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Death penalty is the sentence of execution for usually grave crimes but it depends on what the

law provides. Based on what I have read, in our country, the 1987 Constitution did not abolish the death
penalty, it simply suspended its imposition and granted Congress the power to reimpose it. On May 4,
2017, The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency estimated that there are 4.7 million drug personalities in
the country. According to the Philippine National Police, from July 1 to December 31, 2016 there are
1,007,153 drug personalities who surrendered. Death Penalty here in the Philippines (sabihin moa no
lang mga kasama sa death penalty).

4 Drug Addicts rape and kill an 8 year old girl before throwing her into the river, furthermore; a
news from Cotabato City, which consist of 4 suspects that was reported to rape and kill a 14 year old girl.
Rape is a traumatic event for any person, what more to an innocent child. Rape may cause Post-traumatic
stress disorder, depression, urinary tract infections, STDs, etc. According to the Philippine National Police
Statistics, from January to August 2016, the crime rate was 322, 963. This shows us the peak of what is
happening in our society in just 7 months. These include, murder, homicide robbery, car napping, physical
injury, rape and the like. Here in the Philippines, criminals are not afraid to commit crimes because the
only grave punishment that our government can give is imprisonment, besides some criminals are handled
by some high officials from the government, they have secured their safety. Imprisonment here in the
Philippines is not terrifying. An example of this is Herbert Colangco, a drug lord, and high-profile inmate
and pays Secretary De Lima and has a free access in the entrance of whatever he wants to get, like the 3
trucks of beer he ordered, (pinapasok ang beer). He even rents generator, speaker, and lights for his
concert. His quarter can pass a high-end condominium unit, there was a flat screen TV sets, Playstation,
WiFi, air-conditioning, Jacuzzi, sauna and the like. Some normal prisoner wants to be in prison more that
the outside world because inside the prison, they can eat, they have shelter, etc. Didnt it defeated the
purpose of imprisonment that when they enter prison, they will have some sort of conversion? Death has
become meaningless to them, they think theyre invulnerable and each year these kinds of people
increases and becomes viler. Innocent people are being killed because of things like, car napping, hold-up
and inhumane acts like rape.

In our country, fear is one of the best option for a peaceful country. With the proper process in
enacting a law, death penalty may be one of the reasons in decreased crime rate in the Philippines due to
the fear of capital punishment. Criminals will learn to wake up and realize what they were doing and what
they were about to do. There will be a grave consequence, a lot of changed lives, lessen death, increased
respect to life and one step closer to a peaceful country we desire to have. It is time for execrable people
to stop committing horrendous acts and start acting human.