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Smokey Joes Cafe

Show Palace Dinner Theatre

Transitions and Lighting Brainstorm

Act One Preset city drop down behind main, tracked flats creating three windows behind city

Neighborhood full stage, red main curtain closed, lights up on each actor as they sing solo
line, curtain opens on All those friends, where did they go?

Young Blood city night drop, blue tones to make yellow windows pop

Falling low lights on city drop, song will take place on the SR stair unit

Ruby Baby action moves to main stage, fun lights with red glow

Dance with Me blue tones, action in front of city drop, special on B.J. at the end

Neighborhood Reprise city drop leaves to reveal flats, cyc is lit to match colors on flats

Rollin/Searchin guys are preset behind flats, full light on mainstage, specials for suitcase
spots, guys push tracked flats together as they leave

Kansas City singers roll on additional flats in the third wing to create a layered look, they
preset behind the closed tracked flats, two quartet guys open the center flats to reveal singers,
flats closed during song, ends in blackout, Trouble singers preset behind center flats in blackout

Trouble greens, backlit with movers, spots on singers, creative shadow play on flats

Love Me Dont on SR stair unit, blues or purples, streetlamp glow

Fools Fall in Love Trouble singers open tracked flats to reveal soloist, flats close and Trouble
singers exit upstage, pinks/slow rotation of colors on cyc, spot on soloist

Poison Ivy greens and spotted pattern gobo, two guys enter from each wing and perform
center in front of tracked flats

Don Juan lights up on SL vanity, main curtain closes on intro to song, Broadway drop presets
behind main curtain during the solos on SR and SL

Stay Awhile on SR stair unit, low lights, soloists in spotlight, glow on smokey joes sign

I Keep Forgettin Soloist moves around SR stair unit, similar light to Stay Awhile, some red
creeping in, soloist enters and exits from SR door
On Broadway main curtain opens, Broadway drop is down, stage is clear of flats, fun colors,
and proscenium chasers on (not moving)

D.W. Washburn start with soloist in spotlight, ensemble in silhouette, lights builds as the song

Saved proscenium chasers moving on chorus, full light on the mainstage, bright and cheery

Act Two Preset SL and SR rolling flats on slight diagonal, four cafe chairs, eight cafe tables in
line with the second wing (SR, CSR, CSL, SL), no drop (cyc only)

Baby That Is Rock and Roll full stage, red main curtain closed, lights up on full stage after the
spoken song intro lines, flashy lights

Yakety Yak performers in audience, two or three performers working the mainstage lip

Charlie Brown slow chasers, all performers working the mainstage in front of the main curtain

Pearls A Singer nightclub lighting on SL vanity area, soloist plays SL side stage only

Teach Me How to Shimmy main curtain opens on intro to reveal rolling flats and the cafe
setup, colors on cyc scroll through slowly

Youre the Boss two performers enter through SL door, performers in one large spotlight
seated at the CSL table, deep blue or purple on the cyc, black out at the end

Smokey Joes Cafe all performers enter in silhouette and move to their cafe chairs, blue or
purple on the cyc, a slight change in lighting from the previous song

Loving You smoky jazz club lighting, top light/specials on each table, spotlight on soloist,
slow disco ball

Treat Me Nice brighter jazz club look, soloist will be seated at and work in front of the CSR

Hound Dog similar lighting look from Treat Me Nice with subtle changes, soloist will be
seated at and work in front of the CSR table

Little Egypt spotlight on the announcer in front of SL door, special on guys singing CS, yellow
on cyc

Im a Woman specials on women, performers will play the proscenium line in front of the
There Goes My Baby - performers will play the proscenium line in front of the tables, dramatic
lighting with some breakup from gobos

Love Potion #9 performers will play DSC of the proscenium, mix of pink and red on cyc

Some Cats Know main curtain closes on intro of song, soloist enters from the SL door and sits
at the vanity, nightclub lighting on SL vanity area, tables and chairs are struck behind the
main curtain, and Broadway drop is lowered

Jailhouse Rock main curtain opens on song intro, specials on each couple on the beat,
performers will dance on the stair unit and main stage, and proscenium chasers can be going at
medium speed

Fools Fall in Love Reprise special or spotlight on soloist, on SR stair unit, blue gobo pattern on
wall, light intensity increases on final note, blue-out on final button of song

Spanish Harlem dancers move tracked flats out to CS and wait for their dance break, Fools
Reprise soloist passes Spanish Harlem soloist as he enters, singing takes place on SR stair
unit, dance break takes place on the main stage, dancers move tracked flats off on the last held
lyric of the song, soloist ends CS on the main stage

I Who Have Nothing couples (Brenda/Fred, BJ/Adrian, and DeLee/Michael) stroll across the
main stage in low light during the first verse, Victor sings from the SR stair unit, dramatic

Neighborhood Reprise #2 soloist starts at vanity and works her way to the SL proscenium, the
city night drop is slowly lowered during the first half of the song, Adrian takes his place CS on
main stage at the end of the reprise

Stand By Me Adrian starts the song the CS in a spotlight, the ensemble joins him one by one,
lights build slowly to a bright look by the end of the song, and performers will play the lip during
the final choruses

Bows rotating colors, spotlights crisscrossing, proscenium chasers on, main curtain closes
after Baby That is Rock and Roll Reprise