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30 Jackson
The living legend talks to Acoustic.


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AlSO aCousTIC 14 This month: Retune Your Ears 20 Have a listen

35 David Lindley

42 Donovan

We catch up with one of the quintessential 60s singersongwriters.

39 Nic Jones

A career cut short by a tragic accident, Nic tells Reg Meuross about life afterwards.

to something new

The multi-instrumental maestro on working with Jackson Browne.

24 Tristan seume

According to Jackie Oates’ sideman, it’s not all about chops.

26 amy MacDonald

A chart smashing debut album can be a tough thing to follow up. Not for Amy.

Slash? Acoustic? You bet. 6

28 slash

uK luthieR CorNEr

68 Brook Guitars

Russell Welton checks in with the Devon Luthiers

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46 Taylor Gs8
Does Taylor’s Grand Symphony stand out from the crowd?

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Acoustic Techniques

Maartin Allcock is an acclaimed multiinstrumentalist, sideman and producer. A former member of Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull, he has been touring recently with Beth Nielsen Chapman.

Advanced Trad Arr:
Smeceno Horo
The Bulgarian mind-mangler

TechniquesTechniques Acoustic Skill Level
Suitable for advanced players

Duck Baker is one of the most highly regarded fingerstyle guitarists of his generation. Various critics named his album Spinning Song among the best jazz records of 1997 and one of the best guitar albums ever.

MAARTIN ALLCOCK Multi-instrumentalist
Skill level: Advanced

Sergeant Early’s Dream
‘Ello ‘Ello ‘Ello. This month Duck guides you through a number with its roots in law enforcement.

Techniques Skill Level
Suitable for advanced players

Hello again. I’ve been hinting darkly about this tune for a while now and it will fry your brain. ‘Smeceno Horo’ is a trad tune from Bulgaria and is such fun to play. A ‘horo’ is a type of Bulgarian folk dance, although my mate Fergus Feely reckons it’s called a ‘horo’ because it’s a horo to play… It may seem like Zappa’s revenge, but normal working people in Bulgaria dance to this kind of stuff. It’s all to do with feeling the beat. If you have to rely on counting, you’ve had it… The Irish supergroup Planxty, who were really The Beatles of Irish traditional music, recorded this in 1979 for a reunion album, After The Break. Mandolinist/bouzouki player Andy Irvine travelled extensively in the Balkans back in the days when others were off to India and brought back to Ireland a passion for the music of places like Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and those parts. ‘Smeceno Horo’ really amazed

Bar 1: there are a couple of Eastern your breath back, listen to it again people at the time because nothing trills here. It looks harder than it is. It’s with the music. As there is quite a like it had ever been heard this side of just a quick hammer-on/pull-off. bit of repetition of various blocks, it Calais, but with the masterful playing Blues Finger Style Legend really doesn’t take that long to get Skill level: Advanced and arrangement skills of Andy, Watch out for the staccato notes and the gist of what it’s about, and the Donal Lunny (my hero) and piper the slides up to the F#. first time you get it right is cause for Liam O’Flynn it soon became part celebration. You’ll want to play it all This tune has an of the Irish session scene for those Part C is where the tune really starts interesting history, night, and please don’t blame me which begins with Francis O’Neill, the brave enough to attempt it. I myself to head eastwards. if you have to find somewhere else chief of police in Chicago early in the played it live a few times with Fergus to live. last century, who also managed to be (Allcock & Feely) along with a Roland Part D is also the final part. The tune is basically in D major one of the greatest collectors of Irish Drumatix and Bassline (it was the 80s), with a flattened 7th, C natural. It traditional music in history. O’Neill and though we got it right most of Part F is the trickiest rhythmically. It wanders off into a lovely semi-Eastern achieved this largely by getting the the time, when it went wrong it went kind of stutters its way into… E major flattened 2nd, 6th and 7th word around in musical circles back wrong big time… in Ireland that any good players in vibe in the G and H parts before The first thing you will notice is Part G when the excitement mounts need of work could have a job with rollicking back into D major when it that every bar is in a different time and… The structure Chicago’s finest if they would let the goes back to the top. signature. ‘How do you dance to chief take down any tunes in their goes AAAABBBBCCCCDDEEFFGGHH. that?’ I hear you cry. ‘Carefully,’ I would Part H is again a bit stutter, so that repertoires that he hadn’t already It can repeat more than once, but the suggest. Put the pint down first. It to part A, it feels when it goes backencountered. In this tune ends when it gets to a DD. way O’Neill really is about feeling the beat. This is like you’re really rocking. to see that managed some 2,000 why I’ve been very careful about the melodies found their way into print, Things to look out for: groupings of the notes within each and while his books may be faulted The metronome mark of quaver = 450 bar. Best thing to do is treat yourself in various ways (there are certainly seems very fast, and indeed it is. This is Go on, give and download the track. errors in many of the transcriptions, for a high-octane rip-up, and no mistake. the lads their penny. When you’ve got instance), there is no escaping the fact that O’Neill’s Music Of Ireland is one of the most basic sources of Irish music, the bible for several generations of
Sergeant Early’s Dream

Duck BAkEr

50 shaun Newman Zebra 54 Vintage Pilgrim

An interesting classical guitar from a Devon luthier

traditional musicians. Sergeant Early was a piper and friend of O’Neill. My understanding is that Early’s ability to transcribe tunes quickly was invaluable to the chief, and some later cynics have even questioned whether his promotion to sergeant may not have owed as much to his musical abilities as his police work. This would not be the only area for speculation opened by O’Neill’s parallel careers. One would have to assume, for instance, that his recruiting methods help explain why Irish cops are such a constant in gangland-era movies. Come to that, we may wonder whether the rise of the mobsters and the habit these policemen had of getting together to play tunes for each other is more than mere coincidence. In any case, the dream Sergeant Early had wasn’t so sad as to be about his police work; originally this

Smeceno Horo

tune was a lively reel, but at some fiddler bow the low G under the D in point someone noticed how good it a D minor tune, it’s disrespectful to sounds slow, and it is often played this assume that the effect is anything but way nowadays. I believe that it was intentional. In fact, it’s only by working the band Shegui who first arranged with exactly these kinds of effects that ‘Sergeant Early’s’ as a slow tune, and we can hope to do the music justice. I learnt it myself from Pat Kilbride, This arrangement is good for who was associated with the group stretching out your left hand, and you back in the 1970s. Pat’s arrangement want to be careful that you’re using was different from this one in many the right left-hand shapes. But the particulars, but one thing I definitely hard trick here is the bent note at the picked up from him was the trick of beginning of the second measure of ending the tune with a low D under the B section, where the ring finger the final A in the melody. When I must choke the high string at the 7th remarked that this was striking, Pat fret while the middle finger holds the just chuckled, ‘That’s what the pipers 5th string at the same fret. We have to do all the time.’ Of course, a trained avoid bending that bass note as well, musician might conclude that things and the best thing is to try and push like this happen in the music because the middle finger over towards the the people who made it didn’t know ring finger. You won’t be able to, but any better, but this is very dangerous the effort will help keep the middle thinking. When we hear a piper finger from moving too far in the same drone a D in an A minor tune, or a direction as the ring finger.

A modern reproduction of the classic bowl-back Pilgrim guitars. Can it recapture the glory days?

58 Epiphone roy orbison 62 recording King soloist
23/07/2010 11:45

Is this the pretty woman you would want to be seen walking down the street with?
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96 Lin Flanagan

Thinking of taking an exam? Lin’s got some advice

104 Chris Gibbons

Leon Hunt gets to grips with another offering from Recording King, this time aimed at the semi-pro market.

Time signatures can be tricky. Chris helps you with 9/8 and 12/8

64 ZT Lunchbox amp

98 David Price

108 Maartin allcock
A Bulgarian mind-bender

Building on the last couple of issues, David guides you through an instrumental

This tiny amp doesn’t look big enough for a picnic for two, but packs 200 watts in alongside the sandwiches. Sam Wise finds out how.

112 Duck Baker

66 D-Tar DPu3

Another classic from Duck

100 Keith Murray
Keith looks at minor chord inversions

114 Pierre Bensusan
More technical insights from Pierre

102 stu Norman

Stu takes you through Open D tuning

118 ray Gamble

A piece for classical guitar arranged for the little jumping flea

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Noel Harvey reports in from one of the world’s greatest music festivals

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