand the definition of How to recruit fat to fight fat P 210 How deep frying can elevate AGE forma- negativity bias P 289
aging P 199 tion by up to 100 times P 245
The role of leptin in regulating hunger and The anticipatory threat response P 291
Mitohormesisextending lifespan with fat P 210211 How to reduce AGE production in cook-
oxidative stress P 200 ing P 245
Leptin resistancewhy fat people dont
Low-AGE cooking methods P 246
The 3 warning signs for diabetes get the stop eating signal and still feel MIND INTERVENTION P 293
P 203-204 hungry P 212 RAGE, How to accelerate disease and
aging: the nuclear option P 246 A mental strategy/approach to relieve
Why counting calories is not sustainable Why its not just gluttony or lack of will- stress, minimize projection, reflection,
and is a waste of time P 207 power P 213 Why fried chicken and French fries are rumination and worry P 293
How to eat protein and naturally eat less inflammation/oxidative stress nuclear How to transform your mind from your
without discipline P 214 weapons in your body P 246
worst enemy into your best friend P 294
Tastes greatdeadly to your health P 246 How to intervene on your mind P 294
Why soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit The dangers of chest breathing P 295
drinks are health-killing smart bombs P 247
Step 7 Increase insulin sensitivity with The 3 main benefits of rebuilding the brain
exercise P 249 through mindful breathing P 297
Formulas for determining your HR max Stop the stress response better P 298
P 251 Why low heart variability is a marker of
Investing in the right heart monitor P 252 poor healthand what to do about it
P 302
The High Intensity Interval Training proto- HRV biofeedback machine P 303
col P 252253
How exercise stimulates Brain Derived
Benefits of HIIT come from the effect of Neurotrophic Factorand why that is a
glucose storage in muscles P 253 very good thing P 303
How you lose fat with HIIT P 257 How to regrow the stress-shrunken brain
structures such as the hippocampus
Step 8 Fix your sleep and use stress reduc- P 303
tion techniques P 258 Why not all exercise is optimal when
Recommended amount of sleep per targeting brain trainingand what kind is
night P 259 best, hands down P 304

12 Order Strong Medicine online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
KNOWING YOUR ENEMY IV Modern solutions to a modern problem P. 344
CIRCADIAN DISRUPTION: Fixing Your Clock P 345 In the last 40-50 years we have experienced a huge rise in the
Light as a circadian trainer P 345 chronic diseases affecting affluent societies across the world. We
How failure to follow the circadian rhythms are generally fatter and less healthy than we were in the past.
creates dissonance and disruption in the Light as the Master Trainer P346
internal workings of our body with pro- Use of high CCT bulbsfor activity P 347 In this impressive new book Chris Hardy and Marty Gallagher take
found consequences to our health P 312 the roles of doctor and fitness coach to provide us with in-depth
Bug lights for regeneration P 348
Our internal timekeeper P 313 understanding about why this is happening and the steps we need
Blue light filters for television and comput- to take to turn this around. This includes a comprehensive review
Distinguishing between activity and regen- er screens 349
eration modes P316 of the latest scientific researchwhich is presented in an easy
3 top tactics for the bedroom to ensure to understand format. The solution is presented as an integrated
How dysfunctional clocks lead to chronic good sleep P 351
disease P 316 Battle Plan which includes a detailed and well-explained training
Exercise and the circadian rhythm P 351 regime along with excellent nutritional advice, which will combine
The 9 main clocks P316317
Why muscle is able to generate the most to provide a transformation to a fitter, stronger, and healthier body.
Why light is the most important environ- force at the end of activity mode P 352
mental clue to reset the master clock Most importantly they show us the best way to measure the prog-
P 319 Why late afternoon/early evening exercise ress we are making towards this goal.
works very well P 352
How melatonin is the gateway into the I would consider this as the most comprehensive and readable
regeneration phase P 320321 Why melatonin supplementation is not that
effective in the longterm P 354 book I have seen on this large topic, and it provides a thorough dis-
The 5 main benefits of melatonin P 321 cussion of evidence to support the nutritional and exercise advice.
Sleep Architecture: Building a Good Some of the research is very new, and may be considered contro-
Nights Sleep P 322 PART III BATTLE PLAN PHYSICAL versial. However, this is all presented for the reader to evaluate.
Most of daily growth hormone released TRAINING: UNLOCKING YOUR What we have been doing as a society has not been working and
during slow wave sleepDNA and cellu- BODYS POTENTIAL P 361
this bookwith its many exciting new ideasmay provide the plan
lar repair happens here P 323 Optimum feeding of the flesh machine to reduce the problems created by these chronic diseases.
Sleep Drive #1 The Chemical System, P 361
clearing the credit card debt P 325
Dr. Peter Gootjes, Public Health Medicine Specialist, New Zealand
How regular, mindful, intense physical
Sleep Drive #2 The Circadian System training is central to the Strong Medicine
P 326 transformational plan P 361
Sleep system Synergy P 328 How the absence of exercise leads to How to take away the turbo-boost effect of PHYSICAL TRAINING IV BENCH
physical and mental deterioration over the SSC reflex P 370 PRESS AND OVERHEAD PRESS P 396
Before we can fix anything, we have to time P 361
know the cause of the problem P 328 The 14 keys to mastering the bodyweight Why, when it comes to building front torso
How Strong Medicine does not require squat P 373 muscles, no other progressive resistance
Circadian Disruption, The Consequences gym membership, huge time investment, or exercise even comes close to flat bench
of a Broken Clock P 329 The 13 keys to mastering the Goblet
fancy equipment P 362 Squat P 375 pressing P 396
Blue light: primary stimulator of the circa- Strong Medicine: a scientifically-based Avoid these ego-inflating techniques that
dian cycle P 331 The 13 keys to mastering the Front Squat
training program P 362 P 375 degrade strength and hinder results
How high intensity natural light is the best Strong Medicine Resistance Training P 397
way to reset the circadian system and How to help beginners whose knees shoot
Intro P 364 forward P 378
enter into activity mode P 333
How to be muscular, ripped and function- How to avoid knee collapse P 380
How caffeine worksand its potential al P 364
drawbacks P 333
How to retain a magnificent readiness to
Longterm inadequate sleep is strongly asso- lift, run, carry, jump and hunt P 364 PHYSICAL TRAINING III THE DEAD-
ciated with the following 9 conditions P 334 LIFT, HEALTHFUL CROWN PRINCE OF
Understanding Sarcopenia P 365
Why exercising while the organ clocks are THE POSTERIOR P 383
in regeneration mode or sleeping during How maintaining muscle mass is the best
defense against insulin resistance and Why, from a medical perspective, no other
activity may place harmful stress on the exercise translates better to protecting
body P 335 diabetes P 365
the back and preventing injury in everyday
The massive benefits of melatonin 338 Understanding Osteoporosis P 366 life P 384
Metabolic derangement and physiologic Why resistance training is not optional Why the Sumo Deadlift is all we need for
stress P 339 P 366 this program P 384
How poor sleep wreaks metabolic havoc How Strong Medicine techniques use Drawbacks of the conventional deadlift
on the obese or diabetic P 340 relatively light weights to maximum benefit, over the Sumo P 385
by making light weights heavy P 367
How circadian disruption tears away the Why your success is dependent on how
carefully structured sleep architecture you deal with sticking points P 385
resulting in light, non-regenerative, non-re- Why Strong Medicine is a strength-training
cuperative restless sleep P 340 program for everyone P 367 The 10 keys to mastering the Sumo Dead-
lift P 386 Strong Medicine
Reduced slow wave sleepyour one- Strong Medicine Deadlift Tacticsa How to Conquer Chronic
way ticket to body fat gain and muscle
wasting P 341
signature technique rooted in structural
architecture, physics and safety P 388
DiseaseAnd Achieve
Why you will not meet your body compo- Your Full Genetic Potential
Why the squat the king of all progressive Breaking the negative P 388
sition goals unless you fix your sleep resistance exercises... P 368 By Dr. Chris Hardy and
P 341 Why those who think the hip hinge trumps
The impact on depression P 341
Why Olympic lifters have one of the lowest the legs are missing the point P 388 Marty Gallagher
rates of knee injuries in any sport P 369
Why you must embrace the sticking
How circadian disruption and sleep loss
stimulate the drive to eatand puts the
How the Squat triggers the most primal fight point P 389 Book #B79 $39.95
or flight response of any exercise P 369
food reward system into overdrive P 341 The dangers of abusing the hip hinge eBook #EB79 $19.95
How to get the most potent neurological P 393
Fix: THIS will put the reins on food crav- stimulus P 370 Paperback 8.5 x 11
ings P 341 Common flaws in deadlift form P 393 604 pages, 767 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Strong Medicine online: 13
Most injuries happen when the nervous
system is fatigued and exercise form Strong Medicine is one
Given the sad state of our societys health and wellness literacy, breaks down. How this protocol will help
Strong Medicine is just what the doctor should order. Chris and prevent injury from poor form P 434 of the most informative
Marty come together to provide the reader with sound information books recently published in
addressing health and wellness from all angles. Whether its the PHYSWMMING P 431 the area of human health
impact of genetics, the use of biomarkers, proper physical training, Transformational Fitness P 432 and fitness. The book not
the importance of sleep, and/or nutritional information, Strong only explains bare-bone
The 6-Week Tactical template P
Medicine has it covered. 437441 principles of human biology
and wellness, it actually
It is time that we restore and strengthen the fabric of our society What is a superset? P 438
translates this knowledge
by arming its citizens with the understanding of why, instead of Advanced Programing: Seasonal Primordi-
al Cycling P 442
into a practical strategy
allowing them to meander around in ignorance from one fad to
hence The Strong Medicine
the next. Strong Medicine should be on the bookshelf of anyone Why the optimal time to peak the human
body for athletic competition is 12 weeks Lifestyle. Well written and
serious about their health and wellness. Gratitude, Chris and Marty
P 442 backed by science, Strong
for such a fine reference. Dr. Mike Davis, DPT
The perils of fundamentalist thinking and Medicine presents important
the reverse engineering of training yet controversial and per-
methods P 442 haps arguable concepts in
Dumbbell Bench Press TechniqueRelax, all your weight training P 419 Seasonal Training Cycles P 443-444 the area of stress response,
Pause, Grind P 398
nutrition and mental/phys-
The most difficult bench press technique
youll ever encounter P 398 PHYSICAL TRAINING VII STRONG BATTLE PLAN II STRONG MEDICINE ical conditioning. Highly
The 11 keys to mastering the Dumbbell
Bench Press P 398 Why HIIT is the preferred way to maximize STRATEGIES FOOD SOURCES AND interested in better survival
the adaptive response of the bodyand QUALITY P 447 in todays world.
Dumbbell Bench Press Phase II Beyond lose fat in the shortest amount of time
Pause, Relax, Grind P 401 when exercising P 420 Why the Strong Medicine trainee must Ori Hofmekler, author,
insist on more potency P 449 The Warrior Diet
The Overhead Dumbbell Press P 402 But why not everyone is immediately ready
for HIIT from both a fitness and psychologi- Why local is best P 449
Why overhead pressing translates better
into real-life applied strength P 402 cal basis P 420 Why animal-based foods are the best
The Basic Cardio ramp up for the newbie bet P 449 Nutrient timing around exercise that will
and the deconditioned P 420 keep your body fat low, performance levels
The template for an optimum, high-quality high and stoke your metabolic furnace to
PHYSICAL TRAINING V P 405 omnivorous diet P 450 white-hot levels P 468
Preparationall you need to start: basic
Why chin ups and pull ups are the very heart rate monitor and your HR Max Why wild caught oily fish are your DHA
best, but why the best replacement is the P420 superstars P 451
Benefits of power walking P 421 Is the cholesterol and fat in animal-based
8 steps to master the single supported foods cause for concern?... P 455 FEED YOUR ACTIVITY P 469
row P 407 Sample 10-week basic cardio ramp up
P 422 Food quality guidelines for the vegetari- How to optimize your metabolic blast fur-
How to build incredibly strong and dense an P 457 nace and prevent muscle wasting P 469
lats, rhomboids, lower traps, posterior Why 50% of people who start an exercise
program quit within the first 6 months423 How B12 is crucial to health and hard to How eating too little glucose (starch) can
deltoidswith minimal weight P 408 result in muscle wasting P 469
How HIIT addresses time and boredom find in vegetarian diets. Deficiency causes
The 4 main reasons why most free-weight neurological problems, anemia and higher Problem: How does the SM trainee get
rows are worthless P 409 issues P 424
risk of heart disease P 457 enough glucose to the brain to avoid a
8 keys to mastering the Frozen Statue Why modern medicine approves HIIT as stress response without consistently
appropriate for people with heart disease, The dangers of lectin poisoning from
Row P 410 beans P 458 eating too much glucose and increasing
diabetes, high blood pressure and obesi- their body fat? P 470
ty P 425 4 main (potentia lly dangerous) deficien-
cies and inadequacies in vegetarian diet Solution: Feed your activity correctly
PHYSICAL TRAINING VI How one session of HIIT improves blood
P 457459 P 470
STRONG MEDICINE ABS P 412 glucose in diabetics 1-3 days after the
sessionsession P 425 The most important variable to monitor for
The truth about what will give you 6-pack nutritional value P 461 I NON-TRAINING DAYS
abs P 412 The 5 main benefits of HIIT-based cardio (RECOVERY) P 470
P 425 The top 5 Strong Medicine herbs and
Why sit-ups are low back poison P413 spices for maximum health-power P 4 general rules for optimizing nutritional
The 7-Step HIIT protocol P 426 intake P 470-471
Abs Training Phase I The Basic Plank 462463
P 414
HIITthat ensures you get the right dose INDIVIDUALIZED STRATEGIES II
CARBOHYDRATE TOLERANCE Post-workout: why, to prevent the stress-
every time, whoever you are P 428 threat system from inducing a catabolic
P 465
ABS TRAINING PHASE II Why Burst Cardio is great for people of state, we need to feed the flesh machine
THE HIGH PLANK P 415 different fitness levels training together The case for low carb eating P 466 P 471
Abs Training Phase III The One-Hand P 430 Why a low starch/sugar (LSS) eating How the higher the intensity of the exer-
Plankand an extra layer of challenging Training the Recovery, Balancing Your pattern can be amazingly effective for the cise, the more glucose for muscle will be
instability P 416 Fitness P 433 obese/diabetic/insulin resistant population used P 472
to restore metabolism health, increase fat
Abs Training Phase IV The Plank Row How to use the recovery period as a train- loss and in some cases put type 2 diabetes How HIIT exercise turns muscles into
P 417418 able event P 433 into remission P 466 glucose sponges P 473
How to build an iron core and prevent back How to recover faster using these tech- The 7 key principles for a successful LSS The 4-point training day strategy for
injuries P 418 niques P 433 diet P 467 optimal eating P 473
The 6-sections primer on Strong Medicine How to balance the Yang by enhancing the
resistance training, as the foundation for Yin P 433

14 Order Strong Medicine online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
optimal health P 497
I have had the pleasure of Step 1: Self Assessment P 498 Strong Medicine is a rare gem that is a must-have for anyone who
being with Marty Gallagher Step 2: Targeted Assault P 498 wants to take control of their health. Chris and Marty have orga-
when he delivered the Beta nized an extremely thorough yet easy to understand encyclopedia
Step 3: Reassess the Battlefield P 499
version of this bookand I on how to maximize your health, fitness and genetic potential.
flew home and realized that How assaulting one member of the Pen-
taverate often causes collateral damage to In a day and age where we have never been more confused about
I needed to start from zero the others P 500 how to eat, when to eat, how to exercise and what is right vs wrong,
with my coaching of the How to become a Strong Medicine War- as well as more unfit than ever before, this is the new Bible for tak-
basic movements. Combine riorready to recruit new trainees for the ing control of your life.
Martys great insights with war against chronic disease P 501
the clearest explanation I Why do I say controlling your life? Because this book is about your
The Strong Medicine Rank Structure: Gold
have ever read that Food is Silver and Bronze P 500502 health, from the inside out. No fads, no gimmicks, no diets to fol-
Medicine and you have a The 4 biomarkers most useful and mean- low, just the truth about what you need to do to truly be healthy and
one-two punch that changes ingful for tracking physical improvement fit. Without your health, you have nothing to enjoy in life.
during lifestyle change P 502
lives. An amazing book and This book is an essential resource for any fitness enthusiast, health
well worth the time to read practitioner or coach.Zach Even-Esh, author, The
it and digest it (pun intend- BATTLE PLAN IV ANALYTICS STUFF Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning
ed).Dan John, author, Never YOU CAN MEASURE P 503
Let Go Biomechanics and the Holy Grail of
Correlation and Causation P 504 The beneficial actions you can take to HRV as a window into your stress cup
Why biomarker correlation does not generate healthy amounts of large-buoyant P 548
necessarily cause health and disease, but LDL P 528-529
How measuring HRV lets us see the
CALORIC RESTRICTION AND LOW is associated with it P 505 Is standard cholesterol testing useless?... current state of our autonomic nervous
CARB DIETS P 474 Understanding biomarkers as engine P 529 systemand what we want to see P 548
Why caloric restriction has no place in a warning lightsindicating that you may Why the HLD/triglyceride ratio is a better How HRV levels can predict high blood
wellness plan that involves regular, intense be going in the wrong direction with our predictor of heart disease and diabetes pressure, diabetes, heart disease and
exercise P 474 lifestyle choices P 506 than standard LDL cholesterol levels longevity P 549
The best way to make use of biomarkers P 530
Why longterm diets that are very low in 8 major (and dangerous) triggers of low
starchy carbs do not mix well with HIIT for your health and strength program What numbers are good on the standard HRV 550
P 475 P 508 lipid panel?... P 530
When and how to best measure you
Digging deeper into the topic of cholesterol HRV P551-552
WEEK OF FOOD P 477-491 TEROL: WHAT ARE WE MEASUR- complete picture P 532-533
Examples of easy to prepare meals, which ING?... P 509 Summary: the 7 top take-home messages
emphasize food quality The truth about cholesterol P 510 and considerations for an effective ap-
proach to cholesterol P 534
Putting it all together into a cohesive The 6 huge health benefits of cholesterol
strategy P 510-512 Stuff You Can Measure II Physical Mea-
surements P 534
Battle Plan III Putting It All Together Why you cant significantly alter cholester-
Lifestyle Change The neck of Roy ol levels by changing dietary intake P512 Why focusing on weight loss can be an
Buchanans guitar P 493 unhealthy obsession P 535
How artificially lowering cholesterol with
Why virtuosity comes with a price, and drugs can result in memory loss, muscle The newand unfortunatephenomenon
lifestyle change doesnt happen over- damage and erectile dysfunction P 513 of normal weight obesity P 536
night P 495 Why you need to toss your scale P 536
Lipoproteins 101 P 514
How physiological quantum leaps happen Why the Waist to Height Ratio (WHR) is
in direct proportion to the amount of quali- The nature and role of chylomicrons P
514-515 your single best physical measurement for
ty time invested in lifestyle change P 495 managing your health P 537
Why you need to train smart, train intense, The nature and role of VLDL P 516
eat right, and rest big P 495 The truth about LDL P 516
Why the Strong Medicine system relies on The truth about HDL P 516 ERS OF INFLAMMATION P 541
the expert use of basic tools with simplistic
methodswith periods of enforced rest The role of Small-Dense LDL and Why C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is the best
and the support of nutritionally dense and Large-Buoyant LDL P 517 current marker to use for chronic inflam-
seasonally appropriate food P 495 The mechanics of cholesterol transporta- mation P 541
tion P 517-523 Why CPR is the single best predictor for Strong Medicine
heart disease P 542
PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER II SM Why it is not cholesterol that leads to the
build up of plaques and narrowing of the
How to Conquer Chronic
LIFESTYLE CHANGE STRATEGIC Why testing for high-sensitivity CPR is so
PLANNING P 496 arteriesand the real culprit P 523 valuable P543 DiseaseAnd Achieve
How to pummel the Pentaverate of cir- Testing cholesterol P 524 What is a good level of hsCPR?... P 544 Your Full Genetic Potential
cadian disruption, chronic stress, obesity, What test results you really need to get to The 5 major ways to lower your hsCPR
gut inflammation and inactivity P 496 truly predict your risk of developing heart P545
By Dr. Chris Hardy and
How any of the 5 sources left unchecked and vascular disease P 525 Marty Gallagher
will overflow your stress cup (allostatic What affects your LDL particle size?... P
overload) and over time result in destruc- 527 STUFF YOU CAN MEASURE IV HEART
tion of your health P 496 RATE VARIABILITY (HRV) P 541 Book #B79 $39.95
The real villains that are responsible for the
How to strategically plan your own assault formation of small-dense LDL P528 Why HRV is your desert island biomarker eBook #EB79 $19.95
on chronic disease, achieving victory with for health P 546 Paperback 8.5 x 11
604 pages, 767 photos

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How To Maximize Muscle Growth
Using Bodyweight-Only Training

s it really possible to add significant extra
muscle-bulk to your frame using bodyweight
exercise only? The answer, according to
calisthenics guru and bestselling Convict
Conditioning author Paul Wade, is a resounding
Yes. Legendary strongmen and savvy modern
bodyweight bodybuilders both, have added stacks
of righteous beef to their physiquesusing just the
secrets Paul Wade reveals in this bible-like guide to
getting as strong AND as big as you could possibly
want, using nothing but your own body.

Paul Wades trenchant, visceral style blazes with hard-won body culture insight, tactics,
strategies and tips for the ultimate blueprint for getting huge naturally without free weights,
machine supplements orGod forbidsteroids. With C-Mass, Paul Wade further cements
his position as the preeminent modern authority on how to build extraordinary power and
strength with bodyweight exercise only.

m Get All of This When You Invest in Paul Wades C-Mass Today: m
1. Bodyweight Muscle? No Problem! 2. The Ten Commandments
Build phenomenal amounts of natural muscle mass and discover how to: of Calisthenics Mass
Add 20-30+ pounds of solid musclewith perfect proportions Truly effective muscular training boils down
into THESE Ten Commandments.
Reshape your arms with 2-3 inches of gnarly beef
Triple the size of your pecs and lats
Thicken and harden your abdominal wall into a classic six-pack COMMANDMENT I: Embrace
Throw a thick, healthy vein onto your biceps reps!
C-MASS Generate hard, sculpted quads and hamstrin gs that would be the
envy of an Olympic sprinter
Why reps are key when you want to build mas-
sive stacks of jacked up muscle.
Calisthenics Mass: How To Build true diamond calves Understanding the biochemistry of building
bigger muscles through reps
Maximize Muscle Growth Stand head and shoulders above the next 99% of natural bodybuild-
ers in looks, strength and power
Using Bodyweight-Only Boost your testosterone naturally to bull-like levels COMMANDMENT II: Work Hard!
Training Want to turn from a twig into an ok tree? Why
Understand the radically different advantages youll get from the two major types
By Paul Coach Wade of resistance work, nervous system training and muscular system training.
working demonically hard and employing brutal
physical effort is essential to getting nasty big
If you really want to explode your muscle growthif SIZE is your goalyou
Book #B75 $24.95 should train THIS way
eBook #EB75 $9.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11 136 pages, 130 photos

16 Order C-Mass online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
COMMANDMENT VIII: How to correctly work your hamstrings and
activate your entire posterior chain.
Sleep More! Why THIS workout of straight bridges and
How is it that prison athletes seem to gain hill sprints could put muscle on a pencil.
and maintain so much dense muscle, when
guys on the outsidewho are taking supple- How to employ the little-known secret of the
ments and working out in super-equipped bridge curl to develop awesome strength and
gymscan rarely gain muscle at all? power in the your hammies.
Discover the 3 main reasons why, sleep, the Why explosive work is essential for fully de-
natural alternative to steroids, helps prison veloped hamstringsand the best explosive
athletes grow so big exercise to make your own

COMMANDMENT IX: Train the 3. Softball Biceps

THIS is the best biceps exercise in the world
Mind Along With the Body! bar none. But most bodybuilders never use it
Why your mind is your most powerful to build their biceps! Discover what you are
supplement missing out on and learn to do it right
How 6 major training demons can destroy And then you can make dumbbell curls look
your bodybuilding dreamsand where to like a redheaded stepchild with THIS superi-
find the antidote or bicep blower-upper
Another great compound move for the biceps
COMMANDMENT X: (and forearms) is rope climbing. As with all
bodyweight, this can be performed progres-
Get Strong! sively. Get the details here on why and how
Understanding the relationship between
Despite what some trainers may ignorantly
the nervous system and the muscular sys-
tell you, you can also perform bodyweight
temand how to take full advantage of that
biceps isolation exercisessuch as the clas-
sic (but-rarely-seen-in-gyms) curl-up. Pure
Why, if you wish to gain as much muscle as power! If you can build one, THIS old school
your genetic potential will allow, just training piece of kit will give you biceps straight from
your muscles wont cut itand what more Hades.
you need to do
The secret to mixing and matching for both
growth AND strength 4. Titanic Triceps
Paul Wade has never met a gym-trained
COMMANDMENT III: Golden tip: how to take advantage of the bodybuilder who understands how the
Use Simple, Compound windows of opportunity your training 3. Coach Wades triceps work. Not one. Learn how the triceps

presents you.
Bodypart Tactics REALLY work. This stuff is goldpay atten-
tion. And discover the drills that are going to
How to transform miniscule, incremental
Get the best bodyweight bodybuilding tech- CRUCIFY those tris!
Whyif you want to get swoleyou need to gains into long-range massive outcomes.
niques for 11 major body areas.
toss out complex, high-skill exercises. Forgot those expensive supplements! Why
Why dynamic exercises are generally far keeping a training log can be the missing key 4. Farmer Forearms
better than static holds for massive muscle to success or failure in the muscle-gain biz. 1. Quadzilla! (and Quadzookie.) Paul Wade wrote the definitive mini-manual
building. Why the Gold Standard quad developer is of calisthenics forearm and grip training
These are the very best dynamic exercises squattingand why you absolutely need to
for bigger bang for your muscle buck. COMMANDMENT VI: You master the Big Daddy, the one-legged squat
in Convict Conditioning 2. But HERES a
reminder on the take-home message that the
How to ratchet up the heat with THIS kick- Grow When You Rest. So Rest! How to perform the Shrimp Squat, a forearms are best built through THESE exer-
ass strategy and sprout new muscle at an If you really wanted to improve on your wonderful quad and glute builder, which is cises, and you can build superhuman grip by
eye-popping rate. last workoutadd that rep, tighten up your comparable to the one-leg squat in terms of utilizing intelligent THESE progressions.
formhow would you want to approach that body-challenge. Why crush-style grippers are a mistake and
workout? The answer is right here Why you should employ THESE 7 jumping
COMMANDMENT IV: the better, safer alternative for a hand-pulp-
Ignore THIS simple, ancient, muscle-build- methods to put your quad gains through the ing grip
Limit Sets! ing factand be prepared to go on spinning roof
What it takes to trigger explosive muscle your muscle-building wheels for a VERY How to perform the hyper-tough, man-mak-
growthand why most folk foolishly and long time ing Sissy Squatfavorite of the Iron Guru, 5. Its Not Abs,
wastefully pull their survival trigger way 10 secrets to optimizing the magic rest-mus- Vince Girondagreat bodybuilding ideolo- Its Midsection
too many futile times cle growth formula gist of the Golden Era, and trainer of a young As a bodybuilder, your method should be
Why you need to void volume creep at all Why you may never even come close to your Mr. Schwarzenegger. He wouldnt let anyone to pick a big, tough midsection movement
costs when size is what youre all about. full physical potentialbut how to change perform barbell squats in his gym! and work at it hard and progressively to
that thicken your six-pack. This work should be
a cornerstone of your training, no different
COMMANDMENT V: Focus 2. Hamstrings: from pullups or squats. Its a requirement.
on Progressand Utilize a COMMANDMENT VII: Quit Eat- Stand Sideways With Pride Which movements to pick? Discover the best
Training Journal! ing Clean the Whole Time! Enter Lombards Paradox: how and why you drills here
Why so few wannabe athletes ever achieve WarningPolitically incorrect statement: can successfully brutalize your hammies And the single greatest exercise for scorch-
a good level of strength and musclelet Why, if you are trying to pack on more with calisthenics. ing your abs in the most effective manner
alone a great leveland what it really takes muscle, eating junk now and again is not only Why bridging is a perfect exercise for possible is THIS
to succeed. okay, it can be positively anabolic. strengthening the hamstrings.

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order C-Mass online: 17
9. Calving Season When to Move up the Programming Line
THIS squat method will make your calves If simpler, more basic routines are always
larger, way more supple, more powerful, and the best, why do advanced bodybuilders
your ankles/Achilles tendon will be bullet- tend to follow more complex routines? Pro-
proofed like a steel cable grams with different sessions for different
bodyparts, with dozens of exercises? Several
Whether you are an athlete, a strength train-
points to consider
er or a pure bodyweight bodybuilder, your
first mission should be to gradually build to The best reason is to move up the program-
THIS. Until you get there, you dont need to ming line is THIS
waste time on any specialist calf exercises.
If you DO want to add specific calf exercises Fundamental Program Templates
to your program, then THESE are a good Total Body 1, Total Body 2
choice. Upper/Lower-Body Split 1, Upper/
The calves are naturally explosive muscles, Lower-Body Split 2
and explosive bodyweight work is very good 3-Way Split 1, 3-Way Split 2
for calf-building. So add THESE six explosive
drills into your mix 4-Way Split 1, 4-Way Split 1
Methods like THIS are so brutal (and effec-
How to best train your obliques and lateral will swell up those cannonballs fast
tive) that they can put an inch or more on
stubborn calves in just weeks. If you can train
5. Troubleshooting
chain Why old school hand balancing is so great like this just once a week for a few months, Muscle-Growth:
The simplest and most effective way to train for strength, size and coordination, while
your transversus surprisingly easy on the shoulders, especially
you better get ready to outgrow your socks The FAQ
as you get a bit older Q. W hy bodyweight? Why cant I use
The number one go-to guy in the whole world 10. TNT: Total Neck and Traps weights and machines to build muscle?
6. Maximum Chest for hand-balancing is THIS calisthenics Do bodybuilders even need to do neck work? Q. I understand that pull-ups and chin-ups
The roll call of classical bodyweight chest master Heres the answer are superior exercises for building mus-
exercises is dynamic and impressive. Its cle in the lats and biceps. Unfortunately I
The best neck exercises for beginners.
an ancient, effective, tactical buffet of cannot yet perform pull-ups. Should I use
super-moves. Get the list here 8. Ahll be Back HERE is an elite-level technique for develop- assistance bands instead?
ing the upper trapezius muscles between the Q. L ooking at gymnasts, I have no doubt
THE best chest routine is THIS one THIS exercise is the finest lat-widener in neck and shoulders..
the bodybuilding world and should be the that progressive calisthenics methods
If super-sturdy arms and shoulders mean THIS is another wonderful exercise for the
absolute mainstay of your back training. This can build a huge upper body. But what
your pecs barely get a look in when you traps, developing them from all angles.
ones a no-brainerif adding maximum torso about the legs? Wont it leave me with
press, then focus on THESE progressions
beef as fast and efficiently as possible appeals By the time you can perform two sets of stick legs?
insteadand your pecs will be burning with
a welcome new pain to you twenty deep, slow reps of THIS move, your Q. C oach, can you name the exercises that
Are you an advanced bodyweight bodybuild- traps will look like hardcore cans of beans. belong into an abbreviated routine for
Why Al Kavadlo has a lean, athletic physique, a total beginner? Which are the most
but his pecs are as thick as a bodybuilders er? Then you may wish to add THIS to your If you want more neck, and filling out your
upper-back routine. Why? WellTHIS will collar is something you want to explore, for- essential without leaving gaps in my
THIS could be the ultimate bodyweight drill get those decapitation machines in the gym, ability?
blitz your rear delts, scapular muscles and
to get thick, imposing pectoral muscles or those headache-inducing head straps. The Q. B ig bodyweight exercises such as
the lower heads of the trapezius. These are
And heres the single finest exercise for the detail muscles of the back, so loved by safest, most natural and most productive push-ups and pull-ups may target the
enlarging your pec minoryet hardly anyone bodybuilders when they grow and thicken, techniques for building a bull-nape are larger muscles of the body (pecs, lats,
has figured it out resembling serpents swirling around the THESE. biceps, etc.), but what about the smaller
Why you need to master the art of deep shoulder-blades. muscles which are still so important to
breathing, strongman style, to truly develop a the bodybuilder? Things like forearms,
Paul Wade demands that all his students
massive chestand where to find unbeatable begin their personal training with a brutal 4. Okay. the calves, the neck?
Q. I have been told I need to use a weighted
advice from proven champions regime of THIS punishing drill. Why? Find Now Gimme a Program vest on my push-ups and pull-ups if I
out here If you want to pack on muscle using body- want to get stronger and gain muscle. Is
7. Powerful, Healthy Shoulders Real strength monsters can try THIS. But weight, its no good training like a gymnast this true?
you gotta be real powerful to survive the or a martial artist or a dancer or a yoga
All die-hard bodybuilders need to know is Q. I s bodyweight training suitable for
attempt... expert, no matter how impressive those skill-
that the deltoids have three heads. Heres women? Do you know of any women who
how they work Many bodybuilders think only in terms of based practitioners might be at performing achieved the Master Steps laid out in
low back when working the spinal muscles, advanced calisthenics. You need a different Convict Conditioning?
If you want to give any of your shoulder
but this is a mistake: find out why mindset. You need to train like a bodybuilder!
heads an enhanced, specialist workout, a Q. I am very interested in gaining sizenot
great tactic is THIS. How bridging fully works all the deep tissues Learn the essential C-Mass principles behind just muscle mass, but also height. Is it
of the spine and bulletproofs the discs. programming, so you can master your own possible that calisthenics can increase
How to make your lateral deltoids scream for
The single most effective bridge technique programming my height?
mercyand thank you later when you ignore
their pleas for building massive back muscle The most important thing to understand Q. Y ou have said that moving exercises are
Why back levers performed THIS way are about bodybuilding routines superior to isometrics when it comes
If you really want to build your rear delts,
particularly effective in building huge spinal Simple programs with minimum complexity to mass gain. I am interested in getting
THIS drill should be your number one
strength and thickness. have THESE features huge shoulders, but Convict Condi-
tioning gives several static (isometric)
THESE kinds of drills can result in shoulder Why inverse hyperextensions are a superb By contrast, programs with maximum com-
exercises early on in the handstand push-
injury, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and lower-back and spine exercise which re- plexity have THESE features
up chain. Can you give me any moving
chronic painwhat to stick with instead quires zero equipment. Why Simple Beats Complex, For THESE 3 exercises I can use instead, to work up to
THIS is a fantastic deltoid movement which Very Important Reasons handstand pushups?

18 Order C-Mass online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Q. I have heard that the teenage years are bodybuilder. And guess what? It seems like COMMANDMENT VI: COMMANDMENT X: Master
the ideal age for building muscle. Is there many of the new generation of athletes
any point in trying to build muscle after want to be bullzelles! With Paul Wades Train your tendons! the power of the mind!
the age of forty? C-Mass program, youll have what you need When the old-time strongmen talked about How to train the mind to make the body
Q. I have had some knee problems in the to achieve bullzelle looks and functionality strength, they rarely talked about muscle achieve incredible levels of strength and
past; any tips for keeping my knee joints should you want it powerthey typically focused on the integri- ferocityas if it was tweaking on PCP
healthy so I can build more leg mass? ty of the tendons. THIS is why 5 fundamental ways to harness mental
Q. Im pretty skinny and I have always The concept of supple strength and how to power and optimize your strength
had a huge amount of trouble putting on
COMMANDMENT I: Use low really train the tendons for optimal resilience
weightany weight, even fat. Building reps while keeping fresh! and steely, real-life strength
muscle is virtually impossible for me. If you want to generate huge strength Why focusing on peak contraction can
What program should I be on? without building muscle, here is the precise be devastating to your long-term strength-
Q. Ive read in several bodybuilding maga- formula... health goals
zines that I need to change my exercises
frequently in order to confuse my
muscles into growth. Is that true? COMMANDMENT II: Utilize COMMANDMENT VII: Focus on
Q. I read in several bodybuilding magazines Hebbs Lawdrill movements weak links!
that I need to eat protein every 2-3 hours as often as possible! THIS is the essential difference between a
to have a hope in hell of growing. They mere bodybuilder and a truly powerful human
How pure strength training works, in a
also say that I need a huge amount of being
protein, like two grams per pound of
Why frequencyhow often you trainis Why focusing all your attention on the
bodyweight. Why dont your Command-
often so radically different for pure strength biggest, strongest muscle groups is counter-
ments mention the need for protein?
Q. I have heard that whey is the perfect
trainers and for bodybuilders productive for developing your true strength
Training recipe for the perfect bodybuilder
food for building muscle. Is this true?
and for the perfect strength trainer Pay extra attention to your weakest areas by 7. Supercharging Your
Why training for pure strength and training
including THESE 4 sets of drills as a manda- Hormonal Profile
6. The Democratic to master a skill are virtually identical
tory part of your monster strength program
Why you should never, ever, ever take ste-
Alternativehow to get methods. roids to enhance your strength
COMMANDMENT VIII: Exploit Hormones and muscle growth
as powerful as possible Neural Facilitation!
COMMANDMENT III: Master Your hormones are what build your muscle.
without gaining a pound muscle synergy! The nervous systemlike most sophisticated All your training is pretty secondary. You
There is a whole bunch of folks who either biological systemspossesses different sets can work out hard as possible as often as
want (or need) massive strength and power, If there is a trick to being supremely strong, possible, but if your hormonal levels arent
of gears. Learn how to safely and effectively
but without the attendant muscle bulk. THIS is it... good, your gains will be close to nil. Learn
shift to high gear in a hurry using THESE
Competitive athletes who compete in weight As a bodybuilder, are you making this huge strategies what it takes to naturally optimize a cascade
limits are one example; wrestlers, MMA mistake? If you want to get super-power- of powerful strength-generating hormones
athletes, boxers, etc. Females are another ful, unlearn these ideas and employ THIS and to minimize the strength-sappers from
group who, as a rule, want to get stronger strategy instead COMMANDMENT IX: Apply sabotaging your gains
when they train, but without adding much Another great way to learn muscular coor- Plyometric Patterns to Hack Studies and simple experience have demon-
(or any) size. Some men desire steely, whip- dination and control is to explore THESE strated that, far from being some esoteric
like power but see the sheer weight of mass drills...
Neural Inhibition practice, some men have increased their
as non-functionalmany martial artists fall Why it is fatal for a bodyweight master to diminished total testosterone levels by over
into this category; perhaps Bruce Lee was the focus only on tension-generating techniques a thousand percent! How? Just by following a
archetype. COMMANDMENT IV: Brace and what to do instead few basic rules.
But bodybuilders should also fall under this Yourself! How very fast movements can hugely in- What rules? Listen up. THIS is the most
banner. All athletes who want to become as crease your strengththe light bulb analogy. important bodybuilding advice anyone will
If there is a single tactic thats guaranteed to
huge as possible need to spend some portion maximize your body-power in short order, The difference between voluntary and ever give you.
of their time focusing on pure strength. With- its bracing. Bracing is both an art-form and a involuntary strengthand how to work on The 6 Rules of Testosterone Building
out a high (and increasing) level of strength, science. Heres how to do it and why it works both for greater gains
THESE rules are the most powerful and
its impossible to use enough load to stress so well. long-lasting, for massive testosterone gener-
your muscles into getting bigger. This is even
ation. Follow them if you want to get diesel.
truer once you get past a certain basic point.
So: You want to build power like a Humvee, COMMANDMENT V: Learn The iron-clad case against steroid use and
exogenous testosterone in general.
with the sleek lines of a classic Porsche? The old-school breath control!
following Ten Commandments have got you If there is an instant trick to increasing
covered. Follow them, and we promise you
cannot fail, even if you had trouble getting
your strength, its learning the art of the
breath. Learn the details here
stronger in the past. Your days of weakness
Why inhalation is so important for strength
Calisthenics Mass: How To
are done, my friend
and how to make it work most efficiently Maximize Muscle Growth
Enter the Bullzelle while lifting
There are guys who train for pure mass and
Using Bodyweight-Only
How the correctly-employed, controlled,
want to look like bulls, and guys who only forceful exhalation activates the muscles of Training
train for athleticism without mass, and are the trunk, core and ribcage
more like gazelles. Al Kavadlo has been de-
By Paul Coach Wade
scribed as a bullzellesomeone who trains
mainly for strength, and has some muscle Book #B75 $24.95
too, but without looking like a bulked-up eBook #EB75 $9.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11 136 pages, 130 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order C-Mass online: 19
How to Train, Coach and Motivate Even
The Average Joe to Become Ultra-Tough,
Hyper-Resilient and Way More Powerful

ome of the worlds toughestand most successfulmen
have endorsed Zach Even-Eshs Encyclopedia of Underground
Strength and Conditioning as a must-have, go-to resource for
developing the supreme athletic durability, multi-functional
strength and spiritual fortitude they most prize

Men like JOE DE SENA, founder of The Spartan Race:

At Spartan, we have always said the world needs a thorough encyclope-

dia on strength and conditioning. Whether it is our own athletes attending
our races, moms, or even the elite special forces we speak to, everyone
is looking for an edge. Zachs Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and
Conditioning is exactly what todays society needs to build a stronger mind,
body and life, just as we encourage here at Spartan.

The inspirational life lessons shared in this book along with these training
methods are what make this book powerful and timeless. You owe it to Or take this from AJ ROBERTS, 2x All-Time Powerlifting World Record Holder
yourself to read this book if you want to change your life. (who else wants to squat 1,205 lbs, bench 905 lbs and deadlift 815 lbs?):
From the minute I began reading I was completely captivated. The mixture
And men like the warrior-athlete of life lessons along with powerful workout information is what makes this
CDR MARK DIVINE, founder of book truly phenomenal and one that belongs on any strength enthusiasts
SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, NYT book shelf.
bestselling author of 8 Weeks to
SEALFIT and The Way of the SEAL: And then theres the legendary author of the worlds #1 bodyweight exercise
book Convict Conditioning, PAUL WADE, who weighs in with this praise:
When it comes to functional If theres a hardcore, super-functional tool or tactic for maximizing strength,
strength and conditioningold speed or muscle, its herebodyweight, kettlebells, barbells, tires, ropes,
school styleZach Even-Esh has sandbags, kegs and sleds. The bodyweight section alone is worth more than
been there, done that. Zach is a the price of the bookits a must read for calisthenics fans. What interests
master at developing young athletes me particularly is Zachs emphasis on bodyweight for athleticism and condi-
who not only become world class tioning, as well as raw strength.
at their sport, but also develop the
strength of character to be success- There are dozens of very, very powerful drills and unique approaches here.
ful at whatever they choose in life. Ive no doubt this book will be considered the bible of old school athletic
I highly recommend this book, as it strength training over the coming decades.
will open your eyes to reality-based Or how about revered strength coach and powerlifting world champion
training. MARTY GALLAGHERs ringing endorsement:
This big book has a lot of soul. I love the mix of bodybuilding and wrestling
The Encyclopedia of Underground and power training and farm-boy strength combined with the sincere ear-
Strength and Conditioning nestness of his ongoing quest for continual physical improvement. I love his
crazed, gonzo approach towards fitness and strength and functionality. Zach
How to Get Stronger in the Gym & in Life Using has thrown a big lasso around a hell-of-a-lot of athletic modes.
the Training Secrets of the Athletic Elite
By Zach Even-Esh Zach has transformed himself, and ergo, he knows of what he speaks. Best
of all, most important of all, he gets irrefutable results for his people. I love
Book #B76 $39.95 the functional, uber-fit physiques of Zachs students, the final finished prod-
eBook #EB76 $19.95 ucts. In one word, Zach, Awesome!
Paperback 8.5 x 11 424 pages, 957 photos

20 Order Encyclopedia of Underground S & C:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
How Can It Be? How Did And THIS is why so many world-renowned
strength experts, master coaches, bestsell-
The Weakest Kid on The ing fitness authors, world champion lifters
Block and The Worst and some of THE toughest men of the
Athlete on The Team planet are giving two very big thumbs up to
Zachs The Encyclopedia of Underground
Become One of The Most Strength and Conditioning.
Respected Strength and
THIS is why DAN JOHN, coach extraordi-
Conditioning Coaches in naire and author of the acclaimed Never
America? Let Go says:
What is SO remarkable here is that Zach
I felt like I was back in 1964
began his athletic life as the weakest kid
on the block and a perennial failure in
thumbing through Strength and
team sports Health getting the answers to
strength: its the basics, its hard
Zach was crippled by self-doubt, low work and there is a funny story
self-esteem, depressionand career-end- that needs to be told to get me to
ing injuries understand the simplicity of it
Zach got sidetracked by false prophets all. You get every tool, every idea than Zach Even-Esh. animalistically strong
trumpeting bodybuilding liesthat WEAK- and practically every mistake as Zach then provides you with every
ENED him and had him beaten down over Zach takes us on his journey. The This bible of strength is an inspir-
real-world, results-tested, training method
and over again by stronger, more agile, sections on elite athletes are told ing must-read for every athlete,
that he guarantees to put massive muscle
TOUGHER opponents as clearly as possible and I think I coach and fitness enthusiast of
on your bones and power-pack you with
coached Strong and Useless, too. any age who wants to help them- unstoppable energy.
Faced by all these failures Zach could eas-
I really enjoyed that section as selves or others get an edge on the
ily have thrown in the towel and contented Even more importantly, Zach teaches that
we all face the same obstacles as competition and become bigger,
himself with a comfortable, average role YOU are unique. YOU are different. There
we try to figure how to translate stronger, faster and tougher.
as a so-so athlete and so-so trainer is a program for YOU in particular that sits
the relatively straight line in the waiting for you. Zack gives YOU the keys
But Zach had a dream and a vision that
weight room into the chaos of the for you to discover the formulas and train-
was more powerful than the army of
athletic field. Zach gives you these Who CAN You Trust to Show ing protocols that will truly work for YOU,
setbacks and the bouts of despair
answers. You What Will REALLY specifically. Zach helps YOU discover
Zach NEVER QUIT in his relentless quest
for athletic supremacythe inner fire Its a hands-on book from a hands-
WorkTo Get Stronger, the all-important Why? questionand

burned strongthe spirit stayed steady on coach and you get the feeling Tougher and Way More its personalized answerthat is crucial
to figure out, if you are to develop the
Zach continued to persevere and struggle, you know everybody he is talking Powerful? transformational mindset
whatever the odds and continued set- about in each story. The book The modern fitness landscape has
needs a two-way radio: Yeah, I Whether youre a coach, a parent of an
backs exploded with a bewildering array of quick- athlete, an avid exercise fan or someone
know that guy! Its a great book fix methods, shiny gizmos and training who needs direction in the realm of
that will open up a few eyes and programs of every imaginable type strength, this book can become your go-to
Things Changed When maybe a few windows in your advocating this or that method for attaining Bible for kicking ass and taking names.
training. Enjoy. a superior athleticism.
He Was Told That He Was Flip it open to any page and get inspired
And why JASON FERRUGIA, author of
Put on This Earth to Make Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 exclaimed:
But what really will work for YOU? Who and educated to take your success to the
can YOU trust? Who should YOU listen to
People STRONG! and believe in?
next level

Then one fateful daythanks to a special It got me so fired up I couldnt Prepare to punch your inner laziness in the
sit still. Its honest, insightful, As you can see, many experts bet for THE face because this book will reignite your
mentorit all came together for Zach: his MAN to listen to and trust when it comes
mission on the planet was to make people touching, and inspirational. Zachs passion for developing strength like never
to knowing what to do, for YOU to succeed before...
stronger and tougher. passion bleeds through every page
athletically, is Zach Even-Esh.
and will make you want to not only Listen to what these other fellow trainers,
And that Mission has become the Why? Because over the last 25 years Zach
train harder, but man-up in every coaches, authors, athletes and experts
Reality has literally tried EVERYTHING when it
aspect of your life. have to add about the inspirational life
What do you get when you mix 25 plus comes to the Holy Grail of supreme tough- stories, passion and the super-practical
Or for TOM VENUTO, author of Burn the
years of training experience along with the ness, dominant strength and enduring training information youll get with Zachs
Fat, Feed the Muscle to write in:
pain of regret? physical power. masterwork:
You get a coach who goes through hell and No book combines the old-school And because, in those 25 years, Zach
high water to ensure you dont experience methods of strength training and made as many mistakes in his training of
the same painful mistakes he made in muscle-building with the new sci- himself and others as he has had dramatic
training and life. ence of performance enhancement successes. Mistakes you now dont have If you are a fitness or strength
and athletic conditioning better to make professional or a serious fitness
And you get a book that inspires the hell enthusiast then you must own this
out of you and forces you to dig deep to than The Encyclopedia of Under- Zach documents ALL of his mistakesto
ground Strength and Conditioning. book. Read it cover to cover again
discover WHO you truly are and WHAT ram home once and for all what you
And no author delivers his knowl- and again. Over the last 20 years
youre all about, both in the gym AND in absolutely should NOT be doing if you want
edge with more heart and passion I have interviewed and trained
life. to be truly tough, truly competitive and

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Encyclopedia of Underground S & C: 21
passion is unparalleled; if you want
to succeed, this book is for you.
MATT WICHLINSKI, Strength Zach not only shares his deep
Coach, WWE Performance Center knowledge of training in his book
but also shares his journey on how
he got there. This is the book I
wish I had read in my early years
Zach Even-Esh throws down the of training and am now ecstatic
gauntletchallenging you to live to have it on my bookshelf. I 100%
strong, think strong, and be strong. recommend this book to anyone
The Encyclopedia of Underground desiring to find their passion.
Strength and Conditioning inspires Zach is a true inspiration and I
and educates allowing you to am honored to also call him my
elevate your training both mentally friend.MICHAEL BLEDSOE, CEO
and physically. The information in, Barbell Shrugged Podcast,
this book will not only make you Faction Strength & Conditioning,
a better athlete, but also a better CrossFit Memphis
person.JON BRUNEY, author, Neu-
over 1,000 trainers and coaches is an incredibly comprehensive ro-Mass
and I can tell you that there is a manual which details not only And thus we have The Encyclopedia of
powerful, not so obvious difference strength and conditioning, but Underground Strength and Conditioning
between a good coach and an also speed training, muscle which is exactly that: an encyclopedia of
OUTSTANDING coach. However, building, feats of strength and This book clearly speaks to the
what NOT to do and what you CAN do to
knowing this will transform your more. Zach provides years worth duality of strength training; the
transform yourself physically, mentally and
life and those you help massively. of material in this fantastic re- internal and the external. Zach first
spiritually (because they all go together).
This is what you will discover in source.DANNY KAVADLO, author, provides a compelling rationale for
the pursuit of strength and then So, if you get Zachs Encyclopedia of
The Encyclopedia of Underground Diamond-Cut Abs
delivers, as promised in the title, an Underground Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Conditioning. It is
encyclopedic manual on exactly and YOU WORK IT, then Zach makes these
worth its weight in gold.BILLY promises to you:
BECK III, MET-Rx Worlds Best how to attain it.
Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness I have been a strength coach for Yes, you CAN transform yourself into a
over 30 years and this by far is Zach covers the mindset and mo- superior physical monster
Professional Magazine Trainer of
one of the most powerful strength dalities of true strength building.
the Year, International Presenter, Yes, you CAN be the Total Athletic Pack-
training books I have read. Its a Its all here; barbell and dumbbell
Author, Lean and Mean: Fat Burn- age, with a farm boys all-around power
tool that every strength coach, new work, odd-object lifts, calisthenics,
ing Secrets and a gladiators whipcord resilience
or old, every person who trains new kettlebells, ropes and running.
or old, should have in their toolbox. Ive seen Zach in action with his Yes, you CAN have the mental toughness,
This book will be required reading athletes. He is for real and so are durability and spiritual fortitude that
The Encyclopedia of Underground for all my trainers and athletes his methods. If you want to coach would do a hardened Spec Ops proud
Strength and Conditioning should from this point on.COACH JOHN yourself or others to greatness, Yes, you CAN develop the steely, nev-
be in the library of every trainer MCKENNA, Athletic Performance you need this book!MIKE er-ever-quit endurance capacity of a true
and coach. Zach Even-Esh has Director, Notre Dame High School, GILLETTE, Performance Coach, champion
filled his book with the kind of Lawrenceville, NJ Member Martial Arts Masters Hall-
Yes, you CAN be fully prepped to over-
wisdom that can only be obtained of-Fame
come the rigors and uncertainties of your
from years in the trenches making combat-sportor whatever else gets
mistakes and learning from them. thrown at you
Zach outlines techniques and Everything you need to know
about getting stronger and men- Zach Even-Eshs Encyclopedia of Yes, you CAN combine the horsepower of
tactics to build not only useable
tally tough is covered in detail in Underground Strength and Condi- a Ferrari with the grinding strength of a
strength, but well-rounded athlet-
this book. If you are looking for tioning provides a very resourceful tow truck
icism that enhances performance
a shortcut, or dont have a true guide to proper training and most
and provides resilience from injury. Yes, you CAN turn into an on-field terror
desire to work as hard as possible, importantly a call to action that
The ultimate report card for a agile, mobile and hyper-hostile
this book is not for you. This book you never miss a workout again!
coach is results, not knowledge of Yes, you CAN be beach-god-beauti-
is all about embracing the effort, Zach guides you through how
theory. Zach gets results for real fulyet still be stacked with righteous
doing your best, inspiring everyone to train hard whether you have
people.CHRIS HARDY, DO, MPH cords of GO! GO! GO! hyper-powerful,
around you, and being the consum- the luxury of a gym or the good
CSCS, Physician, trainer, co-author hyper-functional muscle
mate leader of your social circle, fortune of a stone, a friend, a
Strong Medicine
all while becoming the strongest playground, a picnic table, a tire, a Yes, you CAN make relentless progress in
version of yourself. sandbag, a keg, orheck the truck your physical prowesswithout sacrific-
thats parked in your driveway. ing your health
Zachs wisdom is both bold and This book is loaded with inspira- JOE DI STEFANO, BS, CSCS, PES, Yes, you CAN develop a tigrish self-con-
heartwarming at the same time. tional stories and informational CES, Co-creator, Spartan Races fidence that guarantees you NEVER
Besides a touching, often humor- programs that work. Zachs train- SGX Certification surrender to any set back or apparent
ous story, what Zach provides ing methods are intense and his obstacle

22 Order Encyclopedia of Underground S & C:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Yes, you CAN have all of thisand a stones, sleds, bodyweight, free weights,
whole lot morebecause master-ath- training partners, playgrounds, scaffolding,
letic coach Zach Even-Esh, has already park bencheswhatever you can lift, pull,
delivered on these promises to literally grind, push, run with, jump over, grab
thousands of real-world athletes over the
The soul athlete engages with his total
last 25 years
environment with deep passion, for the
Zach has spent over 25 years figuring out love of it, for the blissful pain of itand for
what REALLY works in the REAL world to the shear unadulterated FUN of it
be utterly devastating athletically. And
There can be no excuses in the life of the
he is ready to share ALL of this hard-won
soul athlete because, well, there ARE no
know-how with you
excuses! Its ALL good!
Zachs sole mission in life is to pass on to
So: if you want to plunge into the mystic
the world what truly does work to produce
pain and know the glory and the ecstasy
an EFFECTIVELY strong and powerful
of the soul athleteyou have definitely
human being.
arrived at the right place. Zachs Ency-
Be warned of all the nonsensestill clopedia of Underground Strength and
woefully prevalent in the modern training Conditioning is made-in-heaven-and-hell
worldthat will cripple your hopes of for youthe keys to the kingdom are right W
 hat it takes to succeed as a combat T he 3 things that need to be in every
ever being anything special athletically here for your taking athlete athletes blood
taken from Zachs own heart-breaking
experiences. He made classic mistakes H
 ow to develop an indomitable strength W
 hy overall athleticism is the true win-
in mind, body and spirit ning formulaand how to get it
and spent bitter years as an also-ran And heres a selection of
rather than a winnerfollowing false T he 16 training basics that ALWAYS
promises, faux science, shiny balls and
special insider tips youll deliver powerful results
dead-end paths. discover within The H
 ow Science can be the enemy of
Progressand kill your chances of H
 ow to progress from Gym Strength to
Encyclopedia of making it big Sports Strength
Underground Strength
You dont have to make and Conditioning, any one
 ow training-rigidity can act like D
 o you have the heavy horsepower to
a wrecking ball on your athletic REALLY drive your muscles?Heres
those same mistakes! of which might make the success how to make it a reality...
Zachs done the needless suffering for you. difference between H
 ow to work with athletes in the real
You can take his winning formulas now
his in-the-trenches, golden blueprints success and failure: worldand continue to put winners on
the map
and run with them W
 ay too many wrestlers still make
THIS huge mistake when training their H
 ow and why to identify and work on
Zach has done the real-world experiment-
sport your weak points
ing for youwith himself and countless
thousands of hard-charging athletes. U
 nderstanding the vital difference A
 re you strong and useless?dont be
The mistakes have all been made. The between beach muscles versus getting- THIS guy!
useless methods have been discarded, the the-job-done muscles H
 ow to develop speed strength
impurities burnt away. The fluff is gone.
 ow best to measure progress to ensure H
 ow listening better makes you a better
Pure training gold remains for you to take
continual gains coach
full advantage of
T he 6 essentials you have to dial in for
Sometimes the truth can hit you like a 2 by
optimal progress
4 between the eyes. And thats the kind of W
 hy your mind is your number 1
wisdom-truth thatll hit you when you open S uccessful commitment comes from success determinerand what to do
up to Zachs worldthe world of the soul knowing exactly how to employ THIS about it
athlete strategy
 ow to thrive while others are quitting
in droves The Encyclopedia of
How To Be a H
 ow to develop Farm Boy Strength H
 ow and why you need to get comfort-
Underground Strength
and wail on urban sissies
Soul Athlete able being very uncomfortable
Can This Be You? T HIS Gladiator-Maker formula will make H
 ow to turn your warm ups into a and Conditioning
you Master of the Beat Down
Punch a ticket to ride with Zachand
bootcamp for developing mental How to Get Stronger in the
 eveloping THIS is one of the biggest toughness
enter the exalted territory of the Soul
answers to dominating your competi-
Gym & in Life Using
Athlete T he biggest downfall for most athletes
tion is a lack of strength endurance, power
the Training Secrets of the
Soul Athletes see the whole world as Athletic Elite
 ow, when and why to break the rules endurance, and overall durabilitydis-
their physical-transformation playground.
and come out on top cover how to possess all 3 attributes to By Zach Even-Esh
Doesnt matter where you areyou work
the max
with what you gottrees, sand, tires, T HESE patented combat-style circuits W
 hat the champion chooses to do that Book #B76 $39.95
sledgehammers, kettlebells, barbells, will help you outlast 99.97% of any others dontfor the massive winning eBook #EB76 $19.95
ropes, trucks, sandbags, ocean, kegs, athletes youll ever face edge Paperback 8.5 x 11 424 pages, 957 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Encyclopedia of Underground S & C: 23
 hy athleticism should always be the T he 6 key bodyweight exercises you
prioritynot strength must begin with
 ow a chubby loser went on to be 2-time 8 ways to use bodyweight training as
winner of De Francos Worlds Strongest a coach
T he coachs role as gap-fillerand
 ow to become a Soul Lifterwhere
why this is so crucial to his athletes
everything becomes part of your
8 perfect exercises to Grease the
 ow to get GO muscles with tire
Groove with
 ow to use kegs as a secret key to
 ow much weight you should aspire to massive functional muscle
and lift in the big 3Press, Squat and
T HE secret to getting really big and
strong with free weights
 hat ultimately matters in trainingits
 hy you should NEVER add weights to
not at all what most people focus on
your lift unless THIS is the case
T he Ethan Reeves 10% Rule for staying
 ow to get so damn tough it will blow
motivated with your training
everyones minds
T he #1 focus for your GPP training
 ow sled training inevitably jacks up
should be THIS
strength, stamina, overall fitness, speed
 ow to be as strong as a horse and powerPLUS helps rehab you from
injuries and surgeries
 ow to fix the fear of leg training
 hy you should never divorce your
health from your strength
It is my pleasure and honor to rec-
 ow when and why to deload as the
smartest way to avoid hitting the wall ommend and endorse the publica-
tion of The Encyclopedia of Under-
T he perils of perfectionism and how it ground Strength and Conditioning
can limit your progress by Zach Even-Esh. As Zachs high
 ow to perform jump training for greater school Wrestling Coach, I marvel
explosiveness at his growth, development, and
maturation into an outstanding
 ow to successfully implement mini-cy-
expert on strength and condition-
cles into your training
When to train hard, harder and hard U
 nderstanding the 3 major categories ing. His knowledge, expertise, and
enough of athleteeach needs a different W
 hy comfort is the enemy of adaptation motivational skills as a teacher
approach or they wont develop their full and physical transformation and coach shine throughout the
The 6 factors that determine how hard
potential book. His dedication, intensity and
you can train B
 eyond mental toughnesshow to
T he astonishing but little-understood develop the Inner Warrior spirit zeal are so obvious. His own life
A commonsense approach to an annual
training power of Auto-regulation story and work ethic will serve as
plan for a single sport athlete F or the brave few: check out this not-
get the all-important knowledge here a great role model to the numerous
so-kosher, not for everyone training
young athletes who are fortunate
 ow and why to blend science and program
to fall under his mentoring.
hellfor the perfect athletic success
The many exercises, pictures, and
 ow to do hellish workouts to build your
 ow to transform yourself into a superi- schedules will be an invaluable
spiritual fortitude
or physical monster aid to any young athlete, as well
 ow to breed success and toughness as other teachers and coaches,
How to avoid burn out
beyond the gym walls who desire to improve in strength
 hy it is a huge mistake to allow par- and conditioning. An outstanding
 ow to be a Soul Lifter
ents into your gym
publication!KENNETH PAGACH,
 ow to discover your big WHYthen
Edison High School Wrestling
go do it
Coach (NJ)1964 1994, National
 ow and why THIS initial no-hoper
T he transformational power of especial- Wrestling Hall of Fame
went on to become the most successful
ly hellish training challenges
wrestler to ever come out of his high
T he evolution of the WHY
 ow to forge an indomitable spirit and
extreme mental toughnessupping the D
 iscover what should be the essence of
ante for all the marbles any intro training program

24 Order Encyclopedia of Underground S & C:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
The Encyclopedia of Underground
Strength and Conditioning TABLE OF CONTENTS
Foreword by Coach Ethan Reeve Chapter 21 - Strong & Useless TRAINING TOOLS & METHODS TIRE TRAINING
Chapter 1 - Blood, Stones, & Tears Chapter 22 - C
 oach Reeve & Champion BODYWEIGHT TRAINING Tire Throwing For Power
Chapter 2 - Live To Ride, Ride To Live Workouts The Underground Strength Gym
Chapter 3 - How It All Started Chapter 23 - G
 ym Strength vs. Sports Bodyweight Warm-up KEG TRAINING
Strength Combo Warm-up Drills Keg & Tire Workouts
Chapter 4 - Push Ups, Arm Wrestling
& Training Partners Chapter 24 - W
 hen To Train Hard, Partner Warm-up Drills
Harder, & Hard Enough Explosive Lower Body Bodyweight FREE WEIGHT TRAINING
Chapter 5 - Andre The Giant Barbell Exercises
Chapter 25 - U
 nderground Strength Drills.. Explosive Pushup Drills
Chapter 6 - T he Best Training Gym Memories Sprint & Stairs Training
Case Study # 1: The Original Under- Upper Body Bodyweight Playground
Chapter 7 - Learning The Hard Way ground Wrecking Pulling Movements
Chapter 8 - E agles Football & The Eye Crew Upper Body Playground Bodyweight
Of The Tiger Case Study # 2: Just Enough & No Pushing Movements
Chapter 9 - Functional Training More. The Minimalist Wall Walking Variations
Chapter 10 - M  ind Over Matter & Mr. Approach Upper Body Playground Abdominal
Israel. Case Study # 3: The Baseball BEAST Training
Chapter 11 - Strong Mind, Strong Body Case Study # 4: Strong & Useless Table Training
Chapter 12 - Diamond Gym Case Study # 5: ALL Heart Bodyweight Workouts
Chapter 13 - W  elcome To The REAL Case Study # 6: Curls
World Case Study # 7: 60 Lbs Lighter. SANDBAG TRAINING
Chapter 14 - Slaying My Inner Demons Sandbag and Bodyweight Workouts
Case Study # 8: Modern Day Milo
Chapter 15 - T he Moment That Chapter 26 - Filling The Gap
Changed My Life Forever STONE TRAINING
Chapter 27 - Rest & Recovery Stone Workouts
Chapter 16 - S  ports Specific Training
& Farm Boy Strength Chapter 28 - L ife Lessons: Training
Chapter 17 - Kettlebells For Combat Truck Pushing
Chapter 29 - The Art Of Coaching
Chapter 18 - Learning From Others Battling Ropes
Chapter 30 - G et Comfortable Being
Chapter 19 - The Experts Uncomfortable Outdoor Workouts
Chapter 20 - The Enemy of Perfection

When I first met Zach I was 135 pounds soaking wet and a sub-500 wrestler. In a little more than
a year I packed on 15 pounds of muscle and was pound-for-pound one of the strongest guys on
my wrestling team. The underground program transformed me physically and mentally from
zero wins my freshman year of college, to having successful junior and senior seasons as a cap-
tain of the Rutgers wrestling team.
The Encyclopedia of
Not only did I benefit athletically from the underground methods, but Zachs approach to training,
coaching, and life played a major role in detouring my career path as I completed college. My Underground Strength
experience at the Underground helped inspire me to pursue a career that allows me to cultivate
training environments that constantly challenge athletes of all ages to be comfortable being and Conditioning
uncomfortable as Zach says. How to Get Stronger in the
The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning is the secret formula people have
Gym & in Life Using
been searching for, and its finally compiled into one place for everyone to see. I personally expe- the Training Secrets of the
rienced the Underground methods, and have seen the transformation every one of my athletes Athletic Elite
has experienced. Theres no doubt that Underground Strength and Conditioning will have a major
By Zach Even-Esh
influence on my athletes programming for years to come.MICHAEL DEMARCO, Motives Move-
ment Owner, The Helm CrossFit Owner, Rutgers Wrestling 12
Book #B76 $39.95
eBook #EB76 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11 424 pages, 957 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Encyclopedia of Underground S & C: 25
Are You Dissatisfied
With Your Abs?
Diamond-Cut Abs condenses decades of agonizing lessons and
insight into the best book on ab-training ever written. Hands down.
PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

re you dissatisfied with your abs? Does it seem a distant dream and clear-cut instructions on what to do, when. Supply the grit, follow the
for you to own a rock-solid center? Can you only hanker in vain program and you simply cannot fail but to build a monstrous mid-section.
for the chiseled magnificence of a Greek statue? Have you given In our culture, Abs are the Measure of a Man. To quit on your abs is to
up on owning the tensile functionality and explosive power of quit on your masculinitylike it or not. Diamond-Cut Abs gives you the
a cage-fighters core? complete, whole-life program you need to reassert yourself and reestablish
According to Danny Kavadlo, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. your respect as a true physical specimenwith a thunderous six-pack to
Its about right eating, right drinking, right rest, right practice, right exercise prove it.
at the right time, right motivation, right inspiration, right attitude and right
lifestyle. If you dont have that righteous set of abs in place, its because you
have failed in one or more of these areas.
Are You Dissatisfied With Your Abs?
In the Abs Gospel According to Danny, training your abs is a whole-life
With his 25-plus years of rugged research and extreme physical endeavor. Its about right eating, right drinking, right rest, right practice,
dedication into every dimension of what it takes to earn world-class abs, right exercise at the right time, right motivation, right inspiration, right
Danny Kavadlo is a modern-day master attitude and right lifestyle.
of the art. Its all here: over 50 of the
best-ever exercises to develop the So, yes, all of this Rightness gets covered in Diamond-Cut Abs. But lets
absfrom beginner to superman level not confuse Right with Rigid. Apprentice in the Danny School of Abs and
inspirational photos, no BS straight its like apprenticing with a world-class Chefa mix of incredible discipline,
talk on nutrition and lifestyle factors inspired creativity and a passionate love-affair with your art.

Danny has done it again! Diamond-Cut Abs is a There are a lot of abs books and products promising
no-nonsense, results driven approach that deliv- a six-pack. What sets Dannys book apart is the
ers all the goods on abs. Nutrition, training and realistic and reasonable first section of the book His
progression are all included, tattoos optional! insights into nutrition are so simple and sound, there
ROBB WOLF, author of The Paleo Solution is a moment you wish this book was a stand alone
dieting book.DAN JOHN, author of Never Let Go

Diamond-Cut Abs
How to Engineer the Ultimate
Methods for Maximum Results
By Danny Kavadlo
Book #B77 $39.95
eBook #EB77 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
230 pages, 305 photos

26 Order Diamond-Cut Abs online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
m Heres a Taste of What Youll Get When You Invest in Diamond-Cut Abs m
Part I An Abs Odyssey Why you need FAR less protein in your
Chapter 1 Cultural Obsession
Why there is no one-size-fits-all program
for training your abs3 Chapter 6 Weighing in
Dannys big promise: why you will get ev- on Weight Loss
erything you need to know about sculpting The 3 major keys to successful fat reduc-
and maintaining amazingly defined and tion48
beautiful abs4 How to shed body fat now48
Why a foods fat content has no bearing on
Chapter 2 Abs Defined whether it will fatten you49
You cannot fake the funkgetting clear Why you should ignore the BMI50
about what itll take to Man up and earn The role of sacrifice in obtaining ripped
that six-pack of your dreams11 abs50
The What of the What: basic anatomy and
function: know your abs-tech details so you Chapter 7 What I Eat
know what you are working on1215 The secret of mostly54
What the core really consists ofits more For the love and care of food54
than most people think15 Chapter 13 On Cardio How to have complete body awareness
Dannys 3-Day sample food log5657
The limitations of cardio for abs training through progressive, isometric tens-
Chapter 3 Personal Obsession Chapter 8 The Fat and what you should do instead9397
The Plank117
The extreme value of push-ups and pull-
ups for Danny-like abs18
and the Curious Part IV The Exercises The Side Plankto emphasize the obliques
The 4 Steps of the Beginners Cleanse60 and lateral chain119
Danny Obsessed: 300 reps, 5 days a week Each drill comes with explanatory text,
for 10 years = close on 8 million reps!yet Fruit n Veggie Cleanseoptimal duration recommended set/rep range plus a special- Lying Bent Knee leg Raise120
Dannys functionally stronger and aesthet- of61 ized Trainer Tip Lying Knee Tuck121
ically more appealing NOW with WAY less Juice Fast62 Sit-Up122
reps. Discover why19 The 7-Day PlanFruit n Veggie/Juice Modified Side Jackknifeto help begin-
Dannys personal mission for you: distin- fast62 Chapter 14 Danny, ners target their obliques123
guish the fitness BS from the hype21 Dannys 4 favorite juices63 What Do You Do? Crossover124
Why protein supplements are a waste of The True Fast63 Dannys 50+ best abs and abs-related
money21 training exercises101
The Absolute Fast64 Straight Arm/Straight Leg Crossover126
4 big tips for safe and successful fasting64 V-Leg Toe Touch127
Part II Nutritional Musings Chapter 15 Core Curriculum Why No Crunches?And the #1 reason
Chapter 4 Primordial Soup Crucial exercises for overall gains105
Chapter 9 More Food for Thought not to bother with them...127
How to bring back the joy to your fit- How to perform the perfect squatthe
The perils of genetically and chemically
ness-nutrition program28 most functional exercise on the planet105
compromised foods6769
How to perform the perfect push-upthe
Chapter 17 Intermediate Abs
Why you need to develop and maintain How to avoid toxins in your food69 Unstable Planka fun way to add an extra
a love affair with foodif you want that ultimate upper-body exercise108
Foods most powerful secret ingredient69 challenge to he traditional isometric
manly six-pack How to perform the perfect pull-
standard 130
Chapter 10 Top Tips Seated Knee Raisethe missing link
Chapter 5 Common Sense Versus for Tip Top Abs
between floor-based and bar-based abs
Over-compartmentalization Chapter 16 Beginner Abs training131
Why water is SO important for your abs72 Full Body Tension Drill116
Why what we eat is single most important
decision we can make about our abs31
Why Dannys Dietary Advice has proved
Part III Training Your Abs
100% effective for those who have followed Chapter 11 Make an
it33 Executive Decision As soon as I received Diamond-Cut Abs, I flipped to the table of
The 3 golden keys you must consider contents. Amazingly I found what I have been fruitlessly looking for
Why and how your abs training should be
when choosing the right foods to feed your like a martial art 79 in ab books for decades: 66 pages dedicated to NUTRITION. Kavadlo
abs35 passed his second Marty audition by not echoing all the bankrupt
Why you should eat THESE fats every day politically-correct, lock-step, mainstream nutritional command-
for great abs36
Chapter 12 Fundamentals of ments. When Dan starts riffing about eating like a horse, eating
Why sugar is the #1 nutritional enemy of
Abdominal Strength Training ample amounts of red meat, shellfish and the divine pig meat (along
defined abs37 The 10 Principles you must follow for every with all kinds any types of nutrient-dense food), I knew I had to give
rep of every exercise8389
Why Dannys abs were at an all-time my first ever ab book endorsement. When he noted that he drank
best after 90 days without THESE two THIS principle makes you stronger, more whiskey while getting his abs into his all time best shape, it sealed
nutrients39 shredded and more anatomically aware83
the deal for me. Oh, and the ab exercises are excellent.
Why you should eat organ meat, for an THE #1 Principle youll need to employ for MARTY GALLAGHER, 3-Time Powerlifting Champion, Author of
extra edge in your abs training42 spectacular abs91
The Purposeful Primitive

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Diamond-Cut Abs online: 27
Dannys new book definitely hits Danny flexes his expert advice in
the mark. Diamond-Cut Abs outlines a way thats solid, applicable and
pretty much everything youd ever often entertaining. If you want the
need to know about building the best abs of your dreams, stop looking
midsection your genetic potential for the quick solution everyone
allows for and without the need for claims to have and get ready to
any equipment. Keep up the great learn how to maximize your ef-
work, Danny!BJ GADDOUR, CSCS, forts towards your very own set of
author of Mens Health Your Body is Diamond-Cut Abs.MIKE FITCH,
Your Barbell, CEO of creator of Global Bodyweight

The N-Sitan iso that helps set you up for

the L-Sit132 Heres another old school classic that with the GH149 F
 ront Leverthis one tops the Manometer
Jackknifea fighters favorite and a most should be part of any serious practitioners Ab Wheel Roll Out (Straight Leg)in- for sure. A masterful and utterly unforgiv-
excellent motha for firing up those deeper arsenal. The explosivity will have your credibly challenging for all levels, full body ing move that will simultaneously torture
abs muscles, building better full body co- whole body screaming in indignationfor- tension is key, regressions included for your abs, lats, glutes, arms, shoulders and
ordinationand progressing to the Dragon tunately138 ramping up to complete studliness150 everything in between. No mercy here and
Flag and Hanging Straight Leg Raise133 Side Plank Hip Raisenotorious for being hopefully, none asked for161
Hanging Leg Raiseone of Dannys favor-
Side Jackknifemasochists will welcome deceptively challenging, includes leverage ites, for good reason, 6 controlled reps and
intensifying their abdominal agony when tips to progress the hardness139 youre doin good151 Chapter 19
they flip the great classic on its side134 How to Hang140 Washing Machinethis infamous move is Supplemental Stretches
Advanced Sit-UpBad Boy Dannys How to grip the bar to really squeeze the a key step to mastering the mighty Wind- Why stretching IS importantand the
tweaks will up the ante here in a pleasantly most out of every rep140 shield Wiper, regressions and progressions 9 surefire benefits youll gain from right
nasty way (curses optional)135 Why you should avoid Assistance Straps to full MANitude provided152 stretching173
Lying Straight Leg Raiseand how to make and the better alternatives140 Windshield Wiperbrace yourself buddy, The Hands Upthe 4 main benefits to this,
it even harder136 How to employ a flex hang to add a unique the going just got a whole lot harder. Builds Dannys first stretch before a workout174
Grounded Wiper137 neurological twist and increase upper body and requires tremendous upper body Forward, back and Side-to-Side Bend175
Danny adores the classic Windshield Wip- muscle activationHighly Recommended strength153
Hands Downanother fantastic stretch for
erbut its a helluva challenge. The GW by da Abs Bossman!...140 V-Leg Wiperho! This is a true brutalizer the entire front of the body176
helps you rehearse the movement pattern Hanging Contest141 of the core plus a helluva glute-banger, to
before taking on the full-on manliness of A fun competitive spin on hangingbut boot154
the WW137 heres some important tips on how to keep Perfect Circlean exaggerated WW for the Chapter 20 Workouts
Throwdown138 it real141 MEN who can hack it 155 9 sample combinations for different lev-
Skinning the Cata precursor to many elsa beginning guideline181185
One Arm Hang142
extreme bar calisthenics moves and a phe- On the importance of mixing it up and
Did someone shout Man Maker? The OAH
nomenal abs exercise in its own right, with shocking the system181
is a total body drill that will make the boys
cry and the men grin with painplus bonus some optional grip strategies156
tips for optimal vengeance on that brutal- One Arm Flex Hangthis just about Part V Abs and Lifestyle
ized six-pack142 breaks the mercury on the Achievometer,
hyper-challenging, requires an incredibly Chapter 21 Viva La Vida
Ab Wheel Roll Out (Bent Knee)143 Abs and the quality of your life190
strong upper body 157
An old time classicincorporates stabil- A life-oriented approach to training191
ity, strength and focus in a truly unique Dragon Flagone of the all-time sexiest
way143 moves on the planet and a Bruce Lee
trademark, you gotta get this one down if Chapter 22 The Mud
Hanging Bicyclelast step before conquer-
you want to truly strut your Man Stuff. Bad
ing the Hanging Knee Raise, plus common
Boy Danny likes to hold it for an iso. Can
and the Blood and the Beer
mistakes and how to fix them144 Coffee, alcohol and other beverageshow
Hanging Knee Raiseone of the most im- to handle in regard to your train-
Tuck Front Leverthis regressed version
portant of all abdominal exercises. Master ing193195
of the Front Lever still requires a brutal
it here145
level of upper body power. Have at it!159
V-Leg Front Leveranother extremely dif- Chapter 23 Seasons
Chapter 18 Advanced Abs ficult move, with some favorable leverage How to adopt and adapt your training to
SERIOUS training now! These moves are variations to help progress it160 the changing seasons198
Diamond-Cut Abs all full-on, full-body. Emphasis is on every
cell in your bod. No mercy. Tremendous
How to Engineer the demand on the absrequires heavy-duty Danny Kavadlos book might be titled Diamond-Cut Abs but the
Ultimate Six-Pack injection of Will, complete harmony of truth is that it goes way BEYOND just ab training. Danny has actually
mind and muscle, steely strength. Think created a guide to Physical Culture & LIVING healthy. The traditional
Minimalist Methods for you are a Man? Measure your Manliness fitness industry has gone astray from what the body truly needs.
Maximum Results here and report back Since 1989, Ive read a ton of abs-related booksand they dont
The L-Sityou will feel it everywhere. How scratch the surface of whats inside Dannys masterpiece. From
By Danny Kavadlo to do it and how to extract the ultimate powerful nutrition methods to training the entire body with a holistic
mechanical advantage147148 approach, Diamond-Cut Abs is a vital addition to anyones library. I
Book #B77 $39.95 Gecko Holda limited contact plank LOVE it!ZACH EVEN-ESH, author of The Encyclopedia of Under-
eBook #EB77 $19.95 that poses a unique strength challenge. A
ground Strength and Conditioning
Paperback 8.5 x 11 ripped six-pack is meaningless without the
strength to back it upget that strength
230 pages, 305 photos

28 Order Diamond-Cut Abs online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Danny Kavadlos training helped me to discover strengths I never knew I had, and I can take those
lessons with me wherever I go, for the rest of my life. The wisdom and insight contained in Everybody
Needs Training not only relates to being a successful fitness trainer, but can be applied for peace and
success in many of lifes ventures. Danny is the best!ELIZABETH GILBERT, #1 New York Times Best
Selling Author, Eat, Pray, Love. One of TIME Magazines 100 Most Influential People in the World

M ost folk who embark on a career as a trainer, do so initially out of a personal passion for
fitness and a strong desire to help other achieve results. Be it weight loss, conditioning,
strength gains, flexibility or enhanced performance.

But a passion for working out and an earnest desire to help othersalonedoes not a successful
personal trainer make. The sad fact is that the turn over rate for personal trainers after one year is
over 80%. Why? Its almost always because the trainer didnt have a proper understanding of the
BUSINESS of being a fitness professional.

The bottom line is that without the appropriate success

blueprint, the most skilled and knowledgeable personal
trainer is usually doomed to failure. Unfortunately, until
now, there has been no such battle-tested blueprint
available either to the novice trainer or the professional
struggling to stay alive. Now, however thats all changed,
thanks to Danny Kavadlos Everybody Needs Training.

Everybody Needs Training is quite something. I dont

think I have ever seen this kind of depth in the field. Its both
obvious and wow as you read it. Amazing stuff. It fills a gap
in the community that, frankly, surprises me no one has really Christmas wishes DO come true.Danny Kavadlo has written a
filled.DAN JOHN, author, Never Let Go training book! Imagine if you could squeeze all the hard-earned
wisdom, secrets and tactics of one of the worlds hottest personal
trainers between the covers of a beautifully illustrated tell-all
Danny Kavadlo has personally helped me become a more successful trainer and manual, and you have imagined Everybody Needs Training.
coach. I cannot recommend Everybody Needs Training enough. Its the best book
Ive ever seen on the subject of being a professional trainer. Like Danny himself, this groundbreaking book is incredibly
ADEL GABER, World Class Trainer & 3-Time Olympic Wrestling Coach smart, brutally honest, laugh-out-loud funny, and totally out of
left fieldif you train others (casually or professionally), want a
career training others, or if you just love the now-famous Kavadlo
Everybody Needs Training is a solid collection of tried-and-true best practices approach to getting in shape, you owe it to yourself to grab a copy
that can help personal trainers on any level reach their full potential in their chosen of this masterpiece. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

Everybody Needs Training is a must-read for every personal trainer wanting to

take it to the next level, and everyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a personal Everybody Needs
trainer. This book allows you to get inside the genius PT mind of Danny Kavadlo, a
master of his craft, speaking off the cuff to you about trainingpriceless!ERRICK
MCADAMS, Personal Trainer, Model, Fitness Personality Proven Success Secrets
for the Professional
Fitness TrainerHow to
Good for any profession or business Get More Clients, Make
Im not a trainer, but took Danny and Als PCC Class. This is a great book for More Money, Change
anyone going into business as either an employee or owner, whether a fitness trainer More Lives
or any other kind of business. Im a lawyer, and Im thinking about making it required
By Danny Kavadlo
reading for my newly hired lawyers. Good practical advice, with the focus on the
customer, which is a focus that seems to be lost these days. Easy reading, but pithy, Book #B72 $34.95
with lots of great tips and ideas, with an excellent overriding theme. Oh yea -- well
written too! Mark Walker, McAllen, Texas eBook #EB72 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
216 pages, 253 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Everybody Needs Training online: 29
How to Get Real-World, All-Around,
Total-Body TrainingDevelop Your Athletic
ProwessUsing the Almost Magical, High-
Buck Benefits of the Ultimate Sandbag

I n the full-contact arena, athletes contend with an ever-shifting set of

challenges: sudden changes in velocity, power, force, weight, and en-
ergy-demand. The athlete needs to withstand powerful blows directed
at any part of the body, to accelerate and decelerate at a moments notice,
to strike back with blinding power and to remain stable in a highly unstable
environment. The athlete needs to be this dynamicwhile simultaneously
minimizing the risk of personal injury. He needs a cats agile movement skills,
a bulls rock-like strength and a stallions enduring power.

The rest of us are everyday

athletes. Yetwhile the level of
physical challenge may be less
intensewe can still strive to
cultivate the same foundational Josh has revolutionized the functional
movement skills, the same foun- fitness industry in a very short period
dational strength and the same of time. His DVRT program has became
foundational power. Because we a cornerstone for elite programs like
want to be in the best shape we the US Army Special Forces Recruiting
can beto be truly fit for anything
Battalion, SWAT teams, and top fitness
life throws at ushigh-energy,
facilities from around the world. Coaches
less prone to injury, more capable,
more self-reliant, vigorous and from over 80 countries are now using
physically appealing. the DVRT system worldwideand this
population is growing at a record pace.
After years of frustration and years Why? IT WORKS.ROBERT DOS REMEDIOS,
of diligent applied-research, Josh MA, CSCS, MSCC, Collegiate Strength &
designed a very specific type of Conditioning Coach, Author
sandbag deviceand formulated
a remarkably thorough training
DVRT The Ultimate systemwhich has proven to meet
exactly those functional athlet-
Sandbag Training ic needs. As the name implies,
System Dynamic Variable Resistance
For Dynamic Power, Training (DVRT) prepares ANY
athlete to handle whatever chal-
Superior Athletic lenge comes their waywith a far
Performance and greater likelihood of success and
Enduring Strength with a much-reduced chance of
By Josh Henkin, CSCS injury.

Book #B74 $34.95

eBook #EB74 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11 286 pages, 285 photos

30 Order DVRT Ultimate Sandbag online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
esides the magic design of the Ultimate Sandbag itself, the great secret of DVRT is in the
skillful use of incremental progressions for the development of strength, power and elegant Easy to understand and
movement. As a result, youll find yourself mastering crucial moves like the squat pattern, well thought out, this is
much faster. Youll find yourself a master of whole body synergistic connection. Youll find a complete breakdown of
yourself challenge by true multi-planar trainingwith extraordinary benefits for you in the real Henkins DVRT system
world. Youll find yourself with a new mastery of inter and intra muscular coordinationthe key to high and all of the move-
level athletic skill in all activities. ment progressions that
are contained within.
Complete and thorough,
In his extraordinarily thorough and meticulously illustrated DVRT book, Josh Henkin provides a com- yet concise and simple
plete blueprint for developing your athletic skills to any level you wishand for any physical arena in at the same timehighly
which you need to excel. recommended!
WHAT YOULL GET WHEN YOU INVEST IN owner of Results Fitness,


co-author of the New
Rules of Lifting series
Why the DVRT system can get you mov- explode their strength gains19 W
 hy DVRT provides challenges to your
ing better within a matter of minutes1 movement skills that are as incremental
 ow to effectively employ speed for as possible45 W
 hy it is crucial to train for eccentric
Combine variety, purpose and controlled greater strength gains20-22 forces64
development in your trainingthanks to H
 ow to change load position to increase
an almost infinite array of progressional W
 hat exercise tempo creates the great- the challenge45 H
 ow to create more efficient movement
exercises1 est energy expenditure? The answer may through deceleration training65
shock you!22
Why the right tool for the right job does
 ow to increase your TUT, or time under
Front Loaded Good Morning T he 3 major reasons people experience
matter and why the Ultimate Sandbag injuries during fast decelerationand
can so very often be that right tool2 tension and why youd want to22 H
 ow to reduce the negatives and how to avoid them65
minimize low back stress in Good
Why use variable resistance tools/odd D
 r. Yessis and the extreme secret of Mornings46 T he DVRT High Pull checklist67
object lifting?5 dynamic isometrics23
T he positive difference in benefits W
 hy you need to precede the Power
The difference between lifting static/ H
 ow to give an exercise the feeling of an between the Sandbag Front Load and the Clean with quality work on your High
predictable weights and real life ener- increased load24 barbell Zercher squat48 Pull68
getics5 1 1 different holding positions for more T he 6 major performance keys for the
T HIS is fantastic for upper back and
How active fluid resistance will en- effective strength gains25 trunk strength49 Power Clean68
hance your stability and control5 H
 ow to use progressively more challeng- T he difference between the Power Clean
T he DVRT Front Hold Good Morning
How DVRT reduces the chance of injury ing positions to stimulate more of the checklist52 and Clean72
because of improved joint stability6 bodys athletic potential26
 ow to accelerate off the ground with F or sports: the all important RED or Rate
Why odd object training develops rugged the USB52 of Force Development72
power more effectively than barbells6 The DVRT Movements C
 autions about training accelerative H
 ow to use your strength faster72
Understanding the role of the stabilizers Foundational Hip Hinging lifts52
 ow to be strong AND fast72
in the athletic process6 C
 ould THIS be one of the worst-ever in-
The primary system for creating strength ventions in the modern fitness era?29 The Bear Hug Clean T he role of asymmetrical loading75
is not the muscles, it is THIS6 The 3 measures of a true strongman30 W
 hy the Bear Hug Clean is the most T he primary goal of all asymmetrical
The two forms of neural coordination stable of all lower body dominant patterns is THIS75
 hy the hip hinge is so crucial to positions56
and what most matters6 master30 W
 hy most coaches and athletes mistak-
How improving stabilizer strength im- T he optimal methods for lifting56 enly shy away from ASM loading75
 ow the deadlift is used as a movement
proves overall strength and health7 pattern in the DVRT system32 H
 ow the Bear Hug Clean improves T he DVRT Shouldering checklist76
How to develop a physically smarter speed and the manipulation of speed (a
T he integral role of tempo in sandbag
body8 deadlifts35
hallmark of great athletes)57 The Snatch
How incorrect odd-object training can H
 ow to be more efficient and purposeful W
 hat the Snatch is in the DVRT sys-
 ow to decelerate in the lowering phase in your movements57
lead to overtraining and injury9 of the deadlift35 tem77
T he DVRT Bear Hug Clean checklist58 H
 ow to perform the Sandbag Snatch78
Odd Object Training S
 low lowering and compensation pat-
terns in the hip hinge36 H
 ow the Sandbag Snatch differs from
The significance of changing dimension The Power Clean and can be better thanthe barbell
as a strength enhancer11 Staggered Stances T he 4 great goals you accomplish with Snatch78
How to employ strategic dimension the Bear Hug Clean58 T he single biggest mistake in the SS79
 ow strongmen use the staggered
change to your full athletic advan- stance to more quickly strengthen the H
 ow to progressively create and absorb
tage12 T he DVRT Snatch checklist80
legs38 more force58
The discovery that rocked the very foun-
dations of sandbag training12
T HE perfect, subtle position change that T he difference between creating and Squatting Progressions
optimizes the benefits of the staggered absorbing force59
How rotational strength drills results in a stance39 W
 hy is the squat NOT the king of all
far more dynamic grip14 lower body exercises?82
Key compensations to watch for41 The High Pull H
 ow to optimize the many benefits of
How the correct system sparks creativity T he primary goal of the High Pull61
and leads to greater progress17 squatting83
Rear Step Deadlift K
 ey mistakes to avoid with the High H
 ow poor squat-ability negatively im-
Why focusing on load only leads to more, H
 ow to enhance your movement skill by Pull61
frustrating plateaus18 pacts our health and performanceand
NOT doing these sterile, yet popular gym- what to do about it83
based exercises43 F or athleteshow best to stimulate triple
How old time strongmen used the secret extension62
of micro-incremental loading to The DVRT Deadlift checklist44

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order DVRT Ultimate Sandbag online: 31
 ow to optimize the benefits of the W
 hy the Lunge is a primal movement
FLS94-96 most of us no longer properly per-
I have always been a form113 Josh Henkins new
T HIS simple strategy will immediate-
proponent of odd object ly strengthen youand save your W
 hy hunger can be a lifters and coachs DVRT book is well-writ-
lifting. Josh Henkin knees!95 best asset113 ten and contains tons of
takes this type of T he crucial, correct elbow position for H
 ow to overcome the Fear Factor in the useful information. By
FLS95 Lunge113
training to a whole new useful, I mean tech-
 sing Time Under Tension correctly to H
 ow to unlock the hip flexor brakesa
level. The DVRT is a maximally challenge in the FLS96 huge sticking point in many lifts115 niques and programs
system that truly deliv- The DVRT FLS checklist97 T he DVRT Split Squat and Lunge check- that produce real-world
ers functional strength list116 results. As coaches,
gains. This book is not How to perform the H
 ow to establish correct loading posi- its our job to get our
Shoulder Squat tions for the Split Squat117
just about learning to clients in the best
lift Ultimate Sandbags, it H
 ow combining the benefits of both the possible shape in the
Shoulder Squat and the Squat creates a How to perform the
is about moving better, super hero exercise98 Ipsilateral and Contralateral least amount of time.
becoming athletic, and D
 o you make these mistakes with the Shoulder Split Squat This book delivers just
developing dynamic Shoulder Squat?100 D
 ont make these mistakes with your that! Whether you are a
power. The progressions H
 ow to spot and fix compensations and Split Squats122 coach or an individual
deviations in the Shoulder Squat101 T he DVRT Asymmetrical Loading Lunge
and programming will Pattern checklist123
looking for optimum
 ow to use a kettlebell to progress
provide a blueprint for people from bilateral loading into more D
 VRT Loading Position Progres-
results, do yourself
achieving your athletic asymmetrical positions102 sions123 a favor and pick up a
 hy the Shoulder Squat can reduce H
 ow to transition from static to dynamic copy of DVRT.RICK
lower back pain103 loading125
author of Neuro-Mass, The DVRT Shoulder Squat checklist103
MAYO, President, North
Guinness Book of World W
 hy direction is so important in Lunge Point Training Systems,
Records holder The lost secret of Staggered T HIS is what most people struggle international fitness
Squattingfor greater, more withand why you dont have to125 presenter
realistic athleticism
The Bear Hug Squat H
 ow to satisfy both load and stability How to perform the
Why the BHS is especially important83 requirements104 Drop Step Lunge overall movement function150
Do you make these mistakes with your D
 ont make THIS fatal mistake with your W
 hy the DSL is one of the biggest- T he 3 major benefits of TKAW150
bodyweight squats?84 SSyou are setting yourself up for lower bang-for-the-buck exercises for your T ry this 3-step super-efficient warm-up
How to safely trick the body into being back pain106 back126 to waste less time152
more flexible85 The DVRT SS checklist106 T he 10 DVRT Drop Step Lunge Progres- F ine-tuning the Press153
Why the BHS can dramatically improve sions127
I s there ever a good time to back squat a P
 erformance keys that will make all the
correct squat posture86 USB or odd object?107 H
 ow to master the Drop Step power difference153
How to pick the perfect weight to opti- movement130
Can I overhead squat in DVRT?108 3 common mistakes that can hinder
mize the BHS87 H
 ow to fix two common errors in the your success in the USB Press to
 ould THIS be the most underrated Power Clean132
How to pick the perfect dimension to exercise in the world?109 fists154-155
optimize the BHS88 How mastering the Drop Lunge explosive T he 5 major keys to a powerful
T he great mistake that many of the best movements can make a massive difference
The DVRT BHS checklist91 fitness pros and coaches make all the Press157
to your functional power134
time110 H
 ow to program ratios of clean to fists
Front Loaded Squat W
 hy unilateral exercises are crucial for The New Functional Fitness and overhead presses158
How the FLS truly makes the squat a full effective athletic function112
body exercise92 H
 ow single-leg squatting will up your
The Rotational Lunge How to enhance strength by
numbers for the bi-lateral squat112 the #1 exercise for expressing making your nervous system
the concepts of the DVRT smarter
 se THIS 3-step progression to master H
 ow to use the Military Press position to
the RL140-141 challenge the body more163
 hy the RL is the most pronounced W
 hy kneeling and half-kneeling lifting
multi-planar drill141 postures are key to safe and consistent
 hy the RL is in the top 5 movements for strength gains165
training athletes142 H
 ow to optimize kneeling and half-kneel-
T he DVRT RL checklist142 ing for supreme functioning165-168
 ow Josh pressed a 97 lb kettlebell 5
Upper Body DVRT Drills times, 6 weeks after neck fusion168
 ow to use the off-set grip to transform
T he key relationship between the Front the USB into a one-arm press169
Plank and the Overhead Press144
5 reasons why the off-set grip should be
T he DVRT Overhead Press check- added to your arsenal171
 iscover the Arc Pressanother pow-
 ow to alleviate lower back problems erful Press variation that builds optimal
by proper movement of the hips and body integration172-175
thoracic spine149
The Many Ways to Overhead
 ow Tall Kneeling Around the World can Press178-186
wake up dormant muscles and improve

32 Order DVRT Ultimate Sandbag online:
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
Weeks 1-6, 7-13, Beginner Work-
In my 3 decades as an athletic preparation coach, Ive studied, practiced, and applied all outs, 3 workouts for each
of the traditional methods of training athletes and clients of nearly all levels and ages.
Josh Henkins DVRT, The Ultimate Sandbag Training System takes what is best from Weeks 1-6, 7-13, Intermediate
an old-style approach and fills in the holes of what is still missing. This newest book is Workouts, 3 workouts for each
a near bible to providing you with the principles to complete the package of program Weeks 1-6, 7-13, Advanced
design. The focus is on the purpose of why you are training in the first place: to perform Workouts, 3 workouts for each
and lookbetter outside of the workouts. T he power of ladders to make your
workouts more effective
That an unstable tool is emphasized serves both a practical and symbolic centerpiece for
any individual or team with the goal of realizing their full potential in health and perfor- H
 ow to best use ladders with the
mance. The demands needed for progressive adaptation are nearly built-in to training D
 ensity Training (how to do more in less
with the Ultimate Sandbag. time)263-265
No matter the same weight Ultimate Sandbag, the same exercisethe same individual E scalated Density Training (EDT) with
the USB264
experiences no 2 reps identically. In bang-for-buck training efficiency, thats worthy of a
gold star for competitive athletes and anyone desiring to enhance their overall function Inferno Intervals265-267
and physique.VINCE MCCONNELL, Owner of McConnell Athletics, trainer to NFL and W
 hy HIIT is better for fat loss than
NCAA athletes, author of Invincible Abs steady state cardio266
T he impact of growth hormone on fat
Training with a Twist H
 ow to improve mobility in the thoracic 5 variations of Bent Over Rowsand T he 2 most crucial DVRT movements
spine and the shoulders205 their advantages230-234 to practice religiously for spectacular
 nderstanding the importance of rota-
tional movement training for improved T roubleshooting the perfect LBD206- results270
athletic function187 208 Bicep Curls H
 ow DVRT can be used to make fitness
T he high risks of NOT including rotation- H
 ow to regress the LBD for decon- W
 hy Bicep Curls CAN be an important accessible and real for people270
al training187 ditioned clients208 functional exercise that deserves to be
part of your arsenal234-237
 hy you want to avoid the Russian Twist H
 ow to perform the Kneeling Lateral Bag
at all costs188 Drag208-209
How to safely progress the LBD211
 ow to evaluate your hips motion
health189 T hese 3 key attributes define a truly
strong strongman238
The Around the World
The Shin Squat H
 ow to teach your core the skill of
T he benefits of carrying weights238
 ow to evaluate the hips ability to mobility and change how much force it
internally rotate189 creates212 The Bear Hug Carry and how-tos
The how-tos of the ATW213-216
The Rotational Press Common errors to avoid in the ATW215
The Front Hold Carry and why
 ow proper rotation through the body this is Joshs personal favorite
The 4 huge benefits of the ATW216
can generate power and efficiency in the
entire body190 The Shoulder Carry
T he mechanics of the Inside Out The Cyclonea signature move A
 re you making these common mistakes
Clean193-195 of the DVRT with the SC?241
 ow the Cyclone combines rotational
The Rotational Clean power, deceleration strength, reactivates The Overhead Carrya great
and High pull core ability and upper body mobility218 feat of stability and strength
 ow to use both feedback and feed- H
 ow the Cyclone helps you to
forward systems to ensure a complete
training effect198
react, rotate, decelerateand still be
DVRT Programming
T he art of fitness comes from under-
standing how to put THESE pieces
Shoveling Bridge to Pullover
T he positive benefits of extending the and the how-tos
together to match your goals243
T he First Great Myth of Program-
DVRT The Ultimate
leverage of the weight199
 ow to perform Shoveling for optimal
T HIS is a great cue for avoiding lower
back problems with the Bridge220
T he Second Great Myth of Program-
Sandbag Training
strength and explosive power200-202 Leg Threading and the how-tos223-228 ming245 System
T HESE are the special benefits you get T he Third Great Myth of Program-
Core Training from practicing the Ultimate Get Up223 ming246 For Dynamic Power,
 nderstanding which DVRT drills are
specifically geared to improve the ability
T he difference between coaching move- P
 urposeful Progressions246 Superior Athletic
ment and coaching exercise227
to integrate the core203
 ow a badly injured strongman regained
 hat makes for a good beginner pro- Performance and
Lateral Bag Drags his squat ability with Leg Threading227
 ow much weight to choose?247
Enduring Strength
 hy the LBD is great for rehabbing/
T HIS one technique can make or break
 ow often should you train?248 By Josh Henkin, CSCS
the Bridge228
strengthening the upper body204
 hat if your workouts are too easy or too
 ow to teach bracing to your cli- Can You Build difficult?248-249 Book #B74 $34.95
ents205 eBook #EB74 $19.95
Muscle with DVRT? T HIS technique spikes the heart rate and
builds tremendous strength248 Paperback 8.5 x 11 286 pages, 285 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order DVRT Ultimate Sandbag online: 33
Discover How a Less-Is-More Approach to
Your Training Can Translate into Safer, More
Sustainable and Longer-Term Strength Gains

I n Zen Mind, Strong Body, acclaimed bodyweight exercise

expert Al Kavadlo presents his philosophy of fitnessa
philosophy that has allowed him to endure injury-free, while
achieving some of the worlds most challenging movements, be it
the One-arm Pull-up, the Human Flag, the Stand-to-stand Bridge,
Invest in the Wisdom of Zen Mind,
m Strong Body and Discover: m
or the Front Lever. Its also a philosophy thats allowed Al to H ow to put the fun back into shackles and restrictions also-rans
sculpt a magnificent physiquewhile maintaining an ever-burn- your fitnessinstead of of one-size-fits-all fitness W hat business you need to
treating your workouts as a shibboleths
ing passion to further develop his calisthenic excellence. chore T he key differences between
focus on firstif being a lean
n mean machine is what you
How to combine presence gymnastics and calisthen- want
and joyfor a deeper, more icswhen considering your W hy subtle nuance can be
Als secret sauce? A Zen-like attitude to physical cultivation rewarding training experi- optimal goals for physical more important than gross
which marries intense focus with a light-hearted joy-in-the- ence development motorwhen developing
How light heart translates How to make impressive gains supreme movement skills
journey. Zen-like too, is Als insistence on intuitive simplicity to heavy payloadwhen it year-after-yearwhile staying T he 5 major levels of body-
and his celebration of personal, direct experience as the most comes to spectacular, long- off the injured reserve list weight strengthso you know
term physical gains
trustworthy teacher. How to infuse warrior spirit
How to marry fun and func-
tionfor athletic longevity and
where you stand in the chain
of greatness
into your body-mindand enhanced well being The 4 best bodyweight drills
attain the calisthenic ideal of
Zen Mind, Strong Body culls 26 of Als favorite articles, elabo- physical excellence
How to use your mind to
manifest what you choose
to emulate the benefits of the
traditional deadliftwhen you
rating his position on a wide spectrum of fitness subjects from How to recruit the power of including the body of your dont want to bother with a
the Big 3Experience, dreams... barbell
diet and supplements, to Logic and Intuitionas your Approach to getting better and The special significance of
machines and free weights, preferred allies in the battle better and better Back Bridgesfor longevity in
against weakness, fatness,
to cardio options, to mental slowness and tiredness The hows and whys of building your strength practice
strength without masswhen Why walking is overrated as a
training. For Al, though, Why to beware of the Tricky whipcord-functionality is your preferred exercise choice
all roads finally lead to 3Dogma, Faith and Sci-
encewhen it comes to wise
goal for almost anyone
Bodyweight Exerciseas the practice in diet and exercise The #1 factor to consider in Why you dont need to take
practicing strength as a skill a single supplementyet
supreme path for all-around, The empowering secret of its the difference between still achieve peak levels of
open-ended program
everyday athleticism and designto free you from the
longterm success and the fitness

practical functionality.
Al Kavadlo is a master of body- Zen Mind, Strong Body
Want what Al Kavadlo has? weight training and calisthenics. by Al Kavadlo should
Absorb the hard-earned, If you want to gain strength and be the first book you
earthy training wisdom in improve flexibility, and do it all look at when con-
without a single piece of gym equip- sidering the world of
Zen Mind, Strong Body
ment, Als the expert you should bodyweight work.
and you will be on your way.
turn to.MARK SISSON, Author of DAN JOHN, Author of
The Primal Blueprint Never Let Go

Table of Contents
Zen Mind, PART I ZEN MIND 3 Mastering Your Bodyweight . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 PART IV STAY HUNGRY
Strong Body 1 Zen Mind/Calisthenics Mind . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 4 Bodyweight Deadlift Alternatives . . . . . . . 39 1 Why I Dont Use Supplements . . . . . . . . . . .75
2 Sifting Through The Madness . . . . . . . . . . . 3 5 Why I Dont Wear Workout Gloves . . . . . 43 2 Diet And Exercise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77
How to Cultivate Advanced 3 Make Your Own Workout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 6 Clean Up Your Muscle-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 3 I Peanut Butter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79
Calisthenic Strength 4 Its Not Gymnastics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 7 Avoiding Injuries In Strength Training . 48 4 The Best Exercise For Weight Loss . . . . . 81
Using the Power of 5 No Years Resolutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 5 All Or Muffin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83
6 Its All In Your Mind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 PART III DO YOU DO CARDIO?
Beginners Mind 7 The Specificity Principle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 1 Is Walking Really The Best Exercise? . . . 55 BONUS SECTION:
By Al Kavadlo 8 My Path To The PCC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 2 Bodyweight Conditioning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 SAMPLE WORKOUTS
3 Beginning Running . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 1 Bodyweight Beginner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88
Book #B81 $19.99 PART II STRONG BODY 4 Running The NYC Marathon . . . . . . . . . . . 65 2 Bodyweight Baron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92
1 Strength Without Mass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 5 Racing The NYC Triathlon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 3 Bodyweight Beast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94
eBook #EB81 $9.99 2 Calisthenics And Body Awareness . . . . . . 35 6 Death To Cardio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70
Paperback 8.5 x 11 124 pages, 118 photos

34 Order Zen Mind, Strong Body online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
R ings can have a redemptiveand almost magicalimpact on your
long-term strength training Why? Because ring work replicates natural,
multi-dimensional, functional, self-correcting movement. Rings reduce the
destructive stress on the joints often caused by traditional weight lifting
with its repetitive, forced, linear grinding of the gears. With ring work, the adaptive,
strength-enhancing stress goes to the muscleswhere it belongs
 ejuvenate your systemthrough a newfound freedom from pain and a newfound
ease of movement
And the glory of it is thatin his inspirational Rings of PowerMike Gillette gives you
a super-simple yet immensely powerful plan to immediately transform yourself physically
with rings alone. Follow Gillettes clear-cut guideand your severely-enhanced athletic
capability is a foregone conclusion
The rings are strength saviors for the over-fortiesand in many cases represent a Ex-paratrooper, ex-cop, bodyguard to some of the wealthiest men on the planet,
wiser, safer choice for younger athletes seeking to push their physical capabilities to martial artist, performance coach for tactical operators, competitive fighters and D1
ever-greater heights. athletesMike Gillette is one of the toughest and pound-for pound strongest men you
The forgiving, user-friendly rings have the power to: could meet.
Restore former strength lost to joint pain However, by his fortiesdue to a multitude of injuriesit looked like Mike was
Rekindle your passion for intense, results-producing exercise doomed to a crippled half-life of creeping weakness. Determined to avoid this fate, Mike
researched his rehab and strength building options for the futurewith the same drive,
 eengineer your body into a sleeker, tougher vehicle that continues to get stronger
R intelligence and intensity with which he approaches everything he does His search led
and stronger and strongerpain-free to the ringsand to a miraculous turn-around. A salvation of the rings, if you will
 everse the damage and imbalance wrought by an over-reliance on machine-based
R Mike Gillette experienced a physical rebirtha second chapter of lifewhen he
exercise turned to rings to save himself from his crippling injuries and joint pain. In Rings of Pow-
 elease you from the strength plateaus in your trainingby introducing an infinite
R er, the now-legendary strongman has distilled the absolute essence of his discoveries
variability of adaptive challenge into your workouts about the therapeutic strength benefits of these wonder tools into a commanding
Reclaim your full physical capabilitiesand then help you exceed those capabilities guide to getting safely stronger over the long haul.

At 45 years old, I am able to continue my Finallyone of the great modern strength

strength pursuits unhindered by the joint experts has taken the most powerful mass
Mike Gillette is one of the strongest men
and tendon injuries that plague many in and power-building tool from pro gym-
Ive ever met in my life. Ive seen him
the over-40 athletic community. nasts and liberated this tool for the rest of
break bricks with his hands and bend iron
I wish I had Mike Gillettes book when I us... Ring work is a very old method of to-
with his neck. It thrills me to see that hes
started with rings. The crystal clear in- tal-body training, while being cutting-edge
applied his training principles, both physi-
struction on techniques and progressions at the same time, and Gillette is clearly a
cal and mental, to the common man, using
in this book would have saved me the master of this art. The finest book on this
some of the most old-school, minimalist
countless hours of often-fruitless experi- topic ever published.
equipment available: suspension rings.
mentation. When a legendary powerhouse like Mike Hell Yeah, Mike! Mr. Gillette can teach more
Rings of Power will help you harness Gillette dumps the bench presses and about strength training and body mechan-
the power of your entire body in optimal preacher curls for bodyweight methods, its ics in one hour than many could teach in
synergy with your nervous system to probably time to put the usual junk tech- a lifetime.DANNY KAVADLO, author of
greatly surpass the strength results seen niques on hold and listen up... and when Diamond-Cut Abs
with traditional isolation training, while Gillette tells you that he actually gained
bullet-proofing your joints and tendons strength and mass with his new methods
while healing his old joint problems, youd Rings of Power is simple and to the point.
against injury. The result is true, useable
be crazy not to want to hear what he has No fluff or gimmicks here. Commitment to
strength that translates to both your most
to say. the Basics AND Technique is the theme.
demanding athletic pursuits and your
If you follow through on these workouts
daily life. This is a fantastic book for all Possibly the best aspect of this book is that
and methods provided by Mike, you WILL
ages, but absolutely essential for the aging Gillette takes the athlete all the way from
build impressive strength from top to
athlete.DR. CHRIS HARDY, author of weak and shaky to insanely badass-strong
bottom.ZACH EVEN-ESH, author of The
Strong Medicine with just a few technical modifications,
Encyclopedia of Underground Strength
and using a single training tool. Five stars
from Paul!PAUL WADE, author of Convict
and Conditioning
Rings of Power
The Secrets of Successful
Table of Contents Suspension Training
FOREWORD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Principle 5 Tension as Technique . . 27 Trunk Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 A Simple, Proven System
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Trunk Flexion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 for Building Sustainable
The Way of the Rings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 SECTION 3 - RING PROGRESSIONS
Setting Up the Rings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 SECTION 4 ADVANCED RING Strength
SECTION 2 - RING PRINCIPLES Horizontal Pushing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 CONCEPTS By Mike Gillette
Principle 1 Gravity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Horizontal Pulling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Finessing Form with the PRT . . . . . . . . 69
Principle 2 Ergonomics . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Vertical Pulling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Inverted Ring Progressions . . . . . . . . . . 81 Book #B82 $29.95
Principle 3 Planes of Movement . . . . 19 Vertical Pushing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 External Loading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 eBook #EB82 $9.99
Principle 4 Leverage & Loading . . . . 25 Lower-Limb Pushing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Ring Workouts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 Paperback 8.5 x 11 116 pages, 110 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Rings of Power online:

The Kettlebell-Lovers One-Stop-Shop
for Quick, Safe Gains and
Fundamental Athletic Excellence

T he kettlebell, this almost magical gym-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, can

deliver spectacular resultsbe it in strength, conditioning, power or
movement quality. Warrior-athletes revere the kettlebell for the added
resilience and hitting-power it gives them. Endurance athletes value the extreme
conditioning challenge. Kyphotic desk-jockeys see salvation in the end to their
back-pain and a renewed vitality. Both genders appreciate the dramatic toning
and firming of butt, thighs and abs. Physical culturists embrace the total-body
impact of the kettlebells explosive moves.
The health-strength benefits of vigorous, dedicated, skilled exercise with kettle-
bells can indeed be off-the-charts. But note the all-important word skill. Be-
cause without the proper know-how,
the kettlebell reverts to just an iron
ball with a handleor to a misused, Wish I had had this points on the movements/lifts,
misunderstood tool that heaps abuse book as a beginner! mobility and programming based
on his vast experience as an
and perhaps injury on its unskilled Simply put, I wish this was the
athlete and a coach. He gets to the
book I had had when first starting
user. Which is the reason for Master out with kettlebells. So many
point on all of the key kettlebell
movements without getting
RKC, Max Shanks Master the useful photos, and seeing both
bogged down in too much detail.
Max and Beth demonstrate the
Kettlebell His real-world perspective on
exercises makes them so much
how to assess, teach, correct and
easier to understand--for men and
Max Shank champions an approach regress/progress students with
women. This book is a must-have
the kettlebell movements is fresh
to kettlebell training that emphasizes for current or aspiring RKC or HKC
and inspiring.LORI CROCK, RKC
safe, sustainable gains for a long, instructors, or anyone who needs
Team Leader, Dublin, OH
real, practical, and POWERFUL
strong and above-all healthy life. advice for kettlebell use.
Master the Kettlebell accordingly The exercise descriptions, mobili- Next Generation
presents straightforward, practical ty information, and solid program This is the kettlebell book I
design strategies are incredibly have been waiting on... we have
programs that allow a beginner to worthwhile. My advanced clients seen several titles on kettle-
make steady yet dramatic prog- will love having a resource to bell training that, for the most
reference when practicing new part, have been very similar in
resswhile providing strategies and content... regardless of title, the
intermediate/advanced moves
methods for even the most accom- at home too. A great all around information has been basically
plished athlete to up their game. approach and one that I will be rehashed over and over... Max has
very proud to regularly reference done something very special with
You will see immediately from the and share.ADRIENNE HARVEY, Master the Kettlebell... hes taken
Senior PCC, Winter Park, FL the information and moved it
photographs illustrating the book,
Master The Kettlebell
forward... not only is he bringing,
that Max is indeed a magnificent ath- My New Go-to Book in in my mind, a fresh approach
letic specimencombining a great to our beloved system but hes
How to Develop High-Level the Gym! also giving us so many other
physique with impressive strength This kettlebell book is a must-
Skills in Movement Power have for the personal trainer,
tools to use when developing our
and terrific form. Study Maxeither programs... Mobility, assessments,
Generation and Strength in this book or in personand if you
strength coach or fitness buff
who is learning to use kettlebells program design, he hits it all... the
Using the Worlds Single Best replicate what you see, athletic gold or who has been using them for book itself is visually beautiful...
the framing of the pages is such
awhile and wants to refine their
Tool for the Job awaits you. As importantly, youll be technique. The format is easy- a clever way of making each page
By Max Shank, Master RKC rewarded in Master the Kettlebell to-use and the layout, design its own masterpiece... and Beth
and photographs are spectacular
with an absolutely fluff-free blue- with both Max Shank and Beth
and Max are in such beautiful
shape that they really convey the
Book #B78 $29.95 print on how to develop your own Andrews demonstrating the
potential of Maxs message... so
eBook #EB78 $19.95 high-level skills in movement, power movements. What I found most
useful is that Max has included well done...DR. CHRIS HOLDER,
Paperback 8.5 x 11 178 pages, 216 photos generation and strengthusing the lots of cues, tips and coaching Senior RKC, San Luis Obispo, CA
worlds single best tool for the job.

36 Order Master The Kettlebell online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Reader Praise for Convict
Conditioning Ultimate
Bodyweight Training Log
Above and Beyond!
Not JUST a log book. TONS of great and actually useful info.
I really like to over complicate programming and data entries at
times. And honestly, All one has to do is fill in the blanks... Well
that and DO THE WORK. Great product.
NOEL PRICE, Chicagoland, IL
latest addition to
A unique training log the CC Program!
This log book is one of a kind in the world. It is the only A terrific book to keep you on track and beyond. Thank you
published body weight exclusive training log I have personally again for this incredible series!
seen. It is well structured and provides everything for a log book JOSHUA HATCHER, Holyoke, MA
in a primarily body weight oriented routine. The book is best
integrated with the other books in the convict conditioning
series however has enough information to act as a stand alone Calling this a Log Book
unit. It is a must have for anyone who is a fan of the convict is Selling it Short
conditioning series or is entering into calisthenics.
CARTER D., Cambridge, Canada I thought, what is the big deal about a logbook! Seriously
mistaken. It is a work of art and with tips on each page that
would be a great book all by itself. Get it. It goes way beyond a
log book...the logging part of this book is just a bonus. You must
Excellent Companion to have this!JON ENGUM, Brainerd, MN
Convict Conditioning 1 & 2
This is an amazing book! If you are a fan of Convict
Conditioning (1 & 2) you need to get this training log. If you are The Ultimate
preparing for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification then its Bodyweight Conditioning
a must-have!!! The spiral bound format is a huge improvement
over the regular binding and it makes it that much more I have started to incorporate bodyweight training into my
functional for use in the gym. Great design, amazing pictures strength building when I am not going to the gym. At the age of
and additional content! Once again - Great job Dragon Door! 68, after 30 years in the gym the Convict Conditioning Log is
MICHAEL KRIVKA, RKC Team Leader, Gaithersburg, MD going to be a welcome new training challenge.

Training Log
By Paul Coach Wade
Book #B67 $29.95
eBook #EB67 $19.95
Paperback (spiral bound) 6 x 9
290 pages 175 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Convict Conditioning Log online:

Add a Dragon Door Kettlebell to Your
ArsenalDurable, Resilient and Perfectly
Designed to Give You Years of Explosive
Gains in Strength, Endurance and Power
E Excellent Quality Made for Heavy-Duty Use!
ven a man of average initial strength can immediately
start using the 16kg/35lb kettlebell for two-handed swings Unlike other kettlebells I have used, These kettlebells are definitely made for
and quickly gravitate to one-handed swings, followed by Dragon Door is of far superior quality. You heavy-duty use! They are heftier than they
jerks, cleans and snatches. Within a few weeks you can expect name it, Dragon Door has got it! Where other appear, and the centrifugal force generated
to see spectacular gains in overall strength and conditioning bells lack, Dragon Door kettlebells easily while swinging single or two-handed
and for manysignificant fat loss. meet, if not exceed, what a bell is supposed requires correct form. I have read numerous
to have in quality! Great balance, nice online reviews of different companies who
Dragon Door re-introduced kettlebells to the US with the thick handle for grip strength, and a finish manufacture kettlebells, and it I have yet to
that wont destroy your hands when doing read a negative review of the kettlebells sold
uniquely designed 35lb cast iron kettlebelland it has remained kettlebell exercises. by Dragon Door. I have both the 35 and 44 lbs
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Continually Impressed the 72 lbs KB. If you like to be challenged
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their quality service and products. I bought buy a Russian Kettlebell and start swinging!
the 16kg last month and since adding it to MIKE DAVIS, Newman, CA
my kettlebell arsenal, I am seeing huge
improvement from the heavier weight. I have
larger hands for a woman so the handle on New Dragon Door Bells
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greatThis is my fifth month using kettlebells Just received a new e-coat 16 yesterday.
and I cannot imagine NOT using them. Perfect balance, perfect texturing, non-slip
They have changed my life. TRACY ANN paint, and absolutely seamless.
Mangold, Combined Locks, WI DANIEL FAZZARI, Carson City, NV

Dragon Door bells just feel Dragon Door Kettlebells: The

better Real Deal!
I purchased this 35lb bell for a friend, and The differences between Dragon Doors
as I was carrying it to him I was thinking of authentic Russian kettlebell and the inferior
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about this bell is superior to other brands. local big box sports store are astounding!
The finish is the perfect balance of smooth The Dragon Door design and quality are
and rough. The handle is ample in both clearly superior, and your kettlebell just
girth and width even for a 35 lb bell, and the feels right in my hand. There is absolutely
shape/ dimensions make overhead work so no comparison (and yes, I returned the
much more comfortable. There is a clear and substandard hunk of iron to the big box
noticeable difference between Dragon Door store for a credit as soon as I received your
bells and others. Now I am looking to replace kettlebell). I look forward to purchasing a
my cheap bells with Dragon Doors. On a heavier kettlebell from
Our most popular kettlebell weighs 35lb (16kg)and is related note, my friend is thrilled with his as soon as I master the 16kg weight!
the ideal size for most men to jumpstart their new cardio, Forest, VA
conditioning and strength programs.

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Are You Serious About Your
Training?Then Insist On Dragon
Doors Premium RKC Kettlebells
Since 2001Often Imitated, Never Equaled

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Dragon Doors Premium, Heavy-Duty
Kettlebell Rack is Built Like a Tank
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Customer Acclaim for Dragon Doors
Bestselling 12kg/26lb Kettlebell
Converted Gym Rat.... Beautiful Cast Iron The Handler
I have seen DRASTIC changes in The casting was so well done that the kettlebell The Kettlebell is the
EVERYWHERE on my body within a very short time. doesnt look like a piece of exercise equipment. authority of weights. Im
I have been working out religiously in the gym for Robert Collins, Cambridge, MA 50 years old and have
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1 month of kettlebell training. KBs build bridges to was 12. I purchased the
each muscle so your body flows together instead of Changing a 64 year olds life! 12kg kettlebell, and at the
having all of these great individual body parts. The After being very fit all my life with everything present time used it for
WHOLE is GREAT, TIGHT and HARD. Just what from Tae Kwon Do to rock climbing and mountain six different exercises. Its shape makes such a big
every woman wants. biking, I hit 60 ... had a heart valve repair and got difference; you can be creative using it to strengthen
Terri Campbell, Houston, TX horribly out of condition, It was difficult for me just areas of your body simultaneously in one motion. In
to get up off the floor when I sat to put wood in the the future I will purchase the 35 kg.
wood burning fireplace. In just 6 weeks with a 12 kilo Ronald Bradley, Alpharetta, GA
Best Kettlebells Available kettlebell Ive improved dramatically. The real life
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Russian Kettlebell -
pick them up and do something with them. Great! my opinion anybody of any age or fitness level can 12kg (26 lbs.)
Sonny Ritscher, Los Angeles, CA achieve results. Jim Thoma, Shoreline, WA Authentic Russian kettlebell, w/rust
resistant e-coat #P10G $76.95

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Sample Spreads From The Interior
of Stretching Your Boundaries
Foreword by Elliott Hulse

PART ONE- Stretch Manifesto

2 Stretching For Strength. . . . . . . . . . . 1
2 Taking Your Medicine. . . . . . . . . . . . 9
2 Kid Stuff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
2 Mobility Matters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
2 Breath is Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

PART TWO - The Stretches

2 Preface. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
2 Dynamics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
2 Standing Statics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
2 Grounded Statics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95

PART THREE - Programming

and Sample Routines
2 Standards of Practice. . . . . . . . . . 153
2 On Mats. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 161
2 Symmetry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 163
2 Hypothetical Training Splits. . . . . 171
2 Sample Routines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 177

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Stretching and Flexibility Secrets To Help
Unlock Your BodyBe More Mobile, More
Athletic, More Resilient And Far Stronger
The ultimate bodyweight mobility manual is here! Al Kavadlos previous two Dragon Door
books, Raising the Bar and Pushing the Limits, are the most valuable bodyweight strength
training manuals in the world. But strength without mobility is meaningless. Al has used his
many years of training and coaching to fuse bodyweight disciplines such as yoga, martial arts,
rehabilitative therapy and bar athletics into the ultimate calisthenics stretching compendium.
Stretching your Boundaries belongs on the shelf of any serious athleteits bodyweight
mobility dynamite!
COACH PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

In this book, Al invites you to take a deeper look at the often overlooked, and sometimes
demonized, ancient practice of static stretching. He wrestles with many of the questions,
dogmas and flat out lies about stretching that have plagued the fitness practitioner for at least
the last decade. And finally he gives you a practical guide to static stretching that will improve
your movement, performance, breathing and life. In Stretching Your Boundaries, youll
sense Als deep understanding and love for the human body. Thank you Al, for helping to bring
awareness to perhaps the most important aspect of physical education and fitness.
ELLIOTT HULSE, creator of the Grow Stronger method

An absolutely masterful follow up to Raising The Bar and Pushing The Limits,
Stretching Your Boundaries really completes the picture. Both easy to understand and fully
applicable, Als integration of traditional flexibility techniques with his own unique spin
makes this a must have. The explanation of how each stretch will benefit your calisthenics
practice is brilliant. Not only stunning in its color and design, this book also gives you the true
feeling of New York City, both gritty and euphoric, much like Als personality.
MIKE FITCH, creator of Global Bodyweight Training

Stretching Your Boundaries is a terrific resource that will unlock your

joints so you can build more muscle, strength and athleticism. Als passion
for human performance radiates in this beautifully constructed book.
Whether youre stiff as a board, or an elite gymnast, this book outlines the Stretching Your
progressions to take your body and performance to a new level.
CHAD WATERBURY, M.S., author of Huge in a Hurry Boundaries
Flexibility Training
for Extreme
Al Kavadlo has done it again! Hes created yet another incredible Calisthenic Strength
resource that I wish I had twenty years ago. Finding great material on By Al Kavadlo
flexibility training that actually enhances your strength is like trying to
find a needle in a haystack. But look no further, because Stretching Your Book #B73 $39.95
Boundaries is exactly what you need. eBook # EB73 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
JASON FERRUGGIA, Strength Coach 214 pages 235 photos

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Al Kavadlos Progressive Plan
for Primal Body Power
How to Build Explosive Strength and a Magnificent
PhysiqueUsing Bodyweight Exercise Only

hat is more satisfying than owning a primally body only. The brothers Kavadlo walk the bodyweight
powerful, functionally forceful and brute- talkand then some. The proof is evident on every page
strong body? A body that packs a punch. of Pushing the Limits!
A body that commands attention with its etched Your body is your temple. Protect and strengthen your
physique, coiled muscle and proud confidenceA body temple by modeling the methods of the exercise masters.
that can PERFORM at the highest levels of physical Al Kavadlo has modeled the masters and has the temple
accomplishment to show for it. Follow Als progressive plan for primal
Well, both Al Kavadlothe author of Pushing body power within the pages of Pushing the Limits!
the Limits!and his brother Danny, are supreme follow in the footsteps of the great bodyweight exercise
testaments to the primal power of body culture done mastersand you too can build the explosive strength
the old-school, ancient waybare-handed, with your and possess the magnificent physique you deserve.

When people ask me about bodyweight strength Whether you are an advanced bodyweight
training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. Pushing the conditioning athlete or a wet behind the ears
Limits! is a must-have for bodyweight training newbie, Als Pushing the Limits! has something for
enthusiasts or anyone looking to build strength you. Easy to follow progressions allow you to master
without lifting weights. Al lays out dozens of advanced push up, squat and bridging variations. All
effective exercises for every fitness level, while you need is the will to do it! No gym required.
making the journey fun and encouraging. ROBB WOLF, author of The Paleo Solution
MARK SISSON, author of The Primal Blueprint

Pushing the
Total Body Strength
With No Equipment
By Al Kavadlo
Book #B69 $39.95
eBook # EB69 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
224 pages 240 photos

44 Order Pushing The Limits online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
I LOVE this freaking Book!!! Every time you put out
a new book it becomes my NEW favorite and my
Reader Reviews of Pushing the inspiration! I love the blend of strength, power, health

Limits submitted on DragonDoor. and overall athleticism in this book! This book covers
the BIG picture of training for ALL aspects of human
Time to work smart hard!
Im a physical therapist in orthopedics with all the frame wear and tear I will use it with my athletes, with the adults I train, in
of a lifter. I use Als stuff for myself and for patients and always get good my own training and absolutely these books will be
outcomes. On my field there are those that make it happen, those that
the books I share with my kids. This stuff reminds me
watch it happen, and those that dash in afterwards and ask Hey, what just
happened? Grab a copy of Als book. Make it happen. of the old school Strength & Health Magazine, Im fired
GARRETT MCELFRESH, PT, Milwaukee, WI UP!ZACH EVEN-ESH, author of The Encyclopedia of
Underground Strength and Conditioning

Al you did it again!

Im a doctor that uses functional rehab to get my patients better.
This book has helped so much with all the great pics and showing and This is the book I wish I had when I first started
explaining what and why they are doing these exercises. Also when I get working out. Knowing Als secrets and various
down and show them myself they can see that it is totally achievable! If you progressions would have saved me years of wasted
are wavering on getting this book, get it! I promise you wont regret it! time, frustration and injuries. The variations of The Big
From a functional stand point Al, Danny, and Paul are spot on! Ive seen Three and progressions Al lays out will keep you busy
and experienced miracles from doing these workouts! I have had a bad for years.JASON FERRUGGIA
shoulder, low back, and hyperextended both knees in college football and
was told I needed multiple surgeries and was always going to have pain.....
WRONG! I am completely pain free and thank these hard working guys for
everything they do! I cant wait to see whats next!
DR. ROB BALZA, Cincinnati, OH
Pushing the
One of the best fitness books Total Body Strength
I have purchased! With No Equipment
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys being active. No matter By Al Kavadlo
what sport or training regimen you are currently following, Als book has
something for everyone. Novices and advanced practitioners alike, will Book #B69 $39.95
find detailed movements that help increase their strength, mobility, and eBook # EB69 $19.95
flexibility. Great read with beautiful photography. Paperback 8.5 x 11
LANCE PARVIN, Las Vegas, NV 224 pages 240 photos

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How to Develop Pure Power
Combined With an
Amazing Capacity for
Sustained Strength Output...
Heres A Detailed Look At Just Some of What
Youre Going To Discover In Neuro-Mass
protocols you need to create a truly impressive athletic
Jon Bruney brings his straightforward, physique.
cohesive and clear approach to training in
Neuro-Mass, telling you what to do, why H
 ow Neuro-Sets create RAPID physique
and howcombining grinders, dynamic transformationusing multiple stressors to create a
movements and isometrics in a training BIGGER and BETTER body.
program that can help you redefine your H
 ow to build tremendous overall structural strength
with grinds.
Founder & President, IronMind Enterprises,
Inc.; Publisher & Editor-in-chief, MILO: A H
 ow to develop your bodys ability to absorb shock
Journal For Serious Strength Athletes. essential if you do a contact sport like rugby, football,
boxing or any martial art.
 ow to simultaneously enhance your strength and
 hy Neuro-Mass is the fastest way to add slabs of conditioning so you get more results in less time
functional muscle to your frame. leaving you free to have a life and not waste endless this and MAXIMUM results will be yours.
 hy SMART muscle is THE answer for the serious extra hours in the gym. T he exact duration for optimal gains on your power
athlete and how to build it. H
 ow isometric exercises can be used to build drills important to know if you want to achieve your
 ow to avoid being one-dimensional in your strength unbelievable strength this technique was used by true speed and power potential and become the most
training. Discover the secret to arming yourself with old-time strongmen and is used by gymnasts to build explosive athlete you possibly can be.
multi-tasking, multi-dimensional, can-do, martial freakshow strength in Neuro-Mass youll learn P erform your isometrics for THIS length of time for
muscleintelligent and ready to handle any challenge. EXACTLY how to use this long lost strength building optimal gains and develop unreal static strength.
 ow to carve a frame of godly granitewhile turbo- H
 ow to forge real-deal body-armorto handle the
charging your functional strength and athleticism. H
 ow to shatter slabs of concrete with your bare fist nastiest hit and the hardest blow a must if you
without injury. compete in any contact sport, martial art or have a hard
 ow to increase your ability to generate power do
this and youll jump higher, run faster, kick harder, punch W
 hy the kettlebell makes regular lifts more difficult job in the military or law enforcement.
with more venom basically, youll improve at any than standard dumbbells and why this leads to FASTER H
 ow to use Jons Neuro-Burner to build even more
explosive physical activity you care to name! results. work capacity unlike regular cardio, the Neuro-
 ow to cut through the confusionand get the exact T he secret that separates those who achieve elite Burner wont hurt your muscle and strength gains. This
performance from those who never rise above technique has been tested on elite MMA fighters and
mediocrity (if you want to be elite in your chosen Basketball players and they were sucking wind within
physical pursuit you NEED to know this). seconds!
T he 4 ways Neuro-Mass develops prodigious mental S imple, yet highly effective exercises for focusing your
toughness important because a strong body with a mind use these and youll get EVEN MORE gains from
weak mind is virtually useless. your Neuro-Mass training sessions
T he proper Load, Speed, Intensity, and Time during a H
 ow to recover from your brutal Neuro-Mass training
Neuro-Set. The right combination of these factors will sessions using cheap, quick and easy methods that are
allow the Neuro-Set to provide you astonishing gains in proven to work.
muscle, strength, speed, power and work capacity N
 utritional recommendations for building the most
 hat load to use to get the biggest strength bang for smart muscle you can in the shortest time possible
your buck with kettlebell and bodyweight grinds know that means more muscle, strength, speed, power, and
work capacity

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I love Neuro-Mass! Books like this are the reason
Dragon Door remains the worlds finest strength and
conditioning publisher. Jons knowledge of advanced
strength and muscle-building strategies is just off
the scale. The training tactics in Neuro-Mass go from
cutting edge, to ancient, to downright strange and
arcaneand the principles here all work like hell for
weights or bodyweight training. If you are looking to
inject some nitrous into your program, buy this book
today.PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

This is the book I wish I

would have had from day one
The Effective Answer to Programming DesignEasy
to use, plug and play guide to effective and exciting
programming. I picked up this book before it was
even offered online. I have had an early jump on the
Jon Bruneys Neuro-Mass is a masterpiece in the world of strength and conditioning. Neuro-Mass training effect. Once started there has
Neuro-Mass is a must read for anyone wanting to succeed in athletics, coaching, training been no turning back. My copy already has dog ears
or life in general. The methods and principles in Jons book teach you to sustain and work and multiple post it notes from continuous use. The
through difficulty. These principles in return will make you strong and successful in every
wide range of clients I train have been both stoked
aspect of your life. Finally, a book that teaches real life-changing methods to help you succeed
and outraged. Their workouts have multiplied in
in your chosen battlefield.
physical stimulation and mental challenge. The
JOHN BROOKFIELD, multiple world record holder, creator of the Battling Ropes
training system, Chain Reaction program and Beyond Bodyweight training
book is laid out with 3 easy to apply concepts for
and ISOMETRICS. Each exercise is illustrated clearly
Jon Bruneys Neuro-Mass book is groundbreaking both in vision and in practice. Jon making it easy to apply immediately.
offers a unique regimen that methodically triggers neuromuscular improvements while
upgrading muscle fiber quality. The exercises are simple and effective as demonstrated by Jon Working with clients personal needs and goals has
himself. ORI HOFMEKLER, author of The Warrior Diet rocketed to a whole new level. Planning classes for
the masses takes a much less time by resourcing
The Neuro-Mass extensive library of options.
Neuro-Mass is a great workout program for people looking to combine weight training
with bodyweight calisthenics. Jon Bruney presents a unique take on program design that will I would recommend this book to any newcomer
test both the body as well as the mind. If youre looking for maximum strength, who better to looking to quickly improve their knowledge of
learn from than a world record-holding strongman? program design. I would recommend this book to any
AL KAVADLO, author of Pushing the Limits colleague stuck in program monotony.

Anyone looking to blast themselves out of whatever quagmire they find themselves mired
in need look no further than the protocols and strategies outlined in this excellent book. Any
team sport athlete would be well advised to immediately commence a cycle incorporating Jon Neuro-Mass
Bruneys methods. The Ultimate System
Athletes need what Jon is offering: pure power combined with amazing capacity for
sustained and continual strength output. This type of training can provide users an entirely for Spectacular
new strength approach that will prove particularly beneficial to fighters, athletes, military Strength
and law enforcement types. The approach will also allow regular folks a method with which to
round out their current capacities and capabilities. By Jon Bruney
MARTY GALLAGHER, 3-time World Master Powerlifting Champion, author of The
Purposeful Primitive Book #B70 $34.95
eBook #EB70 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
I keep thinking I have seen it all in the fitness industry, but Neuro-Mass, by Jon Bruney 268 pages 435 photos
has taken the gems from the world of Strongman competition and linked it with the systematic
approach of the kettlebell worlds grinds and ballistics. So, what you have is something
different: its the connection between strongman, armor building, grinding and ballistics that
Im not sure any one has explored before in print. #82 Best Seller out of all titles on Amazon
#1 Best Seller, Books, Exercise and Fitness
Jon is a big guy and this is a big book. I keep shaking my head as I go through this and realize category
that we are still learning amazing things about how to improve performance. I love the book.
DAN JOHN, author, Never Let Go #1 Best Seller, Kindle, 3 categories
Training, Weight Training,
Exercise & Fitness

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Neuro-Mass online:

How To Perform A
Neuro-Grip Push-Up
o perform this exercise you will
need a pair of Neuro-Grips.
This style of push-up has been
around for quite a while. They are
sometimes referred to as iron cross, T-grip,
or spike handle push-ups. The Neuro-Grip
is a variation of the many T-shaped push-up
Using the Neuro-Grips increases the
intensity of the push-up exercise. Neuro-
Grip push-ups work the whole body to
work as a unit, increasing neuromuscular
Begin by grasping the Neuro-Grips and
placing your body into the top position of
a pushup. Keeping your elbows close to
your sides slowly lower your body until your
chest is around 4 to 6 inches away from the
floor. Pause for a moment, then slowly raise
up to the top position. Repeat the exercise
for the required amount of repetitions.

Performance Point: Focus on

tensing the abdominals and crushing
the Neuro-Grips throughout the entire

2 Neuro-Grips per box,
heavy-industrial steel,
powder coat finish.
Black. Approx 2 lbs
#NM002 $39.99 plus SH

48 Order Neuro-Grips online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
How to Make Life Harder for
YourselfSo You Can Get Stronger
and More Conditioned, Faster
Jon Bruneys Neuro devices add dramatic intensity
to your isometric, cardio and push-up drills

Torture Your Core, Develop a Vice-Like Grip, Strengthen

Your Wrists, Explode Your Forearms, Hammer Your Pecs
With the Neuro-Grip Push-Up Challenge!

trongman, Jon Bruney, specializes in blitzing the body with special
combinations of grinds, isometrics and explosives. Jon calls them
Neuro-Sets. When performed with proper intensity and in the correct
sequence, Neuro-Sets put your system into neural overdriveand
they explode your strength.
When choosing an exercise for a Neuro-Set, Jon looks for what will place
the greatest possible demand on his musclesthen savagely attacks with
every ounce of effort. The concept is: what can make this harder? The
practice is: to DO IT.
No surprise, then, that Bruney sought ways
to intensify the Granddaddy of all bodyweight
exercises, the push-up. Jon created a suitably
2 Neuro-Grips per box,
tough device that was up to the challenge heavy-industrial steel,
The Neuro-Grip. These solid, one-piece, powder coat finish.
aeronautics-grade aluminum Neuro-Grips Black. Approx 2 lbs
come in a grip-friendly, anodized finish, are 12oz.
space-age light and will stand up to years of
#NM002 $39.99 plus SH
abuse from the most demanding athlete.

Normally I can bang out fifty straight push-ups Just a superior, effective product. I use them as an
without much trouble, but the first time I used alternative workout, in-between weight sets workout, or
Neuro-Grips I struggled to perform just ten reps! finishers. WOW! Lot a bang for the buck, and I can take
The unique stability challenge of Neuro-Grips them anywhere. I love the effect it has on my Central
activated muscles in my hands and forearms that Nervous System, not to mention the improvement Ive
Ive never felt before during push-ups! made with other workouts. Great product!
Al Kavadlo, author of Pushing the Limits Gary Garrett, Hightstown, NJ

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High Praise for Raising the Bar
Brilliant Book nose sounds good in theory, but
simply brilliant at the end of the day, nothing gets
This is a fantastic bookperiod! Al, just like everything else
Al has provided some basic cues Dragon Door publishes, manages
which have made my chin ups and to take the simplest of tools, and
leg raises much easier. This is a make it the most important. These
great piece of work and EVERYONE movements are something that
can benefit from itOlympic lifter, everyone not only CAN do, but
powerlifter, bodybuilder etc. You we are all SUPPOSED to do them.
dont have to do all the movesyou Theyre in our DNA. Not like all the
can pick a couple and run with them. machines and circus tricks.
Al shows some great progressions Al has been a huge inspiration
and tons of different movements. I to me for quite sometime. This goes
could go on and on but the best thing far beyond simple pullups and dips.
would be to buy the book-you wont This is the perfect book to go along
regret it. with The Naked Warrior, Convict
Darius Rana, Sydney, Australia Conditioning 1 & 2, and Pavels
flexibility work. Thank you Al, for
writing such an awesome book.
Raise YOUR Bar Rick Chafton HKC, FMS,
Unlike much of the trash in the Crystal Lake, IL
modern fitness industry, Al takes
a structured approach to coaching
and programming. Raising The Bar Worth every dime
starts at a level that everyone can I was gun shy about spending the
handle and then builds on itits not money. Its not the best of times. I
a random selection of exercises but could not afford to blow that kind of
a reasoned approach to improving money on a stinker. Thankfully this
skill in a number of key movements. book is anything but. I have been a
This, in my opinion, is the key to life long aerial guy. I just always had
progression and Al delivers it in his this conviction that being able to
own enigmatic style. And if youre push and pull my own weight around
in any doubt as to the effectiveness was a key survival attribute. That
of the approach then you need to said, I also thought I knew it all and
see what Al can do! Youll be blown there was nothing left to learn about
away!Matt Palfrey, Bath, UK the subject. Wrong. There is, there
was, and this book had it.
Steve Shear, Lawrence, NY
Best book ever written!
As a personal trainer, Ive
spent years convincing my clients A must have for
that they dont need any fancy, any bodyweight
overpriced, useless junk to get a
great workout. The greatness is practitioner!
within the simplicity. Ive watched Al put together an outstanding
every trainer in the area mess up the book! It reads very easy in a way
concept of functional fitness with anyone could understand. He
their ideas. Balancing on stacks gives some awesome and doable
of bosu balls, using the other leg progressions along with some of
to pull on rubber bands, one arm his favorite routines. If you want to
using a shaky weight, and the other become a BAR-STAR, then you need
arm doing curl to presses with a this book!
half pound pink dumbbell, all while Tim Stovall, Evansville, IN
balancing a medicine ball on your

50 Order Raising The Bar online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Go Beyond Mere Toughness
When You Master The Art of Bar
Athletics and Sculpt the Ultimate
in Upper Body Physiques
is very likely the most important book on strength and conditioning to be
published in the last fifty years. If you only ever get your hands on one training
manual in your life, make it this one. Buy it, read it, use it. This book has the
power to transform you into the ultimate bar athlete.
Paul Coach Wade, author of Convict Conditioning

aising the Bar breaks down every And whats even better, this 3 + 1 formula for
type of exercise you can do with a upper body magnificence hides enough variety to
pull-up bar. From the basic two arm keep you challenged and surging to new heights
hang, to the mighty muscle-up, all the for a lifetime of cool moves and ever-tougher
way to the elusive one arm pull-up, bar master progressions!
Raising the Bar Al Kavadlo takes you step by expert step through
everything you need to do to build the chiseled
Cast in the concrete jungle of urban
scaffolding and graffiti-laden, blasted wallsand
The Definitive Guide to frame youve always wanted. sourced from iconic bar-athlete destinations like
Bar Calisthenics Whether youre a die-hard calisthenics Tompkins Square Park, NYCRaising the Bar
By Al Kavadlo enthusiast or just looking to get in the best shape rears up to grab you by the throat and hurl you into
of your life, Raising the Bar will meet all your an inspiring new vision of what the human body
Book #B63 $39.95 expectationsand then some! can achieve. Embrace Al Kavadlos vision, pick up
eBook #EB63 $19.95 The message is clear: you can earn yourself a the challenge, share the Quest, follow directions
Paperback 8.5 x 11 224 pages, 330 Photos stunning upper body with just 3 basic moves and 1 and the Holy Grail of supreme upper body fitness is
super-simple, yet amazingly versatile tool. yours for the taking.

With Raising the Bar, Al Kavadlo has put forth the perfect If youre a fan of bodyweight training, between this book and
primal pull-up program. Als progressions and demonstrations Convict Conditioning you can turn your body into a deadly
make even the most challenging exercises attainable. Anyone weapon!!! Zach Even-Esh, Manasquan, NJ
who is serious about pull-ups should read this book.Mark
Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint.
Al has put together the companion manual for all the crazy
bar calisthenics videos that you find yourself watching over and
A Kick Ass Encyclopedia of over againa much needed resource. Within this book is a huge
volume of bar exercises that will keep your pullup workouts
Bodyweight Exercises fresh for years, and give you some insane goals to shoot for.
Al Kavadlo has put together a kick ass encyclopedia of the Max Shank, Senior RKC
most powerful and most commonly used bodyweight exercises
amongst the various groups of bodyweight masters.
From the most simple form of each exercise progressing to
the most challenging form of each exercise, Al covers it. As a
Raising the Bar
Coach and bodyweight training addict I loved all the variations The Definitive Guide
shown.This book is far beyond just pull ups and there are
countless exercises for upper body and abs. Al covers what
to Bar Calisthenics
is probably EVERY exercise he knows of, uses and teaches DVD with Al Kavadlo
others, breaking down proper techniques, regressions and
progressions. This is HUGE for the trainers out there who #DV090 $29.95
do NOT know how to adapt bodyweight exercises to each Running time: 51 Minutes
individuals fitness level.

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Raising The Bar online:

How Do YOU Stack Up Against These
6 Signs of a TRUE Physical Specimen?
According to Paul Wades Convict Conditioning you earn the right to call
yourself a true physical specimen if you can perform the following:

 T LEAST one set of 5 on

e-arm pushups each side Heres just a small taste of what youll
1. A
sets each side get with Convict Conditioning:
with the ELITE goal of 100
e-leg squats each side
2. AT LEAST one set of 5 on
ts of 50 each side Can you meet these 5 bench- One crucial reason why a lot
with the ELITE goal of 2 se marks of the truly powerful?... of convicts deliberately avoid
Page 1 weight-training Page 24
arm pullup each side
3. AT LEAST a single one- The nature and the art of real How to progressively strengthen
ts of 6 each side strength Page 2 your joints over a lifetimeand
with the ELITE goal of 2 se Why mastery of progressive even heal old joint injuries
Page 25
nging straight leg raises
calisthenics is the ultimate se-
4. AT LEAST one set of 5 ha cret for building maximum raw
strength Page 2
Why authentic exercises
like pullups are so perfect for
ts of 30
with the ELITE goal of 2 se A dozen one-arm handstand strength and power develop-
pushups without supportany- ment Page 25
-stand bridge
5. AT LEAST one stand-to one? Anyone?... Page 3 Bodyweight training for quick
physique perfection Page 26
ts of 30
with the ELITE goal of 2 se
How to rank in a powerlifting
championshipwithout ever ____________
training with weights Page 4

Well, how DO you stack up? ____________ How to normalize and regulate
your body fat levelswith body-
Calisthenics as a hardcore weight training only
strength training technology Page 27

Page 9 Why weight-training and the
hances are that whatever athletic level you have achieved, there are some Spartan 300 calisthenics at psychology of overeating go hand
the Battle of Thermopolylae in hand Page 27
serious gaps in your OVERALL strength program. Gaps that stop you short of
Page 10 ____________
being able to claim status as a truly accomplished strength athlete.
How to cultivate the perfect
bodythe Greek and Roman The best approach for rapidly
The good news is thatin Convict Condition- way Page 10 strengthening your whole body is
ingPaul Wade has laid out a brilliant 6-set ____________ this Page 30
system of 10 progressions which allows you to This is the most important and
master these elite levels. The difference between old revolutionary feature of Convict
school and new school calis- Conditioning. Page 33
thenics Page 15 A jealously-guarded system for
And you could be starting at almost any age going from puny to powerful
and in almost in any condition The role of prisons in preserv-
ing the older systems Page 16 when your life may depend on the
speed of your results Page 33
Strength training as a primary ____________
Paul Wade has given you the keysALL the survival strategy Page 16
keys youll ever need that will open door, ____________
after door, after door for you in your quest for The 6 Ultimate Master
Stepsonly a handful of ath-
supreme physical excellence. Yes, it will be The 6 basic benefits of body- letes in the whole world can
the hardest work youll ever have to do. And weight training Pages 2227 correctly perform them all. Can
yes, 97% of those who pick up Convict Condi- Why calisthenics are the ulti- you? Page 33
tioning, frankly, wont have the guts and the mate in functional training How to Forge Armor-Plated Pecs
Page 23 and Steel Triceps Page 41
fortitude to make it. But if you make it even
half-way through Pauls Progressions, youll The value of cultivating Why the pushup is the ultimate
self-movementrather than ob- upper body exerciseand better
be stronger than almost anyone you encoun- ject-movement Page 23 than the bench press Page 41
ter. Ever. The real source of strengthits How to effectively bulletproof the
not your muscles... Page 24 vulnerable rotator cuff muscles
Page 42

52 Order Convict Conditioning online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Observe these 6 important rules for cise for building melon-sized biceps How to own a spine that feels like a Why cycling or periodization is un-
power-packed pushups Page 42 Page 115 steel whip... Page 193 necessary with bodyweight training
____________ Why the pullup is THE safest upper How the bridging series will grant you Page 266
back exercise Page 115 an incredible combination of strength How to make consistent progress
How basketballs, baseballs and The single most important factor to paired with flexibility Page 216 Page 266
kissing-the-baby all translate into consider for your grip choice Why bridging stands alone as a total
greater strength gains Page 44 Page 118 training method that facilitates de- ____________
How to guarantee steel rod fingers ____________ velopment in practically every area of
Page 45 fitness and health Page 216 5 powerful secrets for busting through
____________ your plateaus Page 267
Do you make this stupid mistake with How to earn lats that look like wings The nifty little secret of consolida-
your push ups? This is wrong, wrong, and an upper back sprouting muscles tion training Page 268
wrong!... Page 45 like coiled pythons Page 138 How to look exceptionally masculine
How to achieve 100 consecutive one- How to be strong enough to rip a body- with broad, etched, and powerful shoul- Living by the buzzerand the impor-
arm pushups each side Page 64 builders arm off in an arm wrestling ders Page 219 tance of regime Page 275
Going Beyond the One-Arm Pushup match Page 138 Those vulnerable shoulderswhy 5 major Convict Conditioning train-
Pages 6874 How to take a trip to helland steal a they ache and the best way to avoid ing programs Page 276
Satanic six-pack Page 149 or fix the pain Page 220 ____________
The 5 absolute truths that define a How to choose authentic over artifi-
genuine six-pack from hell... Page 150 cial shoulder movements Page 223 The New Blood training program
Going up! how to build elevator-cable Page 278
thighs Page 75 This is the REAL way to gain a six-pack Why an understanding of instinctive
from hell Page 152 human movement can help solve the The Good Behavior training pro-
Where the real strength of an athlete shoulder pain problem Page 224 gram Page 279
lies Page 75 3 big reasons whyin prisonsleg
raises have always been much more Remove these two elements of press- The Veterano training program
Most athletic movements rely largely ingand you will remove virtually all Page 280
on this attribute Page 76 popular than sit-ups Page 152 chronic shoulder problems
The first thing to go as an athlete begins Why the hanging leg raise is the great- Page 225 The Solitary Confinement training
to ageand what you MUST protect... est single abdominal exercise known to program Page 281
man... Page 153 The ultimate solution for safe, pain-
Page 76 free, powerful shoulders Page 225 The Supermax training program
THE best way to develop truly power- 10 waist training secrets to help you Page 282
master the hanging leg raise Pages ____________
ful, athletic legs Page 77
____________ 154155
The mighty handstand pushup
How to correctly perform the greatest Page 226
The phenomenon of Lombards all-round midsection exercise in exis-
tence Page 174 Using the handstand pushup to build
Paradoxand it contributes to pow- incredibly powerful, muscularized
er-packed thighs Page 78 ____________ shoulders in a short span of time Page
Why bodyweight squats blow barbell 225
squats away Page 79 Going beyond the hanging straight leg How to strengthen the vestibular sys-
raise Page 178 temusing handstand pushups Page
The enormous benefits of mastering the
one-leg squat Page 80 Setting your sights on the most power- 225
ful midsection exercise possiblethe V 8 secrets to help you perfect your
15 secrets to impeccable squattingfor raise. Page 178
greater power and strength Pages all-important handstand pushup tech-
8182 How to develop abdominal muscles nique Pages 228229
____________ with enormous contractile powerand ____________
iron hip strength Page 178
Transform skinny legs into pillars of ____________ Discover the ultimate shoulder and arm
power, complete with steel cord quads, exercise Page 248
rock-hard glutes and thick, shapely How to combat-proof your spine Going beyond the one-arm hand-
calves Page 102 Page 185 stand pushup Page 252
How to achieve one hundred perfect Why the bridge is the most import- The master of this old technique will
consecutive one-leg squats on each ant strength-building exercise in the have elbows strong as titanium axles
leg... Page 102 world Page 185 Page 255
Going Beyond the One-Leg Squat How to train your spineas if your ____________
Pages 106112 life depended on it Page 185
How to add conditioning, speed, agility Why you should sell your barbell set
and buy a cushioned mat instead... Page
The cast iron principles of Convict Convict
and endurance to legs that are already Conditioning success Page 259
awesome. Page 107 188
The missing x factor of training suc- Conditioning
____________ How to absorb punitive strikes against cess Page 259 How to Bust Free of
your spineand bounce back smiling
Page 188 The best ways to warm up Page 260 All Weakness
How to construct a barn door back
and walk with loaded guns Page 113 Why lower back pain is the foremost How to create training momentum
plague of athletes the world over Page 262 Using the Lost Secrets
Why our culture has failed to give the
pullup the respect and attention it de- Page 189 ____________ of Supreme
serves Page 113 ____________ Survival Strength
Benefits of the pullupking of back How to put strength in the bank
exercises Page 114 Why bridging is the ultimate exercise Page 263 By Paul Coach Wade
for the spinal muscles Page 189 This is the real way to get genuine, last-
The dormant superpower for muscle ing strength and power gains Page 265
growth waiting to be released if you The 4 signs of the perfect bridge Book #B41 $39.95
only do this Page 114 Page 191 Intensitywhat it is and what it eBook #EB41 $19.95
Why pullups are the single best exer- How to master the bridge Page 192 isnt Page 265 Paperback 8.5 x 11
320 pages 191 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Convict Conditioning online:

Dragon Door Customer Acclaim for
Paul Wades Convict Conditioning
ll Never Be Duplicated!
A Strength Training Guide ThatthatWiI was in for something special and unique. The
this book
I knew within the first chapter of reading Body Weight
this same feelin g was when readi ng Power to the People! To me this is the
last time I felt
equivalent to Pavels masterpiece.
nces of doing
Wade went through a unique set of circumsta
Books like this can never be duplicated. Paul ics. Paul took these lesso ns from this 70 year old
time in prison with an old time master of t these methods
d of 20 years while doing time. He then taugh
strong man and mastered them over a perio ction .
ing to perfe
to countless prisoners and honed his teach
erpiece. I know that
this are what it takes to create a true mast
I believe that extreme circumstances like body weig ht book I have read (and
as close as it gets. No other
masterpiece is a strong word, but this is far as gaini ng incre dible stren gth from body weight
to this as
I have a huge fitness library)...comes close
ng the principles that
will read this over and over again...masteri
Just like Power to the People, I am sure I
Paul Wade took 20 years to master.
ess Black Book - Seattle, WA
Outstanding Book!Rusty Moore - Fitn

Brutal Elegance.
I have been training and reading about training since I first joined the US Navy in
A must for all martial artists years, this book is exactly the 1960s. I thought Id seen everything the fitness world had to offer. Sometimes
twice. But I was wrong. This book is utterly iconoclastic.
As a dedicated martial artist for more than seven
what Ive been looking for.
The author breaks down all conceivable body weight exercises into six basic
For a while now I have trained with machines at my local gym to improve my movements, each designed to stimulate different vectors of the muscular system.
muscle strength and power and get to the next level in my training. I always These six are then elegantly and very intelligently broken into ten progressive
felt that the modern health club, technology based exercise jarred with my techniques. You master one technique, and move on to the next.
martial art though, which only required body movement.
The simplicity of this method belies a very powerful and complex training paradigm
Finally this book has come along. At last I can combine perfect body reduced into an abstraction that obviously took many years of sweat and toil to
movement for martial skill with perfect body exercise for ultimate strength. develop.

All fighting arts are based on body movement. This book is a complete Trust me. Nobody else worked this out. This approach is completely unique and fresh.
textbook on how to max out your musclepower using only body movement,
as different from dumbbells, machines or gadgets. For this reason it belongs
I have read virtually every calisthenics book printed in America over the last 40
on the bookshelf of every serious martial artist, male and female, young and
old.Gino Cartier - Washington DC years, and instruction like this cant be found anywhere, in any one of them. Convict
Conditioning is head and shoulders above them all. In years to come, trainers and
coaches will all be talking about progressions and progressive calisthenics and
claim theyve been doing it all along. But the truth is that Dragon Door bought it to
you first. As with kettlebells, they were the trail blazers.

Ive packed all of my othern.tra ining books away!

yweight Who should purchase this volume? Everyone who craves fitness and strength should.
I have purchased a lot of bod
t put it dow
I read CC in one go. I couldn ppointed. They all Even if you dont plan to follow the routines, the book will make you think about your
t, and have always been pretty disa
training books in the pas n whatsoever on physical prowess, and will give even world class experts food for thought. At the very
different exercises, and no pla
seem to just have pictures of with this one. The least if you find yourself on vacation or away on business without your barbells, this
progress with them. But not
how to implement them and e a clea r, logical plan of book will turn your hotel into a fully equipped gym.
ESOME! I like to hav
information in this book is AW boo k give s. I hav e put all of my other
t is what this
progression to follow, and tha ow. This is now my Id advise any athlete to obtain this work as soon as possible.Bill Oliver - Albany,
only system I am going to foll
training books away. CC is the NY, United States
Lyndan - Australia
favorite training book ever!

54 Order Convict Conditioning online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
More Dragon Door Customer Acclaim
for Convict Conditioning
th A lifetime of lifting...and contin
ing and Real Strennga life
Fascinating Readrea time iron junkie. I have been wor
ued learning.
l eye opener if you ve bee king out diligently since 198
Coach Wades system is a book and begin high school and college before 8 and played sports
that. My stint in the Army saw in
ng (or weak) you are? Get this
Wanna find out how really stro I was ple asantly surprised calisthenics, running, conditi me doing
h the 10 leve ls of the 6 power exercises. are many levels of strength
oning courses, forced march
workin g thr oug
exercises...but some are dow
nright humbling. If I and fitness. I have been as big etc. There
by my ability on a few of the conditioning this powerlifting/strongman day
s and as low as 185-190 while
as 240 in my
only one book on strength and in the Army. I
were on a desert island with the k and count them as
think I have tried everything
under the sun: the high inte
Pavels Naked Warrior to Jones and Dr. Ken, the Super nsity of Arthur
would be it. (Could I staple hor.Jon Schultheis, Slow
Tha nks Dra gon Doo r for this innovative new aut Dinosaur Training Brooks Kub of El Darden, and the brutality of
one ??? !) ic made famous.
RKC (2005) - Keansburg, NJ This is one of the BEST boo
ks Ive ever read on real stre
also covers other just as imp ngth training which
ortant aspects of health; like
feeling healthy and becoming staying injury free,
why and the how with his pro ible. Its an excellent book. He tells you the
Single best strength training book ever! worth 100 times what I paid
gressive plan. This book is a
for it!
I just turned 50 this year and I have tried a little bit of everything over the Horst - Woburn, MA
years: martial arts, swimming, soccer, cycling, free weights, weight machines,
even yoga and Pilates. I started using Convict Conditioning right after it came
out. I started from the beginning, like Coach Wade says, doing mostly step one
or two for five out of the six exercises. I work out 3 to 5 times a week, usually for
30 to 45 minutes.

Long story short, my weight went up 14 pounds (I was not trying to gain This book sets the
weight) but my body fat percentage dropped two percent. That translates into
approximately 19 pounds of lean muscle gained in two months! Ive never gotten
standard, ladies
this kind of results with anything else Ive ever done. Now I have pretty much and gentlemen
stopped lifting weights for strength training. Instead, I lift once a week as a test It s difficult to describe jus
to see how much stronger Im getting without weight training. There are a lot of t how
much this book means to
great strength training books in the world (most of them published by Dragon me. Ive
been training hard since
Door), but if I had to choose just one, this is the single best strength training I was in
the RAF nearly ten years
to say this book is a breakt
WANT. Wayne - Decatur, GA hrough
is an understatement. Ho
w often
do you really read someth
so new, so fresh? This boo
contains a complete new
ining book so far! ation
system of
Best bodyweightbeetran trai
calisthenics drawn from
prison training methods.
ning for years with a combin When I
Im a martial artist and Ive from both (but say system I mean it. Its
training and had good results yweight stuff complete
of weights and bodyweight the bod (rank beginner to expert
weight training). I prefer ), its
had the usual injuries from ch more than comprehensive (all the Convict
ns me to use my whole body as a unit, mu exercises
though as it trai in the ring. Since and photos are here), its
difference on the mat and
weights do, and I notice the
n the weight s a bre ak and foc use d purely on (progressions from exerci
graded Conditioning
reading this book I have give by Co ach Wade and se to
gressions as described exercise are smooth and How to Bust Free of
the bodyweight exercise pro r bef ore . So far Ive built up to 12 pre-
re than eve determined) and its tot
my strength had increased mo 5 uneven pull ups each arm. ally original. All Weakness
and Whether you love or hat
strict one-leg squats each leg e the author, Using the Lost Secrets
you have to listen to him
stuff builds solid . And you
d of strength before - and this of Supreme
Ive never achieved this kin nin g. I am so con fident in and will learn something. Th
is book
y intense trai
muscle mass as well. Its ver to trai n for a fitness/ just makes SENSE. In tw Survival Strength
ting that Ive decided enty years
happy with the results Im get techniques, no weights, just to show for people will still be buying
it.Andy By Paul Coach Wade
bodybuilding comp just using sum, I cannot McMann - Ponty, Wales
d of a phy siqu e these exercises can build. In , GB
rea l wh at kin
eno ugh - it is by far the best of its
recommend Coach Wades
book highly
South Korea
Book #B41 $39.95
livi ng in
- Australia, currently
kind ever!Mark Robinson eBook #EB41 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
320 pages 191 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Convict Conditioning online:

The Experts Give High Praise to
Convict Conditioning 2
mind THE BEST book ever
first book Convict Conditioning is to my
Coach Paul Wade has outdone himself. His Cond itioning 2, Coach Wade
s down. Now, with the sequel Convict Ive been lifting weights for over 50 years and have
written on bodyweight conditioning. Hand with the ultim ate resis tance tool: our bodies. trained in the martial arts since 1965. Ive read vora-
ces of training
takes us even deeper into the subtle nuan ciously on both subjects, and written dozens of mag-
y and, go figure, psychology,
rstanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiolog azine articles and many books on the subjects. This
In plain English, but with an amazing unde but just as impo rtant areas of the body such as the hands
work the smaller book and Wades first, Convict Conditioning, are
Coach Wade explains very simply how to
in serious functional ways.
and forearms, neck and calves and obliques by far the most commonsense, information-packed,
insight into exactly how the and result producing Ive read. These books will truly
s the complexity of his system and the deep
His minimalist approach to exercise belie change your life.
body works and the best way to get from A PAGES 5263
to Z in the shortest time possible.
away from this exercise Paul Wade is a new and powerful voice in the strength
the hard-to-reach extensors of the hand right
I got the best advice on how to strengthen
Master I have ever seen. Its so simple but
so completely functional I cant belie ve no one else has thought of it yet. and fitness arena, one that is commonsense, inspir-
ing, and in your face. His approach to maximizing
Just glad he figured it out for me.
s with the simplest of movements while at
the same time balancing our
your bodys potential is not the same old hackneyed
material you find in every book and magazine piece
Paul teaches us how to strengthen our bodie the whol e body . that pictures steroid-bloated models screaming
that work
structures in the same way: simple exercises as they curl weights. Wades stuff has been proven
lity training is brilliant
. His novel approach to stretching and mobi
And just as simply as he did with his first book
and fresh as well as his take on recovery and
healing from injur y. Sprin
kled throu
the hard
t the
entire book are too-
and knows exactly of
effective by hard men who dont tolerate fluff. It will
work for you, tooguaranteed.
man who has come to his
many-to-count insights and advice from a
what he speaks. As an ex-cop, Ive gone mano-y-mano with ex-cons
ised as a book on calis- that had clearly trained as Paul Wade suggests in
ey into the history of physical culture disgu
This book is, as was his first, an amazing journ r than any before him is his unbelievable progressions on EVERY his two Convict Conditioning books. While these
thenics. But the thing that Coach Wade does down and tells us EXACTLY how guys didnt look like steroid-fueled bodybuilders
EXERCISE and stretch! He breaks things
of stren gth and development we want. (actually, there were a couple who did), all were
to proceed to get to whatever level
know when to go to the next level.
AND gives us the exact metrics we need to incredibly lean, hard and powerful. Wade blows
many commonly held beliefs about conditioning,
diately useful insights into nutri-
Adding in completely practical and imme strengthening, and eating out of the water and
only with training but with life,
tion and the mindset necessary to deal not replaces them with result-producing information
ic that will stand the test of time.
makes this book a class that wont cost you a dime. Loren W. Chris-
ind, Master RKC, author of Mas- tensen, author of Fighting the Pain Resistant
Bravo Coach Wade, Bravo. Mark Reifk Attacker, and many other titles
tering the HardStyle Kettl ebell Swin g

le equipment-big
Convict Conditioning 2 is litt
The overriding principle of arts , the section on
the throwing and fighting
rewards. For the athlete in Fla g, is a uni que and per haps singular
turing the
Lateral Chain Training, Cap ily of side mu scles. This Convict Conditioning is one of the most influ-
ques and the whole fam
approach to training the obli the e and
tim ential books I ever got my hands on. Convict Con-
und breaking and well worth
section stood out to me as gro e. Lite rall y, this is a new ditioning 2 took my training and outlook on the
and attempt to complet
energy by anyone to review t is wel l bey ond side ben ds and suitcase power of bodyweight training to the 10th degree
ning tha
approach to lateral chain trai from strengthening the smallest muscles in a
deadlifts. maximal manner, all the way to using bodyweight
Convict nce of many of training as a means of healing injuries that pile
stretching reflects the experie
Conditioning 2 The authors review of passive be the rea son I am goin g to recommend up from over 22 years of aggressive lifting.
us in the field. But, his solution cov ers wha t the author
Advanced Prison Trifecta. This section
this work for everyone: The a seri es of sim ple pro gres sions to Ive used both Convict Conditioning and Con-
and give s
Training Tactics for calls The Functional Triad strength athlete vict Conditioning 2 on myself and with my ath-
oil your joints. Its yoga for the
three holds that promise to exa mp le, in Pav els Loaded letes. Without either of these books I can easily
Muscle Gain, Fat Loss and supports the material one
wou ld find , for
say that these boys would not be the BEASTS
and Bulletproof Joints Stretching. they are today. Without a doubt Convict Con-
ctically insisting ditioning 2 will blow you away and inspire and
By Paul Coach Wade k, but I come away from it pra
I didnt expect to like this boo yoga mixed with educate you to take bodyweight training to a
strongman book mixed with
that everyone read it. It is a whole NEW level.
Book #B59 $39.95 street smarts. I wanted to hat
e it, but I love it.
ength Zach Even-Esh, Underground Strength
eBook #EB59 $19.95 n, aut hor of Don t Let Go and co-author of Easy Str
Dan Joh Coach
Paperback 8.5 x 11
354 pages 261 photos

56 Order Convict Conditioning 2 online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Paul Wades section on developing the sides of the body in Convict Conditioning 2
is brilliant. Hardstyle! Pavel Tsatsouline, author of The Naked Warrior

Online Praise for Convict Conditioning 2

Best Sequel Since The Godfather 2! Just as brilliant as its predecessor!
to the material on Convict
Hands down the best addition
Just as brilliant as its predecessor! The new exercises
Conditioning that could possibly be put out.
I already add to the Big 6 in a keep-it-simple kind of way. Anyone Convict
training to who will put in the time with both of these masterpieces
implemented the neck bridges, calf
and as soon as
hand stand pushups will be as strong as humanly possible. I especially liked Conditioning 2
my weekly schedule, the parts on grip work. To me, that alone was worth the Advanced Prison
s are fully loade d Ill start the flags . Than k you,
and leg raise price of the entire book.
Coach! Timothy Stovall / Evansville, Indiana
Training Tactics for
Daniel Runkel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
and Bulletproof Joints
If you liked CC1, youll love CC2 By Paul Coach Wade
The progressions CC2 picks up where CC1 left off with great information Book #B59 $39.95
were again sublime about the human flag (including a version called the clutch
eBook #EB59 $19.95
Ne ver have I heard such in dep flag, that I can actually do now), neck and forearms. I
th and yet easy to under- Paperback 8.5 x 11
stand description of trainin couldnt be happier with this book.
g and physical culture. A per 354 pages 261 photos
fect complement to the first - Justin B., Atlanta, Georgia
book although it has its own
style keeping the best attribu
tes of style from the first
but developing it to something
unique. The progressions
were again sublime and des
of ability. The two books tog
igned for people at all levels From the almost
closely resemble superhum
ether can forge what will
an strength and an incredi-
laughably-simple to
ble physique and yet the step
and easy to understand.
s to get there are so simple realm-of-the-gods
Ryan O., Nottingham, Un Co nvict Conditioning 2 is a gre
ited Kingdom at com-
panion piece to the original
Convict Con-
ditioning. It helps to further
build up the
athlete and does deliver on phe
improvement with minimal
Well worintethresth e wait ed book
and space.

Another very ting, and as before, opinionat

ough the CC1 progressions, The grip work is probably the
by Paul Wade. As I work thr r rate , wh ich superstar of
if unspectacula the book. Second, maybe, is
find its paying off at a steady the attention
fine . No trai nin g injuries worth the name, devoted to the lateral muscle
suits me just s with the de-
I expect the same with CC2 velopment of the clutch- and
convincing gains in strength. press-flag.
the kind of material I was
which rounds off CC1 with just
Door deserve to be highly Convict Conditioning 2 is mo
looking for. Wade and Dragon re of the
these techniques. A same - more of the systematic
commended for publishing and method-
out side of the gym ecosystem. ical improvement in exercises
tremendous way to train that travel
smoothly from the almost laug
V. R., Bangalore, India hably-simple
to realm-of-the-gods. It is a soli
d addition to
any fitness library.
Robert Aldrich, Chapel Hil
l, GA
Very Informative
Convict Conditioning 2 is more subversiv
training information in the same style as
its Br illiant
original. Its such a great complement to the Convict Con ditioning books are all the boo
original, but also solid enough on its own. life. As Bruce Lee used to say ks you need in
-a , its not a daily increase but
The information in this book is fantastic- a daily decrease. Same with
life. Too many things can lead
great buy! Follow this program, and you will you down many paths, but to
have Simplicity is perfect.
get stronger. Brandon Lynch, London
, England
Chris B., Thunder Bay, Canada

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Convict Conditioning 2 online:

Table of Contents
The Many Roads to Strength
by Brooks Kubik
Opening Salvo: Chewing
Bubblegum and Kicking Ass
1. Introduction: Put Yourself
Behind Bars

Neck and Calves

Convict  ulldog Neck: Bulletproof
10. B
Your Weakest Link
Conditioning 2  alf Training: Ultimate
11. C
17: Twist Progressions:
Advanced Prison Training Unleash Your Functional
Lower LegsNo Machines Triad
Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Necessary
Loss and Bulletproof Joints PART I: SHOTGUN PART III:
Book #B59 $39.95 Hands and Forearms PART II: CELLBLOCK G
eBook #EB59 $19.95 2: Iron Hands and Forearms: BULLETPROOF 18. Doing Time Right: Living
Paperback 8.5 x 11
354 pages 261 photos Ultimate Strength with JOINTS the Straight Edge
Just Two Techniques
12. Tension-Flexibility: The  he Prison Diet: Nutrition
19. T
3: The Hang Progressions: A Lost Art of Joint Training and Fat Loss Behind Bars
Vice-Like Bodyweight Grip
Course 13: Stretchingthe Prison  endin Up: The 8 Laws of
20. M
Take: Flexibility, Mobility, Healing
4: Advanced Grip Torture: Control
Explosive Power +
Titanium Fingers  he Trifecta: Your Secret
14. T
Weapon for Mobilizing
 ingertip Pushups: Keeping
5: F Stiff, Battle-Scarred
Hand Strength Balanced Physiquesfor Life
6: Forearms into Firearms: 15: T
 he Bridge Hold
Hand Strength: A Progressions: The Ultimate
Summary and a Challenge Prehab/Rehab Technique

 he Mind: Escaping the

21. T
Lateral Chain True Prison
7: Lateral Chain Training:
Capturing the Flag !BONUS
8: The Clutch Flag: In Eight CHAPTER!
Easy Steps Pumpin Iron in Prison: Myths,
9: The Press Flag: In Eight
Not-So-Easy Steps 16: The L-Hold Progressions:
Cure Bad Hips and Low

58 Order Convict Conditioning 2 online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
GET a ROCK-Hard, Brutishly Powerful Upper
Frame and Achieve Elite-Level Strength
With Paul Coach Wades

Prison-Style Pushup Program

aul Wades Convict Conditioning the prison-style one-arm pushup. Ten
system represents the ultimate progressive steps guide you to pushup Awesome Resource for Coaches & Strength Devotees
distillation of hardcore prison mastery. Do itand become a Pushup God. I am using this manual and DVD not just for my own training, but for the
training of my athletes. It shocks and amazes me how varsity high school athletes
bodyweight trainings most powerful can NOT perform a solid push up.... not even 1! Getting them to perform a perfect
methods. What works was kept. What This home-study course in ultimate push up requires regressions, progressions, dialing in the little cues that teach
didnt, was slashed away. When your life is survival strength comes replete with bonus them to generate tension and proper body alignment, ALL of which carry over to
material not available in Paul Wades other exercises.
on the line, youre not going to mess with This manual is an awesome resource for Coaches. It can & should be used to
less than the absolute best. Many of these original Convict Conditioning bookand educate those you train as well as shared with your staff. For those who have a
older, very potent solitary training systems numerous key training tips that refine and love for strength, you will respect all the details given for each and every push up
progression and you will use them and apply them.
have been on the verge of dying, as convicts expand on the original program. As a Strength devotee for over 2 decades, Ive been through the grinder with
begin to gain access to weights, and free weights and injuries, push ups are something I KNOW Ill be doing for the
A heavily and gorgeously-illustrated rest of my life which is why I RESPECT this course so much!
modern bodybuilding thinking floods 80-plus-page manual gives you the entire The lay out of this manual and DVD are also BIG time impressive, the old
film script to study at your leisure, school look and feel fires me up and makes me wanna attack these push ups!
Zach Even-Esh, Manasquan, NJ
with brilliant, precise photographs
to remind you of the essential
movements you absorbed in the DVD
itself. I recommend it
I fully expected to be disappointed with Paul Wades Convict Conditioning,
Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten Volume I: The Prison Pushup Series. John Du Cane will tell you: I am not a fan
of some of the stuff in these books. Its been said by others that this might be one
Commandments for Perfect of the most striking DVDs ever made. Its on location in Alcatraz and the graphics
Pushupswhich is worth the price are pretty amazing. So, yes, stunning. This DVD from Wade is stunning and very
of admission alone. And theres the cool.
The manual that supports the DVD is very helpful as much of the material is
additional bonus of 5 major Variant done too well in the DVD. Many of us need to take some time looking at the DVD
into the prisons. Thanks to Paul Wade, drills to add explosivity, fun and super- then flipping the manual back and forth to get it.
Once again, there are parts of this DVD and the series that rub me the wrong
these ultimate strength survival secrets strength to your core practice. way. Having said that, I am frankly amazed at the insights of the product here. As
have been saved for posterity. And for you a coach, I am better than when I popped the box open. I have a whole set of tools,
Whatever you are looking for from your and the progressions, that I can use tomorrow with my group. That to me is the
Filmed entirelyand so appropriately pushupsbe it supreme functional testimony that people
should hear from me:
on The Rock, Wades Convict strength, monstrous muscle growth or I watched it and I
Conditioning Prison Pushup Series explosive upper-body powerits yours applied it instantly!
This one gets it. You
explodes out of the cellblock to teach you for the progressive taking with Convict can apply what you
in absolute detail how to progress from Conditioning, Volume 1: The Prison learn instantly and
Pushup Series. know where you are
the ease of a simple wall pushupto the going from there. I
stunning 1-in-10,000 achievement of highly recommend it.
Dan John, Master
RKC, Burlingame, CA

Convict Conditioning
Volume 1: The Prison Pushup Series
By Paul Coach Wade featuring
Brett Jones and Max Shank

#DV083 $29.99
DVD 59 minutes with full color
Companion Manual, 88 pages

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order CC Prison Pushup online:

GET Dynamic, Chiselled, Power-Jack Legs and
Develop Explosive Lower-Body Strength
With Paul Coach Wades Ultimate

Bodyweight Squat Course

P In the strength game,
aul Wades Convict Commandments for Perfect virtually every muscle in the strength wasnt always available,
Conditioning Ultimate Bodyweight Squatswhich lower body, from quads and so cell trainees developed
Bodyweight Squat Course is worth the price of admission glutes to hips, lower back and ways of progressing using only fools rush in where
explodes out of the cellblock
to teach you in absolute detail
alone. And theres the additional
bonus of 5 major Variant drills
even hamstrings. bodyweight versus gravity. The
best way to do this is to learn
angels fear to tread
how to progress from the ease of to add explosivity, fun and super- S
 quat deepas well teach how to squat all the way down to The wise old Chinese man
a simple shoulderstand squat strength to your core practice. youand you will seriously the ground and back up on just shouted to his rickshaw driver:
to the stunning 1-in-10,000 increase your flexibility and one leg. Slow down, young man, Im in a
achievement of the prison-style Whatever you are looking for ankle strength. hurry! If ever a warning needed
one-leg squat. Ten progressive from your bodyweight squatsbe Not everybody who explores to be shouted to our nation of
steps guide you to bodyweight it supreme functional strength, A
 ll functional power is prison training will have the compulsive strength-addicts,
squat mastery. Do itand become monstrous muscle growth or transmitted through the legs, so dedication and drive to achieve this would be it. You see them
a Bodyweight Squat Immortal. explosive leg powerits yours without strong, powerful legs strength feats like the one-arm everywhere: the halt, the lame,
for the progressive taking with you are nothingthat goes for pullup, but the legs are much the jacked-up, the torn, the pain-
This home-study course in Convict Conditioning, Volume 2: running, jumping and combat stronger than the arms. If you put riddenthe former glory-seekers
ultimate survival strength comes The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat sports as much as it does for in the time and work hard, the who have been reduced to sad
replete with bonus material not Course. lifting heavy stuff. one-leg squat will be within the husks of their former selves by
available in Paul Wades original reach of almost every athlete who rushing helter-skelter into heavy
Convict Conditioning bookand Why every self- Are you failing to build pays their dues. lifting without having first built a
numerous key training tips that
refine and expand on the original respecting man will monstrous legs from But the one-leg squat still
firm foundation.
program. be religious about his squatsbecause of requires very powerful muscles Paul Wade reveals the ten key
and tendons, so you dont want
A heavily and gorgeously- squats these mistakes? to jump into one-leg squatting
points of perfect squat form. The
aspects of proper form apply to all
illustrated 80-plus-page manual right away. You need to build your squats, and theyll not only
Leg training is vital for every Most trainees learn how to squat
gives you the entire film script the joint strength and muscle to unlock the muscle and power-
athlete. A well-trained, muscular on two legs, and then make the
to study at your leisure, with safely attempt this great exercise. building potential of each rep you
upper body teetering around on exercise harder by slapping
brilliant, precise photographs Discover how to do that safely, do, but theyll also keep you as safe
skinny stick legs is a joke. Dont a barbell across their back.
to remind you of the essential using ten steps, ten progressively as you can be.
be that joke! The mighty squat is In prison, this way of adding
movements you absorbed in the harder squat exercises.
DVD itself. the answer to your prayers. Heres

Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten Squats train Complex Made Simple push up progression) to teach high school strength
coaches how to safely progress athletes with pressing
activity and look forward to using volume 2 with these
Having read both Convict Conditioning and Convict
same coaches. I think anyone who studies movement
Conditioning 2, the complementary DVD series
realizes very few athletes can properly squat with two
is an excellent translation of the big six movement
legs, let alone one.
progressions into a simple to follow DVD. The
demonstration of movement progression through the
You will not find an easier way to teach the squat.
10 levels is well described and easy to follow.
Well done again Paul. Look forward to the rest of the
As a Physical Therapist it is a very useful way to
Andrew Marchesi PT/MPT, FAFS,
teach safe progressions to patients/clients and other
Scottsdale, AZ
professionals. I have already used Volume I (the

Convict Conditioning
Volume 2: The Ultimate Navy Seal
on the road
Bodyweight Squat Course
My whole team uses
By Paul Coach Wade featuring it. We can work out
Brett Jones and Max Shank effectively anywhere
and I mean anywhere!
Tyler Archer, Navy
#DV084 $29.99
DVD 56 minutes with full color
Companion Manual, 88 pages

60 Order CC Ultimate Squat online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Demonic Abs Are a Mans Best Friend
Discover How to Seize a Six-Pack from Hell
and OWN the World

Leg Raises
P aul Wades Convict Conditioning
3, Leg Raises: Six Pack from Hell
teaches you in absolute detail how
to progress from the ease of a simple Knee
Tuckto the magnificent, 1-in-1,000
Whatever you are looking for when
murdering your absbe it a fist-breaking,
rock-like shield of impenetrable muscle,
an uglier-is-more-beautiful set of rippling
abdominal ridges, or a monstrous
stronger and stronger on that lift until he
was monstrously strong. When he reached
this level, and his pecs were thick slabs
of meat, only then would he maybe begin
sculpting them with minor exercises and
achievement of the Hanging Straight Leg injection of lifting powerits yours for higher reps.
Raise. Ten progressive steps guide you the progressive taking with Convict
to inevitable mastery of this ultimate abs Conditioning, Volume 3, Leg Raises: Six Its no different if you want a mind-blowing
exercise. Do it, seize the knowledgebut Pack from Hell midsection. Just pick one exercise that
bewarethe Gods will be jealous! hits all the muscles in the midsectionthe

This home-study course in ultimate

Prison-style midsection hip flexors, the abs, the intercostals, the
obliquesthen blast it.
survival strength comes replete with bonus trainingfor an
material not available in Paul Wades
original Convict Conditioning bookand
all show AND all go And the one exercise were going to
discover is the best midsection exercise
numerous key training tips that refine and physique known to man, and the most popular
expand on the original program. amongst soldiers, warriors, martial artists
When convicts train their waists, they and prison athletes since men started
Prowl through the heavily and gorgeously- want real, noticeable resultsand by working outthe leg raise.
illustrated 80-plus-page manual and results we dont mean that they want
devour the entire film script at your cute, tight little defined abs. We mean Youll discover ten different leg raise
animal leisure. Digest the brilliant, precise that they want thick, strong, muscular movements, each one a little harder than
photographs and midsections. They want functionally the last. Youll learn how to get the most
reinforce the raw benefits you absorbed powerful abs and hips they can use for out of each of these techniques, each of
from the DVD. heavy lifting, kicking, and brawling. They these ten steps, before moving up to the
want guts so strong from their training that next step. By the time you get through all
Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten it actually hurts an attacker to punch them ten steps and youre working with the final
Commandments for Perfect Bodyweight in the belly. Prison abs arent about all Master Step of the leg raise series, youll
Squatswhich is worth the price of show, no goa prison-built physique has have a solid, athletic, stomach made of
admission alone. And theres the additional to be all show and all go. Those guys dont steel, as well as powerful hips and a ribcage
bonus of 4 major Variant drills to add just want six-packsthey want six-packs armored with dense muscle. Youll have
explosivity, fun and super-strength to your from Hell. abs that wouldve made Bruce Lee take
core practice. notice!
And, for the first
time, were going
to show you how
The Ten Commandments
these guys get what You Must Obey to Earn
they want. Were
not going to be using
a Real Monster of an
sissy machines Athletic Core
or easy isolation
exerciseswere Paul Wade gives you ten key points, the
going straight for Ten Commandments of leg raises, that
the old school secret will take your prison-style core training
weapon for gut from just okay to absolutely phenomenal.
training; progressive We want the results to be so effective that
leg raises. theyll literally shock you. This kind of
accelerated progress can be achieved, but
If you want a six- if you want to achieve it you better listen
pack from Hell, carefully to these ten key pointers youll
the first thing you discover with the DVD. functionalnot just a pretty six-pack, but a real monster
need to do is focus of an athletic core, which is capable of developing high
Convict Conditioning your efforts. If a
weightlifter wanted a
Bodyweight mastery is a lot like high-level
martial arts. Its more about principles than
levels of force.

Volume 3: Leg Raises very thick, powerful individual techniques. Really study and
absorb these principles, and youll be on
Hanging will work your serratus and intercostals, making
chest in a hurry, he these muscles stand out like fingers, and your obliques
Six Pack from Hell wouldnt spread his your way to a six-pack from Hell in no time. and flank muscles will be tight and strong from holding
efforts out over a your hips in place. Your lumbar spine will achieve a
By Paul Coach Wade featuring dozen exercises and The hanging straight leg raise, performed
gymnastic level of flexibility, like fluid steel, and your
strictly and for reps, is the Gold Standard
Brett Jones and Max Shank perform them gently
of abdominal strength techniques. Once
chances of back pain will be greatly reduced.
all day long. No
hed pick just one youre at the level where you can throw The bottom line: If you want to be stronger and more
#DV085 $29.99 exercise, probably out sets of twenty to thirty rock solid reps athletic than the next guy, you need the edge that straight
DVD 57 minutes with full color Companion the bench press, and of this exercise, your abs will be thick and leg raises can give you.
Manual, 82 pages just focus on getting strong, but more importantly, theyll be

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order CC Ultimate Leg Raises online:

Erect Twin Pythons of Coiled Beef Up Your Spine
and Develop Extreme, Explosive Resilience
With the Dynamic Power and Flexible Strength of

Advanced Bridging
P aul Wades Convict Conditioning
system represents the ultimate
distillation of hardcore prison
bodyweight trainings most powerful
This home-study course in ultimate
survival strength comes replete with bonus
material not available in Paul Wades
original Convict Conditioning bookand
numerous key training tips that refine and
methods. What works was kept. What
didnt, was slashed away. When your life expand on the original program.
is on the line, youre not going to mess Prowl through the heavily and gorgeously-
with less than the absolute best. Many of illustrated 80-plus-page manual and
these older, very potent solitary training devour the entire film script at your
systems have been on the verge of dying, animal leisure. Digest the brilliant, precise
as convicts begin to gain access to weights, photographs and reinforce the raw benefits
and modern bodybuilding thinking floods you absorbed from the DVD.
into the prisons. Thanks to Paul Wade, these
ultimate strength survival secrets have been Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten
saved for posterity. And for you Commandments for Perfect Bridges
which is worth the price of admission
Filmed entirelyand so appropriately on alone. And theres the additional bonus of 4
The Rock, Wades Convict Conditioning major Variant drills to add explosivity, fun
Volume 4, Advanced Bridging: Forging an and super-strength to your core practice.
Iron Spine explodes out of the cellblock to
Whatever you are looking for from your
teach you in absolute detail how to progress
pushupsbe it supreme functional
from the relative ease of a Short Bridgeto
strength, monstrous muscle growth or
the stunning, 1-in-1,000 achievement of explosive upper-body powerits yours
the Stand-to-Stand Bridge. Ten progressive for the progressive taking with Convict
steps guide you to inevitable mastery of this Conditioning Volume 4: Advanced
ultimate exercise for an unbreakable back. Bridging: Forging an Iron Spine.

Convict Conditioning
Volume 4: Advanced Bridging:
Forging an Iron Spine
By Paul Coach Wade featuring
Brett Jones and Max Shank
#DV087 $29.99
DVD 59 minutes with full color Companion
Manual, 88 pages

62 Order CC Advanced Bridging online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Tap into the Dormant Ancestral Power of the
Mighty Pullupto Develop a Massive Upper Back,
Steel-Tendon Arms, and Etched Abs Mastering

The One-Arm Pullup

P aul Wades Convict ConditioningVolume 5, Maximum Strength: The One-
Arm Pullup Series explodes out of the cellblock to teach you in absolute detail
how to progress from the relative ease of a Vertical Pullto the stunning, 1-in-
1,000 achievement of the One-Arm Pull-Up. Ten progressive steps guide you to
inevitable mastery of this ultimate exercise for the upper back, steely, bulging biceps
and etched abs.

This home-study course in ultimate survival strength comes replete with bonus
material not available in Paul Wades original Convict Conditioning bookand drills to add explosivity, fun and super-strength to your core practice.
numerous key training tips that refine and expand on the original program.
Whatever you are looking for from your pullupsbe it agile survival strength, arms of
Filmed entirelyand so appropriatelyon The Rock, Wades Convict Conditioning steel, a massive upper back with flaring lats, Popeye Biceps or gape-inducing absits
Volume 5, Maximum Strength: The One-Arm Pullup Series explodes out of the yours for the progressive taking with Convict Conditioning Volume 5, Maximum
cellblock to teach you in absolute detail how to progress from the relative ease of a Strength: The One-Arm Pullup Series.
Vertical Pullto the stunning, 1-in-1,000 achievement of the One-Arm Pullup.
Ten progressive steps guide you to inevitable mastery of this ultimate exercise for These exercises have been broken
supreme upper body survival strength. up into a set of stages, which is
This home-study course in ultimate survival strength comes replete with bonus
sometimes called the ten steps.
material not available in Paul Wades original Convict Conditioning bookand This is a key feature of the Convict
numerous key training tips that refine and expand on the original program. Conditioning system. Without
following some kind of structured,
Prowl through the heavily and gorgeously-illustrated 88-plus-page manual and progressive approach, it would
devour the entire film script at your animal leisure. Digest the brilliant, precise
be impossible for even the most
photographs and reinforce the raw benefits you absorbed from the DVD.
naturally powerful athlete to
Paul Wade adds a bonus Ten Commandments for Perfect Pullupswhich is worth achieve incredible feats like assisted pullups and one-arm pullups.
the price of admission alone. And theres the additional bonus of 4 major Variant

Convict Conditioning
Volume 5: Maximum Strength:
The One-Arm Pullup Series
By Paul Coach Wade featuring
Brett Jones and Max Shank
#DV088 $29.99
DVD 59 minutes with full color Companion
Manual, 88 pages

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order CC Advanced Bridging online:

Praise for Marty Gallaghers
The Purposeful Primitive
devoted to how to become the best you can From Olympic lifting to power lifting and
be. The Purposeful Primitive has been a bodybuilding, whether muscle gain or fat loss,
very interesting journey for me... back-to-the- from cooking to supplements, from changing
I would venture to future... exercise and eating habits to molding the
say that I have read every book pertaining psychology of a champion (whether one is
Marty does a wonderful job bringing out even remotely interested in competition or
to weightlifting over the last three decades, the art and science of training, extracting
and I have probably read the majority of the not), Marty has covered it all. I only wish I had
many of the critical universal and specific had a book like this when I was growing up
articles in this area. There are two things I principles (guiding rules to actionsocial,
can say unequivocally about what I have read. and trying my best to get bigger and stronger.
emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) that Marty has demonstrated, without question,
One, Marty Gallagher is the best writer in the are applicable to living a productive life in
world of physical fitness and strength, bar that he is the current and undeniably best
general, and in training for health, fitness and trainer of champions and ultimate guide
none, and two, Gallaghers newest book The sport, specifically. In addition, I like the way
Purposeful Primitive is the best manuscript to physicaland mentaltransformation.
Marty personalizes the lives of outstanding This book not only provides the simplest
ever produced in this field. athletes and shows how they applied these instructions and cheapest financial and
Teeming with esoteric information on fundamental, cant-miss principles in their lifestyle requirements, it is absolutely the
training, biomechanics, nutrition, and sport training to help them become the best they single best book ever written on being the best
psychology, The Purposeful Primitive is a could be in their sport. My recommendation: you can be physically and otherwise.
wealth of information that every serious lifter if you want to achieve something great in your
needs to read. You are going to like this book. life, add The Purposeful Primitive to your James E. Wright, Ph.D, former Director
NO! You are going to LOVE it. I promise you training library yesterday. of Sports Science, U.S. Army Physical
that. Its Gallaghers best work, and that means Fitness School; former Health and Science
Dr. Bob Ward, Sports Science Network, Editor, Flex Magazine
it is strictly world class. former head strength and conditioning
Dr. Judd Biasiotto, author of 46 coach, Dallas Cowboys
fitness and health-related books, world
powerlifting champion Absolutely magnificent. What a
breathtaking book on a life with iron.
For the intellectual athlete who actually Marty Gallagher delivers an outstanding,
thirsts for knowledge and sees content as King, comprehensive book with a writing style
I really only have two things to say about you will get 30 years of genius and experience worthy of Hemingway himself. This book
Marty Gallagher that bear on his new book, in the Iron Game mixed with the passion takes you on a journey through the iron-
The Purposeful Primitive. The first is that and ability of Hemmingway all wrapped up history of the great ones and in the most
there are two classes of writers in powerlifting: in one book and the result is The Purposeful sophisticated way Marty presents probably
1) Marty Gallagher and 2) all others. The Primitive. From me to youGo buy the book the best ever written material on life, iron and
second is that one day, ten years ago, Marty and enjoy!! mental fortitude.
called to say he knew a Russian guy who he Rickey Dale Crain, IPF/WPC/AAU
thought might be a good writer for MILO, so This book is impossible to put down once
World Champion, 2000 Powerlifting Hall of you start reading it. It should be the first
we invited the guy to submit an article: It was Fame Inductee
called Vodka, Pickle Juice, Kettlebell Lifting read of any who aspire to lift weights and
and other Russian Pastimes, the author was be healthy. There are not enough words in
Pavel Tsatsouline, and rest, as they say, is the English language (or Danish for that
history. Marty Gallagher is a brilliant writer who matter) to describe how excellent this book
thinks deeply about subjects he knows and is. It is an absolute must to any Strength
Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D, Publisher and loves. His manifesto/encyclopedia contains & Health enthusiast. I give it my highest
Editor-in-chief, Milo Magazine a ton of wisdom, one-of-a-kind role models, recommendation!!
awesome color photos a truly fascinating Kenneth the Dane of Pain Jay
As a student, athlete, teacher, researcher, Clarence Bass, author of the Ripped
professional coach, and businessman I have series, Lean For Life, Challenge Yourself,
spent over 60 years in health, fitness and sport, and Great Expectations

64 Order The Purposeful Primitive online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Marty Gallagher has written the Great American Novel of Strength. Pavel Tsatsouline

Marty Gallagher has produced an absolute classic! I couldnt put it down... packed with real no b.s
infofrom real ironmen. I am proud to be included with the outstanding athletes and their stories...
A breath of fresh air! Dorian Yates, 6-time IFBB Mr. Olympia

The Purposeful Primitive

From Fat and Flaccid to Lean and PowerfulUsing the Primordial Laws of Fitness to
Trigger Inevitable, Lasting and Dramatic Physical Change

S Discover:
ince the birth of the Olympics in based on the received wisdom of the
776 BC, humanity has celebrated greats who have gone before us.

the struggle for physical
transformationand exalted As someone who has trained with some
to almost godlike status those of the greatest strength athletes of the
 ow to completely transform your body

men and women who have succeeded century, as someone who has coached
in transcending their common mortal numerous world champions to ever more in 90 days or less
frames through a combination of impressive records and as someone who
 ow to train for only five hours a week

supreme effort and dedicated will. has had spectacular results applying these
same methods to average folk, Marty yet be superbly lean and strong
In the 21st century, this drive, this Gallagher knows whereof he speaks. His
search for the Holy Grail of physical inspirational message: simply follow The T he two best eating plans to optimize your

perfection has climbed to ever-greater Way of the Masterswith the necessary fat loss while gaining muscle
heights but has also plunged us to drive and desireand you CANNOT fail,
unforeseen depths. you WILL transform physically. Change T raining protocols favored by the legends of

change for the betteris inevitable.
Elite athletes worldwide continue champion-level strength
to shatter records that would have The problem with modern day fitness,
been considered inconceivable only says Gallagher, lies in the sheer plethora  ow combining an Eastern mystics mind secrets
decades earlier. Our current stars are and over-complexity of methods, the with a Western scientists brain train methods

unimaginably bigger, stronger and faster fragmented partiality of specialized can lead to massive leaps in your performance
than their earlier counterparts. And yet, systems and the general confusion about
for the general populace the story is quite what really works to gain and retain  hat foods will certainly sabotage your progress and

different. Obesity and abject weakness muscle while losing significant body fat.
have exploded across our land like an all- what foods put you on the fast track for glory
consuming virus. And the gap between The great masters of fitness became
the super-fit and the obscenely unfit masters by following a four-fold path: T he very best cardio methods to complement rather
widens by the day. right weight training, right cardio, right than hinder your weight training
eating and right mind-training. All four
While an elite minority seems to modes have to be practiced together as a
possess the secret to supreme physical
transformation, our fitness landscape is
synergistic whole. Then 1+1+1+1=16, or
even more For those who are up to the
The Purposeful
littered with the road kill of those who challenge, Gallagher lays out every detail Primitive
failed to make genuine progress in their of this four-fold path to supreme physical
quest for change. greatnessteaching only the methods From Fat and Flaccid to
that worked for his masters, for himself, Lean and Powerful
According to leading fitness author, for his champions and lastbut far from
world powerlifting champion and coach Using the Primordial
leasthis every day clients.
extraordinaire, Marty Gallagher, the Laws of Fitness to Trigger
reasons for this sorry state of affairs The purposefully primitive Way of Inevitable, Lasting and
are clear and the solution obvious. In the Masters is deliberately and potently
The Purposeful Primitive, Gallagher stripped down to the core essentials of Dramatic Physical Change
exposes the flaws and myths rampant truly effective training methods. Cutting- By Marty Gallagher
in the modern fitness community, then edge science combines with Old School
reveals what could be termed The Way basicsforcing the body to transform, Book #B37 $39.95
of the Mastershis foolproof program whether it likes it or not. Paperback 8.5 x 11
for guaranteeing physical transformation, 496 pages 355 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order The Purposeful Primitive online:

6 Training Tips
se Your
to Exponentially Increa
ational Fitness Re sults
By Marty Gallagher intensity over volume. A bodybuilder will train long
and often with moderate weight, while a strength 5. Have a periodized battle plan.
The men I work with are the best of the best athlete will train in short infrequent sessions with Elite athletes think in three-month chunks. Time
modern samurai warriors and the finest strength maximum intensity. A strength athlete uses heavy and experience have shown that the optimal length
athletes on the planet. My job is to take the best weight for low reps with a full range-of-motion. for a transformational program is 12-weeks. Within
in the world and make them better. Here are Pristine exercise technique results in maximum the 12-week, three-month timeframe, sets and reps
five tactical training tips that I use on a regularly muscle fiber stimulation. (along with cardio and nutrition) are tweaked every
reoccurring basis with the uber-elite. four weeks to drive poundage ever upward. The first
3. Sweat during cardio. step is to establish realistic but motivating strength
1. D
 ivide available training Youd think this was a given. Its mind-blowing to and muscle goals. The goal in strength training is
time between resistance see how many cardio machine riders never sweat. to continue increasing the amount of weight lifted
Coincidentally, their physiques also never change. in the core four lifts. By becoming significantly
and cardio. stronger in the core four lifts, all our athletic
We seek a balanced blending of two distinctly When physical exertion generates sweat, progress
occurs. We need to breathe hard and continually attributes are improved. We gain significant muscle
different types of exercise. Combining resistance as we push and pull our way through the 12-weeks.
and cardio far exceeds the potential of performing bump up against our oxygen-debt threshold. Use
one type to the exclusion of the other. Combining cardio to burn calories, stimulate the metabolism,
and improve internal organ health and functionality. The main idea is to reverse-engineer small,
the two triggers transformationif the training is weekly, mini-goals. We start off light and easy, but
sufficiently intense, periodized, and synchronized three months later weve often made it past our goal
with a nutrient-dense diet strategy. Lifting and The goal is to trigger an adaptive response to
cardio. 90% of the gym goers tool along at 60% of threshold. Typically, our 12-week power cycle will
cardio are two sides of the same fitness and strength start at 10% below capacity, with the goal set at 2%-
coin. One discipline does not trump the other; we their capacitya comfortable pace on a comfortable,
familiar machine. Why would the body burn fat 5% past current lifting capacity. Simultaneously,
need to practice both. well experience a proportional increase in
in response to 60% exertion? Why would we reap
outstanding results from easy workouts? Unless functional muscle mass.
Power training maximizes brute strength and
builds functional athletic muscle; cardio burns we work at and past our capacities, the body will
off body fat and keeps the metabolism revved-up stubbornly stay the same. 6. Replenish post-workout.
while ensuring internal organ health. We need to After a body-crushing progressive resistance
strengthen and improve the functionality of our 4. Work at or past your limits workoutthe only kind worth a damna window of
opportunity opens. During that time, any nutrients
internal organs as much as we need to strengthen in every workout. ingested are distributed and assimilated at a
our skeletal muscles. To ignite a radical physical Limits and capacities shift day to day and
transformation, we need to practice Not one, or the dramatically accelerated (some say 300% faster)
workout to workout. On a peak day, we might be rate. Science and experience dictates that the right
otherboth! capable of a 102% effort, while on an off day our nutrients in the right amounts after a high-intensity
100% capacity might only be 77% of our actual workout will improve workout results. And workout
2. Simplify resistance training. capability. Howeverand this is criticalwe can results are greater if the athlete consumes these
Clear the table of every resistance exercise have a hypertrophy-inducing, strength-increasing, nutrients while the window is open.
youre currently doing and begin anew. Practice productive workout on an off day if we still work up
a purposefully limited menu of compound multi- to or past that days actual capacity. The window of opportunity opens at the end
joint exercise movements. The irreducible core of the workout and remains open for one to three
four resistance exercises are squat, bench press, In resistance training we record our best weight hours. The ideal post-workout meal or drink should
deadlift, and overhead press. A second small tier of and rep performances in all our lifts. We know consist of 50% high-value protein and 50% non-
assistance exercises complements the core four. Our our one-rep max best in a particular lift, and we insulin spiking carbs. Most of the iron elite prefers
philosophy is to do fewer things better. Sessions are also record rep/weight records for double rep sets, to drink a fast-acting shake containing 30 to 50
short, intense, infrequent, and body shattering. triples, 5-rep set max, and 8 and 10-rep sets. We grams of protein and carbs at the conclusion of the
know our all-time best lifts in each rep range so we workout.
We worship at the altar of exercise technique, know the capacities to equal or exceed. The elite
continually striving to hone and refine our lifting. lifter will also have different rep records at different
Unlike bodybuilding, pure strength training values bodyweights.

66 Order The Purposeful Primitive online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Why the RKC Beast Tamer and the RKC
Iron Maiden Define All-Around, Elite
StrengthAnd How YOU Can Train to
Master the Challenge Yourself

n Dragon Doors RKC kettlebell instructor training system, the Beast formula applied in the correct manner, the RKC Beast Tamer and RKC Iron
Tamer and Iron Maiden challenges represent the ultimate athletic Maiden are just not going to happen.
achievement of an elite few men and women. To earn the accolade of
When Senior RKC, Andrew Read did a deep dive to research what exactly
Beast Tamer men must flawlessly perform a Pistol, a Pullup and a
it took to master the Beast Tamer or Iron Maiden, he discovered some clear
Presswith a 108-lbs kettlebell. To earn the accolade of Iron Maiden women
commonalities in the training methodologies of successful Tamers and Maidens.
must flawlessly perform a Pistol, a Pull Up and a Presswith a 53-lbs kettlebell.
Success leaves clues. Andrew Read shines a masterful light on those clues,
These three lifts comprise elements of strength, mobility and skill that make building a foolproof blueprint for the achievement of elite strength.
each different enough from the others as to make performing all three a feat
What works in real life to become an all-around, elite strength champion?
worthy of great respect. The RKC ranks are filled with strong, able men and
Andrew Read gives you the tools, tips and techniques that can turn you from
women. That only around 1% have accomplished The Beast or the Iron Maiden
ordinary to extraordinary. Want to tap into your inner Beast or inner Iron
Challenges, speaks volumes about their difficulty.
Maiden? Bring passion, dedication and supreme determination to your training
As with any great feats of strength, success comes from a combination of tableand you CANNOT FAIL. We look forward to welcoming down the road to
dedicated training, careful programming, a clear understanding of the necessary the RKC Beast Tamer and RKC Iron Maiden Halls of Fame!
progressions and the cultivation of particular skill-sets. Without the correct

Excellent program guidelines for people who are just trying out one-leg squats for the
The best strength book I have read more endurance-geared (slow twitch) first time. MARK BIXBY, RKC Team
in 25 years. Please keep up the good and power-geared (fast twitch) so Leader, Santa Fe, NM
work. You know your stuff. that his templates match his athletes.
WILLARD SLOAN, Sedona, AZ In addition to his programs, he also An intelligent program
shares the programming/personal designed to get us stronger
Way more than just insights of a host of Beast Tamers/
Master Read does a great job of
Iron Maidens.
Taming the Beast bridging the gap between FMS and
Andrew Read has done a fantastic Finally, the book is full of correctives strength. It is not good to be only
service in synthesizing some of the and drills to give aspiring Beast strong, we also need to have good
best material available (from Pavel, Tamers that little edge they need AND mobility and stability as well. So kudos
Charlie Poliquin, Kenneth Jay, the FMS, provide relative novices with a great to Master Read for putting together an
etc.) on presses, pulls, and pistols with point of access to these three crucial intelligent program designed to get us
his own 20+ years of experience. I love lifts. Ive already started implementing stronger. I look forward to trying my
how personalized the programming the Pistol Lite progressions with my hand at the Beast Tamer challenge in
is. For instance, Read offers different mostly middle-aged clients who are the near future with this books help!

Beast Tamer
How to Master the Andrew Read is a programming Genius
I LOVED the Book...from the opening paragraph to
Ultimate Russian the interviews with IMs and BTs at the end. I loved
Kettlebell Strength the program options/ideas/drills! Its simple, easy
programming. When you can take something that seems
Challenge complicated and make it simple...I believe that is genius!
By Andrew Read, If you have an interest in IM/BT training or to just simply
Master RKC want to get better at one or all the lifts ...this book is for
you! I had the privilege of Andrew programming my Iron
Book #B71 $29.95 Maiden training. The program worked! It was just what
I needed to work my weaknesses with FMS correctives/
eBook #EB71 $19.95 drills and of course ..the program! It all came together and
Paperback 8.5 x 11
was a beautiful thing in the end...Thanks to Andrew!
138 pages 98 photos
BETH ANDREWS, Senior RKC, Iron Maiden, Cartersville, GA

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order Beast Tamer online:

Did You Get
YOUR Goddess Yet?
I am so excited about this DVD! I have been
all the variety! Im newly addicted to kettlebells;
I have only been working out with them for a few
The Kettlebell Goddess
training with KBs for three years now off and on, months now and I think this DVD is excellent for Workout is the Best!
and I have to admit that my motivation has been beginners. Id recommend it to both beginners and This is one of the best DVDs that I have ever
running low in the past year, and this is just what I advanced kettlebellers alike. If you are looking for purchased. It is so complete with workouts and
needed! Someone to push me, a serious workout DVD, this is definitely worth it! I instructions. The variety is terrific. I really enjoyed
something simple, something love it! I cant thank Andrea enough!! Andrea in From Russia with Tough Love, but this is
sturctured. I have been waiting JEN, Maine the best. Nicole and Kristann
for a DVD like this for a looong are a wonderful complement
time and now it is finally here!
What I like best with it is how Hard Core Workout! to her and very much inspire
me to keep working to get
it is laid out. It is a complete Andrea Du Cane provides some tough
better. I tried to just watch the
foolproof way to get your butt kicked a different workouts on The Kettlebell Goddess DVD.
video without picking up the
way each and every day! I love it. And the PDF This DVD is not for beginners, but it is a great
kettlebells, but I couldnt. I had
that came with the DVD shows different ways way for someone familiar with basic kettlebell
to jump right into a workout.
to schedule your workout or combine different exercises to get a great challenging workout.
I am glad I did. First the warm up was one of the
exercises and it gives me absolutely no excuse Each of the goddess workouts are great no-frills,
most thorough that I have ever had. Then the
not to swing that bell! Andrea, great job! no-nonsense, kick-butt exercise routines. I really
exercises really hit the mark. I had such a pump
ULRIKA, Detroit, MI enjoy the relax into stretch
in my lower body and an overall rush all over.
segment at the end of each
Then the nice cool down made me feel like I really
The Complete Package workout.
accomplished something. I plan to keep on doing
By the way, this DVD is
Astonishing not just for women! My
the workouts. Thanks for the Kettlebell Goddess
If I could I would give this DVD a 20 instead of Workout. Please keep up the good work!
boyfriend loves it as much as
a 10. Most DVDs only give you a stripped down ROBIN MCGILL, Tampa, FL
I do (though he did complain
version of a workout. This marvelous DVD gives
you not only 1 workout, like most DVDs. It gives
about not being able to keep up with women
wearing pink shirts).
Nothing but positive
you an infinite amount of them, and they include MARY - Saratoga, CA feedback!!!
a warm-up portion and a cool-down routine that This is a great DVD. I have
is out of this world. These workouts will work
you out even if you use a light kettlebell. The
Become the Goddess!! been getting nothing but
positive feedback from my
instructions are clear cut, and concise for all to WOW!! I purchased this DVD at the RKC in
clients. I tried a few of them
understand. Guys will love this DVD as well. October and I am in LOVE!! I will recommend
myself and trust me guys,
Karen R. Queen, Tampa, Florida this DVD to EVERYONE!! This has to be the most
this DVD is not just for the
kick-butt workout Ive tried. My clients will love it! I
Goddess but the Gods can
love the structure of being able to design my own
Excellent! workout with the formulas provided, or just follow
also get worked on these programs as well. The
This DVD is brilliant! I love the way it is different combinations and ways Andrea shows
along with the workouts already created for us.
structured to either follow along with the goddess you how to come up with your own personal
Andrea - You are awesome! Thanks so much for
workouts or to create your own. The instruction is routine makes this a must for anyone who wants
this DVD! I feel like Im back at the RKC. (well...
great and the workouts are awesome. I can never to get in shape.LANCE MOSLEY, RKC, CSCS -
see myself getting sick of this DVD with Palm Beach County, FL

68 Order Kettlebell Goddess online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Watch The Kettlebell Goddess Workout and you will know why Andrea
Du Cane is the leader in womens kettlebell training. Pavel Tsatsouline

Stay Strong, Young, Toned and Vibrant With

Andrea Du Canes High-Powered, Super-High-
Energy Kettlebell Cardio and Strength Workouts

he ancient Greek Goddesses were famous for their vigorous
and vibrant strength, their power, their grace and their physical
Now you have a realistic chance to make even a Greek Goddess
green with envy as you matchif not surpassthem for athletic grace and
high performance!
In this superbly produced, interactive, menu-based DVD, Senior Russian
Kettlebell Instructor, Andrea Du Cane challenges and inspires you to seize
that ideal of elegant strength and make it your own.
Andreas powerful array of authentic kettlebell workouts, plus cool downs
and stretches, are guaranteed to reward you with greater energy,
greater well being, greater strength and a superb figure. Fit for the
Goddess you know you are!
Choose from a wide variety of Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Cardio
workouts, then mix and match to create your own customized training
program for godly perfection. Your results will be strictly divine
Or simply follow along with one of the six Goddess Workouts for a
complete, carefully targeted session designed to carve away the fat and
sculpt lean, toned musclesready and willing to take on the world and win
it all. Just like Athena Just like Nike
Once the hard-kept secret of elite Russian athletes, special forces and
manly men, the kettlebell is now becoming the preferred tool for women
who are tired of being merely human and tired of mediocre results
and who demand fast fat loss, high energy and exceptional physical
performance, now! Let Andrea show you the way
Receive inspiring, first-class personal instruction from
one of the nations top female kettlebell athletes. The Kettlebell
Renew yourself with a constant variety of targeted, high- GoddessWorkout
yield workouts that meet your changing needs. Andrea Du Cane,
Redefine your body and exceed your mortal limits, Master RKC
with the divine challenge of Andreas patented Goddess with Kristann Heinz,
Workouts. MD, RKC and
Includes a Special Bonus Section of additional drills to add Nicole Du Cane, RKC
further variety and power to your workouts. DVD #DV040 $29.95
Contents include a PDF on How to Get the Most Out of Running time:
2 Hours and 25 minutes
Your Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVDplus special
programming tips.

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Discover how the magic of kettlebell
exercise can keep you powerful,
strong and suppleat any age

othing ages us faster than the lack of The Ageless Body presents a
regular, effective exercise. Muscles melt complete De-Aging Masterplan,
away, bones go brittle, posture stoops, skin that gives everyone from the raw
sags, flab hangsand joints creak. Pain, novice to the experienced athlete
fear and fatigue become our constant companions. an opportunity to defy physical
decline and hone themselves
The less you exercise, the safely, simply and progressively
faster you decline. However, into the muscular, energetic,
not all exercise is created magnetic specimens they deserve
equal. Many forms of exercise to be.
may at best put you in a holding
pattern, while other forms of The Ageless
exercise might even exacerbate Body provides
your health issues. everything you
need to start
The good news is that there training with
is one form of exercise which kettlebells,
can give you immeasurable whatever your
health benefits, whatever your age. Regular, well- current age
designed kettlebell workouts may not only reverse or condition.
many symptoms of aging, but will actively contribute Bonus sections
to building your strength and power well into your 50s, cover warm-ups,
60s, joint mobility, balance and stabilityto ensure your
70s and 80s. anti-aging kettlebell program covers all the essential
elements for a long, active, safe
Kettlebells are the only and pain-free life. Enjoy!
handheld weight that
allows you to exercise
aerobically, for cardio as
well as anaerobically, for
strength training. The The Ageless Body
kettlebell is the unique How to Remain a Human Dynamo
gym in your hand that and Retain a Perfect Physique
can reward you with With the Magic of Kettlebells
decades of high-yield By Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC
health benefits. Book #B558 $34.95
eBook #EB58 $19.95
Andrea Du Canes Paperback 8.5 x 11 159 pages
237 photos, charts and illustrations

70 Order The Ageless Body online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
If you choose to reclaim your youth, look no further than The Kettlebell Boomer.
Andrea Du Cane possesses a razor sharp mind and the kind of attention to detail that
separates the high-end professionals from the also-rans. Which shall become obvious once
you watch her DVD. Youth is a choice. Make it. Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the

Possibly the Most Important DVD bring deconditioned, older people into the kettlebell You will learn how to reverse the effects of aging in a
community with confidence. easy to understand formatDu Cane is professional
Made Since Enter the Kettlebell! and engaging.
Watching The Kettlebell Boomer reminded MARK REIFKIND, Master Instructor RKC, San
me of my parents and the necessity to get the Jose, CA Complete and thorough instruction on how to adapt
transformative power of the kettlebell into the certain exercises to specific limitations.
hands of the Baby Boomer Generation. This DVD Du Cane demonstrates how to shatter plateaus,
will do just that. Excellent DVD boost performance and maximize results!
The Kettlebell Boomer truly demonstrates that The Kettlebell Boomer by Andrea Du Cane is full Did you know boomers are estimated to be 80
kettlebells are for EVERYBODY and no bodies need of excellent progressions, variations and techniques million strong by 2020? As a trainer you must know
it more right now than the Boomers. This DVDis targeted at the senior population. how to train this group of people and as a boomer
the solution to aging gracefully and it couldnt you should know that you dont need to be limited in
come at a better time than now. My hope is that Trainers will want this product so they can your kettlebell training.
members of the Boomer generation, with the help effectively integrate the Kettlebell into the routines
of my generation (Gen-X), experience what we of their senior clients and Seniors will want this What was the experience you had recently that
already know - that when we say kettlebells, we product to enhance their own Kettlebell practice or left you feeling frustrated after a training session?
mean strength. And when we say strength, we mean to enter into Kettlebell training. With 4 experience I am willing to bet that after you watch The
kettlebells. levels, the self screen and the variations and Kettlebell Boomer you will no longer feel like you
progressions provided, this DVD can open the world (or your client) just didnt do enough or that you
GEOFF NEUPERT, Master RKC, Durham, NC of KB training to the older clientele. (or your client) just cant perform certain kettlebell
exercises. Get The Kettlebell Boomer now!
Pittsburgh, PA SARAH LURIE, Author of Kettlebells For
76 million people
Dummies, Montecito, CA
need this DVD
Andrea Du Cane is not a Master Instructor for What You Should Know About Andrea
nothing. She has been there from the beginning of Du Cane and The Kettlebell Boomer
the Kettlebell Invasion and is still leading from the
front. In fact, she was my Team Leader when I got Have you ever wondered how to overcome your
certified in 2005 and was a tough, fair and exacting physical limitations (or your clients) to optimize
instructor. your performance and get real results from your
kettlebell workouts?
She only wanted you to do things technically correct
so that you could make the best progress you could, When I owned my gym, 90% of my clients were
safely. Her emphasis on technique and execution boomers who came to me with some sort of pre-
over sheer loads makes a big difference, especially existing injury or impingement that limited the
when one is in the second half of their journey. progress we could make together. Of course as
an RKC, I had some tools in my toolbox to help
Her interest in working with the general population them make breakthroughs, but I didnt have The
led her to always emphasize corrective drills, Kettlebell Boomer. I remember both of us walking
stretching, mind body connection and safety first, out of some training sessions frustrated that we
way before it became so popular. didnt make the progress we intended to make. Has
this ever been you?
Her newest DVD The Kettlebell Boomer is perfect
for those that want a solid introduction to all the If the answer is yes, you have to watch The
basic kb exercises as well as progressions and Kettlebell Boomer with Master RKC, Andrea Du The Kettlebell Boomer
techniques that let them go slowly into this brave Cane. Du Canes DVD is one of the most important How to Defy Aging and Be a
and perhaps scary new world of the kettlebell. kettlebell DVDs available for both trainers and
kettlebell enthusiastshere is why: Human Dynamo Throughout
Given that there are 76 million people in this age Your Senior YearsThanks to
range this is a product that needed to be made. Students in the DVD are varied in their limitations
and you will find either yourself or your client in Kettlebells
One of the charges we ask of ourselves when this DVD.
certifying potential RKCs is whether we would feel
With Master RKC, Andrea Du Cane
safe having them train our mothers. With this DVD Du Cane teaches you with sound methods how to
any instructor will have even more tools to safely work within and even overcome limitations. #DV074 $39.95
Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order The Kettlebell Boomer online:

Could This Powerful Turkish Wrestling
Exercise Be the Single Best Secret for the
Cultivation of Beautiful Strength?
Modern-day athletic performance experts hail rewards of the ancient Turkish Get-Up
reveal cutting edge program for both correcting and radically enhancing your physical movement

Kettlebells From the Ground Up is an inch wide and a mile deep exploration of one of the most important exercises
anyone can do. The Turkish Get-Up, as taught by Cook, Jones, and Cheng, offers a wealth of benefits: identifying the
problems with your movement, correcting them, teaching you to move well, to love to move. I am hard pressed to find a
sport or activity which would not benefit from this one of a kind product. Yes, it will even make your bench press go up!
PAVEL TSATSOULINE, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

an one exercise sequence do it is simultaneously a profound and broad- brings us this excellent description of the Unfortunately, we often scrimp and
all? Can one exercise provide ranging assessment tool, a tremendously interplay between shoulders and the hips. shortchange our bodies by neglecting
insight into how you move? effective corrective strategy and a Modern reductionist fitness philosophy has or procrastinating on this crucial self-
Could one exercise be the key to formidable workout where the skys the limit people attempting to isolate pieces and parts maintenance. Ironically, often the more
achieving a balanced and strong body? for athletic accomplishment. of the body into something called fitness. skilled we are as athletes the more
Well, according to the two of the most For lay comrades, the language is kept But this is simply not how the body works. procrastinate on fixing our dysfunctions.
highly regarded Engineers of Movement simple and clear. But for the pros who need Movement is an incredibly complicated Bad idea!
Mastery, Gray Cook and Brett Jones, the the extra background, each of the 7 Steps has concert of agonist/antagonist muscle action The Kettlebells from the Ground Up
answer is a resounding Yes! a tips for Pros section that alone is worth coordinated by a web of neurological input. programdesigned by two absolute masters
When past Super Bowl champion teams the price of admission. So how about simply cutting to the chase of the gamecould just be a life-saver for
have wanted to ensure their athletes are The old time strongmen used the Get while maintaining this exquisite integrity your athletic performance.
moving at full potential, Gray Cook has been Up as an entrance exam requiring a 100- by performing an exercise that requires us Go for it!
their go-to guy. When Pavel and Dragon pound Get Up on each side before beginning to move our body around a stabile shoulder
Door wanted similar results with their any other training. The Turkish Wrestlers coordinated through mobile hips? Sounds
certified RKC instructors, they invited Gray used the Get Up to train for combat and like the Get Up doesnt it? Correct. Correct
Cook and Brett Jones to design the CK-FMS grappling. And today the Get Up represents
certification program to fill that need. an opportunity for everyone to regain the Getting Primitive
Turns out, one of the absolute beautiful strength and symmetry that our The beginning for the Get Up represents
cornerstones, one of the greatest so-called fitness routines should bring us a very primitive rolling pattern. Many of
success breakthroughs Gray and Brett but invariably dont! us actually lose this rolling pattern as we
contributed was an astonishingly thorough age. But loss of this fundamental pattern
re-engineering of the revered Turkish Get An assessment canand usually doescreate a cascade
Up. and an exercise effect through the body of dysfunction and
Although the Turkish Get Up has always compensation.
As Gray Cook has so eloquently stated:
been a staple, core exercise taught at the If an individual is having issues with the
modern fitness techniques can actually
RKC, Gray and Jones consider it a vastly beginning of the Get Up it could be because
allow us to stack fitness on dysfunction.
under-appreciated and under-used method. of a defective rolling patternand working
Meaning that we can actually take a bent
A fundamental drill, as important to high- on the first part of the exercise can bring
frame and put a bigger engine in that car.
level performance as the classic kettlebell back this primitive movement pattern.
Not a great idea
Swing. With a welcome upgrade to your overall
To perform safely at our peak, year-in,
So Gray and Brett, with additional athletic performance.
year-out, we need to cultivate a symmetry
masterly contributions from Dr. Mark of strength and movement. Enter the Get
Cheng, have created a brilliantly When you progress through each step of
comprehensive instructional guide that
every RKC and every serious athlete will
Because the Get Up can provide us with Kettlebells from the Ground Up, youll be Kettlebells from
want to watch and learn from many, many
that crucial Left to Right assessment of
movement and strength At each of the 7
self-engineering a whole series of similar
athletic performance breakthroughs, one the Ground Up
times. building on the next for an ever more elegant
Kettlebells From the Ground Up not only
steps on the Kettlebells from the Ground The Kalos Sthenos
Up DVD you will know if the movement, and powerful overall result.
introduces you to the basics of the Turkish stability and strength is equal. The exercise If youre currently dissatisfied in ANY With Gray Cook and
Get Up, but provides you with all the tools WAY, by the quality of your movement,
you need to master this movement. In a
actually becomes an assessment. Brett Jones
then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of
carefully progressive, 7-step process Gray
Shoulders and Hips Kettlebells from the Ground Up NOWand Manual co-authored
and Brett help you toward Get Up perfection. fix what needs to be fixed. with Dr. Mark Cheng
And as you would expect of these Masters Some schools of Chinese medicinerefer
to the shoulder and hip joints as the Four If you dont oil your vehicle or dont put
of Movement Engineering, they dont just air in a flat tire, youre heading for serious
stop at showing you how to perform the Knots and where there is an imbalance of
trouble. Its not a case of if, its a case of #DVS017 $79.95
exercise. Discover why the Turkish Get Up tension or strength in any of the Four Knots 2-DVD set with 36 page spiral-bound manual
problemscan occur Dr. Mark Cheng when. Our bodies are no different.

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How to Move More Freely and
Build Greater Strength
By Addressing and Removing Your
Current Restrictions
Discover unique, advanced techniques for really
opening up your hips, shoulders, and t-spinewhile
enhancing your stability to a dramatic new degree...

ettlebells from the Ground Up 2: Advanced A strong correlation exists between the Functional
Progressions provides information on Movement Screen (FMS) and the Get-Up; the
philosophy, basic set-up, and advanced advanced corrections demonstrated in this DVD will
progressions based on the Get-Up. Brett Jones, Dr. help clean up your asymmetries and improve many of
Mark Cheng, and Jeff OConnor guide you through your movement patterns.
mastering the Get-Up and achieving the ultimate goal
of Kalos Sthenos (Beautiful Strength).

DVD topics
Gray Cook Commentary
Kalos Sthenos Review
Perfecting the Set-up
Shoulder Openers
Hip Openers
Bottoms Up Hip Openers
Kettlebells from the
Kneeling Set-up
Ground Up, Volume 2
Kneeling Press Progressions Advanced Progressions
Kneeling Windmill Progressions By Brett Jones, Jeff OConnor,
and Dr. Mark Cheng with feature
Bretzel 2.0 segment from Gray Cook

#DV086 $39.95
DVD 75 minutes

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Are You Injured or Out of Whack?
You Can Only Excel if You Get to Play!
Now Legendary Secrets of Treasure Chest Provides
Ultimate Body Fixes for the Competitive Athlete,
Weekend Warrior and Resident Tough Guy Alike
How to recapture the perfect mobility and effortless ease you
had as a kidfor an immediate improvement in your current
Worth 10 times what it costsat least!
athletic abilities.
Discover how to spotand quickly fix I am a trainer and an RKC, currently recov
simply, I
the once-helpful but now suspect survival from an overuse injury in my shoulderput off
of new personal bests but didnt back
strategies that may secretly be sapping set a bunch
afterwards, and Ive since been paying the price.
your strength and power.
Secrets of
I cannot state strongly enough how valuable
has been to me. Literally every section has
the Shoulder and
included something I simply didnt know before on the
Ive long been of the opinion that people all these tips and tricks really work. I do the
spend way too much time trying to fix DVD, and I can move my shoulder, pain-free,
in ways
advanced movements when they should I couldnt just a few minutes earlier. There is value of
quite like instant results to convince you of the
be going back to the building blocks an approach to training and rehab.
and finding out what is cracked in the Secrets of
Secrets of foundation to begin with. Secrets of Any one of the tips I learned here would have
Primitive Patterns does just that. Gray the Shoulder this DVD, which costs less than a single visit
my orthopedist, a worthwhile purchase. I will own
Primitive Patterns and Lee present the information in an By Gray Cook and incorporating what Ive learned not only in my to me
By Gray Cook and training, but in helping those clients who come
easy to understand manner and give Brett Jones with shoulder problems. This sort of inform
Lee Burton you several options that will fit anyones prese nted in a clear, no-no nsens e mann er by Gray and
training style. Highly recommended. If you have long-standin g shoulder
#DV043 $69.95 Brett, is priceless.
it to
problems or work with those who do, you owe
#DV059 $69.95 Jordan Vezina RKC, Palo Alto, CA 2-DVD Set Running time:
yourself to purchase Secrets of the Shoulder. wood,
2-DVD Set 82 minutes
Steve Freides, RKC II, NSCA-CPT, Ridge

Excellent, helpful DVD Priceless

Let me tell you that as a clinician with a practice that is focused on orthopedics, sports
I got Secrets of Core Training because of back pain related with the medicine, and chronic pain, just Gray & Bretts intro on the first DVD gives you so many
deadlift. It is excellent and really has given me a clear set of instructions immediately applicable tips that the INTRO ALONE is worth the price of the DVD set. If
to tackle my core stability issues. Looking you teach any sort of movement science (from dance, to martial
forward to a new PR in the Deadlift in the next few arts, to phys ed, to elite sports), GET THIS DVD SET & STUDY
IT CAREFULLY!!! Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., RKC Team
months.Michael Corrales, Bay Area, CA Leader, Los Angeles, CA

Phenomenalk abso
It just keeps
lutely spill the
Brett Jones and Gray Coo ing been though
beans on this two part DVD. Hav certifications,
getting better y
many postural and biom echa nics
applicable. The
this DVD is more relevant and anatomy,
It seems impossible, but Gra principles they teach are base
d on
so much nonsense
ped Sec rets of physiology and logic. Their is
Secrets of and Brett have top
er. Its full of fan tastic Secrets of the
to see Brett and
out there that is very refreshing sical therapy
the Should de-m ystify the com mon phy
Core Training: inform ation, laid out in an easy to Gra y
just doesnt
protocols based on research that ch this DVD and
follow manner. No ma tter wh at Hip and Knee work and has nev er wor ked. Wat
The Backside your background, you will lea
rn By Gray Cook and you will immediately increase
ly recomm
your ability to help
end this to any
By Gray Cook and OC onn or, people today!!! I high
from this DV D. J eff Brett Jones on who wants to
strength coach, therapist or pers and how to fix
Brett Jones Senior RK C, Ta lala , OK learn how the body actually wor
guys!!!! Franz
#DV051 $69.95 it when it goes wrong! Great job
dem an RKC Tea m Lea der , NMT, CHEK
#DV045 $39.95 2-DVD Set Running time:
131 minutes
Running time: 82 minutes

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Ignite ALL Burners, Crank Up
the Heat to HighAnd Ascend
to Tough-Guy Heaven
Revisit Your Manhood Challenge with another
patented Weber set of sizzling kettlebell grillouts
the ultimate package for scorching enduro and
lean-to-the-bone strength
as the first one. Perfect for
Keith Webers second kettlebell DVD is every bit as good
non-athlete out to make radical
an athletes general physical preparation. Perfect for an
inal audio quality, an occasionally
changes in body composition. I could easily overlook marg
es in favor of eight solid,
flexed elbow in overhead squats, and high rep abs routin
s down, get this video.
interesting, and intense workouts. If you have your basic
and Return of the Kettlebell
PAVEL TSATSOULINE, author of Enter the Kettlebell!
Extreme Kettlebell

eith Webers landmark Extreme Kettlebell drills designed to raise the bar on your athletic potential Cardio Workout 2
Cardio Workout proved to be one of the then leap over it. Exceed Your Limits
most acclaimed kettlebell workout programs By Keith Weber,
we have ever offered, rapidly ascending to and Webers agonizing Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout
maintaining its position in Dragon Doors Top Ten. 2 will give even the most seasoned athlete more power BScPT, RKC
and the inspiration to take his game to the next level. DVD # DV067 $29.95
A superbly muscled specimen of righteous manhood
himself, physical therapist Keith Weber returns to grill Become a well-oiled, unstoppable machine and discover
you with a blistering set of muscle-burning kettlebell what toughness is really all about, with The Extreme
Kettlebell Cardio Workout 2.

So You Think Youre Tough?

Challenge your manhood with this set of ferocious
kettlebell workoutsthe ultimate package for kickass
enduro and lean-to-the-bone strength
ITS EXTREME Terminator. No matter what weight you use or where
youre at physically, this will get you into tremendous
AND YOU NEED IT! shape fast. Great Video! Garin Bader/ Vanessa The Extreme
This is a Must for those of you who are serious athletes Bader, Las Vegas, NV
and kettlebell fanatics. We highly recommend The Kettlebell Cardio
Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout. It will challenge
you to your bones even if youre tough as nails and build By Keith Weber, BScPT, RKC
your strength and cardiovascular capacity fast.. You The title of this DVD does not lie, it is extreme! I
can feel satisfied after doing just one killer 5 - 10 minute thought I was tough but was humbled by Keith Weber.
DVD # DV052 $29.95
session or you can simply do as Keith Weber does in this This android has motivated me to reach a new level of
nicely shot video by the ocean - and go non-stop like the conditioning. I have lost five pounds in two weeks! Extreme Cardio Workout
Josh Nelson, San Diego, CA

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A seamless marriage of corrective and performance exercise, Dynami digs deep into
the RKC kettlebell fundamentals with sophisticated FMS tools. A serious program for a
serious practitioner. Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Return of the Kettlebell!

How to Develop and Issue

Bone-Jarring PowerWithout
Shattering Your Own Body in the Process

o one but a certified lunatic or of the FMS system, and now with his Kettlebells from the CenterDynami lays
a suicidal fool would punch up magisterial new Movement, Gray Cook has out a systematic approach to develop
a Bugatti Veyron to its full 253 established himself as without peer in the the proper pattern or foundation for the
mphwhile rigged with four realm of functional movement, screening, two best power moves the Kettlebell
different-sized wheels, paper-thin brakes assessment and corrective strategies. Swing and Kettlebell Push-Press. Once
and a dodgy steering wheel a pattern has been formed the program
Yet, athletes of every ilk take this risk with Then, thanks to the rock-star combo with continues to cement the proper pattern with
their own bodies on a serial basis. Every Brett Jones, we saw the creation of the strength moves like the Kettlebell Squat
time he thinks hes up-grading himself, CK-FMS, the Secrets Of series, Kettlebells and Kettlebell Tall Kneeling Press. Then
chances are the average athlete is from the Ground Up and now the latest the program takes a unique approach to
simultaneously de-grading himself And masterly program, Kettlebells from the symmetry. Symmetry of strength is checked
the more skilled the athlete, the more savage CenterDynami. using Single Leg and Bottom Up kettlebell
the likely damage. Why? Disregard for drills. Then everything comes together to
balance, folkdisregard for balance form the Dynami or Power.
As any good martial artist or football player
will tell you, issuing power without a solid
In our hunger to express ever-more power, structure is just begging for injury. Dynami
most of us fail to create the foundational offers a blueprint to ensure not only you
structure to safely express that power. Its possess the power, but you possess the
Pavels analogy of firing a cannon out of structure and foundation to handle your
a row boat. Disaster waiting to happen. power safely. For what youd pay for one
And correct foundational structure implies average sports massage, Dynami gives
perfect balance, perfect proportion you a lifetime of strategies to ensure you
Anything less and youre on the slippery continue to deal out your punishment in the
slide of dysfunctional, ugly movementthe right direction: your opponent, not your own
inevitable precursor to activity-crippling self.
To quote Brett and Gray: Kettlebells From the
No team has done more this century to Do not build your house on a foundation of Center Dynami
offer a working solution to this athletic sandthis is time honored and excellent With Gray Cook and Brett Jones
dilemma than Gray Cook and Brett advice. A rock-solid foundation means a #DVS031 $79.95
Jones. Beginning with his trailblazing house that will last. Power training should 2-DVD set Running time 1 hour 56 minutes with
Athletic Body and Balance, his creation follow the same mind set. 102 page, fully-illustrated, spiral-bound manual

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The Indian Club: Ancient Martial Arts Tool for Fluid Movement, Strength
and Joint Health Becomes Favored Secret Weapon Amongst the Elite for
Refining Athletic Performance and Restoring Lost Function

Use Indian Clubs to enhance your sportbe it mixed martial arts, golf, tennis, wrestling,
swimming, bowling, basketball, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, football, volleyball, archery,
karate, boxingor any other activity where physical efficiency is at a premium

ike the Kettlebell, the ancient Indian
Club was a once-prized exercise tool that
fell on hard times. Once a favored training Here are your
device of royalty, military, elite athletes
and enthusiastic amateurs alike, the club became Indian Clubs choices:
relegated, by the 1930s, to dusty attics, damp
basements and the moldy memories of old-school
fitness diehards.
In its final, most refined incarnation, the Indian
Club had been developed, in turn, by British,
German and American military and civilian Counteract the negative impact of too many hours Dragon Door Item
experts into a highly sophisticated system of sitting hunched at a computer keyboard # MRXC01
restorative health drills. The unique circular For ultimate durability, hand feel and superb $39.95
weight lifting movements of the Indian Club were balance Dragon Door recommends the 21st
considered to promote not only greater overall century breakthrough in Indian Club design used Pair 1 lb., 16.5
strength and flexibility but to act as a magnificent by modern Indian Club master and pioneer, Dr. Indian Clubs
neural tune-up for the whole body. Sadly, as the Ed Thomas. These beautiful black resin Indian
exercise community changed its focus, the Indian Clubs are virtually impervious to the elements,
Clubwwand its myriad of health benefitsall but dimensionally stable and will last you a lifetime.
disappeared. Just like the kettlebell. They look and feel... fantastic.
(The Indian Clubs are made of reinforced, talc-
filled polypropylenea space age material providing
maximum durability that wont crack, break, chip or
fade/discolor over time. This polymer is comprised
of specially formulated molecular properties and
additives during its manufacture, which make these
clubs virtually impervious to the elements: sun,
water, heat and cold. Thats why these Indian Clubs Dragon Door Item
are the Dragon Door choice: they meet our love for # MRXC02
toughness, hardness, tensile strengthand superb $49.95
Pair 2 lb., 18.5
Indian Clubs
Which size Indian Club should you get?
Yet Indian Club Swinging Exercisesin just Begin with the 1lb Indian Club, whatever
minutes a daysWILL: your current strength, to ensure you perfect your
Strengthen your back, shoulders, pecs, biceps, technique. When you are ready to progress, the
triceps, forearms, gripand most importantly 2lb Indian Clubs will help you develop additional
your connective tissue, ligaments and tendons strength and power. Both size clubs will not only
increase shoulder and extreme range of motion
Enhance your shoulder efficiency, mobility, elbow strength but also enhance your grip, wrist, and
and wrist flexibilityand range of motion forearm strength. Both sizes of Indian Clubs will
Develop your grace, coordination, balance and help you reduce injuries due to the full circular
agility movement patterns.

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Remarkable self-hitting system invigorates,
strengthens and weaponizeslets you
repel strikes with effortless ease
Stephan Berwicks True Strength regimen draws on
ancient Chinese warrior secrets to present a sophisticated
Is your strength package complete? The kind of strength cultivation where you only seem to
get stronger as you get olderrather starting to fall apart
Without strengthening all the links in your strength-chain
and highly effective program for developing formidable at the seams as early as your late thirties or early forties
simultaneously, you remain as vulnerable as the weakest
internal powerwithout the help of any devices,
links in that chain. Weve all see relatively small internal
medicines, or forced breathing. Ancient warriors needed to handle blows, wield
martial arts masters throw apparently way stronger men
around like they were rag dolls. Some of this power comes heavy weapons, and survive on meager rations, while
Most Western-based strength training programs from martial skill, but much, much more its coming from maintaining their victors edge. Their strength was of
concentrate on building external muscular strength. the uncanny strength-package the master has developed the hands, feet, torso, neck, and legs a total body power
But that is only one link in the true strength chainwhich from a truly all-around approach to strength cultivation. designed to meet any challenge thrown at it.
according to Chinese internal martial arts should also
include strengthening your fascia/tendons/ligaments,
your joints, your internal organs, your internal energy
Many of these internal masters demonstrate this
astonishing strength well into their sixties, seventies
Gain a warriors formidable toughness
system and even your skin.
even eighties. How do they do it? with this unique program
For the first time on DVD, Stephan Berwick reveals
True Strength Stephan Berwick likes to call this quality Tangible, True his regimen for healthy body toughening derived from
his unique expertise in secret Chinese martial art body
Yang Strength. The kind of strength you really need to survive
not only a worst-case scenario in combat or years of toughening methods. Combining hard and soft forms of
Explosive Body full-contact sport, but the rigors and stresses of daily life. conditioning inspired from his intimate knowledge of
Toughening Tangible strength is the power to survive. Tangible, true ancient military-origin Chinese martial arts, Berwicks
strength helps you ward off illness and injury and allows True Strength Yang program offers quick results
Stephan Berwick you to rebound from adversity with supreme resilience. conditioning your body to withstand blows, falls, and
twists, in an easy to digest, highly intense regimen of
#DV061 $39.95 warrior conditioning, reminiscent of the best classical
2-DVD set Running time: martial body practices.
106 minutes

A Simple System of Secrets for Regaining Your Youthful

Mobility and Mastering the Art of Flexible Strength

7th Degree Black Belt and Taekwondo Grandmaster, Jon began to lose his edgefrom the effects of aging, plus
Engum currently displays an uncanny combination the wear and tear of constant combat. When it comes to flexibility Jon Engum knows his
stuff. I had the opportunity to learn these techniques
of flexibility and whipcord strength. Jon moves with directly at one of his flexibility workshops where the
speed, suppleness and enviable powera model to his This book reveals the complete Flexible Steel results were literally instant and dramatic. For that
reason I bought this book the moment I learned about it
younger students and a terror to those who face him system Jon Engum developed to regain and maintain and it was exactly what I was hoping for.
in a fight. But it wasnt always this way. Because there his edge as a fighter. But even more importantly,
What I love about Flexible Steel is the author takes
was a time of crisis in Jons martial career where he Flexible Steel can give you the most priceless gift of picks up where other books leave off and simply says
all: the freedom to move, pain-free, with easy power, do this. Jon Engums Flexibile Steel is the most direct
graceful strength and a sense of fluid well being. approach to effective flexibility Ive found anywhere. Its
a concise step-by-step manual that eliminates all the
Flexible Steel guesswork. A structured approach to stretching that tells
the reader exactly what stretches to do, in what order, and
An Insiders Guide to Flexible Steel is my favorite stretching for exactly how many reps and sets. Within seconds of
getting the book I was able to skim the table of contents,
Ultimate Flexibility book. Jon Engum reached his forties open up to the Frog Stretch routine, follow along and
before he reached his first split. Follow start seeing the results. Thanks to doing this routine twice
By Jon Engum a week my hips have never felt better.
his remarkable journey and achieve the
flexibility you never thought possible If you want a no-nonsense instruction manual without
Book #B66 $39.95 fluff for instant and dramatic gains in flexibility, this is it.
PAVEL, author of Relax into Stretch Your body will thank you, your competition will respect
eBook #EB66 $19.95 you and your clients will love you.John Scott Stevens,
Paperback 8.5 x 11 90 pages and Super Joints RKCII, CK-FMS, 5th degree black belt Taekwondo

78 Order True Strength Yang online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Access the Hidden Gold
Embedded Within the RKC
S ince 2001 and the worlds first Russian
Kettlebell Certification (RKC) workshop,
thousands of individualsmartial artists,
first responders, military, and fitness and strength
professionals, have learned how to use kettlebells
This may be the definitive book on kettlebell programming. Provides an
outstanding collection of different programs for all levels by some of the top
trainers in the RKC community. What more could you ask for?

quickly and safely. And then introduce the This is a great resource for beginners or advanced, as theres something in there
remarkable benefits of the kettlebell to a global for everyone. Really awesome programs from smart, passionate people who know
community of kettlebell enthusiasts. what effective programming is all about. Youll get lots of training insight and a
wealth of programming knowledge for yourself and for your clients.
Many of these RKCs have created a wide variety
of effective workout programs for their clients, A really fantastic resource to refer to again and again. And, a must have for your
customers, teams, and units. So, who better to programming archives. Getting this one is really a no-brainer. Cheers!SCOTT
answer the question How do I use kettlebells
to get the best possible results for ME and MY An Incredible Reference!
goals? than these same RKCs? Sometimes in the RKC you will hear people talk about standing on the shoulders
We asked the RKC Instructors to submit their of giants. This book could be described as a handy one-stop collection of giants
shoulders. I found that nearly every fitness goal or challenge my clients or myself
most prized workouts, so you can not only see, may encounter is represented here, with a workout or a full-fledged program from
but also use proven programs that have been people I trust, respect and honestly - really like! I will be using the RKC Book of
successfully used by these qualified experts. The Strength and Conditioning as a reference for a VERY long time, if not technically
result became The RKC Book of Strength and forever.
Conditioning, replete with time-tested, results- A few of the workouts may be familiar, including David Whitleys Furnace which
producing kettlebell workouts that can satisfy the has been a favorite of mine and a real game changer for clients who have been
needs of newbie and pro alike, for years to come. struggling to learn the intricacies of the get up. But there are others which I have
never seen before, and plenty that have really sparked my imagination. At the very
Some workouts are used to develop strength. least, for those days when you just dont know what to do, or have just completed
Some are used for conditioning. All have produced another program, then this book is there, handy with so much to choose from,
results either for the instructors themselves, their and its all great stuff. This collection is also an ideal way to learn program design
by example - the why, when, and how of each section is explained. Again, a great
clients, or both. resource, I can only hope for a sequel down the road! ADRIENNE HARVEY, Winter
Park, FL

Extremely useful knowledge,

packed in a book The RKC Book
I ordered The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning eBook three of Strength and
weeks ago. Since them, Ive been incorporating the Bull simple
kettlebell program, and it works like crazy! Ill stay on it for seven more Conditioning
weeks, then Im going to switch to another program. 45 Powerful Kettlebell
As instructor for a reality-based self-defense system (Rich Dimitris Workouts and Training
Senshido), I can say that the workouts described in the book are Programsto Inspire
absolutely useful for real-life strength. Yesterday, I went through the
bull simple program with my students. One of them is a free-runner
You in Your Quest for
with lots of strength. He couldnt believe it that 30 minutes of intense Athletic Excellence
kettlebell training wiped him out.
Book #B65 $39.95
Bottom line: Buy this book. And buy the Convict Conditioning books.
Both books combined are the way to extraordinary strength and
eBook # EB65 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11
endurance. Great stuff! NORBERT MATAUSCH, Landshut, Germany
230 pages 250 photos

24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Order RKC Book of S & C online:

How to Build Supreme Strength,
Massive Muscle and Explosive Power
Faster, More Effectively and More
A Progressive Program of Proven Methods for Getting
Stronger and BiggerThe World Champions Way
In Deadlift Dynamite typical mistakes and years of frustration,
and see extraordinary results in even the first
most time-efficient methods for making you
youll discover: year of training.
How to build a massive deadlift using As one of the strongest men on the
proven strength techniques Intermediate lifters will appreciate the world planet, Andy Boltons contribution to is
A step-by-step beginners plan for getting of subtle tips and masterly insightswhich unassailableyet couched in a simple, direct
started in the iron game and getting big and will help them bust through plateaus and totally accessible style. Pavels goal is
STRONG and surge forward in their gains. And to compress the period it would take you
How to carry on getting STRONGER, year the savvy coach will recognize he now to master championship lifting technique,
after year, even if you are an intermediate owns the ultimate blueprint for producing like Andys, from decades to years and even
or advanced lifter championsin many athletic fields. monthswhile avoiding the many health
Assistance exercises to take your strength problems lifters who train incorrectly
and muscle mass to the next level Whether your goal is to excel in the sport develop along the way.
How to build enough speed and explosive of powerlifting or you just want to become
power to dominate in any hard-core sport stronger and more muscular Deadlift When it comes to programming for world-
Secrets for smashing your bench press and Dynamite is for you. class lifts, Andy Bolton is the undisputed
squat PRs results-master. In the champion reveals
How to minimize your injury risk and There are many approaches to muscle his classic templates that have helped him
ensure your strength training longevity and strength building, some effective, earn title after titleand can forever turn
more marginal, most nearly worthless. around your own success as a conqueror of
Powerliftings half century of existence has the unforgiving iron.
The deadlift can lay serious claim to be the
single most important exercise you can undeniably proven that this sport offers the
ever doif your goal is to develop The second section How to Lift More is
supreme strength and total body aimed at the experienced lifter.
power. And who better to help you Pavel and Andy go into great detail
to achieve your ultimate strength describing the deeper subtleties of
and power gains than 6-time world world-class deadlift technique and
champion and multiple record teach you state of the art assistance
holder, Andy Boltonbacked by exercises.
the expertise of strength authority,
Pavel? While the deadlift is the focal
point of the book, the squat and
The first section of Deadlift the bench press also receive the
Dynamite How to Lift, provides attention they deserveto provide
a safe, progressive, technically- lifters, of all levels, the absolute
detailed plan on how to get started essentials to excel in these great
right in the iron game, avoid the lifts as well.

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What Youll Get When You Possess Deadlift Dynamite
W hy the deadlift is the single most important gains youll get from mastering this method Only here: the cycle that produced a 1,003 lb Why the kettlebell swing is a killer assistance How to best perform one-arm DB rows for
exercise you can ever doif ultimate strength Page 64 deadlift, in never-before-revealed detail exercise for the deadlift awesome lats and a better backPage 230
and size is your goalPages 12 H  ow to master the RKC hip flexor stretch for Page 125 Page 175 The 8 performance secrets for the perfect one-
H ow mastering the deadlift can explode your a better squat, bench AND deadliftPages Here is the EXACT training cycle Andy used to This towel swing will help you nail perfect arm DB rowPage 231
jump and add horsepower to your sprint 6769 build to a 1,214 squatPage 127 timing on your deadliftPages 178183 How to best perform low pulley cable rows
Page 2 T he Three Golden Stretches for serious Surefire tips on how to fix a failing training This surprising Special Forces groin- another dynamite way to train your back
H ow THIS unique, little-known hinge drill can strength athletesPages 7071 cyclePage130 breathing method protects your back and ups Pages 231233
be a lifesaver for serious deadsgiving you H  ow to find your perfect power squat The 5 rules beginners should obey to minimize your poundagePage 185 The 18 variations for the low pulley cable
way more power and flexibilityPage 8 stancePage 72 training cycle failuresPage 130 This dead swing is perfect for powerlifters rowPage 231
H ow to choose between the conventional H  ow to full-bore the powerlifting-style squat The number one thing to avoid in your find out why and how to ace the liftPages The 7 secrets to perfect cable rows
deadlift and the sumo get this right and youll and amp up the gainsPage 77 trainingPage 131 188190 Page 233
reach your strength potential, get it wrong and Want to train for the ultimate in explosive hip
V ery few athletes own THIS profound secret How to cycle properly during your off- The 9 keys to huge results from inverted rows
you wontPage 12 power? Then THIS drill is a gift from heaven
for dramatically enhancing THIS muscle for seasonPages 133 with gymnastic ringsPage 234
H ere is a specific alignment you MUST employ THESE resultsPage 78 Pages 195197
our first year plan for building serious How to best perform standing single cable
if you want to superpower your dead. Get the When and how to employ the overspeed
L earn this stronger way to spread the strengthPages 137139 rowsgreat for the lats and especially great
goods herePage 16 eccentric swing for spectacular improvements
floorfor way safer loadingPage 84 The magic number of reps that enable you to for lifters with dodgy shouldersPage 235
M aking THIS mistake could be devastating in explosivity and fantastic carryover for sports
T he 4 great keys to driving the bar to lockout build strength and muscle simultaneously The 7 keys to optimizing the standing single
and has injured thousands before youlearn and general physical prep alikePages
Page 87 Page 137 cable rowPage 235
the hows and whys of how to save yourself 197200
from disasterPage 16 W  hy you need to obey the Law of How to develop your own team of Discover the king of all upper-body pulling
The ideal kettlebell swing program for
Compensatory Acceleration to squeeze more champions for greater lifting success exercisesPage 238
W hy chest-puffing like a regular weightlifter powerliftersPages 201204
gains out of your liftPage 87 Page 141 The 5 essentials to an awesome pullup
can hurt your gains when deading Heres the ab-strengthening masterplan to
Page 21 U  nderstanding these golf and tennis secrets The 7 steps to a bullet-proof mindsetto crush Page 238
drive your deadlift numbers through the roof
will transfer extra power when loading for your when it countsPage 141 5 ways to load your body for even greater
How to bombproof your often-vulnerable Pages 205228
squatPage 88 The 9 essential qualities you must have instilled upper body strengthPage 238
mid-back for safer, more powerful lifts The best-kept secrets for strengthening your
Page 21 5 big ideas for fixing common squat for a high-performing teamP How to perform pull downsanother great
abs and safely upping your liftsPage 209
problemsPages 8993 age 142 way to build your lats, upper back, biceps and
Why choosing energy efficiency in your This Russian paradox breathing crunch
dead technique can spell disaster for your T he 4 big rules all squat beginners must take H  ow and what to visualize to really succeed in forearmsPages 240241
develops a critical tension skill essential
backand what to do insteadPage 24 as BiblePage 93 the iron gamePage145 The 6 keys to pull down greatness
to safe, heavy lifting. Get it herePages
Inferior lifters often doom themselves with T he cardinal sin to avoidand what a TRUE B  eyond the basicshow to really start 210211 Page 241
this all-too-common mistake. Discover how Champions technique is all aboutPage 95 stacking on the plates and have your Deadlift How to best insert upper body pulling
Learn the risky but reward-laden Russian
to avoid being doomed to the ranks of the W  hy THIS quality is THE King for developing reach ungodly loadsPage 149 exercises into your weekly training program
Hockey liftPage 212
inferiorPage 25 outlandish strengthand the 3 essential A  ndys surprising secret recipe for maximum get this right and your squat, bench and
How to avoid the danger of injury by
Heres the best bridge technique to magically practices you can use to make IT happen strength with minimum injury riskPage 150 deadlift will INCREASE get it wrong and youll
strategically practicing this apparently
enhance your deadlift lockoutthe rewards Page 96 5 keys to the perfect pullPage 151 likely end up overtrainedPages 242243
stupidly dangerous movePage 213
will speak for themselvesPage 27 H  ow and why employing isometric contraction D  iscover this 3-dip formula to adding yet How to incorporate bench press assistance
Want to quickly master the all-important skill
Discover the secrets of incremental racking correctly can explode your heavy-lifting more power to your liftPage 151 exercises and skyrocket your pressing
of generating a CRAZY midsection contraction
for super-solid gainsPage 33 gainsPage 97 powerPages 245253
W  hy all great deadlifters have scars HERE when arching? Heres the ticketPage 216
The martial advantage that comes from the 3 self-correcting drills to improve your all- and why you should too if you are serious Heres a great assistance exercise for the
They call the suitcase deadlift a priceless
mixed gripget the full story herePage 36 important skill of pre-tensingPage 97 about blasting a really big loadPage 152 pecsto help you recover faster
exercise for a reason. If you are not
H  ow to perfect the bottom-up kettlebell clean Page 245
How to employ the subtle-and-vital skill of T he 3 best ways to start a high-load pull employing this method youre leaving a helluva
recruiting your _______ for additional power and press this exercise will help to bullet- Pages 154155 lot on the table! Find out more herePages 5 assistance exercises you MUST do for your
and strengthPage 38 proof your shoulders against injury, make them 220223 triceps essential for a STRONG bench press
H  ow to identify and plug the 10 deadly
SUPER-STRONG and give you a vice-like grip lockoutPage 245
Heres exactly how to supercharge your leaksthat are currently sapping your Why rotation exercises for powerlifters?
(perfect for holding onto HUGE deadlifts) Why the kettlebell halo is the perfect shoulder
pressing powerPage 41 strength and powerPage 157 Page 224
Pages 97104 assistance exercisePages 247248
Why 99% of people bench appallinglyand H  ow to fix your feetwithout this in place How to strengthen your trunk rotators and up
G  rab it here: Andys knowledge-drop on Discover the amazing benefits of the kettlebell
what it takes to become a one-percenter youll never make it to the top. Never! Pages your liftsPage 224
speed and compensatory acceleration RKC arm bar this is the PERFECT exercise
Page 41 157159 The 14 must-know secrets to the perfect
Page 108 for keeping your upper back healthy Pages
Theres a double-whammy to good technique. L earn how to plug those ankle leaksor suffer plankPages 227228
T he 2 essential rules to obey when lifting at 249253
Knowing the nature of the double-whammy the consequencesPage 160 How to build a big, strong backPages
speed. Disobey at your peril!Pages How to greatly increase your thoracic spine
will inspire you to supersize your lifts by T his leakage in your knees will get you red- 229243
108109 and shoulder girdle mobilityfor way more
sticking to this advice from Pavel and Andy lighted for sureand heres the surefire fix
A  bsolute strength is good, but in sports, SPEED How to perform Hammer strength rows the comfort when squatting heavyPage 250
Page 43 Pages 160163
rules Heres whyPage 109 right waylike a true championPage 230
The 3 keys to the perfect bench press set Andys Advanced Weekly Scheduleif it
T he tell-tale signs of hip leakage (which is just The 5 keys to really piling on the plates and
upPage 44 S peed versus grinding and the role of works for him, could it work for you?Pages
as awful as it sounds)and how to stop that lifting like a GodPage 230
tensionPage 109 255259
What you MUST do to absolutely maximize nonsense nowPages 162165
your bench numbersPage 44 H  ow to EAT for superior strength and muscular
H  ow to fix potentially crippling leakages in the
sizePage 111
To arch or not to arch? Get the plusses and lumbar spinePages 165166
minuses here and make the right choice for 1 0 simple, yet highly effective principles to
H  ow to fix leakages in the thoracic spine
YOUPage 45 follow for improved strength and health
Pages 166167
Pages 112114
Deadlift Dynamite
The 8 keys to lowering the bar for optimal W  hat so many lifters do wrong with their
resultsPages 4950 C ycling: a simple yet highly effective way to
scapulaeand the 5 ways to fix that sin
add major pounds to your squat, press and
How to best blast the bar to lockoutPages Pages 167168
pullPage 115
The deadlift and sports assistance exercises
How To Master The
T he 4 essential keys to successful cycling
What you can learn from how Andy achieved
Page 117
Page 169 King of All Strength
a 1,214 lb squatPage 53 H  ow to overcome your deadlift plateaus, even
Here are proven and crucial methods
G  olden cycling tips for intermediate and
advanced liftersPage 118
if youve been stuck at the same weight for Exercises
guaranteed to improve your hip mobility
and ensure a more massive power squat 5 important variables to watch to ensure you
yearsPage 169
By Pavel and Andy Bolton
D  iscover the plateau-busting power of the
Page 57 keep gaining on your cyclesPages 118119
perfect partialPage 170
The magic of the RKC Face-the-Wall Squat to H  ow to benefit fully from wave cycles
H  ow to employ deficit pulls for greater starting Book #B68 $29.95
dramatically improve your liftPages 5863 Page 121
How to reap the strength benefits of this H ow to take advantage of step cyclinggreat
strengthPage 170
eBook #EB68 $19.95
9 fantastic assistance exercises that can blow
spine-lengthening techniquePage 63 for both beginners and advanced lifters to make Paperback 8.5 x 11 275 pages
up your liftsPages 170174
spectacular gainsPage 122 220 photos
How to pull yourself down into the hole and the

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Easy Strength is a masterpiece from two of the best in the business of strength and conditioning.
Pavel and Dan Johns book will help you improve your performance no matter what your sport.
It doesnt matter whether you are a weekend gym warrior, competitive athlete or coach... you owe
it to yourself to read this book. The bottom line is that it will help you become stronger, faster and
more powerful in the most efficient way possible...ANDY BOLTON, 6-Time World Powerlifting
Champion, author of Deadlift Dynamite

The Real Nuts and Bolts of What It

Takes to Train a Strength Athlete
avel and Dan Johns landmark Easy Strength delves
deeply into the role and impact of strength training in Our most quoted teachers do not seek to dazzle us with their complexity. The great
ones use their position to promote understanding and communication of complex
fitness, sports, and life. Whatever your chosen physical
material simply and easily. Easy Strength is just that kind of work and Pavel and Dan are
activity and whoever you are, there are proven methods that those kinds of teachers. They provide useable examples and fundamental simplicity.
can get you and your athletes to their goals faster and more Both men are athletes, coaches, experts, and both ask the most fundamental question
effectively. of a leader: They do not ask what is our role? They ask what is our impact on the people
who depend on us?
For too long, sports strength training was just bastardized The difference makers always dispense with titles and focus on results. Easy Strength
bodybuilding, power lifting, Olympic lifting or more is not simply a position statement about fundamentals. It is a step-by-step lesson on how,
recently strongman training. This book goes a long way when and why to use them!GRAY COOK, author of Movement, co-founder of FMS
in revolutionizing the way the modern coach should be
approaching sports conditioning. Easy Strength is difficult to stop reading because it paves a shorter, smoother path to
physical prowess by giving the athlete room to develop. Its too easy to smother growth
Youll gain an incredible amount of insight for training and potential. Thats a lesson most coaches take decades to learn, if they learn it at all.
beginner to elite athletes, and youll discover the tricks for The four quadrants that Pavel and Dan outline help you quickly determine which range
knowing when its overwhelming their capacity. Plus, theres of training qualities are ideal for any athlete. In most cases, that range is much narrower
than you think.
a lifetime worth of sample
Youll learn that doing a little bit of everything is a recipe for failure as you reach and
training regimens divided
require higher levels of performance. The authors effectively strip away the complexities
into the 4 quadrants of of training that were made from novice coaches who constantly pushed their athletes to
physical activity. the brink.
Youll gain an incredible amount of insight for training beginner to elite athletes,
and youll discover the tricks for knowing when its overwhelming their capacity. Plus,
theres a lifetime worth of sample training regimens that give the muscles and nerves just
enough of what they need. As this book so eloquently states, we should coax gains, not
force them. Kudos to Pavel and Dan for elucidating this often forgotten fact of physical
development.CHAD WATERBURY, neurophysiologist, author of Huge in a Hurry

Easy Strength is one of the best books on strength training for sport that Ive ever
read (and trust me, Ive read them ALL). To be fairits unfair to characterize Easy
Strength as a strength training for sport book. Its way more than that. Itll go down as
Easy Strength one of the best fitness and conditioning books period.
The Seminar For too long, sports strength training was just bastardized bodybuilding, powerlifting,
olympic lifting or more recently strongman training. This book goes a long way in
How to Get a Lot Stronger revolutionizing the way the modern coach should be approaching sports conditioning.
Than Your Competition Book #B57 $39.95
The section on the 4 quadrants alone is worth your entire investment. It will really help
And Dominate in Your Sport eBook #EB57 $19.95 laserbeam focus your programming for your athletes.ALWYN COSGROVE, author
With Pavel and Dan John Paperback 8.5 x 11 288 pages of The New Rules of Lifting series
77 photos, charts and illustrations
#DVS032 $97.00 14 DVDSet

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Beyond Bodybuildinga treasure
chest of strength training secrets
Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure
Every aspect of training is covered chest of strength training secrets.
LARRY SCOTT, first Mr. Olympia
You Just Have To Get this Book!!
I wholeheartedly recommend Beyond Bodybuilding: Pavel focuses on what the trainee needs to make his
I view it as a summation of the accumulated knowledge program effective, whether it is for building mass, or just
Pavel Tsatsouline has gathered to this point in his career. Thanks for you recent contribution increasing strength without adding bulk. To the point, and in
Every body part is covered and a blueprint provided for to the empire of muscle and might. Very step-by-step detail. I am nearing completion of his 5x5 routine,
how to build and strengthen every conceivable muscular interesting and valuable. and by following it, have made average gains of 18% in strength
target. The detail and description is tremendous. The DAVE DRAPER, Author Brother Iron, in just three (3) weeks.
mix between text and photos is spot on; the clarity of the Sister Steel, former Mr. America, Mr.
MINDANAO MIKE, Mindanao, Philippines
Universe and Mr. World
exercise description leaves nothing to the imagination.

Every aspect of training is covered in Pavels Beyond

This is a must have for people
Bodybuilding from flexibility to all types of strength
If you are serious about physical
renovation and want a new approach
interested in strength and getting bigger
development, U.S.M.C. training, R.K.C. training tips I keep reading this book again and again, theres so much in
to progressive resistance training, then
from many of the greatest strength experts around the purchase Beyond Bodybuilding. it. With the Hit The Deck Program I added about 25 pushups
world, plus a glossary MARTY GALLAGHER, former to my max in 2 weeks, and before I knew it I could do 100.
of exercises to fit columnist, five-time There are lots of routines in this book, they will keep you busy
everyones needs. I world master powerlifting champion, USA for a long time. If you want to get strong, or big and strong, than
salute Pavel and Beyond co-coach, 1991 world powerlifting team this book is your choice.
Bodybuilding. champions YOERI, BOCHOLTZ, Netherlands
Louie Simmons,
Westside Barbell
When I first received Beyond
If you buy one of Pavels books,
Bodybuilding, I blocked out an entire day make it this one!
so Id have enough time and undivided Using the Modified Delorme Method I gained 40 lbs. on
attention to savor its contents... If you think my deadlift and 10 lbs. on my bench press over the course of 8
youve already seen everything Pavel has
weeks. I also gained 7 pounds of lean body mass. My training
to offer, this book will prove you wrong.
partner saw similar gains with a 40lb. gain on his DL and 15lb.
Dont make me come over there get
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today! GREG GONZALES, Albuquerque, NM
CHARLES STALEY, creator of the
Escalating Density Training (EDT) system. Immediate relief and gratification
Ive been lifting weights since I was 12. As a Martial Artist
and ex USAF Pararescue Specialist I have seen all kinds of
products and gimmicks through the years. Im 45 now and
Beyond what I have read and learned in this book changed my outlook
on lifting weights and saved my back forever. In just 3 days
Bodybuilding of working with a few techniques explained in Solutions for a
Muscle and Strength Tight Back I eliminated my lower and upper back pain that I
Training Secrets for have lived with for many years. A must for all serious athletes
and professionals who need clear, concise instruction and tips
The Renaissance Man
to a STRONGER, PAIN FREE BODY. Pavel has taken the B.S
By Pavel out and has given us information way ahead of its time. Its
Book #B31 $49.95 your choiceyou can be mediocre or you can excel to great
eBook #EB31 $19.95 strengths!
8.5 x 11 Paperback DAVID COGSWELL, Shoreacres, TX
365 pages 255 Photographs

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How to Develop the Ultimate in Wrought-Iron
Muscle, Mid-Section Body Armor and
Core Generation of Explosive Power

T he sole goal of Pavels Hardstyle Abs system is to achieve an extraordinarily strong

midsection. But not simply to swivel heads with your rippling six-pack. For, according
to Pavel, your abs should be simultaneously weapon, armor and force generator. The
six-pack is just a side effect of the coiled power with which you now operate. Hardstyle
Abs will give you impenetrable body armorto withstand a direct hit of the greatest
magnitude. And Hardstyle Abs will give you the generative force to retaliate with a
Hardstyle Abs
Hit Hard. Lift Heavy.
Look the Part.
devastating backlash.
By Pavel
After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Pavel has identified three
killer drills, as all you need to achieve this level of mid-section mastery. Follow Book #B64 $34.95
Pavels battle plan to the T and the results are guaranteednoticeable within weeks,
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commands. Paperback 8.5 x 11 148 pages
DVD #DV089 $29.95
Ive attended nearly 180 hours of Dragon Door workshops, certifications and Running time: 29 minutes $29.95
miscellaneous training and have nearly the entire library of Dragon Books and DVDs.
I can honestly say that this is definitively the best resource yet on all things abs. Ive
read the entire book, taken furious notes and practiced the drills. As an RKCII this is a 10-25 lb Olympic plate
required for correct use.
Ab Pavelizer II
great recap of material covered in last years RKCII cert as well as wealth of new info. (You will need to supply
your own plate) #P12 $97.00 plus SH
Pavel continually improves upon his previous works and this is no exception. This
book is one of Pavels best, guaranteed to provide enough challenge to last a lifetime.
If youre an RKC, a fan of the Naked Warrior, Convict Conditioning or ETK then this
book will blow you away.John Scott Stevens, RKCII, CKFMS, Omaha, NE

I work my abs a lot and they
are probably stronger than the
he Ab Pavelizer IIs new sleek-n-light design guarantees
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The Graduate Course In Instant Strength Gains

Have you noticedthe greater a mans in a piecemeal fashion that has left most of
skill, the more he achieves with less? And us frustrated and far from reaching our true The Naked Warrior
the skill of strength is no exception. From strength potential.
the ancient days of Greek wrestling, to the Master the Secrets
jealously guarded secrets of Chinese Kung Now, for the first time, Russian strength of the Super-Strong
Fu masters, to the hard men of modern spec expert and former Spetsnaz instructor Pavel
ops, warriors and allied strongmen have has gathered many of these devastating Using Bodyweight
developed an amazing array of skills for techniques into one highly teachable skill Exercises Only
generating inhuman strength. set. In The Naked Warrior Pavel reveals
exactly what it takes to be super-strong in By Pavel
But these skills have been scattered far and minimum timewhen your body is your
wide, held closely secret, or communicated only tool. Book #B28 $39.95
eBook #EB28 $19.95
Paperback 218 pages 8.5
I could do one wobbly one-legged Last night I did 15 one-arm pushups with x 11Over 190 photos and
squat [Two weeks later] I did 5 each arm. Two months ago I couldnt do illustrations
clean, butt-to-ground pistols. one complete rep.
DVD #DV015 $34.95

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Discover the worlds only stretching Instantly Develop Greater Power,
protocol specifically and uniquely Intensity and Strengthby
designed to increasenot reduce Turning Your Muscles
a powerlifters strength. into Coiled Springs

T he iron elite knows that being tight is critical to making that big lift. At the
same time you cant put up a big squat, bench press, or deadlift without
having just the right amount of flexibility and only in the right places. A
paradox. Ignore stretching altogether and lose power to the joints that dont
an you easily and instantly turn yourself into a coiled steel spring
ready to burst into action and leap past your previous athletic best?
Or are you more like an overstretched rubber band no longer
capable of suddenly generating performance-busting power?
bend easy. Do stretches designed for fighters or other athletes and toss away Now, for the first time in the West, Russian strength master Pavel reveals
strength by the bucket because youll lose your crucial tightness. Either way,
the Soviet secret of Loaded Stretching guaranteed within MINUTES of its
a dead end. Not any more. Enter Strength Stretching by Pavel, the only flexibility
program custom designed to up your squat, up your bench, up your dead! application to have you:
Pulling heavier Squatting more
Gain up to 15% on your pulling strength by learning how to properly arch your Jumping higher Kicking and punching harder
back Throwing farther Pressing bigger!
How to arch higher and bench more without killing your back
Loaded Stretching can provide everyone an edge.
Master the Kettlebell Depth Squat the Russian powerlifting secret for Pavel leads you thru a series of stretching techniques that
teaching perfect squat and pull form and developing can immediately increase stamina. As one approaches their
championship flexibility limits, little strength secrets can make the difference between
winning and losing. Loaded Stretching is that, secrets.
D iscover how to release the hidden brakes that LOUIE SIMMONS, Westside Barbell
are silently sabotaging your deadlift
H ow to squat with the big boys without killing
your shoulders and elbows Loaded Stretching
Strength Stretching The Russian Technique for
For a Bigger Squat, Bench & Instant Extra Strength
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DVD Running time: 20 minutes
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How to Become the Man Discover the 36 most effective

Without a Weakness techniques for super-flexibility

 ow the secret of mastering W
 hy contract-relax stretching is 267% more
ife has a habit of body-slamming us when we least expect it. And
your emotions can add effective than conventional relaxed stretching
the more active we are, the more likely were gonna be wrenched,
immediate inches to your
tossed, torn, torqued, twisted, scrunched, hammered and generally H
 ow to breathe your way to greater flexibility
whacked around. Hit your fortieslet alone fiftiesand you can be reduced to stretch
 sing the Russian technique of Forced
a tangled mess of injuries and performance-crimping tensions. H
 ow to wait out your tension Relaxation as your ultimate stretching
Pavel knows what it takespersonally and professionallyto remove the surprising key to greater weapon
crucial flaws and weaknesses from your body armorso you can bounce back, mobility and a better stretch
 ow to stretch when injured faster, safer
time and time again, from the toughest challenge life throws at you. Its the H
 ow to fool your reflexes into ways to heal
winners edge. Its called RESILIENCE. Its called dont know how to spell quit. giving you all the stretch you
want Y oung, old, male, female learn what stretches
So, in this specialized program, Pavels put together 19 of his favorite drills for
are best for you and what stretches to avoid
restoring and reinforcing your bodys rebound strength. Pavels concentrated
on the weak linksthe knees, the elbows, the shoulders, the spine, the neck W
 hy excessive flexibility can be detrimental
and shows you how to change a liability-waiting- to athletic performance and how to determine
to-happen into a strengthweapon-of-choice. your real flexibility needs
Discover what it really means to be RESILIENT.
Add years of wiry, tensile, pliant strength back
into your lifeand hurt a whole lot less while
Relax into Stretch
Instant Flexibility Through
Resilient Mastering Muscle Tension
Advanced Kettlebell Drills and
By Pavel
Insider Secrets for Playing
Harder & Hurting Less Book #B14 $34.95 eBook #EB14 $19.95
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Heres just some of what youll discover, when you
possess your own copy of Power to the People!:
How to get super strong without training to H ow to maximize muscular tension for
muscle failure or exhaustion traffic-stopping muscular definition Pavel Tsatsouline, Russian strength
training expert, wrote a wonderful book I
How to hack into your muscle software and How to minimize fatigue and get the most out used these strength building secrets for one
magnify your power and muscle definition of your strength training week and my max deadlift went up 18%.
How to get super strong without putting on an How to ensure high energy after your workout Larry Scott, author of Loaded Guns,
Worlds First Mr. Olympia
ounce of weight How to get stronger and harder without getting
Or how to build massive muscles with a bigger
classified Soviet Special Forces workout Why its safer to use free weights than
Why high rep training to the burn is like a form machines Power to
of rigor mortisand what it really takes to How to achieve massive muscles and the People!
develop spectacular muscle tone awesome strengthif thats what you Russian Strength
How to mold your whole body into an off-planet want Secrets for Every
rock with only two exercises What, how and when to eat for maximum American
How to increase your bench press by ten gains By Pavel Tsatsouline
pounds overnight How to master the magic of effective
How to get a tremendous workout on the road exercise variation Book #B10 $34.95
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How to design a world class body in your How to gain beyond your wildest
basementwith $150 worth of basic weights dreamswith less chance of injury DVD With Pavel
and in twenty minutes a day
A high intensity, immediate gratification Tsatsouline
How futuristic techniques can squeeze more technique for massive strength gains #DV004 $29.95
horsepower out of your body-engine

Get Stronger and More PowerfulUsing Proven, yet

Little-Known Training Secrets and Strategies From
the Greatest of the Russian Strength Masters

While elite athletes and powerlifters are those most likely
avels landmark classic, Power to the People! has helped tens of thousands
to benefit from the advanced training information contained
be they world-class athletes or basement enthusiastsachieve and maintain
within Power to the People Professional, there remains a
remarkable strength gains, by employing a set of radically effective lifting
wealth of cutting-edge tips and tactics that intermediate
principles in a scientific manner. Pavel took the guesswork out of strength training
lifters, athletes from various power sports, and power
and honed in with an elegant simplicity on what really worked to get strongerand
continue getting stronger.
Power to the People
Pavels great contribution has been to research and identify the proven battle Professional
strategies that give us the best chance to keep making those strength gains How to Add 100s of Pounds
whatever the odds. And in this, Pavel has succeeded admirably, thanks to his access to Your Squat, Bench, and
to the best training secrets not only in the West but in Russiajustly famous for its
Deadlift with Advanced
history of achievement in the world of strength and powerlifting. And thanks to his
ability to ground theory in the proof of hard experience and earned results. Russian Techniques
by Pavel
In Power to the People Professional, Pavel broadens and deepens this knowledge Book #B51 $29.95
base to encompass a vast range of little-known but highly effective methods to keep eBook #EB51 $19.95
Paperback 197 pages 8.5 x 11

86 Order Power to the People! online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Welcome to Pavels masterly body-software program for debugging,
unblocking, unlocking and completely restoring your bodys capacity to
stretch and flex the way it was born and meant to do!

Hands down the best flexibility product available

I have purchased every book, dvd, machine, and gizmo to help me get more
flexible. Since I found Pavels first book, Beyond Stretching, the only books
and dvds I buy are from DragonDoor. The Beyond Stretching dvd set has so
S ince his early days when he honed the physical fighting capacity
of the legendary Soviet Spetsnaz, to his current incarnation
as a bestselling American fitness expert, Pavel has tirelessly
researched and then implemented the best-kept secrets for function-
based flexibility.
much information on it, and so much that was new to me, I was really surprised.
There are many different techniques and exercises for all levels of ability, from Using his own body and the bodies of countless thousands of warriors,
someone just beginning to someone looking to complete a full split. I believe athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, dancers and coaches as the proving
if you are a personal trainer, coach, or a martial arts instructor (as I am) this ground, Pavel has refined his stretching program into a brilliantly simple-
dvd set is invaluable. I sincerely think this is as good as it gets when it comes yet-powerful, 5-step operating system for ultimate flexibility.
to stretching and flexibility training. I am very happy with this product and in In this seminar, Pavel excelled himself, with his most succinct, practical
all honesty would have paid a lot more for all of the information that is on the and honed program ever. Participants were wild about the stunning
dvds.Jon Frost, Naples, FL flexibility changes they were able to experience in just a few hoursall
by implementing just a few simple but deep and far-reaching Master
Principles of Stretching.
Stretching: Pavel continues to amaze!
The Seminar Ive been a practicing martial artist for 30 years. I ordered this
seminar hoping that it would facilitate my recovery from injury and help
Instant Flexibility restore my lost flexibility. It taught me safe and mechanically correct
and The Master assessment and training methods that none of my six previous martial
arts teachers ever touched on. I experienced immediate improvement
Principles of Stretching from my first training session. Now I can pass on this information to my
with Pavel students and hopefully they wont have to suffer like I have. I give this
seminar my highest recommendation.
DVD Set #DVS012 $97.00 Scott A. Dollinger Psy.D., Glen Ellyn, IL
5-DVD Set Running time: 4 hours 48

Get Stronger and More PowerfulUsing Proven, yet Little-Known Training

Secrets and Strategies From the Greatest of the Russian Strength Masters
The Do-It-Now, Fast-Start, Get-Up-and-Go, Jump-into-Action Bible for High Performance and Longer Life
Super Joints

here is no better way to insure Russian Longevity Secrets
a long, pain-free life than DISCOVER:
performing the right daily T
 he 28 most valuable drills for youthful
for Pain-Free Movement,
combination of joint mobility and joints and a stronger stretch Maximum Mobility &
strength-flexibility exercises. In Super How to save your joints and prevent or Flexible Stength
Joints, Pavel shows you exactly reduce arthritis
how to quickly achieve and maintain by Pavel #B16 $34.95
The one-stop care-shop for your inner Tin
peak joint healthand then use it to Paperback 197 pages
Manhow to give your nervous system
improve every aspect of your physical
a tune up, your joints a lube-job and your
performance. energy a recharge DVD With Pavel
What it takes to go from cruise control
#DV003 $24.95
Only the foolish would deliberately Running time: 33 minutes
to full throttle: The One Thousand Moves
ignore the life-saving and life-
Morning RechargeAmosovs bigger
enhancing advice Pavel offers in
Super Joints. Why would anyone
bang calisthenics complex for achieving Fast & Loose
willingly subject themselves to a life
heaven-on-earth in 25 minutes Secrets of the Russian
of increasing pain, degeneration and How to make your body feel better than Champions: Dynamic
decrepitude? But for an athlete, a you can rememberactive flexibility for
sporting prowess and fewer injuries Relaxation Techniques for
dancer, a martial artist or any serious
performer, Super Joints could spell The amazing Pink Panther technique that Elite Performance
the difference between greatness may add a couple of feet to your stretch DVD With Pavel
#DV021 $29.95 Running time: 27 minutes

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How to Catapult Yourself into the Ranks of the
Elite Athlete, Coach and Personal Trainer
Is the CK-FMS The Certified Kettlebell-
Home Study Course PRICELESS
Ive been a physical therapist since 1985, and Functional Movement
right for you? have been actively learning as much as I could
ever since. This was one of the most immediately Specialist (CK-FMS)
useful trainings ever. So much useful info on every
The CK-FMS Home Study Course is for video. So good I HAD to order the FMS test kit. Home Study Course
those athletes, trainers and coaches who I used to get excited when I would learn a new With Gray Cook
technique or have an amazing manual therapy
want to: treatment which eased my chronic pains along and Brett Jones
with improving my movement. My wife would
2 Dramatically improve their own wearily say It always comes back. Now it is # DVS018 $97.77
and others functional and athletic obvious why. Thank you Gray, Brett, and everyone 15-DVD set
else that made this available.
performance Herb Pike PT, Cortez, CO
2 Significantly reduce the potential
of training and sports injuries for A must-have for RKCs
I havent been able to take the CK-FMS course
themselves and their clients yet, so I was thrilled to see the home study course
available. These DVDs are absolutely packed
2 Significantly reduce the recovery time with practical information that will help my clients
from prior sports injuries for themselves and me. I will be watching the DVDs repeatedly
because there is so much information to absorb. I
and their clients am still looking forward to attending the CK-FMS,
but thanks to the home study course at least my
2 Exponentially increase their potential clients wont be missing out on this knowledge in
income as a winning athlete or as a the meantime.Carrie Dale, RKC, Exton, PA
coach and trainer

How to Master Advanced Kettlebell DrillsAnd Explode Your Strength!

A hard mans plan for dramatic strength gainscombining the sharpest edge of
scientific research with the inherent power of the ancient kettlebell

R eturn of the Kettlebells protocols were born from Pavels insights

while training elite power athletes. Several champions made
astonishing, almost mysterious, strength and muscle gainsat least two
Return of the Kettlebell presents the final fruit of Pavels research
combining the very best of ancient lifting wisdom with modern day
scientific breakthroughs. Central to Pavels new program for explosive
broke new powerlifting world recordsthanks to kettlebell training. Pavel muscle gain is the skillful use of double kettlebells. Discover smokers like
decided to reverse engineer this What the Hell effect experienced by the Double Clean, classic strength builders like the Double Snatch and
the championsso all others could benefit from their success. Double Press and enjoy the supreme intensity of the Double Clean and
Jerk. Like the Breakfast of Champions, consume whats on the Return of
the Kettlebell menu and watch yourself growand grow!
Well, here it is...the book I always wanted
Im not sure I can speak highly enough about Return of the Kettlebell. Maybe its the
little things, like how we are walked through the squat with pictures that answer so many Return of the
questions for the novice or the several pages dedicated to the Hip Flexor stretch. Honestly,
the devil is in the details when it comes to working the hips and shoulders and the RKC Kettlebell
system is clearly miles ahead of anybody else when it comes to exacting explanations of
how to deal with the four knots. Explosive Kettlebell Training
It could be the big things. I never thought much of Double Kettlebell Cleans because I have
for Explosive Muscle Gains
such a history with the O lifts. Maybe, just maybe, it could be because I never did them by Pavel
right! Something as simply as the V position changes the lift forever and, if you need to be
gassed, go right ahead and do a set of ten. Not enough, add some Front Squats.
Book #B40 $29.95
To say that this work is amazing is an understatement. Anyone who plays with kettlebells Paperback 197 pages 8.5 x 11
must use this book as a resource. Completing the program and goals set in this book is a DVD With Pavel
worthy fight for any man.Dan John, author, Never Let Go, Murray, UT
#DV062 $19.95
Running time: 48 minutes

88 Order Return of the Kettlebell online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW

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The 6 Core Criteria to Consider When
Choosing a Kettlebell Instructor Certification
By Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC, Director of Certifications

1. Progressive, Step-by-Step fix them. It should contain all the concepts and 4. Practice Designing Workouts
principles behind each lift and provide some
Instruction of Each Exercise general programming tips. For Other Participants
One of the most important aspects of a A crucial part of learning is to be able to put the
kettlebell certification is the way the material information learned into practice. A thorough
is presented. Kettlebells should start with the 3. Teach How To Effectively and kettlebell certification should have a segment
foundational movement patterns and then Safely Coach the Exercises where the participants pair up and design a
progress in a systematic sequence from basic to This brings us to one of the most important workout for each other. This allows them
complex. This approach allows you to be taught criteria when choosing a kettlebell certification: the opportunity to put the course curriculum
not only the how to do an exercise, but the the focus throughout the certification should together in a realistic and practical way. Its one
why. It allows for deep understanding of the be on COACHING. Throughout the course, thing to learn how to do a swing or get-up, its
principles and science behind each kettlebell the participants need to practice not only their another thing to be able to take all the exercises
exercise as well as the complete picture as own kettlebell lifting techniques, but practice and put them together into an effective workout
to why kettlebells are the most versatile and the skill of coaching and teaching others. for someones needs and goals.
effective training tool. Safety should be the number one focus for any
coach. Keeping your students safe will prevent 5. Physical and Practical Tests
2. A Hands-on Course with an unnecessary injuries and keep them coming All participants should be tested on the
back and competing a their optimum level for exercises, following stringent criteria that
In-Depth Course Curriculum the long term. demonstrate their understanding of the
The cold, hard truth is that you cannot learn In our experience, people learn faster and with principles behind each lift, the safety issues
kettlebells by sitting in a lecture or watching better comprehension when they are required involved, as well as their own physical abilities
someone else perform the movements. In order to teach another participant. A certification
to perform the exercises.
to truly learn how to perform the exercises structured this way, allows every participant
correctly, you must DO the exercises under The course should also require the participants
to be coached by multiple people in the to be tested on teaching the movements using
the supervision of a highly qualified Master course, not just the instructors. This leads to
Instructor who can correct your technique. the proper progressions, corrections and
better understanding of the material but also regressions as taught during the course.
facilitates faster learning of how to perform the
Kettlebell lifting is unique, not only are you movements correctly.
using a weight ballistically, you are focusing on 6. On-going Support and
the posterior chain to initiate and produce the
dynamic power. For the average coach, this is
Community After the Course
a completely new movement and can be tricky Lastly, the certification you choose should
at best to learn. The more tools the coach has have an extensive support network of fellow
in their toolbox to correct improper movement, instructors to get advice and feedback from
the safer and faster their clients will progress through forums or private instructor Facebook
and get results. pages. It should also provide opportunities
to market yourself and your facility further
The course should provide a detailed and
by getting increased visibility through
thorough manual that can be used as a
personalized instructor pages, and being
reference for years to come. The manual should
featured in blogs, articles, or other material.
contain standards of all exercises, teaching
progressions, a problem & solution section for
the most common mistakes made and how to

90 Learn more about DD workshops today. CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
Since 2001, The Originator and Leader
of the Modern Kettlebell Movement

Russian Kettlebell
Certification (RKC)
Dragon Doors 3-day, aster the essentials and dive deeper into the advanced
kettlebell lifts during this comprehensive 3-day instructor
advanced kettlebell instructor course. Discover the most effective, safe, and efficient ways
to use, teach and coach the core kettlebell lifts including the Swing, Get-
certification course Up, Front Squat, Military Press, Clean, and Snatch. During this hands-on
course, you will be both coached and will coach others, to facilitate your
learning process.
How to take your kettlebell lifting to the
next level, dominate your competition, and
dramatically advance your skills as a RKCs unique training protocols develop superior athleticismby
reinforcing natural movement patterns,
personal trainer or coach boosting explosive power from the
hips and by challenging the stabilizers
Enhance Your Strength and Conditioning, during all lifts, be it ballistics or
Boost Your Income and Attract More grinds. The RKC toolbox gives
CustomersWith the RKC Advantage fitness professionals an intensive
graduate-level arsenal of methods
L earn how to get superior results with clients learning processto get faster results for guaranteed to get fast, impressive
ranging from the athletic to beginners and the your clients results for both their clients and
deconditioned for themselves.
L earn simple techniques for preventing and
E nhance your skills as a movement coach recovering from injuries
by learning how to quickly assess, correct &
 et a free instructor page on Dragon Doors
teach these complex movement patterns
website and join a community of the worlds
 et a FREE monthly newsletter with articles, top trainers
recipes, training tips and marketing help
 et access to the Private RKC-only Forum
 iscover how to incorporate kettlebells into and network with some of the greatest minds
your current programming to maximize your and coaches in the industry
clients results
 nd as a certified RKC, you always get
 iscover simple yet highly effective cueing 20% off all Dragon Doors premium RKC
& troubleshooting techniques to speed up the kettlebells!

Become certified as an RKC and join the worlds premier

community of fitness professionals!

To find an RKC Certification Course Near You,


24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Learn more about DD workshops today.

The 7 Best Things About the HKC
By Steve Coach Fury Holiner, Senior RKC, DVRT Master Chief Instructor

The HKC is awesome

Ive been fortunate enough to teach/co-teach
five Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC)
workshops in the last 8 months. My buddy Josh
Henkin, Master RKC and DVRT Creator, and I
had the great privilege of teaching two of those
HKC workshops to the United States Marines.
I taught the other three workshops in New York
City, Kansas City and Connecticut. Somewhat
to my surprise, I get a deeper appreciation and
respect for the HKC every time I lead a new 2. The HKC is enthusiast friendly. If 4. You will get strongerand more
group of candidates. youre someone that LOVES kettlebells, or you importantly, so will the people you train.
are thinking about becoming a trainer, this is
The HKC was my first step down the the perfect first start. By focusing on the three 5. Hardstyle techniques will benefit
incredible road to becoming a fitness lifts, you are less likely to be overwhelmed other types of training. Improving movement
professional. It was the first certification/ which can happen at other one day workshops. and learning to create tension (and relaxation)
workshop I had ever taken and it was the first If you do feel a bit overwhelmed, the HKC will show great rewards in anything else you do.
time I ever coached someone. The pull-up manual is pure gold and will support everything
test back then was the first time I trained for a which is taught at the workshop. 6. The HKC is an excellent step toward
specific goal. It was the first of many strength the more advanced three-day RKC certification.
tests I would take in my career. But at the time 3. For more seasoned trainers/coaches, Not only do certified HKC instructors get
I went to my first HKC workshop, I was just the HKC will sharpen your own kettlebell a $200 discount toward an RKC workshop
an enthusiast with zero interest or intention technique, coaching ability and likely your registration, they almost always perform better
of becoming a coach. My intentions changed own movement patterns. Time and time at the RKC.
shortly after that workshop. The HKC initial again, we are able to help trainers get a greater
seeded the roots of what I would become. A understanding of how their bodies work. 7. Our community rocks! There are so
few months later, I went through my first RKC many amazing people who are part of the HKC/
workshop. I took my first DVRT certification RKC/DVRT/PCC/Dragon Door family. Come
with Josh Henkin a month after that. The rest join the family!
is history.
Ive grown to really love teaching the HKC. The more I
teach it, the more I see what its done for me. The more I
Here are the 7 BEST coach, the more I find the importance of the swing, get-up
and goblet squat.
things about the HKC: Try this workout: Get-up x1 right side
Get-up x1 on the right side Swings x8
1. It nails down the basics. The HKC Swings x10 Goblet Squat x3
covers the kettlebell swing, get-up and goblet Goblet squat X1 Get-up x1 left side
squat. These are the three big fundamental Get-up x1 left side Swings x7
movements. More importantly, the HKC Swings x9 Goblet squats x4
Goblet squat x2
provides you with the exceptional education
Go back to the right for the GU. Swings continue to
to progress, regress, troubleshoot, coach AND descend until you hit 1 rep. Goblet squats continue to go
perform these three movements. up until you hit 10 reps.

92 Learn more about DD workshops today.
CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY
How to master the essentials of
kettlebell liftingand advance your
skills as a personal trainer or coach
Dragon Doors
one-day, entry-level
kettlebell instructor

Enhance Your
Strength and
Boost Your Income
and Attract More
With the HKC

aster the essentials of kettlebell lifting by learning Get deeper knowledge of how to use the L earn how to get superior results with
the principles of Hardstyle training. At this 8-hour worlds #1 strength & conditioning tool clients ranging from the athletic to
beginners and the deconditioned
instructor course, you will learn the most effective, Learn simple techniques for preventing
safe, and efficient ways to use, teach and coach the basic kettlebell and recovering from injuries G
 et a free page on Dragon Doors website
lifts starting with the Swing, Get-Up, and Goblet Squat. During Enhance your skills as a movement and join a community of the worlds top
this hands-on course, you will be both coached and will coach coach by learning how to quickly assess,
others, to facilitate your learning process. correct & teach these complex movement Network with some of the greatest minds
patterns and coaches in the industry
Discover simple yet highly effective L earn how to incorporate kettlebells into
Kettlebell training develops superior athleticism by reinforcing cueing & troubleshooting techniques to your current programming to maximize
natural movement patterns, learning to move explosively from the speed up the learning processto get your clients results
hips, and challenges the stabilizers during all liftsboth ballistic faster results for your clients
and grinds. As a top fitness professional, NOT having this training
method in your toolbox could be seriously holding you back from Become certified as an HKC and join the worlds
getting fast, impressive results for yourself and your clients. premier community of fitness professionals!

To find an HKC Certification Course Near You,


24 HOURS A DAY CALL: 18008995111 Learn more about DD workshops today. 93
Get Harder, Stronger and More
Powerfulwith PCC, the Worlds
Premier Calisthenics Instructor
Certification Program
The Progressive Calisthenics Certification Workshop (PCC)
Master the cutting-edge bodyweight
exercise progressions developed by
Convict Conditioning founder Paul
Wadeand earn the right to teach this
acclaimed system to athletes, martial
artists, trainers, coaches and all those
dedicated to the cultivation of supreme
strength and rugged toughness.

2 Discover how to generate tigrish power,

enhance your coordination and balance,
protect your joints, transform your physique,
and build steel-like tendon integrity.

2 Boost your value as a coach or personal

trainer. Not only are the movements
extraordinarily cooland adjustable to any
skill levelthey are also amongst the most
effective, functional techniques on earth.

2 The PCC represents the ultimate bodyweight cert, and

whatever your field or specializationfrom strength training
to rehab, bodybuilding to team sportsyou will come away
from this three-day cert with vast resources of training
knowledge unavailable anywhere else.

94 Learn more about DD workshops today. CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW
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365 days per year. When you call, please have your credit give you a prompt exchange, credit, or refund, as you wish.
card ready. Simply return your purchase to us, and please let us know
why you were dissatisfiedit will help us to provide better
Customer Service Questions? Please call us between products and services in the future. Shipping and handling
9:00am 11:00pm EST Monday to Friday at 1-800-899-5111. fees are non-refundable.
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STRONG MEDICINE For complete details

see Pages 1015

Strong Medicine by Dr. Chris Hardy and the legendary Marty

Gallagher is a declaration of unconventional and asymmetri-
cal war against mortality. The authors weapon of choice is
information, relayed masterfully in the form of an easy-to-un-
derstand and richly illustrated owners manual of sorts. This is
an owners manual that is chock full of insights for every level,
from the seasoned physician to the absolute layman who is new
to fitness.

For the grizzled coach who doesnt have medical training,

Strong Medicine lays out crucial performance concepts like
hormetic dose in ways that are easy to understand regardless
of your background. Dr. Hardy continues with insights into diet,
nutrition myths, biochemistry demystified, intestinal fine-tun-
ing, the chronic stress connection with disease, and then passes
the baton to Marty Gallagher, who unleashes a plethora of exer-
cise and training tips that are centered around five basic exer-
cise categories. With well-shot photographs and clear diagrams
to illustrate the important points of each posture, Gallagher lays
out a beautiful plan of attack to combat weakness and mechani-
cal decay, including easy-to-follow training programs.
Strong Medicine
How to Conquer Chronic Disease This is a book I plan to read & re-read a number of times as
And Achieve Your Full Genetic Potential both a licensed medical professional and a strength & conditioning
By Dr. Chris Hardy and Marty Gallagher coach.DR. MARK CHENG, L.Ac., Ph.D, contributing editor, Black
Belt Magazine
Book #B79 $39.95
eBook #EB79 $19.95
Paperback 8.5 x 11 604 pages, 767 photos

Order Strong Medicine online: CALL: 18008995111 24 HOURS A DAY Visit: ORDER NOW