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On-Going Discussion Board Assignment

ENG III CP Fall 2017

We will be using Google Classroom throughout the year to hold online class discussions. This online
discussion will not replace in-class instruction but will give us a forum to continue and elaborate on
material discussed and taught in class.

You will be required to read an article, make annotations and make a post WEDNESDAY before
midnight. You will also be required to respond to two classmates before that FRIDAY at midnight. This is
an on-going assignment. Please use this sheet as a guideline for your posts to ensure that you earn quality
points for your efforts and work.

See the chart below for dates. As the semester progresses, dates may adjust. You will be given
ample time and announcements in class about any adjustments!

Assignment Discussion Board Annotations Due Response Due

# Due *In Class* *By Midnight*
*By Midnight*
1 Wed. Aug. 30 Thurs. Aug. 31 Fri. Sept. 1

2 Wed. Sept. 13 Thurs. Sept. 14 Fri. Sept. 15

3 Wed. Sept. 20 Thurs. Sept. 21 Fri. Sept. 22

4 Wed. Oct. 4 Thurs. Oct. 5 Fri. Oct. 6

5 Wed. Oct. 11 Thurs. Oct. 12 Fri. Oct. 13

6 Wed. Nov. 1 Thurs. Nov. 2 Fri. Nov. 3

7 Wed. Nov. 15 Thurs. Nov. 16 Fri. Nov. 17

8 Wed. Nov. 29 Thurs. Nov. 30 Fri. Dec. 1

9 Wed. Dec. 6 Thurs. Dec. 7 Fri. Dec. 8


Initial post by midnight Wednesdays (Quiz Grade see rubric below)

o Initial posts will contain proper spelling, grammar and mechanics.
o Posts will be approximately 1 paragraph in length.
o Specific, properly cited, evidence from the assigned article will be used in the post.
o If a specific question is posted, the initial post will respond to the question.
o Your initial post will be respectful and supportive.
Article annotations due in class on Thursdays (HW Grade)
o Follow requirements listed on the Annotation Assignment Sheet (see rubric on this
o Remember this is your proof that you have read the article.
Respond to TWO classmates before midnight Fridays (HW Grade 5pts. Each)
o Response posts should be at least 2-3 sentences.
o These should elaborate on the initial post, agree or disagree.
o Any expression of different opinions should be done constructively and responsibly.
NO personal references or insults will be tolerated.
o Responses will not critique writing style or citation. This is about content.
o Respond to different people weekly and post responses on all peers initial posts (i.e.
no bandwagon jumping!)
Warning: Inappropriate or disrespectful posts in any forum will result in removal from the
group, loss of credit and disciplinary action.

On-Going Discussion Board Assignment
ENG III CP Fall 2017

Your initial post will be graded using the rubric below. These grades will be recorded in PowerSchool
but not published on the Discussion Board. See me if you want to know your weekly grades.

No Credit The post does not meet minimum requirements. Significant errors make the post
illegible. This will not be graded as is. Grade equivalent: 0

50-69 The post lacks effort and completes minimal requirements. No evidence from the article
is used. It may have spelling or conventional errors. The post ignores classroom material
and/or is off topic. Grade equivalent: F / D
70-79 The post meets most requirements and there some errors. Evidence from the article is
vague, not quoted and/or cited incorrectly. The post does not respond to all questions
and/or does not address class material. Grade equivalent: C
80-89 The post meets all requirements and there are minimal errors. Evidence from the article
is vague, poorly quoted and/or with minor citation errors. The post responds to all
questions or addresses class material well. Grade equivalent: B/C
The post deeply analyzes and considers material beyond the classroom. Clear evidence
from the article is used and properly cited. Additional links, resources or references to
90-100 world/life issues have been provided. All requirements have been met and there are no
errors present. Grade equivalent: A

For your records: Record your login information here:


*Technology problems (lack of Internet, forgot login, etc.) will not qualify as a valid reason for
a late assignment. In an emergency situation, submit an emailed or hand written response.
Late submissions will not be accepted.*