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STANDARD Edition-1


Structure's Attributes: Structure's Dimensions:
Length of structure (m): 45 Location relative to surroundings: Lower than
Width of structure (m): 8 Location density (service line density): Urban
Height of roof plane (m)*: 9 Number thunderdays: 40 days/year
Equivalent area (m2): 45.262 m2 Equivalent annual flash density: 4,0 flashes/km2

Structure's Attributes: Protection Measures:

Risk of fire or physical damage: Low LPS type: Level IV - 84%
Structure screening effectiveness: Poor Fire protection level: Manual systems
Internal wiring type: Unscreened Surge protection: Full SPD set IEC62305-4

Conductive Service Lines: Other Overhead Services:

Number of conductive services: 1
Type of external cable: Unscreened
Power Line:
Type of service to the structure: Overhead cable
Type of external cable: Screened Other Underground Services:
Presence of MV / LV transformer: No Transformer Number of conductive services: 0
Type of external cable: Unscreened

Loss Categories: Category 3 - Loss of Cultural Heritage:

Cultural heritage lost due to fire: No heritage value
Category 1 - Loss of Human Life:
Special hazards to life: Low panic level Category 4 - Economic Loss:
Life loss due to fire: Commercial, schools...
Special economic hazards: No special hazards
Life loss due to overvoltages: No safety critical systems
Economic loss due to fire: Commercial property
Economic loss due to overvoltage: Hospital, hotel, office
Step - touch potential loss factor: No shock risk
Category 2 - Loss of Essential Services: Tolerable risk of economic loss: 1 in 1,000 yrs
Services lost due to fire: No service exist
Services lost due to overvoltages: No service exist

Calculated Risks:
Tolerable Direct Strike Indirect Strike Calculated
Risk Rt Risk Rd Risk Ri Risk R
Loss of Human Life: 1,00E-05 4,98E-07 5,29E-09 5,03E-07
Loss of Essential Services: 1,00E-03 0,00E+00 0,00E+00 0,00E+00
Loss of Cultural Heritage: 1,00E-03 0,00E+00 0,00E+00 0,00E+00
Economic Loss: 1,00E-03 1,45E-05 2,55E-04 2,70E-04

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