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Taylor Masse
1199 Harrison Ave
Windsor, ON N9C 3J4

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with my greatest pleasure that I present my resume to you for consideration as a Primary/Junior
Teacher within your schools. I am a graduate of the University of Windsors two year Bachelor of
Education program. I am confident in my ability as an educator, and I believe that my experiences will
provide a unique perspective that will be a valuable asset to the Greater Essex County District School

As a graduate of the University of Windsors Bachelor of Education program, I have had the
opportunity to collect valuable resources and knowledge pertaining to teaching and learning. I have
gained experience designing creative and engaging lesson plans, which accommodate the multiple
intelligences of students. My lessons provide hands-on learning opportunities for students to help
them remain focused and retain content. Throughout my practicum experience, I have become
familiar with the expectations within the curriculum in all subject areas, and at various levels from
grades one to six. Along with planning and executing lesson plans, I have been able to experience
other teaching responsibilities; such as, professional development, classroom management, and
parent communication while also participating in a number of extracurricular activities.

I believe that my personal teaching philosophy matches with the boards expectations. I truly believe in
partnering with the community to provide learning opportunities that support student learning,
challenge the students thinking, and inspire them to strive to reach their full potential, all while giving
back to the community in meaningful ways. We must meet the potential of every learner.

My greatest strengths as an educator are inspiring and motivating students. I believe I can provide a
unique perspective to students. Throughout my academic career, I have never met a teacher with a
physical or learning disability. As someone with a disability, I found that my teachers often had
difficulty understanding my needs. My role as an educator would not only allow me to shape young
minds, but also introduce them to new experiences and relate to them on another level. I hope to
show them that they can truly achieve their dreams. As I teach them, I can incorporate a variety of
manipulatives, enjoyable activities, and cooperative learning opportunities to meet their diverse needs
and interests while demonstrating meaningful connections between the classroom and everyday life.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me either by phone at (519) 890-
3710 or via email at Thank-you in advance for your consideration, and I look
forward to meeting with you in an interview to discuss my qualifications.



Taylor Masse