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Joint Finance

Committee move
sends relief to the
local school district
by CAmeRoN BReN Governor Scott Walker pro-
posed an increase in funding for
public education in his budget
earlier this year, but after
The Middleton-Cross Plains months of impasse on budget
Area School District Board of shortfalls in the legislature
Education discussed adding school districts were left in the
new sections to bring down cer- dark regarding what funding
tain class sizes and approved an will actually be available for the
across the board 2.3 percent now-started school year.
wage increase for all district The Joint Finance Committee
staff in light of legislature ac-
tion on the state budget.

Thomas plays key role in

FUNDING, page 10

responses to water crises

You are loved

Middleton native and UW- world and now begin to grow
Madison graduate Thomas my family, I carry this mindset
Murphy has been asked to join of security and achievement
The Global Water Center wherever I go.
Times-Tribune photo by Matt Geiger

(GWC) in Milwaukee, due to Murphy is happily married to

his work with GWC research Cape Town, South Africa local
groups and BREW program Alexandra Biess. She is co-
startups in the Western Cape owner of the family business, These days, you could be forgiven for thinking the world is fundamentally broken and profoundly devoid of love. Headlines
water crisis area. Charleys Bakery, and has an in- about war, violence, hatred, and social, economic and environmental calamity weigh on most people and make them question

His companies, Global Life ternationally distributed TV where all the good has gone. But this moving tribute on Highway M serves as a reminder - to all of us - that, even in the face
Systems LLC and its South show, Charleys Cake Angels. of sadness and loss, love remains, persists, and is not so easily broken.
African subsidiary, Afrisoul
Life Systems, are assisting in
Global water crisis response
mobilization and prevention ef-
forts in South Africa, and the
Hurricane Harvey flooding On Thursday,September 21,
My Wisconsin connection the Friends of Pheasant Branch
has given me direction and op- Conservancy will host a Con-
portunities in life, to which I am servancy Day Program titled
forever grateful, said Murphy. Awaken Memories through Art
I was raised in one of the safest with SPARK!
and most successful communi- The program will be held
ties in the country, and through- at3:00 Brookdale Madi-
out the world. As I explore the
SPARK, page 9

Mayors Brunch honors volunteers, parade marshals

Photo by Jeff Martin

This years Good Neighbor FestMayorsBrunchtook place at the Senior Center in conjunction with the Good Neighbor Fes-
tival. This year,MayorGurdip Brar invited long-time committee members of the city to attend and be recognized for their con-
tributions to the community. Pictured above, Mayor Gurdip Brar presents awards to the 2017 Good Neighbor Fest Parade
Marshals Jim Passini and Dan Adler. See more on page 2.
More than 100 people attend Mayors Brunch as part of Good Neighbor Fest

This years Good Neighbor FestMayorsBrunchhonored

Photos by Jeff Martin

long-time committee members of the city. An estimated 104 peo-

ple attended the event. Pictured, clockwise from top left:
Sharon Corrigan, Chair, Dane County Board and Paul Nel-
son, Dane County Supervisor;
City of Middleton Police Chief Chuck Foulke with spouse
Robyn Reed;
City of Middleton District 7 Alder Dan Ramsey (with spouse
Michele) and District 4 Alder Elizabeth Hetrick (with spouse
Nathaniel & daughter);
Middleton Mayor Gurdip Brar with spouse Dorothy;
City of Middleton District 2 Alder Robert Burck with spouse
The musical experience of a lifetime

City of middleton meetings at City Hall

September, 2017
Date/Time/Meeting Room


5:30 PMArts Committee B


6:30 PMPublic Works Committee B


2:00 PMPleasant View Golf Course Bid Opening B

6:00 PMLicense and Ordinance B
6:00 PMCommunity Development Authority CC
6:30 PMBock Community Garden Committee C
7:00 PMPlan Commission CC


6:00 PMFinance Committee/Department Budget Re-

views CC


5:00 PMDane County Community Development Block

Grant Commission CC
6:00 PMFriends of Middleton Dog Parks B

MHS students who were selected to be part of the State Honors Music Project and alternates:
Photo contributed

Back row, left to right: Calvin Guse, viola (Orchestra), Haiwen Dai, percussion (Band), Kian Djamali, trumpet (Orchestra), 5:30 PMWorkforce Housing Task Force B
Max Newcomer, tenor sax (Jazz Ensemble), Sam Jaeger, percussion (Band), Maureen Sheehan, viola (Orchestra). 6:30 PMSustainability Committee B
Front row, left to right: Ruth Thompson, soprano (Treble Choir), Elizabeth Engle, soprano (Mixed Choir), Sophia Patton, clar- 7:00 PMParks, Recreation and Forestry Commission
inet (Band), Allison Richards, soprano (Treble Choir), Leta Landucci, violin (Orchestra), Mia Chapman, violin (Orchestra). CC
Not pictured: Bryson Bauer, trombone (Band), Meghna Datta, violin (Orchestra), Julian Engle, tenor (Alternate Mixed
Choir), Ben Foster, alto sax (Alternate Band), Mary Hsu, violin (Orchestra), Grace Madigan, flute (Alternate Band/Orchestra), 9/19/2017
Abby Mangas, flute, (Alternate Band/Orchestra), Hanna Noughani, oboe (Band), Ben Peterson, trumpet (Orchestra), Leo Ross-
miller, tenor (Mixed Choir), Jack Tibbetts, percussion (Band), Anton Tung, percussion (Band), Balaji Veeramani, violin (Alternate 4:30 PMTourism Commission B
Orchestra), Alex Warholic, percussion (Jazz Ensemble). 5:30 PMPersonnel Committee CC
6:00 PMFinance Committee CC
Some of Wisconsins finest cess in music and in life, said achievements of Wisconsins Band Championships. WSMA, 7:30 PMCommon Council CC
young musicians met this sum- Victoria Donahue, WSMA pro- finest young musicians and are headquartered in the Wisconsin
mer for what the rewarding mu- gram director. open to the public. Center for Music Education, is 9/20/2017
sical experience of their Auditions were held in seven WSMA is a service organiza- governed by a board of direc-
lifetimes Wisconsin School sites across the state this past tion with more than 1,000 mem- tors made up of superintend- 6:30 PMWater Resources Management Commission B
Music Associations (WSMA) February. Of the more than ber public and private schools. ents, principals and other
2017 High School State Honors 1,300 auditions, 424 students in Each year, more than 100,000 officers from all over the state. 9/21/2017
Music Project. grades 9, 10 and 11 were invited students take the initiative to be- WSMA believes music is a
The High School State Hon- to be part of the WSMA High come involved in WSMA activ- basic human need, and that all 5:30 PMArts Committee B
ors Music Project is designed to School State Honors Music ities, including District and children have the right to expe-
provide musically talented stu- Project ensembles. State Music Festivals, Concert rience all that music offers 9/25/2017
dents with the opportunity to re- Students selected to partici- Festivals, State Honors Music them.
hearse and perform with the pate in the WSMA High School Project, Student Composition 6:00 PMPleasant View Golf Course Committee C
nations finest conductors in a State Honors Music Project met Project and State Marching 6:30 PMPublic Works Committee B
professional and highly disci- for the first time at an intensive CHURCH NOTES
plined setting. Students are four-day summer camp at UW- 9/26/2017
challenged to perform at their Green Bay. The WSMA High
musical best throughout the re- School Honors Summer Camp 7:00 PMPlan Commission CC
hearsal period, which culmi- is a unique and essential com-
nates with an inspired ponent to the High School Hon- 9/27/2017
performance, celebrating the ors Project experience as it is
reach of music education the first opportunity the selected 6:00 PMFinance Committee/Department Budget Re-
statewide. students have to see their music, views CC
When students are chal- meet the conductor and rehearse
lenged beyond what is possible as a newly formed ensemble. 9/28/2017
in a classroom, the results are Camp dates were June 17-24.
often inspiring and even magi- All Honors students will re- 6:00 PMMiddleton /Westport Joint Plan Commission
cal. Honors students learn that convene in Madison in late Oc- CC
hard work, commitment, re- tober to perform at the annual
sponsibility and working to- Wisconsin State Music Confer-
gether for the good of the ence. The Honors concerts cel-
ensemble are the keys to suc- ebrate the remarkable


Saturday, September 16th, 2017
3 games of bowling Shoe Rental Sanction
City tournament Fun Days Coaching
Flexible League Schedules
Pre-league day bowling and post bowling are available
Saturday, September 23rd at 9:00am
Bowling Provides Good Exercise. Bowling 2 games results in
walking around a half a mile! Bowling 30 minutes can burn
between 105 and 285 calories.
444 Grand Canyon Dr. Madison, WI
(608) 833-7272

Times-Tribune Opinion

Lets not devolve into a post-democratic regime

by BARTleTT DURAND patricians) to know all of the in- specialized political profes- tion, and evacuate their homes. focusing on fear, sensational- in critical thinking, community
tricacies of governance. The sions. We are a democratic re- Part of me watches the im- ism, and noise for the sake of service, and kindness. I weigh
Guest Column
Republic was formed to provide public we allow all citizens ages of rescues and hears the ratings. [I believe one day a the common good when making
a specialized profession focused to vote for our senators and rep- cries for help of those stranded doctorate dissertation will be my decisions. And I speak out.
From my
on the governance of Rome for resentatives, and for the elec- with a hardened heart. They written that the fall of the Our future depends not on
the benefit of its patrician citi- toral college to select the were warned, they ignored the United States began with the the children, but on each and
days, I re-
zens. These Senators were gen- President. It was, and is, ex- warning, they deserve what hiring of Rodger Ailes to create every one of us. We have to
member that
erally trusted to be working for pected that our elected officials they got. But mostly Im just re- Fox News and pursue a work to educate ourselves and
the origins of
the good of all of Rome, how- become highly educated spe- ally, really sad. The founda- vendetta against the Clintons]. our children, to debate openly
We s t e r n
ever good might be defined. cialists in the working of the tional compact between the Little cheats by our officials and without fear, and to insist
Over time, a special representa- government, and that they look body politic and our politicians, against the common good in that our representatives focus
arose in the
tive of the people, the Tribune, out for the good of the country. and the government they con- favor of expediency, the entry on the common good. We must
was developed to protect the Watching the events that un- trol, is broken. If we the people of big money into the political hold our government officials
Greek city states where the
rights of the plebeians, the folded in Houston with Hurri- do not trust our leaders the system influencing votes for a accountable to being profes-
landowners banded together for
working class, from the domi- cane Harvey, I am saddened that leaders WE ELECT and do donors benefit, and each time a sional and exceptional, but then
the common management of
nance of the patricians. Given we are seeing the effects of the not trust what the professionals politician or government em- trust them when they give their
their territory. Given the scale
the sheer numbers of the work- deterioration of the essential and experts in OUR govern- ployee mails it in or passes recommendations and regula-
of their world, it was possible
ing class versus the bond between the political class ment tell us then we are steps the buck, deteriorates the essen- tions. If we dont, our country
and expected that each
patrician/upper class, the Trib- and the polis: we (the people) away from either anarchy or au- tial trust of the citizenry, until will necessarily devolve into
member of the polis, the group
une gained incredible power, no longer trust that the govern- tocracy. our country is a hurtling vehicle any one of a number of post-de-
of citizens capable of voting,
and the tenuous partnership be- ment is working for the good of Like the later Roman Empire without driver or fuel. mocratic regimes.
was to attend hearings and con-
tween the patrician (old family) all. Beyond the cries of fake when the governance was split I return, as always, to what I
ferences, be fully engaged and
and the plebeians (working news and refusal to believe from a single Empire with an can do. I try to be a good neigh- Bartlett Durand, a Middleton
educated about the issues, and
class) through their representa- in what the government scien- Emperor into two sections with bor. I try to stay engaged in the resident, gained renown as
participate in vigorous debate.
tives permitted enough flexibil- tists tell us, there is a baseline two Emperors in an effort to re- debates of the day. I write, call The Zen Butcher at Black
Upon a decision by the major-
ity for Rome to continue for distrust of anything that comes gain a sense of control over the or meet with my representa- Earth Meats. He is now the
ity, all these citizens worked to-
centuries [longer if you include out of government. Which is vast territories controlled by tives. I encourage them to study business manager for The Con-
gether for the benefit of their
the introduction of the Emper- why it should not have been Rome, I fear we have grown the issue and make the right de- scious Carnivore, an attorney
ors into the equation]. surprising that large numbers of too big and too complex for our cision. I thank their aides, and with Sweet DeMarb LLC, and a
In Romes Republic, the
With the forming of the people refused to believe or unique form of government. all government employees, for business consultant through
State had grown so large and

Why are liberals complaining about 13,000 new jobs?

United States, our Founders listen to the government warn- The rise of the News-as-Enter- their service to the community. Local Choice Marketing.
complex that it was no longer
forged a balance between ing about Hurricane Harvey, tainment diminishes honest de- I educate my children and
possible for each citizen (rich
pure democracy and these about the potential for devasta- bate about the issues, instead any that come under my care
landowner families known as

by TeRReNCe WAll cently criticizing Governor need of jobs. are only provided if the factory manufacturing job typically start to earn the self-respect and
Walker for the states previously And yes, of course, the libs is built and creates the jobs and supports 7 other jobs (like in- pride of providing for them-
Up Against the Wall
high unemployment rate, (now think that the factory will just pays taxes, which means that surance, government, suppliers, selves and their families. Now
since reduced to full employ- come here out of the goodness without the factory, there would etc.) so those 13,000 jobs will thats exciting.
Liberals are always asking ment), and heres a new factory of Foxconns heart, without the be no taxes paid to the state and support about 91,000 other state
where are the factories?, that will produce 13,000 new $3 billion tax and benefit pack- local governments, in other jobs! Wow! Up Against the Wall is a
where are the living-wage jobs over ten years, and all they age that the Walker administra- words, the states benefit pack- Personally, I think the liber- monthly column written by Ter-
jobs?, but then you give em want to do is complain. The liq- tion is offering. (Remember, age is self-funding. als in this state just dont want rence Wall and reflects his
what they want and then they uid crystal display factory for Wisconsin lost thousands of Plus there will be 10,000 di- Walker to be successful at cre- views and opinions, not those of
complain about it; not that fac- Foxconn, which is an Apple jobs and the Oscar Mayer plant rect construction jobs and an- ating jobs or turning around the the Middleton Times-Tribune
tory; its going to pollute; supplier by the way (oh, then when the city and the state other estimated 22,000 indirect state. The Foxconn deal is a editorial staff. Response and re-
its unfair; its need a multi- its ok!), will pay mid-$50,000 didnt take the situation seri- construction jobs (i.e. Suppliers, once in a lifetime opportunity buttals (to all columns in this
year environmental assessment; range for those factory jobs and ously enough and offer a benefit sub to subs, etc.) that will allow a lot of unem- paper) are encouraged and will
its Asian; its not making or- a lot more the engineering jobs package to retain the company.) Best of all, no one is talking ployed or under employed Wis- be published in the next edition.
ganic, gluten-free, gender-neu- and management jobs - in an And those tax benefits are tax about the additional benefit of consin residents the opportunity They can be sent to
tral unicorns. area of the state desperately in incentives, which means they those manufacturing jobs - one to get off the public dole and
The liberals were just re-

SCHoolFUNDING continued from page 8

approved funding an additional grade. with teacher A then we rip them

$200 per student this year and Board member Linda Yu away and send the kids to
another $204 on top of that in asked if the funding would be teacher B.
2018-19. coming from the contingency Board member Anne Bauer
Other school funding pro- fund which the board approved said she thought it was a good
grams would also see increases. as part of the preliminary idea and was glad the adminis-
Education funding is part of an budget. Mavroulis said the ad- trative staff were pointing it out
omnibus bill expected to pass in ditional funding went beyond to the board.
both the Assembly and the Sen- the already approved budget I know its very last minute
ate. items. and I know the budget kind of
Current law gives $9,100 per With the wage increase and created that scenario, but Im
pupil to districts, under the new with the contingency we would glad that it is going to get ad-
deal districts would receive have $350,000 addition beyond dressed, Bauer said.
$9,300 per pupil go up $100 the contingency, Mavroulis Board member Kurt Karbu-
more every year. The sign of said. We hold contingency sicky asked if there was any The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School Board at its meeting last week. The board has ap-
Times-Tribune photo by Cameron Bren

certainty was enough for super- back for these types of deci- thought to adding a section to proved across the board wage increases for staff.
intendent George Mavroulis sions so technically this would seventh grade since that was
and Assistant Superintendent come out of contingency which getting close to capacity. Another increase in funding has had to continuously add explained to the board that this
Sherri Cyra to make a recom- we already approved, the Cyra said first and second comes from a increase in enroll- new sections. The district is also was usually done after thirdFri-
mendation to the board to to $350,000 is above and beyond grade classes were most critical ment. This year so far hasnt now working on plans for a new day of September enrollment
adding new sections to the most our contingency. given the age of the kids. matched the record growth of facility in the areas of highest numbers come in but that is al-
crowded classrooms. Mavroulis acknowledged it Mavroulis said the impact at the last couple years but the dis- growth. ways a major challenge for pay-
Today is the first time weve was late but said he thought it Park would go from 24 to 16 trict is still ahead of projec- Obviously growth is good in roll. He also noted the increase
know we will have additional was best to do it before school students per teacher and at Sun- tions. terms of revenue but it creates affects teachers differently de-
budget funds, Cyra said. started. set would go from 25 to 20 stu- There are 57 new students its own concerns, board presi- pending on where they are in
Given the relatively surety of If were going to add a sec- dents per teacher. Whereas if a enrolled in K-12 and 94 alto- dent Bob Green said. their level and lane moves.
the $200 per pupil our inclina- tion, we want to do it before 7th grade section was added at gether including 4K. The board also approved an The motion to approve the
tion would be to add a section kids start school, Mavroulis Kromrey it would reduce class The district has welcomed across the board wage increase wage increase passed unani-
of first grade and second said. Before kids fall in love size by two or three. the growth in and in funding but for all district staff. Mavroulis mously.
WTS Paradigm and 360 Innovations announce acquisition

WTS Paradigm, LLC, and are committed to providing what weve been hoping to ac-
360 Innovations has announced Stephane Mondoux, the former complish. Im expecting major
the acquisition of 360 Innova- owner, as well as his team of innovations arising from this
tions. This transaction repre- dedicated employees, the re- new team synergy.
sents a unique and significant sources they need. This acquisi- Nathan Herbst continued,
opportunity to enhance the tion is a testament to the 360 Innovations has a well-de-
growth of WTS Paradigm and dedication and hard work of served reputation of providing
advance the companys strate- both organizations that has its customers with innovative
gic focus on global expansion. brought us to this point and il- products and a high level of
These organizations previously lustrates our combined commit- service. These areas of focus
competed with one another in ment to ensuring the future will continue, without interrup-
the building products software success of the building products tion, through the support of
market. Going forward, 360 In- industry. Customers of both or- WTS Paradigm as we continue
novations will be operated as a ganizations will benefit from to push the envelope in devel-
division of WTS Paradigm. The this acquisition for years to oping new technologies and ex-
entire 360 Innovations staff will come. panding our reach in the global
be retained and all offices will Stphane Mondoux, former marketplace. We are excited by
remain open. CEO and owner of 360 Innova- what our two companies can
Post-acquisition, WTS Para- tions said, The core values that bring to one another, but more
digm now has nearly 200 staff we built our business around especially by what we can ac-
members. The acquisition was happen to align well with those complish together for our cus-
effective on August 18, 2017. of WTS Paradigm. Most no- tomers.
360 Innovations is headquar- tably, our two organizations Joel Fields, WTS Paradigms
tered in Montral, Qubec and share a deeply-rooted commit- CFO, said, Throughout our
operates additional offices in ment to creating value and place history, WTS Paradigm has fo-
France and the UK. a tremendous amount of empha- cused on organic growth. The
WTS Paradigm will operate sis on culture of innovation. acquisition of 360 Innovations Nathan Herbst (CEO of WTS Paradigm) and Stphane Mondoux (President of 360 Innova-
Photos by Jeff Martin

360 Innovations as a division of Serge Rondeau, VP of Proj- marks a new chapter to our tions).
WTS Paradigm. It will also re- ects for 360 Innovations, com- growth strategy, and were re-
tain all 360 Innovations staff mented, 360 Innovations is ally excited for what it will
members and office locations. very proud of the legacy we mean for our customers. We be- abroad. We will continue to other solutions are specifically offer a fully integrated solution
We are extremely excited to have built up over the past 14 lieve that the acquisition of 360 look at making acquisitions in designed to help organizations that scales with their clients
welcome the 360 Innovations years. We view todays transac- Innovations will act as an accel- our space as a means of accom- operating in the building prod- businesses as they grow. 360 In-
team and customers to the WTS tion as an opportunity to con- erator for our business, enabling plishing faster growth and ucts industry to build revenue, novations software is recog-
Paradigm family, said Nathan tinue that legacy as part of the us to grow more quickly than greater market share. increase sales opportunities, and nized worldwide because of its
Herbst, CEO of WTS Paradigm. WTS Paradigm family. we could have done organically. WTS Paradigm, LLC., is the reduce the time from quoting to simple deployment, ability to
360 Innovations is a company Daniel Cardin, VP of R&D The additional staff, the ex- leading technology solutions closing. evolve, and exceptional integra-
that I have been following for for 360 Innovations, com- panded portfolio of technology, provider for the building prod- 360 Innovations is a world tion.
quite some time. We value mented, WTS Paradigms and the international presence ucts industry. Their Master- leader in building software for

Engineering professor to give lecture

everything that 360 Innovations long-term vision in regard to will enable us to continue our PointTM ERP system, companies that manufacture

Wisconsin Poet Laureate

brings to our organization and technology is consistent with growth both domestically and CenterPoint sales tool, and and sell custom products. They

at the Middleton Public Library

will visit Middleton
The Middleton Public Li- human. From ancient Greek
brary will welcome 2017-2018 gods to Hollywood movie stars,
Wisconsin Poet Laureate Karla Hustons poems explore a wide Laura Albert, Associate Dean ogy, and beyond, will show ples from her research that ad- ested in sports analytics and
Huston (above) on Thursday, variety of subjects, but fre- of UW-Madisons School of how engineers use math to dress problems in homeland se- bracketology and writes the
September 7, for a poetry read- quently return to topics related Engineering, will present a lec- solve problems and design bet- curity, emergency response, and blog Punk Rock Operations
ing and book signing. Huston is to aging and women. She is ture at the Middleton Public Li- ter systems. She will provide an bracketology. The lecture will Research at
the author of eight chapbooks of also a strong supporter of poetry brary on Thursday, September overview of her discipline of begin at 7:00 PM in the Li- This event is part of
poems, the latest entitled Grief reading and writing as part of 21. operations research and ad- brarys lower-level Archer Scholard for Life, a lecture se-
Bone, (Five Oaks Press), as well various statewide Memory Caf Dr. Alberts lecture, entitled vanced analytics and will dis- Room. ries presented by the Middleton
as a full collection, A Theory of projects. This ground-breaking Advanced analytics for sup- cuss its wide-ranging Laura Albert is an Assistant Public Library in partnership
Lipstick (Main Street Rag Pub- program brings together people porting public policy, bracketol- applications, focusing on exam- Dean in the School of Engineer- with the UW Madison Speakers
lications). Hustons work has who suffer from mild memory ing and an expert in the fields of Bureau. Taking the Wisconsin
garnered numerous awards, in- loss and dementia, along with operations research and ad- Idea as its starting point,
cluding a Pushcart Prize for the their caregivers, to celebrate vanced analytics. Her research Scholard for Life aims to pro-
poem Theory of Lipstick. She and collaborate in creativity and focuses on modeling and solv- mote lifelong learning, intellec-
received an Outstanding storytelling. ing real-world discrete opti- tual curiosity, and engagement
Achievement Award from the This special event will start at mization problems with between academics and the
Wisconsin Library Association 7 p.m. in the Archer Room on application to homeland secu- community as a whole.
for her collection of the same the Librarys lower level. rity, disasters, emergency re- Find more information, in-
title. Copies of Ms. Hustons books sponse, public services, and cluding videos of past lectures,
A resident of Appleton, Wis- will be available for purchase healthcare. She is also inter- at
consin, Huston writes poetry and the evening will conclude
rooted in the stories people with a book signing. Registra-
tellthose memories and per- tion is appreciated, online at
ceptions, personal and cultural or by
mythologies which define us as email at
The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium and Middleton

Community Development Authority Present Strollin

Middleton on Friday Evening, September 8

Strollin Middleton is made possible by sponsorships from the Middleton Community Devel-
File photo

opment Authority, the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, and T Wall Enterprises, with addi-
tional support from each host venue, free will contributions from Strollin attendees, a grant
from the John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation, and promotional support from

Septembers Strollin event.

Friday, September 8 Once again, the Consortiums
5:00 PM 10:00 PM Nick Moran (an outstanding
jazz bassist in his own right) has
5:00 7:00 PM: BMO

Iconica selected to build and

booked an intriguing mix of
Harris Student Stage (7447 University Avenue bands showcasing the wide
@ Parmenter Street) range of instrumental and vocal
Images contributed

renovate Bishops Bay Country Club

5:00 PM: Edgewood High School Jazz Combo jazz styles regularly available to
6:00 PM: Middleton High School Jazz Combo Dane County audiences, includ-
ing our communitys outstand-
5:00 7:30 PM: Middleton Senior Center (7448 ing professional musicians as
Iconica, the leading integrated architecture, engineering, and construction firm announced Hubbard Avenue) well as student ensembles from
its selection by Bishops Bay Country Club to build a new addition and renovation of its existing 5:00 PM: Middleton Jazz Middleton and Edgewood High
building in Middleton, Wisconsin. 6:30 PM: Craig Mason Combo Schools.
The project includes construction of a new event and dining hall, renovation of the existing From the Dixieland sounds
dining room, bar, bathrooms, and exterior work on the historical building. 6:00 8:30 PM: Barriques (1901 Cayuga Street) of Middleton Jazz to the con-
Bishops Bay Country Club is a private golf course and club on the shore of Lake Mendota in 6:00 PM: Guitarist-Vocalists Lo Marie and Cliff Frederiksen temporary sounds of recent UW
Middleton with views of downtown Madison and the Isthmus. 7:30 PM: Vocalist Michelle DuVall and Pianist Paul Hastil graduate Rachel Heuer and vo-
We are honored to have our team working on this historic building for members and guests calist Betsy Ezell, from the New
to use and enjoy. The impact of the renovation and additional room will be immediate as the 6:00 9:00 PM: Middleton Public Library (7425 Orleans sounds of pianist
club opens in April right after our renovations, said Iconica President, Jim Pientka. Hubbard Avenue) Johnny Chimes to the funky
Iconica has finished the design work with their Architects and Engineers and will now begin 6:00 PM: Vocalist Betsy Ezells Quartet urban jazz of Rick Flowers &
construction in October of this year and is expected to finish in April 2018. 7:00 PM: Panchromatic Steel Band The Floroq Sound and
Iconica is a forward-thinking integrated firm with architects, engineers, and construction staff 8:00 PM: Percussionist Rick Flowers & The Floroq Sound Caribbean jazz from Panchro-
working together to design and build new and renovated commercial structures and spaces for matic Steel, theres sure to be
clients across Wisconsin. Founded in 1973, Iconica is privately held company with 70 staff mem- 6:30 10:00 PM: Louisiannes (7464 something for every musical
bers and projects including retail, commercial, residential and industrial facilities. Hubbard Avenue) taste. And you wont want to
6:30 PM: Pianist Johnny Chimes miss Panchromatics world pre-
miere performance of a new
8:30 9:30 PM: Villa Dolce (1828 Parmenter Street) work by Miami (Ohio) Univer-
Saxophonist Rachel Heuer and Her Quartet sity Professor Chris Tanner that
was commissioned by the Jazz
By popular demand, the a staggered performance sched- Consortium through its new
Greater Madison Jazz Consor- ule that makes it easy for atten- Artistic Development Program.
tiums Strollin series is return- dees to stroll from venue to
ing to Downtown Middleton on venue and sample many differ-
BRICK )36*2:;65,

Friday evening, September 8. ent musical styles.


This jazz mini-fest will feature The 2017 edition of Strollin

performances by twelve bands Middleton is the 11th jazz

presenting five hours of contin- stroll produced by the Consor-

uous and stylistically diverse tium in a series that began four
live music at six indoor and out- years ago at Schenks Corners
door venues in Middletons on Madisons Near East Side.
walkable downtown area east The series has been warmly em-
and west of Parmenter Street brac ed by each of its host com- Remember to
and south of University Avenue. munities, and especially in
Now in its fourth year, this pop- Middleton where over 1,000
ular jazz stroll series features happy music fans attended last The Middleton Times-Tribune
and Buyers Guide staff takes
care in proof-reading ad copy,
but an error may still occur on
occasion. We ask that you check
your ads on their first insertion
date. If an error is discovered
please contact your sales rep,
Brian Palzkill at 608-235-8925 or
Karin Henning at 608-358-7958
to have the ad corrected.
The Middleton Times-Tribune
will not be held liable beyond
the cost of the advertisement
placed, nor for more than one
weeks incorrect insertion.
The Middleton Times-Tribune
reserves the right to refuse any
advertisement for any reason.

For the 18th year, MOM makes sure local children

have the supplies they need to succeed in school

On Thursday, August 24 and
Friday, August 25, 600 children
from around the West Madison,
Middleton and Cross Plains
areas received a backpack full
of school supplies thanks to the
community, giving them a boost
of confidence on their upcom-
ing first day of school. In its
18th year, the School Supply

Sidorov selects Bauer

program provides school-aged
children, teens, and back-to-
school adults with items that
Photo contributed

they will need to help them be

Jake Bauer was selected by the world renowned diamond setter Alexandre Sidorov to at- successful in the upcoming
tend 2017 Grand Masters Program. The applicationprocess was world wide. Jake is attending year.
the program with goldsmiths from London, Russia, Chinaand America to be tutored by Alexan- Each child received a back-
dre. Only twelve jewelers/goldsmithswere selected for the program. The applicants sent pictures pack filled with supplies that is
of their custom jewelryand Alexandre selected individuals based on talent. customized for the grade that
they will be entering, says

RENEW Wisconsin Gears up for Middleton Bicycle Tour

Judy Kujoth, Case Managerfor
Middleton Outreach Min-
istry. Our goal is to provide

Ride will highlight area renewable energy projects

more than the basics so that
they are truly prepared. The MOM is a local non-profit organizationthat leads a commu-
Photo contributed

program also supplies relief to nity-wide effort to prevent homelessness and end hunger for
On Sunday, October 1, why clean energy works for Registration for the ride is families worried about the extra our neighbors throughout Middleton, West Madison and Cross
RENEW Wisconsin, with pre- their pocketbooks and their open through September 29. expense of the oftencostly sup- Plains.All programs are provided free of charge.
senting sponsor SunPeak, will businesses. The cost is $30 for members of plies. Between supply dona-
host its 5th annual Ride with The stops and start and end RENEW Wisconsin, $40 for tions and the amazing people
RENEW bicycle tour of re- schedule is as follows: non-members, and $60 to both who volunteer, the community weather. In addition, the Mid- likerent.
newable energy projects, with -Gather at BMO Harris Bank register for the ride and become really comes together and dleton Library provided infor- Program supplies were do-
this years ride taking place in parking Lot in Middleton for a a member of the organization makes the huge undertaking a mation about services and nated by area individuals,
Middleton, WI. All event pro- 9:30 a.m. departure. for one year. All donations to reality. distributed a coupon for a free groups and companies. Special
ceeds support RENEW Wiscon- -Sustainable Engineering RENEW Wisconsin for this The program ran in conjunc- book to be redeemed at the li- thanks to the following busi-
sins ongoing work to advance Groups net-zero solar powered charity bike ride are matched up tion with a clothing and sport- brary. They also helped fami- nesses and organizations for
renewable energy in Wisconsin. office in downtown Middleton. to $15,000 by generous donors ing goods distribution through lies pick out free books onsite, their extra support of the pro-
We are very excited to tour -Gundersen Health Systems John & Mary Frantz of Madi- MOMs Clothing Center.At a provided by Books for the gram: Madison4Kids, Black-
some of the Middleton areas & Dane County Biodigester. son. time of year where many fami- World, a global literacy project, hawk Church, Cross Plains
great renewable energy projects This project converts manure to Individuals and businesses lies are shopping for new school supervised by Rotarians. RISE Lions Club, Books for the
on Sunday, October 1st, said make enough electricity to candonate to RENEW Wiscon- clothing for their growing chil- was also there to connect fami- World, the many volunteers,
Tyler Huebner, Executive Di- power approximately 2,500 sin or in support of a rider, sign dren, clients can take clothing lies with their Parent-Child and all of the community drop-
rector of RENEW Wiscon- homes while keeping manure on as an event sponsor, orvol- that they need for their children Home Program. off locations and company
sin. This tour allows us to out of the watershed. unteer on ride day. due to the upcoming cooler Giving kids the items that drives.
showcase a variety of ways to -Madison Gas & Electrics
they need to fit in and feel pre-
produce homegrown, clean en- Middleton Shared Solar project,
pared can make a big impact on
ergy right here in Wisconsin in- a large 500 kilowatt solar proj-
how ready they feel on the first
cluding wind, solar, and even ect on the roof of the Middleton
day and how excited that they
cow manure. This is a really fun Operations Center. Subscribers
are to meet their teachers, their
event where you can meet great to this pilot shared solar pro-
classmates, and learn. says
people, help a good cause, and gram receive the benefits of lo-
Ellen Carlson, Interim Execu-
learn together about clean en- cally generated solar power
tive Director at MOM. The
ergy in Wisconsin. from a centralized solar project.
Back to School Program also
Riders will travel approxi- -Epics Galactic Wind
helps keep families in stable
mately 22 miles on paved roads Farm, featuring six turbines
housing, supplying them with
and bike paths to visit innova- each with three 135-foot blades
2313 Parmenter Street
the assistance they need to free
tive wind, solar and biogas en- which rise hundreds of feet
up financial resources to pay
ergy generation facilities in above the rolling hills northwest
for necessary expenses
scenic northwest Dane County. of Madison and generate
The total tour time will be ap- enough electricity to help Epic
proximately 6 hours (including offset much of its energy needs.
stops at renewable energy sites) -PDQ in downtown Middle-
and actual riding time will be 2 ton. Presenting sponsor Sun-
to 3 hours. Seasoned cyclists Peak installed solar panels on
will have an optional longer this store which showcases the
route of about 40 miles to travel market advances of solar along-
at their own pace. side traditional fuels.
Participants will get an inside -The ride will conclude at
look at some of the areas lead- Capital Brewery, also powered
ing renewable energy projects by a set of solar panels, for re-
and will enjoy breakfast, lunch, freshments around 4:00 p.m.
and beverages along the way.
They will visit with installers
and workers who are advancing
renewable energy every day,
and hear from customers about IMPLEMENT CO. INC. SIMPLY THE BEST
Spring water in 5 & 3 gallon containers freshly
bottled in small batches in Genesse Depot, WI
Cooler rentals, sales, service
(USPS #347-380) Custom labeled water for your event
Published every Thursday by 1113 Main St., Cross Plains Fluoridated and distilled water available as well
News Publishing Company, Inc., 798-3371 1-888-210-6418
P.O. Box 286, Black Earth,
Better Water, a locally owned and operated
Phone: (608) 767-3655
company exclusively distributes Century Springs

water, over 100 years of fresh, great-tasting
Better Water serves homes and businesses
Periodicals postage paid

throughout Southwestern Wisconsin. Why not

at Madison, WI

call today and get simply the best water!

Postmaster: Solutions To All Your Pest Problems
Send address change to General Insects - Spiders, Asian Beetles,
Middleton Times-Tribune, Earwigs, Box Elder Bugs
P.O. Box 286, Black Earth, Bats Removed Humanely, Rodent Control We accept all major credit
WI 53515-0286 Satisfaction
cards, cash and checks.
Is Our
#1 Goal!
Subscription Rates: $44/year,
$86/2 years; out-of-state: 608-438-7590 | 608.535.0426
$59/year, $114/2 years. Locally owned and operated.
Residential & Commercial
Middleton Public Library Events for Children, Tweens & Teens

3DSwitch Club (All ages) sion is the award-winning Grand prize: a Go Pro camera! Tween Paint Night MAD Science of Milwaukee to reserve a how to
Thursday, Sept 7, 6:30-8:30pm Scythe by Neal Shusterman, an Pick up a rules/entry sheet at (Grades 3-6) presents table. All ages welcome to
Thursday, Oct 5, 6:30-8:30pm unusual sci-fi that frames some the Help Desk for more infor- Monday, Sept 18, 6:00-7pm Spin, Pop, BOOM! learn a new skillif you see
Mack Reading Room (Main uncomfortable questions for mation. This competition in- Recreate an artwork using Friday, Sept 22, 2pm one you like, try it out and set
Level) the future. cludes entries from seven area paint on canvas. Step-by-step (All ages) up a table to sell your products
Bring your 3DS and games for libraries. Entries will be instruction will be provided. Professor Maria returns with at our Young Entrepreneurs
the group to share! Family Self-Defense Class shown at our Film Fest on No previous painting experi- all new experiments. Science Craft Fair on Nov. 4!
Saturday, Sept 16, 2pm Sept. 28 at 6 pm, with winners ence needed. Registration is has never been such crazy fun!
Dungeons & Dragons for Learn practical safety tips and announced at that time. required space is limited to Adulting 101 (Life Hacks!)
Teens (Grades 7-12) techniques in this hands-on in- 21. Teen Advisory Committee Monday, October 2, 4-5pm
Wednesdays, Sept. 13-Nov. 1, teractive class presented by the (TAC) (Grades 6-12) Money, Money, Money
4:30-6pm instructors of Trowbridge Mar- Monday, Sep 25, 4:15-5pm Monday, October 9, 4-5pm
Put your imagination to work tial Arts Academy. Wear com- Monday, Oct 16, 4:15-5pm Employment Tips
in one of the best role playing fortable exercise-type clothing. Are you interested in civic en- Recommended for ages 14-29
games ever! We will be play- Please register. gagement and social responsi- Do you feel clueless about
ing a 5th edition campaign. bility? Would you liketo have adulty things? Wish you had a
All skill levels welcome. Reg- Chess Club (All ages) a voicein shaping the direction cheat sheet of life hacks? Try
istration required - limit 6 Sunday, Sept 17, 1:30-3:30pm of the library? Do you simply out our new Adulting 101 class
players. Sunday, Oct 1, 1:30-3:30pm love the library and like help- series! In October, get finan-
Chess lessons will begin at ing out? The Teen Advisory cial tips from BMO Harris

Donuts & Dystopias: Scythe 1:30pm followed by open play. Committee counts as volunteer Bank and financial counselor
2lbs. of Sprechers Wings
Three pieces of beer battered cod,

(Grades 7-12) All ages and skill levels are hours and allows you to vote Nichole Monzon and advice
Paired with Choice of
Sprechers Draft Beer coleslaw, pub fries or beer cheese

Friday, Sept. 15, 4:15-5pm welcome. and plan teen programs, advise from the UW Career Center on
potatoes and a Sprechers draft beer,
Imagine we have found a cure us on changes to our teen sec- interviewing and job tips!
soda or old fashioned cocktail
Short Video Contest
for every disease. Overpopula- tion and suggest materials to Stay tuned in November for
$ 22
tion is the worlds greatest (Grades 5-12) purchase. Wed love to see Adulting 101 classes on
Sprechers Pub Burger with
Choice of a Sprechers Draft

problem. How would you Entries Due: Monday, Sept. 18 you at our next meeting! CPR/Safety; survival hacks:
Beer or Soda 12 oz. Tender Prime Rib with Beer

choose who lives and who 2 competitions: grades 5-8 and bare essential cooking, child-
Cheese Potatoes, Chefs Vegetables,
FLATBREAD & BEER and Choice of Side Salad or Soup

dies? Would you be able to grades 9-12 Film Fest care, and car emergencies; and
WEDNESDAY $12 Starting after 4pm,

kill someone if it were for a Do you love to make movies? Thursday, Sept. 28, 6-7pm conversation, writing, & cour-
limited quantities available
11 Flatbread with Choice of a

greater good? Our novel for This contest challenges you to All ages welcome! tesy. Come to all 5 sessions
Sprechers Draft Beer or Soda
this months teen book discus- create a story in video form. Come see short videos made and receive an Official Adult
by area students! Entries from card!
seven area libraries will be
House made BBQ Ribs with served

shown and the winner of the

with Coleslaw, Pub Fries, or Beer ALL DAY
Short Video Contest will be LC3 = Loosely Controlled
Cheese Potatoes & Side Salad or
announced! Chaos Club
Beer Cheese Soup

(Grades K-6)
1/2 $ Full $
Rack: 15 Rack: 20 HOUR
SEPT. 15-17 How to Teen MakerFaire October 5, 4:15-5pm = Erupt-
Saturday, Sept. 30, 3-4pm ing Volcano!
THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH - Kirstie Kraus 6:00

Main level of the Library Calling all MAD SCIEN-

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH - Blue Spruce 6:00 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH - Hecht & Who Dat 6:00

All Ages TISTS! Join forces to explore

1262 John Q. Hammons Dr., Madison
What would you like to learn & create. Each month well
Festival of the Mounds how to do? It may be taught tackle a new, challenging, and

here! Learn an Irish dance, most-likely very messy experi-

Across from Marriott West, east of Greenway Blvd.
Mounds View Park, Blue Mounds
basic guitar or violin, make a ment! Adults, please don your
Locallyy Owned & Operated

friendship bracelet or origami own goggles to assist our

*Concession Stand
Groups 25-1000 art, calligraphy and cross-stitch younger scientists. Registra-
or beginner web design! tion is required space is lim-

*Beer Tent
Teens: do you have a talent ited.
featuring 6 bands Pick up or well deliver
youd like to share? Contact
Rebecca at: rvandan@midli- Books & Brownies:
FRIDAY, 7:30 PM:
13 Reasons Why
Friday, Oct. 6, 4-5pm
Grades 7-12: mature content
8 PM - 12 AM:
Res erve our PLAN AHEAD

Have you read the book or


watched the series 13 Reasons

your upcoming parties! YOUR EVENTS!
SATURDAY, 12:30-4:30 PM:
Why? How do you feel about
Call 767-5555! HAPPY HOUR, MONDAY-FRIDAY, 3-6 PM

Hannahs choices? Is suicide


glamorized in the book or se-

8 PM - 12 AM:
ries? As a safe space, the Li-
brary seeks to open dialogue
Last Call
and awareness of issues, and a
9 PM:
If you want to save your
mental health professional will
be on hand to help guide our
Ash Trees pay attention to
*DJ Big J this ad and have your
Dungeons and Dragons for
trees injected now!
Tweens (Grades 3-6)
*Craft/Vendor Fair
Wednesdays, October 11 - No-
Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC
vember 15, 6:30-8:00pm
*Kickball *Kids Games Caring for our Green World since 1978

Dungeons and Dragons is back

at the Middleton Public Li-

*Chicken BBQ *Parade 608-795-9948

brary! Anyone in grades 3-6 is

welcome to sign up to join us
for this classic role-playing
fantasy game. All levelsin-
cluding beginnersare wel-
come! Well meet six
Wednesdays in a row. Regis-
tration is required - space is
Published every Thursday by News Publishing Company

limited to 6! Registering for

P.O. Box 286, Black Earth, WI 53515

the October 11 date signs you

Phone: (608) 767-3655 Fax: (608) 767-2222

up for the entire 6 week series.

Visit our website at:

Krafty Kids: Happy

Classified Advertising, Subscriptions or General Inquiries:

Halloween! (All ages)

Call (608) 767-3655 or email:

Saturday, Oct 21, 2:30-3:30pm

Subscription Rates: One year, $44; two years, $86;

Halloween is howling fun at

Out-of-state, one year, $59; two years, $114.

our craft event for everyone!

Publishers: Daniel R. Witte, Mark D. Witte
Doors open at 2:30pm. Drop
in anytime, but be sure to
Editor: Matt Geiger

allow yourself enough time to

complete your craft by

Sports Editor: Rob Reischel

Advertising Sales Staff:
Books & Cooks (Grades 3-6)
Monday, Oct 23, 6pm
Brian Palzkill
Karin Henning
See eVeNTS, page 10
Storytimes & Events for Younger Children at the library UW-Whitewater Professors to talk

home refinancing, reverse mortgages

Fun fall and early winter programs are coming up On Wednesday, September 27, the Middleton Public Library will
host two UW-Whitewater assistant professors of finance offering a
presentation entitled, How Much Do You Know about Mortgage
Weekly Storytime Schedule: Registration *No Storytime Nov 24 Stories, songs, a picture book movie, and Refinance?
is not required. a craft or sensory activity. [Archer Mohammad Jafarinejad and Bakhtear Talukdar will present an
Special & Monthly Events: Room] objective, non-biased look at mortgage refinance and reverse mort-
Big Kids Storytimes (ages 2-5) Mondays at 6pm: gages with the goal of providing potential homebuyers and current
Tuesdays* @ 9:30am & 10:30am i9Sports Mondays @ 10:30 Sept 25: Stuffed Animal Sleepover homeowners with a better understanding of these topics. This pres-
Longer books, music, and movement ac- Sept 18, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11 Oct 30: Halloween (wear your cos- entation is made possible by a partnership between the Middleton
tivities followed by a craft project! Professionals from i9Sports will be here tumes!) Public Library and UW-Whitewaters Department of Finance and
[Archer Room] to teach introductory soccer & basketball Nov 27: Pajama Party! Business Law.
*No Storytimes Nov 21 Drills. (ages 2-5) Dec 18: Winter Wonderland Event (see The event will begin at 6:30 PM in the Librarys lower-level
Registration is required space is lim- description below) Archer Rooms. Registration is appreciated: Online at
Little Kids Storytime (ages 2-3) ited. or by email at
Wednesdays* @ 9:30am & 10:30am
Books, music, and movement activities Full STEAM Ahead (ages 2-5) little om BIG OM

followed by a craft project! [Archer Fridays @ 10:30am: Mondays @ 10:30am: Oct 2 - Nov 6 -
Room] Sept 22 Oct 20 Nov 17 Dec 15 Dec 4 continued from page 1
*No Storytimes Nov 22 Each month our books, songs and activi- Family & Toddler Yoga fun songs &
ties will focus on a special STEAM sub- poses. son West, 413 S Yellowstone Dr., Madison, WI 53719. The
Tiny Tots Storytime (ages 1-2) ject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Registration is required space is lim- SPARK! Program is Cultural Arts programming for adults with
Thursdays* @ 9:30am & 10:30am Art, and/or Math. ited. memory loss and their families and care partners. SPARK! is a free
Songs, rhymes, puppets, music, and short program that has 22 locations across Wisconsin, including two here
books. [Storytime Room] Communication Innovations (all ages) Kids Day Event in Madison; the Madison Childrens Museum and the Wisconsin
*No Storytimes Oct 5, Nov 2 & Nov 23 Tuesdays @ 10:30am @ Greenway Station Farmers Market Historical Society. Angela Johnson has been running the SPARK!
Sept 26 - Oct 10 - Nov 14 - Dec 12 Thursday, Oct 5, 9am-1pm program at Madison Childrens Museum since2010. She will pres-
Baby Lapsit Storytime (pre-walkers) Interactive book reading, singing, crafts Special Storytime! @ 10am ent sample artwork that has been done by older adults and those
NEW DAY! Fridays* @ 9:30am and more, presented by a speech-lan- with cognitive challenges. She will lead the participants in an art
Songs, rhymes, and short, interactive guage pathologist and an occupational Winter Wonderland Storytime Event experience with an environmental theme.
books specifically designed for young therapist. Tues., Dec 19 & Wed., Dec 20 @ 10am Although SPARK is meant for older adults, this program is ap-
babies. Previously on Thursdays [Story- A celebration of winter with books, propriate for all ages. RSVPs appreciated, and inquiries welcome
time Room] Evening Storytimes! (ages 2-6) songs, a movie and a craft! (all ages)

eVeNTS continued from page 8

Theme: Scary Stories! Kerr * in support of this event. Young Entrepreneurs Craft Fair
Recipe: BRAINS! One for Sorrow by Mary Downing Hahn * (Grades 3-12)
Put on your chefs hat and grab your books! Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh Applications Due Friday, October 27 by 6pm
Scary food art is whats on the menu this month. Special Effects: Monster Make-up! Saturday, Nov. 4, 2-4pm
Dont worry, well have yummy snacks to share (Grades 6-12) Its a craft fair featuring items made by YOU!
while we talk about books. Read one or more of Pumpkin Party! (All ages) Friday, Oct. 27, 3-4pm (MHS: NO SCHOOL ) If youre interested in selling items youve
the suggested books or choose your own. Reg- Thursday, October 26, 2-4pm Want to learn some secrets to creating realistic made, sign up to host a table at our Young En-
istration is required - space is limited. Celebrate Halloween AND a day off from monster make-up? Dont miss this presentation trepreneurs Craft Fair. Details and applications
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman * Shadow school by carving or painting a pumpkin. Bring by a professional theatrical make-up artist! are available at the Main Level Help Desk (ap-
House by Dan Poblocki * your own pumpkin or use one of ours (while Registration required. plications are due back by October 27). Space
Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior supplies last). Well provide the carving tools is limited; pick up your application today! (All
High Carnival of Horrors by Mark Tatulli * The and paints; you provide the imagination! Thank ages are welcome to shop at the Fair, cash only,
Most Frightening Story Ever Told by Philip you to Pick n Save for their generous donation please.)

BX2380 RTV500 B2650

L6060 M6-141 B2650

MCFARLANES: In Business For 100 Years With Product Knowledge Experts - Then And Now
1 Block South Of Hwy. 12 WHERE
780 Carolina Street Sauk City, WI SERVICE
608-643-3321 IS A
Brad 168 Dan 171 Austin 109 Jeremy 127 FAMILY
* $0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 60 months on purchases of select new Kubota BX, B, L, M, MH(M7), RB, DMC, DM, RA and TE Series equipment from participating dealers in-stock inventory is
available to qualified purchasers through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Example: 60 monthly payments of $16.67 per $1,000 financed. Offer
expires 10/31/17. See us or go to for more information. Power (HP/KW) and other specifications are based on various standards or recommended practices. For complete
warranty, safety and product information, please refer to the operators manual or consult your Kubota dealer. KCDA-24-135785-8

Follow Rob

Middleton bounces back

Reischel on
Twitter at

doing a great job. Linebackers
are stopping the run really
well and I feel the DBs

were a new group but I
feel like were really coming

together well.
Middletons offense might
be starting to come together,
as well.
The Cardinals, who lost
their top offensive lineman
by RoB ReISCHel and wide receiver to presea-
Times-Tribune son injuries, have been a work
in progress early this season.
At the bottom of his daily But Middleton began showing
practice plans, Middleton signs of life against West.
football coach Tim Simon will Senior running back Dion
often include an inspirational Huff ran for 85 yards on 17
quote. carries (5.0) and scored a pair
Last week, two of Simons of touchdowns. Roquet was
quotes dealt with handling patient and poised and com-
adversity. A third focused on pleted 12-of-20 passes and
competing. threw a touchdown to line-
Simons Cardinals were backer-turned-tight end Shane
clearly listening. Bick.
Middleton held visiting And the offensive line,
Madison West to just 146 total which has five new starters
yards, made significant strides from a year ago, continued to
on offense and routed the make strides.
Regents, 36-0, last Thursday. I thought we made some
Middleton, which had lost steps tonight, Simon said of
at Sun Prairie, 34-6, just six his offense. Weve still got a
days earlier, improved to 2-1. ways to go, but we got better.
West, which won its first two Middleton got better
games by a combined scored throughout this game.
of 41-7, fell to 2-1. One reason for that is the
We felt like the key to Regents have a roster of just
showing leadership and being 35 players, many of which
a great team is how we deal have to play both ways. And
with adversity, Middleton as the game wore on and the
senior cornerback Nolan score became more lopsided,
Dahlk said. Obviously that it was clear Wests gas tank
Sun Prairie game, we dealt was on empty.
with a lot of that. It was just Middleton also broke out a
all about bouncing back, com- no-huddle offense and used it
ing out strong and I feel like during three different series to
we did that really well. help wear the Regents down.
Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

Middleton senior quarter- Shane Bick (48) helped Middletons football team bounce back with an impressive win over Madison West last Thursday.
back Davis Roquet agreed. FooTBAll, page 17
I dont know if we were
worried, but we all knew we
had to earn it, Roquet said.
We had a good week of prac-
The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium and

tice and we all thought we

the Middleton Community Development Authority Present

could bring it (Friday) and

thats what happened.
It sure did.
Middletons defense has Benvenutos Classic Favorite,
been a model of consistency
early in the year. And the
Oven Baked Spaghetti ONLY $11!
Cardinals had their best all-
around effort of the year MIDDLETON For a limited time, enjoy this dinner sized
against West.
classic favorite for only $11! Includes made
The Regents managed just from scratch soup or fresh cut salad and our
two first downs in the first
half and only eight for the
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 delicious house focaccia bread.

game. Middleton kept explo-

sive quarterback Keishawn
Shanklin and dangerous run-
7447 University Avenue @ Parmenter St 7425 Hubbard Avenue
For A Limited Time!
ning back Jaden Stephens in
Edgewood High School Jazz Combo 5pm Betsy Ezell Quartet 6pm

check, thanks to sensational

Middleton High School Jazz Combo 6pm Panchromatic Steel Band 7pm
Offer valid now through September 30th.
play from all three levels of its
Rick Flowers and the Floroq Sound 8pm
MIDDLETON SENIOR CENTER / 5-7:30PM Cannot be combined with any other offers, deals or
7448 Hubbard Ave LOUISIANNES / 6:30-10:00PM discounts. Just mention offer to server 11am-10pm.
West is a pretty good
Middleton Jazz 5-6pm 7464 Hubbard Avenue Dine in only. Expires 9/30/17.
team, Simon said. They
Craig Mason Combo 6:30-7:30pm Johnny Chimes 6:30-8:30pm

have dangerous athletes, like

Jim Erickson 9-10pm

they do every year. But we did


a good job on them.

1901 Cayuga St VILLA DOLCE / 8:30-9:30PM

Good might be an under-

Lo Marie and Cliff Frederiksen 6-7pm 1828 Parmenter St

Michelle DuVall and Paul Hastil 7:30-8:30pm Rachel Heuer Quartet 8:30-9:30pm

I feel like weve been 1109 Fourier Dr., Madison, WI 53717

doing great as a defense,

Dahlk said. The D-line has

been doing amazing. Theyre
HTL team

Stoughton now in drivers seat

by RoB ReISCHel Montello upends Stoughton,
there will be a three-way tie
and the Final Four would con-
tinue for two more weeks.
Many believed the Home
If Stoughton wins, it cap-
Talent League championship
tures the 2017 HTL champi-
was decided Sunday in
I felt coming in that
Middleton certainly hopes
Stoughton was going to be the
thats not the case.
toughest team that we faced all
Stoughton upended the
year and we were really going
29ers, 4-2, in the second round
to have to play one of our best
of the HTLs Final Four.
games of the year to come out
Stoughton improved to 2-0
on top, Middleton manager
with one game remaining,
Brandon Hellenbrand
while Middleton and Montello
said.Unfortunately we could-
are 1-1 and Dodgeville is 0-2.
nt get too much going offen-
Middleton hosts Dodgeville
sively. We had some chances
Sunday at 1 p.m., while Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld
but werent able to come up
Stoughton travels to Montello. Josh Hinson and Middletons Home Talent League team will try getting off the deck Sunday against Dodgeville.
If Middleton wins, and
HTl, page 20

For Active Seniors

News from Middleton Senior Center 7448 Hubbard Ave.,
Middleton, 608-831-2373

M I D D L E T O N playing in the Large the Middleton Senior welcome to join them any music is provided. Mary Mending Service
SENIOR CENTER Activity Room before Center offer foot care time. Duckwitz and Fran Jeatran Mending is offered on
Yes, You Can Join Us! 12:15 p.m. to begin playing several times each month. lead this group as well as the second Tuesday of
If you are age 55 or older, at 12:30 p.m. Please respect The cost of Foot Care is SingAlong accompanying on the piano. each month. Morning
you can participate in the their time and wishes. $20.00. For an appointment -RLQ XV RQ WKH UVW DQG appointments will be on
programs at the Middleton Please do not arrive before contact 831-2373. third Tuesday of each BINGO Tuesday, August 8th. You
Senior Center. You do not 12:15 p.m. month at 10:00 a.m. for a BINGO is played on the last are allowed to bring two
have to live in the City of Diabetic Foot Care Sing-Along with friends. Tuesday of each month. items per appointment.
Middleton to join us, and Open Cards We offer Diabetic Foot Singing takes place only Join us on Tuesday, August You must make an
there is no membership fee. Open Cards is for people Care twice a month. The on Tuesday, August 1st 29th, at 1:00 p.m. Come appointment by calling
There may be a residency that have a group of people cost is $28.00 per visit. and Tuesday, August for lunch at 11:30 a.m. and 831-2373.
requirement for certain who play cards together, Contact the Middleton 15th, at 10:00 a.m. Sheet stay for BINGO.
services including case however, they need a Senior Center, at 831-2373,
management services, location to play. You may for an appointment.
transportation and Meals come to the Middleton
on Wheels. For additional Senior Center with your Wood Carving Drop In
information contact the group on Mondays, We have a talented group of
Middleton Senior Center at Thursdays and Fridays at wood carvers that get
831-2373. 12:30 p.m. Please check at together on Tuesday
the front desk for an mornings 9:00 a.m. -
Open Bridge on Mondays available location. 12:00 p.m. They bring
is open to anyone who their own projects and
wishes to play. Please do Foot Care share their creative skills
not get seated or begin Home Health United and and experience. Anyone is
Offering a continuum of care, ranging from T!@T!w_+!w+F;!9-6!ww
skilled nursing and rehabilitation to independent F$wFiKwF;:i@-]qw
and assisted living apartments.
Call us to
UU.U`"w.m.A)w "<GMrwM"wG<<jA.`/"Uw
     %&#N0B*wVdk0Hww  w#NHH=wJNa=#CcWwp0b,w
Let Our Family J#OTHC71s#wO#wCwX#On0#YwcHw>##cwd,#wC##XwH%w#,w0B2n0l7wO#Z2 #Dew

Take Care Of Your Family 8u,#3?#OXw1X#X#wHRwHc,#SwP#7f#w#=#Eg4

: : 12:13:$-#13,6%1-:*+:

Waunakee Manor HCC
801 S. Klein Dr. Waunakee, WI
Sun Prairie HCC
228 W. Main St. Sun Prairie, WI
608-849-5016 608-837-5959 -.1=? *9;??+!?/?(,28??$7??%&' > ? 5#<)":

Cross country
teams start strong
Easton wins rounded out the top five. I think our team came out

boys race
Easton edged Monona and competed well at Verona,
Grove senior Charlie Cardinals girls coach Alexa
Ellenbecker (16:01.68) for the Richardson said. We have
by RoB ReISCHel individual title. Middletons had a very difficult past cou-
Times-Tribune Sam Jaeger was sixth (16:18), ple of weeks (workout-wise),
Michael Madoch was 13th so the girls definitely were not
Middletons cross country (16:47), Braedon Gilles was feeling fresh for the race.
teams got off to a terrific start 16th (16:53) and Egan However, considering that, I
last Saturday at the Verona Johnson was 34th (17:27). think most of them did better
Invite. I was really impressed than they expected.
Middletons boys finished with how good we looked Middletons Shae Ruhly
second at the 20-team invite, after a hard week of practice, was fifth individually in 18:59
while the girls were third Finnel said. Moreover, I in her first-ever 5K race.
among 19 teams. think the team proved how a Shea has high hopes and
In addition, Cardinals jun- big of threat they could be this self-expectations for this sea-
ior Caleb Easton won the boys season. This is a hardworking son, Richardson said. Shea
race in 15 minutes, 59.05 sec- team that showed theres some doesnt like to lose, so Verona
onds. depth. Even without Jack really put fuel in her fire.
Caleb ran a very smart Rader, we placed second Shea is one of those ath-
race, Middleton coach Brian behind another great West letes who is hard to hold back
Finnel said. I was very squad. If you put (JV champi- she is always wanting to do
pleased with his patience. on) Michael Eastons time in the most she possibly can to
He positioned himself in the varsity race, we actually better herself. I admire Shea
third and with a half mile to wind up winning the meet. in that aspect. My main goal
go he made a great move to Overall, it was a great with her is to keep her healthy
the front.His closing speed is team performance and Im and to peak at Sectionals/State
up there with some of the best excited how we stack up and not a day sooner.
guys in the state and I think against some Milwaukee area Erika Rader was 18th
hes poised to have a big cross schools on Thursday at (20:30), Charlotte Sue was
country season. Arrowhead. Arrowhead was 22nd (20:40), Megan
Middleton competed with- ranked No. 1 last week, but Schwartz was 25th (20:47)
out senior Jack Rader theres also three other teams and Maeve Gonter was 33rd
arguably its best runner ranked in the top-15, so it will (21:01).
who is still recovering from be a good test for us. This is a State qualifying
an Achilles tendon tear. But Defending state champion team in my eyes, Richardson
the Cardinals showed how Sun Prairie won the girls title said. We definitely have our
deep and talented they are. with 26 points, while eyes on the prize. These are
Madison West won the Wisconsin Dells was a distant some of the most hard work-
team title with 65 points, second with 96 points. ing, hungry for competition,
while Middleton was a close
Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld
Middleton (103), Madison and focused girls I have ever
second with 70. Madison La West (138) and Madison coached. Verona was a good Clockwise (from top left), Caleb Easton and Sam Jaeger helped Middletons boys cross country
Follette (106), Monona Grove Memorial (189) rounded out start. team finish second at the Verona Invite last Saturday. Erika Rader helped Middletons girls fin-
(115) and Sun Prairie (170) the top five. ish third.
Soccer Cardinals open in style

Middleton shines at
Brookfield East tourney
by RoB ReISCHel game to come to us for chunks
Times-Tribune of the first and second half.
We dominated the last
If its possible for an all- minutes of the game, but
state player to lurk in the again could not muster the
shadows, then Derek Waleffe precision to put a ball into the
has certainly done that in net. In the shootout phase,
recent seasons. Elkhorn rose above. Given
Waleffe, a senior soccer clear shots at goal, Elkhorn
standout at Middleton High made the most of them, but we
School, often was the sidekick continued to struggle in the
to high-flying and current shooting phase.
University of Wisconsin Middleton certainly didnt
standout Bradan Allen. But struggle the next day against
its clear, Waleffe wont be Wauwatosa West.
taking a backseat to anybody Waleffe netted a hat trick
in 2017. and added two assists, while
Waleffe scored six goals in Isaiah Williams and sopho-
three games last weekend and more Isaac Gueu both added
powered Middleton to a 2-0-1 two goals. Drake
record at the Brookfield East Vandermause had a goal and
Tournament. an assist, while Greg Pauly
After Middleton and added three assists.
Elkhorn played to a scoreless Our defensive work to
draw to open the tournament make chances finally started
on Friday, Waleffe had a hat paying off in goals, Kollasch
trick in an 8-0 win over said. Lots of credit goes to
Wauwatosa West on Saturday. Andrew Lund for spearhead-
Waleffe followed that with ing our energetic defense to
another hat trick in an 8-0 win spark our rally. And it was a
over Brookfield East on really good rally.
Saturday. The Cardinals were even
Derek Waleffe had better later in the day
already proven he was a pre- Saturday, rolling to a convinc-
mier goal scorer, but he had ing win over Brookfield East.
only done that in Braden Derek Waleffe picked up
Allens shadow, Middleton his second hat trick of the sea-
coach Ben Kollasch said. son, while Vandermause
Derek is now casting his own added a goal and three assists.
shadow and will force teams Andrew Lund found the net
to leave some of our other for his first goal which also
bona fide scoring threats happened to be the game-win-
open. ner and added two assists.
Middleton opened the tour- Pauly had his first goal of
nament with a scoreless tie the season and added two
against Elkhorn. The game more assists. Bryce Schuster
eventually went to penalty got his first goal of the year
kicks, where the Elks pre- and
vailed, 3-1. Williams also scored.
We sprinted off the first This game cemented our
whistle to show how to domi- trajectory of getting better
nate the game, but we didnt each game, Kollasch said. Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld
make our chances count, Not only did we continue our
Kollasch said. We were scoring habit, but we showed Middleton boys soccer coach Ben Kollasch liked what he saw from his team last weekend.
learning the pace we need to we were able to defend
play at to be successful, which against some high level com- Noah Pollard and Blake also started showing his skill The potential of this team we have improved every
is fast. And in getting accus- petition while creating our Kalscheur played every throwing the soccer ball by is tied to how well they can game. We aim to keep that tra-
tomed to that we allowed the chances. minute of the three games to picking up an assist to Derek organize and coordinate the jectory as we enter the confer-
anchor the defense, while Waleffe on a quick throw to efforts of all 11 players on the ence season and beyond.
Brendan Steele and Cian counterattack behind the field, Kollasch said. There On deck: Middleton
Carlson gave solid perform- Brookfield defense. is still huge potential for hosted Madison Memorial
ances. Ben Scher also solidi- Overall, it was a terrific improvement in that organiza- Tuesday, then is at Sun Prairie
fied his position as the start for a Middleton team that tion. Thursday at 7 p.m. The
Cardinals starting goalkeeper. believes another run to the These last three games Cardinals host Milwaukee
Ben shows growing confi- state tournament is within just showed that we can pick Hamilton Saturday at noon,
dence, Kollasch said. Ben their grasp this season. up where we left off last year then host Madison West Sept.
and that they have already 12 at 7 p.m.
adjusted to losing some key
players from last year. So far
&$// 12: 
Weekend Outlook

September 8 September 9 September 10

Sunny Sunny Sunny


"Superb products, talented staff and exceptional services"


495 W. Madison Street, Spring Green

608-588-ASAP (2727)
ZZZPDGFLW\EDWKVFRP Helping to keep the lights on, businesses running and communities strong.TM

Golfers close in on Big 8 title

Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld

Payton Hodson (left) and Grace Peterson (above) have helped Middletons girls golf team close
in on a Big Eight Conference title.

fired a 326, while Janesville herself, posting a 76. to the Beloit Memorial 45-4893 Sara Nerad 47-4895, Morgan
by RoB ReISCHel
Parker shot 378 and Janesville Grace Peterson added an 84 Triangular Friday at 1:30 p.m. ParkerSophia Dooman 37-39
76, Ashlyn Burdick 44-4892, Lauren
Christoph 50-56106, McKenzie
Walker 54-55109
Times-Tribune Craig carded a 400. and Allison Richards shot a 93. The Cardinals then host the Reid 51-49100, Bria McDade 56- At Riverside
Amazingly, Middleton is It was fun to see all five Middleton Invite Saturday at 54110
Middletons girls golf team now 24-0 in the Big Eight girls playing well, Halverson 11:30 at Pleasant View Golf CraigKallie Lux 43-4790,
lost 60% of its lineup from a Conference since the start of said. It would mean a lot to Course.
year ago. 2015. have this group win the Big
The Cardinals had young, After losing three of our Eight again. Aug. 30
unproven players step into the
But amazingly, Middleton
top five and not knowing how
competitive we would be, I
couldnt be happier with where
On deck: The Cardinals
were at the Madison Memorial
Invite Wednesday, then travels
MiddletonPayton Hodson 34-
3973, Kate Meier 40-3676, Grace
Thank You!
hasnt missed a beat. we are, Middleton coach Peterson 42-4284, Allison Richards
Middleton won the Becky Halverson said.
Id like to publicly thank
Janesville Craig Triangular Senior Payton Hodson con-
everyone for the thoughtful-

*** 26P 12S

held at Riverside Golf Course tinued her terrific season by
last Wednesday and stayed atop
ness extended to me regarding
shooting a 73 and capturing
the Big Eight Conference with medalist honors. Sophomore
the birthday I just had. Those

a 6-0 record. The Cardinals Kate Meier had a strong day


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Girls spikers compete
at Germantown Invite

Golf scores Murphy

Flight C
Low Gross: Diane
Aug. 30
Gosnell, 55
Flight A
Low Net: Diane Gosnell,
Low Gross: Tam Flarup,
Play of the day: Elaine
Low Net: Tam Flarup, 32
Play of the day: Janie
by RoB ReISCHel Now, Cardinals coach pool play and reached the Gold said. We lost momentum on a
Johnson and Alice Mann
Parkcrest Franco Marcos would like to Bracket quarterfinals. There, play that was out of our control
Flight B Times-Tribune
Flight A: Ann Athas, 44 see his team take it up a notch. Middleton fell to host and we were not able to regain
Low Gross: Sandy
Flight B: Audrey Chase, Middletons girls volleyball Middleton traveled to the Germantown in three sets. control of the set. It was a good
Murphy, 47
57 team has fared reasonably well Germantown Invitational last So far, we have earned our learning moment for us and it is
Low Net: Sandy Murphy,
Flight C: Mareta Van in its first two tournaments of Saturday where it finished 1-2 way into the Gold Bracket for part of the game.
Rens, 66 the year. overall. both tournaments that we have We need to take better
Play of the Day: Sandy
The Cardinals went 1-1 in competed in, Marcos said. We advantage of the points that are
need to take it a step further and within our control. Most of our
get to the semifinals and finals. starters got a breather in the
SCHOOL BOARD Luncheon at Kromrey Alissa Collier, to a 1.0 FTE tional opportunities. The imple-
We are still taking turns as a third set. We were guaranteed
PROCEEDINGS team committing unforced second in pool. It allowed us to
August 28 - FPC is meeting temporary contract 3rd Grade mentation plan was shared and
at 6:00 p.m. and the Regular Teacher at Sauk Trail for 1st reviewed by Lori Ames. Tabatha
Board meeting will begin at 7:30 semester. Gundrum has been communi- errors at crucial times. We need get our non-starters some more
to start picking each other up. reps and evaluate them in game
Board Agenda for August
p.m. Tricia Crowley, to a 1.0 FTE cating with UW Credit Union
Middleton opened with a 25- situation.
14, 2017 - Meeting Minutes
August 30 - Welcome Back regular contract School about training for staff and stu-
MIDDLETON-CROSS Presentation for all staff at the Counselor at Elm Lawn. dents. 11, 17-25, 25-11 win over Welti and McGinnis both
PLAINS AREA PAC starting at 10:15 a.m. Tara DeSciscio-Fussell, to a d. Board Member Participa- Kaukauna. had six kills for the Cardinals,
SCHOOL DISTRICT Several other items were 1.0 FTE regular contract 1st tion in Annual Meeting Jennifer McGinnis led the while Flottmeyer and Taylor
District Services way with four aces, nine kills Byington had three blocks each.
shared with the board. George Grade Teacher at West Presentation
and six digs, while Lily Welti Thomas had two aces, Harris
stated that Cheryl is scheduling Middleton Linda Yu will present the dis-
Center one on one meetings with board Jacquelyn Frost, to a 1.0 FTE trict budget presentation at the
7106 South Avenue, members for the start of the regular contract Special Annual Meeting on September had eight kills, 2.5 blocks and had eight assists and Kayla
Middleton, Wisconsin year. The Agenda Setting com- Education Teacher at MHS 18. 13 digs. Keller Frinzi had five Underwood had seven assists.
1. CALL TO ORDER REGU- mittee will look at setting visita- Jessica Gomez, to a 1.0 FTE 8. ITEMS FOR ACTION kills and Reagan Thomas had Middleton then fell to host
LAR BOE MEETING AT 7:00 tion dates at the schools. They regular contract School a. Approve Godfrey & Kahn three aces and 11 digs. Germantown, 25-19, 24-26, 15-
P.M. will begin in October. Counselor at Glacier Creek. Payment Hannah Flottmeyer had 3.5 7.
The regular meeting of the 6. CONSENT AGENDA James Grindrod, to a 0.60 MOVED by Ashley SECOND- blocks, Ashley Harris had eight The Cardinals trailed the
assists and Kayla Underwood decisive third set, 7-5, when the
Middleton-Cross Plains Area MOVED by Hyland SEC- FTE temporary contract Math ED by Hyland to approve the
had four aces, seven digs and 15 Warhawks went on a 6-0 run
School District Board of ONDED Karbusicky to approve Teacher at Clark Street Godfrey & Kahn Payment.
the following items on the con- Community School for the 1st Motion carried unanimously, 7-0
assists. and pulled away.
Education was called to order at
7:03 p.m. by President Bob sent agenda: 6.a.1. Approval of semester of the 2017-2018 with Todd Smith abstaining.
Green. Bills Payable, 6.b.1. Approval of school year. b. Approve Annual Meeting The Cardinals then fell to We committed a number of
Present: President Bob Resignations (addendum) Jeffrey Hayward, to a 0.50 Agenda and Resolutions Lakeside Lutheran, 25-19, 25- unforced errors, Marcos said.
Green, Vice President Annette ,6.b.2. Approval of Leaves of FTE regular contract History MOVED by Karbusicky SEC- 15, 25-9. Welti finished with eight
Ashley, Clerk Todd Smith, Absence, and 6.b.3 Approval of Teacher at MHS. ONDED by Kinne to approve The first set was very com- kills and seven digs, while
Treasurer Linda Yu, Board Staff Appointments (adden- Holli Johnson, to a 1.0 FTE the Annual Meeting Agenda and petitive back and forth, Marcos Harris had three aces and eight
assists. Thomas had 11 digs,
Members Sean Hyland, Kelly dum). Motion carried unani- regular contract Physical Resolutions as presented.
Flottmeyer had six blocks and
Kalscheur, Kurt Karbusicky, and mously, 8-0. Education Teacher at West Motion carried unanimously, 7-0
a. Administrative/Business Middleton. with Todd Smith absent from the
McGinnis had seven digs.
Paul Kinne
Not Present: Board Member Services Madison Laube, to a 1.0 FTE room. PUBLIC NOTICE
Anne Bauer. i. Approval of Bills Payable regular contract 2nd Grade c. Approval of 2017-18 MIDDLETON WATER Overall, we played well and
The check list totaling Teacher at West Middleton. Student Nutrition Contract will need to pick it up a couple
Others Present: Superinten-
dent George Mavroulis, $1,105,853.05 was approved Pamela Meuer, to a 0.40 FTE MOVED by Kinne SECOND- more notches if we want to win
conference and go to state,
under consent agenda. (Exhibit regular contract ESL Resource ED by Karbusicky to approve The City of Middleton
Assistant Superintendent Sherri
Marcos said.
A) Teacher at Sunset Ridge. the 2017-2018 School Nutrition Water Utility will be flushing
Cyra, Director of Business
mains and hydrants begin-
On deck: Middleton hosted
Services Lori Ames, Principal ii. Approval of Treasurers Anthony Miller, to a 1.0 FTE Contract. Motion carried unani-
ning on Sunday night, Sept.
Madison Memorial Tuesday,
Kari Saunders, and Director of Report regular contract Special mously, 8-0.
There was no Treasurers Education Teacher at Elm d. Approval of District, 10, and ending on Friday
then travels to Sun Prairie
Employee Services Tabatha
Report to approve. Lawn. Superintendent and Board morning, Sept. 22, 7:30 pm
2. RECOGNITION - COM- b. Employee Services - Lindsey Miller, to a 0.60 FTE Goals 4:00 am. A slight discol- Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
Certified Staff regular contract EC/4K George Mavroulis reviewed oration of the water may be
i. Approval of Resignations Psychologist for the District for the district and superintendent noticed during this time peri-
The board approved under the 2017-2018 school year. goals with the board. An update od. Your cooperation and
Jocelyn and Liam Finnegan,
consent agenda the following Paley Nordlof, to a 0.50 FTE was provided to the board indulgence is appreciated.
students in the MCPASD, were
recognized by the State r e s i g n a t i o n s : regular contract Social Worker regarding the Strategy Map Publish: 9/7/17 WNAXLP
Department for their fathers Kelly Anderle, School at Northside. revisions. The superintendent
service at an Unaccompanied Counselor at Glacier Creek Kelly Rawson, to a 0.50 FTE goals have not changed but
Post for the U.S. Military. Their Mary Cormican, Diagnostician regular contract Math action steps have been added
The City of Middleton has declared as surplus the following list-
parents are graduates of MHS at Glacier Creek and Kromrey Interventionist at Park. as changes occur. The board
ed equipment, and intends to sell the equipment through
and their grandparents are Kate Jorgensen, 6th Grade Sara Schulz, to a 1.0 FTE then began review of their pro-
Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction. Interested parties can find
teachers in the district. Each Literacy and Math Teacher at regular contract Art Teacher at posed goals. Kurt Karbusicky
more information and may enter bids online at
child received a certificate and Kromrey Glacier Creek and Kromrey. presented a language change
medal from the State Molly Meck, Social Studies Anne Vanderbloemen, to a for the first board goal.
Equipment Auction (9/14/17- 9/28/17)
Department. Teacher at MHS 0.20 FTE regular contract Band MOVED by Karbusicky SEC-
1. 2008 ODB Leaf Loader Vacuum (Unit #27)
3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Angela Parduhn, Special Teacher at Glacier Creek. ONDED by Kinne to approve
2. 2005 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper (Unit #22)
MOVED by Hyland SEC- Education Teacher at Kromrey Antonio Zappia, to a 0.50 the change to board goal num-
Truck Auction (9/19/17 10/3/17)
ONDED by Ashley to approve Meredit Pucci, 1st Grade FTE regular contract History ber one. See the attached copy
1. 2003 GMC C7500 4x2 Brush/Chipper Dump Truck (#15)
the Regular Minutes of July 10, Teacher at West Middleton Teacher and to a 0.40 FTE tem- for correct wording. Motion car-
Publish: 8/24/17, 8/31/17, 9/7/17 WNAXLP
2017. Motion carried unani- Antonio Zappia, Social Studies porary contract Social Studies ried unanimously, 8-0. (Exhibit
mously, 8-0. Teacher at MHS effective Teacher at MHS. B)
4. COMMUNICATIONS August 14, 2017 iv. Approval of Retirements MOVED by Karbusicky SEC-
a. Citizen Comments ii. Approval of Leaves of There were no retirements to ONDED by Hyland to approve
None Absence approve. all the board goals along with
b. Correspondence / Board The board approved under c. District Consent Items the added success indicator for
Communication consent agenda the following 7. ITEMS FOR INFORMA- board goal number two. See the
Bob Green stated that a rec- leaves of absence: TION/DISCUSSION attached copy for correct word-
ommendation was made during Kristie Konsoer, 2nd Grade a. Change in 4K Program in ing. Motion carried unanimous-
Agenda Setting to look into hav- Teacher at Elm Lawn Cross Plains ly, 8-0. (Exhibit B)
ing citizens on board commit- Jessamyn Nagy, 5th Grade 4K Principal Kari Saunders MOVED by Yu SECONDED
tees. The board policy states Teacher at Kromrey reviewed the changes in the 4K by Hyland to approve the super-
that the board can appoint citi- R E V I S I O N : providers in Cross Plains. They intendent and district goals for
zens to committees. Bob also On the March 20, 2017 board are offering wrap around care 2017-2018 as presented.
shared that he is running for the agenda Mary Lee McKenzie, and 4K at the Little Cardinals Motion carried unanimously, 8-
WASB Region 12 Director. Math Teacher at Clark Street, Academy. Little Red is renting 0. (Exhibit C)
October 4 is the election for that requested a leave of absence the lower level of St. Martins for e. Approval of Youth Center
position. The WASB Summer from her 0.80 FTE position. The a 4K program and preschool Agreement
Leadership Institute was attend- revision is the she only needs to only. The board was apprecia- MOVED by Karbusicky SEC-
ed by Kurt Karbusicky. Kurt take a 0.60 FTE leave of tive of the news and the update ONDED by Ashley to approve
shared some of the details from absence. This will leave her with presented by Kari Saunders. the Youth Center Agreement
the conference. Bob notified the a 0.20 FTE. b. Enrollment Update addendum. Motion carried
board that Michelle Doolan, a iii. Approval of Staff An update on enrollment was unanimously, 8-0. (Exhibit D)
parent in the district and Park Appointments given by Sherri Cyra. Several 9. NEXT MEETING DATES
PTA president, is running for The board approved under different areas were highlighted AND ADJOURNMENT
Governor. consent agenda the following and Sherri noted that we are MOVED by Kinne SECOND-
5. SUPERINTENDENTS staff appointments: above projections at this time. ED by Ashley to adjourn the
REPORT Leigh Azkoul, to a 1.0 FTE The board asked questions Regular Meeting at 8:39 p.m.
a. Upcoming Events and regular contract Special about some of the larger class a. Future Meeting Dates
Updates Education Teacher at MHS. sizes. b. Potential Board Agenda
George Mavroulis provided Brenda Autz, to a 1.0 FTE regu- c. MHS Credit Union Items
the following date reminders for lar contract Title 1 Teacher at Timeline Update Cheryl Janssen,
the board: West Middleton. Lori Ames and Tabatha Board Secretary
August 22 - BBQ at the Julie Blaha, to a 1.0 FTE reg- Gundrum presented information
Crossings for district families ular contract Special Education on the UW Credit Union con-
August 23 - New Teacher Teacher for the District. struction timeline and educa- Publish: 9/7/17 WNAXLP

n FooTBAll continued from page 11

I thought it was effec- gave Middleton a 10-0 half- the offense cranked things up, but we just need to execute. from winning. It was a great MID 40-165.Passingyards MW 72,
tive, Simon said of the no- time lead. too. Overall, though, we feel way to bounce back. MID 107. Passes (Comp.-Att.-Int.)
MW 5-11-2, MID 12-21-0. Fumbles-
huddle. When the defense gives us First, Huff had a 3-yard good. lost MW 1-1, MID 1-0. Penalties-
Middletons lead was just good field position like that, it touchdown run. Next, Roquet Simon was certainly feel- Aug. 31 yards MW 4-35, MID 4-34.
Middleton 36, Madison West 0
3-0 midway through the sec- just makes our lives so much hit Bick with a 4-yard TD ing better himself. Madison West ... 0 0 0 0 0 INDIVIDUAL LEADERS
ond quarter when Dahlk inter- easier, Roquet said. pass. And finally, junior run- The message this week Middleton ..... 3 7 6 20 36 Rushing:MW, Warfield 4-38. MID,
cepted Shanklin at the Things got even easier for ning back Tyler Kalscheur was to compete, Simon said. MID FG Culp 23 Huff 17-85.
MID Huff 4 run (Culp kick)
Regents 47-yard line. the Cardinals in the second capped the fun with a 2-yard Compete for the spots. If
Passing: MW, Shanklin 5-11-2-72.
MID Pabst 12 run (kick failed) MID, Roquet 12-20-0-107.
Roquet quickly hit junior half. TD run. youre No. 3, compete for the MID Huff 3 run (pass failed) Receiving: MW, Thompson 2-46.
wideout Bryce Carey for 14 Senior running back James We had some longer No. 2 spot. If youre No. 2, MID Bick 4 pass from Roquet MID, Carey 2-22.
(Pertzborn kick)
yards and Huff ripped off runs Pabst scored from 13 yards drives and I thought we had compete for No. 1. And I MID Kalscheur 2 run (Pertzborn
of 12 and 10 yards. Huff then out with 4:09 left in the third more confidence as the game thought we did a really good kick)
finished the six-play, 47-yard quarter to make it 16-0. went on, Roquet said. And job competing.
drive with a 3-yard touch- Then, with Middletons going forward, were feeling a Players always learn more First downs MW 8, MID
down run off right guard that defense in domination-mode, lot better. We know its there, from adversity than you do 20. Rushing (Att.-Yds.) MW 27-74,

Swimmers roll over West

Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld

Chiara Pierobon-Mays (above) and Hannah Aegerter (below) helped Middletons girls swimmers rout Madison West last Thursday.

by RoB ReISCHel

They are a juggernaut.

A crushing force. A picture
of both power and strength.
Middletons girls swimming
team the WIAA Division 1
defending state champions
appears to have another title
team on their hands in 2017.
The Cardinals rolled over a
solid Madison West team, 125-
45, last Thursday. Middleton
improved to 2-0 with the meat
of its schedule coming in the
weeks ahead.
This meet was another
great opportunity for us to
swim against a good team and
some fast swimmers,
Middleton coach Lauren
Cabalka said. We set the bar

pretty high after our first dual taining that focus. Aegerter, Makenna Licking yard freestyle relay.
rare to have all three relays able
meet and we stressed the Middletons three relay and Caroline Hippen teamed We had a great showing
to compete for conference and
importance of striving to stay teams all took first place. up to win the 200-yard from all three relays, which is
state titles.
A G R I C U L T U R A L /

there this week. The quartet of Gabriela freestyle relay. really our bread and butter
Aegerter, Licking and

As a team, we talked about Pierobon-Mays, Ally Silvestri, And the foursome of when you put us up against the
Hippen went 1-2-3 in the 200-
GOT LAND? Our Hunters will

the little things we could focus Chiara Pierobon Mays and Aegerter, Caroline Hippen, rest of the state, Cabalka said.
yard freestyle, while Silverstri,
Pay Top $$$ To hunt your land.

on throughout the week and the Cora Mack won the 200-yard Licking and Gabriela Our depth of talent is really
Emily Keebler and Bella
Call for a Free info packet &

girls did a great job of main- medley relay. Mack, Hannah Pierobon-Mays won the 400- showcased there. Its just so
Chirafisi were first, second and
Quote. 1-866-309-1507 www.

third, respectively, in the 200-


yard IM.

Aegerter, Licking and


&$// 12:  Chirafisi went 1-2-3 in the 500-

CDL A or B drivers needed to
yard freestyle, while Silvestri,
transfer vehicles to and from

Alex Anagnostopoulos and

is here ... time to
various customer locations

Sarah Wood captured the top

throughout U.S.-No forced dis-

three spots in the 100-yard

patch- We specialize in connect-

ing the dots and reducing dead-

Mack was first in the 50-

head. All fuel paid!! Safety

yard freestyle and Berkley

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Smith was third. Mack also

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won the 100-yard freestyle,


while Hippen was second and


Smith was third.

port-drivers-wanted/ (CNOW)

Gabriela Pierobon-Mays

Paid CDL Training Be a truck

won the 100-yard backstroke,

driver in Wisconsin. Hired on the

and Kaitlyn Peters and Chiara

first day. Its a job, not a school.

Pierobon Mays were second

You get paid while you learn.

and third, respectively, in the

100-yard butterfly,
This was a great way to
Stop OVERPAYING for your

end our pre-season training and

prescriptions! SAVE! Call our and BUYERS GUIDE
will set us up for some pretty
licensed Canadian and

big goals as we head into the

International pharmacy, com-
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school year, Cabalka said.
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n HTl continued from page 12

with the clutch hit. Middleton was hoping to Scheidler was hit by a pitch to that scored Schmitt and tied the one and allowed four earned hard and kept us in the
The game was tied, 2-2, in control its own fate heading to start the inning. Scheidler game, 2-2. runs. Hunter Bindl relieved game.They came up with four
the bottom of the eighth when the final weekend. But moved to second with two outs, That set the stage for Farrell in the eighth inning and big hits and that was enough
Stoughtons Chris Lund and Stoughtons Ben Riffle threw a then scored when Andrew Stoughtons game-winning retired all three batters he for them.
Ryan Nyhagen hit back-to- gem and the home team Zimmerman reached on an rally in the bottom of the faced. Night League: Middleton
back home runs to lead off the smacked four solo home runs error. eighth. Schmitt went 2-for-3 with hosts Sauk Prairie for the Night
inning. Middleton then went off of Middleton starter Drew Middleton tied things in the We had some other two doubles, while Kevin League Championship
quietly in the ninth and Farrell. eighth when Brennan Schmitt chances to score, but couldnt Dubler went 2-for-5 with a Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at
Stoughton prevailed. Nyhagen and Max Fuller doubled to left to start the get guys in, Hellenbrand said. double. Middleton High School.
We still have a chance next both homered in the fourth to inning. Farrell moved him to We couldnt get the clutch hit Farrell pitched good
week if Stoughton was to get give Stoughton a 2-0 lead. third on a sacrifice bunt, then to bring them in. enough to win, Hellenbrand
beat by Montello, It stayed that way until the Jeff Schafer had a first pitch, Farrell worked seven said. I dont think he had his
Hellenbrand said. seventh when Brandon pinch hit single up the middle innings, struck out four, walked best stuff today, but he battled


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