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The official publication of Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol October 2004

U.S. Air Force evaluates Wing’s mission capabilities

by Capt. Al Matson, 1. Corridor search along
Viking Squadron I- 94 (route of presidential
Minnesota Wing held it's motorcade);
biennial U.S. Air Force 2. Missing person search;
evaluated search and rescue
3. Missing aircraft search;
exercise, otherwise known
as a SAR-EVAL, at the St. 4. Fire watch for the
Cloud Regional Airport in Minnesota Department of
St. Cloud, Minn., Aug. 18. Natural Resources.
The eval was hosted by St. Running a single scenario
Cloud Senior Squadron. can be a challenge at times,
The wing director of emer- but with four separate sce-
gency services, Lt. Col. narios running at one time, Lt. Col. Stan Kegel, wing headquarters, briefs one of
Stan Kegel, had prepared the mission staff was the U.S. Air Force evaluators on safety issues. Kegel
personnel and equipment pushed hard keeping track served as the safety officer during the evaluation.
throughout the state for par- of and coordinating assets.
ticipation in this exercise, Air and ground operations
and he acted as safety offi- ran throughout the day.
cer during the exercise. Ground operations were
The incident commander lead by Lt. Col. Barney
was Lt. Col. Bill Rutten, St. Uhlig, Viking Squadron, in
Croix Squadron. His job the position of ground oper-
was to direct all efforts at ations branch director
accomplishing the mission Maj. Ron McCarthy, wing
scenarios that were present- headquarters, served as
ed by the USAF evaluators. the air operations branch
These mission scenarios director.
were not revealed to the At the end of the day, the
incident commander until USAF evaluation officers Lt. Col. Gary Renick, wing headquarters and opera-
the day of the exercise. held a critique of the day's tions section chief for the evaluation, reviews the air
This best simulated the performance in each area. operations board with Lt. Col. Barney Uhlig, Viking
nature of most emergencies, This was very professional- Squadron and ground operations branch director.
where many of the details ly done; with each of the One of the USAF evaluators looks on.
of a mission aren't known officers taking turns
immediately. explaining both what they be made. from throughout the state
The mission scenarios that thought was done very well Overall, most considered gaining additional insight
were handed down were: and pointing out areas the SAR-EVAL a success, into safe and successful
where improvements could with many CAP members mission operations.
Commentary: Minnesota makes it through 101 days safely
by Col. Steve Miller, Tampa, Fla. In this meet- that position for one year.
wing commander ing, Maj. Gen. Dwight The national vice com-
Congratulations to all Wheless was elected by the mander is elected each year
Minnesota Wing members. National Board as our new at the National Conference.
national commander. He With school just starting,
We went through the "101 will hold that position for
Days of Summer" without let's all be extra cognizant
three years. Brig. Gen. of our driving and watch
a safety incident. The "101 Tony Paneta was elected to
Days of Summer" was a for school children who
the office of national vice may not be watching for us.
safety program sent to each commander. He will hold
unit commander, stressing -Semper Vigilans
the need for safety during
the 101 critical days of
summer. The summer
Col. Steve Miller
What's wrong with this thing?
months historically have
been high accident months.
story, page one.) Air Force
members sat with all of our
The prop turns so slow!!
mission staff members and Lt. Col. Nick Modders, the amp meter because you
Great emergency services 130th Composite Squadron are just absolutely sure the
rode with the ground teams
training opportunities have battery is shot because the
to observe what we did and Airplanes are frequently
recently been afforded the prop turned so slow during
how we did it. At the end swapped within the
members of Minnesota initial cranking.
of the day, the Air Force Minnesota Wing. This
Wing. In August and
team wrote up their evalua- gives us the opportunity to And, if something does not
September, we held three
tion of Minnesota Wing's see and get exposed to a lot allow you to get the engine
major SAREXs and the
effectiveness in running a of airplanes, each with its started, you are sure to
unit based training exer-
mission. We received a own personality. write up the battery as
cise. Taking advantage of
"satisfactory" rating on our Question: What is one big defective because the prop
this type of training posi-
effectiveness. The "satis- thing that gets really obvi- turned so slow during start.
tions units and individuals
factory" rating is a good ous when one start an air-
to be able to effectively Not so fast, it may not be
rating. plane and it has what is
carry out emergency serv- the battery that is causing
ice missions as they are In August, several members called a "Fly Weight the slow turning prop, it is
assigned. of Minnesota Wing attend- Starter" versus an airplane probably that you don't
ed the Civil Air Patrol without the fly weight have a "Fly Weight Starter."
The first SAREX held in
Annual Conference and starter?
August was the Air Force Now, hopefully, you have
National Board meeting. Answer: the fly weight is a
evaluated exercise. (See found this information on
This meeting was held in high RPM starter, and it fly weight starters enlight-
really makes the prop go ening.
WingTips is a publication of around.
Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol, It was to me when Lt. Col.
So, your squadron has had John Quilling, wing chief
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
an airplane with a fly of staff for operations,
P.O. Box 11230, St. Paul, MN 55111
weight starter for a month enlightened my deficient
or so, and you are used to it knowledge bank.
and, guess what, the next
The views expressed, either written or implied, are not neces- airplane that shows up does Watch for the fly weight
sarily those of the U.S. Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol or NOT have a fly weight starters, they are very
Minnesota Wing. Submissions should be sent to the above
starter and the prop seems enthusiastic, but the slow
email address. turners will start your
like it is stirring molasses
Wing Commander: Col. Steve Miller engine just as well.
during start. Luckily, it
Wing Public Affairs Officer: Capt. Al Pabon
Wingtips Editor: Maj. Shannon Bauer starts, and you really study --Fly Safe
the low voltage light and
Worthington Composite Squadron finds downed
plane, strengthens ties with local law enforcement
1st Lt. Joe Bradfield, No assumptions were spo- gage compartment.
Worthington Composite Worthington ken among searchers until McCormick then led an on
Squadron Squadron searchers after the sheriff's depart- the spot mini-lesson on
Worthington Composite made a strong ment called the number, how they and DF-ing
Squadron air and ground confirming that this pilot
impression on local equipment work to a very
crews led local law had indeed gone down in interested crowd of LEO's.
enforcement in Jackson
deputies, who the field, extricated himself
County to a downed plane expressed from the plane, walked to One deputy mentioned
east of the Jackson eagerness to know the airport, taken the airport they had 17 reservists who
needed search and Incident
Municipal Airport, Minn., more about CAP and courtesy car, and then gone
on to his parents' house. Command System training.
Sept. 11. to work with this
It is anticipated that a clos-
Although the plane came to squadron in search The note did not say he had
gone down in the field. He er relationship between the
a rest upside down in dense and rescue training Jackson County Sheriff
corn, the pilot, an instru- had not told family he had
in the near future. gone down. And, he said, and CAP, especially
ment-rated pilot and former
Minnesota Wing CAP repeatedly, that he regretted Worthington Squadron, has
member, appeared to be signal a little more than six not remembering to turn off now taken root. The unit is
uninjured. miles west of the airport, the ELT, but he "had been a currently discussing ways
tracked it to an origination little rattled" after the to include them in the
Maj Carl Hallum, Group upcoming emergency serv-
in the center of a cornfield, incident.
Four commander, led the ices training.
east of one of the airport’s Nevertheless, the ground
aircrew. Capt. Mark
grass strips. teams divided into two par- Additionally, Jackson
McCormick led the ground
crew, which was joined by Working from the ties and entered the field County Sheriff Roger
five deputy sheriffs and one squadron's step van, from opposite directions. Hawkinson commended
highway patrolman. McCormick took bearings the unit by sending the
Besides the obvious relief commander a letter of
from several locations at finding the pilot alive
Mission scanner 1st Lt. appreciation for their
while the plane was work- and unhurt in this incident,
Joseph Bradfield said he services.
ing the area, verifying the there was one unexpected
was "impressed by just how
aircrew's determination but welcome outcome.
happy law enforcement was
(which was imprecise due Worthington Squadron
to see us. They said over
to partial signal blockage). searchers made a strong In last month’s issue, it
and over, 'Thank God
He was able to narrow the impression on local was incorrectly stated
you're here,' and 'It's really
ELT’s position down to the deputies, who expressed that members who do
good to see you guys.'"
center of the aircrew's esti- eagerness to know more not meet CAP weight
After the Federal Aviation mated location. and grooming standards
about CAP and to work
Administration had alerted may wear the BDUs and
At this point, it was learned with this squadron in
local sheriff's department to Air Force-style flight
that an airport vehicle was search and rescue training
the distress beacon, suits. The CAP National
missing. The airport man- in the near future.
deputies and one Minnesota Board discontinued the
ager had found a note with The deputies were eager to
State patrolman had been wear of the BDUs and
a pilot's phone number and see just what an ELT was.
trying to locate the plane. Air Force-style flight
name on it in the FBO. The McCormick showed them
They believed they had it suits by members who
manager knew the pilot the ELT in a nearby
narrowed down to an area do not meeting weight
from his frequent visits to Cessna, just visible by lean-
southeast of the airport. and grooming standards
the airport, but he could not ing down and shining a
The Worthington aircrew, in August 2001.
locate the pilot’s plane on flashlight across the bag-
however, picking up the the field anywhere.
Senior member and cadet Momentous occasions
officer promotions Lt Col. Robert Juroszek, Anoka Squadron, professed his
solemn vows in the Franciscan Friars Sept. 17.
Capt. Daniel Fosterling, Saint Croix
Maj. Rolf Carlson, Worthington Squadron commander,
Capt. Dwight Hackbarth, Hutchinson
Capt. David Ihme, Wing Headquarters
and 2nd Lt. Kathleen Erdmann, also of Worthington
Capt. David McKeen, Anoka Squadron, were married Sept. 17 in North Carolina.
Capt. Joseph Stanich, Crow Wing Owatonna Squadron celebrated a joint change of com-
Capt. Thomas Urban, Hutchinson mand ceremony Sept. 21. Capt. Jerry Rosendahl
Capt. Harold Waale, Northwest Minnesota assumed command of the unit, replacing Maj. Aron
Capt. Susan Vinge, North Hennepin
Leavstrom. Additionally, C/Chief Master Sgt. Tyler
1st Lt. Donel Swanson, Saint Paul
2nd Lt. Louis Adornato, St. Croix Beckman replaced C/2nd Lt. Jesse Decker as the unit’s
2nd Lt. Lon Anderson, Crow Wing cadet commander. ss
2nd Lt. Timothy Bjur, Wesota Duluth Squadron celebrated a change of command cere-
2nd Lt. Michael Deleon, Saint Paul mony Sept. 23, when Lt. Col. Keith Bischoff relin-
2nd Lt. Gary Hall, Viking
quished command to Capt. Brian Freseman.
2nd Lt. Susan Narveson, Saint Paul
2nd Lt. Daniel Peakearo, Saint Paul St. Paul Squadron hosted a cadet change of command in
2nd Lt. Nash Pherson, Mankato September. C/1st Lt. Kevin Sperling relinquished com-
2nd Lt. Matthew Stepaniak, Viking mand to C/Staff Sgt. Timothy Quayle.
2nd Lt. Paul Stewart, Saint Paul
2nd Lt. Arika Thiede, Crow Wing Staff selections have recently been announced for the
2nd Lt. David Yost, St. Croix 2004 Minnesota Leadership Academy. Congratulations to
C/Capt. Brian Anderson, 130th C/Capt. Ryan Kenny for being selected as the 2004
C/2nd Lt. Bobbiekate Bardwell, Duluth Noncommissioned Officer School cadet commander and
C/2nd Lt. Justin Binion, Duluth C/Maj. Christina Dalbec for being selected as the Basic
C/2nd Lt. Joshua Waddell, Viking Cadet Officer Course cadet commander.

Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol, NONPROFIT ORG.

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
P.O. Box 11230, St. Paul, MN 55111 ST.PAUL, MN